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REVIEWS OF Edmonds Theater IN Washington


Nice nostalgic theater in lovely, quaint downtown Edmonds. Lots of great places within walking to distance for lunch or dinner before or after the show. Great time out!

Tamara Christie

Love love the "rustic" of this old theater.

Ciprian Neagu

We like how quaint this theatre is!

Alejandro Perez-cortes

Great place. Great people

Angie Karlberg

A nice community theater

Kevin Lopez-Mohedano

Charming one-screen theater in the heart of downtown Edmonds. Kids get a free bag of popcorn and the concessions are not as pricey as big chain theaters. Highly recommend!

Jessie Miller

A theater much like what i grew up with. This place has had few updates to maintain it's down home charm.

Roxanne Kestle

Great family theatre

Melanie Saedi

A great small town theater. Privately owned and operated. Yet still has new release movies. In fact got to see the endgame on preview night, before the actual release date. Inexpensive tickets.

Ben Bjornstad

Really nice

Kathy Hop

Love the beautiful old theater experience!!!

Eva Graefinghoff

Quaint little theatre in downtown Edmonds, very reasonable prices

Terry Twocents

Perfect! An old 1950s theater in immaculate condition. The owner is a true Edmonds treasure for the community!

Patricia Albert

Updated rating reflects today's visit. The same rude employee was working and he exceeded his nasty reputation today. We waited in line for over 15 minutes. The sign at the front check in said to pay for tickets at the concession other explanation. Once we got to the front of the line, nasty man told us NO CREDIT CARD, ONLY CASH TODAY. We don't carry cash and told the man this and only then did he tell us that his computers were down and he shouted to the rest of the patrons in line, ONLY CASH TODAY! As we are frequent patrons of this theater, I asked if we could bring the cash later as we had walked from home. He rudely responded I CAN'T LET YOU IN WITHOUT PAYING. GO FIND AN ATM! I'm not sure why the management of this theater continues to employ this individual. It is a known problem among the customers that this man is consistently rude and disrespectful. Were is the good customer service? Love this small town movie house! Personal touches include frequent user punch cards. This is the way theaters should to the small town atmosphere. My only complaint is that the gentleman selling the tickets is quite unfriendly. I come here all the time and he is never friendly ..seems to be very unhappy at what he does for a living.

Mortado Filth

Friendly staff who love films. Cheaper tickets and concessions than the multiplexes. Very cool place!

Jessamyn Way

Classic and caring, upstairs balcony seats for adults too!

Peter Inslee

Love this place! Employees are friendly, my girlfriend and I come often for the great popcorn/movie & the warm old school environment. Would recommend to everyone!


Best theater of all. Comfortable seats, good popcorn, decent prices, first run films, and fantastic community spirit. It is always my first choice.

Dan Cunningham

Quaint small town theater, love the place

Joanne Lord

While it is more low key than the chains, it was only $9 and the popcorn was way better. Loved it.

Carl Setzer

I've loved this local gem for decades.

Michelle Davis

Awesome!!!!! Can afford popcorn here if you go.

David Felthous

That's not real butter on the popcorn. It's a product called Whirl, which contains enough butter for taste but is mostly some kind of oily substance. I used to work there.

Randy Barrett

Cheap and local

Harry Jackson

One of the last of the old time neighborhood theaters, nestled in downtown Edmonds. First run movies, reasonable prices, and REAL BUTTER on the popcorn!

James Brandon

The place is awesome! This theater from historic Milltown days takes one back to the Orpheum style original cinema format that movies were made for. An old school style screen with state of the art projection (a best of old and new situation) makes for a wonderful cinematic experience. My family would live in there if they could, my daughter made me take her to Star Wars there 12 times. Oh yeah, they have real butter popcorn from an old school churn and the prices are also what they should be, just right. Matinees for the kids are next to nothing in cost and going to see openings of films there is always a fun event.

Jonathan McCool

Cute. Stairs to the balcony are steep-watch your step on the way out.

Janaya Webb

Watched the Last Jedi here on opening day. Instead of playing movie trailers, they played Carrie Fischer's audition tapes for A New Hope. So cool!!! Great small business. You really get a sense of community here. Love it!

Robert Wallis

Fantastic staff! Real people run this place, not beat down drones just doing the minimum to get a buck.

Lisa Gaspar

This is as great little theater. It's the old fashioned style still, not all remodeled and new. We love it! They also have better concessions pricing than the big theaters.

