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REVIEWS OF Cedar Creek Cinema IN Wisconsin

Marissa Glenn

Had the perfect day date with my little man! I love the reclining seats!


Power reclining chairs with large aisles and clean floors... What more could you want?

Jodie Schmitt

Horrible experience all had to sit at separate seats.25 minutes wait time for drinks popcorn with blond h as it glasses girl. Horrible..worst experience.

Rodney Ristow

Go see overcomer!!! Great movie!!!

CareBear K.

Food is always over priced

Sara Ipsa

First time here and our family loved it! Forsure will be coming back also great customer service.

Cody Swearingen

Theatre finally did some renovations after some competition was rumored to come about, happy to see that. The reserved seating and recliners are wonderful. That being said, the competition backed out so that is the only improvement to the theatre. This theatre is consistently understaffed for their busy show times. The lines for tickets and concessions are incredibly long, despite having multiple avenues to assist more customers in a timely fashion. Ticket prices and concessions are also very expensive, to the point I only go to a matinee or on $5 Tuesdays and only get the included popcorn. This visit we arrived 20minutes early to our movie and had to abandon the concession line to take our seats. Come 45minutes early with your ticket purchased and in hand; you should be good. Continually frustrated with this theatre, however I keep coming back because its the only theatre in town. Got this area locked down tight.

Luke Schultz

This Cinema, Marcus Theater is the best in the area. It has automatic reclining chairs that are really comfortable. And now this greater serves beer. This place keeps getting better.

Melissa Ashton

It a really nice theater I've been to one like it. Very relaxing and you can bring blanket

Araceli Carrazco

I love the seats and that it's close to home, I however don't like the sound they have. It's not loud enough, I'm used to big loud theaters


Love the movies, hate the food prices

angel of truth

It was cool and the seating was amazing

Freeman Bushar

Love going to the movies here great seats

Larry Pagel

I have friends who are the managers so I have to give it the best rating and the five dollar Tuesday is an awesome idea but it should be one more day.

Patricia Anders

The lounge chairs are really comfortable to watch movies.

Patrick Thornton

They have really made the place nice. Except room temperature. Do they use this place to store meat for pick n save over night??? There has to be a reason its so cold in there. It was 73 outside, 4°and light snow in our theatre.

Bethany Her

They finally changed the seats! If the movie isn't good, you can at least enjoy a quick (and expensive) snack and nap.

Roxanne Hooper

It was hot in the theater and other people's kids wouldn't be quiet... The recliners are comfy...

Honey Bickford

Very comfy chairs and beautiful ambience. Very expensive food.

Dan Perez

Sure our local theater is only 6 mins away compared to Cedar Creek Cinema 50+ mins away. That being said it is worth every minute you travel because my family loves it there! So cozy and affordable, great membership deals and selection to pick from. I would highly recommend to go if you haven't gotten the chance already.

Gemini June

I really like the new seating they have, feels like relaxing at home in your comfy chair, but with a HUGE screen and awesome surround sound.


Great seats, great screen, great audio. My only complaint is the concession prices but then again it's a movie theater... What do you expect XD Go on Tuesdays though because it's five dollars for a ticket.

Tommy Amann

Fantastic place to see a movie. The seats are wonderful and make for a fantastic experience. Will definitely be coming there for movies in the future.

Scott Boehnlein

You guys changed your will call kiosks, don't have any signs posted about it and then pre print off tickets so we cant print them off. I'm told it was to speed up the line, but I sat in a long line waiting with everyone else that still needed to purchase tickets, we almost missed the beginning of the movie. No one manning a window just for these prepurchased tickets to actually speed up the process. Poor signage, poor handling, and poor attitudes from staff about it. Probably the worst customer service experience from a Marcus Theater, definitely the worst from Cedar Creek Cinema.

Mark Long

The recliners are awesome. Can get assigned seating. Tons of row spacing. Highly recommend

Tracy Jankowski

Great seating! Kind of expensive food and movies unless you go on Tuesday's!

GoldenStar - The Ender Queen

Love the new seats! You can be comfy, see the screen, and watch amazing movies! Only thing wrong is how much food cost, but thats how most movie theaters are. I will admit that the price's are quite high, $5 for a drink is outrageous. You can refill popcorn if your out, which is great! Since popcorn disappears so quickly, even before the movie. All in all, this movie theater is awesome! (Maybe lower the price for food and drink? And it'll be the best theater ever!)

Plumbing Wholesale

would give them a 5 but they always seem to be understaffed at the counters


Love the atmosphere, wish the food prices could be lower though.

