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17640 Garden Way NE, Woodinville, WA 98072

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REVIEWS OF AMC Woodinville 12 IN Washington

Laura McGrath

Haven't been here for years because of the old, uncomfortable seats. With the newer reclining seats and leg room, absolutely love it.

Mariano Pershing

I know it is late for the avengers, but finally made it!!! The room was for me and for one more couple, almost like private show. Ticket is reasonable in terms of pricing, wish I could say the same about the pricing at the snacks place. Good theater, clean and fun to come to.

Cindy Strong

Fast service usually pretty clean

Andrew Smith

Dolby Cinema is the only type of movie theater worth the price of admission. This AMC has one such theater. The rest of the establishment is nice and modern. No complaints.

Melissa Todhunter

Great theater and great service! I love the newly renovations. I love the reclining chairs, it makes the movie more enjoyable when you get to sit in a big comfy chair! I like how spacious the seating is too. Before it felt cramped and uncomfortable, like you were sitting on your neighbors lap. I also like the choosing your seat as you buy your ticket, the pressure of having to get there really early is gone!

Brooke Miller

one of my favorite movie theaters! so comfy and clean

bill thomas

Great seating, amazing sound, staff was very patient and helpful when we needed to change seats. Also saved in tickets with stubs membership.

Bradon Fox

Great place to go to see a movie, the staff is friendly and it is incredibly comfortable with their reclining chairs. Personally I love it here

Ben Holmes

Great staff! Has nice recliner seats.

Amanda Overly

Love this theater, we won't go anywhere else for movies

Aria Lily

Pretty clean but the food is s bit overpriced

Tony Carnevale

Great movie theatre that offers wonderful customer support!

Shanice Duong

The alderwood location is closer to where I live but I go here for the comfortable reclining chairs!

brad johnson

We had good time great place to go

Ethan Stone

Great theater, love the large reclining seats but it's nothing incredible.

ruth fermo

Love this place, recliner seats were amazing, spacious and clean. You reserve seating and even the seating up front isn't to bad. That aspect could work for or against you. Worth going to at least once. Wonderful for family, kids too, the isles are wide for your wondering child.


Nice and clean, good quality, great service, and amazing location I also want to thank the crew members for providing great customer service. In the middle of the movie I started having bad headache and I left. I requested for refund and without any questions they helped me out. I love their treatment

Tara Grendon

I go to this theater all the time. It has 3 different ways to watch a movie (3-D, 3-D Dolby sound, and 2-D). The leather seats do recline and the staff are friendly.


Saw Spider-Man: into the Spider-verse here. Seats are very comfortable with lots of space. The movie glitched and stopped playing about 15 minutes in. I assume this was a one-time error and is not a regular occurrence here. Overall had a good movie experience.

Jessica Carvalho

The theater itself is okay. The parking lot is always pretty full and stalls are small. I usually park closer to Cold Stone without a issues. The facility is clean, from what I've seen so far. But EVERY time I've booked my online tickets at this location, I've been double charged. I also have NEVER had my online booking charges waived, even though I was signed in as an AMC rewards member. Regarding the double charging, in a few days, the system automatically issues a refund for the extra charge but it takes days and when you buy the premium tickets for 6 adults, that's a big chunk of money frozen in your bank account.

Tim Johnson

Two words: reclining seats.

Devin Peck

Hey the A-list membership. Definitely worth it!!

Joshua Griffin

There are five movie theaters closer to my home and yet this is the only one that my family and I chose to go to. You can see the same movies at any theater, but it is the customer service, cleanliness, affordability, and overall positive viewer experience that makes this theater my number one pick.


Try not to bring all your kids, especially in a crowded theatre. Half the movie we had a 2 year old grabbing our things and trying to throw it around. He was always yelling and we felt sad for the parents dealing with this and leaving the movie multiple times. They also had a 7 year old stomping up the stairs and talking loudly. I’m not saying don’t bring them, but you can find a time where there’s not to many people. I felt sad that they had left, not finishing the movie, but either way the movie was great. This is one of my most favourite theaters.

Kevin Burns

Love it for early show enough to drive from Lynnwood to here. Great seats and environment

Blaise Ballew

Seating is comfortable with good views no matter where you are in the theater. Also the only place in the area with Pibb Zero in the soda fountains.

