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430 N Midvale Blvd, Madison, WI 53705, United States Located in: Hilldale Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF AMC Madison 6 IN Wisconsin


Needs updated, employees are nice.

Carol Larsen

In an upscale shopping center. Stadium seating is great for short people.

Lucas Strelow

Love this place. Movies that are unique and a bar.

Janelle Perez Martinez

Great place for movies ! Food is good there too !

Ruby Gascoyne

Like so many others, we've found the current experience as unpleasant as it was excellent before. Be prepared for dozens of loud commercials and movie previews, mediocre service, expensive weak coffee, and less...

David Skeen

Older theatre. The seats were threadbare and the sound system was basic.

Rhonda Hebbard

Comfy seats, nice employees, and they serve wine

Mariama Martin

I miss the old Sundance feel. I tried to buy tickets in person today and one of the general managers, Katie Carlson, was rude to me. It turned out that the back door was accidentally left unlocked and the theater wasn't open for 40 more minutes. Since it was the nearest door to me we went in that way. Katie yelled at us and treated us like we had done something wrong. It ruined my afternoon, and I don't think I will plan to come back for a while.

Nicole Wittkopp

Clean and very nice theater. But expensive tickets- wanted $5 tix, went online, had to sign up for their Stubz website thing, then had to pay almost $4 fee to “process” tix.

Nick Bonner

This is not the new AMC done in experience. Not the big seats or in seat service. Nice theatre for sure, comfy seats, sells alcohol.

Mary Payton

We went to learn more about the films at the upcoming Wisconsin Film Festival.

Lyschel Bersch

Unfortunately the quality has gone WAY down. There are almost no vegetarian or healthy food choices. And gone are all of the little extras that made this theater our favorite choice. No nutritional yeast or other toppings for the popcorn. It is still a beautiful place and comfortable but not worth going out for a movie.

Heather W

I love this theater. You get to pick your seats ahead of time which is a huge plus for me. I'm really picky with the seats I choose, so I like that I can reserve specific seats at up to a week ahead of time. While some people complain about the price of the tickets, it's much cheaper then many other cities I've lived in. And this location is better then other theaters in the area, so it's worth it to me. Tip: You might not think that a theater would be a good place to buy a meal, but their chicken sandwich is amazing and the price is decent. Try it!

Cara M

AMC DINE IN was disappointing as compared to Sundance. The quality of their concessions was neither unique or high quality. They were out of some staple food items, i.e. nachos. What happened to the baked goods and the San Pellegrino? Replaced by a self service soda machine. Hopefully, the movie selection stays unique, but my guess is the chain will eliminate this as well. The bathroom was filthy. Overall, disappointing.

Karan Dharni

Nice experience. The seats were comfortable . Property was clean, helpful staff and good option for snacks too. Would not mind being back.

Asher S

Connor F is cute

Maria Loyd

I'm usually a big fan of AMC theaters, but the seats here are incredibly uncomfortable. Not sure if this is the case in all of the auditoriums here, but the seats in auditorium 2 don't even recline. Will not revisit.

Robert Westcott

Nice location at Hilldale, and the food and beverage is set up well, but the theater space was just okay. No recliners like at other places, with noticeably more previews.


Came to see Hellboy , what a great movie theater ...


Very disappointed to see the decline in this venue. The food is no longer unique or interesting, the price of the snacks is exorbitant. On top of that, staff appear to be thrown into the pit without any training. I asked for a glass of the pino grigio that was on the menu and the guy behind the counter said that they didn't have that, so I ordered a "white wine" and he told me he didn't know how to make that cocktail. He had to ask for help to "make" it and then needed to be prompted to remember the popcorn I had just sold a kidney to buy.

Choua Xiong

The theater was alright, one thing could of been better were the seats. Really wish they upgrade to the red seats.

Berry Roosevelt

Sundance was supposed to show art/independent films. They ran other art theaters out of business the year they opened. So then we had to pay out the nose to see art films in the theater. But now all they show is the same crap that every other theater shows. So much for the original business plan! They're obviously not in it for showing good films. They just want to fleece Yuppies.

Paula Borokhim

Enjoying a movie with a glass of wine! Nothing better than that.

Nick Berigan

Same as going to Point but no "smashburgers" or rows of pinball machines. Can someone open a theater that shows interesting stuff some day?

