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3501 184th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98037

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REVIEWS OF Regal Alderwood & RPX IN Washington

Tammie Fuda

Love this theater. Nice recliners in all theaters, we travel to come to this regal. Not over crowded, comfortable

sandi garrod

Love the seats and employees are cool, they just need to have some tray or something so it's easier for customers to bring concessions to their seats.

Travis Young

The theatres themselves are somewhat small, but they've all got the good recliner seats, and buy ahead tickets.

Ray Baron

I loved the reclining seats in the general comfort of the place.

Nick Jenkins

Hi love your cheese burger

jackson anyasi

one of the okay theaters around the region - it seems like they still clean it .... it can be costly though... spent $60 for a movie for 2

Allan Braswell

Saw Dragonball Super: Broly here. Was nice. Roomy. Good space.

Kirk Thomsen

Recliner chairs are the best. Plenty of room to stretch out.

Kurt Edward

Surprisingly comfortable seating

Mireille Larkins

The seats, the sound, and the munchies. It's a really good theater that specializes the being all the Sci-fi and fantasy in this area. Plus, recliner seats! Street tacos! Fun!

Leonardo Sanchez

Joker was a great after math

Aaron Kortas

The seats were comfortable (which is the modern expectation) but during a quiet moment in creed 2 I heard we are the Champions coming from the movie bohemian rhapsody in the next theatre

I seek dissociation to associate with myself

I really like coming to this movie theater. It's not as big as AMC but I like that. It's not too crowded. Which I enjoy because big crowds put me on edge. I like everything about this movie theater. The food, the service, the staff and the movies. It's a comfortable place for me.

Robert Dailey

Theater #6 smells like a nursing home, somebody must have soiled their pants in here and they did a poor job of cleaning it up.

ccody martin

My Fiance and I love this place. Comfortable leather recliner seats and always a good time.

Emily K

RPX is the best way to enjoy a movie in theaters hands down. Definitely appreciate being able to recline for a couple hours 7 months pregnant.

Randi Pettit

I only wish they sold alcohol here. I love the pizza tho

Duane Kord

Went to this theatre for the first time the other day and my wife and I enjoyed this theatre immensely. We(read: I) are very picky about theatre seats and these did not disappoint. The seats were comfortable and they reclined! Even with reclining there was plenty of room for a person to walk in the path in front of you. The popcorn was good and icees even better.

Shirin Day

My friends and I went there to watch the live movie Aladdin, and I enjoyed my time there! The popcorn and snacks were great, loved the recliner chairs, and the screen was awesome! 5/5! I’m really excited to watch my next movie there!

young kim

Since when did they get comfortable transforming seats? Be cautious not to fall asleep!

Nicole Moxon

Getting to the theater felt weird since it's tucked in a back corner away from the mall but I love the recliner seats.

Cheryl Verver

Great place to see a movie with the kids. They loved the recliner seats.

Ronn Sloan

Sick theater. Recliners in every room. Very nice.

Melodie Bales

Good place to go with friend & family.

Arin Ritton

the high ceilings are very nice and the recliners are AWESOME! only complaint is they have assigned seating, but that's just a personal preference


I love the reclining seats. I will only go here for comfort.

Sebastian Rand

This is a luxurious theater for a fun time with friends or a romantic time with your partner.

Nick King

Great theater. We love going as a family because we can reserve our own seats ahead of time. Works great for the kids!

Jon Gouy

Great place to watch a movie huge screen awesome sound system!

Paul Johnston

Nice movie theater and great reclinable seats.

Copper Criminal

Great screen and reserved seating make the theater awesome, but the small number of seats in each one can make getting the seats you want hard without scheduling ahead of time.

UCL Ambrose

Nice theatre with very comfortable seating and exceptional staff.

Dada Duck

Great friendly service and recliner chairs

Lisa Gaspar

The theater was clean and well staffed. The new recliner seats are comfortable and it's nice to be able to adjust them so much.

Alex Langebeck

I have been to several Regal Cinemas. I have never been to this one in Lynwood, WA. I love them. Not only did we see a great movie but we all had our own individual reclining seats. It was so comfy, like being at home, but in front on a massive movie screen! Will visit again next time we are in town!

