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Joey Lang

The theater was super busy when we came to see toy story 4 opening night. Other theaters like this one we have been to took 20 minutes to get popcorn and drinks but these guys had it out really quick! Great experience!

gloria flowers

The service was awesome and I enjoyed my food. My first visit and i will return. Lion King was great*

Amber Arnspiger

Love this place. Wish they would add some new options on the menu, change up the variety but the staff is normally polite and helpful.

Ashley O'Neal-Shue

Havent been to this one in awhile and I realize that it was under construction but still open, it was plenty sufficient in a lot of ways. Staff was nice but not AS attentive or friendly as the other local cinema cafes. Perhaps it was the time we went. Food was good.

Brittani Boone

I had the greatest experience here with my last visit. I believe the young man's name may have been RJ(I'm so sorry if it's not) He was friendly, joked with us, and put up with some corny jokes from my other half.. He listened and was attentive and carried a smile and positive attitude. Truly made our experience that much more enjoyable.

Elizabeth Ortiz

Everything was good. One thing i had a problem with. I understand theaters get packed sometimes. It would be nice if staff would help us find seats. We had to go back and forth looking for seats it was dark and no staff moved to help. But another customer came and gave us a seat and table

Shariff Thomas

This place is awesome you can eat your food and watch a movie its really cool and the food is really good too

Phyllis Rose

Nice and cozy.. almost like home.

Alex Diaz

This place is always cheap and food is outstanding, customer service is amazing considering young adults work here. the food is brought on time and never late.

Hannah Byrd

Really loved it. Have yo money its kinda pricey byt great

Renee Estrada

Love the updates done to this place. Been coming here for the last 16 years and its definitely gotten nicer. Pretty good deals on food and drinks too!

Tiffany Smith

Great service, nice variety of menu items. I still prefer the pembroke location with the deluxe reclining seats. But I enjoyed this location.

JoAnne Gardinier

Staff was friendly and food was good. I loved the popcorn. Best I've ever had at a theater. They seated on time and started the movie on time. Only issue was my friend never got the water she asked for.


Had a decent night out. Watched Bumblebee at 6:45. Our server had locs and glasses. Very polite and waited on us hand and foot. Food came out a bit late, but overall enjoyable. Get their early for your tickets and seats cause this place is BOOMING!

Meecus Antonious

Wonderful place to bring my daughter. Our server Ashley was delightful.

Baliey Davis

I saw Teen Titans go to the movies I'm a big Teen Titans fan I wish Cinema Cafe could have some food and desserts and some beverage inspired by Teen Titans go to the movies My Little Pony the movie and the SpongeBob SquarePants movie because the TV show cartoon characters have their own movies

Ezra Akerman

I do understand servers are there to make money and it is not an easy job to serve food all those demanding customers but ,please guys, have some respect to your customers.

Michael Smith

Love this place. Date night becomes affordable again.

Jeania Doddy

You can eat lunch and watch a movie. It would be nice to get the reclining seats at this location

Amy Maynard

I give Cinema Cafe a 5 star because it was great. Great and comfortable seating, great and friendly service, and the food was really good too with the exception of my chicken sandwich which was cold. Otherwise had a great time.

Savannah Pardue

It was a great movie and I got candy

Kathy Neild

Great service, great food and a great movie! Kelly our waitress was the best!

Monica Ferebee

I was very pleased with my visit. The food was very good I always order the pizza combo.

Eddie Hughes

Good food and atmosphere ....seating could use some improvement but overall a great experience.

cortez gilliam

You can really have a good time watching a movie and eating good food


Comfortable seating. Food is good if slightly over priced

ciara B.

It was very packed and we couldn't find seating. It would've been easier if a star helped us find seating or guided us to what was open. The food want as good as previous visits either. But the movie wss good.

Andrew C

Terrific location that's been here for several decades. Great movie prices and the same nice variety of menu options as the newer Cinema Cafe's. Its currently under renovation on tue outside, but a real game changer would be to renovate the inside to make it similar to the newer locations with reclining seats that you can choose ahead of time. However, the staff is always friendly, and if there ever is an issue they resolve it quickly.

