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Regina Bibbs

Took my lil ones to see pikachu it cost me 72 dollars and tax way to expensive the small popcorn and small drink almost 25 yikes a lil overrated

Audrey Chavarria

Recliners pre-selected and custom heated seats at this location

Google User

I loved this theater but the convenience store waaaaayyyyy to expensive for 2 slurpees $18 bucks that's ridiculous!!!!

Buckminster Reed

This is a perfectly serviceable movie theater with plenty of dining and drinking options nearby. If they would expand seat reservations to all showings rather than just IMAX they would have that fifth star. However due to this shortcoming any time a big movie comes out it becomes a zoo inside with first come first serve seating despite a perfect working online ticketing and reservation system already in place and in use by AMC at that location. Please fix! I’ll get you recurring movie pass thing if you do.

Brenda Joseph

I love how it's always clean and staff is always friendly

Sylvia McKinney

Overall, I've had positive experiences with this theatre over the years. I remember when it was first built and I was so happy to finally have a theatre close to home! If the movies are too pricey for you, they have cheaper prices before noon on the weekend and sometimes during the week. My only minor nitpick is the premiere line. You can pay a set amount of money over a year (I think it's $15) and you get certain benefits. One of which is cutting in line. I have absolutely no problem with the other benefits, but the concept of people paying more money to to cut in line when there are ten people waiting in the regular line is wrong and disgusting! However, still recommend going there. Corporate just needs to stop telling their employees to push the premiere card on their customers. They can ask once but if a customer says "no thank you" leave it at that and don't force your employees to persist in pushing the customer. No means no!

Korey Zuehlsdorff

Badass super comfy would go again tomorrow

Daniel Kritner

Love everything about this place. It is very surreal for me to step into an AMC theater these these days. A long time ago, back in the mid to late 90s I worked for AMC theaters, tonight is the first time I've walked into an AMC theater since then. Things are so different in their theaters these days.

Audra Pineda

Always enjoy this place. Never had a bad experience. Friendly staff.


Great service. Ok food.

B. Jones

A thoroughly enjoyable theater. Though charging full price for a cup of ice.... poor form.

Tony Carnevale

Great movie theatre that offers wonderful customer support!

LeAvE Me AlOnE WhEn I'm TaLkInG To YoUr DoG

This movie theater has a lot to offer. They have large sized comfy seats. I haven't been this comfortable in years. I watched Venom. It's an awesome movie, if you want to sit happy this is the place to go. They even offer a movie theater membership, for $20 bucks and some change monthly membership you can watch all the movies you want. Imagine taking 30 dated out, at least you have a place to take them to.

sheryl flores

Amazing experience... It was my first time being there

Chamo Loco

It has a nice Dolby Theater for action flixs . Their recliner seats are better than the ones installed at the AMC theater at SouthCenter. Check out the AMC A-List plan that let's you see three movies per week for a flat monthly price. If your see 3 movies per month, it will pay for itself. With it if you don't like the movie that you are watching, you will not feel bad to get up and go. They have a popcorn/drink combo on Tuesdays for $5 for register members, and you also get rewards points that are redeemable for future concession purchases.

anthony collins

We arrived 15 minutes early and the screen wasn't even turned on yet the movie was supposed to start at 9:15 didn't start until 9:30 and it wasn't until after I went out and told someone the movie wasn't playing that they finally started playing it and then at the end of the movie they didn't even turn the lights back on we had to get out in the dark

Kelsey Cross

Clean movie theater close to home. I don't drink pop often, but I like that they have one of those Coke machines where you can mix flavors. Nice people who work here.

Jason mcawesome

The movie theatre is fine. There was a 20 minute wait for popcorn that I imagine is not the norm but tainted my experience. The theatre was clean and the seats are comfortable. Other than the wait for popcorn the staff was quick and courteous. A pleasant night but nothing spectacular

Tyler Roberts

Saw pets2 with the kids. Great movie

Sarah Robinson

It's nice and clean and the staff is nice. Good food options as well!