Cindi Pepperworth

A great old town theater.

Sharnai Lugo

Awesome area

Arvin Manahan

Great movie theater. They have all the great movies. Sound system is great. Popcorn is awesome. Get the large bottomless popcorn. It's worth the $6

Allison Frey

Super cute small local theater.

TC Thinkingcaveman

If you have never visited a small theater and have only watched movies at home or the multiplex you're missing a piece of Americana. There is a fix for that indulgence locally, The Edmonds Theater. Showing first run films, with an awesome updated sound system, this theater boast an adults only balcony. Supporting this business supports a century old entertainment style that brings friends and family together. The Edmonds Theater also has a rental option where you can provide a factory Blu-ray for big screen viewing for a small rental fee allowing you to invite film fans to enjoy with you, all at a reasonable price which includes the popcorn as well.

Michelle McClory

Loved the staff and the experience of a normal quaint theater.

Jim Waak

Neat place. Lots to do nearby. They appreciate our business.

Darryl Berg

Great popcorn! Cozy seating!

Evan Arnold

This is an amazing theater. But snacks, support your local independent theater!

Jayne Engle

This theater is very old and hasn't been remodeled. But it shows great, first run movies and the ticket prices are really low compared to the big multiplexes. The seat quality is decent, but not new. It has a good concession stand. It's an all-around fun neighborhood theater with a "small town" feel.

Leon Osterhaug

Excellent theatre. Been coming here for over twenty years. Lines are rarely long and concessions are cheap. Nice staff and good atmosphere.

Diana Joan Nazziwa

Hella small and adorable. The processing everything was refreshing. It felt like a true movie experience, it was for you to enjoy the film with awesome snacks that don't cost an arm or a leg! Staff was chill, probably because they work at the best theater ever! Try it. You are welcome.

Heather Margo

Usually we love this theater but this week the air conditioning was out and it was uncomfortably hot. I am sure they will fix it.

Devin Burnett

wonderful theater they just need to figure out how to flow the concessions more efficiently and cool the lobby area. Otherwise fantastic love the deal for the kids

Taco gaming 101


Hedy Schlaht

Love the historical feeling of the theater.

Michele Christensen

Adorable old-school theater with comfy seats & movie magic.

Heather O

Great completely independent movie theater. Cute!

Mark Skoglund

The movie was good, but you can't expect anything less from Disney. However the Theater is almost 100 years old and it smells like it. Don't go if you are like me and need leg room.

Christopher Summitt

Grand old style theater, fine projection system and audio. A real treasure.

Rick & Gayle Hopkins

Support our hometown, historical theater. Comfy seats, yummy snacks, especially the popcorn. Always great service and.. Oh yeah, the movies are awesome too

Rachel Robinson

Great for family's!

Steve Bockelie

Very cool family-run theater that's been in Edmonds since the twenties. Great small Theater ambience. Popcorn, pop & the movie cost a lot less than Lowe's or any of the other large theater chains. They don't have a mega screen but show up early & siting in the small balconies makes up for that.

Eric Codebot

Vintage elegance


a lovely place to catch a film!

Allen Palmore

Good atmosphere and good seats Enjoyed movie did not eat.

Stephen John

A wonderful little theater.

David Cook

Love this little nostalgic theater.

Deborah Arthur

Great Movie Theater! Love the old time feel it has!

Rebekah Horch

Super cute little theater. Loved it.

Craig Face

This quaint theater fits our new home town. An audio guy, the theater's sound system's sonic quality was a pleasant surprise. Popcorn didn't disappoint either!

Mika Blish

Small atmosphere. Great staff.

cynthia Gutierrez

Edmonds Theatre, you’re quaint and charming and you're so good about making improvements here and there on the inside. We do appreciate you in our community! Hope you are around forever!!!! I recently saw Green Book and it was nice to be about town in Edmonds. My only feedback is it would be nice for the front of the building (up top) to get a little updating. Otherwise, I love you just the same!

Jimmy Jammerz

Awesome theater from the 20s which used to be called the Princess back in the day. Family owned. Great place for families. No one under 18 allowed in the upper balconies probably an insurance regulation.

Marsha Noneya

Old, Small, good price, what's not to like ?

