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REVIEWS OF Liberty Cinema IN Washington

Andres Gonzalez

Great theater and the people there are great with the customer service and giving you a great experience the only down side to the theater is the prices for the popcorn and drink etc., If they can come with bundles or deals it be great

Antonio Saavedra Villagomez


John Primeal

The ticket booth is outside so if it's raining or cold or windy you're buying your tickets Outdoors. The theater itself is split up so some of the showings are up the street. The theater is a bit older and the seats are not that comfortable in most of the showings

Marcella Ramirez

Amazing service! This theater has tons of nostalgic charm. Seats are old and broken in which made them super comfy. They lean way back so it was like being at home.


Nice place

Corey Campbell

Sitting area is quite crowded, I'm 6' tall and an it was difficult to get comfortable due to the seats being close set togetger.

Tracy Bushnell

Descent older theater

Sina Hamedani

everytime i go theres always a fat guy or lady (probably still a guy) that just laughs too hard and they just wont shut up also the popcorn butter isnt too good but other than everything is good

Andrew Amarok

Well set up for a smooth experience

Gabriel Parmley

Ok for a movie theater. Old seats and old sound system/acoustics. Nice historic vibe though.

Lazaro Gutierrez

Lost my hat today tried to call but they only had a hotline for movie times no customer service line . Very disappointed

Richard Neel

We watched "Jamanji" on the main floor and thoroughly enjoyed!! Very comfortable the way the "old Liberty Theatre" used to be! (Well almost).

Michael Partee

The seats are comfortable with armrests that can be raised to give more room. the food prices are brutal.

Chase Norman

Only complaint are the seats being too compact

K.C. Hartman

Good theatre

sky blue

Very small

Chrissy Davis

Terrible dirty old fashion theater.

Candy H

Simple yet affective, good popcorn!

John True

Convenient! Older but still good!! PRO TIP: only look at showtimes on the official website. Flixster does NOT have reliable times all the time. I used Flixster and it said today June 22, 2017 there is a 2:30 "It Comes At Night" .... Nope!

Gary Wood

Clean facility, but for $8 you would think the popcorn would be fresh... Yesterday it may have been ☹️

Timothy O

So glad this old theater has kept up with the times with modern equipment and such. Thank you! :)

Mary Sullivan

Nice place to watch a movie. Prices for their food snacks are outrageous though

Ethan Auvil

Had a nice time and enjoyed myself in the comfortable, cozy theater.

Angela Richmond

It bugs me that great movies are shown here instead of at the Gateway Theater which is much more modern and comfortable. I also hate their popcorn. It is way too salty. WAY too salty.


Been here once i didn't think it was that bad good job u guys! Plays better movies than gateway and Nice popcorn like the Dark theater Makes the Movie more alive its not like you want a More bright movie that a Dark movie Cant say but this theater is better also you only have to pay [7.50$] when at gateway Cinema you have to pay[8.00$] Also this theater is cooler since its older i seem facinated by how nice the theater is also pay respect since you can actually watched the movie if you like gateway cinema then go there instead of leaving a reply that's completely horrible Haters gonna gate I feel bad for Liberty I used to love the theater Then all my friends at school said they liked gateway better But now they're saying liberty is better So i don't know what to choose i think i should choose [Liberty Cinema] Also what do you expect out of a like 100 year old theater Its cool but kinda rusty i like it:)

Allyn Castro

Love this theater

Albert Francis

Love the V.I.P. section! Very overly expensive however!

Christine Theubet

Always fun with our loved ones. Nice and clean.

Jason Willis

Great nostalgia makes up for the less than comfortable seats. High prices... but it's Wenatchee. Nothing is inexpensive here

Michael Brown

Always fun and clean

Kim Field

Not been

zaida otero

I like the theater and the staff are nice but it is RIDICULOUS how you can’t get a refill after paying $5 for a small fountain drink.

