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5210 S 76th St, Greendale, WI 53129, United States Located in: Southridge Mall

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REVIEWS OF BistroPlex In-Theatre Dining Cinema IN Wisconsin

John Scott

It is definitely a unique way of seeing a movie but know that you are going to end up spending a lot of money on this experience.

Meridith Watt

Wonderful service, Jordan made it sooo enjoyable with his excellent customer service and the food was super fantastic. How we beef up the one in st Charles MO...give it some thought please. Thank you....good night

Jaime Haynie

They have friendly staff that greeted us by name. The theater has great audio and visual quality! We love the great prices on $5 Tuesdays. We'll definitely go back!

Lynn Rogers

Not clean like it used to be. Family visited twice in last 2 weeks both times our seating area was a mess...arms stuck to sides...u cld see the sticky spills were there for quite awhile. $17.50 for a ICEE and 2 sodas!!! Sound on the movie was down way too low...and I have great hearing! I will only go to $5 Tuesdays for now on...everything is waaaaay over priced even for a movie theater

Steven Sturdevant

I was in a theater with 20 people, at most. I didn't feel that I needed to push the button for service just to get then to come take my order, since the were hardly any people. The 3 waitstaff were mostly staging by the entrance taking, and the 2 that serviced the row in front of and behind me never even smelled me. They couldn't have NOT seen me! No one ever came over to me to take my order, so I received absolutely no service whatsoever. Absolutely ridiculous!

Angie D

Been to this place a few times, like the atmosphere and how they have an open bar. Great prices. Food can be better.

Charanjeev Obhan

Cole was on his first day serving us. He looked nervous but that's only because he was focused on doing it right. He did a great job for someone starting out in a public facing role. This time they got our food order right - that's an achievement considering they consistently messed up food order every time until now. The food came in quick and we are grateful they got out of the way as soon as the movie started. Good job guys, finally you got it right!

Carlton B

The new car smell has worn off. It was really nice when it first opened now it's just ok.

Ryno Art

People in the back do a great job. Shout out to Eva for the hard work. Staff is nice. Food is good. Only place I go for movies now.

Victoria Rodriguez

GTEAT customer service

Patrik Neuwirth

A little overpriced food but pretty good taste.

Diane Strack

Our experiences have all been great. Lots of choice for food, beverages or popcorn delivered to you. Great reclining seats. Nice space. Have met the people around us after the movie because it’s like being in your own home. Staff are helpful.

Tassney Clark

I got the valentines special food deal and if I knew it was going to be that cold and disgusting I would of just paid for regular items off the regular menu. The food was cold they took it back to remake it then brought out desert after she told me it was a piece of chocolate cake which it was not it was just a piece chocolate. The food came out very very late and was still cold and disgusting but i didn’t wanna seem like I’m complaining. the only thing good was the drinks I’m highly upset about it and this was my first time and this place was recommended to me. Really messed up my night. Service was terrible the server looked really irritated and miserable.! Should of just went to Mayfair this is unacceptable and It’s not the fact I spent over $100 it’s the fact that I wasted it cause if I had to spend more for better service I would of !

Preston p

Something to know about this theatre is that they market themselves as a restaurant first then a movie theatre. Meaning you go to your chairs and then if you want popcorn or a beverage or food you press a button on your chair and someone comes to bring you your order. I had an issue with this situation since all I wanted was popcorn. Nothing else. There was a sign in the main hallway talking about how you should tip your server. So... I tipped 3 dollars for something that I wanted to get myself when I tried I was redirected to my chairs. The theatre itself is nice but the whole dining aspect of it is just done so wrong. For example I missed the beginning of the movie because our server decided to come back after the movie started to have me sign my receipt. Then she said she'd come back for it since I'm sure they aren't supposed to stare you down when you are filling out the receipt especially the tip portion. So she came back again and interrupted the movie twice. Yes she was nice and deserved a tip but this location is trying to be something it isn't. It's not fair to anyone that a server can interrupt a movie and it's not fair that I feel obligated to tip when they do something I can do myself at another location. There are other and better Marcus locations in the area. Try one of those before coming here. I wish I knew all of this information before coming because I wouldn't come to this location. Simple.

