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805 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122 Located in: Seattle Central College

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REVIEWS OF SIFF Cinema Egyptian IN Washington

Jacki Myers

Classic single screen theater with cozy old seats and enough knee room. Real butter on the popcorn. Wine and beer available too!

Ricardo Hernández

A nice and well maintained old school cinema. Don't judge by its facade.

Cody Haefner

Bright projection and delicious concessions, plus they play great films.

Nicole Veracruz

It was amazing. I went to see Bianca Del Rio, Lady Bunny, Sherry Vine and Jackie Beats. Best night of my life.

taylor sizemore

Not a theatrical viewing experience. The sound quality at this theater is very very poor, I saw two movies here recently and sat once in the center and once in the balcony. The balcony sound system or lack thereof made the experience unbearable. The house a/c ducting overpowered much of the ambient noise in the film. This might be a good theater for a novelty showing of Over the Top with Sylvester Stallone, but not for any sort of critical or intentional viewing. One star for effort.

David W

This is a large theater. I don't mean it has a lot of screens, I believe it just has one, but the room where you sit is quite large. Other than that, it's a theater. I get the sense they play a more select level of film here.

Terri Smith

Siff member night. Nice theatre


Always love the movies shown here. It's very intimate (the people attracted here looove film) Also one of the best places to catch smaller releases and festivals. The folks behind this theater and the Seattle film scene deserve praise for making this place awesome!

Tre Retter

Friendly staff. Expensive drinks, but good local ginger beer. Nice theater. Good sound. Spacious with comfortable seats and balcony seating as well. Good for movies and has a stage for live performances. Good experience here. Apparently, if the ticket guy recognizes you, he'll let you in for free. Didn't happen to me, but I heard it happens.

Rob Lee

LOVE. Beautiful setting and can’t go wrong popping in to see any movie even if we haven’t heard of it yet. Combo popcorn/candy/drink pack is a great deal.

Walter Wittel

We are members and would have hated it five except for the new member popcorn policy.

Adam Ramer

Great place to see an independent film

John Bresee

Cool spot

Kimberli Havok

Glad someone standing outside directing people to door--my friend walked past entrance not knowing where it was!

Lisa V

I love this theatre and am glad it didn't disappear. They always have great films that you can't see anywhere else. Plus, beer and wine!

Kylie Scharf

the greatest little theater. amazing popcorn. love going places like this. they usually have really great interesting movies

Mark B

Cool old theater! All the quirks and charm of an old theater with some modern retooling. Great new sound system, bathroom upgrades, and overall fun place to see a movie. Not fond of seats! So uncomfortable! My ass and back is dead by end of festival each year! No parking, street and garage nearby mainly.

Gina Garcia

Who wouldn't like a place that shows funny cat videos!

Robert McKay

Sat in the balcony for first time, stairs are a lawsuit waiting to happen but man what a cool place.

Pankaj Parag

Bad hospitality.

Mel Asselin

Friendly staff and a cool theater

Steven Simpson

Great place.

Hannah Ekness

Talk back with the director of Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts Nick Zeig-Owen. The event ran smoothly with little confusion or friction. SIFF’s volunteers are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Dougga Dit

Few cinemas can touch this one

Kathryn Black

A nice theater with good films that other chains just don't have.

Krista Garrett

I love the interior of this old theatre which as the name suggests is Egyptian themed. The interior set up is pretty cool with balcony seating also overlooking the stage and columns supporting both the roof and the Egyptian theme. I've seen some pretty interesting productions here, such as Collide-o-scope's Halloween edition (a mash up of quirky, artistic short films) and most recently the Golden Girls, Live! As portrayed by a very talented group of drag queens. They serve beer, wine and cider as well as popcorn and candy, etc. I appreciate being able to have a drink in a theatre although it would probably be better to be completely sober when it comes to walking down the steps on the balcony to get to a seat since they are a little steep and do not have hand rails The people who work here all tend to be friendly and helpful, haven't had a bad experience with staff there ever All in all I highly recommend seeing a show here, it's a great place that has great entertainment

David Moffett

Always fun. Great movies you can't find in the big theaters.

