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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Gateway 8 IN Washington

Adri Love

Great prices for almost new movies. Defenetly a good place to take all the kids.

Rachel Kinter

A bit run down but service was good and the price definitely reasonable compared to almost an other theater.

M Clark

Not clean. So only 4 stars. Great movie selection! Good popcorn deal. Friendly people

Rock Strongo

Deal's Deal's Deal's!!! $3.99 if you purchase your tickets before 4:00 pm. $4.99 after 4:00 pm. Not all of the latest releases because I don't think they have enough screen's. But they do show new releases.

Judy Mckinney

I love how this theater has keep prices down. Still can get hotdogs for a dollar. Has refillable popcorn bucket good for entire year. Each refill is only $4.49 for refill.

Jordan Sears

Bought tickets online and didnt wait in any line!!

Joe Bowers

It's $4 for a matinee and $6 for an evening ticket. This includes new releases, which is absolutely incredible. Definitely the cheapest place to watch new release films. The screens are big, the theater is clean and modern. They have 99 cent hot dogs. My fiance and I go here once a week or more because it's cheap fun date night.

Evan Williamson

Staff was great and the movie played well, but the theater is in need of a serious upgrade. The seats were torn, broken and slanted, or torn and broken and slanted.

Teresa Stout

Another fun afternoon at the movie theater!

Tom Abernathy

Great low cost movie ticket. Refreshments are just as expensive as the elite theaters. Can't beat $3.99 for a new release before 4:00 PM!

N Love

My favorite movie theater, 1999 it's the first time I come to this theater classic wonderful memories, thanks AMC.


Oh my goodness. This theater is a mess. The seats are torn and seating is 1980. Don't do it.

Buckminster Reed

This is not a nice movie theater or a well situated one. Nothing inside is in very good condition. This is however seemingly the cheapest movie theater showing current movies I’ve seen so far this millennium. It has a distinctively 90s feel to it, which is probably mostly due to nothing having been updated in 25 years.

maree McBrayer

Nice place good price for movie but snacks r pricey but the popcorn and soda is free refills I love that! Seats not made for small children my daughter was being swallowed up in her seat but overall very happy with this place.

Jimmer ne

Has movies the other won't play.

Jasmine Curry

My favorite movie place to take my kids when running low on funds

charis lee

Great theater and watch all of the recent movies there if ur picky a picky person and need everything perfect then i suggest this isnt the theater for you

Kyle Berry

Tickets were cheap. $5 on Groupon for a brand new movie compared to $13 at other theaters. Older place, no big deal, kind homey...however once we entered the theatre a huge number of the seats are destroyed. Maybe it’s just screen #2 but this place looks like a wild raccoon got set loose and made its nest in here!!!! On top of that, once we found two seats that were intact the screen flickered for the entire run of the movie (faulty bulb on the projector I’m assuming). Add a tear to the screen and a single black dot in the middle of the picture and I found myself distracted and taken out of the film several times. There’s nothing wrong with these things, just be aware of what you’re getting into. A low budget night of fun at the movies can be had here, we just weren’t quite aware of what we were walking into.

Carlos Skelton

Nice and cheap now with newer movies

Tuesdee Messer

Old style movie theater with the regular seats. Nice big front lobby, a few video games. Good customer service!

Gail Brown

I love taking my girls it nice clean and great staff

Paul Darnell

Seats are not very comfortable but picture, sound and service was great

justin meyer

Good prices, comfy seats, and friendly staff.

Ron Schumpert

Overall the theatre wasn't bad. The only thing I can think of that was unpleasant was the seats. They're very uncomfortable and outdated.

Charmayne Hanson

This is a great place for the ones who love new movies but never much time to see them . i came for a 2 pm showing for pet semetary and was greeted the second we got to the counter. I ordered a hot dog but was running a little late and didn't wanna miss any of movie. She offered to bring me my hot dog since it wasnt busy. I thought that was really cool of her . excellent customer service btw. She didnt have to but she did. The movie theater was clean and very presentable:) due to this, I will be returning in the near future!! Great work!

luis daza

Awesome family theater. Worth every penny.

krystal baylor

The theater smelled horrible and was filthy.


Love this place but little dirty, workers were busy chatting


Tickets are super cheap. Food is expensive and theater is kinda too small...not good not bad.

Keith Beesley

It's ok. Big screen, good sound, lots of video games in the lobby for the kids. Bathrooms could use a refresher; cold in the theater and mens' bathroom. Nice staff.

