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REVIEWS OF Bay Park Cinema IN Wisconsin

Lorenzo Larios

Good boys great fony movie

kristina gray

Very clean and relaxing movie theater

Lori Bankson

Movies are expensive, so really wanted to have a great experience. Theatre and lobby were very, very dirty. The concession line was very long and staff quite unenthusiastic. It will be a while until we return.

scott austin

Great seats and sound. Lines at the food counter can be long and intense.

abie vang

Love the reclining seats. Staff is great and facility is usually clean.

Ashley Brunker

Never usually have a bad experience once we're in the theater, but there always seems to be at least one ticket kiosk out of order every time we walk in. Makes for an annoyingly long entrance.

Tony Reale

Marcus has done a great job of enhancing their movie going experience in the past few years. As a filmmaker and home theater enthusiast, I expect a lot from a theater. I had stopped going to movies for awhile in Green Bay cause I preferred just waiting for the movie to come out on Blu-ray for me to watch in my home theater. But now that Marcus has improved their screens and seating, I'm happy to be a regular patron again.

Katie Forston

Very comfy, clean chairs. Great movies too. Concessions of course completely over priced.

Nathan Burton

The theater was clean. The movie played without any issues.

D Larson

This is a heavily trafficked theater. So everything has a lived in quality that may or may not be appealing. It frequently participates with Fathom Events which brings a lot of classic movies back to theaters for special occasions.

Adam Klug

Dream loungers are amazing!

Braden Friberg

The movies are expensive and this place is no exception. But with good staff and an all dreamlounger seating it sets the bar for movie theaters in Green Bay

Jaimie Clough

Great seating!

Angeline Simeus

Clean with comfortable recliners

Michelle Laplante

Great loungers, if you have not tried a lounger to watch a movie treat yourself. You will not be disappointed

Tami Bethel

The theatre with the leather seats is great.

John Kerkhoff

Great place for a movie, but I was extremely upset the last time I was there when I received a seat with an obstructed view. If you're going to sell a seat with an obstructed view, you should tell people before they purchase.

Dash Crow

Decent experience. Old soda machines. Great seating. Sound was fairly quiet in the big rooms.

Hope Andersen

Every single year we have an even where we go there its so fun we did it 2 days ago i always have loads of fun, I love theatre popcorn


Just started going back to the movies, and I am already disgusted. When the movie is supposed to start, they would always play 5-10 minutes of movie previews. Well I have been to 3 movies with friends, and they are now playing 20 minutes of ads before the movie. And theaters wonder why attendance has gone down. I can watch commercials at home for free!

JDog Slice17

I Loved the Comfortableness made me feel like I was home

Patty Clancy

Very friendly staff & nice atmosphere. Also the 'RECLINING' Seats are truly Amazing & so Comfortable! Love it there & i highly recommend this place for seeing a movie @!

Sandy Bell

Love Bay park. Love Green Bay

Andrew Greve

The dream loungers are awesome. Being able to buy your tickets online and scan them yourself is awesome. Wish the snacks were cheaper, but that’s where they get you.

Joann Ward

Clean, comfortable and very cool.

Josh Ole

Always clean Everytime I have been here.

Don Blackburn

I’m really loving the updates this place has made! From the new reclining leather chairs to the modernization of the lobby. Staff are super friendly and in my opinion, food and drinks are reasonably priced as well(except if you’re buying beer, that’s a little expensive). Overall, if you’re looking to see a great movie, go here with your family or friends! You will not be disappointed


Great seats, quality, sound, snacks. The real deal

Aaron M

Really nothing to complain about here. Every theater is a dream lounger meaning not only does the movie look and sound good, but you're comfortable the whole time as well

Ben Volkmann

Comfortable seating and good concessions.

Lori Wasielewski

Went on their Tuesday special for $5.00. Love reclining seats! Good popcorn and drink etc. specials for rewards card members. also get a free bag of popcorn on Tuesdays. It is reserved seating. You chose your seat when purchasing tickets. Cost effective family fun!

