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REVIEWS OF Regal South Sound Cinema IN Washington

Im Dead Inside

I have been coming here my whole life and love it! The popcorn is the best I have ever had and the snack bar is always filled with lots of options. Alot of people don't like the seats but I personally don't mind. This is the best movie theater I've gone to and Im definitely coming again!

William Oman

Them chairs need work, playa

Evelyn Lawton

This movie theater is awesome! I go here with my dad all the time and we've never had a bad experience! The movie rooms are nice and clean and so are the bathrooms! My only wish is that the food was cheaper. Other than that, it was great!

Michelle Smitg

Friendly staff. Older theatre.

Casey Maggart

It is clean. Seats are comfortable. Popcorn and sodas are high priced like every other theater.

Vanessa M

Decent movie theater in the area, a bit outdated and needs more games for kids, but overall decent sound and picture. Food more pricey than tickets, but you get good deals with the regal card and military discount if applicable. Bathrooms are always pretty neat and tidy as well.

Elisabeth Davis

We decided to give this location a shot and... Well it was actually pretty decent. It wasn’t jam packed and we practically had the theater to ourselves while we watched Black Panther. Sure it looks a little sketchy out front and the inside is pretty worn, but you just can’t beat it’s location. Customer service is meh but that’s usually the case when it’s teenage employees. Overall I’ll be coming back here for sure.

Largoroom Studios

Avengers Endgame was fantastic.

Mary Jane Gearhart

Small town theater at it's best! Polite and friendly staff. Clean, well maintained. Air conditioned. Military and senior discount. Download Regal app to earn points towards tickets, refreshments and merchandise. Wheelchair access and seating.

Jaime C

Have showing for up til ten.... Closed by 9pm if slow but no where was it posted.... Best to call before you try to go on a late night whim...

Gordon Gardipe

I like this old theater. It's never too crouded and the emplyees are all really nice.

rubee Kizak

The "pretzels" felt like hot crusted over Play-Doh and tasted like that's what they really were made of. Popcorn was gross. Movie was awesome.

Adam Mott

Great place to see movies. Very comfy seats and clean facility.

Crystal Shapiro

After a while of sitting my butt hurt. I hope they get those comfy recliners soon. Snacks and drinks were really expensive. Movie was great though.

Teresa Bonnette

A good theater. Simple, nice staff, close to my home and Tuesday is cheap night!

Carey Alvestad

Staff is friendly, venue is clean. A nice local theater

Ryan Barnes

Such a small theater, but makes up for it in a good movie experience! Nice sound, good video, and comfy seating. All makes for an enjoyable outing with the family. Not too keen that for two adults and a child cost almost $50 (without snacks!!). Would be so much better to wait for movies to come out on RedBox/Amazon prime and watch it on our own big screen.

Michael Markham

Nice experience over all

Ellysa Williams

employees all acted like they didn’t want to be here, or help customers. Hate feeling like an inconvenience to an establishment!

A. Cow

Needs a makeover but still a good place to catch a movie. Also you have a regular seat instead of a reclining mess!!

Cameron Barnes

I enjoyed this movie theater a lot kind of upset that they switched their $6 Sundays to $6 Tuesdays but besides that it's awesome very friendly staff

Joan Ray


Jean Elliott

Going earlier in the day is a good time is better. Older theatre with low seating.

David Wilcox

Saw Creed 2, theater was near and clean, snacks were delicious. Highly recommend.


Their old and worn seating is not comfortable. The volume is usually low enough that I can hear the film next door or people opening snacks is louder. Should be offering discounted ticket prices for the low grade experience. We typically prefer travelling to Gig Harbor or Silverdale instead. It's only worth coming here if you live locally and don't have extra time to travel to a better theater.

Joan Bellman

My favorite go-to theater. Prompt service. Pleasant staff. Great location.

Kathy Steadman

Small town theater. Not crowded at all. Theaters are small with smaller screens which was just great for the movie we saw. There are video games in the lobby gor the kids. The only reason for not giving 5 stars is that its a bit difficult to see from the road and Google sent us to the wrong location about a block away.

Dulce Espinoza

Every one is friendly old school but my family and myself love attending

Daniel John

Went here with my family to see a movie Friday night, while in the rest room there was a guy doing drugs (smoking heroin or pills) in the stall!!! Seats inside the theatres need to be updated severely because they are massively uncomfortable... I will never bring my family or friends to this crappy dump of a movie theater again!!