Sarah Davis Hurley

I went for a double christmas movie feature. The movies available are generally not your blockbusters, but a pretty good selction. Ticket prices for a matinee are the cheapest in town. I'm didn't try the concessions, but they seemed to have a good selection with an assortment of popcorn toppings. I went to both sides of the theater. On the side behind the ticket counter it seems like upon a remodel that the theater was cut in half to make two smaller viewing rooms. The screen size was one of the smallest I would even consider theater size. The acoustics were decent, no reverb. Seats on this side were a tight fit and I'm small - 112lbs... also the armrests do not move. The side down the street a bit from the ticket counter is a bit better. Larger screen size, better seats and spacing. Bonus- both theater sides have pretty decent pinball machines. All in all, I will probably be back as the other cinema in town sometimes doesnt show everything I want to see and this place is alright.


I love this place. It's a little jankey but the sound is good the seats are clean and never to crowded. The only down side is no beer.

Christina Bias

Sticky floor

Kevin Kennedy

Old theatre, some screens are new, some aren't. Would go to Gateway for blockbuster movies

Ian Chance

Would give it higher if they would upgrade the seats

David M. Bond

Neat old place. The sound quality was a little bit off.and I was a bit surprised when the ticket lady told me that my movie entrance was further down the sidewalk. All in all, better popcorn than gateway haha.

Anthony Brice

Best screen in town. VIP option is cool.

Psychic Don Johnson

Seats are super old and uncomfortable. The theater itself is quite quaint and adorable. If the seating was updated I would enjoy this theater much more.

Mitch Dore

Great place to have a first date!

Rakashael O'Morgan

Went to see the DB Super movie. It was good. The location itself was nice. It was as clean as a theatre could get. There's only street parking, so be prepared for a parallel park.

Jason Rolfs

Wonderful place to watch a movie.

Collin Walsh

Great seats

Ben Peters

Dated compared to its newer sister theater, gateway, but movies and snacks are still great

Jerry Derham

Older theater. Not sure when it was built but has the nostalgic feeling. Seats are well padded with fixed armrests. Went to see "Once upon a Deadpool" which required us to use a secondary entrance a few doors down the street. Prices for food were a bit pricey as you would expect but not outrageous.

Steve Pasion

Prefer the experience at gateway but sometimes you have to go here and it's ok

sebastian amavisca

This is a historic movie theatre in town. I expected good things for a historical building in the town, but now I'm hearing critic things Pros: *Comfort seats *Friendly staff *Good food Cons: *Overpriced food *Seats may be dirty *Not a lot of people come here I may update this if I see improvements! -Conrad 3:45PM 5/13/18

Adam MacDonald

Older theater but still a great place to catch a movie. A little piece of Wenatchee history.

Judy Valentine

I do not recommend this place in any way whatsoever—They wouldn’t let us go in, so we were like “okay, that’s fine”. Not even a minute later, more people came up and they let them go right in. The seats are incredible uncomfortable, it’s dirty, and one of the girls working behind the counter was the rudest thing. They started our movie 10 minutes later. The commercials that played before the movie went on forever and ever. And to top it all off, they charge $4.75 for a single bottle of water. Save your money and go to the Gateway theater.

Jaclyn Pace

Fun, Fun!

Jake Collins

Historical location brings back great memories. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable the service was great.

Sherylyn White

Clean with friendly staff.

Abel Charco

Didn’t wanna take us in 5 min after the preview and turn us away then clap his heels When we walk away as he was mocking us for not getting in never been so mad.

Izzy Lopez


Genaro Ass eater

Good place to watch movies

Baby Yoshi

If you haven't previously chosen your movie at home, you won't be able to do so at the theater. It's an old theater, and they won't let you in untill you pay and choose a movie from the window screen wich you can't really see if you go in a summer afternoon. Its a shame that the best movies shown in wenatchee are played in this ugly theater.

Jason DePue

Quaint for what it is. ..

