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2500 N Mayfair Rd Ste M186, Wauwatosa, WI 53226, United States Located in: Mayfair

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REVIEWS OF AMC Mayfair Mall 18 IN Wisconsin

lady wed

Went to see a movie with my kids. Usually everything is fine, but I had to deal with a girl playing songs on her phone and teenagers who wouldn't stop talking laughing.

Ema williams

Went on a Tuesday and it was nice but they need to rework lines for tickets

RaMonte RaShaun

Really like it.... need to work on kids playing and jumping into theaters

Joseph Mixon

My favorite movie theater. Very clean and affordable. Good food too but too expensive but that’s all movie theaters

Satya Prakash Verma

Great place for fun, eating, movies and shopping. 18 multiplexes, just wow.

Amanda Dorman

Got a ball gown style dress from Macy's, Love it ( Cinderella for a night ) they had a wide selection in the runway collection.

Adam Mohr

Good place better than Rockford Illinois

Mandatory McDaniel

Good place, but alot of unnessecary stuff goin on

Matthew Payne

Huge theater seats are a little uncomfortable but the staff is friendly and helpful. A little pricey tho.

Edward Knueppel Jr.

Sound was pretty awesome. Went and noon and it was empty which was odd because it is Xmas break and in a mall, so maybe people don't want to pay $14 to see an Imax that isn't anything like the real Imax. Not even sure if it is as big as Marcus Ultrascreen. But the sound was amazing. I used Atom ticket app to get the tickets ahead of time and the code scanner didn't work, so I had to manually type in the number.

Montel Jackson

Nice theater the prices for snacks and drinks are crazy.They drop the gate and close the front desk at 9:50 even the last movies showing at 10:00

x HalfBrit

Being under 18, the rule about having to have an adult with you after 3, especially if you’re going to see a movie. I understand why the policy is put in place, but it’s kind of stupid having to have an adult with you. Also, the theatre could use SERIOUS renovations. The carpet is worn down, and could use replacing. Second, the seats are old, squeaky, have sweat stains, food stains, and smell bad. If you replaced the seats, you would get a gold star from me, and probably other people as well. Lastly, just lower the prices of tickets/food etc. OR, put the money you get from the tickets and food towards making renovations to the theatre. Please. I beg of you.

Desherondra Winters

Watched a great movie. The theater was clean and the staff was nice. As usual the food and snacks were over priced but as good as any movie theater.

Ryan Mueller

I love the theater. If it wasn't so far away I would go there every time.

Ellen Greer

Nice and clean. But they need Dreamloungers! Seats seem a bit cramped


The seats are not really comfortable and it gets warm

Mary K

A bit more expensive than Marcus theaters. I do wish they would allow pre-movie seat selection. I ordered the tickets online and paid a bit extra for doing so but they do not offer seat selection which means you still have to arrive early to get the best seating. A regular popcorn was pricey at $8.00 but it was a very generous portion and I was able to split it with my friend.

Frank Renzoni

There were 8 people in front of us. There was one person on staff to buy tickets from. It took us over a half hour to get close to the front of the line. That's when they brought in another staff member to help. The seats are cramped and old. I can't recommend this theater.

Thomas Ricks

Great experience, will definitely come back when business brings me back to Milwaukee


Fast service clean and organized

mitch b

Very helpful with stub hub email glitch

El Long

I chose the standard theater, it was nice enough until, I reached for the chair next to me to pull it down and sit my purse on it. I saw dried up filthy food stains, at least that's what I hope they were, that looked as if they had been there so LONG that they looked as dry as grass that had gone through months of a drought! The food prices were through the ceiling. I understand that theaters make their money from the concession area but they need to find a way to lower those food prices because they're just out of control! I will go again but not spend as much for the food and carry a piece of plastic to seat on that I will throw away when I leave.

Ashley Hibbler

Seats are small and uncomfortable too tight but great slushies

Benjamin Luedke

Okay, I can only give this theater 3 stars because the concession is just not what it should be. They offer the gourmet popcorn as a mix of cheese and caramel corn but it is hit and miss as to how old it is and you may be getting the "bottom of the barrel" scraps. There are times when it isn't even available. I have had a negative experience on three separate occasions. If you plan on seeing a late showing there is a good chance that they won't have ANY popcorn available at all and even if you purchase a drink you may not be able to get a refill because the dispensers are shut down. The venue itself is enjoyable, the theaters are clean and well maintained as are the bathrooms for the most part. The typical crowd is a mix of people old and young from various ethnic backgrounds and I have never felt unsafe or found anyone acting inappropriately. They have an IMAX theatre that is great but there is only one so it does limit your choices as to what may be on the "big" screen. The seats are average for comfort so no dream loungers here but it is still nice. If they could add another big screen, maybe some dream loungers and fix the concession issues I would give them 5 stars.

