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1864 Edinburgh Ln, Chesapeake, VA 23322 Located in: Edinburgh West Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Cinema Cafe Edinburgh IN Virginia

Pam Reed

This is the best movie theater. Reserved seating. Comfortable reclining chairs. Great food and service.

Anita kornegay

Great ,delicious food . The servers are nice and professional!


Saw Overcomer. Had mushroom and swiss hamburger with fries. Food was very good. Service was excellent. Seats were comfortable. Very enjoyable environment.

slevin kelevra

This is the best cinema cafe around, but it's not a movie theater you can just go to on a whim. seats are picked when you purchase your ticket, so if the movie is new or it's raining or it's the weekend, plan well in advance.

Thomas McCready

Not Thomas but Virginia Hurst .... LOVE THIS PLACE !!!!

Elise Johnson

Good. Service was great. Recommend to everyone. Food is good too.

Mercede Moore

Amazing! Best seats of any theatre! great service too

kris staton

Theater is top notch. Drinks are great. Food is hit or miss.

Richard Karg

We always enjoy watching movies here. This trip in particular we took the kids to watch The Lion King. Sadly, this was the least pleasant of our visits so far. The volume was very low to the point I could hardly hear it, there was a bright glare on the screen throughout the movie, and my power recliner would only go up part way. Maybe theater 2 sucks in general? Beats me. The wait staff did a good job, however.

Mercury Muffin

The food is good, the seats are amazing!

Emily Esposito

Great movie theatre and very good food! The staff is friendly and helpful and the food is always tasty and fresh. But I would recommend buying tickets in advance as the theatre is always busy

Josh Harper

Everything so great out there but one thing just is that we all deaf need a equal as a hearing people that we can watch Closed captions on the theaters anytime instead use googles or cup holder thingy to let us read what they say but we should be able to comfortable watch instead using technology.

VeeDub Matt

This theater is always clean and the staff friendly. The food is good, but prices are a bit steep. The stadium seating and recliner chairs make the movie experience very comfortable.

Erica Lynch

Best cinema cafe in the area. Others that I've visited were dirty looking and run down, but this one is nice and clean! Service is always good.

Charity Stuart-Caudill

Great place to catch a movie! Very clean! Popcorn and drink combos are amazing but other food is a little pricey for quality and quantity.

Chris Allen

Started out great, but the seats are starting to smell like old food. Really distracting when you pay to watch a flick and your senses are constantly under assault.


Food is. OK but over priced. Seats and little tables are about right if you are 6 foot tall or more but not if you are 5 foot 7 inches. Service is slow.

Reagan Tiffany

Comfortable seating, good food and good service. We have never had a problem reserving handicapped seating for my disabled mother. She enjoys the comfortable recliners.

Acaisha Leigh

The best place ever if you sit in frontof the screen you chair will have these buttons on the right and they will help you get relaxed

David Johnson

I love going to this theatre. Nothing like going out to the movies and feeling like you’re at home. The food and service is always excellent. The staff is friendly and very attentive to your needs. If you have kids this is the place to take them for family movie

Jeff Cardillo

Food and service were good. We weren't told the seating was reserved only, not general admission. Original seats were much too close, but a kind family allowed us to have theirs.

John Schaeffer

I love this theater. Very comfortable with great food. A local favorite

Karen Johnson

Been there several times and always enjoy. The food is very good, though a bit pricey. To counterbalance that, the tickets are not expensive. The chairs are very comfortable and far large enough that you don't feel as if you are sitting too close to other theater goers. The wait staff is well trained and not obtrusive during the movie. It's my favorite theater for a movie

Ross Beasley

This place is awesome! Great food, fabulous staff. A Cinerama for the ages!

Trenace Riggs

Great, clean theatre. Love the chairs and table set up. Food selection is good and reasonably priced priced. The selections of movies are always popular as well.

beckie johnson

Reserve seats. Love not having to waste time waiting in line to get good seats to keep the family all together.

Britton Perciful

Great service , food and drinks ! Definitely recommend!

pamela fosdick

Great atmosphere comfortable chairs pleasant staff. The food can be hit or miss.

Shawn Edwards

New movies recliners craft beers delicious food I feel like I'm home except I don't have to clean up after do yourself a favor and get the souvenir cup and just bring it back with you each visit save on the beer

Brandy Weiss

First timer! Took kids and it was AMAZING. Prices for food were kind of high but i think the comfort is worth it.

James Lewis

Theater is clean, staff is friendly, and they have good food and drinks. Noticed some of the reclining chairs are starting to show wear in regards to functionality. Otherwise a great place to go watch a movie!

Richard Cornish

Overall a pretty nice theatre. Went once and had a show cancelled after we ordered food. They offered everyone vouchers for tickets but nothing for the food. I thought they could've handled that a little better, but that's the only issue I've had in numerous visits.

Cathy Bontemps

Good food, great service great movie

Lindsey Hypes

How is this place 4.7 and not 5.0?! It's top notch! This is my favorite place to watch the newest movies. We drive from Elizabeth City because it's 100% worth it. We order tickets online, and we've never had to wait in line. The food is great-my personal favorite is the nachos. The beer is cold, and the seating is SO COMFY! I recommend bringing a blanket or jacket if you run cold-but I'm not complaining. I've been here several times and I can't think of one negative experience I've had. Keep it up Cinema Cafe!

