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Melonie Toppins

Food was good. Service was fast and good

Sarah Martinez

My husband and I went on Monday at the 10am showing of Hobbs and Shaw. The lady at the ticket counter was watching a movie on her phone while I was trying to order our tickets. Then we go to the theater room, (we are the only people in there) I have to leave the movie I just paid for to go ask for someone to come take our order. The same ticket counter lady tells me to go down the hall and check the server station for someone to help us. I was annoyed that I was missing my movie to go chase down someone to do their job. The waitress that did end up taking care of us was great, and the movie sound and picture quality couldn’t have been better. I just wish I got to see the whole movie I paid for instead of playing “find the employee.”

Sanity God

Staff in general is great. The one issue we had the general manager came out of no where and resolved with no request.

Karen Amato

The cook over seasons the chicken with salt to the point it is inedible. I've tried it more then once and this location it's always the same- so disappointing☹

John Croxton

One of my favorite spots to watch movies. Decent food great service.

Trisha M

Forgot this place existed. Super nice do over and the reclining seats makes you never want to go anywhere else! Food was ok and prices norm for the cafe. Enjoyed the ambiance the most.

JM's 7 days to Die PVP Playground

Nice theater with very comfortable seating and good food. Service was more than adequate as well.

Ronald L. Lang Jr.

Great seats. Seriously, ridiculous comfortable. Good service. Good food. Love it!

John Harris III

Good food, comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff.

Lynda Moser

Never disppointed. Friendly service.

Christen Wooten

Love their reclining chairs and staff provides great service!

Paul Inverso

First time in a place like this. It was a good experience. Ordered lumiere french dip and it was delicious. Will come again next year.


Saw Avengers Endgame here and this is definitely the best way to see the movie. The chairs are fully reclining electric leather seats. The seat was so comfortable and for a 3+ hour movie this was great. The pizza and popcorn were surprisingly delicious, and the beer was cold. The waitstaff was amazing.

leroy smith

Nice place just needed something to do while waiting to be seated such as an arcade. And the servers kept getting in the way on some key parts.

Alanzo Anderson

Its the only way to do date night... Comfy seating.. Great drinks and food... Perfect

Kait Smiddy

So clean and nice on the inside, wasn't expecting it to be so modern and new! Comfy recliners and a decent selection of food...a little pricey for the quality, but it's always such a pleasent experience I don't mind!

Matthew Havash

New assigned recliner seating (reminded me of flying first class) is much better than the old way Cinema Cafe used to be. Seats have head, back and foot adjustments. Backs only recline to a max of 45°, which isn't as good as Regal Strawbridge, but having a tray table makes up for that as the ease of eating is much improved. Good prices for eating at a theater, honestly. Expect about $50 for an appetizer, meal, and dessert for two. Enclosed photo shows seat adjuster, which includes two USB ports for charging devices. Second visit, different theater section. Seats in this section recline, but don't have head adjustments or charging ports on the seats. They're comfortable, but it would be much better if all theatres had the upgraded seating. Dropped my rating to a four.

Keith Cook Jr.

Great movie, great food. Seating is kind of aggravating, though.

earthto brook

It's just a nice place to be theathers always cleaned after, nice staff, and good food

connie moore

Movie was good but the food was not The cheese on the pizza was like rubber and my buffalo chicken was burnt and my breadsticks was very crispy

Elf Crimsonsuit

Awesome theater! But the food is pricey.

Toya Foster

Great food, Great service, Great times! That's what it's all about! I have no complaints and Toy Story 4 was a cute little movie. Very funny. I had every intention on reclining and to take a quick nap (this venture was for my 6yr old daughter and I was exhausted) but I ended up watching AND actually enjoying the movie!

Angela Scott

I love this theater because it is small and relaxing And the corndogs and a drinks

denise sivels

Customer service was not good tonight. While everyone else around me was receiving there drinks and food, my daughter and I was still waiting. Was charged for something we didn't order, had to keep asking for a to go box, never came back and check on us-even with the menu standing up. This was customer service week and my server did not get the memo. I also leave a tip but I could not tonight.

Jay Howard

Great place to go and seat down and watch a movie for a very inexpensive price. The food is good and the drinks are always on point.

Michael G Antolak

Awesome little place! The fresh made pizza was great and the server was terrific. The reclining seats with electric footrests were really comfortable.

