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REVIEWS OF Rodeo Drive-In Theatre IN Washington

Nathaniel Oxford

The Rodeo is a great experience! Why spend your time battling it out in the parking lot at the indoor cinema? At the drive-in, you get to stay with your car, it's ok to talk during the movie, and you get two movies for the price of one! Enjoy a vintage experience but with modern upgrades and conveniences!

Jason Judge

Awesome drive in! Will definitely come back

Bob Simpson

Went for the weekend swap meet. Looked interesting but the sign says open 10 to 2 on Sunday but the venders say they have to be out of there by 2. So they were packing up as we were looking. Still interesting stuff though.

Rocky Iovinelli

Always a great time at the drive-in.

James Gregersen

I love it, it's perfect for the family!

Seth P

Great place to go and bring the kids for a kid friendly movie... Also a great place to go and bring a date, just make sure you have a working stereo and aren't trying to impress your date with your old hoopty that has no tunes.

Brandy Taylor

What a great experience with my daughter!

Denetra Boykin

Amazing! First time and I loved it

Kayla cakes

love this place. great spot to take your family/loved ones. not to many drive in theatres these days so its pretty amazing they still have this one!!

Chris Cox

A classically great place to watch a movie but in a weird way I kinda miss the speaker you hang on your car window lol awwhhh the good old days

Tom Katt

Much Bigger than Skyline which sometimes can make things difficult on some with people that like a slower pace to things it isan Incredible Nod in the right direction of bringing people together in the community. For me personally it is an overwhelming feeling of Nostalgia made up of Good times from my Younger years and beyond because the Drive In Movies were were my Family went to celebrate and or Relax from the Monotonous tone that The Everyday Grind can bring on. Prices are really reasonable and there are tons of concessions to be had.

Jamey Sultan

Adorable! Had a great time.

Jenny Whitney

Will definitely become a tradition in my family. Great experience!!!

Ryan Devlin

I was given the opportunity to visit this awesome piece of history with my girlfriend as a birthday gift! We had such a great time here; enjoying the chance to see a double feature and just getting comfy in our car. If you want to experience fantastic service, look to the supper helpful and fun staff of the Rodeo drive who not only makes supper awesome food and memories for us but also got our car out of a jam once it decided it didn't want to turn over after the movies. Check out this slice of American History and spread the word that Drive in Theaters, though few in number, are alive an well here at the Rodeo Drive-In!

Aimee Miller

I love going to the drive in and this one is the only one left in the area. The sound and picture are always great. Definitely go here. It's an experience.

Mark D Bullard

Great experience! Very friendly staff, and the audio was so clear over the radio. I remember being a kid and thinking the audio was terrible at drive-ins. I got a burger from the snack shack and it was totally reasonable price for a totally decent burger. Nothing gourmet, but surprisingly good. It's hard to imagine what would improve the experience without increasing the price. So I say 5 starts for a great value.

Carl Sgambelluri

Still have a good time at this drive in. Not too many of these left so get there when you can before it gets shut down for good. The folks running it are genuinely happy to provide a fun summer evening venue for the families.

Lewis Cooper

Great double feature fir half the price for 1 movie at the regular spots..Bern 30 yrs since my last time pl as n on going again next weekend.

Fortnite Power

Can’t have your trunk open if you are not in the back

Anthony Kinnamon

A super fun experience! I've always wanted to go to a drive-in and I'm happy I chose this place. I went to go see the second Lego movie, and into the spider verse. They both looked incredible! I didn't feel like I was missing any quality from the theater. The food here is also another treat I would definitely recommend the Philly cheesesteak. The pizza dog was interesting as well

Herb Spicer

Amazing movies, great food, and plenty of parking at a reasonable price. What else could you ask for?

Kade Plessinger

Really enjoyable. Awesome to find out that they have playsets for kids, pet friendly, full concessions and you can bring your own food. I wish the 2nd movie didn't go so late into the night but that's how drive-ins are in the summer. Best way is back a truck in with an air mattress. Tarps a good idea in case of rain.

Dr scratch Andsniff

Great family atmosphere, great staff, plus two movies on a big screen in the privacy of your own vehicle. I have been going since I was a baby and I'm 36. Check it out.

Sandra Smith

Wish there where more U guys rock. Only way to see a movie

Karolyn Ensman

Fun place to experience a drive in movie.

