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Estonian Family

Comfy seats. Good food. Tried the chicken skewers with asparagus which were excellent. Definately premium seating and movie theatre food if willing to pay a bit more. Nice to spoil yourself once in a while. The coke I had was 5.63 + tax and tip so that gives you an idea of pricing. But the blanket and pillow and free popcorn and service are nice

mely v

Sat at the bar before the movie great service from bartender Brian Seats were clean and comfy! The food was delicious and they gave us free free popcorn! Definitely my new place to watch movies!

Missy Anne

Lovely movie theatre❣️❣️ Customer service was quick & it’s very empty in here which is not a bad thing wen usually it’s packed in NYC. I go to ipic very much often in NYC, difference is in NYC we got the lounge & THE nachos w the infamous guacamole

Maria Hernandez

My new favorite movie theater!!! The seating is so comfortable and the private two seat layout is perfect for a date the staff was super attentive... the pricing is a little expensive but well worth it

Nicole Fraser

The seats in these theaters are incredible. If you have some extra cash or want to splurge a little, i recommend coming here and going all out! Cocktails, food, and even blankets are brought to you in your seat while you watch your movie!

Irina Stuart

We have sliders, tater tots, bbq pizza - everything was pretty good. My personal fave- tater tots!

Jacob Moyer

Excellent and unique experience. It was nice to have actual food during the movie and the seats were comfy. This is the kind of theater to go see a grand opening or second viewing at.

T Clinton Cole

Amazing food, and excellent recliners. They actually added some premium seats recently too.

paul meyering

Awesome times. Excellent food drinks and reclining seats.

Christina Scott

It's our favorite place to watch a movie!!


A little spendy given that many theaters have reclining seats these days. The one thing that makes it worth it for special occasions is drink and food service.

Aaron Soto

Best place for movies. New seats as of December 19. All vip seating. Service anytime during movie. Thank you

Julie Judge

Awesome theater. Food is delicious and service is great.

Samina Pwlski

Website states ninja service yet pushed the call button and it was on for 20 minutes, no menu on my table as I sat down to watch the movie first time trying this cinema not sure it's worth it at all such a shame as it's very nice inside


Don't like the new seats. They aren't as comfortable and it's not easy for more than two people to go together as they have supper high sides. Less of an awesome experience than it used to be.

Jada Kay

I was really disappointed in this theater. It’s supposed to be a top of the line theater here & I was expecting to have a good time. The tickets are expected. There are only 48 ish seats in each theater. The seats are spacious. The food is a bit overpriced. I think the food is okay. There drinks are not good. I tried the mojito & margarita. My boyfriend tried the chocolate vodka & the sangria. We couldn’t even finish the drinks because they were terrible. I don’t understand how a bar can’t make 1 good drink. So we went to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and when we went in the service was terrible. We were there early and I asked for a blanket before the movie started. I had to ask multiple times and didn’t get one until halfway through the movie. The girl that was serving us seemed annoyed about it. My boyfriend asked for a refill on his coke and never got one. Your ticket is supposed to come with a popcorn and we had to ask for it to get it. There are only 2 stalls in the bathroom & each time I went in there it was occupied so don’t drink to much because you may not be able to go to the bathroom while your there. It just seems like the mood of the place is we’ll take your money, but leave the staff alone after you get there. Very disappointed. I would give it 0 stars based on the service if I could, but the seats are actually nice and the theaters are clean. Also if your wanting to see a movie without kids this would be the place to go. But just remember if you ask the staff for anything you’ll more than likely be disappointed.

Shawn Gipson

The wife always falls asleep on the sofa!

Jerry Vanhulle

LOVE iPic! Only thing is this model ruined my ability to enjoy other theaters. The food is expensive but the quality is there. Service is great and the comfort level is 5 stars.

Kathryn Rasmussen

Excellent experience! This is the way to see the movies

Carl Hayes

Ease of getting in is great, service is good. I know it's not like a real restaurant but I do wish the food was staggered, i hate getting all the food at once. Only real critique.

Nate Lee

Nice change of pace from traditional theaters. Intimate settings, good food and drinks

DirtBikeMC80 -

Oh man! Where do I begin. You get to bring COOKED food into the theater!! Comfortable seats. And nice and modern looking great sound to!!

David Lyman

Wow! This is a theater experience like no other! Have food and drinks brought to you at “halftime”.

Denis Tortop

Super-comfy seats. Really expensive.

Tony Koester

New seating pods are nice, but could be a bit more comfy

Robert Davey

This place is amazing. The staff and management have gone above and beyond anything I could have imagined. Super friendly, prompt service, clean atmosphere. I would recommend this theatre to anyone. If you are looking for a great place to have great food and see a movie, Ipic Redmond is your place.

delfis_ _

Great experience, comfortable reclining chairs, good food, only complain is the amount of sauce you get but overall it's a great experience 9/10 would recommend

Jessica Edwards

Best way to watch a movie. I love how comfortable the seats are and the service is right to you. They are always very friendly.