Dustin Cashmore

The new seating is very comfortable but if they are going to tell women what size purse they can have then I wont be going back.

Emily Savetwith

Nice seating and good number of f theatres allow for multiple showings and special features. I would recommend any of their Miyazaki films that rerelease regularly.

Jim Thames

Went and saw the new movie Shazam! The earlier showings aren't near as busy. Every Tuesday is $5 admission for any movie. Join Marcus Rewards! It does pay off. The theater was nice and clean as was the lobby and Concession area. I highly recommend this theater.

Local Guide

Excellent cinema and is very clean. The chairs are quite comfortable and my wife was extremely satisfied with the experience we've had though I do think that they should make their head rests adjustable as it was too plump for my liking (my head was tilted quite a bit forward)

Tyree Thomas

Yes five stars a lil pricey at the concession stand.....especially after you just paid 24 dollars 4 you and yo girl to get it come on Marcus but Good....Great Theater!!!

Jerry Sherrod

Awesome chairs but designated seats suck

TJ Brunette

Great sitting in the dream lounger & not sure if it's bec it was an early show but it was clean in there.. definitely going again

Kendra Miller

The new recliner seats rock and the curve big screen awesome!

Julie Bunn

We love going to the movies! The dream loungers are awesome! Is so convenient to buy tickets online to save time and pick seats. Love that they wave the online fee as long as you have a rewards card.

Ryan Pett

Friendly people, always looking to improve their overall experience, and food is always nice.

Linda Davis

I don't like the fact that most of the seats are taken up but when you get in the theater and look around halfway through the movie most of the seats are still empty don't know why that is.

Andrea P

Clean, comfortable theater. Pleasant, professional staff. Movie prices are probably most reasonable on Tuesday, their $5 movie day, but that's the way it is everywhere anymore...

Barbara King

The movie was awesome....hobbs and shaw

Lee Demerath

The ticket host was very rude and pushy when I was using the kiosk, and was complaining to other customers that I was holding the line up which I wasn't was not.

Ann Christopherson

Recliners in all theaters. Smaller intimate theaters. Great matinee rates on Tuesdays. Also senior rates on Fridays

Jason Weaver

Great seats, awesome snack selection and they sell Beer!

Kendra Sawyer

It depends on the time of day and whether or not the staff is boggled down with a lot of customers the staff can either be rude or a lot of fun to be around. Some staff members will make your movie going experience entertaining while others just look at the position as just another job.

Blaise Convery

Love going here. Hard to stay awake being so comfortable there. Lol.

Elizabeth Berdan

The seats were lovely

Chris Kotolski

Great place, good prices! And the chairs are fricken comfy!! Could totally fall asleep if you wanted to!

Robert Long

Went to see the 40th anniversary screening of The Muppet Movie with a friend and his daughter. 12:30 screening, only one today. Movie started just after 12:40. Except it didn't start from the beginning - it started over ten minutes in, completely skipping Rainbow Connection, the song that's really the point of the film and a major reason to see it. Theater management claimed there was nothing they could do, and that the film was operated remotely. (just to indicate the level of service we're talking about... The manager on duty was way more interested in making excuses than apologies, and when I asked for the district manager's name, I was told "we don't have district managers. We have regional managers.") Saw a movie at a Marcus in Milwaukee a couple days ago - that experience was fine... But I'm glad I don't live here. A movie theater that has no ability to control its own projection, especially when the movie is digital and there's no physical print, is a piss poor business model. I'll attend movie theaters that actually care about the business of movie projection, thanks.

Will Davis

Always clean. Clean theaters, clean bathrooms, clean concession area. Staff is always friendly and fun. Picture and sound quality is tops. The seating is always great as well. I've never sat in a bad seat here.

Tom Eagle

The seating is wonderful I think they call them dream loungers very nice

PokeFan Pb

I never seem to have an issue here. Service is prompt and polite. It may be the days and times I am going but the crowds are always reasonable. I always have an enjoyable time at this theater. Except that time I saw The Last Jedi. That was an awful time but not the theater's fault. Bathrooms were always clean when I was there. Enjoy your film!