Jeannie Anderson

Seats uncomfortable and no more $1.00 hot dogs. The fun is gone.

Ben Wormald

Tickets prices are low at certain times of day but don't expect modern theatre amenities.


Over priced and its so cold in the theatre at night.

Lesley Blair Paine

Old fashioned theater with inexpensive tickets

Nyta Carpenter

This is great for smaller crowds and a better experience. It is more like walk in theaters of the past which is so nice!!!!


Love this theater. Cheap, friendly and the chairs are slowly getting replaced.

Georgegina Bright

Loved it, cheap, cheap, cheap deals for same as expensive movie theater experience!

Arthur Forest

New movies release at a very low price. Win win

Lisa Ayala

Good price. Good popcorn. Fun time for the kids

Fred Olson

Nice seats.

Wendy Marquez

Cheap date! No lines and more than reasonable prices :)

Kellye Brown

Prices were good, but the place was a sticky mess.


Seats are old and torn up, not as comfortable and of course food is expensive BUT ticket prices can't be beat!

Elizabeth Miner

Older, not remodeled theater so be prepared for a trip back in time to before deluxe state-of-the-art and $50 for two and instead enjoy a matinee for three at $22 plus concession. We liked it very much :) and go often. Often showing NEW movies within a week of release.

E White

Not the most comfortable seats and the food and bathrooms leave a lot to be desired, but for the price, at this time, it's worth it

Courtney and Justin Gates

Absolutely disgusting theater. The seats are ripped and broken and smell incredibly bad. Im not sure what all has infested the seats in this place but they need an exterminator and to bug bomb immediately! I would not recommend this place EVER!!!!

Troy Mundy

Horrible... the seats are the most uncomfortable movie seats iv ever sat in no exaderation. And the smell... dust and mildew. The food sucked. The only thing thats good about it is that it is inexpecive

Skip Stocks

Budget cinema is exactly what it claims to be! Provides all the basics at affordable prices. Great option to take the kids/grands to see recently run movies.

William DiChoso

Very informative

shawn todd

Chairs are a little beat up, but honestly I love this theater always reminds me of home. Oh and super cheap paid 12 for my son, my wife and I to all see the new Pokemon movie. Will for sure be back


Turned this place around. The seats are fixed and more comfortable than the reclining ones.

Carl Collins

Great place to hang out and watch a movie.


This place is awsome always good service

Julie McQuiston

The movie played fine, but per the norm, this theater and its bathroom are never really clean. The chairs feel grimy and the whole place has an odd odor. When it was a 2$ place(starplex), you know, you get what you pay for, but now its 7$ and AMC has not improved anything.

beatriz escobar

It was clean. Guy at the counter was curtious and helpful. It wasnt busy at all. Tickets were cheap. It has a certain funk to it but you get ehat you pay for.

Wesley S

Inexpensive tickets, but still first run movies. Not as many amenities, but if you don't mind an old school experience you'll spend about half what you would at a modern theater.

elisha richardson

The theater was soooo loud like loud but good self serve Butter and drinks was awesome..arcade games were fun but a joke

William and Rose George

Nice staff and low prices, but the screens were a little small and many seats in the theater were damaged. The cupholders also didn't have bottoms, so our small water cups didn't sit properly in them. Needs some refurbishing in my opinion.

Leah Samford

Prices are good but most of the seats are very uncomfortable


Classic is a perfect name for this place. Forgot how uncomfortable theater seats used to be. Other than the seats , the theater isn't too bad.

Veronica Brown

Clean and relaxing place

Wen Zha

A great place to watch a movie. I have had bad experiences in the past with rude staff and dirty seats, but this was great. I did not try any of the food or drinks, but it seemed alright. Definitely recommend.

Jessica Crisler

A lot of the seats are broken and overpriced food, but it's a good place for cheap movies.

Tantanecia Dinish

Gemini Nan was good

Chase Burrows

They tend to have some good movies. Not the updated seats like the bigger theaters for how the ticket prices keep raising. Used to be a $2 is now a $6... which is still not to shabby to be honest

Ululima M

They are currently upgrading their chairs & its very comfy. Love the ticket prices and movies

Dale Sanchez

The price for admission was great . Movie selection was adequate, too for a small movie theater. Make sure you are an AMC Member if you want refills and a dicount at the concession stand. There was only restrooms available on the southwest side, and it was apparent, these were not checed for cleanliness on a regular basis, although well stocked with soap, paper and hot water. If you are looking to see a movie and not spend a fortune, this is the place to go in Federal Way.

