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331 Southridge Blvd, Charleston, WV 25309 Located in: Southridge Shopping Center

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Where is Marquee Cinemas, Charleston, WV?

REVIEWS OF Marquee Cinemas, Charleston, WV IN West Virginia

Samantha Wolf

On 10-30-19 they are still renovating. However the new seats are amazing. I love that they recline. Staff is friendly. Always a good variety of movies. Prices are fair.

Francisco Aponte

They let trucker to park I can go and watch a movie , thank you you got my suport .

Kalen Bentley

Great cinema. Staff are some of the nicest I've met and theatres are top notch

James Thomas

The new remodel theaters are great!!!!

Mark Clay

Nice, clean theater. Good sound.

Debra Wallace

It was nice bathroom was clean.

Kevin Nichols

Only Theater close by that has later showings than 7:30pm.

john miller

Nice clean theatre.

Norman Jeffries

Clean and friendly.

Kristy Jones

Great movie, great environment


Park place has better popcorn. Nitro Regal has the best, though.

frank conley

Good service great staff

Billy Murphy

Good service, bathroom smelled , but all else was fine

Chuck Anziulewicz

My biggest beef with Marquee Cinemas at Southridge is that the sound insulation between the theaters is not very good. If you're watching a quiet part of one movie, and there's some loud action sequence or music happening in the theater next door, you'll hear it pretty well.

peggy greathouse

Fire hazard due to the fact the stairs were closed only way downstairs was the elevator which you can't use in case of a fire

Anna and Pug

Clean and nice place


Nice modern facility I don't believe you'd find anything better then it in West Virginia except for maybe Morgantown. Really nice multiplex cinema so come see a movie of your choice and enjoy the amenities.

Doug Green

New seating is great!!

brian johnson

Worst movie experience ever. The one night me and my wife had to go out and spend time together and I heard more coughing than movie. Imagine 3 freaking hours of hearing coughing. It's like everyone came to the movies sick. Etc, get over your cold. That's 3hpurs of my life I'll never get back.

Louis Aragona

Currently renovating but theaters are nice especially the seats

Natalie Strickler

i ordered cookie dough dip and dots, they gave me cookies and cream... shame not to mention i just took a bite of my popcorn and found a hair. smh marquee.

Lisa Mcdonald

A good place for married couples to have time out from the kids

Leigh Jackson

Awesome for the family

Matthew Burcham

Good movie. Quiet in the morning and afternoon. Need to update the seating though.

Erin hess

Very clean, good picture, lax crowd, the kids enjoyed it.

Lindsey! Moore

Overpriced but still love it

Adam Nicholas

New seats are too comfortable!!


Very nice place. The staff was nice too.

Aaron Taylor

If armed security is present, make them wear uniforms and stand at attention. Not sit around staring down customers.

Ronald Watkins

This place used to be so nice. The upper level looks like a waste land that you have to go through to go see a movie. It's maintained enough for it's age, but a facelift wouldn't hurt. The people are generally teenagers who just don't care and are collecting their minimum wage check and going home. However, on this day there was an old lady working and she was arguing very loudly with Hillbilly Jim about why he needed to give her his stub. Quite amusing. I only came here because I couldn't reach Regal Cinemas in Nitro for the movie I wanted to watch.

Alysha Williams

Great service, awesome movie selection, great popcorn

Jeffrey Green

This theater is always good, floors were a little sticky but not enough to really bother anything

Joceylayn Johnson

This is the worst place in my life I love them been down this Low Places I will never ever come here or recommend anybody coming here the employees are uncaring untrained the food is stale and the managers don't even know what his own damn movie start and I'm only giving it a one-star cuz you won't let me post my real thoughts without punching a star that's my review on this sentence

Cristian Méndez

Great family getaway..


Staff is great food service is fast. PopCorn is fresh. Great time.

judy means

Friendly people work their fresh popcorn good movies good hours always clean clean bathroom

Sarah Arthur

We went for free movie day which was excellent. I hate that this theatre is starting to show it's age, seats look gross and wore down along with the carpet downstairs which looks like nobody has ever shampooed it. Could use some cleaning or updates.

Steve Legge

Seats not comfortable, games restrict walkway, you wait outside in the rain if there's more than 20 people ahead of you

JT Rarebreed

Its clean and safe enough to take my family there. Staff is friendly and kind.

