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2473 S Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207, United States

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REVIEWS OF Avalon Atmospheric Theater IN Wisconsin

Fox Ravencroft

Wonderful experience, the staff was extraordinary, the atmosphere was amazing, and the food was decent. Only possible complaint was that the cheese curds were overly salty, but nothing a beer couldn't fix! Very pleased and we will be back for sure!

Karen Copper

Atmospheric means that there is a starry sparkling ceiling in the beautifully restored Avalon cinema on Kinnicanic Ave. I saw at least 2 shooting stars during the Milwaukee Film Festival showing we attended there.

Austin miller

Way cool movie theatre! Wont be going to any other theatre but this one! Only the Pepperoni Garlic knots had no pepperoni and where not even knots, just cheese bread:(

JOHN Petricki

Nostalgic theater, beautifully restored, I've been going there since I was a young boy, I am now 64.

Hunter Riley

Hands down best theatre in MKE. Great atmosphere for watching a movie. Has option to order food while watching your movie from a fairly priced menu.

Betsy Seip-Price

Love the partnership with Milwaukee Record, showing awesome movies from years ago. The popcorn is okay, I need to try other menu items. Seats are comfy.

Emily Mason

Good concession options - however, service during the movie can be spotty. Had to go out to lobby to get another drink as waitstaff kept passing by even though our cups were empty.

David Lubin

After four years of driving by and saying, "we should try that place" it finally happened. Viewed Aquaman in the "Backstage Theater". I was a little worried that the audio and video quality would be inferior in an older cinema, but the video was great and the audio was really exceptional. Ordered the garlic knots appetizer and found them to be delicious. Prices are reasonable (in relative terms for the inflated movie theater prices of late). I will definitely be back again and look forward to seeing the brilliant star ceiling in the main screening room.

ron narloch

The Avalon is a neat place, comfortable and full of history.

Don Cahala

Loved it. Great way to spend part of a day

Stephanie Flowers

The starry ceiling is so gorgeous !

Francheska L Gomez Rodriguez

With the best pop-corn ever. The ceiling full of stars, even shooting stars. Special drink options for special event movies. Great sound and comfort. You can never go wrong with a visit to this theater.

Andrew Nicholas

Love the starry sky.

Tia Moon

Every time I go here it's great! Beautifully kept bathrooms, the atmospheric theater is the best aesthetic especially with the star-lit ceiling. Hands down the greatest popcorn from any movie theater I have been to. Although they do not do $5 Tuesdays like Marcus, their popcorn breaded chicken and reasonable prices make it definitely worth it to go anyday. I always look forward to the Anime March Madness each year and just saw Infinity War there which was so cool! Great staff, food, and memories.

Joyce Britt

Great theater. Need to work on the sound system. Seems to echo.

sandra rollins

Love this place, great food at an even better price, tickets are only 10.50, they only have 2 screens there, but the atmosphere is amazing. I used to walk by this building abandoned to school years ago, and they did an amazing job restoring it. The people that go there as well as work there are very pleasant, so if your looking for a great movie dinner and a drink, soda, popcorn, and a relaxing, drama free environment then this is a place for you.

Cameron Fontaine

Favorite place to see a movie in Milwaukee. Great atmosphere great food and drink selection. I also love their Shocktober horror series they do every October.

Jon Streier

They have a really nice vibe here,. 4 stars for two reasons. The quesadilla was a little burned "charred". The cheese curds were a little flavorless. They needed salt or seasoning. Soda and candy prices are decent and they do special events which is fun. They over sold our showing, but they easily refunded us. We went to a later showing.

Family First

Atmosphere, service, and food was awesome as usual! Just finished The End Game with my family and everything was perfect. We love this theater!

Margarita Kulyapina

Good theater, good movie projection quality, clean bathrooms.

londyn o

Good audio but food is a bit pricey. The lines can be long depending on the movie.

Jason Weiss

Great smaller cozy historic theatre... You have to come see the stars... At seat service with drinks and pizza,burgers,kids menus. A fun time to explore a Bay View tradition.