Carlos Nufio

Very nice theater, old times movie going remembered...nice & friendly staff, part of the Seattle history!

Charles White

Awesome vintage theater. The seats are a little old and the armrests are fixed in place, but I don't think there's a bad seat in the house! I had accidentally purchased tickets for a showing Saturday night and showed up Friday night. The staff was very understanding about my predicament and was able to revise the booking for the next showing! As others have mentioned, the concession counter serves beer. Ticket and concession prices are typical.

Josef Komenda

Beautiful old theater run by film purists and hipsters (the good kind). Good popcorn and excellent beer/wine selection. Everyone is nice. Membership worth every penny if you see at least one movie every other month.

Geoffrey Dodd

Chairs are uncomfortable, but overall the venue is fantastic

Shana Gitnick

Clean, good sound system, padded seats downstairs, wooden seats on the balcony. No choco-popcorn or soda for sale. Women's bathroom is oddly very hot like a sauna. Go before you go.

Jason D. Nemeth

Very cool venue to see a film.

Blake Partridge

Charming theater that focuses on foreign and independent films. Good for film lovers but lacking a bit in comfort and technology that you might expect, especially for the ticket price. But you're likely here for a film no one else would show.


Continues to be a stalwart of indie film on the Hill. decent indie circuit selections, that is usually recent releases from national indie releases. Has good selection of wine and beer and pretty good popcorn.

JoEtta Bailey

Totally Enjoyed "Seattle Int'l Film Festival" World Premiere of " Patrinelle Wright Total Experience"

C Olcott

Chedeng & Apple. Last day film festival!

Roja Kwon

Seats are old and not comfortable

Jonathan Sigrist

Attended as part of the SIFF festival, and the venue and festival were both lovely.

Sandra Martin

Friendly caring staff. Big screen. A great selection of what people *actually* want to snack on at the movies: nice Reds, Whites, Ciders, Theo chocolate, local rice crispy bars, Full Tilt, coffee, teas, and the traditional favs too along with self serve free water and cups ;)

Chris Pitts

The Egyptian is one of Seattle's greatest treasures. It's an old world single screen movie house which shows the stuff you don't get in the big mall theaters. There are few better ways to spend an evening in Seattle.

Garrett Clark


Daniel Tuttle

Great movie theatre, worst selection of snacks/candy ever.

Wayne Levinson

Awesome theater and great snack bar with actual drinks

Beatrix Miguelez

Great venue that shows a great variety of films. I love the involvement with Twist Film Festival. Great show!

j spain Greene

Film Freaks spend several weeks a year practically living at the Egyptian, not only for SIFF - one of the oldest and biggest film fests in the US. - but also for special film fests like NOIR CITY - a one week celebration of all films noir. Thank goodness SIFF saved the Egyptian. It is the only old school movie palace left in Seattle!

Eric Deng

Sound wasn’t great.

April Miller

Great concessions and theatre set up!

Ringo Allen

A proper movie experience - the audience is respectful of one another so you can enjoy the movie. What it lacks in plush comfort is more then made up for is style. May it always remain a theater.

Rachael Huffman

We saw the Muppet Movie singalong here. It was everything I had hoped for, but the seats in the balcony were extremely uncomfortable. I appreciate that they put on creative events for all walks.

Tika Bordelon

filthy. absolutely filthy with sticky floors and grimey seats. oh, and that restroom. could it be any worse?

Laura Luna Martin

One of the classic old theaters of Seattle, and there aren't many more like it anymore. It's a gem.

Max Pham

Good place for igniite

Maranda Nielson

This is a very fun place to go see movies! It is a beautiful, big theater. Price is excellent. Price for snacks is also great. I was impressed with the customer service. There wasn't hardly anyone in the theater, so we got great seats. It's a really old theater, so the seats aren't very comfortable. It was a really fun experience, I would go again.

Timothy Murphy-Stevens

Nice ambiance for older theater. They serve beer and wine too!

J Gallagher

I love watching the SIFF films here.

John Jacobson

Beautiful historical theatre with the necessary facilities and beverages to ensure your stay is pleasurable.

Phillip Duggan

Might be old but it's one of my favorite theaters in Seattle and I'm glad it's part of SIFF.

