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REVIEWS OF Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater IN Washington

Thomas Hastings

It breaks my heart not to give 5 stars as I love Smith Air & Space and this theater. The problem is the access. If you’re going to a movie on a busy day, the museum hasn’t figured out how to differentiate access between the possible throngs of visitors waiting to enter the museum and the paying customers of the theater. If you’re close to movie time and the line is long, the official refrain you get from museum staff is “tough; feel free to ask for a refund.” That is incredibly annoying. The customer experience can be a huge oversight but otherwise the theater is great in maybe the best venue in the world for IMAX.

Patrick Mc Gann

The screen is huge, get there early for the best seats. You can't beat this place for the price and the experience

Duane Hapner

Robert Faltermeier

wow nuf said

Wayne Gifford

Stunning both visually and aurally. There are no words. (and it's walking distance from home!) SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Donghun Park

Jamie Lopez

Scott Waite

Hernan R. Vera

This IMAX is in a great location. Their seats are comfortable.

Sheila Jackson

Ruggiero Lovreglio

Simply amazing!

Fisher G.

Joe Yandow

Really really loud . bring protection. oh and the seats are a bit smallish.

David Godfrey

Very big screen with great color and 3d effects (I think they use lasers). There isn't much of a snack bar and they pretty much kick you out in the middle of the credits, but they seem to have no problem with bringing your own food and drinks.

Darshan Shah

Movie experience was nice! Could've been better if the seats were a bit not comfortable.

Oliver Baron


Museo gratuito donde podrás ver la estación lunar

Ian Furlong

Awesome experience!

Weston Schrock

So first off, or should I say blast off, they did not have popcorn. That’s what I go to movies for so not off to a good start. BUT, the fact that they were playing Captain Marvel made up for it because it’s the best movie ever. Even though I ended up watching a documentary, the fact that they were playing captain marvel made up for it. Did I mention they were playing captain marvel?

Anaelle El-Or


Chris Zhang

Watching arrival in the only glorious full IMAX in the dmv region was fantastic

Brian Frank

Michael Perry

I didn't give it a 5 star rating because of the growing friendship I have for them but because they deserve it.


No popcorn. Idk what to tell you



Divya Sonti

Michael Seifollahi

Clean, with a massive, gorgeous screen. Highly recommend seeing a big sci-fi premiere here.

vikram nag

Chris Vose

Dan Cook

Projector had been updated to the latest and greatest digital laser projector

Marcelo S

Soraw Gooose

Oliver Peckham

Great screen, tons of free or cheap showings, enthusiastic management, and -- obviously -- a great place to wander around in while you wait.

Jon Hicks

What an amazing theater experience! This is my go to place for the best blockbusters! There is nothing even close to it anywhere else in DC. Come early to get a great spot, but every seat is great to be honest. I love waiting in line in this museum surrounded by this history and it is great to support the Smithsonian whenever possible.

Paul Behin

As one of the only TRUE IMAX theatres in the area, I love seeing movies here. Especially those filmed in IMAX as this is how they were meant to be seen. The screen is massive, the seats are comfortable enough (if a little too upright) and the price is satisfactory. IMAX is more than just a big screen. The aspect ratio of IMAX movies is different from standard movies and most other theatres in the area (I'm looking at you AMC) aren't real IMAX, they've just licensed the name. If you're close to the DC area and want to see blockbusters that were filmed in IMAX as they were meant to be seen, this is the place to go. The staff, for the most part, is also very friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended.

Jon Schulman

With the recently updated laser projection screen, there's nothing like it. Whether you're watching the latest sci-fi blockbuster or taking in a Smithsonian original, the experience of seeing it here will blow you away. Plus, you can purchase alcohol to bring in to the theater to enjoy with the show!