Raymond Inocentes

I went in looking for a Group Discount for a boys baskeball team. Friendly staff referred me to his manager. I talked directly with manager. Manager willingly offered me discount I was asking for. Very courteous atmosphere. Excellent customer service.

Indika Norman

only have had negative experiences with workers, ive been overcharged, terrible seats and cleanliness dont plan on going again any time soon

Mary Wilhelm

Web site has where. Sunday has a discount. Not so only Tuesday. May want to change the web site info. Frustrating

Matthew Avery

I watched Shazam the theater was great with perfect sound and seating

Johnny Berg

Too damned expensive for a movie! But not just this theater, they have all gone crazy...

Stephanie Hooper

Unfortunately, due to the age of the theater and the owner's choice not to spend money for upgrades, our movie experience wasn't up to the standard I've experienced at other Regal Theaters. I see a lot of movies but this was my first time at this location. We drove half an hour because my daughter and I really wanted to see a particular movie before it left the big screen, and this was the closest location still showing it. It was a big movie and the soundtrack was awesome, but due to the substandard sound system we weren't able to experience it the way it should've been. I'm sad to say I won't come back here until upgrades have been made.

Taynak's Mobile Games

The popcorn is usually stale and the theaters are extremely hot. You feel like you're boiling to death while you're watching your movie. The only place on Earth where you have to have a college education for a minimum wage job.

Jason Potter

Comfortable seating good fresh popcorn wasn't stale.. And the movie was excellent the sound was amazingly crisp and clear not overly load it was alaround a great experience

Ashley Wright

This was our first visit and theatre 2 was cold and smelled musty like mildew. The pretzel tasted freezer burned and microwaved.

Jaidyn Skye

High priced food, and the popcorn wasn't that good.

Daniel Fahrnkopf

screens are good. Sound is decent. Snacks are typical movie theatre price and quality. Bathroom (men's) could be use an update but is pretty clean. Staff is always polite.

Elisabeth Cravalho

Small movie theater a little bit tucked away. The service at the ticket counter was good and the staff were friendly. Nice chairs. The only downsidebwas the parking which was limited and filled up very fast. Overall I enjoyed my time there.

Shane Hewson

Good fun for date night

Christopher Trousdale

The place should definitely needs a remodel and a revamp of everything people who work there are not too helpful place voice in Chinese words you so much better when I was a child

cody birdsong

Good place to watch a movie if your looking for cheaper tickets. Only downside is it's a little warm during the summer months.

Scott Anderson

The place is older, much like the rest of the town. Small auditoriums. Otherwise, didn't detract from the movie.

Linda Merker

We love going here

Ryan Dingee

With the new theater experience being soo good with assigned seating and auditorium set ups this place is 8 years behind and needs an upgrade. Ticket cost is comparable to silverdale and gig harbor and it is not even close to as nice. Vendor In The restroom what is this a truck stop? Spend some money and renovate the whole thing and you will get more buisness. Until then I'm going north or south.

Pegy Lowery

Haven't been there in years, everyone was nice. Wish the seats were more comfortable.

Andrew Morrison

The floor staff was amazing, and the managers were kind and helpful during the rush before the movie.


I normally love this movie theater. The staff are kind, the seats are comfortable enough. However, I'm in auditorium number 3. And the front right ceiling vent towards the screen is constantly making noise, like there's something in it blowing around. It makes it extremely hard to pay attention to the movie. I'd appreciate if a manager could get maintenance to clear the vent so others don't have the same issue. Please feel free to reply if you're apart of this particular Regal Staff.

Taylor Lopez

Such nice employees and a perfect small movie theater! :)

Jeannie Anderson

Nice staff but Seats are so uncomfortable and I don't know what the substance is on the popcorn

Odiand Fin

I had to refund my ticket and have informed the personnel that it smelled gas inside the movie theater.

Eric Larson

Cool old school style movie experience

Romy Ludy

The waiting area was not very neat.

Zack 11

Had a great time,when the movie was over it was like 8:30pmand I really wanted to take pictures in the booth with my son but they had already shut it off I thought it was still early but other than that it was a good time.

Jared Schow

I saw Endgame here last night. I've been coming to this theater for years so I may be a little bit biased, but i think this is a great place. The seats were really comfortable, and it wasn't too packed. A large soda cost $6 though, so that was a little excessive, but it was still fine.