Jessica Lynn Lopez

Adorable place!! Cheap snacks, candy, drinks, and admission. Definitely worth the drive! The only thing I didnt like was how late the movie started...they told us sun down but it didnt start until about an hour after that.

Angel Irwin

Always love this place!

Rhonda Mobley

Not as many vendors as I thought there would was opening day of the summer season!! Will be back, DEFINITELY!! Hopefully, as a seller, by the end of the season!

Jason Isam

It was amazing. Loved it highly recommend goimg great place and very clean and organized

Kenny Nichols

One of very few still in operaition. It's a treat to have it so close to my place I hope they stay in business for ever

Gustavo Arreola

We have always had a great time at the Rodeo Drive In. Living in Southworth we either go to the City, Gig Harbor, or the Rodeo to see first run films and the Rodeo is are favorite. We can bring a pizza , drinks and the dog. Especially great on a hot summer night.

Amy Jo Warne

Was great. Have been the drive in in so long. I had the best time . You Story two thumbs up. .. Lion King was also the good But I looked Toy Story best.

Lacey Lazuli

They changed the movies they'd be showing at the last minute and it was kinda trashy looking. Never going back.

James Day

Great movie's all first run great price

De Lynn Grubb

Glad we still have this drive-in. Not many of them left. Nice to be able to sit outside in the fresh evening air while watching a good movie.

Todd Gustin

Fun times and good movies

Vasili Andrews

One of the last drive-ins in the country, and a great one! Definitely a fun way to watch a movie on a summer evening after dusk. And, they got a great kitchen and menu at their concession stand. We'll definitely be back next summer!

Jerome Acosta

Great drive in even has a playground for the kids to expell some energy.

Heather Hess

We love the drive in. Sadly there are so few left. We moved away and the drive in was the place we missed most. It was our first stop when we returned.

Amanda L

I’d recommend bringing a radio, otherwise you have to keep your car radio on the whole time, I was nervous about draining the car battery. But otherwise it was a good night out !

James Wellington

The drive in is great... the parking policies are not accurate on thier website... it says first come first serve... then on your ticket it has other restrictions for "large vehicles" we were forced to move our Subaru outback (with nothing on the roof) because they said it was an SUV... then because spots were filling up they then parked taller SUV's in the spots we were in.

Chapparitta Mamasita

We loved it there.

Dominic Brooks

The main problems I have with this place, is in recent years the fresh out of high school "security force" y'all got that are rude as all hell and like to play pretend cop, the way y'all park everyone soo tightly together so that my doors can get dinged in by children coming in & out of the car next to me, and the rinky dink snack shack that's supposed to accommodate all screens but just ends up being chaos. I get that this is the only drive in theater (in kitsap) that I know of, owners... at least upgrade the freaken place before you open with all that revenue y'all make packing people in like sardines all summer.

Perry Herrick

Two for one great price, go a little early and let the kids run around. Google Rodeo Drive-in Theatre for show times and gift cards.

Tim McClellan

Best drive- in I've ever been to. They actually have a kitchen cooking your food.

Robert Steinbring

The management couldn't be more rude. The quote of the night "Find a way to make room for another car or I'll do it for you" And "Get your vehicles closer or I'll kick you out " (Our doors already wouldn't open on one side. ) The really nice woman who runs the snack stand couldn't stop apologizing for her managers incredibly rude behavior. I really wonder if the owners know how poorly run this place is.

/ Spicy /

Amazing place to watch new movies with friends and family

rick reichert

I went here with a group of friends, pretended to be an Indian, watched John Wick 15 in 4D with D-box, and while one of those things is a lie, I had an amazing and memorable time here. It's the closest drive in movie theater if you're coming from the seattle area and it's worth the drive. If you have a bunch of pillows and a truck bed, even better.

justin vanwinkle

Great movies, Double showings for only $10. Concession stand has alot to offer also.

Cole Zimmerman

What an experience! An amazing place for couples and families. There are play toys for the kids while they wait and the food is delicious. Know that your ticket buys two movies. We saw Spiderman and MIB 2 in one showing.

Mikel Randolph

The Rodeo drive in is great! They are inexpensive, have good food, and the customer service is excellent. It's nice to be able to watch a movie in the bed of my truck or just sitting in a chair on the lawn. They have a playground now so kids can play while waiting on the movie to start. Take your family to the drive in. You won't regret it.