Jacqueline McMullan

Love it. Great please to take in a movie. Be warned it's pricey. But was worth it

Jeremiah Krawczyk

I would like to say how excellent my experience was! The seats that I sat in were very comfortable. The staff was caring and made sure that everything was going okay! Selection of food and beverages were outstanding! If you are looking for a fun and safe thing to do on a weekend night, Please check out the BistroPlex!

Jamie Terborg

For this being our 1st..... Experience at the theater in a reclining chairs and having the staff bring us our food and drinks was awesome!!!! make sure your chairs are plugged in or they will not recline .. LOL

Pat Lewandowski

very prompt and courteous service by the staff. Food is served hot and is very tasty. Love the special burger promo on senior citizen Fridays.

Jacob Freida

Food was very good and. The movie was amazing. The seats are reclining comfy ones and with cup holders. Great place and great time

VNancy Stuller

Had a great time at the BistroPlex In Theatre Dining Cinema, it's always very clean and comfortable seating. The food selection has something for everyone and pricing not bad considering the portions are so generous. I have eaten at the Cinema three times, the wait staff very nice and considerate of when movie starts. I can't wait to try some of the other menu items. Pretty nice place, very friendly staff.

Donna Olson

Great food, fast service and friendly staff!

Jackie Oraedu

I like bringing my kids here as a treat where we can order, watch, and bond. Good service the times we went. Hot fries, lol. I like the Jamming grilled cheese. I don't buy the alcohol because I'm unsure if they are watered down. Our family likes going t movies and this is one of our favorite places

Donna Hawkins

Pricey place. Glad we had coupons. Pizza was good. Service was great. Seats were comfortable.

Tricia Scardino

Nice and clean theater. The staff is very attentive. Good food. My kids always request that we go to this theater

Kathy Thurman

I never been in a theater like that. Their seats were very comfortable. They sell food right in the theater besides just popcorn and candy. I loved it.

Kevin Herda

With recliners and food, makes the movie experience very comfortable. Food prices were hire then expected and the taste not worth the price. Staff was Great! Friendly! Attentive!


The BistroPlex is my favorite theatre to go to! The staff is so friendly, the theatre is always clean, and I’ve never once had a bad experience with them. Highly recommended over all the other theatres in the area ❗️

Nayda Balasch

Love going to this theater. Food and drinks are wonderful service is amazing. A bit higher priced than other theater's but worth it.

jenny Bolinski

Nice clean movie theater... The food and drink prices are through the roof! One soda and one mixed drink was $20 That seems a bit to high!

Linda Thompson

Great theatre with awesome food choices - something for everyone - I use 2 canes when walking. so it is a real pleasure to go directly to my seat and have someone bring my food and beverage choices to me at my seat. And, if you have leftovers, they can accommodate that as well. The Friday senior special smash burger is a great bargain and comes with a choice of side from 3 possibilities. I've tried many of their appetizers and meal choices and have not been disappointed.

Michael Gutierrez

The theater is always clean and inviting. The menu provides many choices and the food is excellent. The staff treats you with friendly and professional service. My family and I always enjoy viewing a movie at BistroPlex.

Joe B.

I have been to the Bistroplex a couple times now. The couple of times I have been there I have order a burger and pizza. I was unsatisfied with the pizza it's thin crust and you do not get much for your money. The second time I ordered a burger and the burger was surprising very good. I was quite shocked due to it being a movie theater food. Also the service to is very well. Our server greeted us before we got our seats and checked on us before the movie started.

Laura Wiedel

Finally went to the BistroPlex for the first time and I was really impressed. The service was great - really friendly and fast! We only got appetizers because we weren't too hungry but they were delicious and the drinks were very good. I can't wait to go back!

Its Emma

It has nice chairs it is comfy and they serve you and it has amazing food and it is sooo amazing five star. I recommend going there

Jose Rivera

Love the fact that you can eat and watch a movie. Very nice place and service, will definitely go back.

Gina Lenzen

I do love this place plenty of space, and my husband and I can snuggle up together by lifting the arm of the dream lounges. I do have issues with the fact that they tell you there are free refills. They don't you however that you need to leave the movie and go to the bar to get the refills. Three times now, I've waited, once much as long as 10 minutes for someone to show up. All while my movie is going on. Are my grandchildren sit alone in the theater. Most all other theaters have self refills. I don't understand how this brand new movie theater miss that idea. I guess they really don't want or expect you to have the free refills.