Josh Schmidt

Really love that every seat is premium now, and the keto menu is a fantastic thing. Drinks are on the strong side (always my favorite type!) and their food feels like I'm at a high end restaurant. Will continue to see my movies here. Also - become a member! 45 bucks and you get a bunch of awesome benefits. Well worth it.

Jessica Gombasy

My favorite place for movies! The pods give you a feeling of privacy while you can still order food and drinks! The chicken skewers and ice cream cookie sandwhich are my favorites!!

Leon Gutierrez

Awesome meal and bottle of wine while enjoying movie

Jean-Claude Jr. Lefebvre

Very nice, and price for dinner is on par with many restaurants in the area.

Nick Hansen

Always a great expirience. Dont expect to walk out with less then a 100$ bill by the end of the movie. But its $ well spent. Its quite an expirience

Robert Taylor

Reserved seating is nice. The seats are comfortable but the food is not great and is very expensive. The new pods are great for couples but terrible for families

Jennifer Bird

Exceeded our expectations. Worth the money and the service was phenomenal. Thank you for an incredible experience.

lisa andrew

Great location. Very nice seats. Wonderful food and bar.

Casendra Mars

HORRIBLE customer service over the phone. The girl hang up on me when I tried to book tickets with specific seats. Not sure if she's new, or she doesn't know how to use the system but it was very unprofessional to just hang up when she can ask her manager to help or someone who knows how to book tickets. And oh when I called back, the same girl picked up and put me on hold for 10 minutes and never came back. Ummm really? Wow, that's not how you treat a loyal customer. I feel the facility has been going downhills this past year. My friends and I (5 of us) have been going to iPic for the past 4 years regularly and used to be easy to book with friendly staff. Now the past 3 reservations just been painful. Not sure it's the change in management or what not. Very disappointing.

Stephen Evans

Ok let me tell you this is some place Each section has 2 seats to table with cup holders that come out of the wall in your reclining section. They offered popcorn and the food was ok but the drinks are fantastic!! Tickets are high but you get fantastic service. Loved seeing Joker in this theater.

Joseph Duncan

This is how movies should be. Reclining power seats, with your own personal pillow and blanket. Rotating table for snacks, complimentary popcorn, adult beverages, yummy food, and a server that comes to your pod. Aaahmazing!

Igor Tsapenko

Not so much for families, all seating arranged in pads of two, can't see your kids or anybody else around you. It feels like being at home in your family room and not in a movie theater. Each screen room has very limited number of seats (unlike in traditional movie theater), and so there are very few good ones to choose from (which are taking by 'members'). Did not like the concept of waters serving popcorn and drinks (and other food), like a restaurant? Did not like the concept of different tier membership. It does feel exclusive but very different from a traditional movie theater.

Regina Barker

Parking was easily found as we went to spend a gift card received for Christmas. Purchased (2) tickets for a 4:PM Saturday showing online. The website need improvement. Checked in at front desk by nice guy who said I did not need to bring the printed ticket. I had called because this was our first time there and asked if it was necessary to print the ticket? I was told that they could print it for me if I did not have a printer. So I printed it. Guess you don't need a printed ticket after all. We were seated in this very private and very comfortable cubby. A young man came by introduced himself as our waiter and told us that if we wanted something to push a blue button seen in the picture. He said it's really not dependable so he would come around often. Had that blue button on for 20 minutes before we finally flagged down someone to help. Enjoyed a glass of Rose and free popcorn. The food menu is a bit pricey. Your comfy chair comes with a light blanket and pillow. Really enjoyed the movie and the environment. I don't know if I would pay $50 to see a movie again but this was a nice treat. The food and drinks are additional. In fact a nice gift to give to someone. Everything upscale inside including the beautiful bathrooms and gorgeous bar.

Dani Halfin

Disclaimer: This experience might be expensive / not worth it for some folks. We love iPic Redmond because the theater is nice looking, always clean and the food is good. As young parents, it really helps we can combine a somewhat fancy dinner with a movie (and drinks) and have to get a sitter for half a day. I admit it's probably not the best movie screen I've seen, or the best sound I've heard, but it's more than enough in that department. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone, if you're OK with the price.

Asif Ahmed

Good food, great drinks... Prices are reasonable for the quality.

