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REVIEWS OF Rose Theatre IN Washington

Halie Jones

Your typical movie theatre, this is my favorite one in town. That have great popcorn, drinks, candy, and more! The proves are the best I have ever seen! Very comfortable theatres (They have two)!

Deborah Apple

Perfect place for a movie and the closed captioning machine allows me to know what is being said. I never miss a line and actually know more of what's going on with the characters. Thanks

Nathan Barnett

Best small movie house I've ever seen.

michael peterson

Great food amazing prices truly a hidden gem

Sarah Larson

Amazing place to see a movie! Really friendly staff, and they give nice little facts about the movies. Tickets sell out quickly though so buy early!

Suzanne Michaels

Always love the Rose! Great cinematic experience, and a wide variety of films to choose from. Head to the Starlight Room, enjoy not only an amazing movie, but also a full bar and a wonderful selection of meals. Doesn't get any better :)))))

Emilia Ramsey

I go here all the time. The Rose is such a welcoming and awesome theater.

Andera Martin

Rose theater is a great small town gem. The seats a little cramped.


A perfect place for out date in the Starlight Room! Great place to see a movie.

Lena LaVelle

Comfortable, great decor, relaxing Nice Bar

David Esterl

Independent theater, arthouse, what's not to love. I haven't done dinner theater for awhile, yet our was fabulous too

Kevin Goatz-Short

Beautiful small town theater with big city feel the seats are very comfortable there is a balcony in one of the 3 theaters a have They always have a very good selection of movies plane whether it be the current blockbuster or the indie film Popcorn and snacks and soda are very reasonably priced and parent to most movie theaters

Richard Coletta

Best theater, best films, popcorn from real corn! Are ya kiddin me? What's not to love?

Joel Swick

Incredible theatre. My favorite in Washington. The starlite room is absolutely beautiful with good food, beer and so comfy.

Ludwig Becker

This is a classic "old time" theatre in a downtown area to match. Great experience!

Zach The Passionate Aspie

The Rose Theater is a staple for ANY visitor to my humble town. It's just like stepping back in time to when theaters were first opening around the country. The atmosphere, the people, the popcorn (just inject that into my veins, thank you!) and, of course, the films. Ten stars out of ten. Check it out and be green with envy if this is NOT your hometown theater.

Gary Rieger

Small intimate theater with the best popcorn I've had at a movie house.

Johanna Perkins

I now wait until the movie I wish to see shows at the Starlight; I dress up a bit; the venue calls for it. When I arrive, the staff greets me with giddy joy - ("Do you love working here?" I ask. Answer: "I can't believe I get paid to be here!" says it all.) All is calm in the beautiful lobby as I wait to choose from the menu. Next - find a Victorian chair or sofa to lounge in with my goodies. It feels like a personal showing - the folks around are thoroughly enjoying themselves - romance is in the air. Next time I am bringing a velvet pillow to stuff behind my back, and will grab one of those foot stools! I love introducing my friends too the Starlight Room.

Steven Worden

Always a good movie and excellent patrons

Susan Kriegel

Get there early..this little jewel is always packed.

Sea Otter

I love the Rose. It's comfortable, small, has great sound and the people are wonderful.

Adam Clemens

Smaller theaters but great staff

Brian Holle

The must see movie theater on Port Townsend. Make sure to see a movie in the Starlight room!!!


I love watching movies from the balcony. The popcorn seasoning selection is primo!

Joseph Schordine

Great movie theater, comfy seats that aren't too expensive. Awesome popcorn seasoning and they serve beer' wine and cider. My only problem is you have to get your (alcoholic) drinks in the first 30 minutes after the movie starts. . .

David Ahmuty

What a great place to share a movie experience. Food and drinks available, sit on antique couches and chairs, makes for a special day.

Bill Crane

What a perfect place to see Downton Abbey. Always enjoy catching a movie in this great theater.

Michael Wilcox

Sold out theater, wonderful evening!

