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Where is Regal Barkley Village IMAX & RPX?

REVIEWS OF Regal Barkley Village IMAX & RPX IN Washington

Daniel Stanley

Very nice, comfortable theater experience.

Boyang Bao

Parking at the theater is really convenient. Just wish that they would remodel the theater and put recliners in every room.

Matt Larsen

First rate... Rather expensive - definitely at the top of the movie dollar spent.

Alicia McCracken

I definitely recommend watching musicals in the RPX theater. That surround sound is sensational

B Wagner

Great seating. Nice timing for movies

Rachel Tw

The snacks are really good and fresh and the theater is so clean and love the chairs

Danny Malo Amador

Family friendly. Clean. Honest workers...

Google Customer

Wife and I are an older couple but not yet seniors,went to see Avengers endgame,... upon purchasing our tickets, the cashier showed us a seating chart, and asked us where we wanted to sit,... personally I was amissed...I told them I just wanted to buy my tickets go into the theatre and sit wherever I thought was convenient. "Since when do you need a seating chart when there is only 12 people in the auditorium/theatre/movie that your seeing?" And also, on another note;. The time that it takes for a cashier to show you said chart..."Everyone else behind you have to wait to buy a ticket" (unless they have a card, then they can use the kiosk inside) I can see if it were a concert/sporting event, by all means...or if I were in-abled, of course...but just to ask to hold up everyone else, don't see it as effective, in my day we never had a problem finding a seat, but to each his own, I guess.

H Walker

Great theatre but everything is so expensive!

Ryan Gerth

My wife and I come here two or three times a month (if anything good is coming out). Prices are a bit high, but that seems to be the standard now. The screens are all excellent, seats comfortable and very nice staff. I drive 80 miles to this theater as this theater is worth the distance.

Nancy Mason

Great theater with large screen and can preorder seats so no waiting.

Isabella Colbert

There's comfy seats, huge screens and extraordinarily overpriced popcorn, pretty typical theater stuff

Austin Johnson

Always a treat. We travel from Marysville to come to this theatre, when we have a theatre just a few minutes from our house. It's worth the drive. And Zen Sushi right next door! Date Night perfection!!

Mitch Cline

Where we see all our movies, kids love to go.


Great location, quick in and out, good parking. Awesome sound and picture

Peter Platz

The theater was great. I am in college at Western Washington University and go there with my girlfriend every month or so. We love watching movies together and regal is the place to go. It is also close by to the college I have even run there a few times. It also very easy access via the bus system as there is a bus stop about 500 feet from the entrance of the building. They also usually have all the movies that have recently been released. If you have any questions about the place feel free to respond to this review and I will give you an answer as soon as I can. I know this may be a long review but I hope it helps many people out.

johnathan hawkins

It's expensive yo go to the movies and the food is over priced. The seats are amazing

Andrew Maxey

I really enjoy these theaters. Fun for the whole family.

Robert N

About to watch #hobbs&Shaw in #imax

Timothy Harris

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I went to the movies for date night. We went into the customer service area to ask some questions and the woman that was working there at that time made us feel horrible. She made us feel rushed the whole time and like she had better things to do with her time. My wife and I ended up leaving and going somewhere else, because of how poorly we were treated. When we got to our car I was sp upset about the way we were treated that I called the theater to get the name of the woman who we talked to. A lovely young lad answered the phone and let us know that currently the only person working at the customer service desk was the general manager. I vented to him about the experience we had just had and asked him who else I could talk to other than the general manager for feedback about my experience. He let me know that there are three other managers that work there, however they all work under her. He also advised me not to take it personally, that she treats everyone like she has better things to do with her time. He continued by letting me know that she always seems overwhelmed and like she doesnt know what she is doing. I was appalled that a poor employee would be treated this way by his "manager" and that he is used to her behavior that even when a customer calls in he would openly share this information. Hopefully this feedback will change the way customers and employees are treated by the general manager and if not maybe look into getting these poor employees someone who knows what they are doing and makes them feel valued instead of making them feel like they are a burden.

