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REVIEWS OF AMC Alderwood Mall 16 IN Washington

Ray Alistic

This ia a nice theater. The staff is nice and fast to keep the long lines moving. I only wish they had the reclining chairs.

Cyndi O'Neill-Dady

My husband and I love the Downton Abbey series, so of course we had to see the Movie via a large screen at AMC Alderwood Mall. We had fun dressing up for this exquisite Period Drama. The seats were comfy. Attending mid week matinees is the best as we had a whole row to ourselves...

Bry Squires

This movie theater has a few quirks but Dolby quality overcomes many of the logistical issues. The theater is on the second floor and while the elevator works if coming from the mall the outdoor escalator has been down for some time and the closest option is the stairs.


They have the best seats in the town. Most comfy seats.


Great place to watch a movie. Theaters are clean and staff very helpful. On a minor point, I was unable to locate seating directly outside the theater or in the ticket purchase area. Limited seating in food purchase area.

Stefan Herzog

AMC Alderwood, home of the saddest and def not "full" reclining chairs.

Samara Peters

A very large cineplex, which had minimal staffing on a Thursday in the summer. I was happy that we could reserve seats together, but the seats were older and had small cupholders that couldnt hold the waterbottle we bought from concessions. The concessions were also on the pricier side. It took effort to find someone after the movie as we found a dropped phone in the theater and wantes to turn it into lost and found.

Jennifer Hale

I like this one because I have a different variety of food

Reland Tuomi

Very clean, picture and sound quality was good in the auditorium and the concession prices are average for the area

Kai Schaller

Overall this is a great theater with only some minor drawbacks. Views of the screen are usually free from obstruction, and the sound and picture quality is great. Definitely our favorite theater in the area, despite the few minor issues below. When you first walk into the lobby the ticketing setup is a little confusing. There's a large, airport-style line system set up to get up to the ticketing counter, BUT the counter itself is a bank of about 10-15 touch-screen kiosks with a couple of employees behind for assistance. What you end up with is a small handful of people waiting in line to be served by the one or two employees while more experienced guests just walk straight up to the kiosks to buy or retrieve their tickets, making it *feel* like you're cutting in line, even though that's not the case (since there are plenty of machines for everyone around). The other semi-negative is the reclining seats. They're definitely built to accommodate larger people (which is nice), but if you're on the shorter side (I'd say less than 5'6" or so) you may find the seat too deep. The seats do recline, but the control panel is terrible (they're touch buttons that are difficult to activate and impossible to see in the dark) and the foot rest only comes up about halfway due to how narrow the aisle is. I also wish the shared center armrest between seat groups had cup holders, as my partner and I frequently share a drink. The seats are comfortable, but there's a lot of room for improvement. Food quality from concessions is usually good, although I did once receive some very stale pretzel bites. To their credit, they quickly gave me a refund when I brought them back.

Josef Budka

Great theater, good prices and location comparatively

Alina and Saniah channel

I prepurchased my tickets and they didnt let us in because we weren't over 18 and we understood but they were giving us a big attitude about it. Then when we went to exchange for another movie they were also giving us attitude. They need to have better employees and service. I DO NOT reccomend coming here

JohnRyan Granada

Always love going to an AMC theater, it seems like the screens are just so much larger here compared to Regal Cinemas...

Shashank S

Can be better, the recliner won't go all the way back

Marla D

The Dolby sound was pretty spectacular...the seats arent quite as luxurious as Oak Tree, tho.

Juan Aguirre

Quick service, great popcorn, awesome movie, not much else to say.

Jeremy Atkins

Parking is utterly awful unless you park on the 2nd or 3rd story of the malls structure. Makes walking amongst the light traffic a slight hassle as well. There was also a weird mark on my screen the entire time that was obviously not part of the actual film...bit distracting during a 3 hour movie.

Robin Sherry

A solid AMC experience. Lacks the fancy chairs of Woodinville AMC, but that's hardly a point against except in comparison.