Darrell Engelbretson

The cinema is great just make sure you eat before you come to the show

Rebecca Brown

The seats are very uncomfortable, over priced consion stand

Trish Rickman

Movie was great. Can't believe the high cost if consessionis

Dana Martinez Mendoza

Very friendly staff, hella good nachos, and a great selection of movies!

Tauni MK

Oldie but a Goodie!

Brice Callahan


Charles Hepler

Some cinemas are at an odd viewing angle. Needs fresher popcorn consistently. On a positive note, the Liberty has an old school early 20th style that still lives on. Once upon a time, live plays entertained the Wenatchee populace.

Will Will

This place looks nothing like the picture's it is absolutely disgusting it's smells it's old outdated and there's gunk running down the walls everywhere the seats are stained to the max I felt like I was watching the movie in someone's year old used dirty bath water yuck!! I suggest spending your hard earned money elsewhere!!! on a positive note the little kids that work their are friendly..clean up your act liberty theatre especially sence your charging these honest hard working people full price signed sincerely disappointed

Cameron Easley

It's ok

Maureen Nugent

The nostalgic feel adds to the good movie experience!

chris maughan

They have an extremely nice staff

Gabriel Stefanides

Good place for watching movies. Kids are generally okay at customer service.

Robert Barr

Nice older theater

Barbaro Moya

Good place in the downtown

Christina Lara

First time here and I was very disappointed. The soda was flat and chips tasted so old and stale they hurt my mouth to try and eat. I ended up throwing both away. Theater was dirty. I was in the first showing of the day, but there were food wrappers in the cup holder

Dennis Smith

Viewed "unplanned "what a powerful movie. Thank you bringing it here

J Mart

Prices are high but friendly staff and good sound.

Rayce Barnes

Very outdated. Maybe that’s the appeal?

Leslie Bigos

Convenient theater with lots of smaller movies.

Aaron Carleton Anthony

Could be better

Vincent Cannasso

Nacho chips were stale,popcorn bag was not filled ,movie went out at the end so we missed the best part

Justin Hendrickson

6 bucks plus tax for a soda and I can't even get a refill. I have to pay the full 6 bucks again. Seats suck, smells old and not worth the money. Staff was friendly and smiley

beto Go

There was balls of hair in my popcorn n told the lady about it and she said she couldn't do anything any it

Scotty Bailor

Needs VIP Service for it's clientele.

Marilyn Kolander

A relaxing place of entertainment, multiple movies showing, seating is comfortable and plentiful. Snacks and drinks available . Parking is free nearby. Also a historic building. Lovely atmosphere.

Charles Mcgaughey

Worst place ever very rude staff uncomfortable seats and just an over all unwelcoming atmosphere.. Not happy and will not come back.

Woojin Chicken

(Translated by Google) Well I went to see Dora the explorer (Original) Bien fui a ver Dora la exploradora

francisco cuevas

good movie and place to seat

Jeremy Ayers

This old theatre is super cool!

7 & 1 Adventures

Updated vintage theater. Fun experience.

Luis Alvarez

Really nice people there always happy to help you and the snacks there are great. The movies are good most which other places doesn't have. And a really nice theme inside

Judith Harmon

Had a good time with my son watching Godzilla, the place was completely comfortable and the staff was nice.

Lil Olin

Historical location downtown open since 1919. Locally owned for years! With a newly remodelled addition to the original building.

Brandon Denley

Nice theater. There was trash in every isle, are they not supposed to clean between movies?

Mista Guido

Great movie theater.

Cris P

A little pricey on snacks and the seats are a little tight but I am a big guy. Not over crowded so that was a plus.

Sheli Lindholm-Eagle

We usually try to go to Gateway because we like the VIP lounge, but when we do "have" to go to Liberty to see the movie we are interested in, we aren't disappointed. The theater is standard - basic amenities, on-street parking or use the lot down the block, relatively comfortable seats in a little older building.