Jess K

Best AMC in the area! Great food, great recliners, Dolby is spot on my favorite to see, I drive from Arlington to view here vs closer AMC theaters. Get the A LIST! Best value and treated like royalty. Do the math, it's worth it if you even see two movies a month. The staff is amazing, theaters are clean and comfy, I always recommend this theater over any other

Chris Briggs

Gone here for years probably one of my favorite theates! They done some changes I dont like much, others I absolutely love. Generally always a great theater!

Nanthekumar J

Leather Recliner seats, Very clean , awesome sound and location. Highly recommend this place.

Monika Debnath

Nice big theaters in here...nice reclining chairs...spacious enough so that the other people can cross by without kicking you on your leg...

Jessica Gombasy

Wonderful theater! VERY comfortable chairs, and I really love that you can pick/reserve your seats now!

Lili Angel

Best theater going experience I have ever had. Recliner seats are a big hit. Sound system is very good. I'm so glad my wife made me drive past our local theater that we don't like. It was well worth a few minutes drive to Woodinville to see a movie in such a nice theater.


Great experience! Large screen, booming and realistic audio and some if the best seats. I can't go to a movie theater without reclining seats now!

Danielle Vankruyssen

We love this theater! The seats are so much better than the Alderwood theater. The only down side is that with the comfort recliners, there are a lot less seats available. You just need to make sure to plan ahead.

Kurt Kurt

Best movie theater to go around the King County and Snohomish County area if you're seeing a movie in standard format.

Broan Komlo

Love the new seats and downstairs bathroom... 5+/- yrs old, It had been a few years since I had been there last.

Jannon Smitty

Those new chairs are wonderful!

Brian McHenry

Clean theater. Pretty sure all screens have reclining chairs. Crowds are rare. Dolby is awesome.

Spencer Shepard

This is my new Go To AMC. The theater is really nice. One thing I'll say is the the theaters themselves dont seat a huge number of people. Maybe 50-60. The rows are a little more spread out, but it is a great theater

Noah Curry

Great little movie theatre with all the needed necessities. Very clean and the seats were perfect in the Dolby theatre!

Jasmin Martinez

Inside is nice, minus two stars for terribly tiny parking spaces!

*Infiniti Gem*

Always a great experience, nice clean theater.


Purty cool . Thumbs up !

Louis Giliberto

Theater always has a decent selection of movies and staff is nice and helpful. Parking tends to be a bit of a crapshow. Great concessions with everything you would want (at movie theater prices of course), and some (all?) of the theaters have comfy reclining seats with cup holders. Definitely above average theater, but nothing spectacular.

Melissa Chang

Good seat, food audio-video qualities, good movie-watching experience.

Thomas Kaminski

Good service. Good prices. Friendly staff.

John Moore

Very helpful and friendly staff. Really like the recliner chairs and the theater layout really keeps reach row "private" which shows for a better experience. It is an easy layout to find your way around. Lots of parking, too. All the theaters have very good sound.

Sunny Sky

Great movie and very comfortable chairs.

Daniel MB

I like those reclining seats.


Best place to go! Had the best recliners of all AMC theaters in the area, actual full recline up and back. Super comfy. Great clean theaters. Not too big but screens rock huge even on standard shows. Staff is great and friendly. Love the food options. Highly recommend AMC A LIST! I love the service and you're royalty with it. Comes with Stubb's membership included which is worth it it in and of itself! Hello gold membership lines and birthday rewards and racking up cash rewards super fast ($10 on one trip alone through 3 people!) Thank you Woodinville AMC, you are true SUPERHEROS! Oh, and the parking is way AMAZING!

Manika Ranjan

My favourite theatre in Seattle Area. Always has a decent selection of movies. Recliner Seats are amazing and so comfortable. Really clean cinema. Staff is really nice and helpful.

Brian Jones

Soooo Comfortable! Huge seats, great screen technologies. Best place to see a movie.

Adam Moreno

My favorite place. Clean and comfortable seat . And lots of movie options. The premier membership package is a awesome deal. They have better popcorn than the other theaters and a myriad of drink choices. The other food choices are great.

Tom Armstrong

Great place to watch a movie. Comfortable seats, friendly and efficient snack counter staff. Popcorn was a little sketchy this time.