Ellen Kaandorp

The manager really knows how to warm up the show


I really liked this theater built in the 1920's. It's like taking a step back in time. If you go upstairs notice how small the stairs are and narrow the hallway is. Also, notice how low the ceiling is. People were smaller and shorter back then. It's maintained nicely and people are friendly. They did replace the seating so they are comfortable.

Sherry Varner

First time visit. Very friendly staff concession prices are good. We sat in the balcony sound is good. I would go again.

M L Roodhouse

Extremely convenient location in downtown Edmonds - amongst the shops and restaurants - just step from the sidewalk right into the theater! Great place for first run movies and local community events!

Camille R.

I love supporting local businesses and in an age when independent theaters are rarer than ever, I feel doubly good going to the Edmonds Theater. Beyond that they have a great love of the community, hosting free movies, either classics or indie movies that mean something! Tickets are 100% reasonable as are all your favorite snacks. Go there!

Kate Shelby-Martin

I really like giving this theater business, it has a great community feel. Today, the theater was quite cold, however, and then line to get tickets was combined with the concessions. Odd. Must have been temporarily short handed.

chad gamer

Summer kids free movie is very cool and great service.

Rita Schultz

Love it! Very nostalgic! Manager is fantastic. Concessions VERY affordable.


Best movie theater around

Amy Springer-Ochs

Best movie theater in the area. Great prices on tickets and concessions. They truly love movies here.

MaryKate M

Fantastic prices, fantastic staff, quality shows and they even do other things besides movies! It's absolutely the best theater in the area. I appreciate how comfortable the staff make you feel. The theater itself is comfortable, the chairs rock just enough and the surroundings are always clean. Well worth seeing a movie here!

Geraldine Bright

Its fun to go to the older style small theatre. Price is $9 OR 8 for over 62 year old. Popcorn is half the price of big theatres. $6.50 buys bottomless popcorn. Yummy! The screen and sound is good. It's an adventure.

nick caudill

Real butter, great customer service, a unique place

Jeremy Fallt

Great family run local theater. Not many places like this left.

Carolyn Hart-Mylie

Wonderful old fashioned feel but with modern theatre equipment.

Amy Hoover

One of the few remaining classic movie houses, but they've done a great job updating the sound and visual equipment and they run A list movies. Comfy seats with drink holders, good concessions and I love that the owner / manager does a welcome announcement before the movie. The only issue was that the theater was cold (it was a rainy Feb day and first show of the day so it was understandable, glad I had my down coat!)

Gabe Castillo

Cute old movie house. People are friendly.

David Nilsen

Great place, family friendly, great for events. Highly recommend.

Fran Love

This is real, old fashioned, cozy little theater. The staff is always fun and friendly This theater is always my first choice to watch newly released movies. Kudos to the owners for offering such a fine experience Y

Berke Horrocks

Best popcorn, movie theater and hand-holding spot in the dark in Edmonds!!

d bar

This place has the best movie popcorn around. It's annoying that there's only one theater but it's not like they can do anything about that. Cheap prices are great, yet if there's a movie here, it's probably on DVD. FYI.

Wayne Hynd

Great local theater with great ticket prices (about half those big theater prices!) and even the concession stand has great prices...$2.50 for a small, buttered popcorn instead of $6+ at those big theaters. Love this place and the Crest Theater in Shoreline. Go local! (Whenever you can...)

Cindy Roth

Love this place! Comfortable seats and hometown appeal!

john petras

A great hometiwn movie theater with affordable snacks!

Marcos Valle

Great old building, inexpensive tickets, delightful people, fantastic movie lineups.

sam calderon

Friendly staff and lower concession prices than other theaters. The theater itself is incredible with its historical look and feel. My wife and I sat in the balcony for one of our visits.

Greg Bumpus

Locally-run, single screen, independent cinema. Friendly and cozy. Get some popcorn!

Robby Bissett

Small cozy classic theater. Reasonable prices on tickets and concessions. Great family friendly place.

Letha Rodrigues

Like going back in time. Cool theatre and the guy comes to front before movie starts to give us updates on soon to come movies, what our $ goes to etc. Great time in a great little town. Be sure and see a movie here.

Loren Klemesrud

Wonderful theater with nice employees.

Sarah Taber

It's the only theater I go to now.

Lloyd Martin

A very comfortable modernized old-fashioned movie theater (with balcony!) with old-fashioned prices (yay!) Movies are always current (with the occasional spc'l feature) and prices are low. (They'd be even lower if the mega movie chains didn't force them to raise ticket prices.) You'll LOVE the ambiance, huge screen, comfy seats, and sensational sound which is never too loud like mega chains really get off on.

