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444 Auto View Rd, Colville, WA 99114

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Where is Auto Vue Drive-In Theatre?

REVIEWS OF Auto Vue Drive-In Theatre IN Washington

Craig Hill

Blake Lotze

Steven Abrahamson

Was a fun experience watching drive in movie on 2019

Mark Rissmann

Great prices for both movie and food. I do wish they had popcorn salt or something. Popcorn was a little flavorless even with butter. But you can't beat the prices. Good movie selection and very accommodating. We will come back as often as we can.

D Schade

Billie Gunter

Jaime Pelletier

Wonderful food, great movies, not expensive. I will have to come back here again. Loved it.

Jasmine Lauzon

So very fun to be at a drive in movie wonderful atmosphere make sure to visit the snack shack

Jamie Rhome

Brittney Lyons

I love going with family and friends to watch movies outside!

A Enriquez

Can never go wrong with drive in theaters


One of the last drive one around here. Great fun for the whole family.

Dawn Tallman

Muriel Meyer

The movie hasn't started yet, but it's fun running into people you know!

Ben Newcomb

Sabrina Reeser

Always love going during the summer.

Sam Hofstetter

Fun place

Chris H

This brings back memories, worth the drive from the Spokane Valley. <3

April Mach

Great to go back in time. They need to have movie sound at concession stand and an outdoor speaker. Otherwise perfect.

Ashly Williams

Erin Kosanke

Love it

Genevieve Thompson

Mark Blewett

Great way to enjoy a movie...just like old times!

liz brooksie

The picture here is great! The food always tastes good, great place for families!!

Tray Xalibur

Juanita Toulou

jeff jeffdischer

Austin Bacon

Robert Artis

Haven't been to a drive in since I was a kid. Lots of fun.

Dakota Crumpler

Luke Hodgson

So many great memories of going to the Auto Vue over the last 30 years. I am so greatfull that it is still around for my kids to enjoy.

Jennifer Hay

First drive in been to in years! Loved it!

Marjorie Clark

Christa Lynn

Tracey McIntosh

Great place to take the family out for movie night.

Erik Ridley

Good times..

Deb Trahan

We are starting fund raiser at HMC self storage .... putting out the can on MONDAY, August 12th..... please come by and help us help them.... We love the drive in experience!!! I want to be able to take my grandson to the drive in when he comes to visit!! So help the cause start a fund raiser too!! We need this history!

Jenance klinger

It's a fun place go in the summer

Michelle Eichler

I love this place! Great prices, friendly staff and good movies!! I've been going here since I was a little girl with my grandma. Now totally worth the drive from Spokane to take my kids and create such wonderful memories!

Vehicle Tips

Great experience! I don't get to go to these drive-in's to often, but when there is a chance I love to take the opportunity to go and enjoy a movie! Thank you!

Debbie Drake

Outdoor theatre need I say more!

ann hagenbarth

What a fun place for the family!

Sunny Pratt

Jill Bolt

Christopher Larson

Tony Stagner

In the summer it is a great experience. These are a almost nonexistent.

Alyssa Conowitch

Great time and great view!!!!

Clare Fitzpatrick

do it with Kenn

Jagger Coon

Tiffany Chapman

Other ppl ruin the experience

Nic Foss

One of the last drive-in theaters that I'm aware of and still one of the best deals for going to the movies. Pizza, burgers popcorn, drinks and candy available, all for a reasonable price for at the movies. Worth the drive from Spokane!

Nathaniel Van Patten

Paul Martin

One of the few drive-in theaters left. This one is in Colville Washington. They play the current movies in a double feature lineup. A great experience for a family with children. Even my millennial nephews just loved it!

Yo-Han Truth

Foxy Sansom

brenda Luquin

It was awesome

edith hoffman

Charlene Wilson

The last of the best of the best

Sara k

What could be more nostalgic than the drive ins? If you want to get a particular spot you better show up well before they open and get in line! This small town theater is well loved and a popular spot on Friday nights. Reasonably priced, and the people were great. We weren't bled dry by mosquitos either, which surprised me! They accept cards and cash, but I'd recommend cash as it's just quicker and there's a long line of people waiting.

austin mattozzi

Jezzabelle Anderson

2nd time I've been there in my life... about 12ish years ago. The entire atmosphere is wonderful, the prices are more then reasonable and the kids loved it! I would actually recommend going to anyone and everyone who likes movies.

Anita Goodman


Wyatt Earp

Crista Peters

It was very awesome

Shirley Waldrop

Conner goff

Clary Morgenstern

It was cool but i passed out in the back because only the front seat passengers can view comforatably

Ethan Little

Lee Collins

One of the last drive-in's it's a lot of fun.

Sadie Walton

Michael Morrill

Great shows..bring own food prices are crazyyyy lol

Brianna Storer

Lots of parking and a new screen make this a great option for weekend nights. Watch for holes when walking around though! Pizza is made to order, but ask for light sauce!