Justin Watts

Price is right, but the seats are getting shabby. It was dead tonight which we thought was nice. We had the theater to ourselves.

David Mordue

Seats at this place are horrible, many are completely destroyed. In desperate need of a remodel and some updates.

Atheena Ingels

Sad they no longer offer the dollar hot dogs

Linda Wagner

The place has new comfortable seats. Awesome for the price!

Douglas Bullard

Prices are great making it affordable to see a newer movie.

Zackary Ford Vlogs

Its OK too me- it's not bad. Good sound- not super expensive equipment. Not very good cleaning, at least when theirs Lot's of people there. Candy is a little too expensive. I'd suggest the $$ store, unless you pay $15 for 3 small boxes of candy. Why pay $15 for 3 boxes when you can go to the $$ store and get 15 Candy's. Which is the better choice?

Irene Bymers

Can't beat the ticket prices! Good place to take the entire family.

Daniel Hall

Classic describes it all. It's almost like a hole in the wall theater. It wasn't exactly hard to find, but I've never noticed it before. I walked in and there wasn't anyone to greet me and tell me where to go. It was pretty easy to figure out since it's relatively small, but I could have not purchased a ticket and saw a movie for free. Anyway, it reminds me of a 90's theater. Don't expect recliners or silent crowds. The trailers make no sense either for the movie you're seeing. I watched John Wick 3 and there was Fast and the Furious along with It and Chuckie. It's not bad, but not great. Worth the $6 I suppose.

Alistair Sinclaif

Goo quick service, nice theatre rooms. Smelly bathrooms.

angie ratliff

I love this Theater!! Staff is always friendly:) very clean, GREAT prices! No recliners but who cares

Elliot Forrester

Nice movie theatre with great prices

Next Chapter Gifts get what you pay for. I remember now why extra to go across the street. It was very uncomfortable and snacks we're crazy expensive I paid $4 for a small 16 oz Coke, $4 for a bottle of juiceand almost $8 for popcorn. Tickets were $10 for 1 adult and. 1 child. Go to the theater across the street Tuesday instead, it is half price day $6 for adult tickets! Good deal and comfy!

Ebony Anderson

The ticket guy gave us our total for the tickets then got an attitude with my mom when she asked for the correct change. The floors were sticky. I will say the young man at the food counter was very nice. Auditorium 4 stunk upon entering. When we walked in there was a man (looked like a transient) in the theater with a dog....wth The overall experience was not a good one. This was my first time visiting Washington and last time at this theater.


Slightly sticky floors but comfortable chairs and cheeper than other theaters. The screens are great for what you pay ☺️

Mclane Crowell

Cheaper tickets. You get what you pay for. Dollar hot dogs are nice.

Rene Santana Instarstarx IG

Over priced no recliner seats. A alternative.

Ford Tough

If it were only cleaner I'd have no complaints

howard cordell

Purpose of enjoying movie was great.facility is not well kept

Sharleen M.

Great prices but no recliners!

Daniel Ortega

Great prices just wish it would be with reclinable seats

Tony Brooks

Very affordable and great theatre

Crystal Bazan

Cheapy theater, run down, keeps getting more expensive to go so not worth the saved money anymore.

Anthony Jennings

If you're used to stadium seating or reserved seating with reclined chairs you will be disappointed. They have current movies at a cost effective price. Bring a blanket or dress warm.

T Littles

The rates have increased. But it was cleaner than previous visits

Rita Karlow

$4 matinee and $6 after. This is the better I take my children to. I highly recommend it. The concession area is a little pricey but I guess they have to make their money somehow and I don't really have any relative comparisons.

Kjell Hansen

Unbeatable ticket prices and uncrowded matinees

Rodney Scott

Movie showings are cheap and the the theater is fairly clean. Hotdogs are A lil pricey though.... 5$!

Dizzy Lizzy

Ahh.... The ol Starplex... Been taking my kiddos (now grown) to movies here for years.... The place was bought out by a Chinese investor a few years ago. Service suffered & prices soared... But it's still about half the price of a typical theater... Worth a trip.

Rashelle Tang

You walk in it looks very nice they have a nice arcade/games set up but the second you walk into the theater room it smells very bad seats are completely uncomfortable, sits very low. And almost. All the seats are torn, ripped up smell or are broken. Plus there prices went up on everything so where is the money going to make the veiwers feel comfortable. I wont be going again untill this place is re done or shut down

Chuey M.