Robert Holloway

Not pleased. $38 bucks for two adults and one kid to watch a movie at noon???? Yes tgey have 2 dollar Tuesdays HOWEVER taking the kid out to a movie plus another $28 bucks for popcorn and Thanks. I guess it's Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix from now on. I used to love going to the movies but I shouldnt have to get financing just to have 2 hours of fun. And I hate the assigned seats. With people lounging back and taking their shoes off like their at home. No thanks

Mia Sienko

Great atmosphere and many options for in-theatre dining.

Beverly Pickering-Reyna

Great service; good food.


Forgot my ID am 18 and they wouldn't let me in saying I must have an ID even though I could literally pirate the movie and watch it rehardless, they said I need an adult yet I am one. They also wouldn't work with me at all the the smug teenager behind the counter was beyond annoying with one word responses I would highly recommend going to another theatre this one has very bad customer service

Carmelo Alvarado

I love when food or drinks come to you in the theater so you never miss a part

Dennis Hill

Better than the last time, but still too expensive to justify blowing the family budget on a 2 hour experience. Food quality is still subpar for the price.

Nathalia Makes AMV's

It was great the quality was awsome but the popcorn is way to buttery and the food is a bit expensive, and everyone around me was quiet exept the people sitting next to me , they have comfortable seating that is the best the manager is very kind in many ways

mike kalloch

Fantastic food!! Very comfortable seats.. friendly wait staff.. way better then other similar theater's I have been to..

Steve Hildebrandt

A very good experience food was fantastic smaller portions than what you would expect but still very good

Dave Shapiro

This is a strange beast - basically it is a theater that is also a restaurant and bar. There are eight theaters and the seats are the recliners that are oversize and very comfortable - the type that would put you to sleep if they were in your living room. Prior to going in for your movie there is a nice looking, fair size bar that serves all types of drinks. Of course this is a high tech theater so you can get your tickets through the app or at the kiosks in the lobby. You select your seats as well as the movie you wish to see. Prior to the start of the film, a waitress will take your order. The menu is fair as far as the variety of items. There are some nice items that do not appear on local restaurant menus - the Spicy Thai burger for example (really good.) After the film begins, you will have to go to the waitress to get additional items or refills. (They do not have people running around during the movie. Parking is easy as this is at the northeast end of the Southridge Mall parking lot. It is easy access for handicapped people. If you arrive by bus, it is about a block from the stop to the theater - through the parking lot.

Cristian Holmes

The ordering system can be a bit messy but it's super convenient

Adam Ferrusquia

Thought the theatre was too hot, and the food was too expensive for just ok food

Tammy Williams

Awesome service, awesome food and overall a great experience.

Rose Robinson

Great way to see a movie. Staff was quick and attentive. Food arrived quickly and was pretty tasty. I ordered a burger. Went in the middle of the weekday and had the whole theater to myself.

Eric Grow

Love Marcus, but wow do I wish I didn't have to see Greg Marcus' self-indulgent promos every single time I came to one of his theaters.

michelle bobzien

Good location. Lots of parking. Relaxing chairs. Decent food. Pretty clean place. Positive experience- will return!

Banana Peelz

Smaller than normal seats, if youre chubby, you can't even swing your tray close to you which is dumb. Food took forever, didnt even get part of my order after i told 3 different ppl about it. Wouldnt go again.

John Latiker

Jerk of a manager reached IN my popcorn bowl and removed a souvenir laminate printout of our movie and literally wouldn't let it go until he offered to print it a new one. Call me Petty, but please don't reach your bare hands into MY POPCORN bowl!

Melissa Campfield

I love the Bistroplex. My husband and I go there for date night. You get dinner and a movie all in one. Plus you can have a drink if you like. Seats are warm and you can bring your own blanket. Staff is great and very attentive. I recommend going there.


Love this theater. Love the reclining leather seats. Love the food. Always a great experience!

David Gableman

I really like this place. The service has improved dramatically since it first open. Extremely comfortable seats.

Eric Heintz

Always have a blast coming here. Definitely enjoy the dream loungers and the big screens. The service is pretty great too, it's not exactly like a restaurant as they try not to interfere with the movie, so it's best to pick your order all at once the first time they come. The food isn't spectacular, but it is still pretty good for the price and the purpose.

Michael Mangold

$5 Movie Tuesdays, free popcorn, reclining chairs, and service at your seats. What's not to love?