Scott Rossiter

Fun atmosphere. Had good time with friends there. Friendly staff.

Brock Walker

Filling Port Townsend's eyes and ears with the best things film has to offer, and filling its mouth with good pop corn and real butter.

Karen Renz

Wonderful films....

Corrine Fry

I really like the Starlight Room (the 21+ venue). Comfy chairs/couches, good food/drink, and reasonable pricing.

John McKenzie

Unique small town theater with a historic style. But the seating and screen quality are not great.

Christy Spencer

It's all about the atmosphere and the popcorn here. The film options aren't usually my cup of tea. There's a state of the art 3D system that's hardly used anymore because the owner rarely bring in big budget 3D films. I didn't thoroughly enjoy this theatre when I find a movie to attend here.

Dan Anderson

Best theatre I've ever been to

this is nadine

Super friendly staff, beautiful location. I really enjoyed the chocolate covered pretzels... Wish I saved the bag for who makes them. I think it was someone local!

Denise Kyzelis

Friendly and personal. Seats could do with an upgrade....but I also understand they sort of go with decor.

Reed Larson

Old advertisements cheap concessions and a fun atmosphere make this a great spot.

Sharon Couron

So nice to experience the improvements

Alise Moss Vetica

Such a charming theatre. Not a bad seat in the house.

Andrew Michalko

Best thing to do in town! Grab an inexpensive bite to eat while you watch a movie in a really comfy couch or Victorian chair. They have a full bar and serve organic popcorn and butter! Great first date place or for the romantically inclined.

Ethan Berg

Best theatre I've ever been to. I worked there in high school, pop corn popped in non hydrogenated canola oil, real butter and shelf of seasonings. They recently added a couple of taps for local beer and cider you can bring into the theater with you. 3 cinemas, one of them is upstairs (21+ venue) alcohol served, and you sit on couches. last time I went tickets were $10, 2D and 3D showings are the same price, if a movie is available in 3D there is usually a 2D matinee and 3D evening showing.

Randy Rajala

Fun little Theater. We saw a film that I wouldn't have seen back home.

Sarah Nash

From the Starlight Room (romantic and upscale) to the Rosebud (where I just saw BladeRunner 2049) I can't decide what I love more. The decor, the awesome staff, the genuine small town vibe ... it's all perfect. I love it.

Lee Hoffman

Best Theater I jefferson County

Monica Trujillo

My truly favorite movie experience!! I love the starlight room the most and used to frequent quite often prior to working full time again!! I do book my tickets in advance online as its at least an hour and a half drive. I love the selection of movies and the atmosphere and ambiance are priceless!!

Beth diodene

Great movie the mustang!!!

TM Burkett

Wonderful theater! Old style but clean and comfortable. It's an experience worth having.

Billie Jo Meyers

Love the Starlight

Jennifer Lyons

Love the rose

Amy Pangrac

Loved it so much! I am looking forward to my next visit to Port Townsen

Ian Fraser

Such a nice small town theater. They get a good variety of films from mega-popular hits to indie niche films to classics and even operas and plays. Three screens are available, and they're all pleasant rooms. Go and enjoy!

Richard Bragstad

Great old movie theatre with 3 Screens. The Starlight Room is unique.

Denis Hill

Nice classic theatre with outstanding shows.

Shari Matzner

Remember what theaters were like before mega cinaplexes? That's the Rose. What I like best is that one of the staff reads a little background about the movie before each showing.

Jeremy Mihaylo

What not to love... Best movie watching experience ever! Comfortable and cozy seating. Amazing food and spirits. Doesn't get better!!!

Sheri Dean

Love going there. It's more than watching a good movie; it's an experience!

Dwight Durand

Best theater experience in Clallam and Jefferson Counties.

Stephanie Moran

Best Theater Anywhere! Where else can you decide to go see a movie without knowing whats playing and be truly moved? Rocky has impeccible taste in movies, plays, ballets, etc. This theater is like no other! I'd give it 10 stars if I could.

