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REVIEWS OF Lewisburg Cinema 8 IN West Virginia

John Cohernour

Great place affordable child friendly

Debbie B

LOVE LOVE this theater!!!! Clean, friend employees, comfortable seating... great parking... it's plus anyway you look at it...:)

Gertrude Lawrence

Great theatre. Prize is better than the one back home. Love self serve popcorn, soda, and nachos. Able to add a whole lot or a little bit of butter Plus they have shakable flavors for your popcorn!


They are awesome free refills on popcorn and drinks!

Bayleigh Williamson

This is one one the best theaters I have ever bean to. I like the popcorn wall and all of the seasoning you can put on your popcorn with no extra charge and I also think it's cheep and has lots of all the new and amazing movies

Ed Henline

Pretty nice love the seats

Thor Richmond

Great theater! Very friendly staff and well maintained. Great movie variety!

Stephanie Redden

Love the unlimited popcorn and drinks!!!!

Darrell Loudermilk

All you can eat popcorn and soda. Get FAT!! Watch dumb movies and get so by-God fat you can't walk.

Unicorn Tripper

Awesome theater with free popcorn and drink refills! Who doesn't love that?!?

Brittney Pritt

Love Cinema 8!!! I thinks it's fabulous that u can get ur own popcorn, and movie theater butter, and drinks.. not to mention first row is recliner chairs!! (If ur a front row in a theater kinda person

Kevin Tompkins

So much better than the marquee cinema that just recently closed down. Very affordable. Free refills. Beautiful theaters.

Daniel Armstrong

All you can eat popcorn and drinks for cheap.

kaydence sears

Horrible i got a drink and my cup riped and they would not give me a cup or transfer my drink

Curtis Byers

Comfortable seating good place to catch a movie.

Toy Tech

Awesome setup! Unlimited popcorn and drinks! Best theater I've been to!

Tina Weikel

Great customer service. Saw Bohemian Rhapsody. Wonderful movie!

Kevin Berry

Clean and comfortable

Lydia Pike

Good food. Fair prices. Family restaurant.

Rebekah Lynn Cain

Best movies great handicap set up comfortable seating Clean well ran.. self services and refills. Perfect set up for families special prices for early so everyone can enjoy

Emma Hambrick

I love this place nice to have a place to where you can pick from more then 2 movies i give it a 5 star

Betsy Rhodes

Aw my favorite indoor theatre! Not only do you get a variety of current movies, but unlimited popcorn with all the fixings you want as well as your drink.Can you imagine finally getting all the the butter you want for once?all the cheese on your nachos? It's just amazing!! A stand set up with different popcorn toppings you just wouldn't believe!

Walter Reynolds

Great place for the whole family

Mrs Brown


Tammy Kershner

Absolutely love this place

Erik Stull

Great place for the whole family to bond, spacious, comfortable, and Doesn't disappoint.

Bo Jefferson

This movie theater doesn’t disappoint, the overall experience changes upon which workers you interact with during your visit. All you can eat popcorn/ All you can drink soft drink (coke products) and frozen drinks

Brandon Entsminger

This is basically the Theater on which I hold the standard for other theaters to reach. If you're not this good, then I'm not interested. They do concessions better than anyone out there, good friendly staff, clean, and comfortable.

Dano Villegas

Nice and clean theater, love the all you can eat popcorn and soda - you know cause I wanna get fatter. Seriously, great experiences and good prices here!!

jason k

Very clean great prices sound was great

Dave Hissom

Free refills on popcorn and drinks, comfortable reclining chairs, and clean.

Bill Bouknight

Love the self-service popcorn dispensers :)

Camesha Leisure

The power went out but its nice clean and spaceous

Anthony Gross

A little pricey but great theater

Nicole Bumgarner

Definitely enjoy the endless drinks and popcorn! Very comfy seats as well!!! Kids and I love going!

Mr E

Nice set-up nice place to see a movie

Tabitha Romero

All you can eat popcorn and drinks. And the seats are comfortable

That high guy

4 stars only because about halfway through my movie is was so cold in the theater, good experience.