Lindsey Doman

Theaters are clean, quality of sound and picture are good.

Willie Coleman

I was at the movie and restaurant I enjoyed the customer service I received there while spending time with my handicap friend who is wheelchair bound I enjoyed it thank you Willie Coleman.

dion McCullum

Customer service agent was polite and patient, seeing that I had 6 bouncing kids. She accurately broke down the prices for me,and gave me a few interesting kids movies playing that day. Concession stand staff was also friendly and helpful. They were patient and helped us with our snack choices and payments. Theater was clean, and volume and color of the movie showed picture clear.

Demia Carter

It's neither terrible or fantastic. It's a pretty standard theater, you never know what you're going to get with the workers. They can sometimes be very up-beat and friendly and sometimes be timid. With all the cool theaters in Milwaukee and surrounding areas, this wouldn't be my first option, nor my fifth.

Caitlyn M

Theater was large enough to accommodate a large pre-screen crowd. Good seats for viewing, clean & comfortable. Staff is very courteous and helpfull!

Sue Pruski

Nice theater, good sound.

movante holton

We enjoyed ourself but the seats are horrible kinda hurt my back no elbow room.but we enjoyed our movie

Darren Jones

Quick service, clean theaters, and just an overall great experience that you expect at a theatre.

Chen Sia

Great customer service. I went there twice and the employee who sold the ticket knows a lot about movies

Nishant Muni

Doesn't have Prime movies like other good AMC theater... Doesn't have Recliner nor does it have heated seats

Madan Nagaraju

Nice and neat place. In the Mayfair area, friendly staff. Seats are ok, could use some maintenance, Ok movie watching experience. There is premium offering along with the regular snacks. Sound and picture quality is good, seats are a bit dated.

Sugar Hill

Imax is awesome, food is good, high priced, but no more than any other theater

Tristan Pearson

Had plenty leg room

Brad Wassenaar

Pretty good cinema

Dean Milinski

Cold theater uncomfortable seats, but otherwise a fine experience with employees and neatness of theater.

Sonny Fausel

Always a great time, and they have phenomenal projectors.

Terry Longo

Movie had a lot of violence reminds me of a old John Wayne movie. Shooting 36 rounds out of a six shooter

Steve Luckas

Perfectly serviceable movie theater. Their seats are older and have relatively little leg room compared to more modernized offerings. I'm pretty tall but my fiancee is about 5'7" and she agreed that even she was having legroom problems. Other than that, good sounds and picture.

Yvette Gilmore

It's just so expensive especially if you're trying to do things as a family

Keith Moore

It's a great movie see John wick


It's been a long time since I've been to a theater. I'm glad I went to see Mission Impossible 6. Good movie at a pretty good theater. Prices are a little high just like every other theater but you can buy hot food with your drinks and popcorn. The seating is stacked high so the people in front of you aren't blocking your view. I would definitely return.

Colin Stuart

This place is always so empty and run down feeling. Attached pic of ancient display cabinet.

Anmol Sharma

I like Marcus better because of their seating but sometimes I have to go there just for Bollywood movies.

Maria Harvey

We really enjoying the Peace in this Theater. Had EXCELLENT seats with Table in Front of Us. Wow what a Wonderful evening it was.

Maxine Blade

Their first showing is at 1 and they dont open the gates till 12:30, while the rest of the mall is open, so I find that rather stupid. Most theaters that are in a mall tend to open when the mall does, which would be nice if people want to get their tickets and then maybe walk around or grab lunch before they go see a movie, as the prices for food is ridiculous.

Joe Carroll

While the IMAX projection and audio quality is superb, the seats are way too cramped and uncomfortable (particularly the cup holder part of the armrests - the seat cushions are OK). You're far better off at a Marcus theater where their SuperScreens are almost as big as this IMAX screen, and their UltraScreens are even bigger than this IMAX. Best of all, Marcus has wider, super comfortable reclining seats in all their theaters (some are even heated) and the Dolby Atmos audio rivals the IMAX sound system. Marcus is typically cheaper as well. I WANT to like Mayfair's AMC, but simply put, it's not state-of-the-art anymore. It was a great option 20 years ago, but their competitors have surpassed them. My last visit there (May 2019) the theater was messy before the show even started too. This is a shame, because I'd love to join their A-List movie club, but they don't meet my standards.