Abbe Blank

Great theater with reclining, reservable seats and good restaurants nearby.

Allen Hilderbrand

Very comfortable seating recliner chairs. Movie prices are average unless you buy into membership. If you have membership is good bargain if you are a frequent movie goer..

Christine Procopio

Only reason I say it's a 3 star is my reclining chair took several minutes to get it to work each time I wanted to adjust it. It was malfunctioning and needs to be repaired. Auditorium 9 seat E3. Otherwise it was great!

Shawna Mae

This is my favorite theater ever! I love that all the seats recline and that they have many different styles of theaters to experience. The food is expensive like all theaters, but they have a bigger menu variety than most, like pretzel bites and flat bread pizzas- which are delicious!

Candice Hensler

Lion K8ng with family this time, but have been here many times. Great theatre.

Stephen DuMont

Reclining seats, helpful staff, $5 Tues when you are a member.


Nice seats in all theaters. Unless you have AMC stubs, don't waste your money on the dolby screen. $20 for a movie with no noticable picture difference (despite what it tries to show you before each movie) and only slightly better sound quality. Food options are great and staff is very friendly.

Sandra Hagedorn

I love this theater and come here every week!

Daniel Snoozy

AMC offers CaptiView closed captioning which fits into cupholder and is adjustable. Assistive Listening and Audio Description are also available with headset. AMC has "Sensory Friendly Films for guests and families living with autism or other special needs." The spacious facility offers 3D, reclinable chairs, snacks, and easy to navigate theaters.

Daya Singh

One of my favorite theaters

Egor Kolyshkin

Great theatre. Easy to navigate and there is plenty of parking; also located next to a shopping center if you feel like roaming around afterwards.

Mj Mj

Great theater experience! The front desk clerk helped me sign up for the Stubs program, which allows me to get $5 tickets every Tuesday. The seats were so comfortable! Wide isles with reclining seats. Highly recommend. Will be back.

John Boia

Great theater! Friendly staff. Free refills on large popcorn!

Bronsun Severns

Theatre was irritably small. Tickets over priced and the audio was off. That being said, I would like to say that the chairs were comfy and the movie was good!

Sacred Clown

They offer preselected seating have large isles and reclining seats. I've been to some theaters that offer more cushy amenities so 4 stars it is.

Erin Lembke

Super big comfy seats. Automatic reclining option with drink holders. Friendly staff. Clean and comfortable environment.

Maq W

I come here pretty often - my most visited theater! It's pretty great. I mean you can't go wrong with a movie with la-z-boy style seats and everything. It's a pretty standard movie theater. And I love the big bathrooms up the stairs just because almost no one ever goes to them but me so it's normally me, alone, in this giant 40 person bathroom. I feel like a queen. Why 4 stars over 5? Mostly like - man I don't know how to phrase this. The employees don't seem like they want to be there. Half the time I always feel like I awkwardly have to flail a few times to get attention or help when something crops up or I try to get a drink. WHICH I SHOULD NOTE I DON'T THINK IS ON THEM. There are tons of reasons they could be zoning out or ignoring customers - I often go in the morning so maybe caffeine hasn't kicked in, or maybe they're underpaid and thus don't have a ton of excitement for work (the better paid employees are, it turns out, the happier they are to work), maybe management happens to be one of those types that makes the workplace miserable, maybe I just coincidentally show up on bad days, maybe I'm a jerk just too stuck on myself to realize, I don't know! Honestly, any and all of those are valid and can be corrected by the company itself (BY WHICH I MEAN: ACTUALLY PAY YOUR STAFF ENOUGH TO CARE, BIG THEATER COMPANY) . But I make it a 4 because - well - having to awkwardly loom and flail down employees at the refreshment stand and everything makes it less of a great experience.

Alex Lv

The reclining seats are amazingly comfortable! Also it’s really cool how they have a handful of self purchase ticket computers. Very convenient and fast purchase experience. Good and friendly customer service.

Kinsey Underbrink

I love that they have assigned seating, and that the seats recline. If you get a seat near the front it doesn't suck as much because you can recline your seat.

Michael Burton

The first showing of the day during the week is a great time to go.