Debra Kay

Reminds me of younger years where you paid outside, the theater rooms are quaint, the seats are more comfortable now than they were then. It's nice to see the older buildings in the down town area along with the the "Movie House". I still miss drive in theaters. Thanks for keeping older memories alive.

jerry turner

Best place to go for moves. Great people

Chris Marshall

Nice wide aisles, plenty of leg room.

Hattie Cutright

It should be a little cheaper based off the quality of the theater but it's a cute little piece of Wenatchee history.

blue oxi bunny

It was good

Robert LaRoque

It is cool

Victor Alonso

the manager was rude when buying a ticket for the movie " Halloween" she said I needed an I.D. from me and my girlfriend , but yet I didn't see her I.D. other people. like I clearly look over 21+, I told her that I've been here before and never was asked for an I.D. so I went home to get it and I came back , and she wasn't there and another worker sold me the tickets and didn't asked me for I.D... i showed it and the worker said "ohh its fine".. so I didnt even needed it !

Logen McEachern

A little cramped, but they don't have much space to work with, good experience overall though.

Shari Spence

Great old theater!

LeAnne M Pruitt formerly Grove

The staff were well equipped and although the movies/prices weren't out of expectation, still felt a little like I was robbed.upon exiting the movie.

Donald Ovitt

Movies n junk

Amanda Curtis

Saw Aquaman...fell in love! The seats were good too!

EX_ Rochy

The movies are good

Dawn Cummings


Warren Lybbert

Great location in the Heart of Wenatchee! Neat old style movie theater. Nice comfortable seats!

andrew vargas

The seats are super uncomfortable

Jessica Walker

Beautiful theater but the only downside is the seats are worn out and are extremely uncomfortable.

Amber Such

I love this ole place. Been coming here since I was a kid. Watched IT with my boys. Wish they had more food selection as they were Hangry.

Jonathan Hyry

Food, candy, and beverage prices are absolutely insane. Otherwise the experience is vintage with decent modern screens and audio. Would be 4 stars if prices were reasonable.

Diana Johnson

Great location and parking. It's an awesome older theater. Very friendly staff.

Noah_Joy Kody

Best movie theater when it comes to watching rated R and great peace of history

Tara Graves

The downtown location is convenient, but they usually only offer movies which have been in theaters for some time.


Smaller, older theater, but clean, with very friendly staff. Iindividual theaters are smaller and more intimate to watch movies in, not your typical huge theater with blaring sound. Great family experience. Centrally located in downtown Wenatchee.

TNT Killer

Great movies at a not so high price

MSS SkipJack

Great popcorn very popular in the Italian demographics!

jonathon Moore

Decent theater , sometimes the only choice depending on what you want to see.

backyard enthusiast

This place has an old theater feel. Sound was good. Bathrooms were clean. Cheap prices.

Daniel Hepler

I like the old school architecture, which carries thru to many of the screen rooms. If only the south section and north section had an out of the weather means of getting to and fro.

Jordan Lindstrom

Cool old community theater/hall that has been converted into a movie theater. If you see a show in the "main" theater, it's sort of like a broadway experience with the ornate/unique feel the seating area.

Chelsea Fennell

Great theater, nice stuff. If you go at an uncommon time you will likely be the only one in the theater! Big screens, comfortable seats!

Monster Girl Writer

I love to watch movies on big screens, and see people working because that way I know if there doing a good job or not and they do every day, these are hard working people and they are amazing

Squishyman 117

3D projector wasn't working when I drove an hour and a half to get there

Kieran Andrew

Nice traditional style theater

Bill Herried

Good movies, good service. Great Small Town Cinema.

Jenny Blanchard

Love it.. awesome vibes

Tony Green

Cries out to be restored.