The sets are very uncomfortable and old. Go some where else to watch a movie.

Michelle Body-Rivera

I like this theater has reduced prices on some of the older movies, but I was disappointed by how run down it is. It has the older fold down chairs and at least one or two chairs in every row was broken or falling apart.

Joshua Osiris

This place is trash, but it's cheap.. The seats are literally falling apart and there's garbage/popcorn everywhere

Freedom Warrior

Clean, employees pleasant and helpful. Nice theatre

Jane Mataese

Good place to catch a cheap movie. Also plays recently released movies.


Great little theater to catch a Movie.


I love this low priced movie theater all things better here then the other theaters with high priced popcorn an tickets

Maile Waiau

I love how cheap the movie tickets are but if you buy food or candy, that's where it starts getting pricey! Even the $1 hotdogs are now $5.50! Prices have went up

Stephanie Beisley

Fantastic prices on tickets, and popcorn combos. Great sound set up too.

Lindsey E

Small, cozy theater with friendly staff. I can walk up 5 minutes before the movie starts and still find a seat with a good view. I like the mix of first run and movies that have been around for a month or more. I can catch a film I did not see opening week. They have the Coke Freestyle machines for the multiple soda flavors.

Allen Family

Seat r so uncomfortable

Kareem Hadee

This movie theatre is very inexpensive. It's a great stop if you would rather watch a movie than sit in fife traffic

Rob T Lewis

Well, if you dont like crowds, this is a great theatre. The theatre is a little old, but it's a great place to catch a matinee or late night flick!!

Mark Richards

We have enjoyed this theater for years. Always good service and great prices.

april Wilkerson

We went to see the grinch great place but needs more lobby room so you dont have to wait outside for popcorn

Brett Russell

You get what you pay for. The price is right for bringing the kids to whatever drivel they like without breaking the bank. On the downside the seating is pretty run down and occasionally dirty and the overall volume is a little low.

Rodney Vieira

It's a good inexpensive theater.

Alexandra Wise

Love the prices, definitely cheaper than other AMC theaters! Concessions are comparable but if you join AMC Stubbs you can get discounts on concessions.

Lisa Winfield

I love the movie I went see. The hot dogs aren't that good pop corn was good and they have arcade type games

Julie Pangilinan

The movie was great and the price is good. The main downside is seats are worn out and you may have to move a couple times to get a half way comfortable one. Also the bathroom faucets are in disrepair.

Julie Berry

In our theater the seats were torn up and the projector dimmed throughout the whole show. It was the worst quality screening I’ve ever experienced.

Zoe Bill

Super cheap and nice staff. Just cold in the theaters and uncomfortable chairs. Worth it for the price though

Allison Cross

Price is good. Theatre is not in the best condition but for the price you can't complain. They show new releases.

Hydro Philly

Over priced and poor quality popcorn and flat soda. Many of the chairs are torn apart or broken but still expensive like the new theaters! I don't get it. Terrible

Gordon Brown

The price was great. The big screen is the same everywhere. The old-shool seating is comfortable, and I'm less likely to take an expensive nap than in a newer recliner.



JJ Jah'Morris

Only one refill for a member really? He didn't even want to give the refill on the popcorn either. The bathroom is nasty.

Py thon

Good for low cost tickets. You get what you pay for with seating and service. The seats are almost all broken and uncomfortable. The employees all seem unhappy with their jobs. Bathrooms are also almost always closed.

Brooke Masters

Ok for seeing movies on the cheap if you don't mind old seats. Staff was nice. Bathrooms are DISGUSTING. Smell of urine is so horrible I was afraid my clothes would absorb the stench. Not sure why AMC is ok putting their name on the place with such disgusting facilities.

Brokin Sage

Great bargain just a kinda old building

Natasha Hoover

Theater is kind of hidden nut employees are super friendly.

Mimi B.

Great admission deals, .99 cent hotdogs are always a winner with the kids. However, the seating in the theater SUCK! But i guess that's why admission is so cheap.

Reyna Ramos

Seats are very uncomfortable, but prices are very low compared to other theaters. The theater is also very small, but has that old time theater feeling to it. Basically if you are trying to go on budget and have a good time this will be your place if you dont mind the uncomfortable seats.