Athena Phelps

Kick back and relax...recliner seats now with swivel tables and cup holders. So comfy you may fall asleep. This is better thank the seating style if the past. When y ou u walk up to purchase your tickets they let y ou u pick your seats. Just enough lighting to eat your food. Speaking of food I still think the prices are high, but the tickets are decently priced.

Jennifer Fluke

Everything was great, the backs to the seats could use a little more cushion, as I had to sit straight up because of the bar in it. Service was very nice, food was tasty!

Leta Sharkey

Cafe much nicer with new seating. Service is very slow.

Kate Brashares

Wonderful service and movie. Prices can not be beat!

Lamont Hall

First time going to this location since 1993 and they did a great job on the renovation! Definitely my future go to theater!

Jaymee McGraw

I love the new recliners. Got a meat lovers pizza. First one was burnt but they replaced it and it was delicious. Lots of cheese and toppings! Our waitress was very nice and efficient.

Stephanie Mrosek

I was really impressed with the seating and food selection. The prices are amazing too!

Nathan Gilliam

Love the fact that you can have dinner there and a great movie! Wonderful !


We always have a good time. I like the seating upgrades and new menu items.


This Cinema Cafe venue has been the Cornerstone of the very beginning of Cinema Cafe. I've been going to this place for decades, and it never ceases to impress. Nowadays, with the upgraded seating, and configuration, and say the least of their Professional Service, we will continue to keep coming here time and time again. The price is reasonable, the food very comfortable, and just a great place for you and the family to enjoy current movie.

Kay Ford

This Place was fairly priced with good food, and you get a lot for your money. We went on a Wednesday and both saw a new movie for about $8. I was shocked that we could see a new movie for that price. We also ordered dinner and enjoyed the large lazy boy like chairs to watch our movie.

Antonio Pacheco

First time here and it was cool! Ordered our tickets online and you can order food where you sit. Even alcohol! Waitress was nice and friendly. Nice place!

Mz Ashby

The atmosphere was great. Love the renovations.

Steven Jurca

The seating at this cinema cafe is nice. Everyone has their own recliner chair with a foot rest that can be put up or down at the push of a button. The staff was nice when we went. Like any other cinema cafe the servers come while the movie …

Lisa Hobbs

Yummy food. Nice & clean Kid loved it


Was asked to move 2 times in the middle of the movie because we were in the wrong seat. Server was kind of rude about it as well. Never been to a movie theatre that had such strict seating policy.. kind of ruined the movie for me.

Vishnu K. Lakdawala

Comfortable seating. Delicious food and drinks. Family friendly.

Kelly Kirby

My first time at this location was a good experience overall. The cost for the movie was a good price, the ticket salesperson was friendly and helpful. The actual showing room was spacious and the seats(recliners) are very comfortable with their own personal tables attached to them. The food was good and plentiful, the drinks(alcoholic) were made well. The only thing I didn't care for was the service my waitress only came a few times and they were so spread apart even if I wanted something else I wasn't willing to wait forever to receive it.

Ricky Clouser

Love to take the family here. They have a full menu so you can kill two birds with one stone and do both dinner and a movie here. They have recliners and you purchase your actual seat. Service has always been good. Food is decent.

other guy

Great place for movies. Decent food, comfortable electronic reclining seats. I LOVE the assigned seats now.

James Mezzenga

Dinner, a movie, and a chair that reclines, whats not to like?! The staff is polite and does a good job of serving food and timing it right. Pizza is excellent.

Jeffrey Daughtry

Top Gun. Stand By Me. Karate Kid 2. Back To School. The greatest memories of my father occurred here. I’d give anything to see one more with him. We loved this place. Thankful to see families continue to enjoy.

Katieh Brooks

Wow I love the new seats!!! They are so comfortable AND I can FIT comfortably in it, even being very overweight. And I also love the "swing-away" table too!

Robert Shobe

The nicest Cinema Cafe I've been in. They have three screens and reclining seats. Food is pretty good and pretty reasonable. The pizza is very cheesy and I strongly recommend the French dip sandwich.

Michael Schausten

Great food, awesome staff and the theaters are always clean

It doesnt MATTer

Great food and attentive staff. Great business!

Blake Soller

Really clean and the staff is very nice. We come here often to see the newest movies.

Crawford Purnell

It's ok I have never experienced anything like that in Boston everything here in Virginia is so different

Valerie Harvey

Fr My first visit I really liked it

Jan Hughes-Allen

Best service love the atmosphere

Mrs. Kim Owens Martinez

I absolutely love this place no better place to watch a movie relax with a nice glass of wine and salad.