It’s a great movie theater to obviously watch movies but, when I went to see a movie there one time. I saw a popcorn bag shoved right in the seat. It was even before the movie. I wonder if the employees even clean the theater between showing. But overall, great movie theater, great popcorn and great nachos!

Samuel DuBose

Theater has basic seats so not the most comfortable... For some reason Everytime we come to this theater there are obnoxiously loud/talkative people. Never fails.

Robert Cook

Seen Endgame. Very good place. Nice and clean.

Jake House

I'm from St. Louis where we have several AMCs within a small distance. None of those compare to the cleanliness, and amazing experience I had in the Dolby cinema! I highly recommend you check out the Dolby cinema here, it will change the way you watch movies forever. Trust me.


I would give it 5 stars but the escalator is always out of order. There is an elevator which is what we usually use but alot of older people don't know that it's there. 5$ Tuesday is great for caregivers.

Nathan Thomas

The reclining seats are the most uncomfortable. The normal normal seats are fine

chijoke abuba

Nice place to visit... nice designer shops and good places to relax

Dave Porter

Great Movie.... place seems to need a good cleaning

Marisa Sherfield

Great valie and easy to use when you order the ticket online and text to your phone and the prices were 20 $ less than regal for the same film

woody frame

Great theater, clean pre seated

halfa mind

Theaters are always clean. Staff are consistently very helpful. Seats are really comfortable. We go on Tuesdays for the special senior ticket price.

John Knopf

Theater #10 is large with stadium seating that allows for good viewing even if the person in front of you sits tall. The chairs don't rock or recline and the arm rests aren't particularly comfortable. Bathrooms could be cleaned more often.

Daniel Neisinger

Always great customer service, and love the new Dolby theater with the awesome recliners.

Vince E

Great afternoon matinee. Plenty of parking, discount prices, no lines, no crowds, no difficulty choosing seats.

Varun anand

Only visited here for AMC but ambience of the mall is good

Blair Alexander

Their escalators never seem to be functioning when we try this theater. Not good for someone with a bad hip like me. Their butter carts near the concession stands were a huge mess, as was the men's bathroom that I used. The theater itself was fine. Not sure it's worth the ongoing inconvenience.

trenton estocapio

It has great seats and it's one of the cleanest movie places to go

Hike The PNW

The theater is a little run down and could use a big face lift in front. But the service was good the bathrooms were clean and the popcorn was fresh. The speakers in the regular theater were very good and very loud, plenty of seating for a packed show and plenty of room to move around and get space when not full. For the price I would go to I-pic or galaxy and have a drink with the show, that or the 21 and over one in Redmond cause unfortunately we did have kids behind us that were talking half the movie. Not very loud but we could still hear them and got a bit annoying. Other than some minor stuff not a bad experience.

Elaine Salisbury

Very busy theatre. Wait time at concessions is annoying.


This theater is huge. Only downside of this theater is that they don’t have recliner chairs like the AmC in Woodinville. I think if this theater had recliner chairs it would be a 5 star theater

Kurt Kurt

Best movie theater to go to if you're seeing a movie in Dolby. IMAX is okay the seats aren't the best. Seats suck in standard go to AMC loews in Woodinville for standard.

Jenny Wallace

Very slow at concessions but overall a nice visit.

Matt Blair

Expensive but seats are private & comfortable, lines are short too.

Lacey Fayard

Seats amazing. Very clean. Move was amazing and the screen and audio was AWESOME! Great theatre and decent prices


It was ok but it didn't have the recliner seats and space like some other theaters. At least in the 3d pikachu movie. Guess I'm spoiled but I'll go somewhere else where it's more comfortable. It was clean and friendly staff.

Vikas Chandna

Dolby theater is awesome. Reclining seats are super comfortable can make you sleep...

Ginger Scalone

Bought tickets for my son and his girlfriend for their birthdays (4 days apart) online for the Dolby theater with reclining seats as a special present as we never go to movies anymore. They got there and their seat did not recline. After talking with an employee, she admitted they knew several seats didn't work, but they continue to market and sell the seats as "reclining". So super annoying. They drove 50 minutes to get to this theater. Never again!!