Lalit Kumar Golani

Me and my wife saw many movies in this movie hall, last time we went and I forget my mobile phone in the cup holder, i realized after 15 min and went back to the AMC in Mayfair hall, one lady standing there, she made us wait for 10 min at the front desk she said you can not go inside alone because the show was already finished, she called a person so that he can escort me to the place where I was seating, the young person came after 10 min and he was walking slowing and made us wait 10 more minutes, I mean if your customer forget something in the hall you come fast make the thing secure early so that it is not lost, he do not care it seems to us, I used to like the place but after that incident I will prefer to go Marcus or somewhere else. Please take care of your customer

Terina Cunningham

It will do in a pinch. I had tickets to End game for the opening Friday at Marcus, but I couldn't wait. I was able to buy tickets for the opening night that night. Draw back was the small seats and poor sound.

Tinamaria Adams

Movies always good to see, seats not as comfortable.

Joshua Sieben

Good location. IMAX was great. Could use reclining seats

yuwanda evans

Went to see John Wick 3 and grab dinner...always a good time

mike sims

Good overall experience. You already know food is overpriced but what you expect. Alcohol drinks are good. I Always get the gourmet popcorn because it consists of caramel and cheddar. Prices are a high compared to other theaters, even during the morning/day hours.

Tee Tee 1 Baddie


corey roebbeke

I went to Avengers end game. The movie looked great the sound was loud. They have assigned seating, but the seats are just ok. No dream loungers. I will go again. I like purchasing my ticket in advance. And they handle that very well.

Romaine Drummonds

Nice place, a little crowded sometimes but thats just because of the location.

Gregg Mulry

Eighteen screens, food, alcohol, and clean bathrooms. But it's a hike from the parking lot to the second floor of the mall.

Calista Luger

They don’t let anybody under the age of 18 in after 3 PM every day unless they are accompanied by someone aged 21 or over. As an 18 year old with a 16 year old foreign exchange student with me, we’re not allowed in for a 3:40 screening of Spider-Man on a Wednesday in the summer, which is ridiculous; we paid $8 for a bus ride ($4 per person for there and back) only to be told we weren’t allowed inside. Plus they charge an extra $2 per ticket for online purchases without telling you, which also irritates me.

Dwanna Montriel

Nice, not a lot of people great movie.

Derek Schneider

I'm not a fan of AMC but their stubs A List is too good of a deal to pass up. They dont have that many recliner theaters but. For three free movies a week and discounts on concessions and rewards points, you cant pass it up.

Tom Lindert

east access to parking and 5 $ Tuesday.. .Great slushies too

Rachith T S

Seats in the theatre are good. areas in the corridor is well maintained but Washrooms are in bad condition.

Josh Draudt

This movie theatre is terrible with customer service they would not admit me service to a rated R movie even though i had a picture of my ID present and am well over 17.

Ethan Reilly

My favorite movie theater. There's 18 different screens. Seats are normal but comfortable. With A-List you can see three movies every week at a fraction of normal admission. I choose to typically see three movies in a day, preventing myself from needless trips. They have a small liquor lounge. There's IMAX, 3D, and 3D IMAX screens available for mainstream movies. Concessions are overpriced, but if you are a member you get five dollars off every fifty dollars you spend at the theater. They also show foreign films. If you like to go to movies often becoming a A-List member makes it affordable to go as often as you'd like. Overall I recommend AMC at Mayfair Mall. Remember you don't need to have concessions, you can eat at the mall before heading to the theater.

Daniel Gehling

The best movie theatre in Metro Milwaukee. Staff is always generous and accommodating. Very pleasant surroundings and very good parking.

Tina Coates

I went to see the movie Isn't it romantic on Tuesday & it started @ 1:30pm. This is the ONLY movie theater in the ENTIRE city of Milwaukee where on Tuesdays, in order to see a movie for $5, you have to download their app. You have to fill out ALL of your info & go through this process to go to see a movie, at a price where EVERYWHERE ELSE in the city, the movies cost $5. Plus, they're the only theater that charges tax!?!? Our movie was in theater 18; we go in & the seats were LITERALLY the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE chairs I've ever sat in at a theater!!