Richard Bell

Great place to take the whole family.

Cheryl Marshall

Went to the movie theater also stopped and got a coffee at woods coffee had a great time and it is a beautiful theater

Tiffani Zamudio

Best place for a good movie date. And good places to eat close by

Dennis Bassett

Great experience, like home

Heather Walbrun

Always clean. Fast service and friendly staff

Jolene Cuellar

Who doesn't love going to the movies. The hamburgers and waffle fries are Awesome!!

Aimee Ackerson

Comfortable seats. Nice employees. The girl selling us our tickets did us a solid by letting us know the showing we were going to was 90% full so we opted for the next one!

Andrew George

Awesome theatre. Get there early. Busy nights popcorn line is long.

Paul Prendergast

IT 2 was so AWESOME !

Brittany Laine

Love the theaters, love movies. The front inside could def be more movie like and also no so bright! And have more games. I just miss the old sunset and old mall theaters.

Jacob Canale

As I am from Canada, I had never been to a regal cinemas before. In Canada we have something very similar to this called Cineplex. We were in town on vacation, and decided to see Ant Man and the Wasp. The ticket booking service online was fast and easy for us to do. Once we got there, we picked up our tickets and purchased our food. The food there is generic movie theater popcorn and all that jazz, but I did like how the large popcorn bucket is refillable, as refillable popcorn is something Canada doesn't do too often. The chairs in the theater were very comfortable, and reclined slightly. The washrooms were very clean at the time, which was a pleasant surprise. Overall, I would recommend Regal Cinemas to any of my friends and family if they are looking for a good place to see a movie in America.

Kathy Miller

Don't like that you have to pick you seats before you go in every thing else is good

Kori Speece

I hope you like BUTTER on you popcorn, because damn do they load that heart attack sauce on thick. The staff was really pleasant and was great with small talk. The seats were comfortable enough and the huge screen was awesome, though the volume was just a little too loud at moments.

Erik Twede

I have gone to this theater 10 times and every time I have a great experience. Which because I require the use of a power wheelchair and assistance has not happened anywhere else. This is a great theater for those with mobility issues because you can park your chair in the middle row which makes it a way better experience than being stuck in way back.

Andy Radvany

Excellent theatres. Clean, new. You might have to walk a bit through the parking lot if it is at all busy . Couple decent restaurants right there to grab a quick bite before or after.

Scott McGrady

Nice theater, but OMG... I can't believe ticket & snack prices! It's been a while since I've been to a movie, but I was floored by how much it costs now.

Melloney Ward GSM

Great movie had a good rime

Chevalier Hafen

Nice place even though it is a little pricey.

Piggy Girl

I come here every few weeks to watch movies. The service is great and they usually play all the latest movies. I love the french fries. Plus, there's a TCBY next door. My only complaint is the prices of the food.

Niki Gregory

Always clean, good employees, always smiling and smells soooooo good :)

Shawn Robins

Super expensive. Nice place but nothing special for the price. Popcorn prices are absurd too. Pretty tight seating but the chairs are pretty comfortable. I wish Bellingham had more movie theater choices. Look for discounted tickets. It makes the sting $ seem better.

Mike Hatch

Clean theaters and nice polite staff...

Ashley Crossen

Reasonable priced.. great club... Good movies. Awesome arcade games. Just an all out awesome place to go... By yourself or with the family... Not to mention any occasion at any time on any day! Love it here.

Zach Visser

Spectacular, just a wee bit expensive

Samantha J

We saw at 3-D movie it was really amazing

Chris Sauer

Unless you go down to Redmond Town Center this is by far the best Movie Experience around!

Dawn Holcomb

Fun place for your family. Good selections of movies. Clean theater's, friendly service.

Lenny matvyeyev

Great movie theater and everone is very nice. The rokms are nice and clean the sevice is good and its the best theater in the local area. I wish they had more workers so the sale of food was faster but that a personal issues.