Lacey Fayard

Duuuude the reclining seats are absolutely the most amazing part of the experience there, second is the cleanliness, 3rd was the awesome movie and screen and audio quality. Actually i dont know if thats the order but I do love this theatre and will definitely be going there vs. The Lowes cinema. Thanks so much Regal we had a great night.

Michele Dawson

Great theater seats are amazing. Employees very friendly. Ms. Botley at ticket counter great customer service.

Melissa Calderon

Had an enjoyable time this establishment was completely up to date with reclining couch seats and was very clean with friendly staff. I will be coming back!

Stephanie Lesi

Love the popcorn & the service is excellent. BUT the new recliner chairs are very squeaky for some and the width of the chairs are too small especially for plus size ladies like myself. My thigh is literally touching the button every time and I keep moving. Maybe they should've have the button somewhere else and not where someone has to slid to the end of the chair just so the chair can stop moving. Everything else is great but I hate the chairs. Others might like it because they can actually fit and enjoy, some cant!

Steven Buckingham

Very nice and polite staff.

Luna Ro Salgado

Good service, bad food court prices.

Syreese Delos Santos

I love Regal. All their theaters now have the reclining movie theater seats which are miles more comfortable than a typical movie theater chair. The screens are always nice and it's never THAT busy that you end up with a terrible seat. Feel free to order your tickets online so you can skip the line once you get there.

Barb R.D.

Really nice movie theater. It’s clean and has REALLY nice seats. I didn’t want to get up after the movie ended. Their bathrooms are clean too! They have good food and a loyal customer! I love this movie theater and will go out of my way to go there. The people that work there are super friendly. Win win all around!

Liz Van Gordon

Such a comfy theater

Krishna G

Been to this place 3 times now. They have comfortable recliner seats. Staff are very friendly. Audio effects in RPX are slightly better than regular Regal cinemas. Ample parking space. There is an HMart store nearby in same complex, which has wide variety of asian foods.

Brian Lahti

Went here with my daughter and wife, we had a wonderful time! The seats were incredible. The movie was fun. Thanks Alderwood Regal!

Paul Mathews

Cant bring food in. No good gluten dairy free options. AMC let's you bring food in js...

Martin Bontempo

Wow what an experience they really set the bar high to the standards of movie watching. This experience has made me really appreciate movie watching again. Well worth it will do it again and probly make this the norm.

Richard Richardson

Great recliner seats, it's the only way to watch a movie.

gloria stipkovich

It was great until I got charged 5.69 for a small diet Coke!

Ana Guillen

I love going to this place me and my family.

Steve Blackburn

Seating was awesome reclining all the way it would be nice to have real butter instead of buttery flavored...

Jasmin Ali

Excellent experience. Super comfortable reclining seats.

CMP seattle

Great late night movie, too bad the loud a$$ kids who's parents couldn't keep them quiet didn't shut them up.. Now I know why I don't go to watch movies.. I spent 60 bucks only to hear loud mouth kids!! NEVER AGAIN!!

Jami Williams

I love that this theater has the nice and comfy recliner seats and reserved seating as well. Not as nice as iPic, but awesome for the while family and priced right too.

Sean Williams

There is a ticket booth. Nobody mans it. There is a guest services desk inside the door. Nobody mans it. You *have* to get tickets at the concession area... which I terribly run, slow and awkward. But the seats are comfortable and the sound system is great.

Rhonda Biddle

Comfy seats and good sound!

Kyle Simpson

Just watched Hobbs & Shaw. Great action packed movie. The theater seats are nice and stretch out and recline. Awesome theater!!!