Tyler Quayle

Best theatre around. Comfy recliners

Andrew Lonzo

My favorite theater in the greater Seattle area due to how far the red recliners go back

Johnny Petersen

Pretty clean. Staff is polite. The reserved seating is GOLD.

Carol Hardaway

I absolutely love going here for movies. Between the reserved reclining seats to the service you get when there, this place is amazing!!!! I pretty much only go here for my movies.


Great local theater with fairly new upgrades. Comfy seating, nice staff, clean bathrooms. Popcorn could use some work but not bad

Cerra Sand

Good service. Comfortable reclining chairs. Never too crowded.

Elliott Harrison

Great theater. They did a fantastic job with the remodel. The seats are assigned and recline back. Plenty of room to walk down the isle. Super nice and clean on the inside. One of the best AMC's I have ever been to.

A Godwin

Really enjoyed this AMC location. It was very clean and I liked that the theaters were smaller and not so crowded. The bathroom only had 4 stalls which was super surprising only thing I didn't like what that the staff doesn't bring food to your seat like the Factoria, Alderwood and Southcenter locations do. Would definitely come back here. Just not so close to the movie start time since we always order food and don't like having to wait in the lobby for it.

Marilyn Lazaro

The theater is nice BUT people be filming the movie in the theater. I went to go see a movie and the lady flat out told me that she was filming it because of hearing problems? She had a camera stand bracket out and everything. Also, how is she going to say that she has problems hearing when during the movie she was having conversations with her male friend next to her? I don't know but I reported it online to AMC. A couple of people also walked in and out of the movie during the movie and didn't come back. Did anybody check to see if they bought their tickets? Did anybody come to check the theater? Nope.

sean gerber

Their new set up is so much better. The bathrooms are finally within reach. Thank you

Donna West

Loved this place so won't you.

Marc Clark

From the cushy seats to the film's choices, this theatre's great!


Better than watching at home with the recliners!

Daineth Lara

I love the movie theater and I really love my AMC membership. If you love the movies you could get it !

John Piel

Comfortable recliner seats, good sound and projection. Bargain weekend morning screenings and reserved seating a big plus if you're able to plan ahead. Fresh popcorn with add-your-own-butter dispensers.

Sherri Knight

Carpets were dirty and popcorn/butter flavoring was yuck. Other than that, good theater.

Dane Kowalick

I can no longer go anywhere else. The chairs are so comfortable.

Dasharatha Aduri

This place used to be all gloomy and dull earlier, but once the AMC took over, they have beautifully transformed the place. All the screens have recliner seating which are very comfy. Staff is super friendly. Always my go to place for the movies.

Cole G

This theatre is very nice. They have everything thought out. The experience is pleasant with a smooth check in at the front to buying tickets on the AMC app. Everything is always above par. It’s well worth buying be AMC premier for around 15$ a year. As well as the reclining seats!

Chris deGrasse

The recliners are great! Surround sound was good.

Ankit Verma

Recliner seats, ample parking spots, great neighborhood. This is one of my favorite places for AMC.


Absolutely my most favorite theater to visit. Leather recliner chairs, smaller theaters and better ticket prices than Regal. Although I live really close to a Regal, when I really want to treat myself I take a 25 minute drive to visit this theater before visiting the other stores in the town center.

Octavian Hornoiu

Recently remodeled with really nice chairs that have motorized recline capabilities. Clean and great theater for kids. Reserved seating!

Rorie S. Ching

Great films, audio, and food! Theaters are reserve & relatively small, so it's usually really quiet and relaxing <3

Jordan Barnes

Smaller AMC but with great quality and easy access.

Albert Santoso

Good seat, food audio-video qualities, good movie-watching experience.

Jonathan Bauer

The seat are very large and comfortable. the only movie threat I want to go to.

Tryston Myers

The chairs are amazing, it's kept super clean and the customer service is amazing especially from a teenager operated theater

Rene Heuscher

I like this theatre with its large well spaced recliner seating, good sound, all reserved seat and curved screens. Will never go to an old style over packed minimalist suburban theatre again with no assurance of a seat one can even view the screen from.

john shane

So comfortable to watch a movie. Order popcorn!

Claire Xie

Small but clean and with reclining chairs.

Gregarious Star

Its awesome to go here, reclining seats yay!