Stacy Schweigler

Old local theater. They play one film at a time, but it's always something new. Prices at pretty reasonable. It would be nice if they were the same price as when they opened in the 20's.

Matthew Trumper

Home town theatre great pricing!

Osmar Urias

Locally owned fun small theater to watch movies

Chris Walbrun

Love supporting this local gem. Reasonable concessions and always room.

Shma bes

Very nice. Saw EndGame.

Brian Erickson

A delightful historic independent theater. Ticket and refreshment prices are more reasonable than at the mega chains.

Caleb de los Angeles

It's a nice little old theater.

Shawn Watkins

This old movie theatre reeks of charm and nostalgia! It only has one screen, so they change movies every 1, 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the movie's popularity! They have an array of soda pop, candy items and their popcorn is really good! This theatre has only one downside, the seats. They're low to the ground and a bit squeeky! So, if you can get past the seats, then it's a good place to see movies!!!

Rob B

This is classic theater well worth going to. No recliner seats, but many indie shows at one of the few indy theaters in Puget Sound.

Mike Harman

Great local old theater

Jared Collins

Great little single screen movie theater. They've updated the screen and the sound system, now they just need new seats. I love going to movies here. They also have a few older movie nights that I really enjoy.

Krystal Elliott

This theatre is so cute! They have balcony seating. Their prices are reasonable. The theatre and bathrooms are clean. I will definitely return.

Kyle McClure

Cool independent theater that adds to Edmonds’ home town feel. Main Street location.


Great small town theatre with balcony seating for adults 18+. Just lie about age. My 15yr old was with me and we told the guy she was 18. The sound wasn't too loud to hurt your ears.

Jackie Giusti

Cute walkable location theatre, the preferable smaller, affordable popcorn sizes that actually make sense for people, but definitely an older theatre. But I appreciate supporting the local places, especially when they can show more than just the one or two big shows at a given time. No assigned seating

Xochitl Castaneda

Family owned independent theater. They gave free popcorn to my son (under 12) and the manager tells you about upcoming movies. They don't have the fancy stadium seats, but this is way better than amc or regal because it's cheaper, more intimate, and keeps downtown Edmonds vibrant. They also have free summer movies for kids!


Love this place. It's clean, the staff are nice and the seats are cheap

Dave Danekas

A great place to catch a flick! Comfortable seating, great sound, warm small town feel. And the concessions are reasonably priced too!

Miki Hobgood

Awesome, independently owned theater. Fresh popcorn, great candy :) Fun time, love supporting this place.

Will Gix

Some things never change. In this case it's a good thing.

Veronica Mcmindes

The hole family loved it!

Jeffery Scott

Cool vintage theater that shows current and classic movies at a great price!

Carol Weber

I've always wanted to see a movie here. Theater's been around since 1924. Only mom 'n pop theater left around here. Prices are way cheaper too. $9 for bottomless

August Murphy

Great buttery popcorn.

Brendon Wilson

We attended 'Incredibles 2' on father's day this year. We go to the edmonds art festival every year on dad's day and our 4 year old was tired and not feeling the walking around. The theater was packed and hot as hell which was not ideal but the place was built in the 1920s so I gave them a pass. Before the movie, the manager went to the front and shouted a bunch of up coming events and movies which all sounded great (the Mr. Rogers movie). At first the announcements seemed a bit odd but the guy had such great energy it was just super enjoyable. Ooooh and concessions didn't charge an arm and a leg which was great. Normally I end up spending near $100 taking our family of 6 to a movie. The ticket prices and concessions were much more reasonable than any other cinemas in Lynnwood.

David Colburn

This place is a model for a small main street local theater. Killer digital sound and state of the art projection system. prices are unusually affordable, kids and us Q-tip elders get discounts. They do not do the big movie company advertisements, only local businesses, offer free kids movies once a month, free sports casts, have local speakers, promote charities like adopt a pet, friendly locally family owned theater. Must visit this theater when the Kingston ferry line is too long!

Jeff Barnett

We always have a great time at the Edmonds Theater. Friendly staff, fair prices, quality and value.


Great local theatre with a great vibe. The screen and acoustics are fantastic. My wife and I loved the "big picture" experience coupled with "supporting a local community member business" experience for our date night. The food and price of the concessions was fantastic compared to the megaplex.