Ty Williams

The movie theater itself is very old, the seats will NOT stay down for kids who weigh less than ~60 lbs, the seats are also torn and very dirty. Last night the movie kept flickering


The seats are uncomfortable, there was a stain on the screen, the sound quality is iffy and the concession stand is overpriced. But you do get what you pay for

Mr. What If

Theater movies are always the best when you want the full movie experience especially if it's Imax

Felix Cruz

New seats in most and will finish soon. Great prices and new movies too

Ian Crew

I love it, definitely old school theater with better prices than anywhere else. I took one stowaway just for this year fact I love how modern newer theaters are compared to this one. If that doesn't bother you and you only have 20 bucks in your pocket this is where you want to go. They have current movies available with multiple times throughout the day.

Armina Imsic

Overall ok, the seats were a bit uncomfortable.

marely baez

nice staff good popcorn

Marie jayyslyfee

The movie was good but the movie theater inside stink the seats were very uncomfortable they need to remodel it

Big Bird

Cheap movies, bring your own food

matthew grotefend

Decent ticket prices. Standard expensive food. And super dirty with sticky floors.

Rebecca Chapman

Gives a low price option and shows a mix of current and recently removed from mainstream theater movies in case you missed the show. It is older and I don't like the seats


Cheap and good movie but sticky floor and bathroom sucked

Shane Wilson

Great value. Just wish the seats were a little more comfy.

ivan Kurkov

If you like a rundown place and weird smelling theater then youd love this one... and it's the cheapest movie theater out there!

Nathan McDaneld

Used to be called the $2 theatre. It was run down and in horrible condition. AMC took over, raised the price a little and put enough money in to the joint to make it a decent theatre. If I were to rate it on the cost alone, five stars. If I were to rate it on the quality of the theatre, 3 stars. Customer service is exactly what should be expected, so I'd give them five.

Bryan Bredl

It a place for cheap movies and food , "along with the coupon you can get online 5$ for large drink and large popcorn" Seats could be more comfortable and a little cleaner... But great place to catch a cheap movie!!

Angelic Gonzalez

I like coming here because the tickets are cheep. They raised the price again and now 4. I would come more often if it was 2 dollars. I recommend keeping the price cheep so more people come more often. Also I come with my kids. This is like a kid place not a date place. Don’t take your date here although that would be funny!

jacksfilms give away

Best seats I have ever felt.

Patricia Coutee

Current movies that are inexpensive. There are all sorts of Icee and soda flavors and a $5.00 refillabe bucket of popcorn. It's a great deal!

leah frazier

Great place to watch movies for cheap! You can still go to the movies without taking out a loan.

Kristen McCurdy

Great place for affordable movie theater experience, and they remodeled so that's even better!

Douglas Tierney

We went midweek, they have $5 movie Tuesdays which is awesome. But this particular AMC is understaffed, and the seating is horrible. The floor slopes downward towards the front, and the chairs do as well. To make it worse the chairs were falling apart at the hinges, which made leaning back almost impossible. Made watching movies a painful experience.

Nick Bey

So, this theater is kinda run-down and needs some TLC. The chairs are very uncomfortable, and the floor was made of concrete. On top of that, the safety announcements telling us to watch our valuables didn't inspire confidence

Omari Hilliard

It sucks its never clean the soda is always flat its just horrible

Cyndi Appelhof

Always a good deal! I paid$3.99 to get in and $6 for a snack. Movie and a snack for $10! (Lots of video games in the lobby, clean restrooms, and older theater seating.)

Joseph Penrod

Very reasonably priced tickets and fairly decent theaters.

Sabrina C

Our favourite movie theater to go to. They have recliner chairs that are so comfy my husband falls sleep !! You can go online an reserve your seating, no more showing up early to get a good seat !! If you watch the early movies they are priced cheaper than the evening ones, but still a good price for recliner an movies. Get the app on your phone and don't pay any fees.


Men's toilet broken. Water all over.

Andrew Brock

Decent theater. My kids love that u get to put your own butter on your popcorn and I love that they have the specialized kids trays so they can each have their own drink, popcorn and fruit snacks. The bathrooms arent maintained the way they should be so avoid them. Last night I stood at the counter for about ten minutes waiting on the popcorn I'd ordered with my tickets, an the kid who took my order acted as tho he didn't remember who we were!! I couldn't believe it. Smh. It was almost funny, but not cool. Other than that, they have the best prices, good snack selection; the seats aren't bad and the theater rooms are well kept. I still go pretty frequently.


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