Monique Jenkins

I always go here to the movies. The staff is amazing an food is delicious. My two favorite things in the world. A good movie an food together. They have full course meals or you can just get a snack. The sound systems have been upgraded an newly renovated. We will be back time an time again!

Stephanie Smith

Great movie. Love the table and chairs set up. Ordered food and alcoholic beverages. Really good and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

James Pemberton

First time in. Great experience a different way to enjoy a movie.

Mz Ashby

One of my favorite spots.

Customer 757

Watching family movies with my kids, the sound system has been excruciatingly high!!! My 6 yr old son complained that the sound was too loud. But seriously, this place needs a decibal meter to make the movie experience comfortable to hear. Forget the renovations, but if watching a movie is deafening to me, I don’t care how good the outside looks. Louder is not better! Watching a movie at Cinema Cafe Kempsriver really hurts my ear drums. Seriously unpleasant. Had to place torn up napkin into my ear canal. Food & service is pretty decent. But at these prices, I prefer not to have my ears ache from the volume. This theater offers auditory services and closed caption for the hearing impaired during the previews. After being a loyal patron for many years, I don’t think I can handle this theater anymore. The premium food prices didn’t stop me. I will pay for the experience. But after spending so much cash at this theater, it’s the ear piercing volume that is cranked to unbelievably loud levels that will cause me to less frequent this movie theater from now on. For the health and safety of me and my children’s ears, I will pass for now.

Burt W

Almost empty theatre in the afternoon..Only one other couple besides us for the matinee..Good food and very comfortable seating..

joe long

I work weekends so i go there once a week on my days off. I like going to first showing with few people. Always get excellent service and food is good. The prices are average and they give large portions. Definitely cheaper and nicer than the larger theaters. I go with my wife in the evenings every now and then when she wants to watch something and service and food is just as good as during the day.

Elaine Escribano

Love the revamp. Excellent customer service fresh food and great experience all the way around.

Jason Goodpaster

Go here a lot. Good choices good food. Out of all the theaters there is only one room where the speakers are blown. Other than that its great

Susan Graham

Absolutely the best experience I have had solo in a long time. Movie started on time. Service was fast and friendly.

Teena Ballet

Had a date day with hubby. Table was a little sticky but the staff came and wiped it off. Drinks were good. My husband ordered nachos but we were not given any utensils because the chips were a little soggy. Overall, good atmosphere and we enjoyed our movie.

Jennifer Williams

Great customer service from the man at the window!!! The movie my kids and I went to see sold out while we were in line to purchase tickets. He told us to wait and he would go see if there were any more seats. He checked the theater and found us seats!!! That was so thoughtful and appreciated!!! The movie was great and I will definitely be back again!!!

DatClockBoyZo YupYup

Food was excellent service was perfect. No complaints.

Phillip Cradle


Dave Faught

A neighborhood favorite (actually several neighborhoods)--conveniently located and a local business. As others have posted, the seats are standard large office chairs with low bar-style and tables for eating surfaces--probably the one thing I would change. Not true stadium seating, so your group would be on the same level. Fairly big menu with healthy, ABC and kids choices. The menu at the moment brought back two of my favorites: broccoli bites and cauliflower bites. We go here at least montly for a movie for the last few years and the service hasn't disappointed yet. They do offer a military discount, but often weekday afternoon and matinee prices are often lower than military prices. They are doing a major renovation to the exterior.

Brittany Payntar

5 stars because of the experience. The seating is odd as you are sitting in rolling chairs. However there is table service and a full liquor bar. Our order was brought in a timely manner. But I can tell you one thing, if you want even close to a remotely good seat then plan to be there early. We saw a show during the day and it was a childrens movie so of course the theater was packed, due to my lack of direction in an unfamiliar location I showed up 10 minutes early to find a completely full room and seating only at the very front, leaving you to look straight up, all of that aside this theater still did not disappoint. I did not use the restroom so no remark on that.