Marcia LaSalle

Super overpriced for the food and service quality. The servers felt like they’d rather be anywhere else. The drinks were VERY overpriced for their size. The free (very small) bag of popcorn and the seats were not worth the price. The food was decent and fairly affordable. This is not a place for a group of people as chairs are set up in pairs. I’d go to a bar beforehand and get a few drinks and go to a movie instead.

greg jacklin

It is expensive. But you get what you pay for. If you just want to watch a movie this is not the place. If you want to get treated like royalty and watch a movie this is the place for you

Tim Curry

Fun place to have a night out. A little pricey tho

David Johnson

iPic will ruin going to movies for you (in a good way), as you will suffer if you try and go see a flick in a regular theater

Jorge MTZ

Great cocktails and very confortable seats. Popcorn included with tickets. Great customer service.

Gerard Ostebovik

Why watch a movie anywhere else? They have it all... and they deliver

David K

Excellent food menu choices, fantastic drink options, perfect movie experience. Highly recommended for a quiet quality movie time with your loved one and friends.

Steve Blackburn

Food was good service was great!!! Fantasic recliners for movie watching

Brian Lee

1st visit here. Don't get to make it to the theater for a movie to often with 2 young kids anymore. For the extra $10/ticket it's well worth it. If I am going to spend the money to go to a movie I am going to go here from here on out

Melissa Tolle

So fun and cool. This place makes it almost impossible to see a movie in a regular theatre ever again. Totally worth it.

Steven Ge

Best place to watch movie. It has private seat for couple

Shane McDaniel

$24 is expensive for a reserved seat when you can go to Cinemark Bellevue Reserve for the same thing. Food is good. People seem to talk a lot during the movies though.

dan young

Beer on tap, nice bar, good drinks and food, cozy fire, oh yeah and movies too!

A Amanda

This theater has great service, tasty food which includes a lot carb menu. Seats are very comfortable recliners.

Trina Hare

Ticket price has went way up and the online platform doesn't explain the tickets are actually $28 and that by buying the membership you save $12...PER person. Had I known it was per person AND free bday tickets I would have purchased because it just so happened it was my bday yesterday. The tickets print the premium price and not the actual price so I didn't reakire I was charged $84 till it was too late. To top it off they have done a remodel and while it is nice the servers come to you now, the seating is divided in to two person pods so my daughter chose to sit with a stranger so I coukd sit with her father. She was still next to me but just with an awkward half wall between us. A gentleman with a handicap daughter says he now has issues with people taking the handicap seats so they can all sit together without these walls leaving it very difficult for him to get seats. While I think the pods are nice, they are just not practical for families and should be advertised as such. I enjoyed this theatre since the food was actually decent but after that huge price gauge at $28 per ticket $84 for the three of us and $64 for minature "basket" of fries (that the waitress assured us was a decent size), popcorn and drinks we will not be back.

Yai C

You can order food inside the teather and they bring it right to your table while watching your movie!

Faisal 'Fes' Naqvi

Loved it so much! It's not a movie theater that you go to every time. You only go here when you want to splurge. But it is so worth it!

megan proost

Great seats, good price, mediocre food, over priced candy

Mohamed Ben-Ghaly

the movie was mediocre but the higher level service and menu was nice.

Brandi Carnes

They’ve recently revamped the menu, and it’s delicious! Anywhere with comfy recliners, blankets and service in the theatre is a-ok to me. Most servers and nice and stealthy, but our last one wasn’t. He began to demand payment in the middle of the climax of the that was a bummer.

Doris Hartwig

Excellent service, polite servers, comfortable seats. Love the pizza.

Chris Murdock

It is a decent place and I love how you dont have to leave the theater to get food however I never got my appetizer. I never complained because the person with me ordered the same and I figure they put it on one plate until later finding out. Other then that it was a great atmosphere and decent theater.

Danny Gunn

This place is awesome If you want to take your wife on a special date night and surprise her. GO HERE! service was great employees were polite experience was awesome, pricing was what I had expected for a top end theater Have Fun!!!!

Megan Sherman

If they actually gave you every thing they advertise it might be worth the expensive ticket price. My husbands reclining chair was broken (my chair was great!), they were out of blankets, never offered the free popcorn (even after we requested it). Food and drinks were ok. Service wasn’t great or friendly. I sent an email to management over a week ago and still haven’t heard back. They obviously don’t care about their customers. To owners: I suppose I should thank you for your generic response? No, I am not going to leave my personal contact info on this post. I emailed your GM prior to ever leaving a review and it’s been over 3 weeks and still no response. Check your email.

David McDonald

Fancy pants movie theater with great, personal booths. Can drink booze while watching blockbusters and they even give you a blanket! Staff is very courteous as well.

Blanca Nuño

A little pricey but overall, a really good movie experience with good food and drink choices.

Brent LaDoux

Customer service was great. Seating and service was fantastic. Even if you don't order food service was still great.