Michelle Messmer

Beautiful theater in an old Masonic temple. Decor plays up the Egyptian theme. Showcases many indi films, some long after their original opening. Super friendly staff.

Justin Perry

Old fashioned theater that shows great movies. A neighborhood classic that I always look forward to.

Connor Tee

Love this theater

Armando Yaws-Gonzalez

This theater has character, and the people who work here know it. It isn't the cleanest, doesn't have the latest and greatest in tech, but it also doesn't pretend to be either. They usually host SIFF or SGLFF movies here too. They also bring old classics and cult faves for midnight showings regularly.

Amir Mehrabian

Old charming theater

John Hickey

I love this theater and have been going to movies here since 1982. I saw one of my all time favorite movies here during it's initial run back in the early 80s - Another Country. I'm glad SIFF bought the theater after it closed because it would have been sad to lose this Seattle original to new development. The hand made ice cream sandwiches they carry now are awesome!

Michael Forney

I love the bones of this building, it's a fun place to watch a movie.

Virginia Bartman

Very good old fashioned movie experience plus alcohol = Fun!

Patrick Franklin

This beautiful, historic building is a cultural landmark. The location couldn't be more perfect. Close to restaurants and bars if you want to make it a night on the town.

Theresia McLynne

Great old style, nostalgic theatre!

Adrian Garcia

An old and pleasant theater. This place is awesome. You can see the old structure and design of the building. There is only one screen but it's big. The seats are really old and uncomfortable and might be replaced. The cafeteria serves beer and good popcorn buckets. The restroom is small. You should go to enjoy the experience. This cinema is usually used by film festivals.

Lisa Isaksen

Nice old school venue

Shirin Sherkat

Beautiful theatre!

Carter Harris

Excellent seats EVERYWHERE, nicest staff, and awesome viewing experience. Puts together some of the best movie selection around, definitely for the person who likes things other than Transformers 9.

B Hair

Cool little single screen theatre. Alcohol,popcorn and soda served

Sean Hunter

Beautifully restored theater, watched a jazz documentary there and the sound was wonderful.

Zach Ahlin

Saw a snowboard flick here and loved it. Had great sound, picture, vibe, and the beers were cheap. Great location and would reccomend seeing a movie here!

Tyler Meadows

Easily found parking within a block for about $10 on Saturday night showing. If I decided not to drive, the light rail station is a 5 min walk.

Tina Blanding

Such a classic theater!

Jeremy Park

Given the change to comfortable seats at other theaters this place is a throw back (i.e. they aren't comfy. It's like riding an airplane is economy class). This being said they show awesome Indi movies other theaters don't


Great theater for independent films and documentaries.

Mark Javornicky

Favorite independent theater!

Will Russack

Cool theater, staff who are clearly invested and friendly, and a solid concession stand.

Gary Medeiros

Classic movie theater. Great staff, all around clean, and the ability to see the large screen.

Daniel Burchardt

Love this theater. We need more midnight movies.

Aaron Taylor

Amazing staff, great movies, good selection of snacks / drinks. I've been desperately missing my tiny independent movie theater from back home and this place is filling that void.

Adam Thorne

First time seeing a movie here, and what a cool theater! Great concession stand, where you can purchase excellent snacks, even beer and wine! The seats are old, like the building and decor, but not uncomfortable. The old decor is charming, and the architectural features are interesting.

Jonathan Foutz

I've always been a fan of the Egyptian. Sad day when they closed. But with the upgrades, this place is absolutely fantastic. Seats are better and (in my opinion) the refreshments are better, too.

Jamie Lott

If you love indie films and an old timey movie theater feeling you will love this place as much as I do. I like to imagine it as the grand theater it once was. The popcorn is delicious and they serve wine and beer along with coffee and tea. It's a great experience in a hip neighborhood

Jake Parsons

Came for a show and dinner and was not disappointed with either! The entire venue was fantastic and the staff were extremely helpful and friendly! Will definitely be back soon! The food is WONDERFUL but the shows are even better!

Stephen McCallister

SIFF theater it's older, but you're there for the movie, right? You can park at the college garage just up the street. Many, many good memories here!