Drew Wiggins

It was amazing. It was our first time. The staff were great and responding to our orders very professionally. Definitely recommend.

Calvin D. Brown, Jr.

The complete package. Seating, food, service, pleasant atmosphere


Doesn't have the reclining seats making it crowded. Ordered a burger, nachos, and fish and chips. Was fair.

Ashly Robinson

I go here all of the time. Great ticket prices. The fact I can have a meal and drink during a movie is a great experience. Friendly staff!

Tamyra Jones

Very clean and pleasant theatre and with and friendly service

Crawford Purnell

Certain days they have low cost entrance fee, you have to call to find out what day. They serve food and drinks and bring it to you while seated watching the movie

Leann Cronin

Never been to a Cinema cafe before so I was in for a treat. Staff was very friendly and food was relatively fast and tasted great. I adored how everything on the menu was movie themed. I ended up getting a Harry Potter Butter beer drink.

Cathy Earnheart

47 meters down! So scary! Was a good movie though.


Cheap tickets on wednesdays and the food isnt half bad. Great experience last time I was there.

Kiril Velikov

Decent food premier movies. Awesome place

Jessica Sevier

This is a fun place to go, the drinks are pretty good. Food could be better but we normally stop by Parklane Tavern before we see our movie anyways. Can't go wrong with popcorn!

vickie swafford

Our grands enjoyed the movie they said the pizza was pretty good.

Dan Davis

We went to the 4pm showing of The Boy who Would Be King, with my family of 6 (ages 41, 36, 16, 9, 6 and 3). We had a great time. The food is pretty good, I had a grilled chicken sandwich, and loved it. The kids ate pizza, popcorn, chicken tenders, and French dip. All were satisfied. Our server Danny was A+, personable, accommodating and expedient. The only quasi negative I could say about this location, is we like the reclining lounge type chairs at the pembroke meadows location a little better than the seating here. But we will be back for sure. We spent $37 on our movie tickets, and $73 on our meal (plus a $20 tip). But we had a great time.

Patricia Fincham

The food is a little pricey but very good. The potato skins were best I've ever had. Seats are very comfortable and service is excellent. I have visited twice recently and loved it both times.

Robert Schneider

Good food and comfortable chairs. Reasonable prices. As a member, the costs are even better.

Ron Polizzi

Nice and clean, 1st run movies are cheaper. like the servers coming to you for food order chicken strips are very good.

Olethia Everett

My favorite neighborhood hangout ! Great movies! Great food!

Ryan Brown

Great food and staff was very friendly. Thoroughly enjoyed my experience here.

Colleen Ripley

Went there a few weeks ago and the service was horrible. Complained and got free passes. My granddaughter and I went back today to see the The Secret Life of Pets 2 using the passes. The service was once again horrible. I ordered popcorn, chicken fingers and a soda for my granddaughter. I pressed the service button to find out why it was taking so long after 30 minutes. The server told me they were busy and under staffed. I don't care how understaffed you are, how long should it take for a small box of popcorn. She said she would take the popcorn off the bill (never happened). I recommend you find another theater. Also asked for a to go box, never got one. At least I had the popcorn box to put leftovers in

Elroy Birchum

I liked this theater because the employees are cute and nice also expedient with the food

Berlin Booth

This one still have the table and counter that you can sit and be comfortable and enjoy your food. Without being cramped up like Pembroke dropping your food on yourself or putting your large order popcorn on the floor because there is not enough space on the little serving table for your order of wings, drink and popcorn

Judy Lynn Mizzell Lecik

Good service. Good food. Good movies.

Jonathan Tetterton

Chairs are worth less than garbage. I won't be back til they get real seats.

Jasmine Potter

Clean, good food, and great customer service!

Tracy Francis

Great place hey there early for good seats

Cindy Armstrong

Good food and good prices! People are very customer service oriented.