Beth Purcell

The employees were all very polite and helpful. The food choices made my mouth water! Will definitely come here again!!

Linda Sowah

Long lines for snacks but it moved quickly. Chairs were comfy and the theater was clean. Different ways to see movies, regular, 3D, and IMAX. Parking garage close by makes parking easy.

Daphne Hobbs

Friendly staff, super clean.

RebeccaBeans 4

The new heated recliners are the best!!!!

Jacqueline Mcguirey

Went and saw How to train your dragon 3 and seen it on IMAX very cool. My 2 grandchildren enjoyed the movie very much so did there mom.

Toni Rodriguez

Good flow to get in to see your movie

Kris Russell

Best theater in the area. Quick and close to bus lines and sounder. I definitely recommend everyone to at least try this experience. Bonus shopping before and after if you time it right!

Sonia Noori

Been going here for years, always loved the experience. Lately however, people care less and less to realize that they're not alone in the room. Eating crunchy snacks and talking. Perhaps its not AMC's fault but i think maybe they shouldn't sell crunchy snacks in plastic bags that make so much noise.

Denise Day

Awesome recliners very comfortable

Marilyn Wilson

Great theatre and awesome seats

Sara Camille

They have $5 Tuesdays! Best deal for movies. I think you have to be an AMC Stubs member to avail $5 Tuesdays. Membership is free and you can register online.

Shawn DeOrnellis

Great new chairs! Price way to high!

Ainya Lamar

Good service. Nice theaters. Great place. GO WATCH US.

Chad Bartholomew

Was surprised how fast we found parking, pre bought seats only way to go.

Keith Beesley

Very clean, big, comfortable theater, nearly empty of moviegoers on a Friday evening (?). I guess people are staying home, watching Netflix. Big screen, reclining heated seats, the whole 9.


Love thier heated seats, makes watching the movies more relaxed and comfortable

Jacob Brown

theater was dirty assigned seating was not enforced

Anna Widen

Great Theater, comfy recliners, family friendly... More options for the kids would be great...

Andrew Costello

I go here all the time. It's an older theater, and the customers are a mixed bag, but the staff are nice, the food selection is good, and really reasonable ticket prices. Check food prices before you buy, because some are quite high just like other theater's.

jason Rajan

No long lines.. enjoyed the movie .


Always clean and the movie Overcome was excellent.

Vince Mcqueen

Love the new recliners. Prices ain't bad considering either


My favorite theatre because its so close to where I live. The parking is getting harder to find tho lately.

Darvelle Lee

I felt safe bringing my mother to watch a nice movie! There are tons of places to eat here and its definitely family friendly! I highly suggest you experience the diversity and awesomeness of this place!

Arianne Collman

This theater is clean and bright. The staff are friendly, and they have added some great food choices to their menu! It's still theater food, so not 5 star did but they charge you like it is! Note to AMC - when are you going to realize the benefit of having an espresso stand inside the theater? Especially since we can't bring in outside food or drinks? If you ever get that going, I'll give you the full 5 stars.

Slend Veny

The good stuff.

Martin 206

Great reclining seats & booming sound system.


New reclining seats with heat. Awesome


Reasonable price for the movies over prices for the food

Bryan Kelley

Comfortable seats and helpful staff.

Ashley Flygare

Last time I went to see a movie there they forgot to clean the movie room until the movie started.. Other than that no complaints, just a normal theater like all of the others

Angie Shadrick

Comfortable seats, nice service. And clean restrooms.