Jonnie Hernandez

This place is huge! Walked in and immediately felt like I was waiting in line for a ride a Disneyland. Fun atmosphere, comfy seats, and the theater screens are massive. Can't wait to go back!

Stephen Adams

This really is the premier theatre/megaplex to go to in the North End. They're always clean and definitely up-to-date. There's often some showings of movies with the full-on recliner seats and IMAX 3D, or you can go the cheaper route and get regular reserved seats with cheap tickets before noon in other showings. Good variety, decent layout. Only complaint is that the escalator seems to be constantly broken every time I've been there for the past year or so.

Shieroc Shieroc

Fantastic place to go to watch movies very clean updated theater highly recommend this place

Samantha Hawkins

They've spent a lot of money on the lobby and haven't put enough care into the actual theater portion of the building. Old chairs with springs popping through the seats and I'm pretty sure the escalator has been "out of order" for over a year now. Thankfully the actual movie we went to see was still worth the uncomfortable seating experience. We will not be returning until better improvements are made where they should be. People are there for a pleasant viewing experience and instead they've poured their money into video games and toys. If I wanted to take my kids to the Mall, I would have. Employees were also pleasant. [*1star for the movie and *1star for the employees].

kris kaighin

This place is fairly clean. People were friendly, however you have to sit through 25minutes of ads/movie trailers before the movie starts. Our movie time was at 10:35pm and the movie finally started at 11pm. That was a bit much.

Natalie Kreider

It's OK. Parking garage is great and convenient. The building itself is huge so there are lots of options for showtimes which is a bonus. Never had any problems with the quality of sound or film. But the seats are meh, and for the price of the tickets I expected better.

Greg Nokes

A-List membership is the best deal out there to see movies in the theater and having one is a good excuse to get out more and go see them during the week. After all you can't beat free movies! $21 per month covers you for 3 free movies every week. Normally a 3D movie costs around $18 with fees and taxes. So for what 1 movie costs you can see 12 movies per month with A-List membership.

rosemary olson

Love the stubs program.

Erik Ojeda

The Dolby Cinema Theater is on my opinion the best option to watch a movie, better sound, better picture and the best seats !! I always pic this one, by the way, AMC at Alderwood Mall are clean and in good shape.

David With a last name

Good theater with decent seats, not the plush new ones you see in the AMC trailers but comfortable enough with plenty of leg room. Food and drinks are expensive but that's obvious. Good selection of movies both A list and some smaller things.

Vanessa T

Chose to purchase a disabled seating spot in the back of the dolby room. you had no way of getting to the top without climbing the stairs. If i knew that we would have chosen spots on the first floor of the room.

Yash K

Shop, dine, fun all at the same place.

Ken Lee

Good parking, no long lines, spacious and convenient. Just wish the seats were more comfortable.

Marcus Ingrum

Very dirty, I have never seen the escalators working, elevator was disgusting but the staff was very friendly

Ashley Wittmann

We went for a 10:45pm movie on a Saturday night. There was no crowds, place was pretty much dead, but the lobby was FILTHY. Trash all over the ground, garbage cans over flowing, counter tops sticky and greasy, and I had to go into multiple bathroom stalls to find a half-way decent one to use. Employee just using their phones and not doing squat. My two stars are for the great picture quality and sound level, but the venue leaves a lot to be desired. Probably won't be coming back to this location again, even if it's close to me.

Alan Drake

Shady and dirty. One staircase was taped off and the lights were short circuiting the whole movie. I love that making money is more important than a good time. Increase ticket price and lower food costs, pay people well and give them a reason to do good work. I will go many other places before I go back here.

Fire Wolf

The theater is about what you should know to expect from a theater. It has big fancy high price screens with cutting edge sound for extra money and fairly standard theaters for the people who don't have extra money. Food is overpriced as it is in most theaters but there plenty of more affordable better food just across the street.