Yuki Cafe3000

Comfortable chairs and friendly service

Rolanda Stewart


Pitta Mns

They got the best seats in town.. lol

john zeigler

Ok, I was struggling with giving a 1-star review but after thinking about it, I am. But I will say that it has more to do with my experience than the theater itself. I went to the opening night premiere of Avengers: Endgame last night, in their RPX theater. On April 2nd, the morning the tickets went on sale, I woke up at 5am and bought my tickets the minute they were available. I get that this movie is a big deal, as it is the culmination of 22 movies and may end up being the highest grossing movie of all time. It's a very hyped movie and I have been to premiers of movies hyped just like this one. I understand there might be mid-movie oohs and ahhs along with applause from time to time. I was very excited for this movie much like most of the world and the theater even had a nice proposal before the movie began. But my experience at this movie was completely ruined. I loved the movie itself and the theater was quite nice. But my experience, and the experience of others, was just ruined by the guy sitting right next to me who took the hype above and beyond what anyone should. I say others because after the movie I chatted with people 2 and 3 rows back who said that he was very distracting as well. But I had to be right next to him. Not only did he already wreak of alcohol before the movie even started, but he brought his own personal container of it along with him, in a green reusable water bottle. Throughout the entire movie he would constantly yell, and I mean yell, "oh no", "oh my god", "no way", "aw yeah", and more. So loud that I couldn't even hear the dialogue that took place during his yelling. Not only that, but he thought it would be a great idea to carry out conversations throughout the entire movie at normal talking volume with his buddy that would distract from what was going on. It was as if I was watching the blue ray with commentary. Numerous times I gave him a glare, in hopes for him to see it as me saying 'come on, I'm trying to enjoy this too', to which he would apologize and carry on doing the same thing anyways. Not wanting to leave the theater and miss an important scene, I decided not to bring it to the attention of the theater. That's on me, but I will say that it was so obvious that the theater probably, for the sake of its hundreds of other customers, could have taken things into their own hands. It wasn't hard to notice. He smelled like alcohol, and brought in his own container of alcohol, which I believe is illegal. Regardless of this not being at the total fault of the theater, this was something my girlfriend and I were really looking forward to and excited for, that was ruined by an obnoxious annoying customer in seat E14. I feel like the theater is still responsible for making sure the experience is good for all its customers.

Davior Stone

Other than 2019 prices...(like its not 2007 anymore 8.00 tickets are no more) the experience was nice

Colton Yalowicki

4 stars because amc has better drink selection. But otherwise a good theater with comfortable seats.

Madelyn Smith

Prices are steep for the services and quality of concessions they offer.

Krissy Brouner

Love the recliner seats.

Colton Schmitt

I came here for the first time about 6 months ago and I keep coming back. I absolutely love this movie theater for the recliner chairs. As someone who has a bad knee injury sitting for a long time can be uncomfortable and having the ability to recline and kick your legs up is a game changer. The staff is super friendly and fun too.

John D'Elena

My spot 100%. I've been coming here since I was a kid with my gramda. I remember the the 2 theatres, the one where Khols is now. I watched the original Michael Keaton Batman at this theater, and said Grandma took me to Toys R Us. It then became outdated. I still went. Because memories. It completely reinvented itself. And became the best theater in the upper Seattle area again. I take my kids there now. My daughters birthday was 2 days ago and we watched the new How to train a dragon. I love this Theatre very much, and it keeps improving. I am going to Captain Marvel in the morning with my 13 year old so, and sadly they don't have it.

Ivy Ryan

Love this theater! We sometimes get the recliner seats. Plus there's a photo booth for 5 dollars.

Ken Lane

Great place to watch a movie for darn sure!!

Linda Bray

Love the RPX theatre! Best seats anywhere.

Douglas Jones

Nice VIP seats

Ken Llamas-Figueroa

Great service for the concessions. Reasonable prices for the good screens and seating that you get. I love the seats that can recline and relax. The seats give good view of the movie without obstruction from other people's heads. People bring blankets and make them selves at home. Honestly this is the only theater we go to now that we have found it. They also have unlimet movie options for a set monthly price which were considering.


Saw the 40th Anniversary screening of "Alien" here. The popcorn was actually pretty fresh, and the fountain Coke was fantastic. The seats were roomy and very comfortable, they're basically electric La-Z-Boy recliners. I was able to reserve my seat online, but if you choose a seat in the first 3 rows, you're going to have to lean your recliner all the way back so you can view the screen comfortably.

Kelly Kirkpatrick

Amazing seats perfect temperature I will not go to any other movie theater from here on out

Sandi Gordon

Beautify open captioned. ..

LJ Yob

Great place to see a movie. New reclining chairs, perfect view of the screen and increadible sound. I appreciate the ability to order tickets online and know exactly where I am sitting with the reserved seating. Takes the pressure off if you're running late.