Susan Holty

My favorite cinema place! Great build your own popcorn

Treshail Reid

Love being a premiere plus member, last time we went only have to pay $3 for big popcorn and large drink . Because the the rewards you earn during purchase of movies and etc.

daren Trammell

Good movie good popcorn only thing i dont like there is the seats. I have no butt so when watching a long movie it gets a little hard #pause

Debra Woodbey

Went to the movies treated my Pops and my husband to a movie on Father's day we saw shaft and did some shopping

Ecka Kid

The first time coming to a non-Marcus theatre and it was pretty good. Marcus theatres still have a bit more comfortability with seating and food service but ultimately not bad for AMC

Vernita Mccrary

The Avengers Endgame put a end to quite a few characters but entertaining none the less.

Clay Doggy

First off the food is terrible it taste burnt i had the bbq chicken flatbread pizza the seats are very uncomfortable and dingy one of the worst movie venue in Wisconsin got the nerves to be in one of 3 malls we have in Milwaukee County

Erin Vehring

Go to a Marcus. This place still has the old seats and they're awful. I'm 5'8" and a spent the entire movie accidentally kicking the seat in front of me because I couldn't get comfortable and had to keep squirming around. The bathrooms were nasty too. Had to go through 4 stalls to find one that was mostly clean and the door locked.

Karthikeyan Velusamy

I recently subscribed to AMC Stub A-List. In couple of movies here in AMC Mayfair, I regret for becoming Stub A-List member. The seats are pathetic. It is very uncomfortable to sit and the leg room is awful. The seats will test your back. I am seriously surprised to see some people given review saying comfortable seating...seriously !!! On other note the theatre is clean...always half empty...sound system is good. If they have to compete with Marcus, especially in Milwaukee they have a long way to go.

Michael Balsewicz

Seats are not that comfy but overall it's a good theater.

Greg Shell

Utilizing the AMC A-list card, I was able to view three different movies a week for only about $20.00.

Margo Torres

Great movie, friendly customer service.

Bryan Lenheim

The theater was great the only issue that I have is the fact that the sound was not very consistent so I missed part of the movie sound wise. other than that the food is always good they gave me plenty of cheese for my nachos I like the fact that it self serve with the drinks and I would definitely go back just hope they can resolve the issue with the sound.

Tushar Rana

This is the only AMC in Milwaukee area where I can find most of international movie, especially Bollywood movies. Reaching out to the theater is bit confusing as there is only one entrance inside the mall, on the first floor. Staff is helpful and supportive.

Sanjay Tayade

Nice place to watch Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood movies. Tickets are fairly priced.

Richard Schmidt

Old, outdated, uncomfortable seats but a great value and location.

Patricia Wassenaar

Clean and well kept up. The restaurant was nice and we spent his chatting g andxeating.

Damien Finley

If you like your movies in a spinoff episode of wildn' out with nick cannon. Come to amc theaters where people talk the entire movie.

hasbro co.

I went to this movie theater to watch the release of dragon ball super broly. The over l experience was great the movie was worth the money , but my only problem was that me and my friends had preordered tickets to this film the 7:15 one to be exact . But when we showed up all the seats were taken. We had to wait for the next showing at 8pm. I'm not mad just saying I wish they had people show which movie time they were scheduled for and also not letting people who just bought the tickets instead of the people who preordered the tickets be placed on the same level of those who just now arrived to buy theres. But I guess that's the movie experience you get for new popular releases.

Sarah Ramos

Clean and comfortable, always a good experience.

Al Seuell Jr.

Could use better seats, very uncomfortable seating.. But it's always Clean and staff is always friendly..

Andrew Gordon

The "A" List line at the concessions that allows people to bud in front of you after you've been waiting in line for 10 minutes is really distasteful and promotes an unnecessary elitist atmosphere. There's nothing more maddening than having to put up with people cutting in front of you because they're on a "list" after you've been waiting forever because it's already so understaffed. Probably never going to come here again.

Kell Wheelehan

Excellent movie theater,with lots of movie options.Extremely impressed w/their friendly,helpful employees!! My granddaughter&I spent a great afternoon here.Really like that they have full meals you can take into the theater.Not just candy&snacks. Great place to relax&enjoy a movie!

Naveen Kokcha

Coming to Milwaukee this is our favorite stop. Plenty of stores available here for shopping along with nice infrastructure. They have both covered and open free parking available. You can also watch movies here since they have AMC theatre here.