Jacobi Randall

Seats were amazing, almost took a nap. Only issue I had was the pole railing in front of each row of seats made it very hard to see screen if you were reclined. My 9yr old couldn't see over it. Other than that...can't wait to see the finished product!!!

Kathy Kingry

Under staffed, cinema 4 smelled like urine and lights on both sides of the wall was flickering during the movie.

Patricia Jesperson

We always go to the south ridge cinema, not anymore! People left the movie we were watching, due to others talking, screaming, running in and out just plain being loud rude and inconsiderate of the other movie watchers. The security gaurd came in once after the first group of people left and all he did was yell hush and enjoy the movie. When we got up to leave the amount of trash and popcorn that was on the floor from the rude people was ridiculous I feel bad for the person who has to clean up after them.

Hannah Harper

I go here quite often and always love it! The food is fresh, staff is friendly, and seats are setup perfectly! But it can get a little loud sometimes so if you can't handle loud noises take your earplugs! Otherwise it's a great place to enjoy a movie with friends and family!


The one in nitro is better...dnt waste ya time or money

Yvette Moses

The the set up but the staff was not friendly to US Armed Forces or African Americans. I took the attitude with a grain of salt but they really need to wake up. All nationalities fight together for our countries freedom just so some people can act like asses

Amanda Messer

Clean but popcorn wasnt fresh.

Pierce Asaad

The building looked a little run down and dated but the theater rooms themselves are fine and the AV quality was good. No complaints

Billie Jean Wilson

Love the theater

Harry Frashier

Comfortable seat, temperature always appropriate.

Brady Campbell

Nice theater with a good vibe. This sounds crazy, but the parking lot is a mess! After it rains there are huge, deep puddles. The lines are barely visible, so people are parked all over the place and create their own spaces. Be careful going to and from your car.

Michael keoghan

Choice house meeting on Sunday afternoon

Cr M

Best place to see movies in kanawha co

Corey Canterbury

,seats need updated and are uncomfortable, screens are getting outdated, floors are allways extremely stickyand they are way too pricey for tickets and exttemelly pricey for concessions.. I dont care what the other reviews say dont waste your time and money. With all the improvements and friendly staff I now recomend Park Place Stadium Cinemas with better seats, screens, sound unlimited poppcorn icee and pop. Cheap all day tuesday 5.50 all day wednesday 6.00 for seniors and offer free summer movies at 10am wednesday.

Robert Young

Best place around to enjoy movies and great pop corn. Nice friendly staff.

Rob O'Connor

Decent theaters for seeing popular movies. You usually won't see more obscure movies here, only the big budget stuff. The food is tolerable, but the seats are just OK. They really need an update to more modern seating like you find in other cities.

Ron Nelson

free parking, cheap tickets on Tuesday (8.50 all day long) and I saw it advertised that through the summer, they're offering free showings on early Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (9:30am). not bad on the promos. plus they're offering throwback movies on Wednesday and Sunday, when older/classic movies will be shown. typical theater, 2-story, comfortable and clean. I saw a promo advertised as my movie was beginning, but I didn't catch it completely, something like if you purchased a large drink and popcorn combo, you'd get a free refill included, I'm not sure if that applies to any day or time of day though, so inquire.

Henry Taylor

What a great theater. I loved the elevator's. Gave it a really cool feel.

William Cooper

I love going here. It usually isn't too crowded,friendly staff, great snacks to choose from, cool video games to play, restrooms are usually clean, and it has two floors which you can take elevator or steps to get to second floor. Great for entertainment.


Two stories of theaters. A first for me. Great place to see a movie. Seats are a little out dated other than that, very immersive sound and picture. Will return.

Dragon Steamwerx

Nice theater but seats a bit odd


I still like this theater but after their absolutely lousy 3D exhibition on The Last Jedi I will NOT visit any of the multiplexes in the Marquee Cinema chain for 3D shows.

Savannah C.

The games and the popcorn is good

Timothy Wilmer

Usually very quick to get inside, good choices locally

Dy Lewis

The theaters should be sanitized from time to time. We enjoy going to marquee but there always seems to be a mystery stain in the seats

Little Goth Girl 96

My favorite theater, it's awesome.