Tony Peterson

Just like anyother mkvie theadre bht has the rexliner chairs

Fred T

Recently renovated. Most of the movie theaters now have premium & reserved seating.

Jonathan Shreves

Great theater, comfy seats. Had some technical issues, but it was a pretty good experience!

David Frank

Comfortable seats and great sound and picture.

Jasmine Banks

Seats are great but rbx was advertised as this amazing experience and it cost me $74.00 for 1 adult and 3 kids, but the only difference was the sound being louder. Not a 3d experience or even better graphics just cost more.

Kylie Sabra

I love this theater with its laid-back seats. I also like that you can book your exact seat in advance. The theater is clean and the staff is friendly. It's pretty much the only theater we go to.

Kendra Bowman

I've been coming to this cinema for years, but recently got to enjoy the RPX seating for the first time. Boy oh boy, was that an amazing experience! I have a service animal and was very nervous how they would react, but they treated us both with kindness and integrity. The sound was fantastic, the screen massive and seats were very comfortable (they reclined) - the seats were so comfortable in fact, I fell asleep! Oops! But I would still 100% go back again as it was such a pleasant atmosphere.


Never been here, it's a nice theater. Nice seats, great sound.

Chris Smith

This is my favorite theater in the area. The seats are super comfortable, the sound is great and the screens are a good size. My only complaint is that I wish they had more screens. I also think that Regal has the best rewards program.

Judy Raines

Great theater. Been awhile since I've been to one. However 1small bag of popcorn and a small bottle of water was $13. Seriously !!!! Won't do that again.

Thomas Norman

I love this theater and being a rewards member really does pay off. Comfortable reserved seating, good sound/picture presentation and great customer service. I especially appreciate their support of Fathom Events and the TCM sponsored classics for the big screen.

Christina Fritz CCD

I only use this theater for my movies. There is a huge parking area right out front, great snack options, and my FAVORITE part....they have huge comfy seats that recline all the way but there is more than enough space for people to walk infront. I just go to my Fandango app and reserve the seats I want, show up just a few minutes prior to great parking, grab some popcorn and snack, scan my ticket from my phone, and BOOM! In my seat, fully reclined and shoveling popcorn in my mouth as the movie starts. Absolutely love this theater. Oh and bring a blanket, pillow, or even a stuffed animal for the show. My daughter loves to see the late movies with me and brings her comfy stuff!

Greg Aubrey

I had a great experience at this theater with the sound system and electric reclining seats, just don't like the pressure of picking my seat while holding up the line.

Teneret Bye

This is my go to theater. I always try and get tickets to new movies here because of the recliner seats and its remoteness. It's never too crowded, and the staff are always friendly.

Kailene Medcalf

it was perfect and everyone was polite

Jeremy Tyler

Watched Annabelle with a friend here and had a great time. Very comfortable seats. Very polite and accommodating staff. Great popcorn mixed with m&ms and butter! Safe and happy! Sweet and fun! Tons of coin machine games to play. Great parking! Easy to find. Right next to great restaurants! Check this place out!

linda Lewis

Nice and not crowded during the week.

Anna Koné

1st time to the movies for my son...we had great time early movie and only 2 other people in the whole theater! Very nice theater had not been there in has changed a lot in a good way. It was a little spendy but it was nice.

Lloyd Martin

The matinee showing of Dark Phoenix was a great return to movie theaters. I stopped going to the movies because of the crazy prices, but I gave it a shot with a $4 T-Mobile ticket, paired with a matinee ticket for my daughter, and I was pleasantly surprised. Years ago, theaters just kept jacking-up tickets prices while offering steadily worsening experiences. Now, I feel that I'm finally getting something for the higher prices: reserved reclining seats, leg room (I'm 6'4"), and a high quality sound system that didn't simply hurt my ears with mega-volumes. I definitely won't be seeing frequent movies there, but I WILL be watching the really important ones at the theater. I still won't buy snacks, though: 6$ for a large drink, 9$ for a large popcorn, or 5$ for a cup of coffee! (1000% markup is pure greed and I'd definitely buy snacks at grocery store prices.)

Lisa K

Love the reclining seats! Much nicer than the old seating. Popcorn never is very good. Wish they would by it from a different vendor. Kids pack with popcorn, drink and snack is a good deal and very convenient. They have some nice food options on the menu. Restrooms are always clean.

