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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Grand Cinema IN Washington

Kurt Woody

My wife and I waited outside for 15min in line to purchase tickets due to only only 1 person working the window at the ticket counter. Didn't want to miss any of the movie so we skipped the concessions this time.

Adam Schirm

They could not get the aspect of the picture right until half way through the movie, didn't even dim the lights until about 20 minutes after it started! You would have thought that they would comp the ticket or something. Will hard to go back there.

Shawna Sweeney

Theater seats are comfortable; staff is polite & honest (lost an item and they had it set aside in their lost & found for me); popcorn is good; and movie selections are great! Also, all day Tuesday, movies are $5.50 per show!

Liz Brandt

The website said the Pons movie started at 2 PM. We got there only to discover it started at 2:45 so had to wait quite awhile.

Matthew Derrick

A pretty mediocre theater with a concessions stand that has prices a little higher than normal. The popcorn is terrible, don't bother; I bought the 20 dollar bucket you can bring back each visit and the popcorn was so bad I threw the bucket away on the first visit. Tuesdays are discount night though, so they get a star for that.

Casey Wyatt

Cheapest option for water was $5.25. I expect theater prices to be inflated but really?

Jason Braun

Small, but clean theaters and comfortable chairs.

Ryan Rachael Stahl

Has: Great service and lots of theatre rooms. Needs: I think there would be more attraction if they updated the seating. The theatre should get the reclining seats!

Jeanne Joyal

Good selection of movies. Ticket prices are reasonable, but they also offer discount pricing on Tuesday's!! Good size theater rooms and comfortable seating. Large parking lot. Like all theatres, concession pricing is too high.

Brittney Ambs

Comfortable chairs good popcorn and fair pricing especially if you are a member

Joshua Brooks

Great for a family evening get away!!

Havilah Craig

I always have a great time, it's always clean and the service is good.

Jonathan Watson

Loved it!! Great small town theater. Great example of Modern Americana.

Tris Megistus

Unfortunately the only cinema in town. While the place is clean the prices of tickets and concessions are outrageous. Popcorn is never fresh or warm and chips for nachos are stale. Not many choices at concessions. The employees are not rude however they don't look happy or friendly. Ive yet to see a smile on anyone here. This theater is seriously outdated and seats are uncomfortable for the price charged for everything. We really don't get our monies worth at this theater. It looks like we'll be considering traveling a bit to have a much better experience for the amount of money we spend. It's too bad the owners don't care enough to give the residents of WW a great place to see a movie. I also find it odd that the manager is also a manager at the bank next to the theater.

Reva Hall

For most part clean ..usually good pick of movies to chose from..friendly people. Working there...only complaint is have raised food and drink so outrageously high..we now make sure to eat before we go..rather than having our dinner, of hot dogs and pop corn like we used to..

Leah M.V.

Sweet little theater. The seating was okay. Sound and picture were both good quality.

Samantha Arreola

I love it great food (popcorn, nachos, drinks soda )

Phillip Ovard

Ok theater

Christine Williams

$5 for a bottle of soda!!! Ugh.... We won a BOSE SPEAKER in their arcade tho so it was worth all the overpriced stuff...

Moses Ancheta

For a small population this theatre does it right with stadium seating. Food is standard expensive pricing and Tuesdays ticket prices are cheaper than the others.

Jen Munkers

Staff is always friendly. Seats are good. Tuesdays are best to go since movies are $5.50 all day. Clean theaters too.

Mark B

No rewards program. That sucks. No Fandango ticketing. That also sucks. Movies after 8pm hard to come by most nights and that also sucks. Otherwise! Prices are good, snacks and popcorn average and place is clean. Wish they had most late night movies.

jim buettner

John Wick must SEE

Melissa Evans

Comfortable seats, clean bathrooms!

Mary Jane Hathaway

Not very clean, sometimes trailers have no sound, signs don't say the movie title only "auditorium 5" probably to keep people from sneaking into other movies, haha. Best deal is 5.50 Tuesday! They have senior pricing of 6.75 on Mondays.

Amie Deal

Fun thing to do with the kiddos!

Valen Tini

I will not coming on sunday night anymore,, We came here last sunday, there was still a refill, but today(sunday also, they said no more refill, its not even 11pm)

Kisa LeFore

Smaller theater. Shows good movies but could be kept up a little better.

Roland Snider

Great theater! Clean, neat. .... Proud of my city to have such a cool theater.

