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Chase Tucker

Honestly if you guys had nice seats and maybe put butter on the popcorn half way so I dont have to dump out most the bag to butter the popcorn......all so I dont have to miss my movie half way through the bag.... like why you know it's a inconvenience. And reclined seats you guys have seats that are stiffer than sitting on straight plywood. Oh lean back a little seats but dont lie and say you have reclined seats being 62 I'd love to kick my legs up

Daniel Stanley

Good theater.

Daniel Absten

This place is a dump

Ali Kurtz

Very good popcorn..

Terry Hansen

So you walk up to the theater from inside the mall. No marquee, you don’t know what’s playing, walk inside the theater, look up, nothing on the marquee. Posters in the window of what is coming in April, but nothing showing what is playing on November 23rd! I don’t feel like I need to walk inside, wait in line just to ask somebody what is playing and the showtimes!

Lupe Plascencia

Big screen loud and good deal 5$ tusdays but some of tge chairs are squeaky

Paul Pearson

A nice modern theatre.

Irish Cream

This place is nice, it keeps the mall open and i thank them for that


Clean, nice small theater, very friendly staff and reasonably priced.

Joe Busch

A bit old school but great for catching a movie!

Joey Flores

Ok theatre, not the cleanest. Bathroom really inconvenient upstairs.

Adrianna Tisler

The theater is actually nicer than I expected. Super friendly staff, lots of snack options, clean theater, larger than I expected. Main downside is the mall its in, nearly empty and just pretty sad.

Jessica Stanley

The upgrades have made a difference for the better, but the chairs are squeeky and it was a little distracting during the movie.

Laurie Stoutsenberger

Comfy seats. If you’re a Stubbs member you get lots of rebates and discounts. And Tuesdays are Senior Day, so tickets are really cheap. Great theater!

andrew gonzales

Maintenance is lacking at this movie theater. Be aware of bathrooms door stalls. They can fall on you.

Marlene Harrison

Love this theatre, so do our kiddies

Glenn Smith

Nice theater, good service, good screens. I can't wait for a modern theater in the area. Maybe with the new mall?

Spencer B

Decent theater for the area. My biggest complaint is the staff doesn't butter the popcorn, the customer is left with that task.

Kyrsten Jenkins

They have really good movies. I watched life of the party and it was the best.

Kim Garcia

Prices are so high for popcorn and soda

Keegan McAdams

This movie theater is a bit like that dated 90s Adam Sandler movie. It's not the best, but not the worse. The place gets the job done if you want to see a movie.

Janet Houtsma

Really needing updating!

Allen Bill

Was a great experience! A lil expensive for the popcorn and soda.. but well worth it to me.

Michael or Shantel Crowley

This theater is pretty good if you get the premium membership. If so, the prices are good. The seats are decent. They only lean back in the slightest degree. It would be great if they updated them. But, the one thing that makes me want to drive further away to see a movie and not go there is the Popcorn. If you can call it that. If I am lucky enough to get the freshest batch I can be happy enough to eat it. I'm one of those people who have to have popcorn to enjoy the experience. The extra butter they have us actually grease. If you add it, it becomes worse. Alot worse.

Frank Klocke

Nice theater, but the seats need to be upgraded not conducive to long term movie view like the marvel movies

A. Wilson

The place itself is very convenient and plays movies with good audio and visual. Always a fun place to go to with the kids. It also stays on top of new releases, and for those that get a lot of viewing, they make sure to keep those movies available for a longer period of time. Some of the people who work there, however, could use some training in customer service. When my kids were thirsty and wanted water, the person at the concession charged my husband $7 for tap water in a small, clear plastic cup. We were willing to pay anything less than $1 to cover the cost of their inventory and then some, but the person refused. Perhaps if it were someone else, we would have received better service.

Simon Bacaltos

Clean place and nice staff

furious player

I love taking my kids to this theater! They have a great rewards program

Merrie Durham

Very dirty seats and needs Serious upgrades throughout the whole place. May need a Whole new location. The Mall is terrible also with very few stores. Good points...the staff is very nice and has good choices of goid food to eat.

