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5910 S 180th St, Tukwila, WA 98188

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Where is Regal Parkway Plaza - Tukwila?

REVIEWS OF Regal Parkway Plaza - Tukwila IN Washington

Sharon Chafin

Biggest plus is parking. Staff have no personality - could care less about you.

Jamie Derr

Had a great time. Clean and service was good.

Osama Hamdan

Great screen and sound, wish they would have had more concession lines open and cleaner theater and bathrooms. Employees were all very friendly.

Chris Moore

I've been coming here since I was a child. Not much has changed, but the popcorn is always fresh, the employees are friendly, and there's a wide selection of movies. It's my favorite place to catch a movie.

Debbie O'Riley

Staff is always friendly, this theatre is much easier to get in & out of since it's not a part of the mall, it's clean & big.


I love regal going tonight to watch Dark House

Evan Williamson

Clean theater with a good selection of movies.

David B. III

I love the fact they still honor my free r fill cup from years ago!

Jimmer ne

Have movies most don't.

James Martinez

Old school feel

Tyrone Dagdag David

It said on the schedule it’s gonna start on 12:30 its been 20 minutes and the movie haven’t started yet.

Weatherly Schiele

Theater wasn't terribly busy and the people were helpful. Kind of a standard movie experience - no frills.


Theater itself is pretty good, but the parking lot is kind of shady.

Ankit M

Hot spelly stinky with people whistling during the movie

Steve Bateman

Really clean theaters, and 1/2 price on Tuesdays.

Xiclali Mendoza

Went with my bf..great time,movie,food.

sandeep grover

Need new seats. the whole theater need renovation.

william knoll

Small seats. Small bathroom.stalls

Jennifer Troxell

Clean and quiet movie theater, not as busy as some others around so it makes for a better experience in my opinion. Bathroom is a bit disorienting though.

Rex Herr

Always watch a movie here.

Sarah Carr

Good choices

Kathy Steadman

PLEASE convert this theater to a luxury lounger style theater!!! They need to do something to make this theater stand apart from the newer better option at the mall otherwise this business will die! Make it like a Cinemark with reserved seating and people will flock there! I know Southcenter has converted a few rooms to this option, but their recliners are not nearly as comfortable or easy to operate as Cinemark.

Tyler Hamric

Nice theater, the staff was nice. The weird thing is that you pay for your tickets right next to the concession stand. The bathroom is in the theater hall too which is weird. Overall a good experience.

Mary Jane Rzegocki

Great movies, clean theaters etc!

Kris Russell

great place for a movie away from the mall crowd :-)

Evan McDaniel

Amazing staff!

Marcus Hiebert

Great theater. One of my favorites. A little out of the way but I really like the movie selection they have.

Mary Cunningham

Great place

Ganesh Kumar

A regular regal cinemas. Usually quiet since they do not put new releases here. The seats are clean and comfortable.

Cat Loughlin

Decent, good screen, but the seats are low to the the floor. air conditioning dosnt work well in the auditoriums so is hot and stickey

Rito Reagan

Really nice theater located in the mall and near restaurants and bars.

Carolyn Manaois

My husband and I often have date nights to watch Filipino movies in this theater. If it is not someone trying to say the script, it is a baby crying or some people talking to each other about the movie or tonight a lady on her cell phone in facebook shining so bright I got up and asked her to please turn her phone off it was too bright. Ugh. I love the movies but people ruin it sometimes.

D Mavly22

It’s pretty much a good place but really busy but that is no there fault I recommend it hope you will enjoy

Michelle Canaday

very run down and understaffed

Chandra Naraine

This theater and its facilities are clean and comfortable. I did feel like I paid too much for a senior citizen ticket compared to other theaters of similar or better services.

Mayank Parkash

Awesom experience great movie clean theatre good service and awesome films


The musty smell is overwhelming and there's no ventilation! Got full refund for tickets and the old popcorn. Never going back

Lingaraj Gurusamy

One among the theater which has Big screen s

evonne mcmullen

The theater was clean. The seats could have been a little more comfortable. I thought the concession foods were very high price. $ 4.95 for a bottle of water.

Cheryl Ryals

Great movie old need some updating

Angie Shadrick

Great theater. Very comfortable seating. Service is pretty good too!

Dave Swanson

The theater is old in the seats are uncomfortable in yet they expect you to pay the same for a ticket you would pay it for one of the finer Regal Theaters

Richard Roper

Old theater...Small...Not too crowded....