Dennis Gisi

Good movie great popcorn

vicky scanlon

Popcorn was stale but the air conditioning was great, need more comfy seats

Cindy Egelhoff

Very good place I would definitely recommend it

Emily Barron

Love this theater. Gets all the popular movies and has good concessions

Rick Taylor

As always food at five star prices and 1 star taste

Paul Bowen

I do enjoy the ww grand cinema, however I wish they hadn't raised prices so much last year. Although it doesn't surprise me with minimum wage going through the roof. I was frustrated that they did away with the free popcorn toppings while at the same time raising rates. Also it's getting time to replace the carpet...really greasy.

nathan ferris

This is a really old theater, the poeple are nice but the prices are high and the popcorn is gross. It was 90% waste. :(

Alexander Holcomb

A cool local chain that keeps movies around for a long time. Concession prices are on par with normal theaters but their refillable bucket is a good deal if you have movie pass or won't lose it after 5 trips.

Eric Martin

Old needs an update and concession stand probably the most expensive in the state of Washington maybe entire United States. $25 for 2 pops and popcorn.

April Tingley

It's a very nice theater, however there were only two people working the snack bar on Christmas. We waited in line for at least five minutes without much movement so we left to take our seats.

Elizabeth Gordon

Seats are as old as the hills. Whole theater needs renovation looks like something out of the 70’s

Michelle Kirby

Large, clean, comfortable cinema with friendly staff and reasonable prices. Each of the many theaters is handicap accessible.

Vicente Tupe

Great price on Tuesday 50% off on a ticket

Micheal Gaxiola

If you want to go see a movie in Walla Walla at a theater than you will have only one choice, so enjoy a $9 soda and no good options for any type of food and lousy candy!! Maybe more.people.would go to movies if you stepped your vending game up!!

Kathryn White

Polite & prompt service at the ticket desk. Deadly slow service at the snack bar. Honestly, how can it take 5 minutes to slowly scoop popcorn into a "small" tub???

Crystal Collier

I take my family to the movies for 5$ Tuesday. Great deal.

Melissa Tyrrell

More expensive! Than older owner

Kathy Hathaway

I guess it's a good place to watch a movie but I have not been there before so I don't know.

Ally Devaney

Amazing seating and great clarity while watching movies

JJ Harrison

Tuesday is a smash hit for $5.50. Don't change

Blue Mtn Rentals, LLC

Very overpriced. 2 small sodas and a medium popcorn was over $20. Water wasn't any less expensive than soda. Luckily we went on budget price day. Still over $40 for 3 people and only 2 got concession stand items. Theatre was not very busy and now I know why. It was clean. Too dark to see seats before movie. Raising the lights would be a good idea if nothing is on the screen.

Levi Lakey

popcorn and refreshments are so expensive ,truly ridiculous.Wish i had the money to open another Cinema i wouldnt rob people


Staff was friendly and helpful. A little disappointed they don't off a discount for developementally disabled people or their caretakers. Most cinemas do offer this.

Heather Dame

Had a blast, the theater was a little warm but I saw avengers end game so it was amazing!

Larry Damm

Lots of family fun here

Jeanette Harris

Great staff and great movie offerings!

Steve Irving

The volume on previews is way too high. I have written to management with no resolution.

Georgette Jeffries

OK....It's your typical theater but as usual, the prices were outrageous. 3 people, 3 soft drinks, and 3 snacks put us at a whooping (approx.) $75!!!! Jeez....I expect to at least get a toy or something for that much....I had to pay the cost to play the

Robert Davis

Excellent movie

vonna posey

This is my second time visiting since I'm from out of town. Brought my g'son for his 8th birthday to see Lego 2. The staff were friendly, we we're nearly the only ones there due to a Monday night and additional snow fall. The popcorn would be do much better had it been popped on site. It was a bit "old" tasting and I suspect came pre-popped/bagged, though they have popcorn popping machines. Other than that I'd go again. It's local, easy to find, and convenient.

Rob Teal

Excellent very nice cinema

Dina Wyche

The snack costs are too much.

Sylvia Pedroza

Love it here.... Especially their popcorn.

Jeff Huddle

Senior Tuesday. $5.00. Clean and very comfortable place to see a movie. Popcorn and sodas are way out of my price range.

Victor Star

Love going here for movies on the weekend

Victoria Donley

Love it it’s reasonable for the price of the ticket not so much food but it’s ok I toatly understand why it is

Sam Denton

I've gone to this theater ever since I was a little kid and never had a bad experience. The staff is always awesome. It's feels like a clean environment and has comfortable seating. There's never a lack of movie selections either. The screen size is spot on and there's great surround sound. This is by far my favorite theater in the region and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Christopher Todd

Great surround sound and comfortable seats. great option for a movie date!!