Jk Cuzno

We drive 45 minutes to come here to watch movies even though we have a theater 10 minutes away. Theater seats are large power leather recliners (some heated!) and you choose your seat before entering. No scrambling to get there early to make sure you get a good seat. I highly recommend booking online and also signing up for their rewards card. Their rewards card removes the convenience fee when you book online! How awesome is that?

Keith Schmelling

Not a bad seat in the house

April Hallas

I love the remodel. Much more relaxing and spacious.

Angie Hasko

Very clean, great seats, great sound

Sara Stoltz

Great movie theater.

Marvin Marvn

This is a very nice movie theater. It's clean and the popcorn is amazing.

Amy Limberg

We were able to secure our seats online before going. Comfortable seating with plenty of room in front of us. Wish the concessions weren't so excessively priced however.

Kathy Wojick

Very clean and comfortable.

Thomas Jaeger

The place was clean and the atmosphere was inviting.

Scott Bouchard

Love the recliners. Really comfortable.More open space. You can really enjoy the movies now.

Ares Skyos

I go here almost every week. Great screens, concessions, and my favorite part of the experience is the dream lounger lounge seats provided.

Stephen Kraft

Love the recliner, free small popcorn on Tuesday

Adam Zygarlicke

Good theater. Best one in central Wisconsin and the only one with recliners. I now can't watch a movie in a non recliner theater. The comfort with a recliner is 10x more. -1 star for the frequency of the icee machine being broken, and the concession wait time can be 5-10 minutes at peak times. I would only do -.5 star, but not an option. The staff is friendly, and the pretzyle bites are amazing. I would really like to see Marcus start adding more actual food options at this location.

Daniel R. Fay

Tuesdays are a great deal at only $5 a ticket...thanks!

Noah Woyak

Yeah, i saw Shaft (2019). This place is haunted. Must be built on an indian burial ground or something. I saw the antichrist in the bathroom mirror.

Anna Valerious

Saw Aquaman tonight. Out of this world! After being treated like ROAYALTY at Cedar Creek it's gonna be hard ever going back to theaters in Point! Have never had this type of movie experience, service, screen size in my life with heated, reclining seats, leg room for people who want to sit back, enjoy the show or need extra leg room because of physical disabilities. I wish there was a TEN star rating because Cedar Creek would get a ten star rating from me, my sons and grandson! Thank you so much for a wonderful evening at the best movie theater in the state...(heck I have been in movie theaters all over the world!) and in the world! You rock Cedar Creek for an amazing movie experience that tops them all!

Alisha Hamilton

The movie didn't play right away so they gave us free tickets for a future movie. Outstanding customer service

candace carranza

It is a very pleasant experience to see a movie at Cedar Creek, I enjoy $5 Tuesdays the most and the recliner seating is top notch!

Natasha Button

They are so clean and the seats are so comfortable you almost forget you aren't watching a movie at home. We travel to this theater 50 minutes away over going to our local theater everytime we want to watch a movie in theaters, that's how awesome this theater is.

Judi Ingison

Highly recommend purchasing tickets online and pick up at theatre prior to showtime. Shows often sold out or have very few seats left due to advanced online sales. Facility is clean. Refreshments are expensive. Small soda $5.50. There are 8-10 individual theatres at this location. The one we were in has reclining chaise lounge chairs. Extremely comfortable! Not sure how many of the theatres have this type of seating.

Carol Mattison

Nice theater, clean and well kept up, very pricey because of no competition.

Lori Revels

Love the $5 Tuesdays and deals. Upgraded comfortable seating is pretty sweet. Clean bathrooms. Very super slow concessions and messy concession lines. But, that Tuesday deal keeps us coming back!

Jack Kijek

Always time for a great new movie.

Carrie Scheinost

Love the movies on the BIG SCREEN

Trisha Thilmany

Neatest movie theater I've been too! Son loved the big reclining seats and employees were friendly

Andy Lonsdorf

Can't stand people coming to a movie in PJs and bringing blanks. Your in public not your house. Wear clothes, we dont want smell your rotten blanket.

Michael Krohn

This place has really changed with the new seating. Very nice and comfortable. We enjoyed our show.

craig Falkowski

Movies is what you want than this is the place for you and now even better seat recliners to make you very comfortable big thumbs up


Nice comfortable seats and plenty of leg room.

Julia Pochinski

Nice place to see a movie.

Carla Salamone

Love comfy seats and diverse movie options.

Shawn Flannery

Always a fun visit.

Noah Reissmann

My homie posted himself when Thanos snapped

The Pizza Guy

It was really fun watching endgame. My parents were a bit load so sorry for that.

Michael Morien

Love the heated reclining seats. Nice facility. Will be back again.