Rachelle Cummings

The first time I went, it was amazing! I was so excited to go back and see the movie "Us" cause my husband and I don't go to the movies much. Unfortunately, we won't be going back. We went on March 28th and it was a horrible experience. My first complaint was the minute we walked in. I purchased the tickets online and was waiting at the front desk to check in and get the tickets. We went to the 10:20pm show so it wasn't busy in there at all, but somehow, still took 5 minutes of us waiting before someone came to help us. After getting our tickets and getting in the theater, we noticed there were only 4 others in the theater. Awesome, I love an empty theater, but when we asked to move to different seats, we were told we couldn't sit in a different area cause it was reserved for VIP. Ok, not a big deal. But then when I asked for the pillow and blanket that we had last time, the server said he'd look and see. After 15 minutes, he came back to get our drink order and I asked about the pillow and blanket again, his response was "I don't think we have any clean ones" and walked off. He then came back with our drinks about 40 minutes later! 40 minutes is way too long to be waiting for 2 beers! I was a little upset but tried to continue the night and enjoy the movie. When he brought our credit card back, somehow the server switched our cards, and we were given someone else's card, and that person had ours. Again, was a little annoyed but whatever. We thought about ordering food and more drinks but didn't bother. We were treated completely different from the first time we went. Very dissatisfied and disappointed.

Lisa Culhane

I enjoy watching movies here in comfort. They have huge recliners, coupled in little hubs (with high dividers in-between each lot of two seats), so if you're a couple, you can't see your neighbors, and feel like you have your own space. An extensive menu contains pizza, calamari fritti, sliders, desserts, wine, cocktails and many other delights. Complimentary popcorn is delivered to each person. The last time we visited, our wait staff were a little confused (although, I think it was a trainee), delivering a martini (in the middle of the movie) to my daughter, who hadn't ordered one. I missed part of the movie, being distracted as she questioningly passed it over "the wall" and a small discussion ensued, until we left it on our table, and a different waiter came to apologise and take it away. Also, we didn't automatically receive water at the start, but maybe they've stopped that practice. They'll certainly deliver it if requested. If there's an epic movie you want to see on a big screen, I recommend doing it in style at iPic.

Jeff Mertz

Friendly staff, great atmosphere and pricy

Loomis Hamilton

Watching a movie here is like flying first class, good luck ever going back to a normal theater. Assigned recliners in a pod with the person you came with? It's the dream. No waiting in lines, so you can spend that normally wasted in line time eating and drinking at the bar.

Mark Swift

Large, reclining seats in two-person booths, can order food and drinks during the show, food is yummy and well presented, free popcorn, onsite bar for before or after movie drinks. Expect to pay about double for all this vs a regular movie theater.

Elizabeth M

Recently remodeled seating ... missing the nachos & blackberry mojito that they used to serve

Mayra Ortega

Carlos Diaz is an excellent server here at iPic!!! One of a kind ❤

Fred T

Awesome two seater 'pods' give you privacy and space to stretch out and relax. Feels like a really high end movie theater. Food was great and service was quick. Not super affordable, but felt like we got our money's worth!

Dee Dee Floyd

I Really enjoyed the service, the comfortable reclining chairs with blanket. The drinks and food was awesome. The experience was excellent.. I’m sold on IPIC

Jennifer Torrijos

Great comfy seats. Love the new pods. The membership to get everything seems pricey and may be more fees if you purchase tickets online.

William Hayward

Very comfortable "pod" seats for couples. Good in-seat service, though I wish they started coming around a little earlier. All this for cheaper seats than AMC? Great value!

Nkosi Dean

Absolutely wonderful experience. I go in and have a seat that's in an alcove, the other seat on the other side of the alcove. There is a shared table in between, and we have a server bringing us food. There is a button to call your server and a nice menu with various things to choose from. The server brought us popcorn (included with price) and I was able to order some sliders in the middle of the movie easily. The chairs recline, so I was extremely comfortable for the three hour movie that is Endgame.

Brian Murphy

The prices are a little steep. It's fancier than it should be - it's a movie theater at it's core, after all - but I love it for two reasons: 1 - decent food and drinks 2 - big cozy seats!

Samyak T

Lovely place to watch movies. They’ve got really comfy seats and a great staff too. The recliners were well worth the money. Prices over the weekend are high(higher than thy already are in general) but I’d argue that the experience was great!

Alaina T

Update: the owner reached out for more information and that was it. Nothing changed. No other contact. Lovely theater and really comfy seats. The issue was food poisoning from dinner and one drink. Even if I do go back, I'll never order food or drinks from them again. Absolutely horrendous experience.

Felis Alpinis

Seating is very nice. Food is so-so & expensive. Service is hit and miss, sometimes slow, sometimes too intrusive. Popcorn is way too salty, probably to encourage more drink sales.