Andrew Ulbrich

I want to praise this theater for not installing the huge reclining chairs. Consequently, this is the best theater in Madison. In addition, this theater has a good variety of movies beyond the big box office fare and fills the place, as much as this can be said, of Madison’s indie movie theater.

Scott Thompson

Really like this theater. Small, without some of the flash of other theaters, but with great charm and comfort. Great experience.

Hochi F. Bautista

Very good

Troy Cunningham

Nice theater. Clean and nice. Didn't try the food but they have quite an assortment. Also cocktails.

Kevin Anderson

No doors seemed to be labeled "Sundance Cinema." Despite that confusion I really enjoyed the place. The aesthetics of the whole area of the movie theater are phenomenal. Lots of browns, lots of metal, a little bit of a rustic feel. There's a coffee shop and lounge with lots of couches right outside the theaters so you can sit and talk with your friends about the movie you just saw together. The theater itself has a nice modern set-up with comfortable chairs and stadium seating. Seating is actually assigned so if you get your ticket early you can still show up close to start and get a reasonable seat.

Anne Sanchez

We LOVE seeing movies here. It is a prime location and everything is very nice.

Melody Pond

Sundance is a better name. Its so expensive, I cant just walk there with my friends anymore. And if you're going to charge that much, I'd at least expect the seats not to be falling apart.

Roberto Osory

Place is fine. Just the parking a bit far from the entrance in rainy days

Michael Fox

Marcus Point offers everything Sundance does--including much the same movie--with the same amenities that Sundance boasts of:: reserved seats comfortable recliner chairs, and restaurant--but a much better one, with beer. Marcus ticket prices are better--at some times, really excellent--with no added "Amenities fee". I resent having to pay a extra fee at Sundance for "amenities" that I would not use (WiFi) in order to be allowed the privilege of buying a ticket. Any business could think of excuses for making customers pay for the right to pay to use their facilities. I have avoided Sundance since they opened, except for two movies, one of them at 1:00 when the Pay to Pay fee was not charged.

caroline alexander

Love Sundance, always an interesting program, with a smattering of more niche events like National Theater screenings. Food is good, love the home pours, good decor, great screens, seats are not the waddle up n collapse-type sofa-beds, which is better for a shared audience experience. Nearby restaurants and parking make it our regular cinema

Greyfaction Inc

The place is clean and not overly loud like other theaters.

Mark Herman

Outrageously expensive. They actually charge you a "hospitality fee" for all the services they offer. Whether you want them or not. Theatres are very nice however/clean/pleasing atmosphere. Just whether or not you wanna shill out $60 for 2 tickets and popcorn...

Benjamin Carrier

Movie was good, bathrooms were not clean, soap dispensers empty, no paper towels.

Brittney Bush

Convenient location. $5 Tuesdays and early matinees are $4.50. Concessions are expensive like most theaters so don't be surprised. The seats aren't recliners but they're comfy enough.

Tim Franke

Not quite Dream lounger quality. It was a nice experience over all.

herman lee

Amenities and movie times were good to go for what I paid

Zach Feig

Clean, comfy seats, good view to the screen

Hans Sollinger

Not the classy theater anymore -dirty,overpriced concessions,movies are not marked at the doors-missing Sundance quality


Cheap ticket as $4.48 if you enter before 2 p.m. I got a regular size free popcorn for just simply take some online questions!

Bruce H

I won't repeat many of the other comments posted since the AMC acquisition, although I agree that they have ruined the Sundance experience. One thing I absolutely don't understand, as a business person myself, is their schedule. Last weekend I had to see The Shape of Water, the film with the most Oscar nominations, at 6:05 on Saturday night because it was the last showing. The other films also had only early showings - the last film of the night was at 7:30 - on a Saturday night! Who is running this place??!! Not to mention that I had to wait 10 minutes to be told that one of the two tap beer choices had run out (at 6 pm on a Satuday night). Again, I have to ask, Who is running this place??!! You would swear they are trying to fail.

Joseph Cavanaugh

Really great theater. Food is good, theaters are clean, and they have some unusual movies from time to time.

David Gombosi

Great popcorn!!