Terry Alder

Love the unlimited drink and popcorn refills!

Cameron LeNeave

I have been there several times and every time i go it is clean and always a great experience. You can not beat the prices. For 2 people on a Saturday afternoon a large popcorn and a large drink $25.50.

Michelle Vanoy-Warner

Love this theater! Best prices out there.

Elaine Fox

Cushions in seats have seen better days, comfort level is low. Cleanliness in theater is good, bathrooms too, service is friendly. Bottle water price is ridiculously high.

Douglas Quick

Enjoy the atmosphere and the employees are very courteous

BB Burns

Great movie theater

Aisha January

Charged me twice for popcorn. Spoke with manager, promised a refund, never received it

Cheryl Cooper

Great place, super nice seats

Ed Vass

8 theaters available. All you can eat popcorn.

Kevin Roy

Nice cinema

Florensia Libella

Always love going here!

Angela Flenner

Awesome addition to an already great town. I love the all you can eat popcorn and drinks...nice clean theatre and bathrooms. Impressed

Richard Pack

Very nice, matinee is a great value. Also offers 3D movies which are pretty cool. Easy to find location.

BackWoods Explorer

Everything was nice. Lots of choices and the seats are really nice!

Michael Seal

Very nice


This is the only reason to visit "The coolest small town in america". Best theater i've ever been to.

Katie Keyser

Huge cinema! Great seating! All you can eat, self serve popcorn and sodas. Lots of stores and restaurants nearby.

Julie Hackney

Great theater!! All you can eat popcorn and drinks are great especially if you have big family

jennifer bonds

watched night school. Was a good movie. Best part with this place his free refills of pop and popcorn.

Rob Liles

Staff is nice. Nice lobby. Cinemas are always clean.

Garnett Withrow

Very nice for the town and also for people who pass through the area also can enjoy a good movie as well as the people who live here! Very nice theatre !

Tatum Starrett

I asked for them to transfer my drink into another cup because it was leaking and the wouldn’t and they were rude about it

Chris Clark

Very clean and neat. All you can eat coke and popcorn is a good deal. Surprisingly good value for money. Could be tempted to return to regular cinema visits if more places were like this.

Shari Modlin

So happy there's a nice place to see movies and stay connected to the outside world.

Arron Seams

Comfortable and clean, wide selection of films, $5 tickets on Tuesdays, and ALL YOU CAN EAT POPCORN!!


Comfortable seating. Nice and clean.

Renee Thompson

Love this place. Very clean!

Chasity Wimer

They have unlimited popcorn and drinks.

Matthew & Cheryl

Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Erica Brown

I loved you the experience best theatre ever all you can eat food so yummy and wonderful

Fred Hampton

Endgame was awesome! Great theater to watch it in.


Great theater with self-serve all you can eat popcorn and drinks. Come earlier for cheap tickets.

Regina Triplett

Fun family atmosphere. Free refills on popcorn!

Travis Hall

Just great, everything you want in a theatre.

John B

Nice theater. One line for admission and popcorn, great idea! Clean. Comfortable seats...

Sharon Dove

Awesome theater!!!! Best one I've ever been in.

Joseph Craft

Nice seats, plenty of showtimes and friendly staff!

Stefani Napier

Great theater! Wish they served coffee!

Larry Pierson

Stadium/tiered seating... Loved the angles, viewscape, it was designed quite well. The best compliment is sound. Perhaps I sat in the sweet spot but I could tell sound was well balanced and adjusted. For me it is very noticeable and above par for many theaters. Seats not bad at all but I have become spoiled with reclining options in some newer theaters. Will be happy to view another movie next time I am in town.

Wesley Hughart

Wonderful movie theater, with all you can eat popcorn and drinks. 8 theaters, comfee seats,

Patricia Barnett

Great place to see a movie!

lexi the skull dog

Someone.. Started cussing us out. I'm sorry gotta give this a 2 star

Sarah Dolan

It was great and the staff were very polite .plan on going again

Penny Hiner

A great place and affordable. Love the all you can eat popcorn.