Helen Humphrey

Wonderful theater. Always very clean. Friendly helpful staff. A big selection of movies every time. Easy parking.

Sam Dox

Awesome theater! Friendly staff. Nice and clean. Only issue is like most movie theaters the food/popcorn is ridiculously priced! Otherwise I had a very pleasant experience. Thanks again!

Suzanne Scott

Excellent theaters. food only average and expensive... good parking!!

Adam Alkhouly

I love this place! Lacks cleanliness at times, but they're understaffed and I know they're doing their best. Amazing theater experience and customer service.

Vinh Nguyen

Great theater and the premier status pays for itself!

Alec Reither

My fav theater in the area... always clean and has a nice atmosphere

Adrena M

Can't believe the price I had to pay for access to the most disgusting ladies and unisex restrooms. Zero access to hygienic urination, thanks! No more soda at the movies for me.

Ruach Hibbard

Always nice people working here.

Jonathan Monroe

For the most part I enjoy my times spent here but, I do recommend earlier showings because they shut down soda machines before the final movies have finished.

Mailis Varv

Comfortable chairs, clean and friendly staff

Lisa Nichols

Went to see IT 2 and power went out

Heather Mueller

Great movie theatre. Its huge so its very rarely crowded. Good service and clean theaters!

Ryan Bachelor

My first dolby experience was in theater LOVED IT!!

Trisha Carmean

Good standard movie theater, but has some theaters with reclining seats.

Tyler Pickering

Dolby Cinema theater is awesome if you have AMC Stubs A-List. Good location with access to the mall food court.

oscar campos

Nice place, overpriced concessions. 23 bucks for a large popcorn and large soda. Otherwise good venue, awesome sound system and great acousticsin the room

David Frank

As a far as theatres go, no complaints. Comfortable seats and the sound is great. Their Imax screens are great.


I enjoy going to this theater. Employees are friendly and helpful.

Cracker -

Dolby Cinema theater room is amazing. Great sound and imagery.

Allen Sharples

Always friendly staff. Clean, comparable seats

Chase Huston

If you want a great movie experience. Spend the extra $ and do the Dolby Cinema -- the next step beyond IMAX!! Very immersive.

Jacqueline Sharp

Lots of parking. Only thing I wish they had recliners in all theatees esp in IMAX. Peps who work there are friendly and helpful.

Jay Singh Kushwaha

My favorite to-go place for movies. Imax/dolby format and screens are comparably big in regular formats


It's a pretty decent theater, pretty clean overall. Want to be a 5*? Reduce the wait times to pick up food.. two hotdogs 12 minutes.. not very busy. Do that and wonders will happen. Thanks!

Joy Gerhard

A clean, comfortable, and high-tech movie theater. I've always been really pleased by the sound quality and the comfy seats. I don't feel cramped at all.

Carl Dress

No reclining seats here, just regular comfortable seats.

Reagan Ferrell

Great theater I went to see "Bring The Soul"


This is a great AMC theater with Awesom huge IMAX theater. I also recommend the reserve recliner seats theater as well.

Christina Fritz CCD

I'd give this place 5 stars but they lose 2 stars for the fact I have mistakenly walked into the men's bathroom on 2 separate occasions. Simply because I'm baffled that the men's and women's bathrooms are located on separate continents there. Usually there are bathrooms on either side that contain bathrooms for Men and then another for Women right next to eachother. They treat restrooms like Catholic Dances where the boys and girls are not allowed to touch or make eye contact.

Danny Zhao

IMAX screen seems bigger than the one in Southcenter

Eddie San

Went to see Captain Marvel in IMAX (no 3D). Seats weren't very supportive and it was really stuffy inside. I guess during popular movie premiers, the theater gets packed and not enough ventilation. I would have given 2 stars but I thoroughly enjoyed being able to pick my seat online. That was a big convenience.