I used to really like going to movies here, but now all the theaters have reserved seating. It's crowded and dirty, and forget getting through the line for treats. Then, tonight, they sold tickets for one of the theaters that was having roof trouble due to the heavy rains. A section of the seats were blocked off. Well, they sold tickets, and started the show... And then stopped the show about 15 mins in due to concern about the ceiling, with more heavy rain falling. Really a bad decision, on their part. And they were annoyed and dismissive of our dissatisfaction.

Nicholas Schmidt

A good theatre. Less popular than others, which makes getting in to see new releases easier. Not quite up to par in seating comfort, but certainly nicer than the dives from childhood. A first choice backup.


Edited 9-21-2018. This theater used to be Sundance 608...but AMC & before it, Carmike Cinemas juggled ownership around a year ago or a little more. The theater now totally has a different feel. One stark contrast to the "Sundance days" is now they dont even bother to post posters or label the marquees, to be fair though, I have not been there in a month or so, so maybe this was fixed. HOLD ONTO YOUR TICKET, as you may find it hard to find your movie w/out it. They also generally play bigger market films, too. It is sad Madison has lost all of it's small theaters with small market indies, foreign and documentary films. However, this theater will play more stuff of that ilk, & much more so than any other Madison theater. To think at this very location sat the Hilldale Theater, with its sticky floors & old-school 70's era quasi-opulence. Through the years, I saw countless great movies there, a few that comes to mind, are the Korean masterpiece "Old Boy." "Half-Nelson." "Happiness" (def not for everyone). "The Squid & the Whale." The list goes on. Note to self: I'd rather have sticky shoes than seeing, errr...60 to 75% of what comes out of the Hollywood canon. Invariably, I would think at its location, there would be a substantial market for such.

ruth olivo

I've enjoyed many AMC DINE IN 'S. This is most definitely not a dine in theater. We give you a tray to eat your food as in cafeteria style. Do not advertise as a dine in restaurant with a table or service, that is false advertising. They give you a pager to let you know when to pick up your order as in you serve yourself Not worth it if you're going for the full experience. This gives AMC a bad name.

Kyle Simmons

A fantastic theater with the perfect mix of new blockbuster and independent films. Probably the biggest selling points for me are the ban on ads before the film and a two trailer maximum. Having a respite from sitting through 10 minutes of ads and 20 minutes of trailers in other theaters is a wonderful thing. Also, a nice tip if you enjoy midnight releases is that you can buy your ticket and seat online. I saw Dark Knight Rises this way and instead of arriving an hour early to wait in line I just showed up about 5 minutes early and took my seat. It really takes the frustration out of midnight releases and you enjoy the film that much more.

Chelsey Trgo

This theater is completely unorganized and chaotic. They need more people working there, to clean theaters, and staff at the food counter. The man behind the counter was extremely rude, he clearly was pissed off and had terrible customer service. If you’re in that bad of a mood, go home. The theater was disgusting, there was trash from the people before. For the location of this theater, I had higher expectations.

M. K.

Worst concessions in Madison. Every time I come here it loses another star

Matt Laffin

Stay open later more late night showings please

Russell Condie

Fine theater. Very convenient

Anne Hecht

The wonderful adult movie experience of Sundance is GONE. In its place are LOUD previews, violent subject matter appealing to an audience far different than what I came to see. I have only gone there once since the turnover but there is no reason to select this theatre over any other in this City

Julie Karls

5.25$ Tuesdays is great!! Chairs very uncomfortable...hard to compete with recliners. Great location.

Stephen Blake

Awesome little theater with great restaurants nearby

Regina Elliott

We went on a Tuesday, so $6 showing. Liked picking our own seats. The fact that there is a beer/liquor menu is also a plus. Problems: line for beverages/refreshments, needs a better setup; the comfort of the seats could be better. This is a theater where adults are the primary target, need to come back sans child.

Sandy Krentz

AMC has taken this theater to an all time low. Broken restrooms, short on staff, no building maintenance. Very unpleasant experience.

Kelly Sidikman

I love the Sundance. Movie selection is great and I adore the ability to reserve seats in advance. Beautifully decorated. The weak spot is the food, only mediocre. Coffee is great though.

Jim Hirsch

Behind the corporate facade is a team of good people working hard to deliver a high quality movie going experience. Be positive and supportive. Direct your complaints to the owners but recognize and appreciate the people who are working to deliver the best experience they can with what they're given.