Brookelynn Abel

So comfy.

Brent Montague

Very good value with $5 movies and the magical movie rewards makes the concessions a good value as well. The reclining seat are soooooo vomfortable

Sharon Culver

The theater was was the food!

Madame Vasterle

Love it. Friendly staff!

verna wesenick

Comfortable and nice employees

Rabbit Conejo

Great service.good entertainment.

Ale Herrera

Nice selection of movies and big screens.

Hannah Fletcher

The recliners are awesome. Puts you at the perfect angle to the screen, and if you have sciatica or other back or joint pain problems, you will be totally comfy the whole time. They have Icees here, which is awesome as so few places do. The upgrades to the place gave made it even better. The only reason for not giving it 5 stars is it's just ridiculously expensive, as are most theaters. There's no reason why maybe $1-2 worth of popcorn and soda can cost $15-20! But, that's more of an industry thing. This is my favorite movie theater over all. The seats, selection, and ICEEs put it on top.

Debra Shafranski

Great movies, popcorn ans seating! I always bring a blanket just in case it's cool inside. Not a problem!

Zach Hurlburt

Super screen was very clean and the lounger chairs are super comfy. Maybe bring a blanket!

Peter Gelhar

I don't go to movies very often, but I might start going more after my last two experiences here. The dream loungers make the whole experience worthwhile now. I was disappointed with the popcorn though. It was obviously old because it was crumby and slightly chewy. For what I paid, it should be fit for a king, it certainly was not. Overall a very good experience.

Jared Brodjeski

The only reason this is getting four stars and not five is the high prices for the concessions and the difficult to read menu...where is the kids menu! As of right now you can go online and pick out your seat for whatever movie you want to go see and there is an auto ticket dispenser near the main windows so you 1. Don’t have to worry about not getting a seat to the movie you want and 2. Shouldn’t have to wait a whole lot in line. And if you go on the cheapest day of the week $5 Tuesday, a nice deal BTW, you might expect to have to show up a little everyone else might have the same idea to save

Christy Finley

First experience at a movie theater with reclining seats, seat warmers and feet rests! Best yet!

Laura Van Tassel

Recliners in the theatre... Why doesn't everyone have this

Jade Luckman

Will always go here my number one favorite movie theatre of all time

Pamela Farrell

We go all the time to the movies!! Would reccomend it to everyone!! Especially with all the new loungers!! Love it!!

Katie Staab

First time we came it was great. We ordered a pizza and they offered to deliver it to our seats. Second time we came, we ordered the pizza again because it was so great the first time, but the staff said it was going to be a long wait. We had to ask if they would deliver to seats and they hesitated at first. We ended up only waiting about 20 minutes for the pizza. Now the last time I went we asked for the pizza and they told us it would be at least 40 minutes and refused to deliver to the seats. I just don’t understand why they would offer pizza on the snack menu and expect customers to wait 40 minutes for a pizza while their movie is playing and not offer to bring it to the seats. If that’s the case they shouldn’t even offer it on the menu. Now aside from the customer service and the menu, I will say that the theater itself is comfortable and clean, and will return back to enjoy the movies.

Travis Traska

Redone with all leather seating. Clean and freindly. Bathrooms could be better.

Zack Nellessen

Good place. Seats are nice and staff are always nice to me and everyone.

Tammy Thorn

Very comfortable seats

Brenda C

Love the lounge seats. Food was okay, got the cinnamon pretzel bites mixed with cheese ones that had Cinnamon on them.

devin mcmahan

Love the movies being played here and the heated seats they have are the best thing ever

Michael Gray

Clean and nice, the food normally takes a while unless you are getting popcorn.

Paula Bultman

Unbelievable!!!! They advertise the movie start time as 1:00. 20 minutes after 1:00 the movie finally starts after having to sit through multiple previews of other movies I really don't care about. Thinking the movie would actually start at 1:00 and i would be out by 3:15, since the movie is 2 hrs 15 min but NO, the movie didn't get over til 3:40, which made me late for an appt i had after the movie. If you're not on a time limit, its no biggie, but in all seriousness I DIDN'T PAY $11 To Sit and watch 20 MIN of advertising and previews!!! Start the movies on time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Ankrom

Great theater. Clean and workers were friendly. Loved the seats too.

sterling wanta

Always a great time

Jason Dananay

Great reclining seats. Great sound and viewing experience.


When I watch movie here I cry. They is so good.

Mike Morgan

Seating is comfortable. Large screens with excellent sound. Good selection of snacks as well. I recommend the pretzel bites!