Damien Rotter

Great movies. 2 stories.

Nick Stephens

Food prices are ridiculous.

James Agee

Wow has this place gone down hill! I haven't been here in several years since cinemas opened in Nitro and Teays Valley. Today we found both men's and women's restrooms dirty. The walls were even dirty. This is was at 330pm, so it wasn't because they were busy. This is on the staff. Carpet was ripped in main lobby and duct taped in several places. Several things were broken in the restrooms. Soap dispensers, stall doors, and cracked urinals. This is on the management for not repairing stuff.

Renita Bryant

Great choices

mark merrion

Place had a foul odor

Robert Absten

Perfectly adequate place to see a movie. Free parking, standard concession prices (i.e. high), and digital projection, so no broken film reels.


The bathrooms are always disgusting and the theaters have popcorn all over the aisles every time I go.

Colin Adkins

Good video

John Johnson

Great movie theater

David Doss

Great Place

Meredith Foster

Never had a bad experience at this Theater. The staff are friendly, the theater is clean and the picture/sound is never an issue.

Kayla Smith

Enjoyed the movie

Brad Harris

I've got to say I was disappointed today. I went to see a movie and they had the volume so low that you could barely hear a word that was said. This is the second time this has happened. The sound effects were nice and load but the voices were very hard to hear. I shouldn't have to pay good money for a movie and struggle to hear it.

Judi Price

Just like this theater convenient...clean..well lit .

Travis Kinder

Very overpriced, rediculos prices including food and tickets.

Brittany Briscoe

Absolutely love the new seating!

Jessica Fields

Love the atmosphere and the many different things to do while waiting on your movie to start from arcades to concession stands

SSG Salai

The concessions cost are outrageous these days. Sneak in your own.

Ashley Bartram

Always a fun time family oriented

Robert Kardos

Still a cool place. Lots of movie choices. Snack bar has a good variety. Plenty of parking. Games for kids and adults. Friendly staff as well. Will definitely come back again.

Chris Schoening

A bit disappointing, our theater smelled mildewy. Seats were worn out and uncomfortable.

Joey Milam

So you don't need to be in the office in Dunbar minutes or so and I can get

Keith Hawk

Don't care for this theater that much! Screens are smaller especially if the movie has been out a week. Park place is a much better theater for seating,sound and screen size!

Amanda E Whittington

Nice clean place and the new reclining seats are amazing. Great upgrade.

Belinda Livingston

Went on a date night with my son..the popcorn was awesome... fresh and hot!!

Tiara Stokes

I love how big the building is! When you walk in it's like you're in the theater of a big city. There is an elevator and stairs, and I believe the building is two stories high. The staff is quick to assist you and the movie theaters are spacious and cleanly. The movies screen are huge!

Grey Wood

Good theater, comfortable seats and good sound quality. Only real issue is prices, but you'll find that at most theaters now a days.

Horror Realm

Most technologically advanced theater in West Virginia, very friendly staff, finally best seating in a theater you will find in this state.

Randy Meador

Decent theater, large but poor customer service very slow at concession

Ben Wright

Pricey, especially considering the picture quality is sub-par, and there is a giant smudge on almost every screen. Obviously hasn't been updated in a while.

xxyz xxyyz

The place looks like a dump. The bathrooms smell. The tile floors are old and breaking. The rugs are old & dirty, so are the seats & floors in the theaters. Prices for the movies & concessions are too high. The staff is very friendly.


Screen was off center and grainy. I will not ever go back!

Ashley Burdette

They put Deadpool 2 on premier day in the smallest theater possible. 1 star because I cant move.

Shawn Hardman

Love the management staff always super nice and friendly.

TJ Turner

Awesome very easy to find where to go

Amanda Beeler

Fun place to see new movies

Terry Stone

Went to see Incredibkes 2 for our 50th anniversary.

KC Gator

Always clean and never crowded

Michele Glenn

Fun experience.

Robert Summerfield

Clean and several show times made it work for us.

Kerry Matthews

I love this place! However, in recent years the seats have gotten sticky. You may wait in line a little longer than you'd wish to as well. It's a great movie theater.