Clint Fredenberg

Real nice theater, food options are great too

Karyn Kramp

What a great experience at a movie theater. We appreciated the fast service and friendly waitstaff as well as the personalized welcome and follow up from the manager. The seats were large and comfortable and there was a nice amount of space between the rows so it didn't feel crowded. We will definitely visit again.

Ray Adkins

Excellent Theater and the food is fabulous, not badly priced. Clean seating . Went and saw Joker , which was a huge disappointment. But the theater was absolutely awesome. Excellent customer service.

Gwendolyn Fonseca

First time there. Had an ok time. Bartender was great at handling the entire eating area pre our movie. Went in with drinks and ordered some food only to NOT be provided any napkins and for their payment machine to not work properly. Other than that, the staff was nice.

Diallo Lopez

Great movie place. You can sit and have dinner while you watch a movie. Love it

Cindy Kolb

Visited last week. Enjoyed great food, friendly and fast service and very comfortable seating! The movie wasn’t bad either

Divine_ MoDDerZ

Great service straight to our seats fancy sink 10/10 mostly because of the fancy sink

Justin W

Screen and sound where fine. Seats were a bit smaller than the regular dream loungers, but still plenty comfortable. Food was solid if not overpriced.

Ethan Reilly

You get what you pay for. Eight screens, some of them being IMAX-sized. Good food. Expect to pay more for food than for your ticket. Distractions during the movie have been set down to a minimal. DreamTheater lounge seats that you can extend. Sometimes they play too much of the same movie, not having enough diversity in choices. At least there is no pressure to buy food if you don't want it. Don't forget about five-dollar admission on Tuesday. Also, if you become an rewards member you can save five dollars after spending a hundred. The food is usually better than the movie itself.

Kristin Walloch

Very friendly, courteous service from George our server, comfortable seating and delicious dining options. Wonderful place for some weekend relaxation and entertainment. Great addition to the neighborhood.

Nathaniel Horton

Great customer service, good food, comfortable atmosphere. I recently had a problem with the new app. The bartender worked with me to get it resolved while taken care of his other customers. I had not experienced service like that anywhere else ( oh yeah did it all with a smile). I tell personally it is worth it to me to come out of my way to the Bistroplex for me I enjoy it, and commend the staff.

SFaye Kachikis

Very nice theater. Great to have the popcorn already set out and waiting for you. Very comfortable seats.

Bryan Jenkins

The bar inside is a hidden gem! Happy hour (Monday-Thursday 3-6) is phenomenal. 20 taps, $3 a pint and $5 apps (again, the food is surprisingly good). I never thought I'd hang out at a movie theater bar, but here I am! Great place to catch a game with their enormous projection screen in the bar

Sharon Mahos

Great prices for happy hour $3 tap beers and $5 appetizers you can't go wrong

Carrie Amado

The staff was so friendly and kind. We had some questions about food allergies and the worker was so kind to check for us even though I'm sure they had many other things to do. We really appreciated it!

Blue Gnoll

Consistently great service and the kitchen(s) always put out a great product!


Food & Service is amazing. The servers are helpful & nice.

Dianna Moua

I'm not going to lie, I love this place. I love being served food while I watch a movie. I highly recommend getting the combo to share because there's just so much food. Plus, the food really is delicious and fresh. The service is really fast.

Blair Supan

We absolutely love BistroPlex it’s the only theater we go to anymore. Service and food is always fantastic and everything is always so clean and well taken care off. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Nathan Bourdo

Very cool way to see a movie. They have the theater dining experience down to a science. We took our son there for his birthday and he loved it. We will be returning here for every new blockbuster film that comes out. Can't say enough great things about this place. Make sure you arrive early like the theater suggests.

Hailey Ann

Every time I go theres always someone on their phone because they never enforce the policy. The service is hit and miss.

Sue Page

The food it always good in the BistroPlex and the service is very quick. If you are able to get to the theatre before 6 p.m. during the week they also offer a fabulous happy hour in the bar that you can enjoy before seeing your movie.

Susan Balistreri

I absolutely LOVE this movie complex. I've seen plenty of movies, had drinks at the bar, went to a BUCKS viewing party and even dinner while watching The Grinch. Great services, comfy recliners and wide assortment of movies. Thanks for a fabulous complex!!!!