Meeta Agrawal

Theatres were nice and clean. There is enough parking and more :-)

Phoebe Falk

Love this theatre typically and before rated 5 stars except this time there was a spring literally poking out of my chair making it so uncomfortable but you can’t move seats at this theatre they’re assigned and it made the whole movie so painful I could barely enjoy it.

Jeremy Tyler

Watched Avengers Endgame here. Had an amazing time. Love having Starbucks across from the theater. Premier membership is a must! I wouldn’t lie as I was way against rewards programs and when I finally ponied up a little change for the annual fee and saved a ton of money...I found out it’s worth it and at the same time it can be humbling lol. This theater is great when you’re at the mall and it’s close to my place so I always go here first. Dragons breath is a favorite of mine!

Kayla Gower

Overall a nice theater to attend. The entrance to the theater is up some stairs (I assume they must have a wheelchair accessible elevator somewhere?) You can get your tickets from a human or a screen. Concessions were pricey, but nothing outside of typical movie food price. Once inside the theater had a good amount of space with arm rests that lifted up.

Matthew Haggett

Lion King was great but for some reason everyone wanted to sit next to us smh

Russell Brendel

The reclining seat only went half way. I had to leave during the movie to get an usher to fix it. This meant that I missed 5 minutes of the movie to "fix" the issue. Afterwards I wish I had not. The cushions in the seat had deteriorated and I was laying on a cross bar. I wish that I could have returned to a seated position, but I did not want to spend another 5 min out of the theater to get my seat to go upright. After the movie, I had to crawl out of my seat to get out of the theater. The seat was so distracting that I was unable to fully enjoy the movie.

Justin Lovett

Fairly decent theater with many format options. My only issue is how messy some of the theaters can get. People need to be more hygienic when they go to the movies. Popcorn butter is not a substitute for water people. Edited on 4/17/19 - Downgraded because management doesn't know how to keep the place clean. Very dirty theater (the Dolby one #8) I posted some pics. Also, the unisex bathrooms STINK!

Eugene E. Kashpureff Jr

No huge markup on the tickets, but the concessions are how they make money. There is no beer service, so have lunch elsewhere if that sort of thing matters to you. Seats are large, comfortable, and cupholders all around. Screens are large with good picture quality, bathrooms are clean, staff seem friendly, nothing to complain about unless you're looking hard. If you're unhappy, stay home and wait for the BluRay instead! Recommended, for what it is: a theater at the mall.

linda Lewis

A nice movie experience.

Mario Hernandez

Movie was okay. Better to go matinee

BriAnne Green

Popcorn was good! Seats aren't so great... they're poorly shaped for comfort. Love being able to take advantage of $5.00 Tuesdays as a Stubs member!

James Richardson

Friendly courteous staff great place to see movies if you live aroundthe Alderwood Mall

leigh Swope

Great theater, great movie.

Sylvia Walt

Always a great experience. Very comfortable seating and the volume is perfect for my diminished hearing. This makes for a nice finish after a couple of hours shopping and a tasty lunch in the food court.

Mary Johnson

I took my grandson to see Toy Story 4. We had a great time. Love the theaters. Concessions are a bit high but all the theaters are getting there. But he had fun.

Anne-Marie Leon

Comfy seats. easy undercover parking.

Vivian L

The staff here is friendly and there's parking always available downstairs. Most of the theaters don't have recliners so that's a downside but there are always tickets available when we go at least. They have recliner seats if you get a Dolby tickets. I love the Bulgarian legend pretzel they sell at the concessions. It's pricey but it's 1.5lb of delicious soft pretzel. They also have cola icee here !!!!! I find it hard to get cola icee at most places nowadays. It's also conveniently located across the mall if you want to grab a bite before your movie or have time to kill. Definitely our go to theater in the area.

Shipra Mokashi

Nice mall with most of the stores within the mall or in the surrounding area.. has a good food court as well..


Clean, well kept. However, it is SUPER expensive compared to a local theater. I can only recommend for bigger movies.