Kristy Johnson

Fun, quaint old movie theater

Emi N

Really great little theater. It's fun to see the antique building. Someone who works there came into the theater before the show to tell us some facts about the movie we were about to see, which is an experience I'd never had before at a theater. The whole experience was fun and much nicer than at chains, although they don't have reclining seats...but I didn't even miss them, since this was such a different and fun experience.

Christina Lott

This is just my opinion but the Old RoseTheater the surroundings are great and they don't charge too much day of lots of snacks but you have to make sure you clean up your mess after you see your movie, this really helps out plus you get to see your movie Faster.

penny varteresian

It is always a special occasion to experience a movie at the Starlight Room, it is like a mini vacation, feel very pampered, the food is unique and delicious, the view before the movie is spectacular, can't say enough good things about it.

Sammie Parker

Love to take my out of town guests there. In the Starlight Room you can watch a great movie and lounge on sofas having a glass of wine. No it doesn't get any better

Bob bob

Starlight room is awesome


Best movie and documentary selection I've ever seen. And awsome popcorn.

Jason Goold

cool old theater

Sue French

Throughly enjoyed watching Star Wars 3D. Everybody very cordial. Impressed with presentation before the movie.

Peaceful One

I love this theatre.

Sean Flood

This is one of those old theaters. Quaint. The main theater has a balcony fun place to catch a flick. The "Starlight" room has couches and arm chairs, a full menu, and a full bar. The run a full selection of first run movies classics and Indies.

Rini W

Great fun. Neat popcorn toppings, good drinks & nice viewing venue

David Campton

A superb small independent community cinema with real small-town American period charm and great service, including a real person introducing the programme.

Kyla Becker

Such a fun place to see a movie and enjoy a nostalgic old theater experience

Susan Ward

A really classy place. If you have visitors, make sure to take them here!

Nik Fury

I dont think that one of the only two theaters in a small town should focus mainly on indy movies. I have to drive to Kitsap county to see a movie that wasn't screened at Sundance previously. Rude attitude by owner and staff. I also feel it is under handed and unscrupulous to have the town pay for a new 3D set up via a gofundme page and not actually get a real 3D set up. This overpriced everything and pretentious staff / owner situation could ONLY work in a town like Port Townsend.

Dave Petro

Love the selection of films, the real butter and popcorn toppings, and the beer and wine

Spencer Croteau

A very well curated selection of films, great food options (and booze!) and a very charming, comfortable space. One of the best cinema experiences I’ve ever enjoyed.

Robert Thomas

Friendly staff,easily purchased tickets on line

Hoss Hostetler

We went to this great local theater with our whole family. Everyone was great and they did a little personal introduction to the movie beforehand. We will be back anytime we are in town.

Randi Menk

Old fashioned theatre with current films and delicious popcorn.

Lisa Widner

There's only one thing that beats the Rose Theater, and that's the Starlight Room! The Best of the Best, with extraordinary atmosphere and loads of good people!

N Macgyver

Beautiful, old school, clean, classic, friendly, amazing place!

Cynthia Koan

Great movies, thoughtfully curated, with fresh popcorn to order. What could be better!

Wayne Hynd

GREAT old movie house! Brings back the atmosphere of the "good old days" with a charming decor, central location, "home-made" cookies (they really might be!), and consistently interesting films.

T.R. Stevens

Best movie house on the Olympic Peninsula. Check out their Starlight Room!

Will Humiston

A very charming and unique experience!

Sadie Mayo

I love that i can have a beer!

Ken Rice

Starlight Room is a wonderful place to see movie. Comfy chairs and couches, nice meals served.

Spencer Smith

This place is special to me. If you want a classic old fashioned night at the movies experience, I still have not found anything better than this anywhere. Of course the film itself might alter your experience but I've still enjoyed myself here even seeing the stinkers. Despite the old fashioned look, the actual image and sound is very up-to-date and state-of-the-art. So if you want to go back in time in mood but not sacrifice audio-visual quality, this is the place.