By far one of the coolest theaters to catch a movie at in Milwaukee, they always have throwback movies on different days and of course the latest blockbusters. They have a bar attached where you can get mixed drinks, beers, and wines. Once inside the main theater which has a mock of a night sky complete with shooting stars above. You are seated in comfortable seats which are first come first serve, you can order food and drinks that will be delivered to your seat, and you will be given the bill before the end of the film, pay at the end. It is a lot of fun to go to their Miyazaki March, and Anime April showings!

Pedro J. Nolastcallss II

Great food and atmosphere but the sound quality is about a 3.2/5 , still it's a great place to see a movie and enjoy time with family and friends. The seating and professional staff make up for the sound quality.

Sandra Workman

Beautiful, restored theater; great sound system.

MaryBeth Gyulay

They really do have the best theater popcorn. I like coming here because it only has 2 screens and it's in my neighborhood. The staff is nice. There's a small restaurant in the building. Food and beverage service is also offered in the theater. If planning to order in the theater, get there about 20 min early. They stop taking orders when the trailers start. Don't be surprised if the film you want to see isn't playing as frequently as you prefer. They also run old movies and kid flicks midweek and Saturday mornings.

Nayda Balasch

So cool

Keith Turner

Really cool ambiance and great services! Do cool cultural films as well like Miyazaki March!

David Lathrop

The Avalon is, for me, both an experience and a tradition. I love going to it, and so much just makes the time better! The food and drinks are tasty, the seating nice and comfy, and the selection of shown movies is usually well-picked.

Eleanor Harris

Very nice place to see a movie. Lots of room to get to seats since they serve food there. We weren't sure if they served lunch and we went to a 1 pm movie so ate ahead and didn't order food but it was available. Sandwiches all red meat and pork but they have vegetarian and chicken options for pizza. Appetizers and alcohol too.

Pat Michaels

If you have never been there you must go. Beautiful!

Heidi Pospychala-Farina

Loved it and all of it's character but would have enjoyed reclining seats even more. I will definitely come again though.

Matthew Kerhin

Beautiful renovation, cant wait to come back again!

Dustin Underwood

Similar to The Oriental, this is a theater interior that any Milwaukeean must see at least once.


Best theater in Wisconsin! Enjoy a movie under the stars in a historical theater...

Joan Jet

Love this theater! The seating is very comfortable with lots of legroom and great views from every seat. Their food and drink service are like the cherry on the top. I ordered a Cubano sandwich and beer. The sandwich was huge and tasty. Will definitely be going back. PS If you don't know about the ceiling, I won't spoil it for you.

Susie Scott

Beautiful theater. So clean. Good popcorn!

Scott Gagnon

A very interesting, classic theater. It has a "starry night" ceiling that gives your experience a more wonderous feeling. Good food, and plenty of legroom so you don't feel like you're sitting on top of your neighbors.

Marianna Miller-Martinez

Had a great time. Good place for early. Movie with the kiddos

Jannai Johnson

Love it! Not the best area for parking. If you go take an uber or taxi.

Scott Kaiser

Cool little theater, I was going in thinking it was something it's not but these reviews. And of course there is little parking Bayview sucks but not this theater. I will be back.

Ryan Gahart

The venue overall is very nice, but the sound quality of the main theatre is sub par. I found myself having to try pretty hard to understand what was being said in the movie.

Kevin Thompson

Never been unhappy here. Can't wait for M:Endgame.

Lisa Bredeson

Great venue!

Joe Ashworth

Love this theater! Concessions are actually super reasonably priced, and the atmosphere of both theaters is excellent. The only negative is that the seats don't have the arms that swing up, so no cuddling. Still - definitely go see your movies here!

Tim Brown

Great place to watch a movie. Good food too!

Loryn Denney

Great atmosphere and friendly staff! The food was fantastic and the popcorn is perfect!

Elizabeth Gerster

Such a cool theatre! Very reasonable prices. My only complaint was the quality of the food


Very cool theater. You can see from the photos how cool the inside is. Friendly staff, and I love the table service. The only drawback of this cool setting is that the audio experience suffers due to lack of sound insulation. You get a very high amount of reverb/echo especially with heavy dialogue scenes, and booming echoes during music. Just needs better soundproofing and this theater would be a 6/5.