Sunshine Clayborn

Great Experience, only me in the Theater..Loved it

sunset_gaming !

They are just the best of the best cinemas around

Michael Leppla

Great swatting high prices

Nathan Conklin

Comfortable seats and okay prices for snacks and drinks. For the best bang for your buck go on $5 Tuesday's. Only $5 for any movie and a free small size popcorn.

Scott Tetzlaff

5$ Tuesday great deal and free popcorn as a rewards member and all in a dream lounger

Michael Kenney

Definitely the nicer of Green Bay's cineplexes. Large screens, good sound systems and reclining theater chairs.

Rebecca Miller

We love $5 Tuesdays! The addition of the complimentary personal size popcorn, as well as waiver of the online service fee on ticket purchases for rewards members, is a nice touch!

Schnitzel Buns

Best Theater in Green Bay! Love the fact that in addition to mainstream movies, they also play "retro" movies, anniversary movies, movies from every category re-runs. They keep kids movies running a long time. This theater plays late night movies to sit and relax after a big day, or to be in a nice environment with less volume of people. Ranging from 9 to 11pm starting times! I love walking outside the theater at night! The Theater is all super lit up from neons to LEDs. Amazing patterns and colors to just sit in your car and stare at! They have standard, stadium, and comfort lounge stadium seating rooms. The longer you wait to see a movie, it will get bumped to a smaller room. YES, THEY PLAY 3D MOVIES! (Extra cost). Adult and kids 3D glasses available. They actually fit over glasses, however, if you wear contacts, I would highly recommend wearing your contacts for 3D movies. You can rent the theater for birthday parties or private events. Still have 5.00 Tuesdays for EVERY MOVIE, with INCLUDED small bag of popcorn. Concessions consist of basic combos, popcorn, hot dogs, slushies, hot chocolate, coffee, candy, small ice cream treats, soda machines with Pepsi products!!!!! When they say "dinner and a movie", fill up on that dinner first. We all know the food concession prices are completely outrageous. Make sure you use your Magical Movie Rewards Loyalty Program free card for both movies and concessions. 1 dollar equals 1 point. 100 points, and get 5.00 credit toward movie. These points really do add up fast with the prices of movies. As of March 29th, 2019 taxes are no longer considered in the ticket prices. The only bad thing, especially for bigger families.

Len Socha

Love that they have dream loungers here now.

Christa Busse

Love the Cinemas with the dream loungers! So comfy and spacious! As far as cinemas go I guess Id rather pay $$$ to sit in comfortable seating! Tuesdays are $5 and matinees are $6 on Fridays for seniors, which are great prices!

Bobby Ninham

Good movie and hot movie ladies to refill your popcorn

Steve Curtis

This was my first visit here. The seats are amazing! Every chair fully reclines with a foot rest and arm rests that can be put up if you want to snuggle a little closer to the person next to you. Make sure they are okay with it before you do, or it could make for an awkward moment. This theater was super clean and well maintained. I like picking out my seat before I go too.

Cedric Dallas

Fun place to take the family or friends. Always my go to place!

Jane Gutmann

Enjoyed the movie. Clean theater.

Sally Hansen

Comfortable seating clean cinema

Krysty Ostrowski

We saw The Little Mermaid in the SuperScreen DLX. My mom, my 2 year old, and I all sat in a comfy reclining loveseat. The movie was only $5 for my mom and I and my toddler was free. Food was good and reasonable for a movie theater.

Cliffton Bagley

Thank you for the quick & quality time I can expect any time I feel the need to visit your theater is ready - thank you

GeorgeTheGamerBot !//GTGB!

All around great experience, (security guard was a little power thirsty) and all around great time.

Lead Sled

Beer! Glad to have the addition. Tuesday is 5 dollar day. Nuts! So busy with all the kids but I would still go again on a Tuesday. Any other day has always been great. Make sure you order online or get there an hr early on 5 dollar day. BEER!