Johnathan Rodriguez

I love this place I try to go at least 2 times a month it's a great place to have fun with the family

Kim Sanders

Coming here since the 80s still love it

Anthony Warren

Amazing place with great prices

Cristal BookWorm

Awesome theater! Bathrooms are clean and concessions have tons of choices just really pricey.

Ian_ Fox578

It was an amazing time, just bring lots of blankets.

thomas rizer

Go here all the time, double features with the kids at a great price

Collette Reiman

I have always loved coming to the drive in. Being that I have lived in the area, most of, my adult life and have been going, since I was 8, it holds a special pkace in my heart. We went to see Dumbo. Great movie! Such a beautiful evening, all the theaters had a decent sized crowd. I didn't get concessions, it was just packed with large lines. The bathroom was clean and well lit, and the locks worked on the stalls. The reasons for 4 stars, not 5: The lack of foreknowledge about a mini van being too tall, for an off center spot. It would help to have it mentioned before getting settled in. But the big reason? That awful condemned looking old concession stand, from when I was 8! Honestly, they could film a new Left for Dead 3 video game scene at that place. It looks ready to collapse and takes up a potentially great viewing section. Is it asbestos walls? Crazy. Still waiting for a zombie to stumble out, looking for a hot dog!


Support your local business! Rodeo is a great place for everyone to catch a film. Date nights or family fun, either way you’ll find that here. Staff is friendly. Prices are quite reasonable. The screens are also great. If the kids get bored, there’s also a playground. Bring a blanket and your happy mood, you will have a good experience here.

Ella Williams-Fricke

Love going here. We try to make it as often as we can.

Tammy Brett

Best drive -in

Ben M

Projectors seem weak and need upgraded

manuel marshall I

Wonderful time with my son and my sister with her 2 boys. 2 good movies.

Parker Schulmerich

Awesome small drive in theater. Snack bar is allergy friendly

Bri- B

One of the best and one of the only drive in movie theater that you will find period!!!!

Ryan Lewis

I love this place! Takes me back to being a kid again!

David Jacobsen

Love this place, brings me back every time I go. Lots of good memories here I've take my kids here(still do) now my grandkids a genuine piece of Americana

Allen Luby

They wouldn't break a hundred dollar bill. For a six doller order

Ron's Adventures

We love coming here and watching double feature movie's. We also like that trucks are up front or in the back to not block the view of the screen. We enjoy the sunday swapmeet also.

Rise Johnson

Very busy and noisy but a good night out for people watching.


Great classical experience for the kids and family

Brig Fugal

Super kid friendly. Stayed for the double feature. When our car's battery was dead at the end, they gave us a courtesy jump!! Reminder, run your car every 45 min to charge the battery

Joe Stone

It's a great experience to watch out side. Just wish the concession stand was a little faster.

Steven Coogan

I REALLY love coming here! I would come more often if I didn't live far away! There are THREE screens and all three always show double features. The price to get in is reasonable. The staff is helpful, including if your car ends up needing a jump at the end of the night. The concessions are pretty good. (I am most concerned about popcorn and they always do a great job there.) Overall, it is terrific and it is very cool to see such a big and vibrant drive-in in this state!


love this place, and now a tradition in my family.

Joe Little

I had a great time, and the mozz sticks are amazing.

Nee Blondie

I wish there were more drivin around but happy that they're still this one

randy vickery

Always the best experience I've had since I was only a child. And now my beautiful child gets to enjoy the same thing

Kimberly Alvarez

The was the first time I have ever went to a drive in and it was awesome....weird, but awesome. We chilled in the car because it was a bit cold but it was so much fun

John Collins

One of the very few drive-in theaters left. 3 screens to choose from. Worth the trip. The surrounding views are awesome. Plus there's a playground for the kiddies.

Katie Guarin

Bring your own drinks and snacks! I'd say everything was great....except I can't let go of the price of a fountain drink WITHOUT REFILLS. If you want me to pay 4.25 for a large soda (3.25 for small), I EXPECT that I will get to refill that thing. Especially since they're double features! Either that, or lower your prices to a reasonable amount for single use items.

Richard Slotkin

Not to happy with one of the Rodeo employees. I was at a show with my family. They were have problems with their bathrooms. The next thing I know a young lady comes out from one of the restrooms and throws something at my car. I loose it. The owner comes up to calm me down. I find out his 16 year old employee was the one who threw a stick at my car. He tells me I'm being unreasonable, and I need to settle down. He comped my family's tickets, but when I asked for his employees name he said he wouldn't give it to me and I would have to deal with him. My family has gone to the Rodeo dozens of times and we have always had a pleasant time. Not tonight! I not planning to go back for a while if the owner is going to hire people like that. And if there is damage to my car he will be hearing from me

Darlene Bell

Love the whole 3 different screens at once!