Eric Richard

1st time visiting. Good screen and movie sound. Impressive wait staff takes orders and brings food and drinks right to your seat. Seats are fitted with a small table for eating. Definitely going to see another movie there.

Elizabeth Moore

Beautiful theater built in 1930. Great food in a vintage atmosphere

Elizabeth Holada

The most beautiful movie theater in Milwaukee. Wish it had a parking lot. The cheap prices & experience more than make up for that though!

Melea Koskovich

Remodeled but kept the feel of the original Avalon. Awesome reclining chairs (no foot rests tho), swivel table for the in-movie food and drink service. Stars are still there on the ceiling. Love it

Lauren Link

Love this theater. The seats are so roomy and comfortable. Sound and screen are great. Popcorn is one of the best in town. Very enjoyable experience.

David Shih

Very fun, old school theater that serves food and booze! It has a spooky vibe so honestly I wouldn't want to be here alone late at night! That said, it's a great place for a scary movie. Really lends itself to being spooked out!

Jimmy F

This is a really nice theater! We only ate popcorn and it was good!

Eric Heintz

Fun experience but limited movie selection. Very great feel and vibe as well as friendly staff!

Beth Graham

Great friendly service to your seats. Best fried chicken (popcorn breading), fried fish fry special in season, amazing fries. All around great space and excellent staff.

Caitlin Weiss

This theater is lovely including lights to mimic the night sky and shows that truly show the artistic nature of the directors they choose to showcase. The seats are very comfortable and the menu, for a theater, is immense. I had the honor to witness a film for the Milwaukee film festival this season and was overwhelmed with the friendly staff and adecadent decor. I will definitely be back likely within the next few months and will continue to come by frequently within the coming years.

Eric Paddock

My new favorite theater. If I would have known they have waitresses come to your seat, I would have ordered the crab rangoon. There prices were not bad. I got a large soda, large popcorn, and candy for $15; plus the $12 admission to the midnight showing of best shorts for the Milwaukee Film Festival. I was more than pleased and will be back.


There’s nothing like this place. It has everything. It has a bar, food, comfy seating, a large theatre with a twinkling starlight show, anime month, and other niche movie nights (The Room) that make it worth not streaming something. The fact that I can order a beer and snacks beforehand and they bring it right to your chair is awesome. I really enjoy their beer selection as well.

Brian Dunn

Cool place to see a movie. I used to come here for the Sunday matinee when I was a kid. They even have two separate theaters.

Susan Klopatek

Loved the experience loved the service

James Robert

What happened to this place? The food menu is a joke! 5 sandwiches, 5 appetizers and pizza....that's it!? I drove an hour to come here because I remember it being special and high class when they first opened, now it's just bar food and nothing special. I will continue going to the competition that has multiple food options and relining leather seats. Too bad because this place was a gem.

Paul Kanski

This is the VERY BEST place to watch a movie! It's just the right size. It's Beautifully Restored. The food is good. The Staff is friendly. And the Seats are exceptional. Oh, and I love the shooting stars!

Carla Centeno

Best Theatre in the state of Wisconsin. Historic and so incredibly beautiful! Truly a sight to behold. Everyone must see this place!

Joe Margan

My 2 boys and myself had a great time!

Alyson Leon

Best experience for seeing movies hands down. I’ve been going to the Avalon before it reopened. This is where I grew up watching movies in the 90’s. They did an amazing job restoring this historical theater to its former glory. The starry sky makes the movie going experience magical, especially for children.

Anthony Koterbski

Uh, it's a good place, uh, there are beers that are good. Uh try them. And oh the popcorn is good too, uh real butter. Kinda cool area I guess. Yeah, go here

Rebecca Smith

This was just fantastic. The snack bar was reasonably priced. The seats were like small armchairs, they leaned back on a rocker system, plenty of space between seats. They sold refreshments from your seat as well, which was really cool. When the movie starts, the ceiling lights up with a star effect, very subtle but gorgeous. Also the bathrooms were super clean. I loved their Miyazaki March program!