Serena Marie

Great place to go for movies. Seating could be more comfortable, but all in all not bad for the price. Prices are cheaper on Tuesday.

Cherish Fesler

I shouldn't have to use a flashlight to find a seat in the theater 15 minutes before the movie starts. Everyone was complaining and trying to use there phone to find a seat.

Robert Baker

Fantastic experience every time we have been there. Confirms Walla Walla's reputation as the "Little Town with a Big Attitude) The theater is clean and well maintained. Ticket prices are quite reasonable. Food and beverage prices are no more than other quality theaters and rightly so as these items afford the best profit margin for the business. Further the Cinemas provides employment for a number of local teens all year long. Walla Walla is fortunate to have this group of theaters.

James Tolson

Fantastic theater with comfortable seating!

Kylie Masias

Pretty good experiences, I always go on Tuesdays when it's 5.50

Kent Cypert

Update!!!: New renovations!!! New seats that rock and very comfortable and you can pick your seat when you get the ticket. Love that. Looking forward to how new management upgrades! Lots of theaters. Kinda ugly on the outside. They have a popcorn bucket and it’s only 3 dolors a refill.

David Mordue

Concessions prices are beyond ridiculous, I think Safeco Field and Qwest Field have lower price points

Ryan Meier

Tuesdays are the best year round.

Flor Villa

Really good movie "rampage" 5.50 Tuesdays is really good day to see a movie

Joey August

Not fancy, but it does the trick.

Ray Hansen

Love this place.

Ted Newman


Storm Falcon

Need better Grand Cinemas then this. Not good like it once was.

no u

Good movies but to high of a price for snaks

Maureen Smith-Davis

Very nice theater, clean and the parking was ample for the needs

Linda Solis

Staff was very friendly. Theatre rooms are always so clean. My kids love going!

Chase Dittmer

If you're in town and need to kill time, don't come here. They won't let you bring a bag inside. Ubered from the airport to here. And they wouldn't let me in for a 1pm showing.

Anita Moro

It's starting to show its age and use, sad that the only theatre in town looks so shabby...

Margaret Sullivan

First time visiting, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

Ryan Bjornberg

Pretty small seating for rooms, but overall good quality

Marc Hernandez

The only thing i can complain abt is their prices for the snacks!

CPL Feria

Got all the movies and nice some popcorn to munch on, quite expensive at times

Tim Cheney

Good venue. Saw Star Wars, 11$ for 2!! Tuesdays, Popcorn was more than movie. Clean and friendly.

Brent Carroll

Always have fun

Hector Carranza

Fun for the whole family. Clean.

Marissa Schwark

It wasn't overly priced, and it was a nice place all together

Troy Olson

It is a nice theatre and they have good deals during certain times of the week.

cat got your tongue!!

Little spendy but aren't they all??!!

Slade Mitchell

Noting to complain about. It’s a standard movie theatre with great service and clean atmosphere. The staff has always done a good job as far as I can tell and with new owners prices have even gone down a bit!

Wade Samford

It's a fine movie theater. Tickets are reasonable and concessions are of course expensive but no more gougingly so than a major chain theater. They have special promotions and even select showing geared towards small and special needs viewers.

Nicole Kenny

Clean and friendly atmosphere

Msibbett Sibbett

It's fun but the snacks are so expensive. For a large soda it cost more than entire case of soda. Kind of ridiculous.

Lateira Garcia

Love the movies. They make you shake out your blankets and shirts. In front of ppl.

Jacqueline Holder

Nice experience even though it's the $5.50. Night

Alex J.

Need to to something about the lighting situation. Paying customers should not have to remind staff to turn on the projector and dim lights when the movie starts. Does not deserve anything less that 4 stars though because it’s understandable that it’s an adjustment period with new ownership. Plus there are better deals and the staff was really nice!

Wyatt Breeding

I went there and I losed my wallet in the theatre and the mananger said that he didn’t have any idea where my wallet went . And then I went to the theatre and there was 2 nice people inside there and they asked me “ are you looking for wallet” I said yes and went back and they didn’t give me my wallet . They went into the back room and then finally after I was mad they gave it to me .they would of took my wallet if it wasn’t for my mom they all wanted to keep my wallet there . They wouldn’t even let me go back to the movie theatre . They need to loose their jobs . They are perverts . And trying to steal my wallet. They should tell me .

freddy mendoza

Only cinema in town and one Tuesdays it's only 5 dollars which isnt too bad.