Dakota Asbury

I’ve been coming here since I was a kid... still love it. My hubby and I saw Captain Marvel this weekend, it was great!

Kobe Bryant

Honestly the best movie experience in a long time I drive a hour and a half to this place because it’s that good bring your kids your friends everyone it’s amazing

Ryan Gilmer

Great movie experience.

Asriel Kerr

This place is so cool! I always love watching movies here. It makes the movie an experience rather than just a screening. If you're heading here, definitely grab all your pillows, blankets, family, friends, and junk food to make it a fun time!

Jennifer Giddings

Terrible quality. The worst customer service. Don’t waste your money

Mark Evensen

This is a nice old school drive in theater complete with a place for the kids to play.

Shannon Williams

We saw several movies here last year. So nice to still have a drive in up and running with a great price! Our kids love it. They even have radios incase your car can't get the station, total life saver.

Alex Somber

Very fun with bathrooms and foodies

Bryan Woods

Great family fun. Staff was super helpful! Had to jump our car. They came right out. It was really nice of them. Start your car half way through the movies...

Ryan Upton

Great time. I love the drive in and I wasnt disappointed! I got here early and had so much fun

Chris Morrison

Only been here a couple times and it's great everytime

Lesli Bradick

Good movie. Good times

Amanda Avery

Great food. Disappointing that our 5yrbold was not free website says 5 and under free which means you can be 5 if they mean 4 then change it to 4 and under. Otherwise good.

Charms World

Far from where we lived but was so with the drive. I love drive in movie theatres.

ana talbott

What a great little spot. Nice playground, clean facilities, and friendly staff. Just had my son's first movie theater experience, and will happily go there again

Stacie Tarver

It looks exactly the same as it did 20 yrs ago! Except its cleaner and they updated the snack bar. I didnt order anything, but will def try it out next time.

Stacie Ortiz

Been going here since I was a kid and now I'm taking my family. Where can you find a better price for new movie releases? Family Fun 100%

Nellie belle

Great place for date night best part is you don't have to sneak in food

Kaila Grubbs

Good prices love this place ive been going my whole life and the best part you can't buy tickets a head of time so on opening night you have a real shot of getting to see the movie you want if you show up... On top of that. Its in your own comfort of your own vehicle...

Trisha Rittenhouse

The two movies for the price of one is fabulous. We saw the Lion King/Toy Story. The food is descent. The only complaint I have is a row in front of us a group of people were smoking marijuana! At a kids movie!! Otherwise we enjoyed the experience.

Chelsey Bosworth

The movie quality was excellent, most of the staff were friendly, the restrooms were as expected and clean enough. The food prices were slightly less than a movie theater on most things. The only problem we had was when a parking attendant was trying to park two full size trucks side by side in between 2 poles and yelled at us when they wouldn't fit. This spot barely held my truck and a tiny car. There was no way that another full sized truck or any truck for that matter would have fit but he insisted on yelling instead of listening. The other truck gave up and went two spots down. When the compact car parked next to us we could barely get in and out of our truck. It would have been nice had he just listened instead of causing a scene. Also, it would be nice to be able to move after the first show considering that over half of the cars left but that is not aloud. Overall I had a decent experience and will go again. The movie quality and play ground are enough for me to give it a second go. Hopefully the staff are more understanding next time.

Kyndyl Thibault

Love this place. What a gem. The staff is helpful and provide ropes for tying down back doors if you have them open so others can see over. Bathrooms were nicer than expected. Concession stand has all the normal fare ( nachos, pop corn, pizza, etc.) And the scenery can't be beat. It's surrounded by trees and you can see the stars once lights go out. Love the Rodeo Drive In!

Kelli Wilber

We were in field 1, watching It chapter 2. Love the play ground the kids can play on while waiting for it to get dark. Bathrooms were amazingly clean. Brought our own snacks so not sure of the snack shack.

Adam Jackson

One of the few drive in theatres left. This drive in offers three screens and holds hundreds of vehicles. The ground staff works hard to arrange cars and trucks so everyone has a great view. One of the best perks is seeing two new releases for the price of one. They offer everything from Pizza to popcorn and let you bring lawn chairs out in front of cars. There's playgrounds for the kids and a great family atmosphere. Highly recommend!!