Kaitlyn Trimble

Amazing as always. End game was unreal. Great staff, great location. Would recommend.

Valerie Eyler

One black kid was the best helper he was working the popcorn & was very kind to us & helpful, we will be back!!

Dawn Marie

Went to see one of the recent Star wars movie here. HUGE mistake. The seats are horribly uncomfortable. There were side lights on the walls on throughout the movie which made viewing it distracting. The worst part were the speakers! Absolutely horrible sound with crackling, sound going in and out with some of them. It completely ruined the movie for us and we've never been back. If they want to compete with other theaters in nearby cities (Gig Harbor, Bremerton) they really need to upgrade. Face it, it's expensive to go out to the movies and if I'm going to pay that much for food, movie, experience, it had better be darn good. I won't let them ruin a movie experience again.

Anthonie White

a bit expensive for the concession stand but other than that pretty good. Tip: get a large popcorn and ask for a refill into a separate bag they will do it!

brittany norred

Bought water for my daughter because they only had soda choices, paid 6 dollars for a small water that would have cost me 0 had I brought my own. I will next time.

Lisa Paulson

Thank you for working Christmas so we can continue our tradition!

Brandon Jones

Really crappy theatre. You definitely overpay for the quality of the theater. They keep the volume down to basically "tv level" which takes away from the experience. The seats are uncomfortable. Its worth it on Tuesdays however because movies are $5. However i believe SeeFILM theater in Bremerton does the same thing and they have a better quality theater.

Christian Johnson

Good theatre, not busy at all, candy is fair price. Not luxury seating but good enough.


It's a fine movie theater , but I think it's ridiculous that they can charge $6 for a little bottle of water.

Iris Fullerton

This place is great! great movies, they alwaus have promotions and it's never super busy so you can watch movies without tje big crowds!

Carolyn Regan

Great service at the counter, theatre was very clean, chairs were comfortable.


Nice place. Good customer service. Nothing to complain about

Gipson Star

We went to see Spiderman Far from Home while on vacation in Port Orchard. It was great to find a nice theater in the growing community of Port Orchard. The staff was very friendly and helpful and while the seats were not the fancy recliners that you find in Seattle, they were very comfortable and had lots of leg room.

Kennedy Raine

The theater here certainly isn't fancy. You can tell it's old and a little dirty, seats are the old fold down style, not the modern reclining ones. However, they have $6.50 movies on Tuesdays and Sundays. It's worth $6.50, but if I was paying full price I would pick somewhere else.

Marilyn Love

I support local businesses! !!

Beth Whisnant

We go every other week. The staff is always friendly and quick to help. Prices are pretty standard. Seats are ok. Matinee's are the best if you like less crowds.. Only complaint is I have to bring our own salt because the salt they use burns my mouth. I suggest upgrading to sea salt. We are hoping the seats get upgraded this year. Thanks for providing local entertainment.

Autumn Templeton

It's an average theater, but the staff here is usually pretty nice.

Patricia Randall

Took myself to a Saturday night movie Downton Abby!). Movie was great with some funny spots, theatre clean. BUT THE COST OF A SMALL POPCORN AND SMALL SPRITE WAS $14+. "Yes, please" to butter on the popcorn-it was only on the top layer. Shocked and appalled. Will sneak my own in next time.

Marina R

Great place. Nice and clean usually.Their sound volume I found way way to high.


Rude workers and screens have stains on them.

Su Vogel

We love Regal Cinemas always clean and tidy the staff is very helpful, the bathrooms are very clean the snack bar as always filled I can relax and watch a movie. And a lot of their theaters now their seats are very much more comfortable and they recline a little I really love my experiences there... enjoy the movies

randy vickery

This is a childhood favorite memory for me! Every time I come I play 1 arcade game, and drink 1 graveyard drink, it's a mix of all flavors except diet or zero never gets old. Sometimes get a medium popcorn but always seem to get that long piece of hair in the middle. I don't even have long hair

Toni Lawrence

Theater was ok, Manager was too busy talking to an off duty employee to realize he gave me the wrong type of hot dog. Was not happy about it. Love Regal will be back due to it is here in Port Orchard.

Heidi Presson

Really come a long way in the way movies and theaters are viewed and visited

Glenn Goodrich

Great experience, very relaxed atmosphere.