Christine Knox

great movies, every seat is great


Good selection of movies, and the staff is great. The only drawback is that the seats are not recliners, which seems to be the norm these days, specially considering that you can get that kind of seating for the same price in other places. Overall, a very good place to catch a movie.

Brett Stampfli

Nothing wrong with this theater. The seats are comfortable and popcorn is good. Plus you can usually get in when other theaters are sold out.

John Dahms


Andy Lamers

This is the nicest theater I have ever been to! Everything about it was fantastic, the decoration, the food and drinks, and especially the theater chairs (most comfortable chairs ever) i could stay here all day watching movies and not get bored. GREAT PLACE!

Paulo Falco Cobra

Good video/audio quality but needs new chairs!

Sherry Zeier

Nice seats and a great screen and sound

Marty Wrezenski

AMC still has quite a bit of updating to complete at this theater to improve.. if they really want to compete against Macrus Theaters. Suggested updates - updated seating with recliner & heat - food orders delivered to guests within auditoriums.

Connie Jenson

This place is a dump. The entire area and our theater was dirty, a bottle of “Super water,” whatever that is, was $4.49. We bought the water, a med popcorn and small soda for over $18!, The women’s bathroom was filthy. There were 2 staff people behind the food counter, on a Saturday mid afternoon. Never going back, what a pit!!

Patrick O'Connell

Ignore the linked menu page for the theater. They no longer serve full meals. Concessions are overpriced pretzels, hot dogs, pizza, etc. Sucked going there for a dinner time movie without eating and spending $40 for two people to have small fountain drinks and pizzas.

Devan Augustine

Comfortable, friendly.

Mike Majer

Confusing website, price markups for "convenience fee", no one picks up the phone

The Carnage

Excellent theater with a modern design, they serve alcohol which is a nice perk however there isnt an icee machine

Jeff Saenger

Good seats overall but some need to be replaced. Decent food and bar options.


The ads before movies are roughly 20 minutes, so plan to be late. Movie selections are far worse than Sundance's. They're always understaffed too, which I suppose is considered good business in the corporate world. Conveniently located and that's about it. I recommend New Vision or Marcus if you have a choice.

brandon barr

I love the intimate feel and the reasonable prices.

Max Magee

Ugh. Any good will that Sundance built up for us over the years was squandered on our single visit to the new AMC Dine-In theater. We arrived about 10 minutes before show time. There were no ushers/ticket-takers, we just walked into the correct screen with our pre-purchased tickets. Weird. Then we had to sit through non-stop commercials and previews for films that looked nothing like the movie we went to see. Big Sick movie-watchers at a (formerly) art-house venue are really not at all the target audience for Bad Moms 2 Ruin Christmas or whatever that was, of course, all blaring at an uncomfortably loud volume. The movie started almost 20 minutes later than the advertised show-time. You're screwing up one of the best theatres in Madison, AMC.

thomas edwardson

Need to upgrade the seats to be more comfortable.

Jose Aranda

This place is nasty. Dirty nasty. Smelly seats and smelly rug. It's 2019 and there is no reason why this place isnt updated yet. Has a old sound system and old raggedy seats.

Kevin Clapton

Way too many commercials at this place

LaNay Imes

They're very helpful.

Elizabeth M.

I don't know how they call this a dine in theater. There is only counter service and no trays to eat your food in the theater. The employees didn't even know when the previous movie ended in the theater before the one I was seeing. Definitely will not be returning.

Meagan Hudson

Nicest movie theater I have ever visited. I love this spot. Definitely a more "upscale" movie night if you head here, but well worth it for date night or an occasion. Comfy seats, and great food and drinks if you are interested. Also near plenty of restaurants if you want to do that before/after the film.

Louise Mares

Love how clean it is, and love that you can bring in your own food as well as buy stuff there. Great seats and visibility. I'd much rather reserve than recline...

David D.

Not sure why this place is so expensive. It is kinda a dump. Trash, popcorn, littered everywhere, urine all over the bathroom floor, sinks weren't working. Unless you are watching something special, I could see coming here. Definitely not for a mainstream movie. There are better theaters in Madison. The only reason I can think of are the lack of ads beforehand.

