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REVIEWS OF Regal Strawbridge Marketplace IN Virginia

Tracey Broadhead

Enjoyed our movie and was very comfortable. Prices are pretty steep though.

Jason Jose

I’m here with my kids and of course all these families are here watching toy story 4 or lion king but the workers at the concession told me to go scoot over to this line then I’m at the cash register & you tell me this line is not open. So I was embarrassed in front of all these people. So yeah I’m not coming here again. The Service is WAY TO SLOW. Yes it’s cool cause the seats recline but that’s the only thing good about this theater.

Mayra Garcia Gutarra

Love this theater; comfortable, great food options and arcade included for the kiddos!

Bootleg V6 mustang owner

Very good seats and place will come again

Craig Gold

The movie experience was great. Comfortable seats, great sound, just all around fantastic. The concessions were not so great. Spent over $5 on a 1l bottle of water which was not even a little cold, asked for a cup of ice and they wanted to charge me $7 and change for it. There was no other way to describe the popcorn other than stale. It was chewy and room temperature, the butter had an off-putting, slightly musty aftertaste. I have been to this theater before and never had an issue like this before, so perhaps it was a one off, but for the cost of the tickets and the distance I drove to get to what I normally consider the best theater in Hampton Roads, I was kinda disappointed.

carol taylor

If you want the best movie experience this is your place. Comfortable seats, the volume is perfect and everything feels much cleaner than any other theater. The bathrooms are clean too. I thought the flowers were real in the bathroom but I was wrong. Such a nice touch.

Megan Mickle

Theater is clean, prices are great and lounge seats are nice. One of our favorite theaters to Come to. Managers are really friendly. I bought mobile ticket to wrong regal theater and they gave me a voucher ticket and didn’t even complain. I would highly recommend this theater!

Jordan Dear

The only place i prefer going to the movies because of their recliner seats! Makes it so comfortable to enjoy a movie. I recommend signing up for the Regal Rewards app so you can scan your phone every time you buy tickets, food,etc. and you'll get so many rewards to use!

Hunter Watts

I love the movies!

John Driggers

I love this theater. The reclining extra wide seats and reserved seating are awesome. Picture quality and Dolby 7.1 seal the deal. They have Fathom Events as well. Wish they had an IMAX screen but I can live without it.

jeannie smith

I love the recliners. The theater was clean and the staff was very nice.

Katrina Mason

Loved the cozy recliners. Felt like I was at a private showing.

Becky Lowden

Very nice and comfortable seats.

Chris Treasure

This place is great. Not the closest theatre to us but definitely worth the extra drive. Large comfortable reclining chairs and assigned seats, clean theatres and bathrooms and friendly staff. We've never had trouble getting seats except maybe on the debut of a movie. They typically have plenty of theatres and showtimes playing popular movies and still have good variety. Pretty decent beer selection too!

Billy Bryant

Have to be totally upfront here, my wife & I aren't really huge on going out to the movies anymore. I mean in this day & age where it seems the only movies flooding the market are kiddie cartoon type movies & marvel comic books made into movies, the choices are seriously limited. Throw in the fact that between the cost of the tickets & the price of anything from the concession stand & you nearly have to take out a second mortgage to go out to the movies. When we do decide there's a movie that we just have to see at the theater, Regal Strawbridge is the ticket! The comfortable, reclining seats almost makes everything worth it..almost.

Kim Haymon

Hands down my favorite movie theater! Best seats and excellent food selection. Still the typical prices, but for what u get I dont mind paying!

dan cantwell

Reclining seats that you can pick when you buy your tkts

jennifer mccoo

I won't go anywhere else!! I am spoiled to the reclining chairs

Peter Dempsey

This is my preferred theater to watch movies at even though it’s 6 miles away; you can reserve your seat when you arrive, there’s a wide variety of beers on tap and the seats recline!

Thomas Sharron

The reclining and reservable seats make traditional theaters feel crowded and chaotic. Update: My only negative experience comes from fellow customers. Three times I've gone to purchase tickets on a Friday evening fully expecting to have to wait a little while in line. It's Friday at a movie theater, what do you expect? However, I don't know what possesses someone to think that 7pm on a Friday night is the perfect time to either a) purchase twenty gift cards (of five different fund amounts) b) argue with a manager about wanting a refund for a movie the customer missed a week ago c) ask to swap out tickets but require two phone call trips outside to determine which movie/showing.

dan quigley

Surround sound and every theater has reclining chairs, what's not to love!