Stone Cold

Movie theater was fine. Chairs a bit uncomfortable, but I'm less inclined to complain about it since we usually go for $5 a pop. If I paid full-price for a seat, I'd be...sorely disappointed. ;P. I don't know about the men's bathrooms, but the women's bathroom needs some attention. Some of the sinks didn't "activate" hands-free and others just trickled out--the left-most faucet had pretty warm water compared to the others and there was no soap to be had from the dispensers. Otherwise, theater was clean, movie was crisp and the popcorn was fresh...ish. :')

Orenda Lucas

Recently went and the sound was so quiet that I could not enjoy the movie at all. It only made it worse that no employee turned up the sound after being asked, also the bottom left hand portion of the screen was covered and took away from the experience, overall dissapointed. Time to rewatch the movie at the the landings regal.

Sandy Glidden

Loved the warming seats and the foot rest.

aisha miller

They usually have all the new movies that come out. This is a pretty standard movie theater located smack dab in the middle of the Kent station.. It's convenient if you want to grab a movie and some dinner or even do a little bit of shopping. you can expect to pay between $ 12$14 for a regular movie anytime after 4-for adult tickets. Honestly, I feel like the matinee prices have also increased quite a bit as well. For those that don't know, movies before 4 are considered Matinee and are cheaper . I think it is about $10 for a matinee movie tix for adult and $8 for children, don't quote me. Myself and my kids went to see a matinee last week and it was $40 for 4 of us.

keith leonard

Decent theater grouped with an outdoor mall space. Always clean, which is a plus

hayder gamer

Awesome service ok seats no great tho


Use to be super clean and attracted lots of people.


Love this place!

Stephen John

Decent theater but if Federal Way Commons and Auburn can have the really cool reclining chairs then a nice mall like Kent station deserves a theater with them.

Najja E. Brown

Nice clean theater. Customer service at refreshment counter was excellent! We ordered popcorn.

Leo Pham

I love the kpop so it's hard to say to not love it cause it did make me laugh and happy and hit me so hard at some moment but I love it so much

Mark Dahlhauser

The new reclining seats are pretty cool, unless you are tall. With the leg rest up, my feet extended over the leg rest to the point where it was uncomfortable and I had to lower the leg rest. The seats are comfortable and wide and have a built in cup holder. For those that get cold in the theater, the seats have a heating function. Another plus is plenty of leg room even for a tall person.

Ian Zabawa

They have upgraded reclining seats that are heated. Pretty comfortable and great atmosphere thumbs up for me.

Cody Flynn

I like this theater my wife and I go there pretty frequently Kent station is cool, plenty of stores and places to eat. Plus this theater has IMAX and they are in the process of upgrading it now they could definitely use some leather reclining seats like some of the other theaters in the area which I think they're going to get. The customer service has always been solid. This place is nothing remarkable, but after the upgrades I think it'll be a solid competitor to the theaters in the area more so than it is currently.

Noah B

We bought our tickets online so we didn't have to wait in line. It was just a standard movie, but the theater was still pretty full. The audience was no trouble and the restroom (men's room anyway) was pretty clean and didn't smell. I had a good time. The theater also offers 3D features on one screen.

Elle W

Nice location, but was surprised by the amount of outside noise polluting the theater. Thought the train noises were a part of the movie at first.

Nathan Fox

I have always loved this movies theater. They keep it really clean. The staff are nice. Kent station is also a really good place to see a movie and have dinner. The dinner options are really good.

Eva Iman

Great seats and louder experience than regal!

C. A. Martin

Good shows, friendly staff, well kept up.

Delores James

Liked the video The Upside, super funny, clean theatre, many restrooms and a family bathroom, we got easy parking in front of the theatres, nice night out

Rick Knutsen

Theater is in a very convenient location as it is centerpiece of shopping area in Kent similar to the Regal theater at Renton Landing. (AMC > Regal though as AMC has much better perks than Regal... matinee pricing, free refills on large drinks & popcorn for AMC Stubs members, etc.)

Caitlyn Smith

Good Place To Watch Movies But They Need To Clean The Screens More Often.

Debi Kissinger

Easy in and out, good food choices (pretzel was amazing) good helpers and kept clean, I usually do matinees.

Roy Oswald

Clean, roomy, Large drink cost more than the price of the ticket

Andrea Leopard

Nice theater but has not been modernized with the reclining seats and other perks that some locations have. Gets the job done, it's clean and employees are friendly.