Clayton Sattelmayer

This theater is perfect for the town it is in. They show all the new movies and frequently have premiers earlier than midnight of the release date. $5 Tuesday's are fantastic, just make sure you get there early because they are quite popular

Dubois Tara

Came here to first time. Clean and great service. I will be back in the future. Food was food!

Virgil Tsosie

Nice place great variety of choices. The price for munchies was quite high. Compared to other places that people could catch a shuttle from Walla Walla to wildhorse a good ride also nice deals on food n snacks. They serve you for what you pay here.

Daphne Smith

We love going to the movies!

Derek Paz

Huge clear screens and easily accessible services. The staff is are all very friendly and helpful. Parking is an issue if you go on a Tuesday matinee. Additionally, the wait is really long and their e-ticket reader is almost worthless. Still, best theater in Walla Walla!

Jasmine Addington

Love going on $5 dollar Tuesday

Glore Caballero

One of my favorite movie theaters. The staff is polite and helpful. Great popcorn as well.

Erick Garcia

Great, only bad thing is the prices for everything which is always a drag but regardless still nice little theater

Josh McClosky

I've had alot of fantastic experiences here in the past year, however the recent change of management has caused quite a few problems. Prices for movies are better, but $6 for a can of soda is a little intense. The new seats are incredibly comfortable, but their new assigned seating policy takes away from the theatres original "free" atmosphere. Lastly, if a theatre is under construction, it should be temporarily closed. My fellow movie-goers and I were not impressed with power drills drowning out our movie's audio. Common sense is a wonderful attribute the new manager should consider discovering

Carol DeLay

Very short staffed today. One ticket gal, waited in line about 15 minutes out side, burr. Good thing I got there early. One concession guy with an even longer line. No popcorn but the Star Wars movie was great.

Thomas Sullivan

Decent theater, not the best selection but not worst I've seen.

Chris Pence

I love watching movies there


They said you need a parent to accompany you into the movie theater and then when you look up the Washington rules you only need your parents to come with you to buy the tickets this is like the worst movie theater

Loni Moon

Good luck getting anyone in charge ... no one runs the place and the movies are constantly late.. over charge

rugged nw

Nice theatre. Clean and seats were narrow, but comfortable. Standard snacks and popcorn. One good thing is that they let you put on your butter for the popcorn!

Caleb Riston

Great theatre with friendly staff and good showings. A little on the pricey side but they got 5 dollar Tuesdays. Overall quality isn't anything to write home about but it's not a big chain. Movies look good although the contrast ratio of their barco projectors leaves something to be desired. In any case I like going to see a movie here once in a while

Lyle Hobson

Good place to go to watch a movie The prices on their food and drinks are ridiculous That's why so many people bring their own food in even though you're not supposed to

Ashley Reavis

If I could give less than 1 star I would. Prices are absolutely outrageous, which most people in this community deal with, as it is the only theatre in town. However, what gave them this rating was the incident that occurred. My 8yr old son was having date night with grandma and he suddenly became Ill, having to leave halfway through the movie. Grandma asked for a courtesy cup for water for my son, they showed hesitation attempting to sell her a bottled water for $6.50 instead. When I arrived, he was outside hanging over the garbage, fearful of vomiting. I went inside to ask for a bucket or something to get us home after explaining what had happened. The boy at the counter said that he would have to charge me. I replied with that's fine how much? He said I'd have to charge you 9 dollars. I replied, for an empty bucket? He said unfortunately yes. Im pretty positive they do not pay 9 dollars per bucket for their order supplies. What happened to customer service? He didnt even attempt to help us out. I'm thoroughly disgusted with this place!

Bernie Lorraine

When good movies are shown,nice place to escape the heat and relax watching a movie.

Daniel Harvey

I have been dealing with this theater for 17 years, AND WAS VERY HAPPY. BUT I was told it had recently changed hands believe it or not I am a member of the new ownership and I tried 5 times to buy 4 senior tickets to watch a movie about a dog and his family. They would not let me use a new credit card they kept reverting back to my old credit card from a different bank, then I git to the window to buy the tickets and the same card I had used a hundred plus times over several months at different stores was rejected I'm at the point of a two hour turnaround to the next theater because I'm frustrated with this one. And the straw that broke the camel's back was when they told me they no longer sell the beverage that we had purchased for years under the old owners. So I write the corporate office and guess what thats right NO RESPONSE!!!