Aliep Alvarez

Dan Whitlock

Caught and evening movie, Captain marvel, at the IMAX Air and space museum. The film experience was very cool but it was almost worth it just to see the Air and space museum empty at night. They have regular concessions and there is not a bad seat in the house. Very glad we took the time to see a movie there.

Alice Wang

After seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening night, we were so blown away by it that we decided to see it a second time at the National Air and Space Museum IMAX Theater. I’ve never seen a movie twice in theaters until Star Wars, and it was only appropriate that we see it in the true IMAX experience on 70mm film. Only National Air and Space Museum and the Udvar-Hazy Center theaters offer 70mm in the area. We tried to get tickets for a 5pm showing, but when we went into the museum we saw the extremely long and winding line that extended to the front doors. So we opted to come back at 10pm. Best decision ever! There was probably only 30 people for the 10pm showing, so we were able to secure great seats without having to run into the theater like it’s Black Friday. The screens measure up to 6 stories tall. The images are super bright and clear, 10 times the resolution of 35mm film. High-resolution, clear picture, and amazing sound system. Especially with Star Wars, the shots of the different settings and the sounds of the lightsaber fights was fantastic. However, the seats aren’t super comfortable and there aren’t any cup holders. Thankfully, it wasn’t crowded in the theater so I could put my belongings in the seat next to me and my cup on the floor without having to worry about other people tipping it over. The Lockheed Martin IMAX closed on January 11 to upgrade to IMAX with laser, meaning bigger, better brightness, contrast, color, and sound. They’re reopening in early March. So this really was the last opportunity to watch Star Wars in 70mm IMAX, and I’m so glad I was able to see it.

Ratna Day

My relatives and visitors were very disappointed to see Normandy and Dunkirk at the Air & Space Museum. They were hoping to see Space related IMAX. But there was no show of A Beautiful Planet or Journey to Space that day. I would recommend this museum should only show Air and Space related movies. Anyone can see Dunkirk in a regular movie theatre.

Bill Rizzo

Nice theater, D-Day was really cool

Joe Nastri

One of the few 70mm IMAX (true IMAX not the faux version, Google it) in DC metro. They play educational movies that align with the Air & Space museum, but also will play on occasion a popular mainstream movie (as of this review, Star Wars Force Awakens) this place can hold lots of folks. Only average options for drinks and food though.

George Bowen

My favorite museum in the entire world!

John Mansfield

Drove over 600 miles to see the air and space iMax. Only movie showing was $&@$&& Star Trek. Way to go ! Idiots

Patrick Lin

Ok movies

Marysol Fleitas

Scott Cook

Best movie theater in DC, especially if you're a local. They always have great content, its reasonably priced, and you cannot beat the quality of IMAX. 10/10.

Nick Moyer

Great theatre.

Helen Gadbois

The Cinema are quite large, and I love that, popcorn is not always available, but you can buy candy at a very good price (not the same as in the corner store but very good price for a cinema)

Harsha Chachadi

Stephon Mccrea

Sheila Warren

One of the best IMAX In the area.

cynthia abernathy

Awesome place to see science imax or the latest blockbuster, it's 1 true imax huge screen. Just come really early for good seats!

Tyler Teschon

Great theater, go here after musuem hours to see the musuem empty, very cool!


Best place to watch IMAX movies in the Metro area. Sound system will blow you away.


One of my favorite places in dc to see a movie, a little bit on the expensive side but worth it.

Susan DC

Perfect place to see a sci fi movie. We watched The Last Jedi here, and it was spectacular. Be prepared to show up well before showtime, though, as you'll have to wait in the same long line as visitors to the museum.

Anusha Ghosal

Rob Campbell

If you're over 6ft it could be uncomfortable. For better viewing experience, sit closer to the top rows. The front is way too close.

Steven Royce

Awesome place


One of the few places left in the world where you can see 2D 70mm films! hope they never change it. I used to live in NOVA and since moved across the country, but have made it a tradition recently to visit friends for Christmas and come here for new Star Wars releases. You don't realize just how ridiculously nice everything in NOVA/DC is until you have to leave.