Leo Whiting

The seating was fine as you get to pick where you would like to sit. However the food prices were obnoxiously expensive.

Scott Rossiter

Movies are fun. Popcorn & soda refreshing. Staff friendly.

Lisa Dillon

We Saw the New "Halloween" movie.. Good but not as scary as we Anticipated.

Michael Pompeo

Clean place, short lines, friendly staff. One small issue was that the screen in Theater 11 had a noticable crease that kept distracting my eyes while watching

Briana Bogh

Technical problems made the expirence really unenjoyable

Taylor Nerland

Place is good. Popcorn though here is a hit or a miss. It was a miss. Saw a movie last night, got popcorn, and I could barely eat it. Too much oil. It was like a sponge and you eat it and oil floods your mouth. Felt sick the rest of the night

Lourdes Gonzalez

Great price, friendly staff! Cinema as a whole need to be updated.

Kathy Harrison

Had a great time. Took my daughter and 6 year old grandson. Went to see wonderland and we loved it. 1st time my grandson went to the movies. The only negative thing I have to say is, the prices are so ridiculous. I know the prices have to go up but those prices are just like we were robbed!

Jody Dausey

Awesome movie!

Eric Robert

Randown and falling apart

Curtis Anson

I've gone to this theater a few times, and it's a lot larger and nicer than I was expecting. One thing that I thought was kind of odd, however, is that the theaters seem to be all over the place, and it can be difficult to find which theater is yours if it's your first time visiting.


I recommend getting a members club good movies very good popcorn

Brian Williams

Surprisingly impressed. It's the Cascade Mall

Joan DuNard

They are too expensive but we wanted to see Unplanned. Movie was exceptional. We cannot afford to go often at the current prices. Bathroom upstairs are a pain!

Blake Hansen

Great movie theater, only thing keeping the mall on the map. Movie theater parking is behind the mall by the TJ max. Theaters are rarely packed and the prices on food could be worse. (Sneak food in a stroller, purse, or under a hoodie they never check) Been here many, many times and the movie quality is always great.

Kristi Kiehl

Loved the quick assistance in every line today

Lenny matvyeyev

Not a bad theater, two big problems tho is the fact that the restrooms are on the second floor (thats the only thing thats on that floor) and the seat backs are very tall so my 4 year old could not see the screen because of the seat in front of her.

Robin Parker

Its clean ftiendly and offers reasonable rates for people who need it. Thank you

James Harris, MBA

Nice and quiet. Never encountered crowds, even when block busters are showing. Worth the drive when all others have long lines.


Good clean theaters but why God WHY are the bathrooms up like 2 flights of stairs???

Ted Feenstra

Seats are horrible, happily they added assigned seating..

Nate Lloyd

Good for a local and semi rural community, but lacks the extras of more modern theaters.

Darrell Tohannie Sr

Nice theater to catch a movie

Donyel Hussey

Great place. Love the combo desls

Gentry Coleman

We always enjoy going to the movie theater there attached to the mall

Jonathon Denton

Good people, acceptable prices. Probably the only reason the mall is still open.. only downside is the new carpet makes you drunk and shouldn't be viewed by epilepsy sufferers.

Brady Laws

They are pretty legit

Mizz 540

The staff is outstanding! Very nice!

Chad H

Interesting theater layout. Definitely an older one. Chairs are not the best but the theater was clean.

D. Tracy Lane

Mall = meh.

Anti Robo

Love this place, go every time to watch movies. The staff is great and the popcorn is good.

Ben Wollin

People shouldn't bring babies to movies, but some people suck. AMC should have a policy if you can't find a baby sitter, you dont get to see the movie. Jurassic world is good, hopefully babies dont ruin it for you!

Neil Hansen

Great comfy seats, & great sound

Christina Hower

It was an awesome place to go and relax for a movie!