Dan McGuigan

The food selection went downhill. They've got too much competition in Madison and the others have comfortable seating. I don't believe I'll be back.

Judy McDonald

We went to see "the art of driving in the rain". Loved the movie and the chicken waffle sandwich.

Marianne McCrary

The movie was good and worth seeing. HOWEVER, I bought my tickets for my sister and I to spend some time together on line. When we got there, there were 3 or 4 other twosomes that had the same seats that we did. Each time we moved to empty spots, someone came and kicked us out. The cinema staff person inside the theater said the only thing we could do is go back to the box office. The movie was just starting and there was no way I was going out to the box office. I sat in the 3rd row from the front (looking up) and my sister was about 4 rows up in an empty seat. If your online - pick your seat - system isn't working, take it down until you can figure it out; this type of issue should not be happening. I will be calling the manager this evening for some type of satisfaction process.

Henry Alcatraz

Menu is very limited. Seriously, popcorn and nachos for dinner? Not coming here again with the family. Thanks for making me look like an idiot.

Violet T Tyler

It was so bad their were bugs the seats were itchy and The movie didn’t start for 30 minutes so I had to. Talk to. My friends and their we’re no previews

Deb Phares

Nice but concession deals are very confusing and expensive

Jack O'Meara

Glad the theater continues show unique movies that do not appear at other theaters. Please bring back the old popcorn.

Michele Stanton

We used to love going to Sundance. Won’t go back to this place again - agree with previous reviewer that AMC ruined the place. Watched 30 full minutes of trailers before the movie started, the place was dirty, and the garbage looked like it hadn’t been emptied in two days.

Tim Jensen

Seats are shockingly uncomfortable and the theatre smells horrible with the mixture of other people's dinner (while they balance uncomfortably on their laps). There are so many better options for theaters in town, skip this one unless you enjoy throwing money away.

Paul Schilling

Wonderful experience every time.

Seth Foss

Good venue, clean, and great snack bar options. These are the smaller seats, not leather recliners, so know that ahead of time.

Jasmin Barthel

This movie theater really needs updating. The seats are old and torn and not very comfortable. I really hope that AMC shows this location some TLC. The area the theater in is great for grabbing some food/shopping before or after a flick. Overall, the experience was pretty good.

S Sturtz

Asked to change snack order before the transaction went through, but rather than change the order, the cashier just smirked and rang it through. Movie theater was also not clean and popcorn was all over the floor. I'd return only after some large changes.

Brad Palmer

My first—and last—visit to AMC. Amenity charge? We came to see a movie, not dine. The ticket counter employee offered our choice of seats. Unbeknown to us, it was for the wrong movie. Our seats were already taken, so we scrambled to get seats in the back of the theater. There was one employee for a long line at consessions, understaffed, time consuming and over priced. The outlay was noticeably higher than Sundance. Sundance was pleasant and professional. It’s Marcus for us now, no more rip offs at AMC.

Jeff Burkel

So much more of what you go to the movies for than that other place, without all that unnecessary fancy stuff driving up the price

Cale Kappes

This is an awesome theatre! Favorite in the area.

Pete Kirsch

How steep the sorry the loss. It's unbelievable how quickly this place deteriorated after AMC absorbed Sundance into its incompetent fold. What was once a gleaming, classy, well-staffed, and bustling theater, is now a dirty, messy, understaffed dump. Broken seats, perpetually overflowing trash bins, and grime everywhere. Employees are either apathetic or on edge from their constant short-handedness. Despite the obvious decline in patronage, lines are usually long and slow moving (again, a lack of staff) and as other reviewers have said, the prices are higher than other area theaters. Their website is often incorrect or missing showtime information. If you call for clarification, the message says outright that they don't offer showtime info by phone, and instead direct you back to the website, in an endless loop of disinformation. This place needs a serious housecleaning--both figuratively and literally--and is demonstrative of AMC's ability to take a good thing and make it absolutely horrendous.

Nathan Drake

Amc destroyed this wonderful theater. They raised the prices on everything and didn't improve anything. 14 bucks for a movie no thanks.

Connor F

People spoiled the movie as I walked into my showing

Richard Ahn

Good movie selections and very good seating, comfortable !

Jim Zobjeck

A good comfortable place to see a movie at reasonable prices. Senior discount you.