Pamela Sullivan

My daughter and I throughly enjoyed The Hero starring Sam Elliot in the Starlight Room in early 2017. The Starlight Room offers Victorian comfortable chairs and sofas with end and coffee table's . Enjoyed food and wine with the movie. Thank you

Marcia Canaday

Coolest theatre anywhere. 21+, a menu, every chair and couch is the large comfy stuffed sort with pillows and throw blankets around, tables for your drinks and dinner. Really amazing shows, it the norm.

Pania Warren

Cozy, personal and fantabulous service! Be sure to have your I.D. ready for purchasing libations, no excuses! (Meant in a very fun way, the lady of the house was awesome)

David Langum

Great popcorn. You don't even have to put butter on it. Its THAT good.

Joyce Molgaard

Love this place.

Janelle Hankinson

The setting is amazing! Vintage sofas, chairs and coffee tables. Gorgeous chandeliers. Food and alcohol service. Neatest theatre I've ever been to!


Classic movie theater from the old days which really sits in well with the theme of the town.

Stephanie Arnoldin

Great place awesome restaurant next door!

Jeff Morrison

Nice a must do

Erin S

A charming and classic theater but with modern touches. And the best popcorn every!

Daniel McQueen

It was a surprise how great it was. Will go back

Sean Alban

Highly recommend this place! Took my friend to see Bohemian Rhapsody in the starlight theater on the third floor and it was amazing. I enjoyed the popcorn and the seasonings provided. The room had many vintage couches and tables with electric candles. There was a full bar and a nice dinner menu also. Friendly staff briefly described some facts about the movie before it started. Overall very satisfied and will return for sure!

Margaret Harrison

Love this theatre! Beautiful building. Classic movie going experience. Great staff, varied film line up and matinees!! Perfect.

Debra Ayres

If this is your first visit, expect to be surpised by how personal the experience is. Almost all the products at the concession counter are locally made and reflect the diversity of the area. Popcorn is an experience, with a variety of herbs, cheeses, spices, etc. to mix in with your buttered (always real) corn. Inside you'll be treated to an introduction by a live person, sharing an anecdote or little known fact about the film you're about to see. Enjoy!

Robert McClure

Wow, the starlight room @ the Rose Theater was absolutely beautiful! A wonderful experience all-around. (cheap amazing popcorn!) I'd recommend stopping by for a movie!

Carol Jinks

A very quaint place...must see if you are in Port Townsend

Merala Heins

Charming classic historic building showing well chosen films. The intimate starlight room upstairs is awesome...order food and beverages while seated in overstuffed chairs and couches :)

Renata Hickey

My favorite cinema and the most delicious popcorn in the west coast! Charming and historic. Management truly puts a lot of effort in bringing incredible movies.

Kerry Christianson

Awesome local theatre with many personal touches. Beautiful space.

David Proebstel

Quaint old theater offering movies not always available in popular theaters. We watched the Ruth Ginsburg movie.

Neill Kramer

Wonderful art cinema that is passionate about bringing great films to a small town

Stephen Fofanoff

Charming theatre, the only one really showing independent films in the area. The starlight room is a super fun 21+ movie venue with a nice bar, great date night location.

Rotten Johnny

I thoroughly enjoy watching movies here. The last movie I saw here was Star Wars EpVII. No big obnoxious crowds, concessions are great, the service is superb. I hope its around for a long long time.


Quaint, small and comfortable old theater. Stepping inside, it feels like you've walked into a slice of history. Features a full snack bar and a small selection of local draft brews. Super friendly staff as well! While I only attended a screening for a Hollywood movie, it seems like they do a lot to support the local scene as well. Will definitely stop by again next time I'm in Port Townsend for an overnight stay!