Dara Jolly

Nice people. Good size theaters. We go to the special needs kids movies once a month. Amazing for my son with autism.

Scott Spillers

Nice conveniently located AMC multiplex. It's generally kept clean and the projection and sound quality are very good. Stadium seating, but no recliners. Reserved seats only in the one IMAX theater.


Soooooo happy they have reclining seats now, makes your movie watching experience so much more comfortable AND you have the option of Having your seat heated, if you’re into that kind of thing. This is my theater of choice, I have yet to have an unsatisfactory experience. Thank you AMC!

Bob Mclain

Nice theater to watch a movie especially in IMAX. Seats were ok,,,they didn't lean back like other theaters.

Heidi Chaffee

Watched lion King, loved the remake. Only suggestion was make IMAX with recliners.

Scott Douglas

My favorite place for all things on film. I've never been disappointed there ever.

Kyle D Bear

Always enjoyed my experience!


Great area, clean theater inside and out, staff is more alert than other theaters I've been too in washington lol.


The theater was too cold, had to put my coat back on. Also thought cost was too high, especially on a Tuesday.

Nesha Norman

Everyone is always friendly, respectful, and keeps it clean. This is my go to movie spot

Jeannine Harris

They just need to made more of an effort to check bathroom stalls. People are nasty and need to be respectful and responsible.

Nicole Fulwider

Trapper Sushi has a great selection of sushi rolls. The cucumber salad is addicting. Service os great, sportsbar atmosphere. Louder than I would like, but i keep going back. Its great. Prices are decent and wait staff is prompt and nice.

armando garcia

Great place to spend time....has everything you need with plenty of parking...have visited plenty of restaurants there...great atmosphere... specially during the summer months...

Brock Steffen

Nothing to complain about. The food costs a million dollars but what would you expect. Clean and fast service.

Muha Begovic

Was in the line for at least 15 minutes to get popcorn, paid it and was told to comeback in 10 minutes because they were out of fresh popcorn. Came back in 10 minutes still wasn’t ready . Asked for my money and had hard time to get it back

Carl Shaw

They wouldn't accept "AMC Free Movie Tickets" we had, rude staff, popcorn all over the place. I find no reason to waste money here

Shawne Deakings

Great theater always clean friendly staff and quality sound with high quality resolution!

Trinity Brown

Love the movies

Linda Hunter

There are pros and cons for this theater. Love their popcorn although the sodas are way over priced. They provide great customer service which is a plus. The seats are not comfortable at all.

Shane Amodei

Great place and employees however the last ten times we have gone there has been a small group of people talking throughout the movie. Now we just give up and leave early because they won't stop. Yes, I did get an usher come one time and stand near them the last half hour of the film which got them to shut up but it took time and effort and aggravation that ruined our experience.

Justin Busby

Will be watching movies here again. Clean facility, comfy chairs, great staff at all locations.

howard cordell

Top rate theater. Seats are comfortable and claen

Jose Castillo

The new Dolby Cinema at Kent Station is amazing, seems larger then the at South Center. New recliners, new build... A-lister all the way.

Wilson McMullan

For some reason the theaters here always smell like someone soiled themselves and nobody wanted to clean it up strong scsnt of urine.

LenHard `

Great sound system and comfy chairs

Addison Alexander

I've gone more than a few times, it's a pretty good theater for the mot part, but I have had some issues a few times. Their Coka-Cola Freestyle machine had been malfunctioning, but it seemed like they were trying to fix it. Recently, they only had two benches inside to sit down when earlier they had more.

Robin Bolstad

To be honest, I really like this theater, however, there has been a increasing number of violent acts including shootings in the area. So I did walk around with some paranoia. Because of this, I can't love it.