Stefanie Schiller

Great, old style theater.

Ben Kesseler

Not quite as nice as Cinerama, but still a great experience.

Dai Wei Sun

I love the Egyptian. It needs our support!

Anna Lovelace

The seats here are ass destroyers and the grade of the floor is pretty low so you always have someone's head blocking you. Those things aside the main draw here is that there is always something interesting playing that you can't get anywhere else, especially midnight showings.


It has the feel of a 50's era classic movie theater, but with hi-tech video and audio technology.

Mark Bezemer

Old style, nice!

Josh Siewert

A great theatre with great movies, hopefully new seats will be installed soon

Ethan Eames

Excellent old Capitol Hill Charm, great wine, snacks etc, friendly staff and great film choices

cool and interesting

A great place to catch first-run indies and the odd classic. The seats are somewhat uncomfortable and old-fashioned, but it also adds to the charm of the historic theater. I see movies here whenever possible and feel good knowing I'm supporting this great organization.

Jodi Hankins

Beautiful Art Deco brick building. It used to be a Masonic hall and the interior is full of mosaics, murals and it also has a stage. Parking is across the street.

Antonio Ochoa Solano

Big screen. Many seats. Interesting movies. I have like for good theater.

Carol Verga

Old building but well revamped movie space. Great popcorn with real butter in the middle as well as on top.

Zachary Williams

This is my favorite indie theater in Seattle! Always playing good movies, delicious popcorn, beverage options, and historic architecture all add to the fantastic experience of viewing a film at the Egyptian!

herman harp

My girlfriend and I loved going to see "I Am Not Your Negro" beautiful theater. Hope to go again soon

David Curtis

Beautiful historic theatre. Plays all sorts of "indie" fare.

Eliezer Martinez

Classical movie theater feel with an Egypt theme as the name suggests. You can get good wine with your popcorn.

Jane Christenson

Went to see the amazing Aretha in "Amazing Grace". Love her ans them. RIP

Cheyenne Gillooly

Great place for a show. Nice staff. Sound and lights were good and they have good snacks and beer and wine

Chelsea Palmer

This is a fantastic building to catch a movie or event at. It’s definitely an old school theater, but with modern benefits such as alcohol. Seriously, if you’re in the Capitol Hill area check out this theater if you want to catch a movie.

Giovanni Severini

Cozy and old style cinema, excellent sound

Nathan Marcus

Excellent old movie theater. Reasonable snack bar prices. High quality cinema film selection. What else do you want from a movie theater?

Caitlin Wilson

Great venue that support great causes!

Andrea Della Corte

Cozy and old style cinema, but with all the comforts and well situated.

Ashley Brunner

Classic. Great place for indie films!

Steve S

My wife and I met here, so of course we love the place. And having SIFF in charge is a big improvement over the succession of art house chains that previously operated the theater.

Nikolis Moffett

Charming venue for the whole family.

F Lin

Small indie Theatre, seats are not super comfortable and tall people easily block your views.

Jennifer Hall

Wonderful movies, Q and A with Director. Meet and Greet after.

Beth Kelley

Cool venue, lots of historic character retained.

Adam Mesa

The venue was nice, but the cinema screen was smaller than a mainstream theater. This did not detract from my movie experience.

Scott Amsden

Went to stand up for pride and found the venue well suited for the performances.

Joseph Revard

The Egyptian is a classic theater showing non run-of-the-mill movies. Plus weekend midnight cult films. If you like single-screen theaters, you'll love this place!

E Chavez

Wish the space was better taken care of.

Lawrence Cushman

Old theatre with an incredible ambiance. Perfect place for a unique movie date. The staff play interesting films that you sometimes can't catch in other theatres, and the patrons there are always courteous, quiet, and don't use their phones (thank you!).

Roxy Doll

Great place. Beautiful inside. The chairs need replaced but over all great experience.

Timothy Peter

Fantastic old theater that was restored. Terrific venue for movies with large screen and stage. Conveniently located on Capitol Hill only 5 min from downtown Seattle.

Brendt Bauman

Seats are just too hard for my honey rear end

Scott Doran

Thankfully preserved for old film goers like me who enjoys a single screen theater, and balconies

Taylor Baker

I love this theatre. Try it out for yourself when their showing something that intrigues you.