Shadowspirit 373

Thay are not open as late as some theater's. Still a cool place.

David Hensley

Quality wise, it's not too bad. It's a pretty standard movie theater. The staff was friendly and the theater was clean. When compared with other theaters in the area, it's a little cheaper price wise.

Deirdre Aberts

We go here all the time it's a great place. I don't often leave reviews, but we just went and saw a movie and the manager was so incredibly nice and went way above and beyond to make sure we had a good time. Best experience I've ever had with any theatre staff of any cinema I've ever been to.

Kerry Daniels

Love our home town theater. Employees are happy and helpful. Always a pleasant experience.


$5 Tuesdays. Best managers. Let me in the theater one time with a whole Chicken dinner meal during a late showing. Even though it can be a little dirty, its one of the few nice places for entertainment in PO

J & K

Small town movie theater. $5.50 Tuesday's are how to go. Regal card gets you concession discounts. They try. Don't make it out to be Uptown, it will never be able to compete with that. Kids behind the counter try and mean well and are nice. Every so often you get a jerk behind the concession counter but then where don't you encounter one now a days. Chalk it up to cheap fun and the capability to spend your extra $$ on your date. Its only a couple of hours out of your day. I will say though do not leave any valuables in your car out in the open. There have been few break ins.

Tim Culver

Great service and beautiful environment.

L Just 3

Is a nice theater complex. Has multiple movies to choose from. There is a nice snack selection. Each theater "room" has plenty of room for all kinds wheelchair designs.

Katie Burch

Worst pretzel and cheese I’ve ever had at such an expensive price. I got a drink and a pretzel for 15 dollars. The pretzel was so hard ☹️

Alex Really youtube

Is my regular theatre tues are awesome

Devonte Longymire

It's old fashioned but still does the job of a movies experience

Esslee Renfroe

pretty nice

Amanda Avery

Great movie place in town

Wesley McRay

It awesome I like the movies it is a little pricey but not to much so its fine

Seth Clark

Coming from a town with a single theater with three screens, I thought I knew small theaters. I did not. Smallest screen I've seen in a theater. That is the building and they cant help that, though. So let's talk about cleanliness. The siding was peeling and the upholstery on the chairs is downright disgusting. EVERY seat is either stained or crusty. The fact that I paid $12 per ticket and had to hunt for a seat that wasn't "as dirty as that one" is very disappointing. I'm not even kidding when I say that the worst public bus I've seen was cleaner than this theater. It seems like Regal bought out a local theater, stopped sending funding and just forgot about it. Very sad.

Madyson Price

I got good service here. This is just an older theatre. Dont go here if you are looking for luxury seating and jumbo screens. Overall not bad if youre just looking for any theatre

Wendy Morris

Could be a nicer place but its adequate..

Melanie Reid

Theater was clean and refreshments were good


Definitely a classic style theater, the chairs could use some work, but the staff is pleasant

Maureen Wyche

Its convenient ridiculously priced snacks but they allow you to bring your own water so plus for that

Pat Waters

Tuesday tickets are half-price so that's when I go, get to see the new releases. It's a decent theater great prices on Tuesdays.

Avalina Arias

Friendly, accommodating GREAT seats

Katie Payne

It's not "new and shiny" theater, but it works good. Staff is friendly. Love cheap Tuesdays plus half off concessions.

Elizabeth Garcia De Wheeler

I had an excellent experience, people were so kind and courteous, I brought my handicap mother and the employees opened the doors for us, plus is handicap accessible we really enjoyed the popcorn and the movie.

Blue Heritage

Convenient location. Sound wasn't very good. Concessions were really expensive!

Faye Cole

Someone threw up in the theater before we (first of two couples) arrived. It stunk up the whole theater and my daughter had to turn her flashlight on her phone to find it for the clean up crew. It still did not smell clean even though we stayed to see The Nutcracker Movie. Need better help with clean up crews. The whole theater floor was a mess.

Tamara Guthrie

Fun place to see a moie.fresh popcorn,helpful,happy staff.

John Willis

Excellent theatre. Popcorn yummy but pricey.