Robin Jordan

Great location featuring both large budget Hollywood films and excellent art house cinema. They also do throwback showings of old classics. The Rose sports two screens on the first level one larger (The Rose itself) and one more intimate, but a bit smaller (The Rosebud). Though upstairs they have the newest edition The Starlight Room, which is really the crown jewel. The Starlight has a more comfortable seating arrangment in the form of couches and tables, and also serves a full bar selection and a pretty solid food menu. All in all this is a wonderful place to view film of either major producers or smaller independent ones. Very enjoyable experience in a clean environment with a friendly staff. A must whether visiting or local.

Nancy Bos

Cool place to see movies. Love the personal touch. It always feels like a private screening of first run movies. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because movies don’t stay long, so you have to check their listings regularly.

Damaris Eustice

We love the Starlight Room. Every time, we wonder why we have not gone more often.

Ted Keehn

Saw my first Opera. I wasn't sure I'd like it but I will not miss another. Live from Met. We are so lucky to have access to this. Only 800 theaters in the entire country do this. God bless you Rocky

Marty Canaday

Seriously awesome. The top floor has skyline views with huge windows & the most comfortable chairs I've ever used in a theater. Big cushy seats and couches with lots of end tables. A+.

Brian McKay

Wonderful, order food and alcohol drinks, view movie sitting in couches and easy chairs. Great movies like Amazing Grace

Keven Guin

This place is good

Jeffrey Hodges

Very nice little movie theater

Quincey Jonsen

Wonderful independent movie theater in the heart of Port Townsend. I grew up going to The Rose Theatre and it is loved by all the movie-going locals. The owners are very particular about what movies they show and only pick the best films. I have never been disappointed in a movie I have seen here. Before each movie an employee gives a short synopsis about an interesting fact regarding the movie itself, the director, etc. Interesting touch. Prices on popcorn and other concession snacks are reasonable unlike big theater chains who shake you for all you're worth for a soda and popcorn. Historical, well-maintained and lots of character, The Rose is the best!

Robert Turner

This is a unique and fun place to see a movie! There cannot be too many movie theaters like it anywhere! 45 seats all on beautiful pieces of upholstery. Sofas, loveseats, club chairs. Just pick where you want to sit. And a full does it get any better? Well they also have a menu with a great selection of food! Go There!

Deborah Hill

Love this venue especially the Star Lite theater upstairs.

Diane J.

I see almost all movies playing in the Starlight room. The seating is all overstuffed chairs, love seats and couches so it feels like I'm watching the big screen in my living room. Also good food and afgahns to keep folks warm. Definately a must see at least once!

Patricia McCauley

Not sure why the Rose was not rated 5 stars by everyone. There is nothing not to like about this place. From the sound, seats and screens it makes going out to the movies a real pleasure. One of my very favorite features is the director's notes, this is a real person intro to some of the behind thoughts of the director, and it is done just before they role the film. It take 3 minutes or so but really makes the experience unique. Another thing I love is the popcorn. The Rose popcorn is the real thing and it is the best ever. They have various flavor salts you can add customize it just for you. I have not gone to the Starlight room and experience the newest screening room at the Rose but heard great things about it and can't wait to try it out. If you are in Port Townsend or near it, spend an evening at the Rose, it will spoil going to the movies anywhere else. I know this to be true as I live 45 minutes away with several movie houses much closer but will not go there because a night at the movies should be special and that is why I choose the Rose theatre.

Tracy W

Absolutely a must if you are in Port Townsend! Charming & lovingly restored. Has 3 theaters, The Rose. The Rosebud & The Starlight Room. Each has it's own character. If you are a local consider a membership. Different levels with perks & supports this local institution.


Living where I'm at seeing new releases takes travel. Rose was suggested by a friend. It was an absolute pleasure to get to visit another historic theater that is in in such great shape out of being clearly well cared for. Everything was Clean, the staff was Friendly & knowledgeable about The Rose -- I especially enjoyed the personal introduction to the film. I will DEFINITELY make the trip again when I want to see a new-release film! Just a Fantastic personal discovery!