Jessica Watkins

Love the recliners!

Rico B

Favorite movie theater in VB. Lounge seats are very comfortable and theater is kept clean. Only negative is the wait when you are buying food and snacks. Average wait during weekend evenings is about 30 minutes so prepare accordingly.

Emma Applebach

Love this theater, close to home and the reclining leather reserved seating takes all the stress out of fitting a movie into our busy lives! The staff is always friendly and helpful. Only little two things would make it perfect: 1. Please lay off the AC! Most people in the movies I see are always bundled up with blankets (in the middle of summer) and still shivering. I find it distracting to have ice cold air blowing right in my face for two hours. 2. Maybe turn the sound up a bit? I've noticed in the last year that the sound has gotten softer which makes ambient noises (people opening food, whispering, other movies next door) very distracting to the movie experience.

Lisa Bregant

Reserved seating, clean comfortable theaters, refreshments are a little pricey as are all theatres but perks program is good for upgrades and discounts. This is my favorite theater as crowds are never very big during the off hours.

C Garvey

The seats were very comfortable and clean

Lisa Johnson

This is a small theater, but it is cozy. The seats are actually really nice. They are automated reclining chairs. You just push a button to adjust what you want. They are a nice size and pretty comfortable compared to most home reclining chairs. The seats are assigned, so if you want a good seat, you need to either book early online or show up early to the movie. They do give a military discount when you show your military ID. It is usually a clean place, I like the lighting, and the staff has been nice every time I have visited. And of course, any theater that serves beer and cheesecake is great in my book.

Autumn Handley

Loved this theater very clean. Nice staff. Amazing recliner seats! Will definitely be back and recommend !


Best movie theater in the 757.....clean, comfortable and staff is friendly

Scott Bland

Beats out any AMC I've ever been to. The assigned seating is one of the greatest ideas for a movie theater. Not to mention the reclining seats are so comfortable! They could use a better cleaning after each movie. Most of the time when we go to the movies, we end up stepping in something sticky. Still cleaner than AMC 18, though! 4.8 out of 5 for the fly paper floors every now and then.

Aric Stewart

My family loves this movie theatre.... it’s a valuable part of the community. The recliner seats are amazing and the food is excellent.... especially the flat breads. Staff is always helpful. We just love it.

Paul Cisneros

A lil pricey, but love the reclining seats and that you can pick your set for the movie

Paul Jennings

This is a good overall cinema. The food is a bit high priced, but let’s be honest when is a movie theater food time a good deal? If you must have a drink or food it’s fine, but I always say eat before hand. The seats themselves are quite nice, leather recliners. The first few rows however provide for an awkward viewing when the seat is reclined so it’s a bit of a trade off there. As long as you sit in the fourth row or back it’s a great experience, but those first few rows should be avoided!

Ashly Muttera

My favorite theater so far! The seats are so comfortable :)

Thirty-six Dingo

Awesome theater!!! They have beer and they have recliners, what more could anyone want? The cashiers are always friendly and the popcorn is always good. Bathrooms are always clean as well. I’ve seen a few dozen movies here and it’s always been a great experience. I recommend this theater to all my friends.

Jay C

Comfy seats, comfy temps, awesome food. 10/10 #reclinerseats #imax #datenight

Pamela Kennedy

Being able to choose our seats is very convenient. Good assortment of food.

Steven Valentine

Reclining seats were great. Opening Night for Halloween movie. Yeah Buddy

Michael Johnston

Best place to see a movie. Recliners and never too crowded.


Best movie theater in the Virginia beach/norfolk/hampton roads region, and this is reflected in the price. If you are going on a date (2 ppl) expect to pay $30+ and even more if it is 3d or imax.

Lea Linthicum

Theater was clean. I was disappointed with the color in the movie, Aquaman. It was dull almost grainy. I expected it to be much more vibrant.

jonathon hounsell

I love this theater. Good refreshments and the seating is glorious! Reclining seats make ANY Location enjoyable to view a movie. From the front to the back it doesn't matter. Immerse yourself into a movie with great refreshments and seating!

Margie Conner

Reclining seats! Will never sit in a regular theater again!

Charisse Carter

Love the reclining chairs and space between rows. Easy to get in theater with scanning your phone. Wish they had some better food options.

Lori Cunningham

The reclining chairs are wonderful and the have a lot of seat and arm room!!

Keri Markiewicz

The reclining chairs are the reason to go there!