Davide Jackson

One of the best places to visit with family.

Eddie Owuor

No competition

MJ Ocampo

Justin Brown

Great screen, but be prepared to wait a while. You must have patience and endure, but the screen an Aviance is worth the wait.

OliverCara Abreu

This place is great!

Te Lamb

Sanuda Jayasinghe

It was awesome

Raphael Tisch

This is an Imax theater in DC. They have a couple major films running at a given time, but on the weekend they have Sci-Fi Sunday shows of classic Science Fiction movies!!

Daniel Eling

Great laser IMAX theater. Watch for cinema releases as well as educational films.

Douglas Moore

melissa johnson

Don't bother buying tix in advance for the movie. You pay $5 service charge and still have to wait in same line as everyone else.

C. Eric Scott

It had been several years since I last saw a film here, as I usually go out to the Airbus IMAX out at the Udvar-Hazy Center but I was downtown and decided to go. For IMAX films and big blockbusters, like Avengers: Endgame, this is a great and convenient alternative to going out Udvar-Hazy, and if you have a Smithsonian membership, you can even get discounted movie tickets. Both the picture and sound were excellent, I'm sure I'll be back.

Matthew Edwardsen

It's an IMAX! Great sound and picture.

Wu-Wei Kuo

(Translated by Google) particular (Original) 特別

Michael Campbell

Reino Hornson

A really great theater, with the type of clear surround sound that makes you think you're actually in the movie. Saw Rouge One here and loved it! The lines are quite long and it can get expensive, however.

Rohit Gupta

Shannon Mick

Kay S


Jim Weinstein

Carolina Smith

Very cool theater, went to the Quintin Tarantino Retrospective

Peter Gale

Excellent screen and sound, good viewing angle no matter where you sit.

Carlos Parada

Ok, what you need to know is this: 1. there are only 6 theaters like these on the east coast. 2. IMAX laser is the best projection system in the world right now (2017) 3. It does make difference, specially for 3D movies and movies shot in 70 mm. 4. You need to get there early. If you are not on the "sweet spot" seats, you will waste your money. 5. Glasses are re-used. If yours doesn't look right, hurry and get a replacement. Or you will waste your money and end up with a headache. Can't wait for "Dunkirk"


worst movie I've ever been!! the service is terrible, people are rude, DO NOT HAVE POP CORN, they make you wait in a standing, people kill themselves for a space because the chairs are not marked !! DO NOT COME TO THIS CINEMA!!

Andy Roberts

When is an imax not great?? Really enjoyed this today and recommend it to all


Great screen, but no reserved seating. If you can't get there early, you'll get bad seats. Horribly uncomfortable seats... we've stopped going.

francis short jr

Very big screen

Hugo Guillén

Timothy Brockington

If you're there to watch a movie this is the place to be. Small concession stand no popcorn, but who cares. Have a glass of wine (served here) and chill out. Great screen and sound system, best 3d glasses.

Maria Belen Jara Arambulo

Clara Thompson

JK Mickshaw

John Watson

Javi Martinez

hüseyin gedik

Ernie Haffner

matt hoban

Huge theater. Only downside is the seats are kinda uncomfortable.


Daniel Barlow

Brittany Johnson

Theater is nice, has a great size screen. Make sure to get there early enough so you can actually get a good seat.

Johann-Sebastian Lansky

Best place to see SciFi - nothing better then going on a 3D ride true the universe and stepping out to see the real spacecraft on your way out.

Tyler Toth

Great screen and amazing sound system.

Jorge Piquer

Always great experience watching movies here. Good job keeping everything organized for the Star Wars premier. Sci-Fi Sundays are awesome. All proceeds from the ticket and concessions goes back to the museum. They don't have a huge selection and they don't serve popcorn but at least it's for a good cause.