Great food plenty of room to stretch out fully in the heated recliners and still allows plenty space for others to walk pass, excellent viewing screens and acoustics

TIM Banks

All good. Dessert and service, comfort

Maria Jenkins

Love putting my feet up and being served.

Danny Llanas

It's ok. Would rather go to traditional movie theater.

Nina Weiss

Enjoy having my meal while enjoying movie. The food is delicious. The seats comfortable..the theater clean.

Steve C

Love the idea of ordering food for a movie. The seats are huge leather and heated. Very comfortable! The movie times on Google we're wrong though and we missed the showing we wanted to go too. Make sure you check the actual Marcus site for movie times.

Tracy Schallhorn

Mary Poppins was Great! Theater was good but couldn't get a refill on my soda. No employee said hello or even acknowledged us. (Except for ticket sales and when ordered soda.) Customer service is very lacking.

Joanne Haupt

Food is expensive, and so much was wasted. It seemed there was popcorn on the floor all over the place, not just in the theater.


Sit down and relax. The servers take care of everything. They'll even bring you your own salt shaker for popcorn that you can keep to re-salt your popcorn when you need to. Sometimes the servers will still be moving about as the movie starts, but they do a good job of keeping quiet and out of the way, and they're usually all done before the movie has been going for 10 minutes. I've been three times now and all of the moviegoers there were well behaved and respectful. I think the higher prices keep out the kind of people who like to yap or browse social media during the movie, and I'll gladly pay a higher price to avoid those kinds of people.

Cristian D'Ortona

I loved the idea of dining while watching a movie, it kind of reminds me of the good old drive-ins. However the review can’t be positive as the food quality is way below average.

Michael P

My family has had really positive visits to the BistroPlex. The food was quite good, better than expected. The burgers tasty. The service was surprisingly good. For example a server asked if I wanted lemon in my (free) glass of water and another time they brought me a few disposable bowls to share the large popcorn with the kids. It's the little touches like these that are notable. Seats are cozy, though maybe a bit smaller than other Marcus theaters. I only wish the tray would fold up so it could be completely out of the way.

Quashaunda Holliman

Took my grandma. It was our first time visiting and we loved it. No wait in line to order. It felt great and heated seats

Debra Woodbey

I loved it my granddaughter treated me to dinner and a movie the food was awesome it was relaxing a real special time


I don't like this place much... They talk loud during the movie and love to walk right in front of you while the movie is going on...

Brian Rivera

The theater is nicely designed but I wish the menu had more vegetarian options. And a tad bit pricey.

Metro T mobile

I like this location, but the award cards are fake. The food is over priced and not worth it. The popcorn is always stale. They actually movie is okay.


US was such a great movie! The burger was delish. Also the triple margarita on the rocks had me in love! Also the hot wings were okay, had a funny taste. Overall we enjoyed ourselves!

Justin Skenandore

Best movie experience I or my family have ever had.

Jared Kusch

This is my favorite theater experience. The reclining, heated seats are super comfortable. The menu has really great burgers and zaffiros pizza. The service and staff are friendly. On my top 5 list for things to do on a cold winter day.

Verlonda Kirchner

Though we didn't eat a meal, we had a drink while waiting for son to get his tickets to see a movie. The bartenders were very pleasant. Our bartender was pretty good with jokes.

Eric Sharon

We are very happy with our experience at the BistroPlex. The service was great and the food quality was good. All in all I'd recommend to everyone.

Lynn Kaur

My daughter took me there for the first time we ordered pizza and the nutella dessert they forgot to bring us the dessert we had to remind them half way through the movie that we had not received the dessert and when we did get the dessert there was no nutella to be found very disappointed service was dreadful not going there ever again

Alexis Valdez

Nice seats and big screen. Had the Fish fry. Coleslaw needed more sugar. Fish was bland, I needed to soak it in. The tartar sauce. Fries were good but didn't get any ketchup.


Such a great experience seeing a movie at the Bistroplex! I had a beer and the wonton mozzarella sticks and they were fantastic. The seats were comfortable as well as had the capability to be heated. The staff was super attentive and friendly as well.

Doris Acevedo

Hard to find a place where staff are very professional and pleasant!! Great place to enjoy a good movie.

Christine Nowak

Very comfortable seating, for a movie theater. Food is a little pricey but convenient.