Tim Ehlers

Very disappointed we went to watch movie with the family and all the previews have nothing interesting after 50 minutes of previews and nothing but satanic movies and Evil it seems like Barkley Village IMAX theater is part of Hollywood satanic push

Mommy Polamalu

Love this place and the assigned seats! I hated driving an hour there and couldn’t find seats to blockbusters because people would not move over! Seriously! So many times I would show up with a family and there where so many wasted empty spaces here and there and no one would move over! The assigned seats is the best thing ever!

Wendy DeReese

Fun time with family

jack kuntz

I personally really like this movie theatre. I’ve gone there for years

denise gomez

Comfy seats, roomy and Cheetos popcorn

Matt Anderson

The seats could be more comfortable and the theatres are small. But the movie quality was good and the food was alright.

Jerry Thowson

Decent enough place to see a movie. Always seems under staffed


Nice theater, nice people who work there anytime I've had a question and called they have been very kind and quick to answer my questions.

Jack Grady

Assigned seating? Bad idea Regal Cinema at Barkley. I had to choose my seat when buying my ticket. I don't know where i want to sit until i get in there. Searching in the dark for the best seat is part of the movie experience. I'm an avid moviegoer and this has got to be the most stupid, useless, completely inconvenient idea. Ever. Sorry not sorry.

John Wang

Probably the best place to go on the weekends. I would complain about the parking but that's more of a people problem. It's in close proximity to getting some coffee at Woods, snacks at the grocery store or even grabbing some boat-sushi nearby before/after. Seats are comfortable and the theater is always clean. Screens are big, I've never had a bad experience here! Bathrooms are reasonably pee-filled by people in a rush to get back to their movie.

Mario Nuñez

Let me start of with the positive. This theater is in a class of its own. Great selection of arcade games, lines are relatively short for tickets and snacks, and the seats are very comfortable with large screens. Great sound system, and the restrooms are clean and well-maintained. Now, for some of the negatives. The tickets, especially for IMAX, can be pretty expensive. As can the snacks. For some neutral comments, they enforce their kid policy pretty effectively, meaning that any R rated movie will not have any kids under 12 in them - even with parent or guardian. You purchase tickets outside, and so be prepared to embrace the elements - whether it is rain, snow, sunshine, cold, heat or wind. You'll feel it all.

Kendra Mendoza

Love the $1 summer movies! Makes going to the movies better for me since I have 3 kids and can't take them all the time.

derpy cookie

If they weren't the only major movie theater in town they'd probably close because the seats are old and uncomfortable compared to the theaters in Canada and the surrounding cities with plush reclining seats. They rarely ever have enough concession workers and the few they do have seem to work slowww so plan accordingly.

Elizabeth Olson

An excellent theater that's always in tip top condition, vigilantly kept clean, has excellent concession choices, a friendly staff, comfy seats, and good sound and projection.

Sara Jayne

We watched a really stupid movie but the theater is great

Sharon Oh

Theater staff was friendly and the place was clean (it shines). Staff member was great about trying to help elderly customer with hearing devices.

Rod Koenig

Great sound systems, comfy seats, clear picture!

Samantha Mantey

I seriously have always liked this movie theater. It’s big they have lots of different times for people who like to miss a crowd. It’s in a good location and lots of snacks to choose from. But the recent assigned seating seriously bugs me. Sometimes I like to move seats if people sit next to me like loud popcorn eaters, people on their phone, or high chatty college kids. Now I can’t. It also makes going in groups way more difficult. I used to buy my ticket then meet my friends at the theater but now we have to choose seats I no longer have that option.

widdlyscuds the third

Friendly staff, clean restrooms and tidy theatres. If you don't want to wait in line outside for your ticket there are plenty of self service kiosks inside that are ALWAYS line free

daniel cope

The place is very clean and its got a good vibe about it. Tuesday was great. She was very excited to greet and serve us at the concession. She was a rock star. Way to go Tuesday!!