Rosa Shaw

I've been coming here for years; the movie experience takes you out of this world and the food is amazing. There's a great selection from snacks to meals to desserts. Can't go wrong when ordering a large soda with no ice and a megaplex.


We saw The Addams Family, great movie. Loved the seats very comfortable. Staff was awesome. My only complaint is my bruschetta bread was soggy tasted great just don't like wet bread

Tyson Nobles

THE BEST!!! The most comfortable, the best theater food, the absolute friendliest staff at a theater EVER!!!. I've been coming here for as long as I can remember and will ALWAYS choose them over every single theater in town! Keep up the awesome job of So AWESOME!!

Deeona Nussbaum

Potatoes skins with the pork on top taste it really weird, had a funky taste to it and the sour cream it came with it I don't think was, looked like milk and tasted funny too. We didn't even eat the rest. the waiter did not offer to do anything about it. nothing about it. Should have only paid half price for it. Only ate half of it

Marco Estrada

Although the cinema is a little dated the staff and the affordable prices make it a theater worth viewing. Highly recommend if you want to eat and drink while watching a movie!


Saw the movie Shaft. Awesome surround sounds. Fresh popcorn and wings. Great service!

Penny Griffin

Great sound and food. Employees very nice.

Tanya Parker

My husband and I love going to the Kempsville location. We are impressed with the renovations. However, there is a consistent complaint that I have. The ladies bathroom needs renovating and hourly cleanings.

Gloria McDaniels

Saw the new Lion word - "Awesome"

Mary Aliece Hope

The food is pretty good and consistent. They would benefit greatly in selling reserved seats. Fighting for good seating makes me not want to go!

Moni Davis

The service was slow and the food came out lukewarm. The seats were office chairs instead of actual seats.

william weaver

I really like the concept however not allowing reserved seats makes it less enjoyable because you must wait for an hour in line just to ensure that your entire party gets the chance to sit together. I don't plan to go back unless they allow to reserve seats.

Stephanie Leggett

Super cheap and shows old and new movies. Good food cool wheels chairs can be sort of cramped because wheels chairs aren’t great in small spaces. But you’re watching a movie so who cares, wheely chair.

D. M.

Overall it was nice, just really would of liked lazy boy or lazy boy like chairs instead of office chairs. But that is me nitpicking. Great atmosphere, price of food was descent, some of the portion sizes on the desserts could of been better. I recommend it and would go back.

Debra Riggle

Love it. Service was great, food was delicious

Lenita Coop

Service could be better. Food took forever to come out . Had to send my basket of fries back due to being cold and extremely hard from sitting under the light. Unfortunately, I left the server no tip... how you take our drink order soon as we sat down, but didnt bring it until 20 minutes into the movie. & the guy next to me had to wait extremely long time for his chili dogs...

Jennifer Jackson

The food tastes good, friendly service

Ericka Maximin

My all time favorite place to go. I can get a full meal, adult beverage and all for a decent price.

Morgan K.

Trash. Trash. Trash. I would give a zero stars but that is not an option. You legit sit in an office chair. You cannot see if someone taller than you comes in front of you because there are no elevations to the the theater. My 6'4 husband couldn't even see clearly. We had to leave before the movie started because it was that bad! TEAR THE WHOLE THEATER DOWN AND TRY AGAIN WITH A BETTER DESIGN!

Rozzy S

Food was delicious. Theater was clean and the service was great.

Christy Cooley

A unique and fun place for dining and entertainment all in one! Seats are comfortable (although many are too low to the ground and they've removed the handles to raise them), but the food is decent. I recommend arriving at least a half hour before your movie starts so you can get a good seat and order food in time for it to be ready right at the start of the movie. While they don't officially have a gluten free menu, there are a few menu items that can be modified to be safe for celiacs, so check with your server.

Alea Stone

Gemini man was a good movie good food and drinks

charles winkler

Excellent!! Went to see cinema cafe

Scott Goodson

Great service and close to home for a movie thanks cinema cafe

Barbara Vazquez

Are It was great, but I wish that you movie theater was lot the movie theater at Movie theater in Chesapeake, Virginia at Edinburgh area. They plenty of room

Dwight Sparks

Movie was good. Chicken Quesadia was very greasy. Fries were good.