Tim Thomas

Great movie theater

Shaun Platthy

Pretty much the go-to cinema for anybody in Charleston. Slightly pricier than most cinemas, but the staff are nice and nothing is ever out of order.

Zach Locks

Outdated movie theater with very dirty seats. They were in the process of remodeling it though so hopefully it is nicer when they are done.

Linsi Locks

Nice theater, very overpriced. By the time you buy two tickets you could have bought the movie. Snacks and drinks, pass. $4 for a coke?, I could have bought a 12 pack for that.

Jessika Plantin

It's a great movie theater but it's small but it's a good place to go see a movie at

Martha Mullins

Great place new shows weekly

Denise Dillon

This is a okay place there's just a lot of walking to do and most everything is upstairs and it was just hard to get to it


Great place to see the movies parking's great it's the only theater in Charleston right

Carol B

Clean easy handicap seating. Nice manger named evan helped me with seating and miving through tbe crowd with my walker

Mike Mattox

Great facility for movies. It's never been crowded when I've been there.

Lisa Tolliver

I preder this location to the Beckley location. No preferred seating, Staff friendly, not standing around.

Isaac Conley

Seats and floors filthy.

Marie Dorsen

Always hot pop corn and comfortable seats.

Pamela bell

Like the location freely staff


Took my girlfriend here to see wreck it ralph

Eudelia Ayala

Some theaters are due for an upgrade but we had a decent experience

susan gray Cook

New Avengers movie is" FANTASTIC"

Mark Hoadley HillBilly Hobo

Outdated but the service was great. Plus an elevator so no steps required to get upstairs to the theaters. Carpet could use replacement. However the seats were very comfortable and could have easily sat thru another entire movie which is rare. Also this is the first theater that was warm and not freezing cold like most of them.

Jennifer Mason

Movie was awesome, bathrooms were very dirty and we were there at 12:10 in the afternoon.

Shaina Galinsky

Always love coming here. They have the best snacks and great theatres.

Jon Smith

Kids on their cell phones were kind of annoying but otherwise good time.

stacey tully

I would have given it 5 stars if not for the traffic in and out of the plaza. You'd think a place with that much business would have more than one entrance. But that's beside the point. The theater is clean and has plenty of seating. If you get a large slurpee, and I think popcorn too, you get free refills. Cant beat that.

Veronica Starr

Love the new recliner seats

David Jett

The theater is nice and the staff friendly, I just get tired of the price increase twice a year.

Kayla Self

We like coming here. Not bad prices, always have the latest movies.

Michael Greathouse

Remodeling! However, the new seats are fantastic. Electric recline!

Steven Boettcher

First time visiting this theater. Good location but very dated. The movie that I saw was located upstairs so maybe the downstairs theaters are more up to date? Either way, the sound and picture quality was good and the staff was friendly.

Gavin McGee

Only decent theater in Charleston with big parking lot

Melissa Larsen

Good service, employees friendly, efficient. Focused on the customer.


Great cinemas, multiple rooms, 2D and 3D, Party room available to celebrate a special day and watch a movie after. The service is good, staff is kind and the popcorn is very good.

Ross Runion

Close to the best in this state

Pam McDonald

You can see movies here and the employees are polite. Otherwise it's a super outdated building with rock hard, old seats. It desperately needs new equipment in sound, screens, and snack bar. The bathroom during a peak time smelled of urine and needed some basic clean up. For being in the capital city, it's embarrassing.

Ronald Chaves

Well ... It's summer - AC , sound and image pretty good !!! But I recommend update those nasty Seats !!!! Ewwww .

Ruth Beck

Clean comfort.

marc harless

Was literally not there

Harold Fields

Clean, great theatre.

dallas borders

Great experience. Comfy seats for the most part. Floors are clean,not sticky at all. Screens are nice and big. Good sound system. All in all very fun

Travis W

High prices. But was a good time

Caleb Pritt

Not the cinema I usually choose but we had free tickets to the new Halloween movie. Everyone talked the entire time the movie was playing. Could barely hear it.

Carol Gibbs

My son and I went and saw a movie, it was a good movie. We always go to this theater even though there is another one closer to home

Green Hornet smitty

I never have a issue when I go

Shelby mission 2 account

Well its a theatre and i saw that movie on freddie mercury queen. Loved that movie.


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