Tyler Witt

I loved it very it is very clean I had the create your own pizza also very good za and my son and I had the whole theater to ourselves not a negative thing to say

Amy Murray

Had a great time at the BistroPlex! The staff was very friendly and polite. They stop service before the movie begins so aside from a few customers finishing their transactions, there were no movie disruptions due to food service. It was relaxing and we will go back!

Jay Alan Ungart

How to enjoy a movie at Bistroplex 1. Get a McChicken and Fries from.McDonalds 2. Go home and watch Amazon prime. You'll save so much over going to buy a giant TV after 10-15 movies. Staff is friendly, but selling me mediocre food at terribly high prices doesn't improve my movie going experience. Comfy chairs and pretzel bites do.

Reed Martin

My partner and I found the concept of this theather to be more distruptive and annoying than seamless and convenient. The lights were on up until the start of the feature, making the beginning of the movie to feel very abrupt. The servers were loud and disruptive after the movie had begun. Guests were drooling plates over during the film due to the swivel desk like chair. Overall an unpleasant experience. Going up to a concessions counter is preferred over this service.

Aditya Karandikar

A flagship movie theater. They have crazily comfortable and automatically reclining seats, a bar and restaurant, and full service during films. No issues with the facilities themselves, though the people that attend movies can be another issue entirely.

Aron Rucinski

Food is way over priced but kinda expected. Sat next to two 2 chatty giggly 14year olds who were annoying as hell and some dude chewing on ice on the other side as loud as possible trying to piss us off. Next time sitting in a different spot and probably a different theater

Desiree Welty

Our server Vaughn was so nice and sweet. Will come again!

Crimson Warrior

My family loves going to BistroPlex. The service is always great, the food is as good as it looks on the menus, and the theater is so comfortable. We have been to BistroPlex many times and leave saying we can’t wait to come back. It’s a wonderful experience that I look forward to doing again real soon.

Greg Kohlhapp

Great service! Nice place to relax during a movie and have some good food. I enjoyed everything I ordered and the seats are very comfortable.

Asher Heimermann

Thank you to Marcus Corp. for paying to have armed security officers for the premie or Joker. It is a shame that a good locally owned and operate company has to do this to keep their customers and employees safe but I appreciate it.

Kevin Sczesny

The theater is nice, but the ordering is a bit annoying during the show. We especially loved when some guy came into the theater during the movie with a extremely bright flashlight and walked around looking for his friends..2x. Oh, and the popcorn was cold, literally cold. But the soda was good. Won’t be back there.

Mary Latona-Carian

Comfy seat; nice service; movie volume good; restrooms (ladies utilized) better than most/good; popcorn a bit spongy though, but 4 stars from me :)

Madison Mabin

This is my favorite theater! I’m not kidding when I say this, their food is amazing. I’ve had the chicken lettuce wraps, the breakfast sandwich, pizza, bahn mi sandwich— it’s all great! Popcorn comes in a big silver bowl just like if mom had made it. Service will make you come back.

Samantha L

Nice place was just recently built. Staff was very friendly only downfall is they do not have a concession stand. So you order from your seat which is nice but then you're expected to leave a tip. I would rather just get up and get what I need instead of having to wait for someone to bring it to me but all in all nice place

Jeff Thiele

Ate there while watching a movie. I thought the pizza was good.

Sheena Slade-Walker

The atmosphere was nice. The customer service was great form the ticket counter to the person who took our order inside the theater. We all enjoyed our experience and will visit again.

Queron Lesh

Its an ok place didn't like the food. No prices on the menu very expensive for food that's not at all good. Waukesha Bristo is way better. Save your money and don't by the food. Just get the normal popcorn and soda. The seats are comfortable and has a little sliding tables.

Ellen Laubusch

Clean and well maintained theatre. We really enjoyed the reclining seats and they even had waitstaff :). My husband and I both agree that if we take the time to go to a movie we want to be comfortable and have service! Fun night out.

Auria Rivera-Garrett

The theatre is great and comfortable but the food is over rated. The food is expensive and very small portions. The ice cream sundae was also expensive and it was literally cheap ice cream with chocolate syrup drizzled on top. I definitely love this theatre but with all of the restaurant options around the area I would recommend eating elsewhere.

Dedric Vaughns

I like the reclining chairs! And food is good but kinda expensive! And very cold every time we go, even in the winter! AC be on too high!

Tiff Taylor

Excellent idea, but I didn’t get any food while I watched my movie. It was nice inside tho.