Ahron Moshe

The theater smelled funky but at least they had the Bavarian Legend pretzel available.


I used to come to this theatre all the time, I even worked here as a crew lead at one point, but it has just lost almost all of its charm. The whole "choose your seat" function is fairly pointless considering that 80% of the seats are broken. And the main girl at box office was very stressed, and came off as very rude and snippy towards us. We came at one of the later showings and I noticed that instead of making new popcorn, we were grabbing stale popcorn from the warmer and overheard the employees talking about not wanting to make any more to save them time to clean. I also noticed a boy eating popcorn in front of the guests from the popcorn machine. I can tell that theatre/bathroom checks are not being done regularly. That being said, I can tell the crew members are kind and are doing their best with what they've been taught. I just feel like their training is severely lacking and they're missing key points in customer service and general cleaning and they're more worried about getting the job done fast over getting it done right.

Matthew Johnson

Oh man, glad I looked up the times that were posted online and drove from Marysville to find out that they are not even showing the movie I wanted to see! Why does the website exist at all?

Cameron Sherman

Theaters are a bit on the small side but that can be great too of you dont go on opening weekend. Popcorn is always good.

Charlene Clark

Went to a great movie...the theater was clean and the staff very nice! Good popcorn

kevon shanes

Good place to see a movie and snacks

Aragon Mears

If ya don't care about leg room or old seats that cost the same as a luxury theatre such as the Lynnwood AMC at same price? Then this will work.

erin powell

Much cleaner, new seats. Finally starting to remodel the place.

Mark and Rochelle Brooks

Enjoyed EndGame with my son. Not overly crowded, and very friendly staff.

Edgar Cortez

What's the point of having an A list line ... the employees dont honor it they let any get in line even if they dont have an a list membership. Then when you are in line even if the are separated the people with out a list still feel oblagated to go first even when I have a reserved ticket ready to scan and just walk by . You should put a scanner where you can walk up and just scan your phone and it will print out your ticket so you can just move along instead of waiting in line with everyone else. If that's the case just make one line and make it fair for everyone. What the point of feeling like you have extra perks when you really dont. Needs to get fixed please . Thank you for reading this comment and have a great day.

Rey Castillo

Would not refund tickets when we left. There was a group of kids being obnoxious and the manager we talked to didn’t care.

Julie Erickson - NorthWest Equine

A great selection of movies and comfortable seating!

P J Creelman

Among the last of a dying breed of Mall Theaters. The prices are reasonable and the staff is friendly. Good for a date night or a matinee.

Dan Macken

Presentation is needing some maintenance. Typically a fairly good experience. Will likely revise rating over time and visits.

Spenser Fowler

The assigned seats are nice. I wish they would upgrade one of the theaters to reclining seats like their alderwood mall location.

Justin Hanson

Could repair the DESIGNATED seats for $6.82 medium pop!!!!!???

Patrick Logan

Great place to see a movie in that area. Comfortable lounge chairs.

star light the best

$5 Tuesdays are the best

Michele Conklin

Pick your seat. Reasonable prices.

Coleen Bonnette

My husband had to switch seats due to a broken chair and it is all pre assigned seats. Not as comfy as many others, but we still enjoyed family time with the grandkids.

Michael Vaerewyck

Theater 5 has a blue Dot they have not bothered to fix in months. Really annoying and distracting.

Tor Parker

Booooooooooooo! Looked online and planned our entire afternoon around a movie that was not even showing. You don't find this out until you get to the theater, and that's a total bummer.

Beth Kuykendall

We went to see Downton Abbey last night and we were very disappointed by the fact that no one bothered to adjust the screen for clarity. Most of the movie was blurry and this was not our eyes. They really should check these screens when they start to make sure they are clear.

Jessie Harrison

Great movie theater. It's very clean, and inviting. The staff are always nice. Popcorn was good. (A little over cooked imo. But I still ate it) the bathroom's are upstairs and always pretty clean. I love that while watching a movie, the seats stay comfortable and floors are not sticky.