Steve T

Dirty and delicious martini was the best I’ve had. I just wished the food was just as good. The nachos we’re not good unfortunately. I understand what they tried to do. Have every chip loaded with everything, but it didn’t work. I would have preferred the traditional nachos. We saw Black Panther so the premium plus seats were sold out. So we had to settle for the 2nd row. I just wished that the seat could have leaned back at least an inch or two. My neck hurt after the movie. Or if they could just make the entire seating premium plus that would be great.

Emily Wilson

Such an awesome experience. I treated my husband and I to this last night. The premium seats for a 730 show. The interior is very nice and very fancy and makes you feel like you are in a fancy place. Free popcorn. The food was great. The waitress even recommended my husband a beer. The chairs are so comfortable. Even my 6'2" husband could lay back comfortably! We loved it. I give only 4 stars not 5 because it is SO expensive. $60 for 2 people just to get in. $80 (with a small gratuity) for our meal of 1 drink for each of us, 2 entrees and 1 appetizer. It's not feasible for our small family very often but as a once or twice a year luxury it is very nice. Definitely recommend it!

Elizabeth Schwartzhoff

I went to see Toy Story 4 yesterday, unfortunately our server never came to take our order, I was looking forward to trying more of the food. I’m not sure if the reason was that we were teenagers and they thought we wouldn’t order. But I had been there two times before and the service was great, for a $28 movie, I would hope the service is at least standard but this time is was not, also we were in pods and my two other friends did get served but not until halfway through the movie.

Jessica Boespflug

Love the idea but the service was slow and they ran out of the wine I ordered before I got any.

michelle simmons

Comfortable but service always seems a little rushed

Robert S

Horrible service!! Ive had better service from a fast food drive thru!

mark surfer

Comfortable seatings. Good service.

Jaron B

Overall a bad over priced experience. Go there if you have ALREADY seen the movie. Wait staff visiting tables and dropping off food can be extremely distracting and annoying. They will visit your table even when you don't hit the call button. Also the lobby help is extremely slow at actually getting you through a line and getting you a ticket. So if you are running late to a showing I hope you ordered tickets ahead of time otherwise you will miss the beginning. Today I waited in the lobby for 5 minutes and no one was at the front desk to sell me a ticket. I guess I'll spend my money elsewhere. You are better off going to AMC and getting over priced pop corn and soda rather than dealing with this pretentious movie theatre.

Jesse Camargo

Came in on a Tuesday for an 11:15pm showing, I arrived at 11pm and doors were closed. Employee who opened the door asked cashier if I could go in. She said yes but I wouldn’t get full service. She was very rude!! I couldn’t get popcorn or candy because they were “closed”. Not friendly and horrible service!! I definitely was not welcomed. Plus I got charged full price for half the service. No hospitality.

Josh Siewert

It's a good screen, but the real luxury is in its seating, service and free popcorn that is presented to you.

Brandon Dow

Movie seat was awesome. Food was good. Service in the theater was good. The bar area was not great. 14 of us there for an hour from 6:00-7:00 on a Monday. Maybe 5-6 people in the entire place besides us. No staff came to get a drink order, pick up an empty glass, take a food order. We had prepaid as part of an event. Sensed that they got their money, so why bother with bar service.

Jannette Bailey

My favorite place to come when I want to spoil myself and indulge in the senses.

Marc Williams

S bit on the pricey side but you get what you pay for; great dinner and bar and the theaters ate outstanding.

Justin Kaiser

Absolutely wonderful. Pricey compared to other theaters but you really get your money's worth. Service was polite, professional, and accommodating. The theaters are beautiful and luxurious. Plenty of space per seat and privacy from neighbors. Highly recommended for date night as you can have everything you need in one place.

Maggie Warren

Our family of seven celebrated my daughters birthday at IPIC Redmond Sunday March 31. We were excited because our last experience at this location was excellent. This time we were disappointed. We went to the 7:40 showing of US and found the bathrooms dirty with paper towels on the floor, water on the floor and general filthy appearance. Additionally the food and drink service was extremely slow. For the amount of money we paid, this was a very disappointing experience.

Eric Doogan

Nice staff and good drinks

Constantin Plih

Great experience

Jack Johnson

Awesome experience definitely going back, the service was outstanding!

Paul Naranjo

The absolute BEST theater I’ve been to.

Rahul Lal

Nice place but the menu and quality of food needs improvement.

ryan o'tierney

"It was tight" said my brother, sitting on the couch recalling the good movie we saw in fancy chairs with our free popcorn. I agree. It was "tight"

Bryan Hammond

Best movie experience, hands down! So comfortable but almost too comfortable!