The theatre itself is great, the staff is wonderful. My frustration stems from the online ordering system and app. I have began to notice that only certain seats are available to pre-order online. Last week, I picked the seats that were shown to be in the back row and by the aisle. However, when I arrived to the theatre and made my way to my seat, I was surprised to find that my seat was actually in the second row from the back and in the middle of the aisle; not what I had chosen at all. This was disappointing as I chose the seats for a reason. The seats that are shown when ordering tickets should be the same location within the theatre as the seats you get when you arrive.

Cruz Gman

Great theater with great ticket prices and great deals on concession items. Tuesdays are the best ticket deals. And my family and I have been enjoying the Disney Princess movies that have been showing. We have seen Moana, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and today we saw Cinderella. It's our favorite theater! Oh and yesterday my daughters got to take a picture with Cinderella herself at the theater, for free! We got digital copies of the pictures for free also! I highly recommend this Marcus Bay Park Cinema!

Shaun Photo

Kayla is one of the kindest employees I've met. We missed the last half a movie because of a medical emergency and she allowed my son and I to come back the next day and finish the movie. Now that's service!

Briana Sinclair

Love the dream lounge they have put into all the theaters! It's also always clean and the staff is friendly.

william anderson

Comfy recliners in all theaters.

Doreen Doyle

Reclining seats were great but the sound system is way off balance. I'd rather not spend the extra money for the seats and at least be able to hear what the actors are saying rather than music or background noise. East side Marcus has old seats but great quality sound.

Anthony Vega

Good service everything clean and a great place to go with the family

Brett Mastey

Sooooo comfy. Plus there were old people yelling at other old people to be quiet. Was hilarious.

Susan Bickett

What a great way to spend time with your family and friends. Super comfy chairs and great popcorn.

Nick Kruse

Large theater with a convenient 360 degree concession stand for quick service. Personally love the oversized, electric reclining seats. Will never visit a theater without them now.

William Dettling

Want during an off day during a work trip and the theater was still busy. Lots of employees working and all very polite and helpful. They have a junior sized popcorn! Perfect for one person. They further offer a self-service beverage selection. Pepsi products and free refills. The seats are recliners which was super comfy. Huge screen and great sound.

Casey Patrick

I'm not sure what is going at this Theater, but the last two times my family and I have been here it has physically smelled. It smells as if they have a plumbing issue in the theater itself. On top of that when my kids and I got to our seats there was popcorn and butter all over them from the previous show. I tried to find an employee to clean them, but they were all to busy to be bothered. I ended up having to get a paper towel from the bathroom to clean them myself. Go to the East Side Theater at least it's clean.

Natana Dess

Movies, reclining seats, and snacks are what we need in life!

Sanjay Tayade

You could spot me there every Tuesday . 5$ movie tickets and free popcorn. As well if you have their loyalty cards more benefits your way. Lot of movies to choose and one of the places where you would like to be in Green Bay.

Sebrina Davis

Enjoyed a movie to see Crawl .. a miss see

Chris D

Very comfortable seating. Great sound. Worth it to buy the bottomless "large soda and large popcorn" deal. Shared between three of us, we only needed one refill.

Casey Wilmet

Now that all the cinemas are dream lounger I love that I can get comfortable and not be sitting on top of the neighbor. My kids love it too.

Sean Usiak

Friendly atmosphere, good customer service

Justin Hill

A great place to see all the latest films. Stadium-style seating with cup holders. Great popcorn.

Roel M

Expensive but love the seats go early to get great seats

Joseph Jumonville

great service,staff and expereince every time.and dont forget the DLX seats there awesome!!!

Maria O Padron

I love this place because its close to shopping, and restaurants. They have 16 theaters and they ad recently remodeled. Nice.

Tom Largo

I love the loungers and the distance between seats!!

Dorothy Kitzinger

Great movie Price 5.00 free popcorn drinks we will see them on Tues.