Michelle Bowling


VanMan 311

Great theater, all you can eat and drink options are awesome, staff is friendly, much needed upgrade from the theater we had!

Gabriel Massie

This is a perfect small theater for the family, You can avoid the crowds and still get a modern new theater.

Renato Concepcion

The best and only cinema in Lewisburg. The place is clean with huge popcorn dispensers (all you can eat, too!). There's plenty of parking space and ticket prices are reasonable.

Theresa Shaffer

Very nice and clean free good quality movies all you can eat popcorn and drinks.

Holly Ridpath

Modern cinema with stadium seating, reclining chairs and self serve snacks.

Vaughn Hutchison

Beautiful clean and big ... very new .. and great price

Curtis Mccoy

Great movie selections. Comfortable seating. Delicious popcorn.

Tiffany Burgess

The place is and always so clean the people that works there is very friendly. Its beautiful inside the seats are comfortable, we go there a lot. I would give it a 5 also the all you can eat popcorn and drinks is awesome. We will go back any day I recommend this place if you want to watch a movie they also have 3D movies too

Christopher Clay

Unlimited refills and comfortable seating.

Melinda Russell

Extremely comfortable seats. Lobby and theater are clean. Restroom is spacious and very clean. Parking is plentiful.

Ryan Brown

Where I go to see all my movies.

Ricky Bates

Great seats, staff, popcorn, picture, and sound quality!

Kevin Wright

Great place for kids

Kester Dingus

Very nice theater. Stand in line one time for your tickets and snacks.


Theater is nice and clean, usually not too crowded. Pop corn it's good. Good seating. However, their 3D projection could use an upgrade, 3D movie image is poor.

Jim McMahon

All you can eat popcorn and all you can drink soda and icees. (If you purchase them ). Stadium seating.

Rebecca Stalnaker

Bottomless slushies and reclining seats, what more can you ask for?! Friendly staff and fresh snacks.

Cris Meadows

Great new theater and all you can eat popcorn.

Mike Rogers

The Upside. Great movie.

William Parker-Rivera

The theater is good but cheaply built but its still an upgrade

pamela williams

Wonderful experience

Dave Edwards

New theater with comfortable seats and all the amenities that come with it. All you can eat popcorn and drinks, self serve butter, popcorn sprinklings, nacho cheese and chili (for nachos). Always has good movies. We pass several theaters to come to see movies here.

Bradley Butler

This is a classy movie theater that has wonderful modern equipment for movies. They also have exclusive one day early screenings of new movies. I highly recommend this theater.

Terry M

Good movie theater. Nice comfy seats. I don't know why but like most other movie theaters it's cold as ice so you'd better bring a jacket!❄️ The concessions are pretty limited (no pretzels

Rona West

First time here, def not the last. Friendly staff, clean and comfortable theater. Great value.

Larry Harris

The experience I've had here is typical. I do enjoy the 3D effects for the 3D movies that you watch here. The employees that I have meet here have treated me very well the times that I have been here.

Dyanna Furry

Very comfortable, roomy and lots of goodies to eat and drink. Good variety of shows. Love it. Go there once or twice a month. Great staff.

Stephanie Honaker

Movie was a little bit to loud but it was a good experience

Michelle Daily

Best theater we've ever been in! Love the self serve all you care for drinks and popcorn. Well worth the price!

Jacy Raynebow

Usually wonderful staff. Great place, but bathroom maintenance needs attention. At Ender's Game today the smell was atrocious and was so unhygienic. I told the staff before the film and after the 3 hour film nothing was cleaned, stalls dirty, still unflushed. I will edit this review if it is kosher next time I go.

Jerry Collins

Great atmosphere. Comfortable seats. Delicious popcorn.

Richard Newman

Great theatre, $5 Tuesdays are awesome

Barry's Classic List 1 Paitsel


Jonathan O'Dell

Great atmosphere and the self serve all you can eat popcorn and drinks makes it a perfect weekend, or anytime, stop!