Valencia Whitlow

I came. I saw. I ate. I left happy! This is the only movie theater my son and I visit because he's in a wheelchair. I purchased a membership for the perks but more so because if my son becomes ill after I purchase tickets online I can call and the tickets will go into my account for future use. The theater itself is beautiful, clean, spacious with a cozy ambiance even in the restrooms. I'm a retired professional Chef and a few years ago I asked to meet the Chef and he actually came out and talked to me. Gave me some candy offered me coffee. He also asked if I wanted a job

Barbara Stanik

My friend bought me a ticket to see "A Star is Born" for my birthday. She sent me a screen shot of the seats she purchased, so a third friend could buy a ticket to sit near us. When we arrived, our seats were taken and we were put someplace else, and my other friend was left sitting alone. Which in a way didn't really matter, since they have the dividers that make the seats only good for couples and not groups or more than 2 people together. We got passes, and now I'd like to use the passes the manager gave to us for our inconvenience for the movie "Rocketman" with that other friend, who was stuck sitting alone. The movie says no passes, but since we had unusual circumstances, I would like to speak to a manager to get seats to the move for the two of we friends, anyway. I tried calling the number and it said there was a more than 5 minutes wait time and I could opt to put my number in for them to contact me when free. I got a call back about 25 minutes later, and it was a person in Texas. I explained what I wanted, and she said she couldn't help me down in Texas, and that I would need to go in person to Redmond to talk to the manager. I let her know that is inconvenient for me since I live in Seattle and only was going over to Redmond iPic to see the movie. I asked for a phone number or email to reach a manager, and she said she didn't have any of that information to share. This is very disappointing and not very good customer service. How is a person in Texas supposed to help someone in Washington state? Would management please get back to me, as I'd like to secure the two seats for the May 30th show at 7pm. Thank you! I don’t want to give my personal information to public, so please tell how to reach you.

Francesca Scarlett

Good food. Good service during the movie. Comfortable theater seats. Good movie selection

Jessica Cook

Very fancy, with personal love seats and blankets and cocktails but GOSH you're paying for the experience and I just don't care enough about the extras for it to be worth it. The food was pretty mediocre, too. Brilliant for a special date night, skip otherwise.

Sumukh Shivaprakash

The food was too expensive and very few options for vegetarians.

Sam Ketchem

Recently went here to see Toy Story 4. Great seats and theatre, but our waiter never came by to take our food/drink order

Nathaniel King

You're going to spend a lot of money here, and it ultimately wasn't worth it for me. The interior is very pristine and classy, which I loved, and the private style seating is a treat. $28 for a ticket is worth it for the amenities you're receiving. My problem starts and ends with the food. 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, and 3 drinks came out to $120 before tip. Price is no object if the food is worth it, and it wasn't. My group concluded it was no better than Cinebarre, where you'll spend half this amount. I recommend seeing a movie here only if you eat out first, the food is simply too expensive for the quality you receive. If they increase the quality of the food, or keep it the same but make it cheaper, it'll be an easy 5 stars.

Emily North

This is the second time in a row we have had horrible service. The expensive seats and overpriced food is just not worth it anymore. Our server came by once the entire time and food and drinks took quite some time in a half filled theater.

Kyle Spencer Kenny

Place is superb, awesome service, very comfy recliner chairs, amazing food, try the sweet potato fries, you won't be disappointed. The only downside is it's very expensive.

Some Bloke

A bit more expensive then a normal movie, but the food (cheddar drop biscuits and sweet potato fries), service and movie experience was better then any other theater I've visited. Definitely a great way to see a film. The cozy 2 person reclining 'pods' came with pillows and blankets, great for a nice date night.

Jack Schnepf

A little on the expensive sign. Great food and reclining seats

Stacey Vandell

The remodel is perfect. All chairs are now recliners and they serve you food and bevvies everwhere. Awesome!

Taylor Wisler

Was top notch when it first opened, but now theaters like Crossroads and Factoria offer a more comfortable theater experience for less money. Granted, the restaurant/bar here makes it feel more upscale, but if you're just going for a movie, it's probably not worth the premium given the upgrades to other theaters in the area that cost less.

Suzanna Mizell

Worth the price for a quiet theater with super comfy seating. Also, it is super clean. Food is not great, but it's a fun experience

Charissa Corder

Love, love, love, Ipic. I genuinely wish it were the norm for the movie viewing experience .

Rick Devrin

People are friendly, environment is comfy, cozy and clean. Everything is good except the price. We only go once a year or two because it's just to expensive.

Adam Tappert

The food was good, and the seats are really comfortable. Our only issue with the place is that the last 3 times we've been our meals have had issues. First our meal was forgotten. They didn't charge us and gave us free passes for our next visit. The second time we didn't have our food more than halfway through the film and I had to flag someone down outside the theatre to get it. Tonight we got our appetizers, but an hour into the film our entree still hadn't arrived. Thankfully they have handy buttons at the seats to call for assistance so we could flag someone down that way. Unfortunately there was some miscommunication with our waitress as we told her we'd share a single entree instead of getting one each. We received and were charged for two. Happening one time is understandable as a fluke, but 3 times now and it making us question whether we want to return to a theatre that we enjoy.