David Newman

The food is great, and the names of the menu are witty. They have pretty good drinks if that's what you're into, and by far this is the most comfortable place to watch a movie.

Susan Atkinson

I love this location for Cinema Cafe. However, they did some changes to their menu and took off one of my favorite items, the Broccoli Bites. Also, last night we went to a late movie and ordered Hot Chocolate. It tasted okay and I'm sure it was just a package but for the price, it would have been nice for a little whipped topping or marshmallows. Prices have certainly gone up so go the little extra step.

joseph long

Chairs were comfortable food was good great atmosphere!

Gail McMillan

Good food and services. Also very clean


I don't recommend this Cinema Cafe at all. It is extremely small (I think only 2 theaters ) and they don't have very many seats. The location is run down and dated. Server was EXTREMELY nice. Seats are assigned here but when we got here (after purchasing the tickets a day in advance) our seats were taken and there were only 2 seats left on the whole theater for my group of 4.

Stephanie Goulart

Good food n drinks. Comfortable seating. Its a bit cold and food takes a while.


Great location however I had to wait 45 mins before someone can around to take my order.

Adam Longwater

Just left Cinema Cafe after realizing I had purchased tickets for LAST night....clearly my mistake. Sadly, tonight's show was sold out. The manager, Daniel was INCREDIBLY kind and provided us with passes to a future show. Cody, at the desk was pleasant and great as well. I realize the theatre lost money last night, while our five seats sat empty. Really appreciate the kind treatment. Cinema Cafe continues to be our favorite place to view movies!!!!

Latoya Nedab

Comfortable seats and excellent customer service!

Shirley Chappell

The seating is chair...broken. The chair beside...also broken. Hard to share food with family when everyone is spread apart in a line....give me the tables please. Looks like I'll go to Kemp's landing from now on...please do not change family style's better for dating and family outing when you feel like you're together.

Mel Annie Di

Completely different feel with the renovations. Love the reclining seats, reserved seats, individual tables. Much better setup compared to other local option for eat in movie theatre. Service friendly and speedy. Good simple food.

Dan Davis

A great time for the family! Our first visit with a 16, 9, 6 and 3 year old. The kids were a little distracted by the movie to eat, and the movie was pretty loud for our 3 year old. I’d recommend bringing earmuffs for 5 and under, if they …

Maria Osborn

Such a cozy little fun theater to watch movies and dine. They have a huge menu with subs, apps, and salads, not to mention burgers and even desserts. Love the reclining chairs, and its very cozy. Just a note, they do leave the lights dimmed just to let the staff see where they are going but it didnt bother me. Prices are fair (food was a tad pricey but its a meal). And the food was delicious. A good date night idea!

Martha Rodriguez

Great place to go enjoy a movie, clean, excellent service!

Krystle Watson

They have remodeled since the last time I was here. GREAT IMPROVEMENTS!!! They have reclining chairs now which gives more walking room for the servers and people passing. The service was also great!! I will definitely be coming here more often now. I ordered the deluxe nachos with extra cheese which was great and a lot to eat. The atmosphere was quiet and everyone was actually watching the movie and enjoying.

Tyrone Williams

As always the Cinema Cafe at pembroke is always on point. Great movie and great service. I would recommend it every time.

alain brice Moukoue

Having your food while watching a movie is great

teresa whittington

Laid back. Ordered snacks and looked at lion king. Sliders(brisket) ff, drink and popcorn. Loved it

Laura Lee

Very very nice atmosphere and upgrade. Friendly and fast attendants. Good food.

Frederick NEBLITT

While the individual tables are too small, and the seating is not angled enough to avoid individual in front of me from blocking viewing, all was good.

Laura Gennity

Amazing comfort, delicious food but could use a little customer service training for a few of the staff... Lost a star for that. Usually a 5

Towanda Jackson White

I love this nice atmosphere where my grandkids can really enjoy themselves.

Jennifer Havener

My husband and I drove 30 minutes to get to this theater and it was well worth it! I doubt we will go to any other theater now. The staff was super friendly! The place was clean, the seats are very comfortable and they recline back. They …

Katherine Watson

Always great food and comfortable seats now. Great remodel job!

S Bennett

Excellent customer service. Great seating and a nice atmosphere. Not everything has to be super fancy to provide a good experience.