Maureen Wyche

Its a good deal for double flick pricings. Can bring your own food. The restrooms are accessible from 2 entry points. The concession is RIDICULOUSLY RIDICULOUS but what movie place isnt.

Robert Groce

There are a shortage of drive in theatres I love this place because it's kind of a time capsule and a collectors item combined with a cool place for date night You owe it to yourself and your kids And that drive in to visit them at least once a year

Banana Bogs

Loved it. Only thing was, going for the first time, I wasn't quite sure where to park. It would be nice if they direct people. Bit it all worked out and was fun.

Stephanie Lewis

For myself and 3 kids under 5 it was $10 for 2 movies. They got to burn their energy at the playground by the screen. This is the only way to go watch movies when you have little ones

Brian Ames

Awesome as always..great play area for the kids.. popcorn was great as always

Adrienne A.

Great for adult date night, or a night out with the kids! 3 screens with tons of separation, playground for passing the time while waiting for movies to start and a damn good concessions stand.

J. Scot Rhymer

Best bang for your buck, and awesome popcorn!

Amanda Ibrahim

3 screens, fully stocked concession stand, and good sized bathroom

James Nickles

Great people and employees . Facility ....a lot to be desired .

Sam Brauer

Great drive-in. Haven't been to one of these since I was a kid and it was very nostalgic. The place has 3 screens with a concessions stand in the middle of them. It also has a jungle gym for the kids (and the young at heart). One of the screens is much bigger than the other two, but they're all good sized. Price is great, especially considering you get two movies! I would recommend coming here to see your movies especially if you've got kids. It's a whole experience.

Jason Sizemore

I really love this place however some very simple fixes would go a long way. If viewing as scene 3 and one of rhe other screens gets out earlier than this one then car lights flash across the screne. Should be easy fix.

Wendy S

We love it! We enjoy going every year. The food is not cheap but it is what it is. There's more food options than you would get at an indoor theatre though. There's play areas for kids while you wait for the sun to go down.

Mary Grace Leavitt

So fun!! Great way to have family time!

Miranda Pospeck

I've only ever been to two drive-ins but this was definitely the better of the two. Friendly workers, good food and the radio station came in very clearly. We paid $10 a person, I'd consider that cheap since that is for two movies. Going to a movie theater you'd spend about double the price for one movie. Another plus would be that they allow dogs. I'll be back in the future for sure

Aaron Labiosa

Great place to catch a movie

Buried Alive

Great movie experience and the prices aren't excessive anymore! Lots if fun:)

This Nelson

If you miss drive ins please stop by here. It is exactly what you remember as a kid... a great time

Randy Komatsu

We enjoy taking the kids here. Playground and movie. It's getting a bit run down. I wish there was a smoking section away from the cars so we and especially any kids can enjoy without the sound hand smoke

Shannon Erickson is making it happen

My Family and I LOVE this Drive in. It is sad how few there are left in Washington State. So PLEASE visit today and keep them family owned and operated

Jonah Oxley

The price was great at $9.95 per adult for two films. The parking went pretty smoothly and the concession was less expensive than you would expect from a regular theatre. It was very busy and a bit noisy until the first feature started which is typically 2.5 hours after they start letting people in. If you come early enough to get a good seat, bring something to do.

Krystal Gerrish

Had a blast. Kids got to play at the playground before the movies. Can't beat the price either. Definitely coming back!

Timothy Miller

Always love the drive in. Great showings and very affordable. Great idea for an escape for a little.

Jamie carney-england


Jaylin Jacey Ollie

I love it great customer service

David Riggs

Always a pleasure to visit and watch movies. This time we ate burgers from the snack bar, very good burgers. Something about watching movies outside and them in the car. We got to see part of meteor shower while watching movie.

Aaron Hawkins

Great place! My wife and I had a blast! The mozzarella sticks were the best we have ever had. Though, it was not necessary to show up early and wait in line for the place to open. Every spot there is great! Also has a small park for the kiddos!

Jennifer Buchanan

Even though it's harder to see the movie on the screens cause its darker. We still love coming out here for the experience. I also love that they have kept their ticket prices and concession prices reasonable unlike the movie theaters. When I'm paying for 4 to 5 people everytime it gets expensive quick.

Caleb Hutchins

The facilities have seen better decades, but still a fun, historic drive-in movie experience that you can't find in many places anymore.