Terry McCarty

Really great experience for a theater. Always clean and staff is always pleasant.

Chris Pope

I have used this theater multiple times to rent one of the theatres to have a private showing for my customers. They always take fantastic care of myself and my customers. We feel special, due to the first class treatment we receive I will continue to host events here. Highly recommended!

preston cochran

The older lady that takes the tickets should be given a big raise for being an outstanding employee.

Jessi Harris

I love this theater. There are assigned seats which you choose when you purchase your ticket. That is so nice! Also, the theater is super comfortable.

Wanda N

Thank goodness we finally have a halfway decent theater in Bellingham. some of the screens are very tiny though.

Mari White

WOW! We loved it!! The IMAX experience was fantastic, and the theater it self was great. So clean.

Austin C.

My movie experience here is what I look for in a theater. Attentive staff & security.

Sapphire Wolf

Nice area for good food .

James Watson

Nice seating. Big screens. Friendly customer service .

Carolyn M. Fleck Gnyp

Took my Granddaughter to see Dumbo It was her first time we had a very memorable time

Tabitha Hinners

Nice theater, very clean. The staff is outstanding and are always super nice and genuine. The only thing is that they are super expensive, which I suppose is just how it is with the times.

April Showers

Price too high, crowded. We need more movie theater options.

Evaan Dossa

Been to this theatre a lot. It’s a great theatre to see a movie. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was because I would like at least one of the theatres to have recliners!

David Morse

Clean, good sound. I added another star after having supper customer service. The power went out on a one night screening of Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony. The gave us passes and replayed the film. Thank you Regal.

Carl Byfield

Always a great time at the movies.

Destiny Watson

Nice movies and people. Just wish the prices weren't so high. But a great way to spend $50 in 2 hour and a half hours.

Ian McDonald

Great place to see the latest flicks. My family love the free refills on popcorn.

Benjamin Lasater

Had a good time till there was a bomb threat.

Crafting Trooper

I was being assaulted by my client and the Manager of the Cinemas came to my rescue. She could have ignored the situation but she was a most gracious Good Samaritan that day. I have no qualms of safety at Regal Cinemas whatsoever.

Natasha Green

Clean, huge, friendly staff, but expensive even compared to other theaters. But the menu is extensive.

Jennifer Holm

Very clean and nice movie theater. We didn't attend an RPX version of the movie, but they do have that option. They also have an IMAX screen. We did an IMAX 3D movie. Be ready to drop a hefty penny on that, but that seems yo be the way of theaters these days.

Ryan Partlow

A fine theater with nice sized screens and good sound, but lacking recliner seats and expanded food options. Overall a clean and well run theater.

RC Strain

Nice movie theater. Like getting reservations.

Ricardo Salinas

Really enjoy the show, but their prices food is a bit pricy.

T. Saab

I checked the time while a staff member was patrolling the theater. I was watching the lion king. He ran up to me and yelled “put your phone away”. I did by the time he turned around. He went straight to his supervisor and accused me of recording the movie. He knew I wasn’t, but it seemed he liked using that power of accusation. After that a staff member walked in every 5 or so minutes just to look at me and leave. I went to go get a refill and the supervisor made me show my camera roll to prove I wasn’t recording. I understand it’s a big deal if someone’s recording the movie, but come on. He obviously saw I wasn’t. Abuse of power and rude customer service. Movie was great, theater was not.


Best movie theater for over an hour!

Chris Lane

The seats are awesome! I am handicap so I really appreciate the seating for handicap.

Charlotte Elliott

Always clean, great selection over many screens. Nice walking distance to Barkley Square for food and drinks. They even treated the local homeschool group to a great field trip, showing us the stuff behind the scenes. They have handicap seating, special features for hearing impaired, and a pretty cool party room to rent.

Att Temp

They have handicap seating and clean.