Kathy Lynn White

the movie Angel has Fallen was a really great movie. The food was good. The recliner seats was very uncomfortable. The bottom of the back of the seat what made them uncomfortable. The board at the bottom was hitting my lower back and by the time the movie was over my back hurt bad. I even moved to the seat next to mine and it was doing the same to my back. I told the waitress about why I moved to the next seat she said that was fine. Cause she knows the seats are very uncomfortable. The seats are the reason I'm giving a 3 star rating.

tattywood Woodhouse

So comfortable and great food and movie selection...we go there often...

Berlin Booth

The new table was a mess dropping my food on my clothes no room for popcorn cantainer and a pitcher the table they say they would bring to put your food on was a joke if I go to Pembroke again I will eat before I go and if they do to kempsville like that I will eat before I go there too. Who came up with the stupid idea and was able to sell the owners on it all I can say they was a awesome sales person or family member

Bridget Heidelbach

Went to see toy story 2 weeks ago. The theater itself is alright. The review is mostly for our server. If I remember correctly his name was Phillip? He provided great service and was super friendly. Made sure we had a great time without being invasive while we were enjoying the movie. Definitely the best server we’ve had since we’ve been visiting this location.

Vanessa Baird

Well the seats are really nice, but they only have 3 theatres.

Christopher Pine

Recently remodeled. Really nice inside. Not too many seats jammed in.

Ronald Lang Jr.

Great seats (as in super comfy). Service is great and the menu is still good, and the new mac and cheese bowls are tasty! Movie was good too, but I suppose they didn't make that part.

a johnson

Awesome theater. Great food and good customer service.

jo alexander

First time visiting and it was empty. Great service, quick and good food. If the servers had a set schedule and only took orders before the movie and leaned down to whisper when speaking to people during the movie it would be a better experience. I would suggest the management take a trip to a cinebistro and see how they run things and mirror that for your area. I think with those changes they could really hit it out of the park.

Chris Lawhorn

Awesome spot. Very relaxed, good food, large portions. Def go, if ya cant be outside...

Jasmine Zamora-Santana

Recliner seats are uncomfortable

Mansa Musa

Nice small theater. Pleasant staff and welcoming

matt woods

Great place to enjoy a movie...get your tickets early online....

Deborah Leigh

This is a very comfy/cozy Cinema Cafe to watch a movie with your partner or your kids. The food is awesome. The drinks excellent. The theater has graduated seating where you won't find some big guy in front of you or someone with big hair blocking your view. The service is very good. The chairs make it a very comfortable movie experience.

Bradford Winkelman

Only theatre I go to now. Food is perfect for the price and they serve beer. Chairs are comfy and clean. They'd get five stars but they got rid of the spinach artichoke dip.

Saundra Lee Bethea-Pegues

It's a very nice theater but the cost of the food was quite expensive. I only ordered a large popcorn and 4 drinks and paid $22 and some change. We already had had lunch at Red Lobster before we came

Glenn Wright

Awesome experience restaurant movie theater combination. Recliners have a bar and a hollow where the lumbar support should be, so after about 30mins you get very uncomfortable. Other than that, awesome place.

Ethan Buell

If you've never been to Cinema Cafe, it is a must! It's a great experience to have food and a great movie, especially when the food is fantastic. There have been a few times that I have had slow service, but usually this correlates to a newer movie with a maxed out crowd in the theater.

Jackeline j

I love this movie theater. The seats are comfortable and the food is good. Our kids always enjoy the experience.


Jojo who greeted us when we go our tickets was so welcoming and funny. He helped us when we were picking out our seats too, very helpful simce this was our first time at that location since the seats were changed. The staff was very on point and attentive. Overall great experience.

Richard Egan

Nice venue. Good food and drinks. I have had great service there and also very mediocre, depending on who you get.

Damian Miera

Dinner and a show. With enough room to enjoy the film and a bar which serves to your spot, it's a nice place to enjoy the evening.

Annalise No

It is a amazing place and the workers are very nice

Harry Churchill

Next to Pungo pizza has the best pizza in all of Virginia Beach in my opinion comfy movie theater little small but I kind of like that

Olha Gobat

Nice comfy seats, delicious food, good screen. Will definitely return many more times in the future. Their gyros are to die for!