Michael Tulipat

They wouldn’t let me watch a rated R movie with my toddler that normally takes a nap in movie theaters we take her. But let a parent into a PG movie with his kid, after I saw him pull up in his car smoking a joint. Good job enforcing policy.

tahera sultana

NO Airconditioner.The theatre did not bother to on Airconditioner for theatre no.6 .I was there 3 days ago(June 15 2018) watching Hindi movie and whole time I was sweating during the movie. Could not enjoy the movie. I don’t recommend this theatre when we spend so much on tkt and we don’t get the facility.☹️☹️

Laurence Eligio

The times we've been there we had to wait in line. Last time we were 35 people deep. Even when we got to the window to purchase our tickets there were still 25 people behind us. Even you get tickets online you still have to line up to get an actual ticket. Online tickets for this theater is useless. Then the line for the concession stand, slow, slow, slow! And to boot, STALE popcorn! What a rip off! But I guess that is just one day. Sure, I'll come back to this theater, but I'll bring my back pillow because the chairs need to be upgraded. OUCH~!

Samantha Kramer

Kind of a sketchy area but it is normally not busy so you can sit anywhere.

John Saunders

Good theater. Less crowded than others in the area and shows more than just new releases.

Nancy Madler

Concession stand staff were friendly, polite. Best movie popcorn I've had in a long time. Will definitely be again!

Jonathan Amundsen

I feel like I often overlook this theater because it is not in the mall proper. Seats were good, staff seemed nice, and they were showing what I wanted to see.

Harriet McMillon

Nice clean Cinema, surprised it wasn't crowded as usual.

Erik Simmons

Cozy theatre with good popcorn and other concessions. A little overpriced, but the movable armrests allows for nice cuddling.

anil sharma

Nice and clean... Friendly staff

Blanca Nuño

Smaller theater. Perfect if you're going solo.

Norma Lewis

The bathrooms smell like mold

Lashea Murphy

Nice movie theater. good food.outside ticket counter is now inside fyi.

alfredo martínez

Old style cinema..but to spence

Carolyne Begin

This theater is THE BEST! I could never afford to see movies until I learned that movies are $5.50 on Tuesday with 1/2 price popcorn with the Regal card. Seriously. The theater is definitely older but we've never had a problem. Not very well attended so you can pick your seats and its not crowded.

James Dorrough

I like this theater bcuz not a lot of people frequent it.. So it's usually not crowded which is great..

Terri Miller

Interesting. Not alot of patrons.

Janis Kennel

Not many people on a Sunday afternoon, but we were impressed with the cleanliness throughout. Personnel was courteous and efficient.

Dwane Aldrich

Somewhat older appearing than the theatres I've visited recently (old style, non-plush seating, to start with, but at least I didn't have to choose my seat when buying my ticket - a standing annoyance of mine). Staff were friendly - even under stress. Theatre was clean. Sound system let me hear the movie excellently. I don't really NEED much more than that to watch a movie. Price was a little higher than I've become used to, though.

Lance Barkman

Seats are ok but they’re really close together, and the rows are to close together. I can’t stretch my legs and I had to share an armrest with a stranger. I had to stand up, flip the seat up to let some one by mid-movie (I’m not a big or tall person). This should be considered the cheap theater for what you get, but they sure don’t think so, $13 a ticket is to high, for the place that it is. Multiple repeats in the pre show ads (not movie previews). The bathrooms smelled like old pee.

Jocelyn Hotte

It looks a bit run down from the outside, but once in, it doesn't really matter anymore. It is what you would expect from a movie theater

Darryl Doak

Pretty good theater, but nothing special to write home about. However their half price Tuesdays deal is a nice touch. Do not forget that if you have AT&T you can do the buy one ticket get one free Tuesday deal also.

Ava Brumfield

It's a cozy little theater mixing older and newer releases. A bit less expensive than the big brand theater in tickets, though concessions seem to be a bit spendier. Nice screens, decent seats, cheap ticket Tuesday!

Ed Galimba

I enjoyed going more

BrIronman BTL

Went and saw Briteburn. It was one of the few theaters still playing the movie. Grateful for that. The movie was very good. Service at the counter was very good. The only complaint that I have is that I got a large popcorn and asked for tons of butter all the way through. Thornton Place nails this. The helper, manager(?), that filled the popcorn brought it over to the cash register and I sensed something off. I asked her to put a little more on top please. She did. Glad she did because once I was in the theater eating it it was absolutely dry throughout. Very disappointing. Movie, theater, counter person, 5 stars. Popcorn service, 1 star out of 5. Overall 4 out of 5. For the price of popcorn you'd better get it right.

