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REVIEWS OF Hillside Cinema IN Wisconsin

Sandra Ledger

Very nice movie theater. Employee's are very polite.

Jack Tyler Productions

Great Marcus, would go again.

Steven Rauch

All Marcus Cinemas are great the one's that I tend to go to usually are in Menomonie Falls or Waukesha:aka Brookfield

Mark Winters

Very easy to get seats, as the theater is typically not busy or crowded. Good service.

Graci Nacker

The boy who works concessions (who is home schooled) made my experience at this cinema one I will never forget. His friendly smile and helpful attitude really inspired me to enjoy my movie.

Michael Eisenga

A bit dated, still has old theater seating. Hope they update it to the level of Sun Prairie.

Steve Karolek

A very slow day due to sports. A great day to enjoy a movie with my sweetheart

Tasha Smith

We love coming to this place as a family. Great family atmosphere!

Jacob Wagner

Although it's an older facility everything is clean and cared for. Friendly staff. Could use some updates - the seats don't recline and have no cup holders. Great experience nonetheless.

Steven Szymanski

Reserved seating not conducive for this theater. No dreamloungers and row and seat designations difficult to see.

Lauren N

This place is gorgeous. Bistro is awesome. Place to fall in love on a traditional movie night, they make it easy here.

Barbara Warp

Always friendly and helpful staff. Love the location.

Chelsie Metz

Hillside is clean and has a good amount of theaters, but lacks the comforts of newer cinemas.

Mary K

Always good, especially on $5 Tuesdays.


Good service, really defines the movie experience. Matt was great vendor!

Steven Reich

Whoever is in charge of the concession stand here should be fired. There were two lines of customers, 8 people in front of me and about another 8 behind me. The other line had about 10-12 people in it. I stood in line for 17 minutes. In that time the attendant in our line moved so slowly that she only served 2 couples (4 people), and nobody was attending the other line until right before I left. I finally gave up because my movie was already starting, and all I wanted was a bottle of water. There are 3-4 registers on each side of the concession stand, they could have easily served all the customers quickly. There's no excuse for such horrible service, especially given the outrageous prices they charge for the low quality food. If I could rate this 0 stars I would have.

Steve Murawski

Starting to go down hill, if you'll forgive the pun. Air conditioning wasn't working well. Floors were wet and sticky. Seats are starting to get beat up. The movie audio and video quality was fine and the restrooms were in decent condition.

Helpful Badger

I guess I am too used to the new marcus cinemas this one is still the older design. Non comfy chairs and not real food or drink options other than the original movie theater stuff.

Sharlene Dittmann

Great place to take in a movie. Comfortable seating, large selection of theaters and always friendly service.

Anke Sickler

It would deserve 5 stars but the tiled floors were so slippery despite not being wet, not sure what they use for cleaner,this is my only complaint

Saundra Kachikis

The movie was great however walking out almost falling over the dustpan set in the middle of the walkway as everyone was walking out, I simply said maybe this shouldn't be in the middle of the walkway. Which was returned with a worker saying well maybe you shouldn't be here. After spending over $100 in this one day at this movie theater which was my first time there I will never go back.

Jim Miller

The theater was great. The parking lot was little quarky. Traffic jam to get into the lot.

stephanie p

It is a nice movie theater with great sound and they have great snacks like Reese's pieces and different kinds of ice cream, very friendly staff too.

Peter Williams

Wonderful place to see a movie

Sfd Stiglitz

Great place good deals Loved Rambo last Blood

Liz Tru

Nice theatre, $5 Tuesdays! I run late with a bunch of friends and still find seats. Seats are comfortable. Sofa and stuff in expensive. Oh and don't bring a bag bigger than two foot by two foot because you'll have to go back and put it in your car... It's for safety started on October 1st 2019.

Barbara Cooper

Went to seeYesterday - Very good.

Kathy Beaulieu

Theatre is nice and clean. Offers a number of movies, but no dream lounger.


I'll give it 5 when they get the dream loungers and assigned seating.

Ed Deutsch

Not what I expected, run down and old venue. Needs some updates for sure

Janette Berry

#great service #cleantheater

Logan R

Love their service!!!

Dawn O

Nice theater. Decent prices.