Jacob Freeman

Excellent!!! Very comfy seats and its just all around very nice. Wish it was cooler in the theater, in a big theater... with lots of people.. leather seats... shorts.... You get the idea.. sweaty and SUPER warm. Other than that amazing amazing amazing!

Nathan Agen

Love the reserved seating. My wife is in a wheelchair and they were very accommodating.

Joseph Healey

It great to see movies and more. like dating

Donnyelle Smith

Favorite past time place - great staff (managers) pleasant environment

Stephan Hrubesky

Jarod was friendly. Theater was clean. Great time!

lawrence litkey

Best place to watch movies besides your couch

Alvvin Reynosa

Went to see John Wick 3 Fandingo messed up my perfect night. I explained to the manager the seating situation and he was kind and fixed the problem. Only bad thing I'd from dlx seating to stadium seating for Sat night but on plus side found out my wife wanted to go even though she says she doesn't. So he made ab extra sale do to Fandingo. I must say this is Fandingo 1st error so bring on JW3 Sat :)

Patrick Cook

Went to the movie How to train your dragon 3, was awesome. Super comfortable reclining seats!

B Halo

Tuesday 5 dollar deals but expect long lines and possible sold out movies due to high volume. Other days besides deal days are moderately busy.

Frosty Mcmuggins

Great time in the dreamlounger movie.

Keith Decker

Life just wouldn't be the same without Marcus Cinemas. Bay Park's the best.

Orrin Hebel

Great seats that recline in the lounge rooms. Tuesdays are the best day to go. Only $5 and a free small bag of popcorn.

Maya Hermes

Prices a bit high, but otherwise it's a really great movie theater.

Anthony Hubbard

Had a great experience and wonderful time with my family. We went to see Avengers End Game in the DLX screen with the lounge chairs

Ted Sprangers

Always a good time. You feel with younger employees sometimes that might not be the brightest bulb in the box right away, but they are friendly and clean.

Heidi Hipke

Went to see Madea’s Funeral today at Marcus Bay Park in Green Bay at 4:20 & it was a horrible experience in this movie. A group of people brought at least 3 kids under 2 yrs old that cried, screamed & ran around the theater the entire time. One of the women also received phone calls during the movie & proceeded to talk on the phone & didn’t turn her ringer off. I went to the concession desk & asked for a Manager to access the situation & they sent an usher in. He talked to one of the ladies & he then left the movie & nothing was done. More than one person left the theater due to be irritated by the distractions. People are so rude! Why would you bring children under the age of 2 to a movie theater in the first place, find a sitter!! Very disappointed that the situation was not handled appropriately by Marcus Bay Park theater employees. Movies are expensive & you should be able to enjoy the movie you pay good money to watch.

Aaron Perkins

$5 Tuesday. Upgrade to the lounge seats and you can't go wrong.


I normally order my tickets online to skip the line and the kiosks make printing my ticket super convenient. The staff is always friendly and fast and the place always seems to be clean. Plus... the members get some pretty sweet perks.

Sandra Barber

OMG such a wonderful experience the seating excellent cleanliness super friendly staff and reasonable pricing along with very accommodating parking .

Tryson Howard

I saw andvenjers

Christopher Johnson

Had to leave movie early because of disruptive family...not just the kids but adults also talked through whole thing...wasn't a problem getting refund but it took way too long for problem to be addressed by staff.

darlene wiese

I bought tickets online to a very popular movie for what I thought was a 5pm show, but after I arrived at about 430 and had found my seat, I looked at the ticket and I must have accidentally booked an earlier showing. I brought it to the ticket counter, and they found seats for a slightly later showing, and switched the tickets to that showing instead. They were very accommodating and friendly at both the ticket counter and the concession counter. (Plus the Dreamliners are really comfortable!)

Nosilla F

This theater needs a bit of TLC. The restrooms were dirty and smelly, my chair had wrappers from a previous guest on it, and the screen in theater 9 had a weird blue dot on it through the whole movie. Popcorn was incredibly overpriced as well. Most of the employees were friendly, the young lady at the concession stand was indifferent and didn’t answer a question I asked, she just walked away. Also, the movie had a 5pm showtime, it didn’t actually start until 5:23!