Kevin Krutsch

I am fortunate enough for this to be my local theater. While this doesn't offer the movie selection of of the "big guys", the theater group does a great job of curating movies that keep me coming back. The staff is always friendly, the seats are incredibly comfortable, and the ability to get food and drinks delivered right to your seat is a huge perk.

J Sorenson

great diversity in menu, comfortable seating, really nice atmosphere, don't forget to look at the ceiling

Elizabeth Kirby

Wow! What a neat theater! I'm new to Milwaukee and just went here today for an MKE film festival showing. Theater has in-auditorium dining, and a lovely vintage atmosphere. Even the bathroom was cute! Theater seats were comfy and roomy and well spaced. Theater was clean and the staff was very friendly. You must check out this theater! Didn't get pics inside the auditorium because the movie had already started, but here's a pic of the bathroom sinks.

Ian Carroll

It's a very cool theater, and they serve food and beer. Also the tickets are only like $10 so it's cheaper than the big theaters. And you get to support a small, local theater

Wren Solares

The Avalon theater is a fabulous choice for current and nostalgic movies. It’s right in our neighborhood so we love to support this local theater and truly appreciate the updates that have been made over the years. They have a fun choice of food, the popcorn is real butter and it’s amazing. They also make a great Bullet old fashion press, served right to your seat else you watch Mary Poppins.. lol! They truly tried to look after their community and have really Reasonably priced food and drinks. We love the vibe and get a little lost in the starry light ceiling. Thank you for making this great place. Love it!!!

Sonder Kid

Very cute movie theater! The only thing I disliked is how the seats don't recline like AMC or Marcus theaters and not very many food options. They make up for it with the cute marvel theme and starlight.

Dody Marriott

My husband and I grew up in Bay View and spent the majority of our youth at the Avalon. We were thrilled when we heard it was being restored! The new owners have done a beautiful job! The seating is oh so comfortable and they serve pub food at your seat. The gorgeous main theater, with it's turned columns, archways, balconies with tiled roofs make you feel as if you are sitting in a Spanish courtyard. They've even restored the starry night sky, making it even more spectacular with an occasional shooting star! I always order food here, not because it's exceptional (don't get me wrong, it's good food), but because I know they cannot survive on ticket sales alone, and I don't want to lose this gem. Built in 1929, it's the only surviving atmospheric theater in operation of the six that originally graced Milwaukee. Besides playing popular current movies, they also play oldies but goodies. We watched the original Willy Wonka with Gene Wilder and the tickets were only $5! They even have events Saturday morning brunch while watching Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly. This is a place to go, not just to watch a movie, but to have an experience and step back in time!

Ken Reibel

The Avalon is a jewel. The service is friendly, and the food way above standard movie fare.

Tay Robinson

The Avalon Theater was gorgeous. The food there was delicious and the waiters were so kind. The seating is super comfy, but the best part is the beautiful twinkling of the "stars" on the ceiling.


Lots and lots of space. If you hate being cramped up against noise strangers in a dirty theater than this is the place for you. The seating is plentiful and there is a ton of space between you and your neighbors, while still having seats for 2 for date nights. The atmosphere is amazing, and the food is great. Definitely my favorite theater in the city.

Esteban Romero

Feel the comfort and experience from the yesteryears

Nicole M

I grew up in Bay view and was happy to hear they finally restored the Avalon theater. So glad they still have the starry night twinkle stars above and nice selection of food that they serve you at your seats while watching the movie. Had a really nice time but I would say don’t order the pizza because our pizza was so thin that the bottom was soggy and the whole pizza was a big mess falling apart and really hard to eat in the dark with only a couple napkins. I wish my son would have chosen the cheeseburger meal instead but that’s OK maybe next time. Otherwise we had a very nice time.


I’ve been wanting to visit this theater since I moved to the Milwaukee area last year. I finally went when Aladdin came out. Not only was this theater cheaper than the one I usually go to, but the people working there were very friendly and welcoming. Each chair has a little movable table to set your food on if you get any. My favorite part was the occasional shooting star on the ceiling of stars. Super cute!!