Unknown Unknown

Needs an upgrade. Love going to the majestic and found the theater very uncomfortable after being accustomed to the comfort of the dream loungers.

Phillip Kolter

My Sweetie Ginger and I drove to the Hillside on a Tuesday to see, THE OLD MAN AND THE GUN. We went to our "usual" theater earlier, the Majestic of Brookfield, but they were sold out! The funny thing is that we tried seeing it last Friday and that showing was also sold out. We "Googled" the movie and came up with the Hillside theater in Delafield and called to see if there was available seating. Surprised to hear that a handful of people purchased tickets. We arrived getting our free popcorn and water and realized that the seats are the old style and not recliners that have us spoiled!

Kathy Mueller

I would give it 4

Kathi Tenhover

Great place for watching the movies. Wish they had recliners...

Bikes-Boats- Boots-WI

Dirtiest theater I have been in. Marginal sound quality as well. Better to go elsewhere for the price.

Kimberly Nickel

Very clean....Theatre's very spacious!

Jill Butler

They still haven't upgraded their seats. They were supposed to have done this by March of this year. But they have put it off until sometime next year! They still have the "old" & uncomfortable Stadium style seating, instead of what almost all of the other Marcus theatres have "Dream Lounger" seats. Very frustrating because this theatre is much closer to my house & I have to drive to The Majestic theatre to get the Dream Lounger seating. Please update this theatre.

ted schuette

Average Marcus. I wish they'd remodel this one. But it's close by and that's convenient. Staff are friendly, and keep it clean.

Christy Johnson

Great location and choice of movies. Extremely well kept. Very polite staff. Love $5 Tuesdays.

John Morton

A theater that is clean and consistent with its customer service. Always a nice experience.

Karen Wilkey

This is a great theater which is usually very clean and I like that it is a smaller, family oriented theater. Jasmine Womack has been there for years and is always a friendly face and dedicated to customer service. A great neighborhood theater!

Barb LaGrow

Senior Tuesday current movies clean

Bhuvaneswari Muralitharan

Nice experience, place is lil old

Marilyn Cannon Miller

Love that it is still small enough so u don't have to reserve seats.


It just needs the Marcus upgrades and it would be a 5, great staff, clean, well taking care of, but still has the old seats.

Carol Kempke

The movie Hunter killer was unbelievable. Thank for to all our veterans and active service men and women. Thanks to them we have our freedom. .

John Bell

This is an ok place to watch movies. The big issue that I have is the concessions. The popcorn didn't taste fresh and there were only 2 people watching 4 lines.

red Danni

Always a nice place to catch a movie. It's clean, has adaquate parking, only downside is, ticket booth backs up, sometimes outside. Better logistics are needed.

Scott Andrus

Why can't they make real popcorn...instead of the bird seed they call popcorn? White see popcorn is cheap and tastes like it. Go back to using yellow corn...that's the way popcorn should made.

Reginald Taylor

Great staff

Dawn Andruszkiewicz

I love this place. The movies are great and the food and service are better!

Caitlin Weiss

Wasn't great but everything was fine. Staff was good.

Christina Shanks

Nice staff

Derek Schneider

Marcus is a great theater chain. My sister works at this location, so it's great. They have Tuesday deals and they're pretty much the only option in southeastern Wisconsin other than the AMC in Mayfair mall. Marcus is better and hillside is a good location that's not nearly as busy as the majestic. But it's not as updated as the majestic. No recliner seats just yet.

Riley Smeaton

Not the best movie theater in terms of comfort and new looks, but the prices are fairly reasonable and seats can be reserved but are often times open. Good place to go for an afternoon movie or to see a premiere.

Hadley M

Just double check movie times.... Google isn't always up to date with times...

Joyce Hoban

We took our 4-year old grandson to Missing Link and it was so loud that it hurt our ears and he was scared through most of it, even though it wasn't scary. It's not enjoyable at all.

Brian Granger

This may be the most disorganized theater. Why pay a convenience fee with fandango to be inconvenienced at this theater with waiting in long lines that go out the door.

Richard Perschon

It's a good theatre, no fancy seating but it is well maintained.

Lisa Schmatzhagen

the facility is getting run down. internet didnt work for my marcus app to scan.