Antoinette Adams

This movie theater is amazing. I love the atmosphere. Everyone that works there is always very polite. The food and drinks are awesome. I really like the fact that you can order from your seat and they will bring your food to you!

Shirley Donley

You get a great amount of food for the price and it tasted delicious. The service was excellent. The was just a tad bit chilly for me but it's very nice. I enjoyed my visit.

K Cronin

Love the new theater! The seats are comfy and the heated seats are amazing! They are continually making improvements for the best service possible, and we typically get our food/beverages very quickly! The Thai Burger is delish! I also love that they have plenty of working kiosks to scan your tickets to move into the theater promptly and not have to wait in long ticketing lines.

Mohammad Amer

Great theatre and great food and drink right to your seat cant beat that but you definitely paying for the convenience so be prepared to spend some money if you want to order food

Annamarie Colon

Since bistroplex opened I have been going there and I love it and dont go anywhere else. The staff is so cool and courteous. I recommend anyone who loves movies to go there. I enjoy that I can order from my seat and food is always right on time.

Alexis Prosen

I love the dream loungers with the heated seats! Been here many times for movies and food and haven’t been disappointed yet. The service is always awesome. I have even brought my kids, ages 2 and 4 to see movies and one time my 2 year old dropped her milk all over the floor and as I was cleaning it up a member of the staff told me that I didn’t need to worry about cleaning it up and that they would and then he offered to bring my daughter a new milk. Exceptional service!

Michael Lanphear

You can come for the food, but it is a bit pricey. Me and 3 kids were almost $100 for food and drinks, that is not even with tickets. Just food. However, the food was cooked well and we all enjoyed. Drinks were served in cups without covers so drinking in a reclined position without spilling on you is a bit difficult especially if you have younger kids. Seats seem a bit smaller than another Marcus Theatre close by (South Shore). Servers and staff were friendly, but it did take a bit for food, but the theater was full to capacity so I can see how that probably affected the times. All in all it is a good novelty, but not quite worth it. If I go again, it would be without kids for a date night.

Rochelle Lopez

They didn't post on their website but they have a bag size restriction. So when I took an Uber for $20 to get there, I was turned away because my purse is literally one centimeter too big. So not only did I waste money on and Uber but I can't even see a movie. At least they could do is post the bag restriction it on their Website!!!!

Leah Canales

Love this movie theater. Great food and friendly staff. Only negative is the temperature, it gets really cold in the theaters.

Venise Watson

Great place to go with kids and family or on a date! Food was ok.

Nami Yu

This is a great place to go to when you want to eat and watch movies! EXCEPT the food are expensive and you HAVE to be there earlier than any other movie theater or your experience will be ruined. It is RECOMMENDED that you arrived 30min or earlier to ensure a quality experience. When you arrive early, you get to order your food and receive your food before the movie starts. Also, recently, the waiter/ress requires you to pay a ahead before the movie starts so you wont be interrupted and if you ask for a tab, they'll do that too. HOWEVER, if you just want the normal experience of comfy seats, large screens, and popcorn with sodas, this is probably not the best place to pick. Dining is really the big focus at Bistro. Because of their price, Bistro is like a once a blue moon thing for me and I enjoyed every time (5 times so far) I went there. They are always changing to accommodate the majority of the people's feedback. One thing I hate that they changed is the various flavor to Brisk. At the beginning they had that but now it's just plain tea. BRING BACK THE MANGO BRISK!

Lucie Studwell

Great heated seats, recliners, food is fine.

Kristen Wlodek

Such a great spot to see a movie, especially on Tuesdays! $5 movie and free popcorn. Can't comment on their food other than their popcorn which was good. Love the recliner seats and the heated seat option. Will definitely visit again.


Went to watch the Pacquiao vs Thurman fight. I'm glad that there's a nice place like this that I can generally rely on to show major fights like this one. Was a great atmosphere & it's even better having attendants available to serve food and drinks.

Lauren Brozoski

Food was great I only had popcorn soda. Popcorn from theaters ate the best.i always get the free refills on soda and popcorn and bring it home for my husband. That is his dinner for that night.he works 2nd. He love to have popcorn on the nights I go to the movies.