Thomas Mott

Watching a movie in a wide electric recliner, best way to watch a movie. Great theater.

Leslie Anne

Comfortable reclining chairs. Always clean!

Hillary Del Pozzo

Clean and comfortable. Great video & audio

Deborah foeller

Nice clean theater. Reclining chairs. Can choose seats & purchase tickets online. Small arcade area (bring quarters). Expanded food items (not just popcorn & nachos). Free refills on large drinks & large popcorn. Plenty of close parking.

Michael Leonard

Favorite place to watch movies. I'm a fan of picking my seats so I know where we are going ahead of time (no rushing). Wife likes the reclining chairs for nap time. Never had a bad experience.

Nath Smith

Reserved seating. Recliners, friendly staff

James Caffee

I've watched Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame here and I loved my experience here and will be back

Walt Caudle

Great intimate theaters with very comfortable reclining chairs. A great place to catch a movie, plus the serve adult beverages!

Jay S.

Great family fun watching toy story 4. I apologize to everyone else at the theater today. The 3 toddlers running around were quite the distraction.

Debra Lynn

I love the theatre with the reclining seats but it took 25 minutes to get only two beers. I can understand being patient but I’m thankful we came early to the movies or else we would have been late. I like coming to see the previews but since it took so long I missed the previews. But all in all the reason I come is for the theatre not the drinks.

The ColorBlack

This is easily my favorite theatre within a 50 mile radius! Food and drinks are great. Consession stand is clean, never too crowded even on midnight release. They keep the theatre very clean and recliners are in superb condition. If you're looking for a great movie experience this is the location!

Jennifer Caporale

Always a great time at this movie theater. Recliner seats and great cooling AC! Just a heads up, you most likely will have to get your tickets ahead of time or risk sitting in the front row right at the screen because the theater fills up fast. So plan ahead! Especially if you are going to see the newer movies. They do give a Military discount and sign up for the regal crown club card because you get lots of free stuff including free movie tickets!

Sheon Stacy

Nice place to watch a good movie with love ones.

Thomas McFee

Great theatre. The seats recline.. all the way!!


I don't like how they changed the food. They used to have boneless chicken that I used to give to my kids to eat and now they stopped selling it. Otherwise then them stop selling some of my and my kids favorite meals, It is a pretty good theater.

Kevin Crummett

Great theater. Ample parking. Assigned seats and all recliners

Jennifer Brazenos

The recliner chairs are so comfortable!

Lesley Washington

Comfy chairs... Long concession lines

Tommy G

Comfortable seats and great movie selection but some theatres are on the small side and not emersive enough.

Aziz-Kashif Mustafaa II

Great seats and sound!!!

Jana Menta

Nice theater, seats were really comfy!

B-rye Johnson

The seats are the best

Michael Jedrykowski

Very comfortable and pleasant experience; the prices on the food and beverages were fair as well.

Matt Keith

Awesome sound system and stadium seats

Lisa Hatfield

Family went there. The chairs were nice.The popcorn was thrown away.

Melanie Gee.

Nice upgrade from how it started out. Great seats!

Brad Setzer

Love this theater! Always clean, fast service, and love the ability to choose seats ahead of time.

AlexanderKristin Whitfield

Best movie theater seats ever..pricey but good

Team SandersTL

Really enjoyed this movie theater! Went to a movie while on vacation and was pleasantly surprised to find this Regal location. The seats recline so that was a bonus!! The ticket prices were higher that we expected but besides that it was a good overall experience!


Good seats.. could be updated now. Sound was low for 4pm Lion King.

mick 265

I have no complaints about my experience here.

Dale L

Favorite movie theater! Love the recliner seating.

Monique Hackett

I went here for the first time to watch the movie US. The theater was clean and the staff was super friendly!! The cashier even went as far as to ask how much ice I wanted in my cup. Which I really appreciated because I have sensitive teeth. The seats reclined back which I loveddddd. I was so comfortable I almost fell asleep lol. I will definitely be back here soon.

Jennifer Moccia

Love the theater seating and reserved seats, but there is always a weird smell in there...

Jarred Curling

Concession lines are INCREDIBLY slow! Everything else is great. Terribly slow, got in line 25 mins before showtime and still missed every preview. Really unacceptable.

Alex Rubio

Excellent customer service from beginning to end. The reclining chairs are always extremely comfortable. I actually feel asleep for a few minutes and I didn't have the chair reclined.