Carol Scherer

Overpriced bad (old) hotdogs. Flat pop. But loved the movie, Downton Abbey.

Celeste DaVault

Nice theatre, especially when not crowded. Its a little off the mega movie caliber theatres. No special seats or food delivery, but a great sound system, decent seats and snack to please.!

Peter Schulte

This theater is a long drive for us, but we are able to see movies that we would otherwise miss. "Three Billboards" was awesome. This is also the Seattle venue for first run Filipino movies, which are my wife's favorite.

Irene Bymers

Good location but could use a remodel/update.

Rishikesh Rao

the place is nice and clean, seats are comfortable and spacious, customer service is friendly. wonder why its not crowded like amc next block

Sierra sunshine

The place looks sketchy on the outside. It is pretty old and outdated and our tickets were 25 dollars for 2 people which is not really a good deal for a place that hasn't been updated and smells like stale cheetos. They don't even have the stand were you can put butter on your own popcorn after paying 8 dollars for a small popcorn with no refills


This is a good movie theater with nice employees. But it's super empty!!! You want to go to a less busy and annoying theater? Then definitely go here. It's right next to the mall and they could definitely use the business.

Renée Davis

Nothing special just a movie theater but usually no big crowds

Diana Kain

A little older theater but still a great place to catch a flick

David Vazquez

The worst place ever my seat smell like dead fish I went home smelling terrible and have to trow my clothes away

Jodi Hankins

Competitive prices, comfortable seating, convenient location, all the regular snacks. Bathrooms are so-so and the cinema could be cleaner. I liked that they had not just first run movies but also some academy award winners that had been out for a while. Good place to go for a matinee.

D Sawyer

Small screen and theater, old chairs with bald patches in places, and expensive prices for the experience. The place seemed clean and neat, though. Lots of free parking available, too.

Gursher Singh

Very bad experience.. 1 medium cold drink was about 6 dollars. And it was freezing cold in auditorium. They probably trying to save money on heating.

William Turner

Good prices and really great theaters.

John Carver

Best staff ever at a Theater they were very helpful and efficient

Vincent Thrutchley

Older seats but still comfortable.

Vicki Robertson

Because it's fast and convenient

Chelsea Palmer

I kind of love this theater. First, it shows both new and older movies (movies that have been out a while) and all the times I’ve been there it hasn’t been ridiculously busy so you can get quick service and have your choice of seats.

Ronnie Larry

This was a Very Clean, not busy like alot of Theaters, you dont have LONG waits for your food, and the Staff are 100% about their buisness. :-) Exceptional place to see a Movie. Loved it.

Washington Apple

Pretty standard theater, nothing really to make it stand out. No recliners or anything like that. But they do show some movies that the other theaters do not. My wife loves Filipino movies and they often have one playing here. That's what brings us in. Also if you are parking late at night try to park under one of the parking lot lights and put your valuables out of view because we have seen broken car windows here a few times.

Victor Caceres

What can I say, the seating is comfortable, the staff is friendly. They do need to update their video games in the lobby though

Giovani Casanova

Some screens are small and the seats are cramped. Besides that it's all good

Cheryl Jurrus

Good parking and movies. Seats could be more comfy.

Kaif ghanchi

No a.c. other wise it's the best place to watch movie

Keith Steppe

If you don't like crowds, go to a afternoon show.

Strider Strafe

Friendly laid back staff. Not over eager to serve you, then move on to next customer. Relaxed, clean and a quiet go to for watching film. Still one of my favs to enjoy a movie

Joah Makaih

Never seems to get too crowded out of the 3 times I've been. Friendly staff, pretty clean.

Kathleen Davis

Very good all around especially the temp inside we did not freeze the girl actually asked me about the senior discount very pleased

MJ Ofuq

Great place to watch Indian movies.

Andy Kinney

Best theater ever. Being going there since I was about 2 years old till now (I'm 22) and it's always been such a joy. Popcorn is always the best and they play lots of movies other testers don't play yet. I will always come back

Brian Tillotson

Not fancy, but it's clean, parking is easy, and even on a Friday night, there were only 3 other people in the auditorium I went into. Easy to get a good seat! Also, several places nearby to get a decent meal.

Bill Fry

Prices are fair not usually crowded

Kerry Holman

Drink's are expensive

Jude Kruger

Enjoy going here. Its close to home, plenty of parking and good movies to select from. Seating is comfortable.

Jessica Hertrampf

Just wish for the price of tickets and food, it was the recliner seats.