Gwen Marie Anderson

Popcorn bucket,preview are a for whatscoming


$20 for a large popcorn and drink

Walter Thompson

Unless you got money, great! Otherwise the snacks and drinks are overpriced. Also on Tuesdays, the movie tickets are $5.50 as of May 2017. Which is like half price of a normal ticket any other day of the week.

Dezzy Bear

Visit here was good. Only complaint was the prices on food items. But every movie theater is like that.

Dara Williams-Worden

Waaay overpriced for the experience. The concession is outrageous and the popcorn is rarely fresh for what they charge. Seats need an upgrade to justify price of admission.

Priscilla Hall

Very awesome

John M

Good theater but holy cow the prices for popcorn food and drinks are atrocious.

Courtney Thomas

Decent movie theater. We tend to go in Tuesdays due to it being cheaper for tickets. Seems family friendly too. B

Carole Moore

Only game in town. Ok. But I miss the Liberty......

Stephanie Macomber

5 dollar Tuesday. The theater was packed, but everyone on quiet and respectful.

Vickey Star

Watched "MUSTANG". @the Grand!! AWESOME movie as advertized~!!

Gwen marie Anderson

Excellent just saw toucan there

Kathy Armenta

Always a great experience and alot of variety of movies. Love going to the movies

Ron Reger

Cinema was nice and clean. Arcade had most machines out of order. Arcade operations aren't cinema responsibility but could rent to vendor whom maintains properly.

Mari's Reality

loved it.It was not packed and the quality was super good.

Chris Malone

So glad we only go on 5$ Tuesday. After spending 10-17$ at newer theatres it's so obvious with the very uncomfortable seats. Any more it's worth the extra $ and seeing anything newer anywhere other than Walla Walla. At least the theatre is clean and has decent service.


The floor all over was a mess with popcorn. It would be an ongoing job. Someone could have been cleaning, especially at the popcorn machines to help the clerks. They were really busy.


Some of these reviews are fake I think, like the person who said they've been going to this theater since they were a "little kid"... uh, this theater hasn't exactly been around all that long, so unless they're STILL very young... yeaaah. Anyway, the theater is the only one we have aside from the Drive In and that's only open in the summer, so we don't really have "options" because this theater is the only one. The food prices are high, but they're high at all theaters, so it's basically just rather nondescript on the whole. The prices and specials are pretty good, it's only super expensive if you do like the 3D stuff. Could be a bit cleaner, but it's not like it's some filth hovel boozing about the bad side of town, it's pretty okay. That's the best way to describe it... "pretty okay".

Nick Ferraro

Standard movie theater. Quick lines. Prices aren't crazy. First row has some nice metal bars you can kick your feet up on.


I love our theater in Walla Walla! They have great customer service and yummy popcorn! It's a nice getaway. :o)

axarom chaosthorne

Great place to hang with friends and watch movie

Greg Goodwin

It's was clean but high price for concessions

lyn sellers

I like the theater itself but $5.50 for a small bottle of water??? I can by 48 bottles for that price but you are not allowed to bring your own in...

Nancy Wagner

We love Tuesdays, being on a limited budget, would normally mean no entertainment, however on Tuesdays they have discounts. So even in our 70's we can go to the movies! Thank-you Grand Cinema.

Joshua Morris

Unfortunately, the best cinema in town. Very badly needs to be updated but not the worst cinema I have been to. If you're up for the drive, check out wildhorse cinema in Mission, OR. Better prices, food, and way more comfortable seating....and cleaner!

Daena Gaytan

Great place...

Lou Anne Solberg

Nice place. Expensive food


As a first time experience with this cinema it was about a 2.5 But if I want to be fair because it was a first time experience and not a usual one I have it a three. There was a few choices for snacks but they we limited in their kinda. I did get a chance to learn more about the cinema in its defense to see if they played movies in 3D or had specialty movies such as oldies or classic films as some theaters refer them. They did appear to have a few other theaters and their seats are captains chairs and the rows staircased so you don't new to worry about this in front. It's a decent theater for the size and area.

Matin Walele

It was a great experience...

Lizbette Feria

Fun for the family! My daughter loves the kiddy box!

Bob Bonstead

We see lots of movies here - both matinees and regular shows. Being seniors we get reduced prices either way. The cleanliness is good and the theaters are cleaned after each show. The sound is excellent and very few distracting people conversing. Prices for refreshments are high but if you buy the refillable bucket for popcorn, it pays off if you see lots of movies. It's the only theater we have, but it's not outrageous like it could be.

F Moore

Beautiful cinema. Clean and friendly. Too expensive. Only 4 people watching our 6:20, "Wind River" showing. Charge less get more people and make more money.


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