Jennifer Dolehite

Friendly and helpful staff. Clean cinema and seats. The popcorn had a mix of old (like styrofoam) and fresh. Wish they knew when it was time to toss the old. That would make it great!

Ron Gregory

Love the comfortable recliners! Temperature was a little cold, take a sweatshirt.

Brenda Manz

Very busy place. Easily accessible. Quick service at concessions area. Very good popcorn. Comfortable seating.


Took my grandsons we all enjoyed our time there

Joshua Ray Ogletree

Expensive food for very low quality. Service at concessions was great. Restrooms were disgusting and in complete disrepair. Theatre as a whole was rundown. Seats recline, but still uncomfortable.

Marcia Daugherty

It's always clean, including restrooms. Love the reclining chairs. Usually full, but not often sold out. Go early or Fandango if you want good seats.

Kylie Clark


Kelly Hormuth

Watched A Star is Born tonight (630pm). It was an excellent movie but would have more enjoyable if I didn't hear the bass from the movie in next theater or if the lights didn't come on the last 10 minutes of the movie.

Karen Van Cott

Food is always good. Theater is always clean.

clappomatik2.0 bars

Great experience. Wish snacks didn't cost so much. Saw Lion King in 3D. Awesome. I had reserved the wrong seats and they let me change them to the top row.

Stephen Ramos

This is my favorite movie theater in this area. Leather reclining seats and big screens. You can't ask for anything better.

william weaver

Good theater but could use some seat upgrades. However one of the few I found that allows seat reservations.

Betty Ervin

When you buy your ticket at the door you have to pick a seat. The only seats that where available was the ones in the front row and you can't see the screen.

Cyndal Edwards

Comfortable seating and good prices.

Lisa B

Nice theater- friendly staff!

Nick K

Love the upgrade to leather recliners! However, some of the theaters are cramped; god forbid you get a front row seat

Juan MaldonadoRoman

Not the nicest of theatres but prices are good. Seats are computer chairs so.......

josh carpenter

Tickets are a bit pricey for a standard movie night with the family, but I did find the seats to be pretty comfortable, and we did the etickets so we knew exactly where we would be sitting. Nice place, lots of personal space, and you get to enjoy the movie reclined like your at home. Fair trade for an occasional outing.

Jim Setzer

Reserve, reclining seats make this the only way to watch a film in theatre.

Tee E

I don't even know how kids go on dates to movies. Took my granddaughter in the middle of the afternoon. 2 people and the tickets were 19.00. We got 2 small cokes, 1 small popcorn and 1 Twizzlers for 26.00. INSANE I SAY!!!. Comfy seats though.

yeet yeet

Nice theater, BUT. I was extremely unhappy with how things were set up. We missed the first 10 minutes of our movie due to standing at concessions where there were at least 5 lines open all had at least 10 customers ordering tickets and food at the same time. Very slow service. I wasn’t pleased at all with missing our movie. Not to mention we were there 10minutes before the movie started and still ended up missing it!

Cody Barefoot

If you want a quick bite to eat and a relaxing way to watch a movie, then you found the right place. Just bring a blanket and you'll be set.

Christina Johnson

I love this theater. Reclining seats make seeing a movie comfortable

John Clark

Great seats, enhanced menu and a friendly staff. Love the seating with a quality picture and sound.

Thomas Wiggins

awesome place, the staff, food and cleanliness is truly appreciated ...

Perry Summers

Most comfortable power reclining seats I have ever sat in inside a movie theater.

Paul Meyer

I worked here as a teenager. I really dont like recliners. I also dont like assigned seats. Im surprised fights dont happen on the weekends. Beer $10? No thanks. Bring back normal seats!!! Regal unlimited movie pass gets 5 stars. Get one. I had Moviepass and bless its soul RIP

Danny Mcclain

Took my daughter and her friend who were 16 to see a rated R movie and was told I would have to sit in the cinema with them while the movie was playing. Rather strange since you can get a CD which is rated R anywhere at any store with no problem. I simply bought two tickets walked up to where they took the tickets let them in and said I would be back and I did not go back I went home and they called me when the show was over. I don't need Regal Cinema telling me how to raise my child or what they can see and what they cannot with my permission.

Teresa Haddox

Love the reserved seating!! The seats are extremely comfortable and plenty of room between the aisles!