Adoration hot line



Loved it!! Great place.

Aaron Bennett

Very nice and clean movie theater. Pop popcorn and drinks had refills and you got them your self will be back


No words can describe the feeling as which I had, walking in I was greeted with warming arms of the employees. Lewisburg Cinema 8 Great Work I Enjoyed Every Bit Of It.

Renesse Landry

Nice place, all you can eat popcorn, is a plus and the movie price wasn't bad

Runner Chick

Love going to the movies here...friendly staff, unlimited popcorn and drinks, and comfy seats.

Stephanie Mullens

Other than the volume being a little loud, very good experience. We go a good bit.

Dying Name

This movie theater has a selection of 6 movies each day is typically quiet and peaceful but just like any other theater if you go on opening night for a movie it can be a bit hectic. Free refills on both popcorn and drinks and tickets are typically 8$ so all around good deals.

John Stout

Pretty cool environment first time here definitely won't be the last time. The seats are comfortable and the concessions are far beyond value. It's a projection and the sound are excellent

max hammer

Nice theaters with free refill on the popcorn and soft drinks.

Bow Baker

Had fun with friends

Jennifer Alayo-Aguilar

It's a really nice place to go with family and enjoy movies from what I could tell since it's in a small town it doesn't get that crowded

Cass Ailstock

Very nice theater

Becky Ridgeway

Love unlimited popcorn!

Taylor Webb

Such a nice little theater! I love the unlimited refills for the drinks and popcorn, such a cool setup! Very clean as well, I'll be back again!

Whitley LeNeave

Never crowded, free refills and large space.

Robert Blevins

We didn't go all the way

Kristie Coffman

While it's a newer cinema, management does not pay attention to details. The handrails are grossly sticky. Mr Clean is not that expensive compared to a movie ticket and concessions. Clean the theatre, please!

Michael Feathers

Excellent addition to the community of Lewisburg!

Sue May

Very nice theatre, prices reasonable

Travis Riddle

Excellent sound system, friendly employees and very clean!

Edward Lesher

Very nice seating. Popcorn is iffy sometimes. Worst part is the rewards cards have NEVER worked. We get lots of free movies in Roanoke but Lewisburg can't or won't fix the issue. They have a nice clean theatre.

river rose

Always friendly staff. Clean environment and popcorn always tastes good. Great theater. We love not having to travel so far to see movies. Very esthetically pleasing and decorated beautifully.

Emmie Hyde

Clean friendly & very reasonable price for family fun

George Feamster

Love this theater! Endless popcorn and drinks.

Jenna Grace

The movie slappin, the sound system bumpin, the popcorn, dare I say, poppin.

mountain mamma's outdoors

Very clean, comfortable theater that always gets the latest movies. Prices are decent. Ordering online makes getting tickets so easy.

Jamie M

Nice theatre. Love the design.

Marcia Wright

The theater is very comfortable. They removed a lot of food items & it's mostly self serve.

Darrell Collins

Very nice theater

Sammy Kesterson

Low crowds and all ya can eat popcorn awesome seating

dareth Greene

Nice theatres, free refills are great. Teen staff mostly disinterested and superior, but that may be because they ARE teens... so we mostly love going to the movies

Sharon Bennett

I love it here. The seats are great and comfortable. All you can eat popcorn. Movies are great. A little loud but I can handle it.

Everett Hager

Nice theater

Dan Edwards

Great theater. Lots of screens, comfortable seating, clean, pleasant staff, plenty of parking, and current movies.

Jeff Cobb

Great! Bottomless popcorn and soda. Clean. Friendly folks. Uncrowded.

Jakob Tomlinson

It’s amazing

Jenifer McCraw

Quiet and very clean


$13.50 to see a first-run movie (Avengers - Infinity War!). That price included the ticket, a booking fee ($1 online), a small drink and a small popcorn. Cannot beat it!! Comfortable seats, clean. Great deal!!!


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