Nate Huitt

Great movie theater to watch any movie, especially old ones! Food was quite greasy, but the beer was great.

Joyce Grunert

Love this theater however they would not honor gift cards for the purchase of food!

Dane Peplinski

Very cool old school theater. I’ve come here only three times but would have loved to come here more. I went to see the 1977 special screening of Dario Argento’s Suspiria one year for their Halloween special and the theater I saw it in was awesome. It looked like a movie set and a regular movie theater with a very starry ceiling. The second time I came here was to see Gaspar Noe’s Climax and it was awesome to be able to get a chance to see it here when no other theaters in the area were showing it. My last experience here was seeing It Chapter 2 and it was a fun time. he food is great and the atmosphere makes you feel happy. If you’re a movie buff like me, you will dig this place.

Arrcee X

First time in the refurbished Avalon Theater. They did a great job. Seats are very comfortable, although I am not a fan of the material, but that's my issue. Waiter will take your order for food or beverages, and a server will deliver to you.

Loribeth Chenault

Great small theater with new releases as well as throw backs. Good available in seat via wait staff, and the bar on site is nice. The atmospheric screen is very cool. Seats don't recline but are comfy

Sandra Lugo

Great theater and service

Amanda Horejsfield

They serve you food & beer, the ceiling has light up stars, the seats are very comfortable. What more do you need?

Theodore Anderson

Beautiful decor. Delicious, reasonably priced food and drink. Comfortable seating.

Ben W

The Avalon has instantly become my new favorite theater of all time. The building is incredible, and the first impression after walking in is amazing. The aesthetic is gorgeous and the restorations on such an old and vintage building are perfect. The process to get our tickets after purchasing online was quick and easy, the bathrooms were clean and well kept, and the service upon taking our seats in the theater was quick. The Atmospheric theater is amazing in just about every way, from the stars on the ceiling to the comfortable and spacious seats, again all very clean and well kept. Our food was delivered quickly, and the pizza and fries we got were delicious. I read other reviews that complained about the acoustics, but honestly it did not sound bad at all. I would absolutely recommend this theater to anyone!

Tyler Copes

I've been going to the wrong movie theaters for years. I just went to this place last night for the first time and it was perfect. BEST popcorn (seriously, real butter??), great seats, and the screen was so on point. Not to mention the place was super clean. This will forever be my go to theater.

Trevor Cole

This is a lovely theatre. I've been multiple times and the atmospheric part is a lovely mood setter. Which is why it was disappointing today when my friend, who'd never been before, received substandard service at the tail end of our experience. After paying our bill + tip, we simply asked for a refill on our large popcorn. The server replied, if we just go out in the hall they'll the concessions we'll refill it for us. I was so disarmed by how matter of factly he put it I acquiesced even tho it went against my natural expectations of what a server is there for... Thankfully the young female busser came by and upon learning I was saving my bag to be refilled after the movie said she could get the popcorn for me. I really appreciated her. Afterwards management did relatively nothing upon hearing my friend and I's mistreatment. He offered us another free bag of popcorn, but we respectfully declined as the busser had already provided one. I asked if he had a voucher I could possibly use next time yet he said that they did not do things like that. Left feeling the rude hostility of our server and ultimately dissatisfaction from how management handled things.

Georgel Olenici

Best in town modern but classic but not commercialized


This place is pretty nice. A theater, a bar, a restaurant, comfortable seats. It's a smaller place, and that's what I like about it--the actual theaters are pretty big, though. And yes, the popcorn is as good as advertised.

Randal Vickerman

Don't accept debit cards, don't accept dimes, utterly ridiculous for a visitor from out of the state when they are being told about this place as a wonderous theater. Very disappointed in the mentality of the management of this facility. Sir I cannot find an area to respond to you in private so I will respond here. On Sunday May 12th We went to see the 3:45 showing for Endgame, When I tried to pay with my debit card for the movie tickets I was informed I could not do so, I was also informed I could not use my debit card at your concession stand. I went to my car to get my return toll money to pay for the tickets. We scrounged for enough cash for a medium bag of popcorn and was then informed by the manager or a gentleman who took it upon himself to inform us that the theater does not accept dimes or nickles, only quarters, embarrassing us both for a second time. He then said "f*** it" and reached in his pocket, grabbed out a quarter and told us that only quarters can be in the safe. Both instances took place in front of other customers. This to me sir is intolerable and I am trying my hardest to be kind and professional with my response. By the time we finally got in to the theater room we had to sit on the front row as it had filled up by then.