Ronnie Taylor

no popcorn,over priced candy and drinks,go to regal or AMC

Mark Ingles

Great screen and sound and line moved good. Seat leg room a little tight and seats a bit narrow. Be great to have better seats.

Robert M

The best place to see first-run Hollywood IMAX movies in DC, hands down! Tips: - The theater is general admission (no reserved seating) so show up at least 30 minutes prior to show time (or even earlier for the opening weekend of highly anticipated movies) to get good seats. - Best seats are the top 6 rows in the middle. - You must purchase candy, snacks, and drinks at the ticket window when you purchase your tickets. Better to sneak in your own snacks. - Don't bother buying tickets in advance on-line, because (1) there's a service fee, and (2) you can't print your tickets at home and must instead stand in the same line with those who are buying their tickets at the box office.

Nancy Luque

Jeremy McKenzie

Alex Carrick

Seats too close together, but great theater

Kay Starr

Scott Annis

Great movie experience.

Renzo Massari

Gabriel Cavalheiro

Elisia Rivera

We arrived early and purchased our tickets for Wonder Woman a day in advance even got a hotel in DC for this "day date". We arrived to find a very long line, not surprised. We accidentally cut in line due to the unmarked break in the line. We showed our tickets via cell and were told to stand in line. We headed to the back and waited patiently. Once up and front, we were told to step in a separate line to have our tickets printed instead of being allowed to enter like those with tickets. This was by the SAME gentleman who saw our tickets on the phone and directed us to the back before. While waiting, many other parties entered then those who were purchasing tickets day-of were allowed to enter. Needless to say, we did not end up getting seats and had to return our tickets. Wish they had communicated better. Theater is beautiful though.

Kourtney Reimer

D-day Normandy was very informative and interesting!!

evan weiner

Steven Schwark

David Parrett

I went to see Star Wars 7 here and the lines were super long but the staff performed very well handling the large crowds for the sold out Christmas weekend showings. They need assigned seating to avoid the crazy lines but I guess it only happens once in a while. The theater itself is a bit cozy and has that old building smell. You actually look down on the screen instead of most IMAX theaters where you look up. The screen is not a full IMAX aspect ratio (it's 46x75 feet) so they have to crop the image a little vertically when they show an IMAX 70mm film here but it still beats the fake IMAX theaters. Sound is loud with great bass. Our options are getting worse in the DC area for IMAX screenings. The other true IMAX in town, Airbus IMAX near Dulles, is showing exclusively in laser 3D now unfortunately.

Ricardo Stewart

Now I can't see much about this place cuz I don't know nothing about Lockheed Martin except for they make planes and I did not work there I never been in there so I'm just giving it that because I know that Lockheed Martin made out B1 bomber that's all I know

Barmak Kusha

George Smith

Biased-I work here! But if you are a local and see a Hollywood film being played on our IMAX screen-COME-BRING ALL YOUR FRIENDS! Our new digital laser projection system bar none is the BEST.


F Harris

Purchasing tickets on internet was a total ripoff. Arrived 3 minutes after museum opened (22 minutes before start of first movie) and had to wait in same line as those purchasing tickets. Got through line 6 minutes after 28 minute movie started. Asked for refund, and learned that the $5 "convenience/internet" fees were non refundable. Management is incompetent.


Always so impressed with the screen here. Have been twice and each time I am equally in awe. The venue is well-maintained and clean. I saw Rogue one here on Christmas eve and was impressed with how well the staff kept the lines moving with such a large number of people trying to get in. There are concessions (beer, wine, soda, etc) , which was a nice touch. Expect to pay $7 though for a beer. Would go back.

Jim L

Watched the show about aircraft carriers, in 3D, awe inspiring! Lots of seating, get in line early enough to ensure a seat in the middle.