Manny Gomez

Just watched The Black Panther. It was a great movie. As always, the popcorn and sodas are too expensive. But I bought them and enjoyed the whole experience, movie, popcorn, sodas and all. I had a great time.

fishindude2010 Forsyth

Too expensive they don't even pick up the garbage.

Elizabeth Cieri

Definitely outdated and could use a reboot. However, we go here often as it’s the only option. If you don’t mind it being a little old then they have the standard stuff!

Carmen Martinez



Not a fan of their new assigned seating. Facilities are clean but definitely need some TLC and updates if they want to justify the high prices.

Shaun Kegley

Clean and comfortable. My only complaint is how squeaky the seats were at quiet moments during the movie.

Carl Bell

Comfy seats, and friendly staff.

Tony Stokes

They need to clean the cobwebs in the theater and fix the lights


It's better than nothing and the employees seem nice but the screens and theaters themselves are small and old.

brian wlndhurst

It's ok the theater it self is outdated

Terri Thornton

Nice place but needs a good cleaning under seats.

Jesen M

This theater is definitely not a fancy one, but no real complaints. We can buy tickets ahead of time online, and they have a much larger selection of films than our local theater does. We saw a 10:30 p.m. showing of The Last Jedi, and there was no wait in line since we paid ahead.

Cyndi Wiese

Really enjoyed the movie but was less than impressed by the ticket sales girl. She asked if I was a Stubbs member and when I said no didn't bother to explain it or offer to sign me up. There was not a line behind me so time was not an issue in her decision she just didn't want to be bothered. I took it upon myself to read the brochure as she didn't even offer that to me. My daughter also was not a member but her ticket person gladly signed her up which took like a minute. I didn't purchase any concession items as a direct result of the ticket sales persons attitude.

Garrett Kennedy

Theater was clean and staff was friendly. The theater is older and the screens aren't that large, sound from adjacent theaters can be heard through the walls... and it's the same cost as much newer nicer larger theaters. $35 for two people when they get a popcorn and soda.

Stanley Janicki

They have done a ton of work at this theater in the last year and brought it up to modern standards! Assigned seating is awesome! Buy you tickets ahead of time on your phone and show up 10 seconds before the film starts

Keoni Vierra

Amazing Just amazing watched endgame

Jana Davis

I am not sure I like the reserved seating. But the theater is clean.


i liked it when thanos died

Dean Hinchy

We don't go to movies very often. This was a great event. About 40 friends & neighbors saw Downton Abbey. Some were dressed in period costumes. The theater was neat & clean & even had a senior discount. A great time was had.

Insiteand awareness

I was supposed to see a different movie but they cancelled it so I ended up seeing another one and it was good. For a Sunday afternoon it was pretty full of people.

Greg Gottier

Screens are big.

Delano Berry

I really like this theater. If it were possible to point out a few places that are holding the mall together right now, a person could walk from one end to the other and agree with me without listing each place. Once they arrive at the end and see the theater, that too would be obvious. There are only a couple of things lacking here and it sucks to point out because they are slightly petty. One is, the restrooms are upstairs in the center of the building, the floor shakes when there's a handful of people and the carpet feels long overdue. The arcade is... meh, but who has an awesome and thriving arcade anymore? A big bonus is the service. Everyone I've met has been patient and helpful with to the point advice and support. One guy stepped up that took my food order and said, "There's time before the movie, I'll just bring it to your seat so you don't have to come back and forth to see if your food is ready. What are you seeing?" I told him, then about 10 minutes later he brought my food to the seat without conflict. We were surprised and very thankful. "Enjoy the show!" Side note: Buying concessions is still the main way a theater makes money, not the ticket sales. Don't let your theater disappear, support your local community theater as well, no matter how small. Cheers!

bailey butterfield

Almost nothing here. Waste of time to visit other than the movies.