James Frunk

Love this movie theater, prices are what you expect these days. Its location and surrounding area makes it perfect for any date night or those frequent rainy days trying to keep the family engaged. Use the AMC app and skip the line and get bonus points and money off popcorn. Wish they'd do more assigned seating or you have to get there early. Parking is a bit of a challenge and the traffic gets bottled up because people are rude and have the me first, self importance attitude that is typical for this area.

Aly Alfaro

I love this theater! Its always clean and i get fast service. I use AMC A-List so i come here pretty often and its always a great experience. The dolby digital screens are BY FAR the best! The location of this theater is super convenient right next to the mall.

Wendy Robinson

Good movie theatre. Been going there for many years.

Aaliyah Nguyen-Hak

Love there popcorn, open space,and totally comfy seats.

Kenneth Chapman

Great movie service was a little slow

Catherine Brophy

The seating sucks. I can’t believe I wasted my money to see a good movie here.

Stephenie Vazquez

The theater overall was good, the only issue we had was with the seating. It was extremely uncomfortable and that made it difficult to sit through the entire movie.

Doug Johnston

Top notch theater with lots of screens, plus IMAX and Dolby Cinema screens. Something for every movie lover.

Mike Pratt

I am frustrated they have taken away all the cashiers it takes 7 minutes to get a ticket from the kiosk

brenna baker

Staff was friendly and helpful. But it was messy everywhereeeee. Long stairwell to entrance. The most uncomfortable seats I've ever sat in at a movie theater. They are totally upright and plushy so there is no give to them. Left with a stiff neck and a headache. Will not be returning.


A perfectly fine theater. Staff is friendly, sound quality is great.

Wesley Barga

It's a cool building, although it doesn't have the fancy seats yet that they have at the Woodinville one.

Jose Luna

Its been one of the worst experience ever, tickets where over priced as well as the food, the worst part is while paying it took my money and would not dispense my tickets workers did not do eanything there was no manager who would approach us

Eve Gordon

Saw Creed I I in the Dolby theater. Movie was great, theater not so much. The seats are made for tall and wide people; if you're under 5'8", your knees won't make it to the edge of the seat. Furthermore, the rows are too close together in the stadium to allow you to raise your legs enough to compensate for the disproportionately large seats. Even with the really not reclining seats, it's too narrow to get by others in the row without running into feet.

Pedro Perez

One of my favorite movie theaters I've ever been. Love the Dolby and IMAX options.... why are you escalators still broken though...

John Largent

Tickets Popcorn and drinks equal empty pockets

Yulia Udod

A good cinema to come with family. Happy tuesdays with stab member card allow to watch any film with the cost of $5.

Tony F.

A good place to always go to watch a movie. Well kept, clean, nice services, and good location. Drinks and small snack can run over $15.00 Wichita is quite expensive.

Bob de Vries

What a great cinema is this! Great service, very nice people, a very good menu, not to expensive menu items and really good price for the movie. The placing off the theater is good and very easy to find. So I really recommend people to go here! Even if you are visiting here for a couple off days just go and grab a movie!

Greg Johnson

Easy parking with an elevator to the main floor makes it nice for disability. Easy access 2 the ticket and snack area and easy access to all their theaters. They offer cinemax 3D and digital shows.

Kody Linscott

Love coming here and using my AMC A-List for cheap movies. Absolutely the best theater in Lynnwood.

Anthony Johnson

Big theater comfortable seats multiple viewing options such as IMAX and Dolby Atmos. Will come back many more times. We accidentally left a jacket there and I called them and they found it and came in the next day and had no problems returning it to me. Sound quality was amazing picture quality was great and you get to pick your seats which is always wonderful.

Cuz I. Can

You have to reserve your seats online which made me think it was because they had the nice recliners. They don't. Chairs are comfortable enough but they aren't the ones that recline to where you can put your feet up. Access to the theatre is interesting. Parking is under the building and there's an escalator to get to the main entrance. The escalator down was broken so be mindful that you may have to take the stairs. The was also a small elevator. Decent snack selection and prices for a theatre.


