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210 Theatre Rd, Port Townsend, WA 98368

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Where is Wheel-In-Motor Movie Drive In?

REVIEWS OF Wheel-In-Motor Movie Drive In IN Washington

Jon Robichaud

This place is a gem. Great friendly owner and staff. First run movies are always good. Fresh pizza and the popcorn is always fresh and not over salted. A must for anyone in the area.

Corvus Woolf

When I was a child this place sucked. Returning 10 years later I've found it to show a mixture of the new releases I want at and blockbusters that I did not think I would enjoy but had a blast with anyways. Great revival!

Harry Bonato

Rachel Campanoli

Emilia Ramsey

I absolutely adore this out door theater. I apreciate that we have such a place as this, how we are able to go here during the spring/summer months. It's so awesome that you are able to use the classic speakers that you hang onto your windowsill; it adds such a nice touch. The building where the food is is really cool. I love the scenery of the field; how you can hear the wind at night and see the swaying of the trees, plus how big the screen is. Thank you to the people who keep it running!!

Shawn Anderson

David Johnson

Loved it great time

Jessica Marriott

Love it

Jonathan Ramey

Kevin Goatz-Short

one of the last drive-ins left in Washington state if you're in the area you must go at least once for the nostalgic feel

Kiana Miles

Game on 445

Johanna Perkins

Fun! We backed in the Ford truck with our loungers, got some snacks, hooked up the speakers under the stars and enjoyed every minute

Trevor Green

Good times fun for all ages.

Eric Tandoo

Love this place. Saw a triple feature, with my family for less than 50 bucks. Go see a movie on a brand new screen in the woods before all the drive-ins are gone.

madison mcarthur

It was great! Super cute little drive in!

Bill Cortani

Best drive in experiance

Joe Gaikowski


Benjamin Reardon

Love being able to enjoy new movies in the comfort of my own vehicle. Radio signal came in great and if you're wanting traditional you can use the speaker systems. Excellent value for a double feature and plenty to choose from at the concession stand.

Tara Li

Like home, but better

Angie Smith

DJ Beardsley

Love this place

Crystal Wayman

Fun times.

Melody Michaelis

Fun, friendly and a great experience.

Nia Simmons

I love the drive in. You can take the family for $9 a person!!! And see two movies. We take the camping chairs and back the car into the spot. So much fun :)

Emily Zenz

Becky Northaven

Mariko Saum

Great fun!! Just like the drive is from our childhood. Good food, great company, and all in our,wonderful community! Tonight is a triple feature so there will be pancakes and sausages. If your 8n our neighborhood and it's summer, this is a must see!

James Johnson

Memories flood the senses. Awesome and updated, but reminds you of the good ol' days of classic drive in movie theater.

brittney brownie

Kaden C

Douglas Nelson

Allen Campbell

James Martin

Anna Crosland

Love the out door movies. Food is great

Mark Adolphsen

Harley Bullington

Rono C

Shawn Thompson

Amazing experience as always,loving the new screen. And all the yummy concessions, thanks for the memories..

Hope Brignoli

Kristin Higgins

Amy Carter

Love the vibe..good pizza and Ice cold soda

Marlin Rando

Rebekah Kenyon

Lisa Rae

Best of times....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS PLACE. So glad and feel fortunate to still have this beauty in our lives for the summers!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Wheel-In-Motor Movie Drive In!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

therese bower

Not many drive-ins left anymore. Family business thats been showing films for many yrs. Vintage. Nice family experience.

Ed Usher

A great insight into an American experience from days gone by. Very much appreciated by this English tourist who loved everything about his visit to this cinema.

Rachel McNary

Had a great experience here. The second movie ran til 1 AM and there was another one after it that we didn't stay for. Very cute and the new screen is really clear.

Chandra Thacker

Heather Sayer

Johnathan Petroff

Best place to go if you want to watch a movie. You get to enjoy 2 movies for the price of one from the comfort of your own vehicle. One of the only drive in theatres left in the state. The speakers they offer are awesome and they broadcast the audio on the radio as well. 100% would recommend to anyone.