Sinderella Johnson

I love this theater, you buy your ticket online, reserve your seat, order your food set to whatever time you want it, and THEY BRING IT RIGHT TO YOUR SEAT! All for free! It's always clean, even the restroom. The popcorn is my favorite food there, it wouldn't be the same without it!

William Carpenter

Could be a nice place with some upgrades, new seats and better cleaning. Just kinda old and rundown. Ashame since it's the only local theater.

Tammy Martinez

Loved Toy Story 4...Funny!

Stephanie Patrick

Went to see Aladin , movie was great.

Pola Kelley

Time to freshen up the theaters, plus I have the placement of the restrooms. Way too far away from the theaters

Bethany Richardson

The movie experience is nothing extraordinary, but that's not the purpose of the review. For seeing a movie this place will do and my family loves the option of the $5 Tuesday's for stub members (I actually considered giving a higher rating because we love the option of seeing a movie for $5). However, the 1 star is specific to the food they offer. Since I normally get off work late enough to require dinner at the theater, we have tried ordering from their menu but the seriously overpriced food has proven to be absolutely awful. I recently had an all-beef hot dog there. I'm not really sure how you can ruin a hot dog, but they did. It was not warm enough and just didn't taste good. Another time I tried the buffalo hot wing flat bread pizza and found it had way too much onion and finally earlier this evening my husband and I both had the pepperoni flat bread pizza and we were both pretty disgusted. I watched them put it in the oven from (I assume) frozen, it came out several minutes later. It wasn't cooked enough-it was not hot and had a bit of a mushy crust feel, but the taste was awful. It tasted like the inside of the oven. I saw my husband finish his and offered him some of mine, he leaned over and whispered "I don't want any more. That was disgusting." So now I'm afraid to waste my money trying any of their other options and will have to figure out an alternative for meals pre-movie.

susan x

Seats not comfortable.

Rachel Y

Manager went out of his way to make sure we had a great experience! Staff was helpful and friendly. Thanks so much for a great evening.


Always has a selection of up to date movies. The facility is kept clean, and the staff are friendly.

Alex T-J

Not a bad theater. Decent staff, well kept place.

Jodi Lively

Suited for all ages.. regulars or newbies, this Cinema has knowledgeable staff, clean facilities and a great atmosphere!

cody smith

Good services

Alisia Brown

The butter is kinda weird and the seats aren’t the greatest. Also with how loud the sound is in the theater these people could probably be sued for people getting hearing loss with how damn loud it is. They definitely need an industrial hygienist to test the decibels. Other than those complaints it’s an okay theater.

Chris Garden

Comfortable seats, great sound and picture. I love $5 Tuesdays.

Shawn Reiff

Nice theater with great customer service by the staff... only complaint is the restroom is on 2nd floor (no where near theaters & long walk in middle of show)

Arnold Ap

Even though it's a small theatre, it does it right for me. Its comfy, clean has the amenities i need at the snack bar, nothing is open and exposed to public on the bar it's all in seperate containers or packets, staff is great 4 star for all of that. Could be a 5 star but I've been exposed to comfier seating arrangements and has more space. But for what it is for a small town its a great theatre.

Haywood M. Smith Jr.

AMC is the best theater out of all of the theaters around. I would recommend them For Your Entertainment needs overall, especially because they treat senior citizens with respect and a discount.

Joe Huston

Nice Theatres. Friendly staff.

Brooke Desper

Love this movie theater. The last few times I went, they had an armed guard walking around. Its unfortunate its necessary, but it definitely made me feel safer going back to the theaters.

Mary Barton

It's alright over priced

Adrienne Smith

The staff is nice and the facility is clean, but the theater seats could use some updating. My family and I drove 45 minutes to this theater to see the Transformers movie. All four of us complained about how uncomfortable and squeaky those seats were. We exited the theater with aching backs. The ticket prices are about the same as theaters we've visited that have reclining seats. For that reason, we will not return to this theater until they've updated their seats.

Mike Hale

Wish the chairs weren't so squeaky.