Jessica Ness

My favorite theater in all of Seattle proper! SIFF healed my broken heart when they reopened this capital hill gem <3

Douglas Pearson

It's a beautiful classic movie theater but the seats are starting to show their age compared to modern movie theaters

Lucas Kelleher

I really love all of the SIFF theaters, but the Egyptian is especially fun. Seen some really wonderful movies here, especially foreign films. Especially since the Harvard Exit closed, this is the Capitol Hill theater.

Ben Peterson

Loved the venue! Great vibes, saw the animation show of shows here with my girlfriend and absolutely loved it. ended up being a cheap great way to spend a night

Mitch Mitchell

Drinks, good service, large theater with lots of room so you can spread out with a large group!

Tom Kurtz

A real treat to see a film in this theater. Exquisitely designed, comfortable seats, and great staff.

Victoria H

Excellent seats everywhere! Good movies, and great mission! I go whenever I can!

Dave Heberer

This place is really pretty cool for its atmosphere and I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. There was a strong smell of bleach when I walked in that took a while for me to get used to

Michael Madden

Great interior design and large spacious seats. Almost all the seats are a great view of the screen. The staff is friendly and the snacks are better than amc/regal. Prettiest theatre in town.

Paul Kang

A Capitol Hill fixture. Art house films, drag shows, and classics from times past. The crowds are usually good natured, and you'll find that most showings are a participatory experience with your neighbors. The on premises booze is also a plus.

Michael U

This is such a great venue. The location on Pine at Harvard is easy to get to (Link Light Rail, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 43, 60) even if you're unable to leave your car behind ( in horror... at the thought... in resigned disbelief), there's a parking lot for Seattle Central College just across the street. The Egyptian works wonderfully for films being screened by the Seattle International Film Festival and Three Dollar Bill Cinema, but it works equally as well for the many varied, independently produced live performances which play there. The staff (including the SIFF volunteers) are awesome. I actually had the most gorgeous, bearded, Ausie guy who was working the concession, help carry my wine, water and popcorn to my seat. Find one of those at your local AMC Theater. Additionally, because it is on Capitol Hill, it's walking distance to some of the best restaurants, bars, and clubs for before and after the performances. All this in a historic old building that was once A Masonic Temple (nice to be able to co-opt a small piece of their world domination plans for something creative and productive) that before they vacated it were using it as a wrestling arena (hulking, sweaty men in onesies, wallowing around, embracing each other as spectacle. Now that's the kind of domination I can get behind. I guess the Masons aren't all bad after all).

Eddy Duprase

The Egyptian is an irreplaceable Seattle icon. They show the bigger indies and some of the Festival tentpoles, and while the venue is a little dated, it feels like home to me.

Steven Sparkman

Great local theater being kept alive by the SIFF team.

Jessie Hamre

Neat old theater. Grab some popcorn and a glass of wine and enjoy the show!


I went there for a comedy show and had a blast. The venue is nice inside. There was construction when I visited but it was not an issue. The drinks were reasonably priced and the staff was very friendly. During my time there I needed some help and one of the employees went above and beyond to ensure that I got everything I needed. I was very happy with my experience and will be returning.

Ericka Shepard

The movie eighth grade by Bo Burnham, it was great! The theater is very open and comfortable period a good view from all seats. The balcony was not open at this time. Great prices at the concession stand

Majid Azimian

Nice old-fashioned theater.

Scott Breiler

Great programming and concessions (5/5); facility is worn but has charm (3/5). Overall, SIFF has made an invaluable investment in Capitol Hill.

Metta C

The Egyptian, like the other SIFF Cinema theaters, is a charming place to watch films of all kinds. The options for food, snacks, and drink are also plentiful - yes you can get alcohol here before your show. The staff are always so friendly and helpful. The movies are chosen carefully and with a lot of thought - they show a lot of the timeless films here and it's something I really appreciate. Worth getting a membership and supporting all the great things they do here for film and the people who love and appreciate them!

Thibaut Labarre

Conveniently located in the center of Capitol Hill, this movie theater shows a great selection of indie and international movies.


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