Rich Lukas

On May 27th I went online to order tickets to see Breakthrough at Marcus Hollywood. The web page crashed, and by the time I go get back to the site, my tickets were no longer available. I then drive to Marcus Bay Park, as and bought tickets. I then discovered that I had been charged by Hollywood. I called Hollywood box office , and was told to call my bank, and that were to busy to speak with me further. While I was still speaking, they hung up on me. I spoke with the Bay Park manager, and she then called Hollywood box office. She spoke for a moment, and they hung up on her as well.

Laurence Dates

Always have a great staff.

Lori Mrm

Don't mean to sound old, but drinks and popcorn are expensive!!! Love the reclining seats though

Christopher Conrad

Super cool and they have a new mascot there, so I've heard

Richard Petty

Big crowds and not as nice as the other Marcus cinema's in the valley. Still a decent theater though.

Justin Morgan

Dream lounge seats were comfy and adequately spaced to give elbow room on both sides. The Dolby Atmos sound quality is nice if you get a room with it installed.

Bryan Saldana

The begining was alright jafar hadnt changed.

Jon Holley

Good movie selections, and great seating with the dreamlounge seats.

Bryan Sanderson

Two words. Dream loungers. Best thing that happened to movies in ages. I love buying tickets online and getting there five minutes before and getting a great seat. Not if I only didn't have to pay $20 for a small popcorn and a bottle of water...

Matt Bos

Nice, clean theatre with comfortable recliners for each available seat.

Linda Duerr

Great movie theatre with a wide variety of films for All of the family.

Daniel Cape

Great theater. Their $5 Tuesday deal is excellent as they also give free popcorn to their movie reward members. Very clean, and very friendly service. They are also upgrading this theater to have all their auditoriums equipped with dreamlounger seats (leather recliners). Keep up the good work Marcus theaters!

Lucas Rukamp

Pricey snacks and annoying crowds on Tuesday and Thursday nights, but overall a great movie theater. Sound quality and comfort are great, I would just recommend bringing your own blanket (though they may ask to check it upon entry).

Lynn Lessmiller

Comfy and cozy with a super-duper friendly staff that appears to REALLY enjoy their jobs. So nice to have a great theater here.

Augustine Aguilar

We go to the movies all the time. Especially when super heroes movies come out. Since they added dream loungers to their theater we hardly ever want to go to another theatre. Also there is $5 Tuesday with free popcorn for being a reward member. Also believe that the other food is discounted as well. Overall it’s a great theater won’t be disappointed!


Good show comfortable

Brenna Reed

Five dollar Tuesdays is the best deal ever. Took my six year old sister the other day, and it worked out perfectly.

Toni Huwe

Love the new seats and being able to pick my specific seat!

Kimberly Mueller

I took my two daughters to see Lion King. We had a great time! We really enjoyed the reclining seats! It was pricey though.

Anthony Schmidt

Far superior than East Side Marcus.

Travis Antone

Clean facility, fresh snacks, updated larger reclining seating. Great place to catch a flick.

Rachel Wendt

We always enjoy our time at the movies!

Samantha Platkowski

They need to figure out a way to have three quiet movies not next to the action packed loud movies. The last 5 times I have gone to see a movie it has been over taken by the bassy sound from the theatre next door. Fraulien Maria is not the same when she has to compete with the latest transformers movie.

Breck Warren

I know that Tuesdays are the busy day, so I would think that Marcus knows it also. I waited in a 5th spot in line for over 15 minutes. IF one needs more registers, please open more up.

Debbie Oconnell

Beautiful death,g. Great comfort. Only fault were garbage cans coming out of theater were overflowing . The staff all around are beyond nice and curtious. A real pleasure.

Aaron Barber

The new seats and seating arrangements are definitely a plus. It is always an enjoyable experience. The staff could be a little more attentive to the cleanliness. But still cleaner than a lot of other places I've seen.

Travis Creech

Good. But getting expensive $$


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