Lisa Garvens

Always clean and friendly people

Ben Gorde

My favorite theater, only lacking the newer more comfortable seating arrangements of the other locations

Benji Sagarin

Really comfortable

Kelly Sly

Let's get those comfy seats in this theater too! Love those recliners! :)

Abigail Hausman

Love it! Staff always seem to be friendly and happy and so many of the movies they show are (obviously) wonderful!

Rich Wolter

This theater needs a major remodel. Seats are uncomfortable and not pleasant. Also dosent run the same promotions as other theaters in the area. Not as many movies are playing. Staff are nice and it is usually pretty clean

Ellen Craig

Wish this location had the reclining seats..getting spoiled by other Marcus cinemas. There snack area is always crowded and a little slower than the Ridge or Majestic.

paul fackler

Decent parking split between two sides of the theatre. Good sound in the cinemas. Would be nice if they got reserved seating.

Joseph Walker

March, 2019: This was the cinema I grew up on, 20+ years of watching movies here and I'm still happy to go back. They've done a good job of keeping up with the times with modern beverage machines, offering different concessions, and upgrading their projectors. This is not a mega theater with the big xushy seats, but it l is remenicent of a friendly small town theater experience. It has a small arcade and clean theaters, good movie selection, and of course, fresh popcorn. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because it's landlocked and can't expand, so it won't be able to offer some of the more innovative experiences. With any luck, I'll be seeing movies in this theater for years to come.

Lynette Carpenter

Nice atmosphere, good selection, lots of choices.

Andrew Monyelle

It's alright. Small but cheap if you go on Tuesday.

Kaitlin Meyer

Great place to see movies. Usually isn't super busy like the bigger theaters.

Meg Maegli

Great theatre but they don’t update the movies when newer ones come out as of lately ?

Bill Beard

Still had the old stadium-style seats with the fixed arm rests. Doubt I'll go there again until they update themselves, even if it means going further to see shows.

Cassie Schwark

Clean theater, friendly employees. Saw Bohemian Rhapsody there. I had a great experience seeing this excellent movie.

Everett Harmelink

I love the Marcus theaters, but this one is super outdated. The Majestic is beautiful, and even the La Crosse one got a new dream lounger renovation. The Majestic is only 15 mintues away, and I much rather go there. I hope this theatre can get an upgrade soon! It is stuck in the early 2000s.

Esperanza Islas-Herrera

Pleasant experience, fun for couples, groups and families. This location is clean, overall well maintained, has plenty of parking and is centrally located. The concessions are fully stocked, attendants are friendly and prompt, food is fresh. Showtimes follow the norm starting late morning and ending around eleven at night. Prices also follow the norm and have risen over the years, so if you are on a budget you can see the first two shows, or take advantage of the five dollar Tuesday.

Leah Grabarz

It is a decent theater. Wish they would upgrade to the dream loungers like the majestic cinema. Would make sitting through a longer movie more enjoyable.


Its a theatre. thats all i have to say. one of the employees is a real hottie...uhhhhh you all know who im talking about

Jason Hickey

My theater of choice. I think Marcus Theaters are the best and this one's a good size and nice and close to my house.

Michael Kirmse

It's okay for a movie theater. It's well maintained and the staff is friendly enough. It's in need of some modernization though. It doesn't have the dream loungers, reserved seating, or Dolby Atmos. These are all things that the Marcus Majestic theater in Waukesha has. Plus it's not like the movie tickets are any cheaper as a result. You're still paying full price. Wish they'd invest a bit and upgrade the theater.

Jack Melvin

Clean theater, good since, great video and properly staffed.

Jason Rumohr

Great seats, fun atmosphere!

Ms Willie Cole

I like the fact that's it is a nice small theater kind of cozy, prices aren't too bad either, the workers are polite and professional!

Dang Yang

I've been here once and it seems to be lagging behind the other Marcus's in terms of being updated. I would assume it'll be updated to those fancy seats that the other theaters have already. Their prices are the same as any other Marcus theater.

Curt Denevan

Kids movies!!

Randy Rick

Small was was great time price was right on Tuesdays

Brad Gabrys

It's overdue for a makeover to keep up with other big theaters in the area

James Morrison

Great place, I very much recommend checking this place out if you haven't before.