Anthony Brown Jr.

Amazing as always great movie food and a date for me thank you Cinema Cafe.

Matthew Fish

Great movie prices. Food is about like a Chili's or Applebee's in price and quality. Nothing super awesome but decent. With the cheap ticket prices you can pay for a movie and dinner and be at or below the price point of a normal theatre.

Jonathan Serrano

I cannot even explain how great this place is.

Michael Vain

Great food, great service, and friendly staff. I don't go anywhere except cinema cafe to see movies anymore.

Kin9 Shaq

Needs more seating, but they have great deals on food and service is pretty good

Doris Brooks

It's a great place!! Always clean and staff is friendly.

Raymond Paduani Jr

Great place for a dinner date night. Really good food and fast service.

Isaiah Handy

This is a great place to enjoy new movies and old. The seating is always great the service is fantastic the food is delicious and the movies are even better. I would highly recommend mend you to come watch a movie here at this great movie theater and cafe.

Jessica Bakas

This is the closest, for us, but not the best. After basking in the Bacchanalian luxury of the reclining seats with swivel trays that the Pembroke Meadows location now provides, Kemps is sort of a bummer. You sit in a pleather office chair, tilting and wheeling precariously around on carpet, in the dark. The service is excellent, surprisingly so. You can drink a local beer and snack at will in front of a table or counter (if you get a spot before the theater fills up and space is tight [this is not an issue with Pembroke's roomy reserved seating!]) The portions are generous; the food is fresh. Get there a little early and leave the chairs where they go!


Always a pleasant place to visit with family. Early showings with kids are fun and the late showings are a great way to unwind after a busy day

Bob Schneider

I love this place. First time I was disappointed was this trip. Ordered popcorn that had a hair in it. The hair was in the popcorn kernels when the popcorn was being made. Three kernels were stuck together. Not the servers fault.

Tracy Marsh

1 st time at a Cinema Cafe it was great comfortable chairs Movie was a little slow but cafe was really nice✌✌

ryan kelley

Sooper cheap movie tickets. Reasonable food prices and a great range of options. Quality food. Usually very friendly and helpful staff. 10 out of 10 dentists would recommend.


Love going here during the matinees. Not many people there. Prices are a bit much though.

Tia Detraz

They have the best Caprese sandwhich, you can it with chicken or burger meat. It is the best thing on the planet. They call it the Martin Scorsese Caprese. The chooices of mixed drinks are the best and the names are just as hillarious, Tropic thunder is like the fruity long island ice tea all the best liquors in one with a blue color. They have one called Stormtrooper and another called The Dark Side. This place is my home away from home. Thank you Movie genius that came up with a theater that you can sit and eat at while watching new release movies.

Lauri Dittmer

First time at a movie theater like this. Huge screen. Great sound system. Tiered with tables or counters. Full service for food and drinks. Beer and potato skins ordered from your seat and delivered! Plus a bar out front for before or after the movie. Terrific concept

Tim Santo

It was a really good theatre but put too much butter on the popcorn even when we said light butter.

Kaylee M

Friendly staff, very kind and check to see how their customers are doing. Chairs were pretty comfy. I could hear a different movie from the theater next door but I was in the back. It was a good experience over all

Pamela Wilmore

We visit this theater and Pembroke location. Always good service and the food is good. I always get the Gyro which is delicious


Saw Rocketman! The seating is a little better than before. Wait time for service is amazing! The entire staff was very polite! I really hope when construction is finished that there are more kiosks. It was so easy to go in and print my tickets but the wait to get to the two kiosks was forever. It also would have been super awesome to get a drink at the bear instead of standing in line.

Jaclyn Elder-johnson

Always love to go here with my kids when I go back home! Food is pretty good and it just brings back childhood memories.

Rebecca Pipkin

Clean had a bar for those who may want to just relax and enjoy movie


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