D Stoffel

Such a great theater. I suggest buying tickets in person for a cheaper price you can save about two dollars and fifty cents a ticket for "convenience" fees online other wise. The front rows start at A, and go down the alphabet toward the back of the theater. Just so you know I only tell you this so you can avoid making the same potential mistake I did. The IMAX screen is the best in my opinion it is totally worth the extra bucks for the experience. Altho there are other good screen options as well do not be discouraged if you are not able to swing the IMAX option every time. Always go and buy your ticket in advance regard less of what ever option you need to do it. The theater even does a lot of limited release films. 2019 they had all of the studio Ghibli versions of films playing. The seats are some of the most comfy i have ever sat in. An early showing might be better so you can make sure you will not fall asleep in these chairs! The snack prices inside are just shy of insanity. I guess I can not really suggest any thing much better but maybe you can find n some thing...? There is a lot of parking and some really neat places to grab a bite to eat near by as well. It looks as if the owners are putting some development work into the village area and more will be available near by the theater soon!

Samantha Lundberg

Yessss!!! We absolutely love to come here. And we would constantly come here whenever we drove the Nissan Leaf, because we could park right up front AND CHARGE our car!!! Soooo sweet! Especially when it’s cold. But life happens and we don’t have that car anymore. Either way- it’s the only theater in town. But it’s a good place! No complaints

Mariana Avena

During the film the screen went black at least 6 or more times, no workers came in to let us know what was happening. When we went to information there was a long line but the women working announced that no one would be getting refunds. Disappointed in the experience and reaction to the difficulties during the film.

peter rutter

The employees were helpful and the ticket guy gave us great hints for extra scenes at the end.. great job Regal16!!

callieann Leininger

Love coming here for date night with my fiance.

Allen Oleksak

Good theater. Love to stop next door for a drink at Zen and then catch a movie.

Annette Doyle

I used to really love going to the theater. Staff does their walk through during the movie but tends to ignore the people that insist on putting their feet up on railings. Some movie goers have no respect for others by talking or using their cellphone throughout the movie. One movie ticket is pricey enough and should not include the disruption from others. Don't even get me started on the movie goers who can carry in their food but can't seem to clean up after themselves when the movies over.

Jeremy Moya

Always well maintained and workers are generally pleasant. Ton of showtimes and the lobby has many self serve kiosk. Bathrooms are inside main lobby and also inside the theater Halls which is nice. They have a party room which looks fun for kids but I never have used it. Plenty of food options. Prices are the usual high for a movie but you know that going in. Parking can be a pain. The first main lot is generally packed. Have to walk a little far but not bad. Just wish the games were better and they had more of them.

Peggy McLellan

Great place. Comfy chairs.

Matt Curry

If no one likes Regal Cinemas in Bellingham then go to Seattle. Just a heads up, you'll want to reserve your seat a month ahead of time...yes people do that

Pola Kelley

Great place to catch a film especially if you want a 3D experience

Tessa Mazur

It’s a nice theater (one of the only ones close by except the Pickford). It’s usually always pretty busy. Has the newest movies and the theater rooms are comfortable and usually pretty clean. Movies and the theater industry in general are just getting too expensive but it is what it is.

Alpha MXGz

I go here all the time the customer service are really nice

Mars Christine

Saw (Advengers End Game) nice theater, clean, and comfortable.


Best place in Bellingham to catch a new flick!

Edith Misanes

Great service, place to relax with family, friends. Good energy.

Arnold Ap

I like the theatre, it's your typical theatre, although 3 stars because of staff being nice and friendly AND on top of that the sushi spot next door was awesome. BUT other theatres have the soda machine with multiple flavors on the outside and jalepenos were already in containers vs. Having to TRY (battling lines) to get a small container from staff (jalepneos exposed on a public bar can cause some discomfort).

Aeon Araya

While this place may appear nice and modern, the food and snacks (aka the old traditional popcorn, beverages, and candy) can also be nice and fresh, which is a plus. Though, I do wish this theater would carry in more independent movies. Overall, this is a nice theater for you and your friends/family to come together.