Bob Cyr

Great movie John Wick 3

Savannah Weitzel

Nice clean theatre, with awesome seats.

Jessica Bateman

Theatres are a little chilly but the new loungers are really nice and comfortable. Lovely staff as well.

Carl O'Neil

Best theater in central Wisconsin! Great electronic recliners, heated, roomy. Only place open to watch movies in the mornings. Was a little dirty, maybe just wasn't cleaned yet, popcorn on the floors, trash cans overflowing. I won't go anywhere else.

Tom Rucinski

A $40 Date with the Wife for Sweetest Day. Saw the Adams Family Movie in 3 D. Chairs were upgraded for comfort. Movie was great. Would do it again someday : )

Jennifer Helminiak

Movie started 30 minutes late and cut out with 2 minutes to go in the film. Someone needed to get a worker about the late start and then with the movie stopping close to the end. No one offered apologies. Terrible experience.

Ye Van

Movies are always current and great as snacks. The seat are comfortable and great environment.

Lawrence Follie, Jr.

So relaxing to watch a movie here... One will feel as if they are at their own home....

Marty Tessmer

The very best place to see a movie, the seats are heated and reclinable, the movie screens and atmosphere are superb. The only thing I do not like about it is the concessions are extremely expensive.

ty kae

Much better with those big seats

Philip Fusco

Friendly staff, exceptionally comfortable seats, great experience

Roberta Carrington

Theaters are so limited for space, love that they have all dreamloungers now, comfy for all!

Joe wolf

Seats not only recline but are heated ! Concessions offer the usual fare of over priced snacks so I'd suggest bringing in your own. The pimple faced staff seem more interested in socializing so I doubt they would notice someone walking in with a bag of taco bell. Restrooms were clean so that was nice.

Cindy Collins

Was ok service, but the ceiling was leaking on my son. When i told the manager he told me there was nothing he could do and it was to crowded to offer my family different seats. He than gave me a garbage bag for my son to put over himself not to get wet. They should have offered refund for his ticket.

Justin Kutchenriter

Very comfortable seating! Expensive snacks, eat before you go in or pay the piper. You can get tickets online ahead of time because new releases sell out fast. Best theater for miles, newly renovated.

Mike Pinney

Great atmosphere and Very reasonably priced.

Tyler Zinda

Great place with great seating!

Rosie Marco

Had the worst experience ever tonight. Makes me never want to go back again. 3 sets of teens all making out and under blankets the whole movie and talking and on there phones. Staff should be walking threw during the movies to make sure things like this don't happen now that they have the lounge chairs. I feel so disgusted.

Kahama Hankins

Movie experience great seating.

kris howe

Love the new seat up and especially the seats now if they could serve cocktails it would be the cats meow

Eric Cerkas

The chairs alone make it a great experience!

Julie Worzella

Reclining seats were very comfortable. Sound and room temperature was just right. Was a pleasant experience was the movie!

Ruth Iwanski

To cold . You freeze watching the movie

Michael Abitz

I love the show I want to see it was excellent! One of the best movies I've seen , about a famous rock star, it was one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time!!!

Kayla Krueger

Best theater in this area - great customer service and comfortable seating!

Alex Morse

Great family theater, best seats EVER

Kaila Rice

Drove over a half an hour for them to tell me I can't bring my 2 month old child to the movie with me, we went at 3pm on a Tuesday when there would be no one in the theater with us. Horrible manager, not only did they say we couldn't go to our movie that we paid to see, they refunded our money but did nothing for the inconvenience! Not to mention the fact that this manager was yelling at the staff in front of multiple customers! I do not think I will be returning to this theater! Absolutely terrible experience!

Theodore Albright

Seating is so comfortable! Easy to fall asleep lol Movies are always quality and workers are friendly

Derek Matuszewski

Love Cedar Creek Cinema now that they're all recliners. I drive from Point to go here. Well worth it.

Carol Kriel

Everyone is very helpful and friendly.

Steven Froehlich

Lion King Excellent Movie

Mike Hatala

Quality experience.

Quentin Bratsch

U can't see the sign from the main road, Google maps directs u around the back and through the parking lots. Sadly one star is all I could give. The guy working the front looked like a pot head who had no idea how to do his damn job! This place is good awful! If your from out of town; Warning: Leave early and avoid the entire city.


The chairs are so comfortable

Matthew Meis

Great pick your seats and come when you want. Not to mention heated!

Joe Lablanche

Very nice experience, very clean and comfortable.

Anji Spialek

Most comfortable theater seats ever!

Stevie Y.