Shin Kang

The most amazing theater experience ever! The price is kind of high, but its totally worth it!. Free popcorn, pillows, blankets, and amazing service! The town center area is so beautiful as well~!

Marika Bell

Enjoyed this experience very much. Will be going back.

Carl Cox

Unless you get the expensive seats this is NOT WORTH IT!!! The lower seats don’t recline at all and are actually uncomfortable, would not come back. Without the in-theater service its not even a comfortable or reasonable theater on its own.

Jonathan Belknap

My wife and I love our "Dinner and a Movie" date nights and were pleasantly surprised to find out that there was a place that combined both into one cozy little spot (I-PiC in Redmond). I like the model that I-PiC has envisioned for itself but the execution and delivery in its’ Redmond location does not deliver, literally. We have visited at least a dozen times in the last year each time hoping that the positive experiences would eventually outweigh the first few negative ones but it just seems to get worse. I will try to sum up what took place last time we were there. Our last movie night was Friday the 12th to watch Crawl and we made sure to arrive 30 min before the movie started to get comfortable and give the kitchen a head start on our meal. Our order was taken at 7:10 (the theatre was empty at this point) with the movie starting at 7:30. My wife ordered the Southern Bird with a side of ranch and I got the Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls (delicious), with two sides of Buffalo Sauce. We also ordered Warm Pretzels for the starter, with a Diet Coke and a Martini. Her diet coke showed up right away with our Pretzels and blankets in tow, not a bad start… unfortunately my drink staggering behind by about 40 min. Our large popcorn never made it out (I love my popcorn and the popcorn they serve come in little baby bags), we were never checked on, and we didn’t see our food until 8:45. Like I said the concept is great but every time we go they drop the ball, namely in the kitchen and bar department. I think we will stick with dinner and a Movie the old fashioned way for now.

R-A Mazzola

Clean and comfortable, my favorite theater! If you go during the week prices are pretty reasonable, and you get free popcorn. Food and drinks are quite good but can get expensive. New design makes it so every 2 seats are their own pod, and quite private. If you are with a group you may want to have pairs sit behind one another, or there will be a pretty good barrier between pairs.

Wally Walker

Oh yeah. Newly remodeled. Of the chains. Hands down my favorite place to watch movies. When I have the money.

A Google User

IPic has recently upgraded their interior and it looks fantastic. The food menu has greatly improved, though some menu items can be hit or miss.

Carissa Dunphy

So nice to not have to wait in any lines for movie or great food!


Love this place. Great service, food, comfortable cozy and fun!

Joy Love

Great movie experience, good selection of food & drinks. Comfortable Chairs that recline, cup holders and upon request they have blankets sp that you aren't cold. Price also includes a small bag of popcorn and is given to you after movie starts

Charley Westphal

Classy bar outside the theater!

Rohit Gupta

Really good atmosphere with less people and more enjoyment. Popcorn was served for free and with beer it was a good experience

Keira Pickering

Not a bad ipic the lobby is set up nice here. I was informed that they are changing their logo and some of the things about the theater, so you have to ask for blankets now. But otherwise the bar staff was on point! They made me a non alcoholic drink, dont know what it was

Tom Wood

A little confusion on our gift cards, but two very nice ladies at the front desk were able to get it all squared away. Enjoyed our night out very much!

Kolbe Stevenson

Overall the experience was ok. Food wasn't fantastic, a lot of it tasted like frozen stuff pulled out of a box, just nothing special. Drinks were good, but bar service wasn't the best, which is why only 2 stars. Our check was brought before we were asked if we wanted anything else at the bar. Service inside the theater was pretty slow. I called 6 times throughout the day to ask about Microsoft Prime discount and how to use it online; no one ever answered, emailed with no response, and reached out via Facebook with no response. I called the main office back east about it, they said they would follow up in email, that never happened. End of the night we spent $250-$300 for two people and the experience felt just like that, focused strictly on the money. Money could be much better spent at a dozen other places for far better experiences.

Eat Carbs Outdoors

Nice theater. Server was nice. Eating in the dark was a little weird though. $28 for a movie seems a bit much to me. The seats a nice and wide and they recline, but honestly I can find those wide seats in other theaters with larger screens. But I wasn't dissatisfied with the experience. I did need a flashlight to order though.