DI Morgan

Great theater, staff, and concessions. Comfortable stadium seats. Always a wonderful selection of films, from blockbusters to Indies, and 5 dollar Tuesdays!!

Joe Kerr

Decent prices, great service, comfortable seats.

Nenita Laurencio

Always friendly people work there.

Colleen West

Small theaters, sometimes empty depending on when you go. But clean and a much better choice than going to the mall.

Vivian Sargent

Small screens, bad sound, hot in summer. It is clean. I really try to avoid this theater. Its never crowded so that's a plus... but there is a reason people avoid it.

Nene Hogue

It's okay I guess, my complained was small toddlers shouldn't be allowed to run around, very disturbing. Parents don't have any control

Donna Rollen

Recently saw Oscar winner, Shape of Water, , good popcorn, parking, great customer sevice

joanne williamson

If you are going to come then come on a Tuesday when admission is $5. Usually I go to the commons theater in federal way on Tuesday for $6. At least at this theater popcorn is half price on tuesday. I do get the senior citizen discount at the commons theater I am not sure if this theater offers senior citizen discount. The food here is crazy expensive here. The place is clean.

Mind & Iron

Great theater if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the main mall.

Lisa Johnson

Nice and clean

Sun .Spice

Great staff, older building, but the new films don't care.

Alan Hollingsworth

Nice facility, good movie quality, ticket prices average. The concessions are expensive.

Mike Monteleone

It's a shame that more moviegoers apparently go to Southcenter's AMC. This complex is downright peaceful with no lines and relatively empty showings. Hope it stays that way and they can still remain open.

Andy Akers

Very nice theatre, seats are more comfortable than most new theatres. Love it

Riddhi Merwana

The good thing about this cinema is you would be able to get great seats even at the last moment, that abundent free parking is available, Movie pass and sinemia pass works here. If you reach like 20 minutes prior to the movie, you can be rest assured to get the top seats as it's not reserved sitting. However the quality of the Auditorium and screen size is average. P.S. Popcorn has way too much butter in them.


Super clean and friendly staff. First time visiting this theater. Wish the seats recline but non the less a great place as parking lot is directly in front with plenty of spaces.

Wally Walker

Da spot. Always happy people.

Nancy Obrigewitsch

Best popcorn and great Tuesday movie prices!

T Dattu

Good place. Lot of restaurants around the area

Anthony Kerley

Theater was too hot.

Bella Official

I love this place is awesome here . This is a very cool place to bring your family . This theater is way cool .

Dick Thomas

Need to bring seats into the 21st century.

Katy Laurencio

Prices to high for food it's hard for family's to enjoy the full experience of going to the movies I see countless parents counting there change so they can share A popcorn & there was 5 of them shareing 1 small very sad, & I asked if I could help & they declined ( probably I embarrassed the parents) I should have thought that 1 over.....

marilynn burton

Clean theatre. Clean bathrooms. 2 workers I spike to were friendly, and the seats are comfortable.


GUESS WHAT? Regal stopped accepting PAYPAL. If you were hoping for that added level of security when paying online since REGAL also doesn't have added security for LOGGING IN online.... FORGET ABOUT IT! Here is why - the website uses CAPTCHA, not 2-step, or other forms of security. The website insists on saving payment info. I do not wish nor should have to if webpage is insecure. If I erase my payment info, website gets sensitive and won't take my card for future transactions. PayPal stops this hassle. Reconsider PayPal please.

Chet Zygmunt

Nice movie theater, staff very friendly,Tuesday is discount day excellent value.

Savath Khun

Just a great place to hang out. Coldstones and Johnny rockets right next door so its perfect for date nights too

Pacific Rock Northwest

Located at the southern most part of the shopping district of tukwila, this theatre is small but no less when it comes to service. Be aware that when parking your vehicle not to leave anything in sight or make sure its lock parking lot doesnt have much lighting at night and it its a known prowler area.

Herm Lindsey

Concessions worker was very helpful, letting me know I had points expiring and I could use them for a free popcorn. Great help!!

Abraham Rodriguez

Very good and nice place to go and not a lot people

vedant shukla

Good place

Julie Mendenhall

12 separate theaters. Fairly comfortable. I don't have any complaints about the facility. The movie that I just watched cost $13.55 to see . Employees were friendly. There is plenty of parking.

Amreet bk

I don't care much about chairs

Cyndi Appelhof

I wasn't pleased that I had to buy tickets at the concessions stand. They were too busy to sell tickets and I was concerned about getting into my movie before it started. When I got to my theater, it was clean and comfortable. However, there were people talking during the previews.

Juan Varela

Good location, great snacks!


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