Timothy Anderegg

Brittany Arnett

Kyle Clark

Awesome theater inside the museum. Just make sure you have plenty of time to see what you want to in the rest of the museum(s) because these films take a decent amount of time (~30min)

Waylon Coy

Awesome sound, huge screen

Michael Allen

IMAX looks great

Shayne Bundy

Etta Eskridge

My son and I attended a screening of Hubble 3D at mid day and it was an amazing experience. The film detailed the installation and repair of the Hubble Space Telescope over a nearly 20 year period and offered amazing insights into what life in space is like aboard the Space Station. There were also views over trillions of miles of space into star nurseries that will take your breath away! Overall the theatre is comfortable and spacious, the 3D glasses worked very well, and the service was professional. Amazingly there were no lines to speak of (even when there were at, for example, the planetarium, they were handled effeciently). The film and the experience were excellent.

Peter Timmers

curtis coleman



Robert Kent Jr

For the price and location you can't beat it. However, the theater and glasses seem a bit tired and old. My glasses were bent and slightly blurry at the edges. Enough to be annoying during the movie. The leg room also seems smaller than other IMAX theaters. Will go again though.

Marcos Pedroso

worst movie I've ever been !! I could not go to the movies because the museum was closed, I had to wait until the time of the movie in the cold and rain!! the service is terrible, people are rude, dont have a popcorn, they make you wait in a standing, people kill themselves for a space because the chairs are not marked !! DO NOT COME TO THIS CINEMA

Antonio Della Sala

There are no assigned seats, not even booking online, and the first rows are way too close and low to be considered acceptable

Dmitry Kroz

Mirek Hinner

If you want to enjoy the museum then you must go here

Kevin Kemp

Best way to see a movie.


Do NOT try and go here for the opening weekend of a big Hollywood movie. My friends and I thought it would be the coolest thing to see the new Star Wars movie here. It was a cluster. The line organization was terrible, there was no line control, no one knew where to go or what line to stand in or who was where in line. It was a mad dash to the front door when the time came. My friend got elbowed in the stomach by a man rushing in front of her. We eventually got in and everything went smooth afterwards. Fast forward to when a different group of friends wanted to see the new avengers movie there opening weekend. Again, no line management and people were aimlessly walking around trying to figure out where to stand or be for when they let people in. We all finally set on forming a line close to the theater entrance. When the gates opened, again, random people tried to rush the front. My friend even politely told a few people as they were attempting to cut in front of us that the back of the line wrapped around the corner and got verbally assaulted. Once we got in and seated, the movie was cut off 10 minutes in due to technical difficulties and it would be 5 ton10 minutes to sort it out. Neither experiences were pleasant. Once is an incidence, twice is a pattern. Dont go see movies opening weekend here. Find a theater with assigned seats.

Jen Fick

Heriberto Luna

They dont sell popcorn

Simone Massagrande

Busy place... But worth the visit

Blehbo Boogins

You can't beat the picture and audio quality, and even when you're forced to sit all the way up close to the screen it's still a far better experience than at a chain like AMC. The Air and Space Museum is my go to movie theater for big blockbusters, especially for the price! Be sure to make reservations in advance for big releases, they go fast.

Bryan Hassin

Recently updated with laser 4k projection, this is THE place to see sci fi movies!

Dora Wanzer

Felix Tenley

Nice IMAX experience although it's digital (laser) and not 70mm Film. Also it doesn't show the full height but it's already way larger than normal cinema screenings. The sound system was great and the 3D effect was good as well (I often had problems in other cinemas with seeing double). The price was very good with 15 $.

Brandon Harrison

The theater is amazing. The security guards are the worst pieces of trash I’ve dealt with in years. Rude, condescending and childish. I’ll never come back here again.

Laurent SAIAG

A real imax with a giant screen and good sound effects.

Gary Robertson

Wonderful theater, with a huge screen and great sound.

Tanveer Huq

This is the greatest 70 mm theater in the area, watched the Force Awakens recently. The theater is clean and the audio system is well calibrated.


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