Marie C

Nice comfy lounge chairs. Clean cinema and nice employees.

Rebecca Davis

Great seating and a curved screen. We loved it! Now if theaters could just lower the volume to a safe level...

Rion Scherr

The seats are awesome. They upgraded to recliners and it makes me want to go here over other theatre's in the area. There's also plenty of good, quick food options nearby. That makes it easy to grab a meal before or after the movie. I recommend it.

Crabby MC

The workers were straight to the point and the seating was almost luxurious


I LOVE the new full size reclining seats!!! And, reserved seating is the best! Staff is nice.

Tahnya Boyett-Mayer

Big, comfy seats and many movies to see

Dave Whitley

Bring a lot of money if you want to buy popcorn and coke. But if you want to have a nice place to watch a movie this is a good one. Recliner seats that go all the way back are really special. I figured that if I didn't like the movie I would get a great nap at least. But the movie was good and the seating was really comfortable.

Connor Crowley

I tell you the service here fan-friggin-tastic, showed up with 5 minutes to the film and got the ticket, popcorn, and drink in no less than 4 minutes. Then got to enjoy the previews in the most comfortable damn power reclining seats. That be what I be talking about

Taylor Bew

This is my favorite AMC in the area. The recliners are great and the staff is friendly. The popcorn and drinks are always consistent. The biggest issue would be parking, but considering the area, it isn't a huge fault on them.

Harikrishnan R

Environment is good but very less food options.All foods are junks.

Old Style Shoe Shine Co

Great customer service, best time to go is in the middle of the day and week.

Rene Castillo

Very comfortable seats that recline and so much leg room

ELAINE Mariano

Prime member line is a joke! Standing in that line was told to go to another line because cahier was too lazy to serve us in prime member line.

Kim FriendsofKCAC

Everyone is always helpful and ready to explain what's up with my membership.

Paula Estabrook

Always like going here but the prices are just going up. Staff are always friendly. It is nice to get away for a movie and dinner (lots of beer, wine, pizza, fish, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican (love Mazatlan), Cuban (love Twisted Cuban), Burgers (love Tips'y and Cut Shop) and Chinese (Love Chan's, and for the adults Chan's bar - BEST customer service hands dow!

Ann H

Some of the theaters have new fancy reclining seats! Nice selection of movies (even some non-violent ones). Good popcorn if you ask for extra butter.

Georgene Jones

Went to see Bohemian Rhapsody. The seats reclined and there was plenty of room between them. It was a good temperature - not the typical subfreezing feel I've come to expect when I go to the movies.

Mary Lawson

Fantastic!! comfortable reclining chairs. Make all the difference, in truly enjoyable experiences. This is my go to theater.


I love the AMC A list! A great way to go with someone or alone. Great sound comfy chairs. It puts a spin on watching movies away from home for different atmosphere. Cool to see movies before anyone else. I recommend trying it out

Bernard Wacher

Good modern place to stretch and watch a film.


They have recliners in every theatre, the most comfy seats ever

Kahealani alexander

Very impressed with the newer updates. Very comfortable and I love reserving seats ahead of time!

Missa McFadden

Most comfortable and clean movie theater we've been to. We enjoyed the fact that the theaters are small with plush reclining seats. There were no crowds and you can select where you will sit so no need to show up early for the best spot.

Lynda Galvagno

Loved chairs and comfort

jessica geriene

loved the dolby experience. Husband and I havent been in years usually go to lynnwood however this theater had an earlier showtime, friendly staff, food was great, and the theater was nice and clean, well air conditioned. I will definitely be coming here more often

Richard Bibaud

Went to see Joker Very good movie

dhaya cyrus

Good place to watch movies with friends. 3D isn't that effective in here though

michele poirier

Every since the remodel, it's my favorite! Downstairs bathrooms! Awesome comfy reclining seats! And the staff are always so nice! ❤⭐

robert bennett

Best $20 movie ever (ok under $7 for enterance and under $17 for popcorn and bottled water).

David Johnson

Excellent theater with great reserved seating. But the pre-movie ads keep showing adult beverages...but the concession stands have no yummy drinks. What gives?

Gerrad & Ashley McCoin

Very nice staff! Clean and polished inside and out! LOVED that the buttons are on the top of the arm rest and not where my thighs hit... will definitely be coming back again!