Kelsey B

Wish they would have some morning movie times on the weekends. Even a 10 or 11 AM option would be great. Loved this place when it was Sundance and appreciate the current efforts to include some smaller budget pictures in the rotation, but earlier times would make it even nicer.

Josephine Holman

Seats are a little hard compared to other lounger seats in the area. Had only one box office person working on a Friday evening causing lines to be longer. Long line at the concessions with only 2 registers and 3 workers.

Thomas S

Kinda slow at the consession stand, they apologized for the delay. Clean ish theatre.

jenna brookes

My school went on a field trip here and it was AWFUL! Bugs in the seats, railing in the middle of the theater, broken chairs, peeling walls. The movie wouldn’t even start for 30 minutes. It’s smelt soo bad. Worst theater in Madison, never going back again

Michael Druhan

Comfortable stadium seats and online reservations. Good snack bar with beer, wine, and mixed drinks. The snack bar condiment area is often trashy even when they're not busy.

Nikolay Arefiev

I like pretty much everything excepting for the old dusty seats. My spouse had an allergic reaction most probably because of it.

Rowan Rainford

Why they kik me ouuut I am nice kid?? They are whyyy

Evan Heath

Solid meh. The facility has noticeably gone down hill since becoming AMC. Floors had popcorn and trash on them. Felt like I was at the typical AMC theater. No longer as nice and clean as it was prior to AMC ownership.

Dan ''Spiffy'' Neuman

This is my first time going here since it was an "art" cinema. First of all, I miss the old Hilldale mall. The theatre sits where UBS, Upstairs Downstairs, and Wolf Kubly used to. If those names mean nothing to you you wont understand how I feel. I HATE parking at the new Hilldale, however this time we were lucky enough to get a spot right near the front. We bought our tickets online and they ended up being considerably cheaper then when we have bought our tickets online for other Madison theatres. We were early for our movie (which was sold out or close to on opening night). The lines were short and the staff was friendly. The theatre was clean-ish. The sound and picture quality were adequate. Overall it was a nicer experience than the other area theatres. My only complaint-- I know theatre concession stand prices are insane, but $13 for a large popcorn? And it was stale, and you apply the butter yourself so you only get it on the top layer? Come on.

Joey Brockert

Poor popcorn, advertising, good venue

Jay Fleisher

Theater itself is nice with spacious comfortable seating and good sound system. However, there’s room for improvement: 1. It would be reasonable to have about three coming attractions shown before the movie, but not seven, eight, or nine. 2. Signs by the 6 theater doors should state what’s playing. I always double check my ticket, but one could easily go to the wrong movie. 3. It would be very nice if the 2nd floor could be made to a venue one could get a light meal before the movie instead of just using it for private parties. I can’t drink anything in the movie theater itself without having to go outside to visit the restroom before movie is over because I take a daily ‘water pill’ to maintain a healthy blood pressure. 4. I’m disappointed over the selection of movies at this theater this late Spring and Summer. Too many ‘MARVEL’ films. I like action but not at such speed and intensity. Also, too many movies about entertainers and their lives. Also too many ‘kids’ films. With a better selection, I could have given a 4 star rating.

Ryan Blythe

While AMC has come in and increased its price, there are a few things I respect about this theater. The first thing is that I'm very happy they have reverted back to showing less blockbusters, and more original and independent films. When they first changed to AMC, I would be lucky if they were showing one non-mainstream film. However, now when I go to the website it has the same type of movies that Sundance would show. The only complaint I have is the fact that they have not played any foreign language films, or documentaries.

Chris Murvine

Tired and in need of attention and updates. Theater seats have tears in them. Sewer smell noticeable in the main hall. One of the urinals in the men’s room was covered with a black garbage bag. I really want to like this place, but AMC needs to show it some love.


The bald bartender appeared to hate his job. He didnt speak to us and the drinks were horrible. His whole demeanor was aggresive and he didn't smile. Shame you have someone like that working for you. Dont like your job? Quit. First impressions matter and ill never go again.

Mark Salamone

I really like this this theater. I've been there a lot. It has a waiting room area with sofas and comfy chairs. You can buy tickets online, at the touchscreens, or with a real employee. The hallway to the theaters is beautifully decorated. The seats in the theater are pretty comfortable, although I don't know if there are any Dreamloungers - the auditoriums I remember watching films in didn't have them. I do wish the building had wifi, though, because sometimes my phone has spotty data coverage in that area.