Steve Autio

One of only five Drive-In Theaters, still operating in Washington State. My personal favorite. Although the projector is now digital rather than film, it’s still like stepping back in time. I love this place and hope people are still enjoying it, long after I’m gone. Check it out!!! You’ll be happy you did!

Simon Johnstone

Awesome local theater.

Nene Me

It's a great place, wonderful to have a drive in available.

Insta Crash

Jan Lind

LuAnn Binschus

Blast from the past! So fun. Cartoon before the main feature! Very affordable concession prices. Wish we lived close, we'd go frequently!

Jessica Allum

I have been going to the Wheel-In since I was a kid. Now I get to take my own kids. It is a home town feel every time.

Barb Maisonneuve

Michael M

Rick Fox

What a great facility management and staff are striving to make this a quality experience, and are trying hard to achieve a traditional drive in experience. And the food is a cut above most of the facilities I have been to over the years, including fresh made pizzas

Rebecca Bolster

Lloyd Reevis

Whole family loved it. Food was awesome love that nothing was frozen food (Pizza, burgers) no playground but kids still found something to do until movie time.

Laura Lee

Parley Wells

Why we dont have more places like these Im not sure... awesome to sit in your car and watch a movie with your sweet heart...

Jacob Hill

A nice double feature for a decent price. Concessions seem cheaper than regular theaters and they have more to offer. You might want to bring your own toilet paper though. The ladies room was out. Men's room didn't have paper towels. The owner was rude when he was informed.

Merry Parker

Llyw Stengel

Kyla Becker

Dan Burney

Paul Keller

Slade McLaughlin

Peter Steck

Ashley Van Veelen

pamela morrow

Linda Christian

Brandon Miller

N Macgyver

Yay drive in!!!!

Lucas Jacoby

Sam Alejo

It was really fun to go to a drive in like the good old days!


Ryan C

Amanda Bird

Janie Nelson

Amazing place to watch a movie!

Krystal Benson

Lisa Law

Shaune Salter

Frank Anderson

I ordered a large popcorn and a soda and one candy bar costed me $14 two people to get in the drive-in $18 the people who owns the theater not good very greedy selfish and disrespectful I'll never go there again the movie was awesome

Bailey Dubs

Great drive-in with good audio quality and clean bathrooms. They have double features for $9 a person. It's a great deal!

Larry Robinson

Mark Mac

Such a delight to attend a movie here. Just like old times! I here the food is reasonable and tasty, though we did not partake. No alcohol is allowed, so people are fairly well behaved too. Kids play until shows starts, just a good atmosphere to enjoy a night out. Oh, and typically showing first run, current double features.

Corrisa pool

Darrel Austin

Cute Drive in. Small, but not crowded and tucked away in a wonderful forrest setting. Plenty of room for the kids to roam pre-show. Not fancy, but very clean and well maintained/organized. Still has window-speakers (but you can also do the FM radio option). Concession stand is a bit limited in choice, but what they have is good. I especially liked their greasy burgers (and I mean 'greasy' in the good way...good ol' diner burgers). The only complaint is the FM broadcast sound was a bit tinny/staticky. Perhaps that will be fixed in their upcoming switch to digital. A great value at $8.50 admission for two shows.

Leota Howard

Good days, bad pizza!!!

Mike Wheeler

Love this place...great family entertainment

Carol Jinks

OMG what a super fun place a must do in Port Townsend

Arnold Dail

Really cool to be able to enjoy the drive in with my daughter Heidi Dail thanks for keeping this alive for the younger generation we will be enjoying more of it soon

chad edwards

We have traveled far and wide going to drive ins and this one is the best


came here because I just got a new car. a jaguar. having a great time.

Kacie Starling

Always a community feel, and a blast from the past!

Black Diamond Electrical Contracting

This is a great place for a fun movie nt. Alot of retro but high quality screen. Good selection of snacks along with burgers and hot dogs for a bite. Come early and get your spot, bring some yard games for while u hang out! Always a great summer nt when we visit!



While camping at Sequim State park we decided to look for a movie theater and came across this gem just 10 miles away in Port Townsend. What fun! Just like 30 years ago, going to a drive-in! Even had the old window speakers! And with GOOD sound! Best $9.00 we've spent on vacation. ;)

Christina Tweed

Love this drive in! New screen is even larger.