Tamyra Jones

Nice , Fun and enjoyable atmosphere w comfortable seating and convient way to get your servers attention.clean

Rich Palmer

This is our go to place for movies. Comfy chairs, good food and good screen/sound. Just keep in mind they serve food so it won't be as dark as a regular theater and servers are going to be moving around. It's perfect for us and our family.

Rob Palmer

The seats are super comfy with lower reclining and power foot rests. The food service is very good and quick. The food is awesome!

Samantha Weidner

Love this theater. I really don’t enjoy movies anywhere else. We took my dad and he LOVED IT! He NEVER goes to the movies, he has a bad back and he couldn’t sit in the usual uncomfortable seats that most theaters have. After we took him to Cinema Cafe he said now he could enjoy new movies in a theater too!!

Michael Anderson

Food is decent and priced well for size. Much better experience then your standard theater. Love this place, they need to update the others aswell!

Austin Moore

Went there on Friday night to go see Joker with my family and our Server Kelly was the best server you guys had their her service was always served with an amazing smile and she was really helpful by showing us the specials that were going on as far as the drinks and tried to offer us to buy one of the mac n cheese bowls but overall she showed great service with us and we all appreciated her so much that we left her a great tip cause I work in the food industry as well by working at Dough Boy's

Domenick M

My son loves cin cafe. He likes the nachos and cheese while I prefer the pizza or a sandwich. Great unobstructed views.

Odalys Aguilar

Once you go to Edinburgh Cinema Cafe you won’t want to go anywhere else, we seriously go once a week. We love it that much. We will never go anywhere else. Staff is always friendly and helpful. The food and comfort never disappoints.

Makela White

Very good and clean theaters. Great Customer Service. The only dislike is the reclining seats don't recline completely.


Food was great, do wish that the picture and movie quality was as advanced as other theaters. Food and the seats and up for it though. Great experience overall.

Gail Woolbright

Prices really good for a theater. Smoothies yummy. Cant complain

Anthony Barksdale

You can choose your seat online and they serve food/beverages/festive beverages

Mike M_VB

The best one in the network. Reclining seats and little table trays and huge screen. Worth the trip out to this part of Chesapeake.

The Great Aeps Show

We had a great time at the movies as always. This location have the added benefit of being able to reserve your seats. Each seat has its own place to eat. As well as the ability to recline. It’s like if you have a theater system in a home setting. Can’t think of a thing we didn’t like during our movie. Why would anyone go to any theaters except the cinema cafe is beyond me. 5 stars all the way!!

Va Home

Great place to watch a movie, get something to eat while relaxing in a recliner. Every seat is a good seat.

Lakeila Kennedy

Very disappointed with this theater. After having anticipated seeing The Lion King for so long, we purchased 3 presale tickets to see it here. This is my first time visiting this theater and expected much better per previous reviews from my peers. While sitting in the theater, we didn’t get serviced until the actual movie was playing which we partially understood since the theater was packed (it was the first night release Thursday 7/18/19). Imagine my disappointment having to yell over this movie my order. My waiter was nice though. Upon the first song, the beginning music background was extremely low which I thought was just poor directing in the beginning. Upon inquiring with the waiter, the theater was experiencing sound issues and we couldn’t hear the music background in ANY of the song!!! The sound effects are an intricate part of the enjoyment of the movie. We couldn’t get into the movie that we waited what felt like forever to come out due to the musical sound effects being so low. We were not offered compensation nor where we offered any other explanation as to why the sound was experiencing technical difficulties on OPENING NIGHT IN A SOLD OUT CROWD. I would have felt better if the theater attempted to restart the movie since we had to travel so far to see it (our local cinema café was sold out). Now I have to PAY AGAIN to see the movie just to enjoy the full effect. Totally not worth the overall experience which totaled to about $60.00 with food and drinks and tickets.

Alex Perez

Amazing Everytime we go, never terrible service by far my favorite theater

Mike Brown

Nice size screen! Didn't like that lights stayed on in theater the entire time and the servers walking back and forth in front of screen.

Lori Clark

Always a great experience at Cinema Cafe. I'm sad they no longer have broccoli bites, I hope they will bring them back! The gyro is delicious. It's not on the menu at the moment, but their frozen mudslide is a dessert and a cocktail! Ask for it! You can go in comfy clothes and even bring a blanket if you like and no one bats an eye.

Wesley Handy

I've seen two movies at this location and have decided to make this my go-to-movie-viewing-location! Why come here? (1) Reclining Seats are comfortable well-spaced, and can be reserved ahead of time (2) Made--to-order food with friendly service. Of the Cinema Cafe locations I've visited, the food here has been best prepared and the servers have been the best. They seems to have more staff here. (3) Unique interior design - it's a beautiful interior with some sweet movie props, posters and decorations. You feel like you have been transported into some famous movie theater. (4) Bar and seating outside while you wait. It's worth the extra drive to catch a film here.