Wendy Dittrich

Took the grandkids to see Transylvania 3, had a great time. Bought them each "snack packs" at the concession stand which come with popcorn, soda and a package of fruit snacks. Kept them satisfied. We love the big reclining chairs and cup holders. Makes snacking while watching easy. Aside from a few random children running around during the movie, this was a good time. Kind of wish kid flicks had an intermission, never fails, after soda, Nana has to take the little ones potty and we always miss something. Love our Regal and will be back soon.

Zach Meadows

Very nice. Tickets to expensive

Don Curtis

Best theater in Hampton Roads. Full electric recliners.

Glenn Eidson

Great seats. Very comfortable and I am a big guy.

D.j. Reed

Horrible smell in theater, if you don't mind watching your movie in a room that smells like cat piss go for it!!!!

LaVerne Havash

Love the reclining seats. More room and leg room too. A great theater!

brian Griffin

Very comfortable.

Alice Hooper

Always a great place to see a movie!!

Cassandra Bierley

This is a decent theater with new seats but the theater could be cleaner. My seat and arm rest was sticky and had to wipe off.

Gilbert Kirk

Reclining chairs made this a memorable experience.

Daniel Farrow

Had a good experience, located in good location.

Geo Mar

This place has been my favorite since before the renevations. Even after made it so much better. This is a great environment for all ages. Awesome place of business and the staff is great.

Andrew Paloma

Comfortable reclining seats. Not sure why theater allowed someone to vape during movie.

Justin Leonard

Seats are comfortable and facility is always clean.

Susie Smith

Best place in the area to watch a movie!

Cindy Alexander

While watching a drama movie could hear all of the noise from the action movie in the next theater.

Taneshia Austin

Great atmosphere and always pleasant when my family and I visit to watch movies!

Richard Rodriquez

Great place, I love the reclining seats and the fact that you can reserve the seats you want online.

Nathan Hicks

Nice, clean, comfortable theater.

Brennen O'Shea

It's the best movie theater in the area. They've got beer, good food, and electric reclining seats. It can't be beaten

Randall Kemp

My favorite theatre! Concessions are always fresh and the seats arw the best part! No worrying if I can get handicap seats due to assigned seating. If they had more morning showings I would give them 5 stars!

Susan Capone

Plenty of room. Reclining chairs. Nice movie place.

Byron Lewis

Good theater, but smelled a bit musty...perhaps from a recent storm or leak.

Don Pontarelli

Really liked comfort of theater.

Jessica Smalls

These reclining chairs are a blessing and a curse. If your tired don't go here unless the movie can keep you awake because those chairs are made for sleeping.

Earl Fannin

Comfortable reclining seats. Great quality sound. Popcorn is always fresh!

Jordan Ecker

The Regal Strawbridge location is one of the best I've been to. The seats are well kept, the theatres clean, and the staff exceedingly helpful. If I was local, this would be my go to theatre!

Anthony Stephen

Very nice and spacious. Saw lots of people with blankets, you could tell this was their preferred theater for movie watching

Tom Akers

Always enjoy the smaller style venue of their theaters. Comfortable reclining seats and there never seems to be any trouble there. The only thing I dislike is their popcorn for some reason tastes like it was made the day before so you need a boatload of stomach issue inducing fake butter to make it palatable.

centrella stacks

This place would get 5 starts if it wasn't for the extremely long concession stand lines. Everytime I come the lines are long and slow. It's very frustrating. The place is clean and the theaters are nice. I really like the spot. If you're coming and don't visit the concession stands I'd say they are a 5...but they concession stand line being so long is a bummer.

Tracy Critser

Our favorite theater to visit. Love the reclining seats and plenty arm rest space to sit your snacks.

Lauren Conrad

A nice movie theater, very helpful staff, reclining seats, and reserved seating!

Sally Demko

Very clean and comfortable.

Jesse Hurt

Regal Cinemas located Strawbridge is by far the best place in Virginia Beach to see a movie. The recliners, that most other theaters don't have, make the whole experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Any seat in the theater is now a great place to watch the action. Friendly and hard working staff for the most part. Good management goes a long way. Decent prices considering the recliners. Movie food is always going to be expensive so no need to complain there. Its all part of the experience to be honest. Everyone complaining about the price of snacks needs to realize one thing, they don't have to buy it. But in all seriousness it's a great place to go see any movie. And the regal crown club is very recommended. Every few movies my girl and I see, we get two free tickets pretty much.

kyle israel

Great seating great food and great timea , don't think just go see a movie there

Beth Wray

The recliners are a great feature to watching movies at this nice theater

David Hodges

Probably one of the best movie theaters i've been to in a long time!!!


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