Adam Mikels

I don't know why they don't update this location. Marcus Majestic is so much better. This place looks like it did 20+ years ago.

Sandy Pagel

It was warm, then freezing in the theater. They really need to get that fixed

Candice Tarantino

Horrible customer service. Purchased tickets online via Fandango and they were not honored. They were having computer problems and wouldn’t even consider giving us movie passes much less a refund .

misty ma

Three stars instead of five because today I can't see what is playing this weekend because only a screen wanting me to see their members only specials comes up, and then the screen goes to red and never moves again. And the thought of spending forever listening to their recording of what is playing and all the particulars that go along with that movie, is more than I can bear. Guess I'll find something else to do this weekend.

Brooklyn Hingiss

I loved it i would not worry about anything at all because it is so good there and i would never go anywhere else to see a movie

Ed Iding

After haven't seen several movies from here I would say they had Miss fear and surroundings are generally pretty good although it being of Sunday night it seems as they did not take care of the place and their usual fashion the bathrooms are dirty and the theater was extremely warm for the few people that were in it.

Jonathan Pendleton

Great service I have never had a problem with this place in the several years that I have been going

bubba kahuna

I went with my daughter's school to see Wonder. The staff was friendly and helpful. The theater and restrooms were clean.

Stefan Hauge

Offering all the current movies at fair and competitive prices, enjoy the traditional way to watch movies any day of the week.

FantasicFunFriday Hernandez

It is an amazing place. We love going there for a nice, comfortable evening. I'm 13 but I understand how sometimes workers might get mad when a customer is not treating them with respect. But it is incredibly rude to say "you are the worst customer I've ever had". That is what my dad was told when he ordered his popcorn and said butter on bottom, middle, and top. A girl told him that and obviously me being 13 years old... I told that lady that when she said that it made the customer service worse than the actual customer. I dont understand how an employee could say that to a customer. But overall it's an amazing place to go to for a relaxing time with family... just dont expect a place like the new Marcus theater that is actually really nice. I'd really recommend that place. We had another little problem, but I'll leave that one out because this us our first bad experience at this place, yet again a customer should never be treated that way.

Les Vertz

Good time.


Great service and seating

coco p

Good town theatre. I like it cause you usually don't have to wait forever in line etc. And $5 Tuesday's are great!

Steve Anderson

A signed seating is terrible idea. Was there half hour early took 45 minutes to get ticket and to seats. Movie already started. Usher no help to find seats. Said it was a new system and walked away.

Devin Fabisiak

Lovely theater have a great experience every time!

Ben Roraff

That movie theater is a awesome place for the movie

Jeffrey Butzow

Need to have electronic tickets and reserve seating.

Don Rindahl

Went to see the movie on $5 Tuesday. Got right in. I live life in a wheelchair so the wheelchair accessibility was awesome. Besides the clown in the BMW that parked in the van handicap parking spot on an angle so nobody would scratch his precious little ride everything was great! I absolutely know that Marcus can't do anything about idiots and how they park.

Alexandra K

Great customer service and a true movie experience. We come here at least once a month and have a wonderful date night. We don’t mind the absence of dream lounger chairs because if we wanted a nap during a movie we’d have stayed home + the chairs keep my germaphobic fears at bay knowing ppl aren’t getting too cozy in them. Thanks Hillside for the experience we have enjoyed since we were kids!

Daniel Metzger

Everything you would expect in a theater, but concessions cost more than the movie tickets.

Joe Mittelstaedt

Prices were terrible popcorn got me sick the kids that work there were unprofessional but the front lady was a darling

Christine Jasniewski

Friendly staff and good popcorn! The seats aren't luxury, but the movie I saw was great and the company I was with made up for it.

Hunter W

Cheap but not the best movie viewing experience

Jordan Jakoblich

First time it was ok, they put us in the smallest theater for a popular movie on a Saturday night.

Jonathan Hubbard

Chris Fowler theater, it's still a great experience. The prices of the same as everywhere else oh, and the service is if anything a little friendlier. Now usually as busy at this location either as some nearby theaters are.

Suzzette Grisham

Dated theater compared to other Marcus locations. Allow ample time at concessions if your'e in need of treats... We were late for the start of our movie even though our group arrived 30m early...