Dylan Maes

Good movie theater, pricey

Colleen Taylor

You can't beat their matinee price, nice theater

Larry Black

Nice place to watch on the big screen.

Ron Schwartz

Awesome food and beverage. The now showing films and different movies not offered at the regular AMC.

Isara Argent

E-Z Check In, reasonable seating. Able to use Movie Pass.

Rick Christiansen

No reclining seats.

Randal Anthony

This theater is slowly going down hill. You can see the wear and tear in the seats and other places, showing that management is not putting the money into the place to keep it first rate. This is now a second tier theater, which is sad given its history. And what finally crushes you to death and hence the two stars is almost 30 minutes of previews before the show begins. This is what makes theater going now an aggravation, contributing to all theaters decline. Serving beer and wine or food is not going to fix that.

Ima Suedoenim

As an NYC transplant this theatre beings me a piece of the Angelica from soho right here to Madison. It is expensive - more than I can comfortably afford which is unfortunate otherwise I could Frequent more. The food isn't great but the alcohol is such a treat- to drink while watching the movie is so much better than pop corn and a soda. Independent films have always been my favorite and I have never been disappointed by anything I've seen. It's a nice artistic oasis.

Michael Bates

Comfy seats. Expensive. But nice atmosphere.

Paulina Aguilar

I got the worst nachos in this theater. The most expensive and awful nachos, they were not fresh and they smelled bad, rancid!

Brian Aldridge

If we are back visiting family in Madison, this is the theater we go to every time. It's nice to be able to sip a glass of wine or beer and catch a flick, and this theatre always has a good selection of movies to go see. It does get very busy around the holidays (which is usually when we are in town) so plan to get their early unless you want to fight the crowds!

Veronica Caballero

I gave them a three for the nice place. I was in Madison for a business trip from Illinois and decided to go catch a movie. This place was expensive for the service it provided and the dirty bathroom. I had to go to 4 different stalls before I found one with no urine. I dont like the idea of having to hold my food on my lap. I wanted a well done burger with bacon and got a pink burger without bacon that was soggy. I spent $65 for that much money in my town at Hollywood Palms where I am from I get a table in front of me silverware and a host that takes my order. I really wanted to like it but I didnt.

Mercury Stardust

There was a reason to come here above all the other theaters in town at one point. The space was clean, the movies were often independent, and the food was superb. Its always sad to see something special gutted and turned into something even worst the rest.

Anna Arenz

The AMC theater has a very friendly staff, clean theater, entrance, and self ticketing concierge. It is a smaller theater with only 6 movie theaters and the seats are a little out of date. I didn't try any food or drink.

Brittnee Wu

Had a gift card for AMC and this was the only one around for miles. The ticket prices were low for a 12pm show which was awesome. Around $4.5 each (cool). The chairs were unfortunately uncomfortable and old, the concession guy wasn't very friendly and didn't even crack a smile while serving us and the doors to all the theaters were never closed during the show itself. You could hear everything going on in each theater, which is very distracting. Unfortunately we will not be back to this location.


Very great movie theater, but the current lack of recliners is pretty annoying, making Marcus Point the superior theater in the area

Susana Calle-Castañeda

Nice movie theater. People is nice, a lot of food options,good prices and the theater is big eventhough they don't have fancy chairs. The only thing I don't like is the limited options of movies

Phillip Gessert

Great seating.

Steve Morgan

The seats are very comfortable. Enjoyed our experience.

Hannah Fernandes

Absolutely disgusting. What used to be an amazing movie-going experience provided by Sundance is now a dumpy, disgusting, dirty AMC hosted theatre. The bathrooms are filthy and stink horribly. There were toilets left uncleaned/unflushed, toilet paper dispensers were pulled off the wall and weird generic soaps were strewn on the counters and not in the dispensers built into the sink. The theatre itself was just as nasty, with trash from previous movie-goers all over the place and popcorn pieces in every crevice. Truly disappointed by this change of ownership. This theatre used to be a memorable outing for my family, which we traveled hours to get to, and is now someplace you couldn’t pay me to go to again.