Vanessa Blaauw

This is the BEST place for dinner and a show! Date night, Friend night, Mom night, or whatever! The food is good the beer is a good price. I LOVE the ceiling in the theater. The popcorn is really good too!!! They have lots of budget films, but I like to go for period dramas or fantasy themed movies. I like to support smaller local Milwaukee business rather than huge chains. This is a very fun way to spice up a week night. :) I go for the atmosphere and beer.

Scott Witte

Great seats. Darn good food and craft beers. Attached restaurant. What a unique atmosphere. The place is an experience worth having. Oh, and they show great movies.

J Francis

Friendly staff, decent food from Mistral, and comfortable cushy seating. Cost is reasonable. The main theater offers 3D films, the ceiling is active and made to resemble a starry night sky. My favorite theater, and close, too.

Shane Kowal

Comfortable seats. Great popcorn. Good food. Great sound.

TentFlap Media

A beautifully restored theater from the 1920's the theater reopened in 2014 and has become an excellent "hometown" theater with modern amenities and excellent service. There is a wait staff that will take your order at any time during the movie. The seats have a small table attached to each seat. The seats are also made of memory foam and very comfortable. The ceiling has a fiber optic night sky with occasional shooting stars.

Jarrod Kretschmer

A beautiful theater. Comfortable seats, good drinks, and a fantastic atmosphere.

Lisa Kauffman

Beautiful theater. Only drawback is that you have no way to put your feet up during your movie. Otherwise, great.

Aaron Quayle

Great cinema, good beer prices and awesome seats.only loses a star due to the acoustics on quieter scenes. Made Al Pacino in a restaurant sound like he was in a cave. Still love it though

Selina Maeder

I loved this place as a kid and they remodeled it but kept the original feel ambience. I love this theater when you look up from the screen it is a sky full of stars

Haley Ostrander

First time at this theater last night and it was very nice! The prices and food were great, and it was a very beautiful theater. Definitely not like anything I’ve been to before. My only disappointment was the only water they provided was bottled water despite having a bar with glassware and the dipping sauces that came with my meal were in disposable plastic cups. They have a kitchen and bar but still use this much disposable plastic! It would be really nice to see the bottled water replaced with glasses of water and the disposable plastic cups replaced with washable dishes.

Joe Potrzebowski

They really need to fix the echoing sound. Other than that, great place.

Jennifer Lovell

Saw the Lost Boys it was amazing

Kate Berumen

Films, food and comfy seats in an amazing setting

Buzz Bee

Bring your own Brewers yeast for popcorn... other than that this place rocks!!!

Beth Janke

Wish I could give 2 1/2 stars. Nice place. However there was a few things that turned me off. #1 - is the popcorn fresh or was it yesterdays? It was already bagged up sitting in a warmer. #2 - 5 or 6 employees standing around talking loudly and bathroom were dirty and soda area is sticky. Could be awesome with some tweaking.

Caleb Johnson

The Avalon is such an amazing theater! We love going and staring up at the night sky before the movie starts! The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because sometimes it's as if the sound is a little bit too soft/quiet. Other than that this place rules. They have a wait staff that will take food and drink orders throughout the movie for anyone interested. Of course you can always order at the concessions before you go into the theater, and they'll bring everything out to you. Great spot to enjoy a good movie, along with some decent grub and decent alcohol selection. Full bar and a few different beers!!


This theater is gorgeous! I loved the starry sky in the theater. It is very spacious, and the seats were very comfortable. The popcorn was yummy and affordable. I can't wait to see another movie in this theater!!!!

Marilyn Garlie

Excellent atmosphere and geat food

Nico Sanchez

Best movie theatre experience. Normal pub prices on food and waiters to serve you at your seat. Um... yes please. The decor is also charming. Its an old theatre that has been recently restored. Only downside is when they aren't showing what I want to see and I have to go somewhere else.