Amanda Wong

Solid movie-going experience, but you are definitely paying for the experience. We ordered a draft beer & cocktail with the meatza flatbread, shrimp tacos, and the ice cream sandwich--all were amazing. The 2-seater pods make it feel like you are completely alone, and I didn't hear any of the servers moving around us except for when they came to check in on us specifically. The theater overall is very clean, especially the bathrooms. I wish the cashier would have told us happy hour is only at the bar, especially since we bought our tickets hours ahead and asked about happy hour, but what can you do. All in all I think the 2 of us spent a little under $150. Not sure I'd spend the same amount again but it was a very lovely visit that I would recommend.

Benjamin and Cassidy’s vids Hammerhead

Customer service has gone downhill with the 'new' iPic. *trying to reply. Can't figure out how. I've been a member since 2011. Cheryl Henriksen.

Gayle Perez

Cozy little seating nooks, service to your seat, popcorn included with expensive ticket price, delicious red velvet bread pudding and house made cherry coke!

Donna Hayward

Great movie theater. Service was great for our matinee, sound and picture quality and comfort - all excellent. We use the VIP program (it pays for itself in ticket savings within 2-3 movies per yr) Will definitely visit again!

Art S

Fraud alert - worst experience. Brought in 15 girls that were tied to my sister, and they all wanted to see the new J Lo movie. They were independently at the bar, at a table, where my wife and I wanted to go to Rambo. Totally separate experience. Both experiences were overseen by theater supervisor Robert Cordle. This guy was the most sarcastic, unprofessional bully of a supervisor, and literally tried to commit fraud on my credit card. Finally, Tucker came in to oversee the process (the manager who I asked for from the beginning) and things got a little bit better. We'll see after my credit card reconciles. I have no idea how this guy could be a supervisor of anything, especially on the east side. I own restaurants in Redmond and health clubs all up and down the east side. I know good service when I see it, I know good business when I see it. Imagine one movie, my wife and I only, four different servers, one supervisor who told me to "go shove it", and made a racist comment to my wife, and I hope somebody from the corporate office reaches out to me. If so, give me your contact info and I'll reach out to give you specifics. But somebody from HR needs to go to the employees and do an internal investigation on Robert Cordle. Because on a separate incident, my sister and her 15 friends were treated the exact same way. So where there's smoke, believe me there's fire.

Jessie Tuscano

This is an excellent, upscale movie theatre to comfortably watch the latest movies. I recently went here with my husband and had a great time. We chose premium plus seating, which I would recommend because the cheaper seats are too close to the screen. Also, the premium plus seats recline and give you access to food and beverages (including complementary popcorn) during the movie. This would be an excellent place for a date night. We'll be coming back when Justice League comes out.


This is where you go as an adult to watch a movie. Leave the kids and home, have a drink and be pampered while watching the new epic flick.

Dan K

Great upscale movie theater that offers a decent menu and alcohol. The seats are very comfortable and the premium plus seats not only recline but you get service directly to your seat for part of the movie. The food quality is decent, but nothing special and it tends to be pricey. Overall I really enjoy this theater.

Timothy B

Excellent bartenders, friendly staff, and even willing to learn how to make drinks for which they are not familiar. Their only drawback... sometimes they are short on some of the ingredients they need to make some specific mixed drinks. Still, for a quiet place to take a date, with our without going to a movie, this place is excellent.

Azrael Grimm

For two people, it was about 56.00. Thankfully my boyfriend and I had a giftcard with just that amount on it. The theatre was nice and the seats were comphy, though the small table in-between mine and my boyfriend's seat made for a smidge of a tight fit. The staff was nice and informative - quick to fill our order. If I had the occasion or cause to spend 56.00, id definitely go again.

Qstoves How to

Bait and switch. They show member pricing on the website and on the ticket receipts but charged non member prices. I didn't get the confirmation email either. The seating is not what is is online anymore. It's gouped in 2s. We had 3 and my daughter had to sit with a stranger in the next booth. That didn't show separated on the seating chart.

Seth Harmon

Excellent service. Excellent seating. Excellent atmosphere. I was surprised at how great the food and drinks were too! For comparison’s sake, I’ve been to the cinemark reserve in Bellevue many times, and iPic is better in every way for the same price. Parking is even easier because of the location. Nothing wrong with the cinemark either.. iPic is just that good.

Carrie Quinn

Best movie theater.. Seats are beyond comfortable and the vip blanket they provide is so soft

Jake Taliloa

Great place to eat & watch movie

Dominique Lam

Love the premium reclining seats. It is so nice to sit in the large reclining seats at the back of their small theatres. You can recline, and there is a wait staff to take food and drink orders. Complimentary popcorn in the premium section, as well. I have a lower back problem, and have always just made do in regular seats in the past, but always in pain. Being able to adjust the recliner whenever I want to whatever position suits me is so nice. I can adjust my position without worrying about bumping into other people's seats. For me, adjustable, roomy seats are a game changer!

Allex Flores

Love this place. Great place to watch a movie


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