William Kalies

Mediocre experience, friendly staff, movie theater could use an upgrade

Sage Books

This theater used to be so nice when it was Sundance, now it's a cheap AMC theater. If I could give it no stars I would. Cheesy, bad movie selection and does not belong at this location.

Kelly A. Burnett

Always an exceptional experience. The popcorn, the muffins are my favorite. Tuesdays offer a great value. And the area for shopping is also a delight, even if just window shopping. This currently is a hidden gem in Madison. World class culture in the Midwestern United States.

Christian Pankow

Actively rating this place while waiting idly by for their poorly-trained and seemingly apathetic workforce to make a cocktail. They seemingly are unfamiliar with the concept of being busy on a Saturday afternoon. The service was slow and unremorseful. The theatre was filthy. And the popcorn was stale. Avoid this place and go to any other of the nearby theaters.

Bill Taft

Menu nerfed, more generic. Movies more generic. National beers. More generic beards on less hipster staff. Generally, a diminution.

Lauren James

On the surface, this place is very nice. However, the food, seats, and amenities are garbage and overpriced. Don't expect "movie style" anything. Whatever you do, don't get popcorn, you could make it better at home, and don't expect a big candy selection. One perk: there's booze!

Kathy Mazur

Went to see the new Jurassic film today with a heat index of 100 degrees here in Madison and the air conditioning was not working properly. The air was humid, stifling and smelled like a men’s locker room. The hallways of the theater were nicely air conditioned. We waited as long as I could stand it and the auditorium never cooled so we left without seeing the movie. I wanted to get my money back but they said I had to wait for a manager that wasn’t around. Not willing to wait around any longer we left and went home to our perfectly air conditioned home. I was a big fan of Sundance but this corporate owned AMC does compare.

Frederick McConnell

I am so used to reclining seats and plenty of space that this theater underwhelmed me. Price was excellent!

Jennifer E

I love this cinema. Reserved seats before it was cool, alcohol and snacks and drinks on a nicer scale than most theaters. No teenagers. It's a movie theater for grown ups.

Evan Cory

The pretzel bites are the most disgusting pretzel bites I've ever eaten. They were bathed in grease to get the salt to stick on and were soggy and disgusting. Very disappointing experience and they were $7!!

Steve Heusuk

Very nice theater with bar and a limited menu. Many good restaurants in the area.

Ed Dixon

Standard theatre, AMC is nothing if not consistent, enjoyable time, good seats, popcorn could use some work, and its a little pricy, but it’s a good moviegoing experience

Richard Tooley

Nice theater in a nice dining and shopping area.

John Logan

I disagree strongly with the very negative reviews of this theater on Y___ and Google and am writing this review because I feel I was misled by them. Last night I saw "The Rider" at AMC Midvale and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Here is my main concern: The only theater in town showing "The Rider" -- an excellent independent film that is better than any other film in my recent memory -- is the AMC Midvale. In addition, the previews that I saw during the screening last night were all for independent or similar non-blockbuster films. One was in black and white! I am excited at the prospect of seeing more such films there, and I don't know of any other place in Madison to see them. If we let people who review movie theaters on the basis of the food they serve have their way, this unique independent film resource (as I judge it) will close down. As for my other observations: I liked the older-style stadium seats better than the new living room type found in other theaters. I felt the vibe of older theaters, where a relatively vast audience could see a movie together, rather than feeling like I was in someone's house with a few friends. (I have my own big screen in my own living room, thank you.) The interior is somewhat diminished from the Sundance days, with fewer overstuffed chairs in the lobby and a closed entrance door there. But on the whole things were clean and in good repair (including the restroom I checked because of bad reviews about them). The staff were courteous. The screen was fantastic: nice and big, and not too dark. The sound was at least very good. There is a $5 Tuesday deal that brought me to the theater, just like my other favorite, the Point Cinema. But unlike the Point on Tuesday nights, there were few people in my theater, and none that I saw in the lobby. If people who love films -- instead of those who love eating in theaters -- don't start attending this theater in greater numbers, I fear we will be looking back on another sad memory of how Madison used to have a place for independent cinema. One last thing: Go see "The Rider"! You won’t forget it. Then come back and see a blockbuster to support this theater’s screening of independent films.

Hammer ToeNail

I live nearby and it is pretty nice, they are moderately clean, and the prices are as to be expected; high.


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