The front row is way to close to the screens to have a good viewing experience. If you sit on the far right side in the front you can't even see the whole screen. If you're bigger the new seats are automatic recline right where your legs are so your fat hits the buttons if you wiggle. Very uncomfortable. The buttons should have been on top of the arm rests. The concessions are really overpriced, no atm on site which normally wouldn't be a problem, except their cash register technology seems to go down frequently enough that you need cash to see a movie or buy snacks. Which really sucks if you're running late to the showtime or had to drive a long distance just to have to leave and come back to pay.

Sammi O'Leary

...and Endgame was great too.

Samantha Miller

Best theater in the area. The seats are so incredibly comfy, and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

Jared Burnup

Great movies with the latest titles available

Janet Gosch

Love $5 Tuesday's & the new seats! Just wish concession stand was cheaper.

Nichole Lorbiecki

We went to a 1:45 matinee and it was $40 for 3 of us (2 adults 1child) kind of expensive to just go watch a movie for a little over an hour.

Rebekah Anderson

Very family friendly. Awesome food and drink options. Great membership perks. They partner with Fandango, so tickets can be bought online. Awesome seating!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nightshade Phoenix

Worth going to on Tuesday for $5 movies of your choice. Just come early or be prepared for a possibly long wait. Anyotherday it's expensive not just for the movies but for the food.

Ryann Kurz

LOVE it here, we live about a half hour away and drive here whenever we want to see a movie. Love the rewards program and the dream lounge seats. They also do $5 Tuesday which totally makes it worth the drive. 100% recommend!

Faith Thomas

Love the seats and the space! Always had a positive experience!

Shawn Radtke

Great seats and atmosphere!

Julia Kennedy

Seems like everytime I come here and that isn't very often, the blue raspberry icee is not working. Today came to see Captain Marvel and was in line to order and the kid that was working, I believe his name was Zach, said it wasn't working, told him the people right beside was had one and he was like yeah sometimes it does that. So I ordered the Cherry and as I was walking away I heard the other person working tell the people that she needed to fill it and asked them to wait. I was livid, didn't matter if I said something to Zach, he didn't seem to care and didn't look like he really wanted to be there. Everything else was good except his customer service skills.

Trudy Keppers

Awesome popcorn and good movies

Mark Gardner

Would have given the two other stars if not for the fact there was lots of garbage inside and in front of the main doors. And the ticket person made us print the tickets, as if showing someone our electronic tickets is different if they were in our seats.

Matthew Peroutka

The movie was hreat. The seats were very comfortable. The experience at the movie was very good and I enjoyed it a lot. The workers at the concessions are very nice and helpful and they make sure that your experience there is good. Highly reccomend this place to anyone wanting to go see a movie.

Morky Mork

Great place to view a film with your favorite gal.

Andrew Yu

The theatre has been outfitted with reclining, comfy chairs and I've always had a great experience there. The theatres have always been clean and the staff are always greeting me with a warm welcome and smile.


Large theater with many movie rooms/times to choose from. Enjoy the updated reclining/comfortable/large seats. Nice sound system, adequate volume. On the seating chart, I wish they had a better diagram showing where the entrance is. Expensive snacks. Very nice experience...will be back.

Mary Ellen Olson

Comfy seats, delicious

penny berg

Nice comfy seats. Popcorn and snacks are crazy priced. Except on Tuesday.

Joseph Thorp

Kind of sucks no good stores any more if the Theater was not there it would no longer be

Tammie Zinda

Love the seating

Frank Paterson

Great place to take your kids and nice and clean restroom

Sierra Joswick

Super comfy chairs, great sound, lots of leg room. Snacks are rather pricy.

rayetta tenney

Its always fun at the movies

t n

First of all, who has family movies start at 3:50 when kids get out of school at 3:30. Just dumb! I picked my kids up from school and tried to make it a good 15 miles to get to the Theater by 4pm to see a movie (i knew we would miss the trailers & maybe the first 10 minutes of the movie), when we finally got there about 4:05, we rushed inside to find that they had closed the ticket booths and we had to stand in line to the concession stand with everyone to get our tickets (a good 40 people ahead of us). When we finally got our tickets, it was 4:25! I asked if we would get discounted tickets because we missed most of the movie, they cashier just said no! I wanted to leave and not pay all that money for 1/2 a movie, but I had promised my children that we would do something special together so I had to follow through. Some kids can't make the later movies like others can! it was a ridiculous experience and I have never dealt with any of this in previous visits One more thing, I had came back up to the concession stand and got a large popcorn & 2 sodas (I believe it was a #4?) My total was $32!!!!! That was more than i paid for our tickets!!!!!!!! How the heck can popcorn or soda cost that much???

Ryan Gaska

It's a great theater!


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