Tkayah Edwards

Great movies wonderful experience

Brian Norris

One of the last of the great drive-in's sure some of the technology has changed, but you really can't get any better for the price. Two movies and a unique experience. Well worth the visit.

Brandon Culbert

The quality of the video surpasses a lot of theaters. They know where to spend there money. I watch movies here more often than an actual theater, even though I pass at least 2 on my way to the Rodeo Drive-In.

scot white

Cheap, get place for a date, it's a wonderful place to go on a Saturday night. A place you get to relax in your own car, the concessions are faster then most movie theaters and offer alot more then most movie theaters. Definently reccomend this drive in.


Anthony ruined this place for us! The last time we came there was a lot attendant named Anthony that asked us to move so I did. He comes back a couple of minutes later and tells us to get to the back of the lot because my Yukon XL is too big and the guy that just pulled up was complaining. We got here over an hour early to throw the football and get a good spot. I wasn’t happy about it but we are here for the kids so I moved where he told us to. Now we have 3 large full-size trucks in front of us and can only see half the screen. On top of all that when I went back to talk to Anthony he was apparently very upset and asked me not to use bad language. Not knowing what he was talking about I asked him to elaborate. He said that I called the people a “N” word. This is just saddening. Anthony has a problem and should not be working with people. We are not pleased and we will look for another venue to support. We also notified the manager Cheryl about broken glass by our new spot and she dismissed it. Piss poor management.

Young Bohle

So glad we found this place after moving up here. For two movies, the admission price is more than reasonable. The food is better than your average movie theater menu. But the best part is the experience. My family loved it and we'll be coming here for every movie we want to watch in the future.

Michael Miller

Great experience a place that must live on!

Carlos Duran

Great place for families. Or if you want to get away from the high priced movie theaters. Excellent prices at the concession stand as well!

Rhiannon Hill

I love this place and hope we never lose it. ❤❤❤

AJ Johnson

Awsome, we love it

Queenie Sunshine

The very best place in the world


Always fun when we kick back at the drive in. Best late nights with the family.

Rhowe Bart

Love it! The concessions were very busy at that time, but the food was great! Will definitely come here again.

Corri Langlois

Love going here, a great family activity. They have multiple playgrounds all at a really good price to see two movies.

Connie Standley

Great drive-in that has a play area for the kids to play before the movie starts. It has good snacks, but they are spendy snacks.

Ron Winebrinner

Had a wondedful time...great place to go on a date with that special someone or if your just trying to take the family out for the evening. Very affordable with general admission 13+ priced at $ 10.00 per person. Children 5-12 and Seniors priced at $ 7.00 . Enjoy the good old times and expecience a great pastime !

Holly Roper

Oh my gosh!! This was the coolest! It made for a late night! But, so worth it and such an awesome summertime adventure! The drive there is so pretty! The playground is super nice for pre movie fun! The Philly and hamburgers are what you need to be getting from the concession stand... My husband ordered both and loved both. The fries are really good too. The bathrooms were kept up and cleaned through out the night. We will definitely be back for more adventures here! It was a great family night!

Ken Speers

I am so happy to have found a good old fashioned Drive-In Movie Theatre. The movie selection was awesome with each of the three screens showing double features of new and recent titles. The quality of the radio signal was good and having a nice sound system in a vehicle will make it even more worth it. The concession stand in the park has a great selection of foods at good prices. Each of the screens has a play area for children for while you are waiting for the movie to start. The movies started late as it is summer time and dusk happens later but I think it could have been moved up a few minutes. Great experience and highly recommend taking the family.

Manya Myers

So much fun ! A bit grungy,but that is part of the charm. The movies are curre n t,the concessions are classic,the audio is perfectly fine.Summer bites at t h e drive in--classic

Heather Prince

I Always recommend to get their at least an hour early or its tough to find parking... Concessions are duper overpriced but love this place!!!

Johnny Perez

Absolutely LOVE this drive-in. Its family affordable and a wonderful place for family dates, hang out for friends and for couples that just need a night out. Big bang for your buck

zach schmidt

So much nostalgia!!! And great variety of food. But didn't see that the audio was played through your own car radio instead of speaker boxes so remember to bring a radio or be ready to start your car every 20 min or so to charged the battery. Besides that it was excellent

David Cross

Love this place the kids loved the drive in they have a few play grounds for the kids to play


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