Falisha Dail

Laci Trussell


Rhys Crawford

Zachary Berets

Angela Jacobson

Very awsome to go to a drive the old days lol. Watch out for the bugs.

Owen Smith

Jonathan Brown

Alex Appleton

S Movius

Had a blast! We sat outside the car and listened via the speakers. Great value for the price and fun time. Will definitely be headed back.

Alice Aline

The summer evening highlight of visits to Port Townsend are the movies at the drive-in. We plan our trips to see new films, and camp overnight, down the way. Lovely 'theatre' in the trees. Family and friends atmosphere, like the Fourth of July. Many new speaker stands. See website for new films and times.

Matt P

Sat in line for an hour tonight waiting for the gates to open. Drove over an hour & half plus a ferry, and even got a hotel room to experience this classic drive in. 8pm rolled around, and was told that they would not be open this weekend with no explanation.. They waited until 8pm to tell me?? I get that things happen in life, or unexpectedly, but had this been posted, either via their site, Facebook, or even a sign stating they wouldn't be open this weekend, I could have made other plans to come another weekend. I not only wasted good money on a room, I wasted a good Saturday evening. Truly disappointed!

sara soper

There is no better place for a fun night out with the family.From the time they open at the first signs of spring until the closing weekend and their triple creature feature on Halloween every weekend is an event. Just pulling in pulls out all the clichés about simpler times and nostalgia. It is wonderful.

Fred Leffel

Goid views, excellent picture perfect sound from the FM station and very friendly staff

Heather Segle

halogamerdude12 uhuh

So awesome thank you for being there! For fun times!

Kyra Cartwright

Deidra Delgado

Jackson Corden

Rell Lennox

Terry Conkle

Fun place, first run movies. In the summer they start so late because of daylight. You go in to watch two movies and come out well into the next day.

Steve Trower

Great nostalgic feel with modern state of the art video equipment. Well stocked concessions, they even have pizza!

Terrance Shepherd

Excellent classic drive in.

Gwen Kauffman

Trevor jones

thomas canfield

I haven't gotten there yet and I LOVE the drive in. This spring.

Jim Davis

Very nice setting and family friendly.

Sean Jorgensen

Nick Hayes

One of only 5 drive in theaters in Washington State. In operation since the 50's. Really cool. Worth it!

Marissa LeeAnn Rose Wilson

Shawna Talamante

We have loved every experience we have had at the drive in as our family has grown over the years. It is now a tradition and staple throughout our summer each year. The prices are ultra reasonable on everything from the tickets to the pocorn, candy and pizza. Highly recommend for locals and people visiting Port Townsend.

Amanda Edgar

Always fun and affordable!

Katrina Toombs

I grew up coming here and have great memories. Better up keep with website would be nice for show times and movie showing info.

Jake Sullivan

S Brown

mitch garrett

A waste of time and money. Wheel in drive in could benefit greatly with new ownership or management. Wheel in is consistently late on opening the gate to let people in. They say the movie starts at dusk, when in reality they start the movie an hour after sunset. After subjecting the customers to a half-hour talk bragging about the last operating drive in with speakers. The reason I'm pissed off is false advertising. It was Thursday night 6/7/18, wheel in's website advertised 2 movies Infinity war and deadpool 2. I already saw the first movie twice so I was there to see Deadpool. However, I guess since there were only 6 cars at the drive in , the owner said no 2nd movie because it would be 3:00am when the movie was over. I wouldn't drive 50 miles for a movie I've seen twice already. False advertising shame on you!!! No refunds either.

Dawn OHara

The picture quality is great with the new screen.Able to see the whole picture quite well from any where in the lot. Can listen to the movie either on your car radio or on one of the speakers that hangs on your car window which has pretty good sound A little disappointed there was only one movie offered usually there are two. Still it was a good price get in. They also offer senior discount. A nice snack shop with lots to offer. All in all it is a fun experience. Two thumbs up

Justin Rose

Great spot

Rich Fox

What a great trip down memory lane. Even have window speakers in some of the spaces. Great snack nary with fresh made oizzas

Briar and Misty

Taylor Rae

Love itttt I never want this place to go anywhere!

Alicia Johnsen


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