Sue Cochrane

Popcorn is too expensive chairs are comfy

Lucas Hanson

It's your average theater from the 90's. It does a decent job of being clean and the movie is on a big screen like you'd expect. The carpet and seats and everything have definitely seen some better days especially for the price of a ticket. The layout of the front counter is kinda confusing that you enter and then turn around to buy a ticket. If they wanted to increase their rating, they would remodel with putting in better seats and move that counter from there to across the way

Liv g

Needs an update . It's a bit outdated but that also kinda adds to the charm. Nice small town theater but comfort-wise I prefer Galaxy in GH

Karen McGilligan

Nice clean theater

Claudia Cook

I like Regal theaters. Good seats and good snack choices.

Theresa Jones

I like the theater but when we went Thanksgiving to watch Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindewald, dealt with a rude employee.

David Nix

Older theater with upgrades. Not a bad place to watch a movie, but there are better within a 20 minute drive.

Eileen Rule

Clean. Big. Current movies. Outrageous prices st the concession.

jeff wells

Excellent service! Seats are a bit tough after a few hours though.

Metz Abbott

This is a good place to unwind love tuesday low prices and they could lower prices . They would actually make more by doing so

Michael Warmoth

Clean. Cheap little theater. No frills.

Matthew Miller

I've been going to this theater for 19 years.


Very good theater overall, good prices and selection. Floors are a bit sticky/dirty sometimes though.

Carl Fredrickson

Friendly people, most any popular movies are here. Seating leaves something to be desired. I been to the Galaxy Theatre I love there seating luxury!

Lea Horton

Nice, local theatre.

Jennifer Ryabov

While the theater is a great place to watch a movie, they are unable to tell people to quiet down or remove their screaming child. Every movie there is always an issue and the employees say they cant tell anyone to be quiet or remove their child.

Jazzmin Randall

Nice place. Over priced food n drinks, but so is every other theater....four stars because the audio in this place for the movies you pay for could be way better!

Jolene Walsh

One of the things I really appreciate about a business is clean bathrooms. Theirs are always tidy!

Pat Kessler

Since it's local to me, I like it, but I would go to it more if they put in the recliners like the other theaters which are not far away.

Thomas Hammond

This is a good ole fashioned multiplex. Relatively comfortable seats. They haven't converted to Lazy Boy recliners yet. Fresh popcorn and pretty nice kids working there

Laura Irving

Nice staff. Seems clean.

Susan Fitzer

Discounted ticket price on Sundays. Too many previews. Lasted for almost 30 minutes before movie actually started

Isaac Mitchell

I love that this place is local and always has great movies showing. Customer service is very good as well. Have fun!

Shannon Wells

Could use seat upgrades but it is a decent movie theater. Their popcorn has improved, too!

Kelly Hassebrock

My go to movie place

Tessa Fields-Miller

We went on the website and found an 8:30 pm showing of our movie so we made the trek to Port Orchard only to find that the doors were locked. The other people that arrived at the same time as us were also baffled, they said they also had looked it up on the cinema's website. Finally a guy opened the door and said "We're closed, our last showing was at 7:30." We said look as we pointed to the billboards with all the times on them. He just shrugged and said sorry and closed the door.

Michael Iannitto

6 dollar Tuesdays, the movie I watched wasn't great but it's clean and the sound is decent.

Kimberly Cookson

Saw Deadpool 2 on Sunday. The theatre was very clean and the staff were polite. A large popcorn and a large Coke cost 20$, but we knew it would be pricey. Will return again!

Cheryl Nickerson

Watched the "Grinch". Excelent movie. Theater was overall a goid experience.

Cheryl Thomas

Well laid out; kept at comfortable temperature; mildly annoying that workers come in with flashlights periodically to check exit door. (I'm sure there it's a good reason, but still distracting.) Good sound system.

Josephine Robson

Great service and deals! Always having a wonderful experience at this theatre!

Terry Loving

Many shows to choose from....

seamus walker

Such a low key theater i absolutley love it! Have to go early so the kids can play all the fun games before the movie! Great place to go

Joseph mello

Small and slightly outdated, and the seats could of been more comfy. Friendly service and clean.

Linette Deacon

The staff here are always very nice. They have the latest movies. It's clean every time we go. It's definitely a small town theater, could use some updates. Other than that though this is our go-to theater in the area.

Podo Draken

Not bad theater. Seating is good and comfortable. Drinks/food a bit pricey but that seems standard for most theaters. Staff is great and theater is kept clean.

David Cross

Grate time but the prices are kind of high prices


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