Josiah Barnett

As a former employee I'm disappointed to see what's happened to this theater. It seems to be that the current employees don't care about the cleanliness of the theater rooms as much as I did when I was there. Most of the time you can expect sticky floors and seats that feel dirty. But not every time. Its just so inconsistent. But also to blame are people for creating that mess and I understand the employees may not have time between movies to clean the messed properly. Overall the sound quality is good in most of the theater rooms and the popcorn is always good it's just hit or miss with the cleanliness.

shelle finch

Door open between theatres was very annoying to hear other movie while watching a different one. The staff said they had never heard anything. I was supported by other patrons.

Tyler Robinson

Good theatre, not the best seats but they work. Price should reflect that though

Leif Langlois

Not sure whats going on here... Nice new Gateway theater in a very convenient location and they play all the good movies at the old theater downtown... Theater smells like it hasn't been upgraded since 1919. 3D is like watching the movie through greasy dark sunglasses... If it has been owned since 1919, haven't they made enough money to remodel? Says a lot about ownership...

Dan Guerrero

This is my first time and the theater was very nice. My only complaint is how much I was charged for snacks. $13 For a large drink and nachos is kinda crazy.

Julio Rodriguez

Great place for fun

Carl Madison

Loved the rocking seats. My kids loved that you had fresh popcorn. Thanks for treating them like they where the only ones there.

Osito BB

I've been here 3 times, but it's always been the same thing (noisey people) a lot of people under 30 years old like to come here with friends, it is not very family friendly. These people that usually come here make a lot of noise and are DISRESPECTFUL they'll keep talking loudly throught out the entire movie. This theater is old, the seats UNCONFORTABLE, the restrooms look very old and look a little dirty. They don't have that many rooms, so they play the next movie in same room WITHOUT CLEANING before they play another movie.

Sandy Rodgers

Good sound, when movies are upstairs could be an issue with disabled folks. Personally they should have all movies on the ground floor.

Evelyn Campos

Overall, very bad experience.

Darik Nelson

Coolest old theater I've been too

Tyler Amundson

Old and expensive but gets the job done

Aaron Wright

Old as dirt, with no improvements ever. It is the same as it was 30 years ago, and it was old back then. It is kind of neat that it is built in a subdivided live theater of the past.

Zach Delano

Very nice theater in an old style building within easy walking distance of the Coast Hotel. There are two different locations within less than a block of each other but the box office is at the North location. The main screen of the South location was perfect, beautiful picture quality and spot-on Dolby cinema audio. The seating area, foyer and bathrooms were spotless and the staff were friendly and helpful. Will definitely be back!

Victor Estrada

Power went off 3xs at the Premier of DeadPool 2 ...

Michael K Buck

It is a sticky theater, staff are like zombies, but friendly and helpful.

Janis Quick

The theater was great. I thought prices were high, but I just moved here and it's been a while since I've gone to the movies.

Jeremiah McCoy

Dated sound system and seating.

Daryl Williams

Beautifully remodeled theatre. Worth going to.

Bruce Nash

Un planned is a great movie.

Robert Blank

Refurbished historical theater that still has all the old decorative touches, the tasseled curtains on either side of the screen, the baroque mouldings, the balcony seating. It's a small, cozy space with friendly staff, geared more toward grown-up movies (horror and action films) and less family fare and 3D spectacle. Despite being older and smallish, it still manages to show a lot of shows each day and stay clean and in good repair. They even have a Donkey Kong arcade game! We've been there a couple of times, and so far it's always been a fun and worthwhile experience. And the popcorn is great! It comes in a huge bag and you can add extra butter (so worth it) and add shakers for different flavors--like carmel, kettlecorn, or cheese.

Robert Jackson


Tonya Griffith

Classic. Little Movie Theater in a historic Theater.

Alex Fabrick

Clean, consessions less exorbitant than usual, friendly staff.

Chase Wheatcroft

Not as new as Gateway. Same owners though. Historical to the area

Gregory Nord

Good movie theater. Had one bad experience with the volume being extremely loud.

Sandy Davis-Gates

Friendly, old fashioned, quality and just plain entertaining.


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