Durell Mc

This is my go to movie spot. The food is always good and the staff is nice. I've never been here and the theater not be clean. It's also some of the best movie prices around. Last year they remodeled the place and now have the most comfortable seats around. You can pick your seat when purchasing your ticket so you know before hand whether your going to get a prime seat. I've sat in almost every location and always a good view for me. Highly recommend this place for all your movie needs.

Christie Bolls

Love the seats,and the food is pretty good also.

John Marr

Nice theater save for the chairs in the far back. They have a metal bar protruding in the back that causes quite a bit of discomfort. Bring a pillow until its fixed if you go.

Justice w

No direction or help given to find which theater. Food wasnt fresh. Sound was good. Seats are comfortable. Table trays are very small.

Veronica Davis

This was my birthday evening choice to relax and watch a movie. I arrived early so I could relax a bit and enjoy a nice beverage. It was great. I do come here often so I know that seating is limited. I pre-purchased 2 seats. I wanted to be able to comfortably relax because i knew I would splurge a little. Having that extra seat meant the world to me. The food was great, the movie was amazing and the staff was nice. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Ryan Lynch

My favorite place to go to the movies. Recliner chairs and good food.

judy armstrong

Love the seats. It's a nice place to watch a movie, if you don't mind being cold. But if you're vegan, or just want a slightly healthier meal, you cant eat here. Don't eat here. The food is terribly greasy.

david wambold

Great redesigned theater with reserved reclining seats. Food is served at your seat with a vast menu of food and drinks. I recommend reserving the seats on their website before going.

Deborah Calvert

I love going to the movies and having lunch or dinner at the same time. A great place for the whole family

Keisha J.M.

This location is much closer to our home but, we prefer Kemps River to this location because we always feel more welcomed there and less out of place. We go to Cinema cafe every year on our birthdays and I go to this location tonight and they wouldn't take my birthday coupon off my phone stating it needed to be printed out...never until now.

Mark Wilder

Best cheap cinema cafe around with comfy chairs and good price on food.

shelby doss

Everything was excellent will be coming back

Randa-Lynn Gordon

I hadn't been since their last remodel...WOW!!! The seating is amazing but the little attached tables make getting up awkward (I have a bad knee). Sound quality was wonderful, picture clear. The food service was prompt but I'm not sure I like having someone popping up during the movie! Overall, we had a great time!

Brenda Johnson

Good movies, seats are comfortable. I don't usually order any food so can't comment on that.

Tracy Fisher

I so love the way Pembroke Meadows Cinema Cafe' theater was renovated with new seating; reclining seats, individual trays for food and I love the four seats in the back row in row F, because of the privacy. Love this place

Tuppersam K

Horrible if it wasn't for the great movie I would have done 1 star at the most. Horrible seating not tiered like other cafes. Waiter was awful. Kept missing up orders. Combined 2 people's checks together after he was told twice bill still came out together. Wasn't listening to any thing said. Just horrible night no other way to say it.

michelle mcdaniel

Best seats in all of Hampton Roads. The manager was extremely helpful after a prior review. This is my happy place with my grandson.

Tiffany McClain

Cinema Cafe is a fantastic place for a movie and lunch/dinner. They recently renovated and the seats are so super comfy. I love the chicken tenders and crinkle fries, but there are so many other delicious items on the menu. They serve beer and cocktails too.

Stephanie Bernard

Awesome Food and Service....really enjoyed the Lion King Movie!

Carmen Withrow

Amazing! Seats recline. Staff is friendly. Place is clean.

Brandy Westnedge

I take my kids here to watch movies and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. It's clean and has good food that you can order when you sit down and eat at the table you're sitting at. The chairs are leather and recline.

Marvin Gumba

Great service and amazing seats and seating since the renovation. Power leather recliners + Food = The only way to watch movies.

Tina Schmidt

Great seating, good food and friendly service!

Aleta Barker

Love the reclining chairs! Staff was great.

Kaylee M

Comfy seats, friendly staff. I prefer this cinema café over the other locations

Marcos Mauney

If you haven't been here then your defenitley missing out! I probably won't be returning to the Regal anytime soon!


Great place to watch a movie with kids! Love the seat selection option.

Samantha Lee

Such an amazing place. Great movies. Nice service. Definitely a good place to go to.

Raul Pacheco

Great food and service

Rogerio Cardosogoncalves

Potato skins were old and flavorless. Chicken tenders dry. Brocoli and cauliflower bites were awesome! Movie and experience was great.


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