Heather Gracyalny

Good place to see a movie

Bob Krenke

Everything you need in a theater...far enough away from the big cities so that you can see a movie without worrying about sell outs. Supportive staff.. Manager Rebecca runs a tight ship.

mark baker


Cassidy Schroeder

My personal favorite movie theater in the area because of its small size. It’s not as overwhelming as the majestic theater. I do have to rate it three stars though because it is not the cleanest and the food is bad. I’ve gotten pretzels that were rock hard and inedible and the pizza tasted like actual cardboard. I’ve learned not to order anything here because I always feel like it was a waste of money.

joel hansen

Easy to navigate theater. Clean as well

Raymond Wunderlich

We waited in line for 20 minutes to buy tickets for a Sunday matinee!!!! Not sure why but this is way too long!!!! Movie was fun... Popcorn was mediocre...

Jordan Larson

A classic movie going experience for a good price. Many times we prefer this one over the Majestic! We like having non-dream loungers as an option.

Dawn Zuniga

I enjoyed my time at the movies.

Jodi Huebner

Horrible tonight. Never before have I had to walk out of a movie due to disrespectful young adults. Even in the beginning trying to buy a snack I had to leave the line. Too bad, use to be a nice theatre. At least I got a refund. Thanks Marcus!

mike r

Would be nice if they update like all the rest of the Majestic Movie Theater, Marcus Theater

Daniel Pitterle

Popcorn was tasty. Gosnell the movie was heart wrenching.


Nice cinema to watch a movie. Plenty of seating and very comfortable. Tuesdays are $5 movie night

Brian Borucki

Needs a full renovation, looks old and smells old. Theater seats are uncomfortable and hard, like sitting on plywood. Not what you expect from a Marcus Theatre.


Behind the times with their check in. The last two times I've gone, I've had to wait in line for too long.

Sandra Jurena

$5 dollar Tuesdays are awesome. Fresh popcorn

Michelle S

Love this "little" cinema! It's not really little, but compared to others in the area such as the Majestic, it is a bit smaller. The staff is friendly. The theater is clean and the restrooms were decent. Good selection of movies. I've been here with my family several times now over the years and I've never had any issues.

David Eckmann

5$ Tuesday movie night with multiple movies playing at the same time and also has snacks, food, and drinks there and you can also get free parking and also order tickets ahead of time.

Josiah Seals

Giving you good ratings because I read on good ratings so I believe they words

Emily Biwer

Awsome service, amazing food, great comfy seats, but the food is so expensive

Bruce P

I love everything about this theater! It is my favorite place to go relax and enjoy a movie!

John Eberhardt

Not too busy but far from where I live. Nice selection of movies, early and late movie times with plenty of parking.

Boss Playz

Had fun just didnt love the seats tbh


I have been to this theater multiple times and have enjoyed the experience up until today. Me and a group of friends all over the age of 20 were going to see a rated R movie and we got ID'd which is not a big deal, but she talked down to us and refused to give us tickets as one of our friends didn't have her ID. We came back later to see the same movie everyone having IDs only to watch a group of children none over the age of 14 walk in without getting checked. Very un-proffesional to make us leave the theater and waste our time to later have the rules thrown out the window.

Virgo Organics

My fav to go to because it's not overly crowed. BIG PLUS! Of you book tickets ahead, you can choose your seats too. Love that, expecially for $5 Tuesdays. Free popcorn for members, $5 a show, select your own seating!?? Yes please!

marlene boesel

No crowds. None of the spoecial seats but theater nice and clean and the kids working are great

Steven Schiltz

Nice theater. Clean. Nice staff. Seats ok, but not the recliners I am getting used to!

Carolyn Ciampi

Always love going there

Alan Vance

Great place to be watch a movie.

Tamm Hodge

Dated theatre with no comfortable amenities but the kids that work there have great personalities

Autumn Gillmore

We went tonight for a movie, haven’t been to a movie at hillside in forever and now I see why. My boyfriend was sitting in a chair and there was brown marks on his shirt after we were done from how dirty they were. The pretzels were hard seemed like they were sitting out for awhile. The chairs are so uncomfortable, I don’t think we will be back.


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