Went here for a bit of shopping. Great variety of stores and eateries. Ended a fine bit of shopping with a movie. Great mall

Shara Hayden

Parking underneath the theater. Comfy reclining seats in a recently updated theater. Reserved seats available. Large selection at their concession stands.

Peter Goodwin

Some people hate everything because they can. This a comfortable clean place to enjoy a movie Come Tuesday and be impressed with the price. Love this place.

Cole Croley

Great Theater! Dolby is the best way to watch movies here. When you park below under the theater there is an elevator in the middle that will take you up to the lobby. Not the Freight elevator. The bathrooms....... What can I say here. It's a joke, like something out of a horror movie. Use the restrooms before you come to this theater. I hope AMC reads this and seriously considers putting the time and effort into fixing the bathrooms. I plan to write corporate a letter, they are that bad. This theater accepts Costco AMC movie tickets as well as Coke Rewards Black tickets. $5 Tuesday movies also takes place here. The mall food court is like only 100 yards away if you don't want to buy theater foods. This theater does have IMAX


Beautiful location, great parking and friendly staff! My movie had great seats and I enjoyed the picture I bought tickets to! The only complaint I may have is that the prices are fairly steep (go figure), but a little lower and they my be perfect.

Spencer Brown

Great place to see a movie. Specifically in their RPX theater.

Steven Sparkman

Movies and extra expensive popcorn. Get the kid box, it's by far the best value.

Gordon Collier

Nice place. They have assigned seating in some theatres. The seats are aged and worn but fairly clean. Serve yourself butter and salt, as well as drinks from machines. It's due for some seat upgrades.

Charles van Belle

Not up to date with reclining seating and as expensive as the most luxurious theaters but a good environment. You'll need to find someone to cosign a loan for beverages and popcorn. $$$

Joe Muckerman

I am a very big movie fan and I saw TOY STORY 4 and it was so much fun. I liked the customer service and the previews were great. I would highly recommend this

Rob Layes

Still a great theater, I just have higher expectations for the sound, even though we were in theater 13, these days fantastic sound should be standard ar a

Michele Simpson

Decent mall. Lots of parking.

Keith Schaab

The Dolby Digital theater is good Nice for assigned seating and setup with comfortable seating and automatic reclining. If you are looking for this type of experience this theater is good.

misha lovyn

One of the best places to go watch movie. Especially the Dolby room. No place better to enjoy a good movie in style.

Peggy Reed

I love this theater. Seeing a film in Dolby is like going on a fun amusement park ride!!

Kandice T

Saw Abominable. SO cute! My niece and I stayed through the credits and the staff was nice to wait until we were leaving to turn the lights on to clean up.Theater is clean as is food area and bathroom.

Stephen Fralich

They have big screens and reserved seating which are really the most important things to me. There's plentiful parking due to the mall.

Delia Tafoya

Slightly overpriced considering I live in Los Angeles. They don't serve alcohol here and when I brought my aunt for a movie, they didn't have the coffee or the hot dog she had requested. I eventually had a minor tantrum, wondering what I am paying for when you can't even provide half of the services requested. The concession stand workers finally decided to "re-open" the hot dog machine, which turned into waiting an extra 20 minutes for our order.

Sally Yates

Food, drinks and candy too pricey. $4.29 for candy and ticket prices raised. I do like that you get to pick where you sit and the seats are comfortable. Gave low rating due to prices.

Robbie Dale

There was nothing to look at above the urinal. It was the worst pee of my life.

Lisa Lisa

This theater has recently started advanced seating so I thought perhaps they had updated the seats. Sadly no. The seats are still uncomfortable. They really need to update this place with the new recliner seating. It's past it's time and getting a bit grungy for the prices.

Mike E

It's the usual overpriced food and drink common to your typical movie theater, but at least they have new seats that are really comfy.

Justin G

This experience was amazing and very comfortable. The seats recline and the food is unlike the other theaters. They make it so delicious you come back for more. This theater is great!


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