Mark Agnew

Was told one day I could bring in outside Starbucks Coffee then all of a sudden it's not allowed... Also was told My firearm was ok a couple days ago and now all of a sudden it's not ok even though it's not posted on the doors... I think that Regal needs to retrain their employees on policy and they need to learn to post notices on their doors to inform Firearms Owners that they are not welcome here...

Mike Medcalf

This has quickly become my favorite place to catch a movie. I've been in the Standard, RPX, and IMAX theaters and enjoyed them all. I'm a little bit bigger guy and appreciate a theater seat that i fit in and my back side doesn't fall asleep in during a 2hr movie. Its clean, has great picture and sound, and a decent selection at the concessions. My favorite feature is the reserved seating for RPX and IMAX shows. Makes the 30min drive an easier pill to swallow when early arrival isn't required for getting good seats!

Tamanawis Empowered - Change For Change

Awesome movie in a very nice venue!

Brandon Davis

Nice seats good theater.

Joe Jonasson

Good place . Drive from the valley to go there

Jennifer Carnahan

Food is pricey especially for the amount they take for tickets. But the theater itself is clean, police on site constantly encouraging a safe environment, employees are friendly. They also have a party room for children's birthday's too :)

Timothy Bentrim

Nice local movie theatre!

Ben Joyce

Plenty of parking, plenty of seats available even last minute for the iMax. I liked the assigned seating. Friendly, positive staff. Kid friendly with booster seats. Nice restaurants adjacent to theater.

Alice Doolittle

The customer service is always nice, it's a good theatre but not a recliner type theatre. The best in Skagit and Whatcom for sure ~

Laura Koskenmaki

Always a wonderful experience

Erik F

The seats are comfortable and although they butter your popcorn for you, they always get the right amount. Wish I didn’t have to drive over 30 minutes though. Beats the AMC Theater in Cascade Mall!

Sylvia Visser

I was very disappointed with this place they have no prices for students when seeing movie in Imax.They are way over priced for what is to be Imax. Compared to the Imax theater in Langley BC where sound comes also from seat speakers and the chairs actually move around to match the show you are watching. Watched fast and furious and our seats moved and shifted from side to side back and forth and even leaned when the cars took corners. I would not spend 20.00 again to see any movie at this place.

Kirsten VanderWaal

Lucked out with a midday showing!! Empty theater means we got to sing Lion King songs at the top of our heart

Claire Reyes

The staff here are really nice and the place is overall clean and nice to go to. A nice mix of mainstream films and specialty films

Eileen Stone

I'm taking off one star for each big issue I have with the theater. The first issue I have with Regal is that they took away the ropes for the lines. Since there are no more clear lines, it leads to confusion of which people are in line and which people are deciding on what they want from afar. People end up being cut in front of, it's very annoying and makes me dread going up to the concessions stand. Regal, please bring the ropes back, they were very helpful. My second and biggest issue with them, is that their popcorn gives me and many other people (judging from the state of their bathrooms at the end of the night) massive diarrhea! Every other time I go there I almost don't make it to the bathroom. Sometimes I even have to leave during the movie! It is a serious issue. I'm not allergic to anything and I do not have stomach issues or bathroom problems outside of eating their popcorn...or should I call it "poopcorn?" For the sake of your patrons and your poor employees who have to clean up after them, please find out why your popcorn does this and fix it! I love the popcorn, but the after effects, not so much. If anyone is wondering if this is a joke, it definitely isn't. I deeply wish it was. Other than those two major issues, the employees are always pleasant and polite and the movie viewing experience is always enjoyable. Comfy chairs too! Let's get this straight, due to the two major issues, I would go to another theater if we had one in town, but we don't. So you are my only option Regal.

Kayleen Dolfin

Friendly staff and comfortable seating

Candice Eyre

I love this theatre!!!! Clean, comfy, great place!