Paige Julien

Food could of been better especially with the high prices

Lisa Scher

Food delivered while you watch a movie on a giant screen, YES PLEASE! Staff was friendly, theater felt new, and the chairs were uber comfy. We ordered way too much yourself a favor, just order a few nice mixed drinks and the mozzarella sticks!

Jennifer Hansen

My family loves going to the BistroPlex! Not only is the food delicious and the service quick and friendly; the seats are so comfortable!!! Highly recommend checking out the BistroPlex. (The pizza is truly perfection!)

Tawana Marshall

Okay I just want to say how much I love this theater. The people are always friendly and helpful. The seats are comfy and roomy. The food is really good. We have tried the chicken tenders, grilled cheese, pizza, popcorn and wings...yummy! Even though it's not the closest theater to my home, I still go the extra 3 miles because it's so worth it.

Brian Mentch

The movie experience was great. We ordered the boneless wings and they were delicios and a pretty decent portion. The food came before the movie too which impressed me.


Alicia Sullivan

I really enjoyed the concept of watching a movie and having a meal. The seats are very comfortable and overall the atmosphere is great. The food is pretty good, not great, but pretty good.

Kaped _

This location is really nice. It's pretty cool th@ you have the option to do dinner & a movie in one saves a lot of time. The only issue we had was th@ when we entered the theater, the wait-staff greeted us stating they'll be w/us shortly (to take our orders), but it felt like they forgot about us (I raised my hand, but no one acknowledged my gesture), so I had to get up and go to the wait-staff to force them to come over to take our order. Once we got our food, it was delicious. Try the fish

Matthew Anderson

It's okay, but other dinner & a movie concepts like iPic Theaters, Alamo Drafthouse, and Studio Movie Grille do it way better. The food is good, but is pretty expensive for what you get. Alcoholic drinks are made pretty well and they have a bunch of movie themed options. The difference between this place and the other places I mentioned are that these guys rush to try to get your food and drinks taken care of and then close out your check before the movie even starts. They tell you to get there 30 minutes early and then there's at least 15-20 minutes of previews on top of that, so by the time the movie starts you have a bunch of empty plates sitting around you and your drink is gone. If you want another drink or popcorn or something while the movie is playing, you turn on your light and they come back and seem irritated that they have to open a new check for you. Isn't the point to be enjoying some food and a drink while the movie is playing? Rather than coming in 45 mins before the movie actually starts to have some really overpriced chicken bites, and then sit through the movie surrounded by your empty plates and glasses, and by the time the movie is over you've been sitting there for 3 hours. If we just wanted to have dinner before the movie, we could just go to some restaurant before the move and probably pay way less, then go see the movie and get drinks at the counter before we go sit down. Just let me come in 15 minutes before the movie starts, bring me the food and drinks during the previews and keep my check open until 10 minutes before the movie is over in case we want another drink or something -- it just makes so much more sense and is what every other concept like this does.


Great! Plush seating, good food. The only problem is too few good movies. But I loved Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Angie Muma

We really enjoy going to the Bistroplex. It's handy not having to wait in line for your snacks, rather having them brought to you. The heated chairs in the super screen theaters are nice, but don't always work. And if catching a bite to eat is what you want with your movie it's nice that a menu is available in all theaters, not just one or two.

RIchard Bell

A friend of mine had won a viewing party for a Brewers game. Having never been there before, I was a bit hesitant about a "movie theater" trying to be a sports bar. I couldn't have been more wrong! The food was amazing, the bar was comfortable and had the biggest screen I've ever seen without paying for a movie. Our bartender, Brian, was fantastic. He was cheering right along with us, while still maintaining great service. Every employee in sight seemed happy to be there, and were very helpful. Can't wait to see Avengers, our new favorite theater!!

Chantae Da Via

I enjoyed my second experience here. The first, not so much (our movie went out 15 mins before the ending due to a thunderstorm and electrical issues and they weren’t the greatest at customer service about it). This time around was better- our server was really nice and was patient with my 7 yr old daughter while she gave her order, the food was good and the chairs were comfy. I only gave 4 stars bc my only complaint was once the movie started, that was pretty much the end of service. So if you needed your water refilled or more napkins, etc, there was no way for a server to come and not interrupt your movie going experience. But besides that, if given the option, I’d come here again.

Kristina Nicole

1st time here, 8/20/19, will only go to this theatre now! Great seating - leather recliners, food/drinks served to you before the movie & of course movie! Staff was friendly & prompt.


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