Mike Firestone

Cool place to see a movie

P. Carlon

Great seating plan with large recliner chairs. Also, you can pick your seats ahead of time on their website so there's no need to worry about getting a choice seat with a side view. Easy parking compared to SouthCenter and good / not great concession stand. If this helped or you like this review, please give it a thumbs up. Thanks

Strider Strafe

Great theaters ! Very good customer service. Comfortable all around. Hard to beat AMC theaters. I also have a membership with Regal cinemas ,but, I have to say $5 Tuesdays at all AMC theaters as a member can't be beat. $15-20 (higher amount for premiere) your membership pays for itself after 1 or 2 films.

Tracy Engstrom

Great theater! But...double sold our seats!

Jerry Paasch

It was cool, been there before many times

Matthew Langworthy

This is my preferred AMC theater where I use the stubs membership. They have the IMAX screens both 2D and 3D with reserved seating. I prefer the larger format screen and ability to not worry about getting a bad seat in the theater.

Boby Kay

The staff is awesome and friendly.

Ernest Eiland

Shity, spent 1 hr in restroom, with in 3 times of that hour , they need to update and sanitize,all food service, popcorn was old ,no smell of fresh popcorn I had a sore stomach. STAFF is great, service of food,needs to be revamped

Amir Hashemi

Lousy system. This is the second time that their projector breaks down.

Andrea McDevitt

Clean and friendly helpful staff! Love taking my kids here!

Kellie Masters

Nice new recliners but the concessions seemed a little hectic tonight

Natalie Vincent

The theatre is clean & the movie is good quality, but the food is over priced & the website is ridiculous. Trying to plan ahead for a movie is ideal, but when their website is not up to date it's very frustrating. It says Friday & Saturday movie times are posted by Wednesday afternoon, but I was looking at showtimes for later Friday on Friday morning & they were still not posted. Poor management of resources.

Raye Plays

We are here at least 1x week. The maintenance and facility are horrible. It's not clean and not kept up . . . For example, the condiment stations are dirty and empty half the time.

orphan anne

Great reserved seats, fast service at the food counter for our popcorn.

Von S-white

The current Manager, Kim, addressed and resolved my concerns and made me feel like a valued customer. You're awesome!

G Wahchumwah

It was the first time visit to this theater since moving to the area. Loved the variety of food and beverage options. The staff performed a great job with cleanliness inside throughout the building. The staff provided their customer service with a smile, and served their customers with a willingness and patience. I will go back again.

Mary Ann Heaton

The ticket booth took forever. One cashier and 10 people waiting in line

Thelma Lepule

Amazing and great location to also get food and walk around. The seats recline and also heat up.

Danielle Browitt

This theater is clean and bright. The staff are friendly, and they have added some great food choices to their menu! I also love the seating.

Raiku Aegisguard

Parking can be a bit rough during peak times but otherwise nice place

Wing Draxler

I love the rewards, and the guy at the food place was very nice. We got the theater that has recliner seats this time. So comfy!

Claude T

Good place to relax n see a movie!

BK Enciso

I live about 30 min from this place (driving speed limit) but i will come here to see movies, it's clean, taken care of. Never really crowed like other places. People are friendly and a very nice and clean environment outside as well.

John Brisbane

This is a great place. When this place first opened, you were able to bring coffee or a pizza into the movie theater. If you guys read this, I think you should restore that. It made for such an awesome atmosphere, and the vibe was much much different. I give this place four stars, mainly because AMC 14 no longer allows you to bring anything in. This is still a young Plaza, but the glamour is wearing off and something needs to be reinvented to reinvigorate the the place. AMC Kent Station Theater: REINSTATE THE FOOD AND DRINK!! =))

William Knoll

Our new favorite movie theatre .and close to home


Clean theatres, fairly friendly staff, nice location.

Ken Berkley

Just another lame gross overpriced mediocre theater that smells and is way too loud.

Nichelle Page

If they had reclining chairs I would've scored higher. The youth working at the front ticket area and food counter have great customer service!