Noneyour Business

Great place

Velvet Humphres

Very big in comparison to what we used to have for corporate theaters. Really nice staff and very clean venue. I also enjoy the game selection they keep in the lobby!

Simon Mot

Big screens, comfy chairs and great service

Jorge Salazar

Theaters DEFINITELY need better air flow. It was insanely hot, and the theater wasn't even half full.

Alexandra Burlingame

Best movie theater

laura foeung

We went and saw the nutcracker movie. We had a great experience. The movie was decent but the theater was clean, the seats are very nice and the popcorn was delicious. No complaints here!

Chief Alldamday

it was alright theaters fine staff is fine not a big fan of the new seating charts you get there early you get the best seat that's how it is that's how it always should be

Mr Maxxx

The staff are cool, popcorn is good when fresh and hot,my only problem,too many wack ads before a film and the actual time is off.they good though

Daniel Jefferson

Enjoy it while you can they will grow up


Just loved the experience

DavidP Tye

They should offer earplugs and body armour to protect you from sonic bombardment.I became ill for about the first 30 minutes.

Iris Ph

Not bad at all. Quick, hospitable and polite customer service. Many options for movies are available of course. Packing is also convenient since it’s just a short walk from the packing spot to the movie theater. There are plenty of restaurants near by too, so you can hop in for a quick bite before the movie.

melissa money

Really creepy that you can't have phone service inside. Its run like a very polite police state.


Great movie theater. Clean theaters and love the options for movie viewing. 3D, RPX(most comfortable seats), 3D IMAX and standard theaters available. We always have a lot of fun going to the movies here!

Nick McLain

They've got IMAX, they've got RPX (whatever that is) and they have a whole lot of other great theater space. Other than being clean and having that brand new feel to it, there is nothing else really special about the theater. Most Regal theaters are pretty similar. Good experiences all around though and I'm here on a weekly basis.

Jasmine Fast

Summer $1 movies are the greatest for kids! And don't miss the Ghibli Fest showings!

Donna VanderGriend

Sound too high. Picture good. Seats ok.

Chalamar Nichols

Great little theater. We had an issue with how long it took to get our food but not only did they compensate us with a treat for me and my daughter but also complementary tickets. Great management! We will be back.

jeremy clopton

Sometimes they good Sometimes they bad But they Jack in the Box, so they have my soul.

Elva Eisel

Always an enjoyable journey at the movies with this cinema. The staff is always very friendly and helpful.

Lynn Dowd

They have good service there. Comfortable seating.

Clinton Turner

The Manager of this place is horrible. Maria was so unpleasant, she did not listen to a word I would say and it felt like she was distracted and in a hurry through our whole conversation. Would recommend they get someone who actually cares about their customers.

Patrick O'Neill

This place does have good movies and food, but just like any movie theater the food us way too expensive and the advertisements run far too long. But this place is nice and the people who work there are friendly, but it's a lot better than otger movie theaters, save the prices. And it has very comfy seating and great sound systems. Lots of parking, great for families.

Emily Willard

Good movie. Want to see it again

Steve Weatherford

I've been to this theater multiple times, never had an issue. Today changed that sadly, I wasn't going to be able to make the movie showing at 8:30pm, so I came in to get tickets for a different time which I've done before and I've never had any problems, usually the staff is more than willing to help. I asked at 8:30pm, right as the movie had started to change my tickets, but the lady told me I couldn't do that, even though I've been able too before without any issues. So I wasted money essentially and the girl working the counter didn't even really seem willing to help. I'm probably not going to be going here anymore. I'll drive down to the AMC theater if this is how they wanna be.

Relaxing Bear

Very expensive food and drinks, I'm suprised it doesnt cost you to go to the bathroom. Great theater carppy everything else. Staff is nice I guess


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Dragonfly Cinema
Movie Theater - Washington

Movie theater

AMC Southcenter 16
AMC Southcenter 16
Movie Theater - Washington

Movie theater