Evelyn Angel

Love the old time feel and its gently air conditioned so I didn't freeze. Seats were comfy and it was easy to hear and see movie

Mahfuz Ali

Great old school 1 screen theater! Watched Star Wars Last Jedi with the whole family there. The digital projection and sound is very good. Box office staff is courteous and helpful and concessions is priced reasonably. They indicated Disney takes 65% of the profits from every showing, so I felt the need to buy extra popcorn to support the theater. Auditorium is not stadium style seating but still easy to get a good view of the screen. Highly recommend!

Sarah Dillon

Such a cute and fun theater! Seats are old but comfy!

Simon Albrecht

It is always so fun there. The workers are nice, movies are cheap, and I love going there with my friends

Howard Anderson

Best moviehouse around!

Heather Rego

Overall great secret spot in Edmonds. Other than misunderstanding the capacity of thier lobby... Their policy is first come, first serve. Don't expect that if you get your ticket in advance, you'll be first to seat unless you wait until they open the seating area. We got our tickets almost two hours before the next show time and almost had to wait outside in the rain because the lobby was at maximum capacity. Felt bad for those that came a little later and had to wait outside in the cold. I would suggest some type of singage in the future to prevent disappointments from happening in the future.

Pham Duy

Wish I've known this theater sooner, best local theater

Donna Staggs

This is a comfortable

Daniel Knickerbocker

Great location, clean and comfortable on the inside, balcony seating available which was great, good prices!

David Inglish

I have gone here for a while and love the community behind the movie theater. The prices are great, the atmosphere is nice and cozy. If there is a drawback is that it shows very few movies at a time, which is totally understandable. It is a great theater for the classic feel and would recommend.

Lindsay Sharpe

Love this theater.

Olivia Anderson

Family run business to see all of the big screen movies. Great place for families.

James Athan

Very cool little family-owned theater with old school charm

Sabrina Friend

Local theater showing first run movies at great prices.

Panda McRoberts

Great small independent theater

Paul Szilassy

Edmonds Theater was built in the 1920s and still has a very traditional, small-town America look and feel. They have one screen and show first-run movies. They have free screenings each month of family-themed and some classic or cult-classic movies. They have a punch-card loyalty program - see 10 movies, get one screening for free. Screen rentals for private events are possible. This theater is truly part of the Edmonds experience.

Marina Noel

Reasonable prices and was the perfect spot for a last minute date night!

Melissa Aar

Very cute and great prices

Chase Picasso

A great local business with amazing ticket prices. Nice chairs, plenty of room, very clean, and wonderful staff. You should definitely go and visit.

Donnie Davidsen

Awesome historical theater

Dane Johnson

Older place. But still fun to support a local business

Fred Roberts

Edmonds institution that must be preserved. It's not top notch, but that's ok since the staff is top notch, great popcorn, great atmosphere. Again, places like this simply must be preserved and you must go there to support them. Take a date, pic a movie, eat downtown, etc. This is the stuff that makes Edmonds a great place. I suggest combining it with one of the many other Edmonds Walk, beach exploration, etc.

Roger Wright

Nice place to see a movie. Small family run theater.

Darius Engel

Classic Historical theater, new movies, east coast ticket prices (affordable).

sean barnhart

Went to see hook for the free kids movie Tuesdays. It was so amazing. I love going to this theater, it has such a casual friendly vibe it just makes every movie more enjoyable

Karen Ulvestad

This is a family owned theater, and a great place to catch a movie. The atmosphere is welcoming.

JC Hargrave

Love going here and the short time that is spent on coming movies and getting right to the movie I came to see.Thank you

Tod Harris

Much better value than the mega theaters

Megan K

Great little theater. Love the "bottomless " popcorn.

Kelly Kerani

One of the few old theaters still in operation in greater Seattle area.

Tamra Overmon

This is the heart of Edmonds. They have a small town vibe with a BIG heart, always including the community in the movies they show, the Seahawks games, Walking dead, and summer break movies for the children. I feel like I am part of the family when I go there.

J. L. B.

It's not the fanciest movie theater like the Moore-Warren Theater in Moore, OK. But it is unique, a piece of history that dates back to the 1920s. It has a lot of charm.

Cyndi Hansen

Small town quaint theatre. Decent prices but seats are not plush. Still has paper punch cards. Friendly staff.


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