Kb Bk

Great theater awesome seats will be our go to theater for future movies

Alexis Franklin

One of my favorite places to see a movie in Lynnwood! Recliner chairs and the popcorn are awesome!

Cheri Burnett

Very nice Theater

Frank Shaffer

Big comfy seats. The only gripe is the placement of the recline button which I hit with my leg often.

Namgyal Tsedup

Great picture quality and sound level, clean and wonderful staff and service. This is perfect place at lynnwood to enjoy a great movie time with your family and friends.

Kory Caze

Amazing customer service anx really comfy recliner seats!

Angela Hansen

First time I've been here since the recliners went in, sooo comfy!

Jackie Giusti

Very impressive surprise. Thought with being next to the mall but not the main theatre, and instead being a smaller off to the side across the street venue, that this would be a quick in and out locale. But the seats are the new updated ones with more meal options (though haven't tried). Note: Assigned seating.

Alejandro Yanez

The theaters are laid out well, tons of room, amazing recliners. Everything is top notch, except for the food. Horrible even by theater standards. I had a hot dog where the bun was hard enough to be considered a baget! Great place to go for a movie, just make sure you've eaten first....

ADog NamedSuki

The RPX theater is amazing!! Great sound and comfy recliners. Wonderful disabled seating and accessibility.

Ken Priest

Always in all ways, better than the mall!

pmc Courtney

The confort of the seats. Quality of projection and sounds makes it a "want to come back" experience.

Michael Bir

Very nice theater. The staff are nice and the theaters are kept very clean. It's much nicer going here over some of the AMCs in the area. Seems like Regal has pushed a bit harder on doing the luxery recliners and have maintained virtually the same price point.

Courtney King

I hadn't been to this theater in probably 10 years. I didn't even realize they had remodeled and added recliner seats. Theater is nice. The seats are fantastic. I like the assigned seating so you know where to go (especially if you're a few minutes late like me).

Rachel Hartmeyer

Best place, reserved recliner seats with clean and well kept bathrooms and amenities.

August Murphy

They have recliner seats which are very comfortable. I went and saw Aquaman and was very pleased with the quality of there big screens.

Hung Thai

I really like this theater's approach to all reserved seating with large lazboy style chairs. It makes the moving going experience much more enjoyable. I prefer going here over the amc next door.


You can’t ask for more, reclainer seats, popcorn and drinks, best way to watch a movie.

Patty Spradling

Nice theater. Clean. Great seats!

Paige Summers

Super fancy and comfy theater. Concessions are a bit on the small side and slow. But its fine. Theater is clean and easily found and has good parking!


Nice but older Cinema. Clean but definitely should have been remodeled 10 years ago. Great Employees

Ray Yarno

Seats are nice. Limited drinks get with the times. Popcorn was horrible

patty stordahl

Decent, matinee to expensive, blocked out seats to force us to sit way down front. Almost empty, counter girl needs retraining.

Janean Mendoza

Love the reclining chairs!

Jim Ramos

Clean and good overall, however the bathrooms are far away from some of the theater rooms.

Philip DeFigh

This place has the roomiest and most comfortable seats of any theater in the area

Curtis Russell II

More expensive, and luxurious for that price. The high end option for the area, as far as I'm concerned. Happy staff, good popcorn, amazing seating.


One of my most favorite comfy theatres

carey aikman

Always clean and love the oversized reclining chairs. Could use a couple more video games out front to kill time waiting for previews to get done!

Kimberly Horton

Comfortable seating, recliner. Best way to enjoy a movie The only downfall...over priced popcorn and soda. Otherwise paid ahead and reserved seating so no long wait outside in the cold to purchase a ticket.

Miguel Lozano

Expensive as anywhere else. Which is a shame. They could do even better than the theater next to the mall.

cleve messerly

Can't go wrong. Reclining seats & tasty concessions

Yousef Khwaja

Great seats, sound, and customer service. I wish they had a second RPX screen so movies had more time before the next release kicked it out.

Rudy LeBrun

Great space btw the rows, DONT SPEND MONEY ON CHEETOS POPCORN!!! ... Great customer service!!