Tami Larsen

Beautiful atmosphere, servers for food if you want and great location

Benjamin Ratterman

Great! I love the sound inside and the stars on the ceiling. Great for watching movies with big sound.

Blake M

Avalon is a wonderful theater in the Bayview area that boasts both great eats and great events aside from a classic spot to catch a flick. Food: We started our night in the sister spot, Mistral. We were going to order a drink, but were told they had fresh, French press Valentine coffee. A perfect way to perk up before a late night movie. It was delicious, and the bartender was quite kind. Once in the theater, we ordered the Spicy Spanish Pizza, and the Popcorn. The pizza was a very odd combo, however the crust of the pizza was out of this world, far exceeding expectations of a pizza you’d get at a movie theater. The popcorn was standard fair for theater popcorn. Our Moscow mule was very good, but different (less bubbly, more smooth sipping and gingery) Overall, we will definitely get a pizza here again, however not the spicy Spanish (crust was off the charts good, toppings were high quality, just didn’t really jive for us) Atmosphere: This is a hard one that may split people. It is a classic theater, and lacks the big box décor of most cinemas (forgo the big lounger chairs and bombastic sound systems for a more upscale presentation.) That said, that may not be what you are into. Think about it this way, would you rather sit in your PJ’s and watch a movie on the couch (big box cinema) or go to a fancy play and get a drink (Avalon). Service: Servers do their best to come around and ask for other drinks/food during the show. I didn’t find it intrusive or distracting, and they drop the check before the end, so you don’t get held up. Very appreciated! My score: 9/10. I wouldn’t see every movie here. If I am going out to watch John Wick 3, I’ll relax in a big lounger and veg out. However if I am going to watch a more focused, nicer movie, Avalon would be my first choice. I will be there, first in line for Midsommar in August.

Ann Vollrath

Nice movie theater with a really interesting atmosphere. It is a dinner theatre which can be kind of distracting while watching a movie


This is our fave movie spot in town. We love the atmosphere. I really wish the food was better though. It all tastes like it came off a Sysco truck. We would love to have dinner or yummy apps there when we visit but the food is just not on point.

Matthew Lynch

Definitely an interesting theater. Bought tickets online easily enough, but know that they DO NOT sell tickets on Fandango. The seats were comfortable and the snacks were good, but the theaters could use a little more soundproofing. Hearing the bass from the movie next door kind of shattered the illusion.


Theater is amazing perfect for a date. The service is great and their pizza is delicious

Mark Carroll

It's the Avalon! You grew up here. Your parents took you to see your first movie here. You took your dates here. You stared at the ceiling and marveled at the night sky. You shared your popcorn here. Everything you've romanticized about movies...happens here. This is where movie magic comes from. Now that you're an adult, you can have a cocktail and dinner with your movie. You won't be disappointed with any aspect of this place. Even the restrooms are beautiful.

Cookie MonstA

Not the best theater or the best food but still good. Comfy seats


I Love this Theatre.

Holly B.

My favorite movie theatre. I don’t want to go anywhere else ever. The end.

Robin Gittrich

Love this theater! Comfortable seats and full service food and bar for those that like to drink at your seat. The ceiling is amazing with the twinkling night sky.

Theresa Marie

I went to see The Lost Boys. It was so awesome to see my ultimate favorite movie on the big screen. It was also nostalgic to see the Avalon again. I have not visited since at least 1996-97. I remember attending as a teenager. The theator still looks the same but with some new changes, like the comfortable seating and food! It is classic and cozy.

Nathan Morava

Awesome theater with great food and film showings! I came here for 12 of the 16 anime movies throughout March and April this year and loved every one of them. Please continue to do that!

Wade Cupkie

Oh man, this local gem is legit! When they’re not playing the latest stuff they’re hosting throwback showings of all your favorite movies. Online ticket purchasing is a breeze and the popcorn is THE BEST! Show up, bring a date and kick back.