Katie Jablonski

The seats were comfortable and placed in a staggered pattern so that the person infront of you is off to the side. Restrooms were clean & comfortable, but I recall stairs to access.

Dennis Bishop

What a hidden treasure! On our first day in Port Townsend we arrived at this odd time of day where you're kind of at loose ends for a few hours. We happened to walk by the theater (which happened to be playing The Book Club) and decided to go in. Wow. What a great experience. First the theater itself is great, and then this young lady walks in and introduces the movie. She spent 5-6 minutes basically setting the movie up, etc. It was very well done, with humor and wit. If we could have worked it into our trip we would have gone back every evening to watch another movie.

Charlee B

Great Indy theater!

Terry Conkle

Very nice people, comfortable couches and chairs, reasonable food from the silverwater downstairs. Experience with a very nice date night.

Mike Monteleone

Specifically for the Starlight room portion. Fantastic venue with couches, beverages, meals, giant wooden bowls of fresh popcorn. Best of the award-winning movies.

Rita DePoule

Great venue, wonderful set up, I wish there were a couple more chairs that sit higher and have firm seats. But the black one by the door is great.

Amanda Myrick

Only 2 screens and pretty small but very romantic for first dates

Natalie Ainge

Everything about this place is delightful!

B Davis

Great old theater

Andrea Dennison

Best popcorn I've ever had

Christopher Moye

Awesome community theater house. The host comes up front of the theater and gives you a quick introduction to the movie and talks about theater events and other goings on. Really great experience in an old time theater.

jae carrico

Great little theater in port Townsend. The create your own toppings bar for popcorn is really nice esp for vegans! It waa comfortable, good amounts of seats. Just wish they played more current movies.


The Rose is the quaintest movie house in the Pacific Northwest! Rocky (owner/operator) selects fabulous movies which please the populace of Port Townsend. AND the popcorn is the best you've ever had!

Coley h

Awesome small movie house with different theatre options. The Starlight room is for the 21 and over crowd but any other can be accessed by anyone. Mostly, I've seen small independent films and the Sundance film festival type of Indy films which arr my fave. The popcorn is organic and so is the butter. And they don't gouge u for it! O find it cheaper than most commercial movie houses. And they talk to u before the movie filling u in on the makers, actors etc. as well as rhe other films there. A joyful place.

Henry Werch

Wonderful film going experience!


Small theater with a great atmosphere. They balconies in the theater with great views and easy access in and out. Loved seeing Monty python here years ago.

Emil Atanasov

This is a a fantastic independent old fashioned movie theater that always has a great great selection of shows. Highly recommended!

GAry Smith

Awesome historic theater, both first run and artistic films. Great snack b5

Kite less

Excellent experience, vintage theatre - seats are good, experience is great if you're used to suburban and mall-style theaters.

Debbie Eiken

Such a great throw back in time for a little theater and the movie was awesome

Tim Lawson

Great location, wonderful selections. Love the staff introductions to each movie. The Starlight is a joy with great food, good choices of wine and beer. Love sitting on the Victorian couches and chairs.

Diane Thrasher

Starlight Room is a fabulous place to watch a movie!

Kevin Ritz

A very civilized way to watch a movie. Enough said.

Leticia Huber

To go see the best and latest movies at a sweet Victorian movie house, doesn't get better!...

Patrick Heys

Great place to see a movie. Even the popcorn is awesome.

Christine Vicino

This is the PERFECT movie experience.

Nicole Allen

Love the building, the real butter on my popcorn and the fact that every movie is introduced by a person who describes the plot of the movie and a few little-known facts. That they serve alcohol is an added bonus for those who partake.

Mike Thorwick

Gr8 Experience again. Rosamond Purcell rocks!

karen r

Historic theatre, ambiance , always fun to catch a show at the Rose, great popcorn!

Matthew Gatheringwater

This is a theater for people who love film. The setting is intimate and beautiful and the films are usually introduced with a short, informative introduction.


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