Jeremy Schnee

I'm here weekly and that is for a reason. They have fantastic customer service. The employees are always kind, smiling, and very accommodating. The seats are the best in the area by far. Ever single theater has reserved reclining seats that are extremely comfortable and about 1.5 - 2 times the size of your average theater seat. This does make it so opening nights can be harder to obtain a seat of a very popular movie however I have never been unable to get a seat to a showing on opening night. You can also reserve in advance on their website or Fandango if your worried about getting that perfect seat. Or you can just look to see how full the theater is. They also have the best theater food you can buy of any theater north of Seattle. They have sandwiches, pizza, creme brulee, pizzas, and nachos with all kinds of toppings and much more. Fantastic customer service, food, and seats!

Darrin Lambert

Clean, professional, pretty great. And I have high standards since I used to work a theatre

Shara Hayden

Reserved seats. Swaaaaaanky recliners. Amazing popcorn. Easy parking. Clean theater. Terrrrrrrrrific experience.

Sviatlana Kebets

A very nice cinema, significantly better than AMC nearby.

Ghiles Benali

Would have given it 5 stars if the sound volume was higher (and I don't have a hearing problem). I had to ask an associate to turn up the volume

Ricky Henderson

Loved the seating in theater 2, comfy chairs with electric foot rests. Has a smaller feel overall which I enjoyed. They also hosted a one off event movie so that was very cool. Will visit again!

Eli Munoz

Great place to watch a movie!

Susan Hickey

Come to this theater! They have the best reclining chairs anywhere -- in every single one of their theaters -- not just the RPX (the RPX is awesome, by the way). I base what movie I am going to see based on what's playing at this theater--just because it is so comfortable and cozy. And you can pick your seats ahead of time on Fandango if you like.

Nhan Nguyen

no self serve drinks or condiments


Always a great experience, recliners in every theater and assigned seats to always make sure you have the best movie experience.

Kim Calloway

Great place, comfy seats.

Seattle Elevator's

When i got into the movie theater and got to my seat i found a huge mess of popcorn and the seats were a mess there was still an empty and wet soda siting in the cup holder. and in my cup holder i found some like brown things in it and was very wet. there were also kids wandering around the theater constantly and hitting things. Other than that it is a very nice theater just needs to be cleaned in between movies.

Matt Hamilton

Great staff and love the seats

Angel Antu

It was an awesome experience me & my fiance loved it we're definitely going again soon

Andrew Nguyen

Nice Theater and Best Recliner Seats Ever

Keith Strom

Great screens for a movie you want to watch. The sound system is real good, you could not create the same sound at home. Pretty easy to get there and leaving after the movie is a breeze.

Paul T Maack

Comfy seats, decent sound quality and large screen. I don't buy concessions here because I'm not a millionaire, so I can't speak to the quality of their goods.

Anne Glidden

RPX was awesome! Only issue was getting there 20 minutes earlier and spending 30 minutes in concession line.

sydney foster

I really like this theater because they have reclining seats, different options for theaters, good deals for members, and most importantly: one time I completely messed up and bought tickets for the wrong day and didn’t notice until I was trying to sit in seats that were already taken. I let the ticket man know my tickets were from the previous day and had no idea and he exchanged my tickets for that night! Better seats too!! I thought I screwed myself out the money so I’m really grateful he was able to do that for me. This is my go to theater!

Caitland Sanders

Awesome seats ❤️

Jessenia Rodriguez

Love the lazy boy chairs. Make sure you bring your blanket.

Kooj Lauj

Not bad. This theater is older but if the other local theater is full, I come here. Nice to have another option at least. The staff have been pretty friendly here and haven't had any issues.

Scott Boze

Very comfortable reclining seats. Was able to reserve seating. Clean, and lots of leg space.

Christen Theobald

The best place to watch the best tear jerkers

Nicholas Parmley

I saw the new Marvel movie here (Iron Man Dies). The only issue I had with this place was someone had taken a dump in the urinal that day.

Penny Harn

This theatre has the best seats around. Only place I will go now because of the seats alone. I have back issues and I never leave in pain. Also love to be able to pick seat ahead of time.

Hyeok-min Kwon

The seats here are wider than anywhere else.


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