Ryan Gibbon

Pretty classic movie theater with flip seats and sticky floors. Could use an upgrade but so could the entire mall, to be honest.

Naturally Exquisite

Excellent time with all the kids... Aladdin's great.

Bee One

Love the movie theatre at the Mayfair mall. Endless choices of things to do & food to eat...great hangout for dates & the entire & full of options for activities. Plenty of parking. Very accessible. The new highway is much easier & smoother to drive. Lots of movies to select. Great fun movie to watch. Bathrooms are plentiful despite the large crowd

Tyrone Ellis

A membership will go a long way at AMC. Imax was great. Popcorn is always top noch. Service is great. Seats are comfortable. A++ for AMC.

Ольга Демидова

Good IMAX, comfortable seats, a bit overcrowded

katie zarling

Said you needed a ID to watch a film after 3, drove 30 minutes to not be able to watch a movie

Jarrod Sears

Decent theatre, nothing amazing. Needs better food and drink options and overall aesthetic improvements.

kesha richmond

Theater was great but bad movie

karen kirk

Clean theatre felt safe and enjoyed the movie.

Mikail Winters

Everything's great!! Untill I forget to NOT take that back staircase after the movie

Antonio Bennett

A few weeks ago a friend and I went to go see John Wick 3. The movie was playing in theater number 2. About an hour into the movie I started to smell something rank. Like someone who hadn't washed any body-part in 10 years. There were only two other people in the theater and they were two far away to reek that hard. Plus they passed by me afterwards and they smelled fine. I couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from. I finally deduced that the smell was coming from the seat I was sitting in. So we had to move to a different location. The smell even got into my clothes. I had to hurry home to get my clothes in the wash before the smell could set in. I know that you cannot regulate hygiene on every single patron that comes to your facility, but the back-rows in theater 2 are in SERIOUS need of cleaning and disinfecting. Get on that.

Don Perket

It's a older theater but staff and layout is pretty good. They do not serve food at your seat but the theater itself is lot better than the Marcus bistroplex.


Please add Everybodys Everything to theaters

Enzo Takerian

I liked that it had an IMAX theater, but of course, I live in Mequon and my dad doesn't like driving across town.

Timothy Rothhaar

First time at this movie theater. It was okay. Nothing special—typical snacks, chairs, viewing screen, and a cocktail bar. Sorta clean, but not filthy. Nice staff.


Very nice theater complex. You.can enter the theater through the mall even after hours.

Olivia Arnold

Great movie theater! Comfortable seating and very nice staff. Great combo deals on concessions as well. My only complaint is that they have gotten rid of their student pricing and upped the price of a ticket in general. Would recommend going earlier in the day for cheaper tickets.

tasha adams

I love theater! The movie I saw was weird as hell though!

Aubrey Jens

Nice people and to go early in the day. Nobody here

Andrew Leitzinger

Really nice looking mall. The only thing I didn't 100% love was the parking. Great place though!

Martina Holloway

Even though it's been a couple of years since I have been to this theater, I still enjoyed myself and the movie as well.

David Meissner

Great spot for movies! (and snacks) ;)

Jason Mielcarek

Love $5 Tuesdays, Long island ice tea with sliders and fries! Buy drinks and dinner when not spending it all on getting into the movies.

Bill Voisin

Worst movie experience ever. Everybody on their phones and talking throughout the entire movie. Security and management do nothing.

Todd Ribnek

Normal seats are a little uncomfortable and the cup holders don't fold up.

condensed 28

Its ok just needs an little game gameing area not everyone wonts to sit thru the previews . When it's full staff comes in and checks quite often

AZ Naee

Awesome theater. Great place to see an Indian movie.


Other than price of food everything else was find.

Marguerite Ingold

Saw great movie on an afternoon show with friends. Sound was good, just the right level. Staff very friendly and helpful. Nice break in the week. Saw Death of a Nation, 2nd time.

Sarah Crystal

Huge screens, comfy seats, great location. Always enjoy going to AMC

Michelle Lee

Wow! What a joke this place is. Seriously...went to go see a 7:00 showing and waited in the concession stand line for 25 minutes to get the worst pizza. Floor was filthy, popcorn everywhere, sticky floors. Just gross. Staff was polite but extremely slow. Had several underage kids in the theatre (around 8 or 10) during an rated R movie. Several teens being loud and obnoxious, talking during the movie. Manager was brought in and basically did nothing but walk around then leave. 5 minutes later they were at it again. 5 people got up and walked out. He gave THEM credit back? Why weren’t these girls asked to leave!?! Why are the respectful people inconvenienced? Seriously AMC, you got it all wrong. Sound quality was also bad in the theatre as well. Will never go back!