Love the auto Vue Drive-In one of the last standing drive-ins in Washington State

Lisa Vos

It's a shame it can't be open all year long! Kids and I love this place!

Kendra Roberts

Chris Moore

Fun retro experience! Bring a battery operated radio or your car battery will die! A bit cold too so maybe bring blankets.


Fantastic and great service


Wonderful Experience. Sometimes a little crowded, but nothing can beat a double feature under a cool starlit summer night.

Jimmy Greco

The kids love it here

Gennie Hawkins

The best Sunday night entertainment ever! Sunday is carload night. Gramma and however many grankids want to go. Perfect summer time enjoyment. Visit with friends, watch movies, its great!

Thomas Nix

Fun, friendly environment. There was just as many adults having fun there as kids. Able to overnight park so you can make an entire night out of it.

Tammy H

Ethan Johnson

I loved the drive in, it is cold but thats on us

Tabitha Wynecoop

Love this place. Fun in the summer with or without kids

Casey Hamilton

Becky Pelissier

Love the drive in.

Jessica Varang

Love the drive in! The movie are great, the viewing is awesome. I do wish that there was some form of security/monitoring, as there were several domestic arguments and a few drunk yelling people around us.

John Leonard

Good prices per person! Snack bar! Current films! Double feature! Just like the good old days!

Michelle Heemsah

Awesome place to go, so glad we have a drive inn movie theater

Ryan Kulkarni

Author Gloria Herrmann

Greg Holte

Awesome time. A treasure to keep open.

marie king

Christine Smith

When movies get a little dark you cant see anything, the lights on the concessions and bathrooms is ridiculously bright which is also a nuisance! Also everyone smoking is terrible, they get out of their vehicles to smoke next to yours. We won't be back. Not worth the money for being miserable and not seeing a lot of the movie, I'll do movie theater or home from now on.

Kerry Zaugg

Amber Linnemeyer Thompson

Kathleen McDaniel

Old fashioned drive-in theater. Great family experience.

Angela Rigdon

One of the last surviving drive in movies.

Melanie Croff

Gabriel King

Maurene Stinson

Watched Hobbs and Shaw tonite, awesome movie and love the drive-in.

Bruce Pruitt-Hamm

Great memories with the kids. Especially enjoyed watching the "Northern Lights" (Aurora Borealis) light up the sky above the movie screen!

Kaylee Anderson

Gary Ebel

The place was closed for the season

Ashley Melcher

David Seybert

Love it

Jerad Stankwitz

Danyelle Foiles


Mr Hunting

Can't beat the experience of a Drive in theatre! Been driving up from Spokane for years to go to this theatre! Love it!


Been going to this place for 20 years and love watching movies out under the stars.

Lars Willey

Fun times and going again.

Shawna U

I love having a drive-in so close to home. We bring our truck camper and make a night of it. Great price for the movies, only wish carload night was Saturday, but that's wishful thinking. ;)

Lisa Kellerman

Angela 9

Love the drive -in! Great movies and friendly service.

Adventure Al

Great place

Dorothy Kress

Summer time thing. Only outdoor theatre in the area usually has current movies

Keat Shankle

What a great drive-in! One of the last few left. They have both concessions and bathrooms. Get their early to get the best spots.

Scumpkeese Jack

Perfect for the family or a romantic night out.. has lots of excellent snacks.. ya gotta stop by an enjoy a good movie..

Edward Conner

James Hamilton

Loved it brought back memories from my childhood and going again

Laura Martin


Fatboy Dan Tractor Man

What's not to like about a drive in theatre that plays decent movies?

Deyanira Bravo

Gregory Francis

One of the last outdoor theater in the USA. Has a new screen. Long wait for the movie to. Start.

Crystal Flagg

Love love love this place.

bill zimmerman

My car club has come to Colville every year for the last five years to go to the Auto Vue Drive-in. We look forward to cruiseing up here every time and every year we have a great time.

Amanda Elser

Cheyenne Peters

Good customer service

Preet Singh

One of the very few drive in theatres left

Elizabeth Pauker

This is a great place very reasonable and it's a drive in which as we all know there aren't many left



jose ruiz-stroder

Prices are great and it's fun to take the family to or meet up with friends

Gillian Whitman

Daniel Salmon

This is a wonderful place to spend a weekend night with family or friends and watch some good movies

tina morrill

Kayleigh Herrmann

Quentin Ferguson

Richard Snyder

Krissy Sawtelle

Julie Campbell

Aidan McCrum

Nicole Adkison

Jonathan Kabusk

Brings back memories!!!

Angela Mathias

Kathy Galvin

Nathan Haynes

Great place, glad to see it stayed open.

Larry Green

It's nice to see a Drive-In still

Colby Walter

Aislyne Passmore

Kyle barnes

Scott Cook

Lennie Brons


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