Wonderful movie theatre! This theatre is extremely popular and it can be seen why it is a quality movie theatre, I would recommend always buying your tickets ahead of time so you can get the seats you like since it can fill up quickly at least with popular movies. The seats are comfortable and the staff is very friendly! The popcorn is good, and the overall experience is great.

Zackery Scott

Love watching movies here. So comfortable the hardest part is trying not to fall asleep.

Dustin Bong

The theater is super clean and well cared for. The recliner seats are the best for enjoying a movie. If you want to spend the money Dolby is highly recommended especially for action/adventure films. Staff are always friendly and on point with service. This is my family's preferred theater.

Sarah Pearl Studio

Easy to buy tickets and awesome seating with reclining chairs. Bring a blanket and you might even fall asleep! Haha

Daniel Marciante

On the small side, but the layback recliners make it all worth while. We drive out of our way to come here because of them.

Anna Meyer

Easy and fast service. Skimped on the popcorn though.

Karim Noormohamed

Generally a good experience, better now that most of the theatres are stadium seating. Smallish theatres do create an intimate feeling. AMC $5 Tue's make frequent outings totally affordable, if you don't splurge on the concessions, i.e. Parking is plentiful, location nicely accessible, but a lot of noisy teenagers inhabit, be prepared for some disturbance during the show.

Nicole Jackson

Great theater. Reclining seats.


The best AMC theater and the most clean and cosy theater in puget sound. My husband and I go there 3 times a week. We love it that much

sunny desalvo

I love AMC12. The staff is nice and helpful. Overall atmosphere is great from family movie night

Swagpants 21

Amazing sound and picture. Reserve seats online because they go fast. Very comfortable chairs

Austin LeFevre

The recliner seats are extremely comfortable and you have plenty of room in between seats to your sides and in the isle. The staff are helpful and friendly and they keep the place as clean as they can. Bathrooms work great and are usually spotless. You can reserve seats and tickets online before hand or buy them when you get there and select your seats (if any) when you are buying them. Food is a little over priced but what theater food isn't? They have a rewards program for those who go often or want to join. Overall great experience every time I visit.

Bill Stephens

Great place to watch a movie

Ashton Chalcraft

I ain no snich

Makai Post

I like that they have all of the seats as loveseats, but hate that they have that anoying armrest in the middle that doesn't quite go up all the way thus negating the loveseat aspect because you aren't able to actually sit close to your significant other.

Amy D

Comfy seating even at the front when there are only seating avail with big screen in your face. Made it real comfortable

Timothy Javins

Reclining chairs, spacious seating, good food selection, impressive drink selection, polite workers, positive watching experience--it's hard to do better than this theater. Their condiment selection might be the most robust I've seen. They nailed it with the Tapatío packets and self-serve butter & salt for popcorn. The subscription service is excellent. VR game in the lobby is a nice touch.


It's always clean and the staff are great. I love the reclining chairs!! My go to theater of choice.

Tarman The Champion

Brand new seating done in renovation last year. They are nice, big, fully reclining, plush, leather seats :) also they have an upgraded theater that is DOLBY cinema experience. Its 18$ for adult tickets and 15$ for children under 12yrs of age. But its well worth it! I always try to get tickets for that theater. Last thing is, the seats are pre assigned per the ones you picked when buying or paying for your tickets. Which honestly i love! Because not only does it guarentee you get to sit in the spot you wanted to, but you can then arrive just before the movie starts! No time wasted. Staff is ALWAYS super nice and professional. Little to no line with the concessions stands & if there is one, it moves quite quickly. Also they added new bathrooms downstairs where the arcade used to be. Making it convenient that you dont have to go to the upstairs ones ( which are still operationa) the staff keeps both bathrooms very clean at all time! The AMC theater in Woodinville has become my favorite theater to go to when going out to catch a movie :) -ENJOY, -Tarman

Courtney Wheeler

Amazing reclining chairs! Short wait time for consessions. Only downside is the theatre was freezing! Wear an extra jacket if you get cold easily

Martin Puryear

Lately this is our favorite spot for movies. Comfy seats (they're reserved seating, so get tix ahead of time) and lots of local choices for dinner before or afterward.


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