Good theatre, id come again. I wouldnt say its much different than any other theatre ive gone to. But its nice.

alexis sam

We were trying to go watch this movie and the manger came over to the game (terrible games, they took all of the good ones out) corner saying he had a bunch of complaints about us (Brad). All he did was tell a Asian lady no cutting in front of the line. She yells at him and gets mad. The manger said that he can refund our money and we can leave. He also said that he listens to both sides, he wouldn't listen to our side and the lady was being rude In front of our daughter. And we didn't complain or say anything about her. Wouldn't recommend going. The concession stand were rude and disrespectful to us


It's very clean theater and I like the water fountain outside of it. But food court is little expensive then normal prices.

Phillip Santarelli

Very nice and clean. Coke flavor machines a plus. Nachos come with 2 cheese cups which is good. Sears comfy.

Jennie M

Omg they updated their seats!! They recline and have a heated seat option

Theresa Ade

Very comfy chairs, delicious popcorn, clean cinema and very friendly staff.

Annie Hudson Mcknight

The AMC theater in Kent has great upgrades to the facility including recliner lounge seating that has a heating feature to relax your back. Only drawback is prolonged time at the box office, getting an assigned seat.

Eric McWilliams

It is a great place to catch a movie especially on Tuesdays if you're a member of AMC you get tickets for 5 bucks.

DOlga Scott

Great theater. Clean. Great staff. Stadium seating.

Dustin Bong

Been to a couple times, comfortable seats and clean theaters. Concessions crew is on point. Clean restroom with plenty of stalls/urinals.

Silas Miller

Wish they would've upgraded the concessions also instead of just upgrading the movie theaters


They should upgrade the seats for the price they charge for food!! Not my go to theater, but ok if you wanna watch a movie but limited to the locations and times.

Michelle H

Nice theater with recliner seats, only thing missing is being able to pick your seats ahead of time.

Mylene Marcos

We usually do the matinee times especially not a lot of people are watching. Very clean establishment and employees are very pleasant.

Gordon Winch

I have an "A-List" membership, so I reserved 3 of the best seats in the house 2 days early (at no extra cost). The movie (Lion King) was sold out, but I had my reserved seats, and two, beautiful, 8 year old granddaughters with me. (My ticket was free with the membership.) The seats were electric, full reclining. We had popcorn and sodas, a great, fun movie, and we all had a wonderful experience.

Bhaskar Bhakta

Clean and roomy. Lots of places to eat outside

Maria Anastario

It is my favorite theater in the area. Service is always good, clean, and enjoyable atmosphere.

Stephen Fraser

Great movie theater. We loved the movie.

Peter Ngash

Nice movie thearter 3 stars for not staying current with the times, its like all movie thearters now have recliners , except this one. Overal place is surrounded by some nice resturants

Saleem Hodge

Very friendly staff and clean bathroom. Everything else sucked! Especially the seats! Byo wd40!

D Trinide

Kent Station 14 has really fallen off I went to see the 915 showing of Avengers End Game and they started the movie with no trailers no intro and no sound 5 minutes into the movie. I told the staff and they just let the movie continue. When the movie ended we came out and the lobby and bathrooms were disgusting with no staff in sight. It's like they ran out of cares to give. I will drive to Tukwila to see movies from now on.

Tiki Scroggins

Love the recliners! Always a very clean theater. The employees are very kind. Only downfall was not enough employees on a Friday afternoon on an opening weekend for a much awaited movie. Took 25 minutes to get popcorn since they only had 2 employees working. That was not fun!

Susan Jose

Comfortable, recling, heated leather seats. Nice theater.

Ben Cassidy

Sound has been good for each of the movies I've gone and seen and the pictures have been not to bad and my interactions with the staff have been good. So overall been a good place to go see a movie along with the fact it's location is nice for train rider's since the stop is right there and if you want food after or drink after both can be done easily.

Mary Hornsby

Conveniently located, well lit, clean restrooms.

Lucas Barker

Great staff and very clean


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