Daniel Kupper

Cool place

Jeffrey Newholm

Beautiful theatre with walk-up food service (and very good food) and the main showroom is gorgeous. My two (minor) complaints is the side showroom is small and far away from restrooms, and the theatre was out of popcorn last time, which I thought was rather unreasonable. However, the Avalon is at the top of my list for locations to watch the new biggest hits

Clinton Hudson

Beautiful cozy theater. Will be going back now that we have found this place.

Mandy Hughes

A nice change from the norm. Place feels cozy and less hectic than most theatres. Their veggie pizza is also pretty bomb

Jon Carbon

Best full service theater in town!

Thomas Attipetty

Come her for the ambiance, screen is as good as And or Marcus. Also they have nights where they play non mainstream movies. Really neat place.

John J Melara

A very cool place to go to the movies. There are other theaters that have service in the auditorium, but the Avalon staff really seems to care about your comfort and enjoyment.

Bruce Heilbrun

Comfortable seats and food options.

Ashley Smith

Great theater. With the ipic gone and the relatively old/poorly maintained fox bay we were looking for a new theater to go to. This theater has nice seats, good food/beer selection. Friendly service and fair prices. If you are looking for a quality theater this is the place you should hit up. Hands-down my new favorite place to see movies at and we will be returning here regularly.

Melissa Whalen

This place has an awesome interior and great food and service.


This was 1st time there. I really like the new look. The ceiling light and shooting star was cool. The audio wasnt balanced good enough. The audio was loud enough but i had trouble hearning them talk. It was the new predator movie. My granddaughter ordered pizza. It was way too salty. The burger was good. I would go there again but i wouldnt order the pizza.

Jesus Alva

Cool theater and sweet service, but the sound quality's pretty terrible which causes me to not hear any dialogue. Sounds like I'm watching movies in a cave. Still love you guys, though. Lol.

Erika R

Wonderful experience watching a classic movie. Convenient, quick, and courteous waitstaff. My only complaints are not at all reflective on the theatre or it's people, but rather the 3 Boomers who talked incredibly loudly throughout the whole movie because they were reminiscing. I understand and appreciate the nostalgia, but it was very distracting to my nephew who had never seen the movie. Again though, those talkers won't discourage me from going and enjoying the Avalon.

Justin Cross

Beautiful theater, seats were comfortable, swivel tables made for easy dining and relaxation afterward

Jessica Knoll

Love this place. Beautiful. Great experience/service. Love the stars on the ceiling.

Don Anderson

Great theatre. Single screen palace converted into multi screen.

McKenzie Richardson

Love the stars on the ceiling and the fact they show a lot of throwback movies. Went to see two Miyazaki movies there and both experiences were phenomenal.

felix Collazo

Way cheaper then the Marcus movie theater chains but parking kinda sucks!

Denise Lensmire

Beautiful theater! We will go again! Saw the lion king. I thought the seats were comfy and there tables to put your drinks and food on.

Nick Wolf

The theater is beautiful. The drinks were priced about what I expected. The seats are clean and very comfortable. The sound and picture were amazing. It was really rather perfect.

Katherine Cottreau

My 5 year old Granddaughter loves the stars on the ceiling. REAL Butter on the popcorn. Food is above fair.

Lloyd Falcon

I was impressed with the renovation. also the people who work there were polite and professional. I haven't been there since the early 80s and glad they didn't demolish it. To beautiful of a structure

Mark Schulz

I grew up watching movies in this theatre. It's refurbishment is nothing short of spectacular. It is a truly unique experience in Milwaukee.

George Markos

I love this beautiful theater, it’s the first place I check to see if a movie I want to see is playing. The service to your seat is great! The food is exceptional !

Julie Toelle

It has it own oringal theme the stars in the sky in the movie theater..stand by staff in theater with own menu food and drinks..its so low key perfect for movie dates or just to get away in a greast atmosphere.

Pauline Dorsan

Cool theater.

Pyerre Lexesee

Great theater ,excellent service love the mix of old school and new. Loved the leather seating and the order menu. Went and saw Mandy film. Loved the atmospheric effect , ceiling lights where amazing . First impression is that it was overall an awesome experience.


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