Rose Dills/Croom

The seating was very uncomfortable

William Scott

Seating was horribly uncomfortable but the theatre screen, audio, and design were great. The menu is also better than average.

norma gusdal

Nice theater. Friendly

lydia briones

It was a good experience.

Zach Cash

The theater is too expensive for what you get at this location. There is no stadium seating and the seats are old and uncomfortable. The theater is usually messy and generally unclean. I recommend going to Bellingham or Arlington.

M Morrison

Use to go here a lot to the movies but times have changed since prices have skyrocketed so Redbox it is with takeout. Nice mall but going to the malls has lost it's luster so ordering on line for everything but clothes is the key to the future of sales. Lines, traffic and parking not worth it anymore.

Ed Tell

Great place to go...

Sarah Greenwood

This is the stupidest movie theater I've ever been to. The bathrooms are upstairs (not on the same level as ALL the theaters) so you have to walk for a half hour and miss half the dang movie if you have to go. It's 1:11pm but they are charging full price instead of matinee prices, and you can't get a military discount until after 4pm? Gimme a freaking break. I hope they build another theater in this town so I can boycott this one.

Greg Johnson

Very nice small town theater.

Aidan Walling

Amazing... Nothing else to say

Jeffrina M

Clean and comfortable but oh wow so expensive or maybe AZ has spoiled me.

Lynn Austin

The theater chairs are uncomfortable and are in need of an up grade and why does it always smell of cigarette smoke I've smelt it strong when no one was seated any where near me

Gettman Gaggle

The mall is slowly closing down and being turned into condos, except the theatre. The theatre is perfectly adequate!

Roberta Ewing

Only theater in town...there should be more seating while people wait for cleaners. I didn't like sitting on a dirty rug

Justin Clayton

this place is great me and my husband saw magic mike there people was super cool and the picture was great so hot wish it was in 3d and the d would stand for...ya know

Max D

Not horrible, but not great.

Connie Thowson

Always clean and I love that you get to add your own butter to your popcorn and the coke machines to get your favorite soda!

Betsy Diamond

My husband and I went to the movie at this theater last night, and had a delightful evening. There were not too many people there since it was a Monday night. Everything went great. It was a 3D movie, which made it even more fun. And although it was pouring rain we had a wonderful time. My only complaint would be that the bathrooms were upstairs!

Brad Brown

Rest rooms are upstairs.

Velda Holt

AWESOME. Would like a restroom on the main floor though, instead of only having one on the 2nd floor.

Terri van der Vlugt

I somehow dropped my little wallet under the seats on a Saturday night, called them frantic on Sunday, they found it and kept it safe for me to pick up Monday! You can't take it for granted these days that any business has upstanding employees that will keep a customer's best interests at heart, but cheers to all the employees at Burlington AMC who did this for me! Also, yummy snacks that are cheaper than Regals, and nice theatres.

Jamie Wilson

Fun times for the kids...a little on the $$$ side

Kathy Meyer

The theater itself is nice.... your prices are horrible!!

Cherie Wasmund

Love the $5 Tuesdays

Trudy Noll

Decent movie theater. Lots of movies and lots of show times. The food is okay but overpriced, like at most theaters. They have the fancy coca-cola machines and also 3 flavors of icee. Average seats, the arm rests don't flip up. Best theater in this area!

Colin Belles

Worst theater that I have ever been to! I had yet another bad experience at this place. I went to watch avengers endgame in theater number 5. As soon as the movie started I had noticed that there was a blue dot on the screen to the right hand side. I did ignore it as I already have low expectations of this place. I ended up finishing the movie and then needed to use the restroom. It was the most disgusting bathroom that I have been into, there was paper towels all over the floor, no more paper towels in the holder, nor did the hand dryers work. On another note they have put up a new sign outside, which in my opinion is wasted money because there are so many broken seats in each theater that should have been replaced first. It is safe to say I will never be going back to this theater, unless there is going to be an owner that actually cares about making sure the movie experience enjoyable. Ps: wish I could give lower than 1 star.


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