Aimee Tuohey

Super uncomfortable seats. Good coke machine though.

vulkee vang

Once in a while, it is nice to go out and relief some stress. AND...a movie night out is best.

Ann Sheridan

It was as huge theater! First time there! Went on Christmas day! I like you can butter your own popcorn!

M. D

Haven't been there in years but I took my daughter to see secret life of pets 2 there and I noticed they've added a bar but still haven't upgraded the seats yet

steven bradford

All around great place to watch movies.

Marvel Guy

I really like AMC theaters. They are clean and the people there are friendly and nice. We saw Glass on the IMAX screen and it was really good. Love the screen size and the sound is amazing.

N Siharath

My husband went to refilled our drinks and the attendance followed him all the way back to his seat. When he got there he just stood there next to us and made us feel very uncomfortable. Will not be going there again.

Mason Termaat

Place hasn't been updated in years. I know Marcus seems to take the business of smaller companies but the mall where the theater is located youd think itd get decent revenue. The seating need to be updated and the lights on the side of theater were caked with about 2 inches of dust not inviting or homey feel but the sound and picture were still good.

Tyler Pierce

I went to see lion king at the movies the picture quality st the IMAX was amazing but it was way to loud

Carol Holt

DOD not enjoy my movie because a child was kicking my seat and being loud parents had nothing to say

Uncle Ed

Love the Imax, but i have to take a star away for not having better seats. Also if you go to at least 2 movies a month GET AMC ALIST! It's so worth it

yhanisha beamon

Great clean theater. And they take Atom so I never have to wait in line.

James Youngblood

Caught the last showing of Captain Marvel so no line. I also had enough points (Stubz member) for two Icees, two packs of candy and a large popcorn so that was pretty sweet.

Paul Kubiak

Very nice theater! I love Mayfair Mall!

Brian Mentch

I really enjoy this theatre. The concession selection is pretty vast with a ton of good eats. The seats are comfortable and ticket price is reasonable. I would definately go back if i lived closer.

Marco Briceno

The theatre is pretty large, it seems to be too big for the crowd it draws. Also, the sound proofing is pretty poor. We were watching a fairly quiet movie and we could clearly hear the movie playing next door. While I would come back, it would not be my first choice.

Kelsey Hock

Not well maintained, I try to avoid this location. Concessions were a mess (garbage all over the counter, drinks spilled on the ground/sticky), bathrooms messy (gobs of hair all over the ground) and disrespectful guests (kids running down the hallways and someone was talking on their cell phone during the movie in front of us). The pretzel bites from concessions were also swimming in some gross butter/oil. They looked so gross I didn't even want to try one. Ended up asking for a new order without it.

Mohammad Saber

Quality movie theater. Great price ($5) before noon.

Nagina Osborne

I enjoyed watching Godzilla at the AMC Mayfair Mall. The food was also good in the mall.

Steven Marcus

Mayfair is Milwaukee area's best shopping mall. I enjoy going there for haircuts and enjoy a bite at Starbucks. Food court is also nice.

Janessa Keenan

We got kicked out because we were not 18 years old yet it was a PG 13 rated movie. I’m never coming back. I’ll spend my money at a place that lets normal teenagers see PG 13 rated movies. So thank you next. Stop sending away customers.

Rob Forrest

This is the only theater that my wife and I will go to. We only see the movies in the Imax theater. Always an excellent presentation! Picture and sound are unbelievably awesome ! We have been going here for ten years and have never been disappointed! We have been here at all different days of the week and different times but prefer waiting past the opening weekend for the movie. We have found that the crowds thin quickly after that.

Common Sense

It was the worst experience in all of my movie. I ordered the double slider meal it included 2 sliders, curly fries and a cookie. The fries and the cookie were great but the sliders were very cold. The movie was great, but a crowd came in late and set behind me that consisted of 3 adults and about 10 kids raging in ages infant to about 5. A women with a toddler in her lap set behind me and he kept kicking the back of my seat while the adult said or did anything. I eventually moved to a different isle and seat.

Shevelle Johnson

Wanted to see Shaft. I checked before going. only to get there find out they only had 2 movies playing; toy story and spiderman


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