Pamela Brothers

My favorite place to watch movies hands down! I love cinema cafe and the service is superb! I wish we had a Cinema Cafe in Elizabeth City NC

Donna Collins

We have been here twice & enjoyed the movie. .the 2nd time we came was yesterday . We had to move our seats. The chair I was in was broken & the foot rest wouldn't work. ...when we moved the 2nd time, my husband's chair wouldn't lift at all. We ended up not moving again. .Thus was the first time we ate there. My hamburger was awful. Tasted like cardboard. Will go back, but probably not to eat.

Judy Ridgeway-Mills

We arrived 5 mins late due to bridge closure. However, I was pleased to discover that, upon purchasing tickets, you can pick your seats from a screen that displayed available seating. It ensured that we could find seats together without having to search up and down the aisles; thereby, avoiding disturbing others who were watching the movie. In spite of late arrival, waitress was prompt in taking our order, which arrived fairly quickly. This is my second visit, but my husband's first. He says that we will visit again. He really liked the experience.

Joshua Woerheide

Love this theater! Only one I will go to. Everyone is super nice and the atmosphere is amazing. The roomy leather reclining seats are great. Food is mostly bar food but it's good. Prices are pretty cheap depending on when you go.

Megan Daughtrey

Took my two kids here and we quickly claimed this as our favorite theater. Food prices were fair and the building was very clean. We will definitely be back soon!

Stacey Nash

The past two movies wasn't good at all, the place is great and food is excellent

Regina A

It was good service prior to & at the end of the film as usual. Spoke with manager about the need to have hand rails on each side of the aisle for folks to hold on to after sitting so long. Especially important for the over 50 crowd. One …


Great place for food and movies. Prices are reasonable. Decent variety of junk food. Few healthy options. Chairs are very comfy and can recline as expected from a place as Cinema cafe.

Elizabeth Clark

Waitress Emma was AMAZING!!! She explained food items, suggested different toppings and sides, checked on us at least 7 times or so, and was extremely pleasant. Theater was clean, and the seats were the coolest. Fancy seats with electronic call buttons and foot lifts! First time going here, and very happy I did.

Terrashea Cox

Great place for date night or family fun. The food was amazing and served quickly. The reclining seats

Josh T

Well kept theater with good portions and quality of food for a movie theater. It is reserved seating and the seats are recliners with food trays very comfortable. Make sure to get to your movie early so you can put your order in.

June Moon

Great place to watch movies and dine! Their recliners are top notch and the food is always good.

Shirley Vann

I had a great time I enjoyed the movie popcorn were delicious everything was fresh


Theatre 7 has no AC. The staff just announced this has been an issue all weekend, yet they continue to use theater 7. Of course we can stay at our own risk, but that is not the point. So now we have to pack up our 3 kids and find another activity on short notice. I am very disappointed. Why continue to use this one with known issues.....

Michelle Sek Z Sánchez

Great spot to catch a movie, dinner and drinks. Sound quality is awesome and very spacious. Only downfall was it wasn't very clean. The seats were sticky and smelled like they were wiped down with a dirty rag. The drinks were great and pricing is just right for anything they have.

Cynthia Wahoff

This place was AWESOME! And Hustlers was fantastic! Absolutely LOVE her

Kevin Roberts

I like the theater real nice but I have gone to see multiple movies and sometimes after I press the button no one will come to take my order and some times they will take my order and never bring me my food. Wish it was dependable but it's quite clear that the wait staff has no oversite or at least not very good supervision.

Brandon Goodman

I love this theater even though the air conditioner wasn't working one day I love the food I love the drinks. Every week I'm at this particular location. A pizzas, put some of these other piece of places to shame

Aber Gavino

I like the assigned reclining chairs, but wait time on 2 occasions for food was 30 minutes. Bring back brocolli bites!

Nicole Carney

Great plave to come with tje family and watch a movie. The staff are very friendly and attentive. Food taste good as well.

Kristie Loonam

Perfect for the family or date night. Always clean super friendly staff


Love this theater. Great ticket prices. Decent food and drink prices. Awesome chairs.

Benjamin Mason

Cinema Cafe is well known for their quality, and this feature release version is the epitome of that. Always great service, a great theater experience, and amazing meals at an affordable price.

Wade Irwin

Good movies and comfortable, spacious seating. You can even eat and drink and the food is good. Love their popcorn!

Naté Elias

This has got to be the nicest Cinema Cafe I’ve been to. The food is always on point. Nice clean and affordable way to watch a movie with the whole family. My wife loves the drinks here as much as I love the food.

Paula Raulerson

Very good. Service was excellent and was the food.

Brian Abbott

I went here once shortly after it opened, years ago, and didn't go back because the seats weren't comfortable. We went again yesterday, and the leg rests are still uncomfortable, and this time the leg rests didn't function properly either. Movie looked and sounded fine, and the food was fine as well. But I'm an average sized person, and was physically very uncomfortable the entire time.

Virginia Matthews

Love taking grandchildren to movies there. Service is always good.


The food and sound quality of the movies shown are some of the best you can find. As well as there being plenty of comfy recliner seats, this theatre is very accommodating for any audience it happens to bring it. Quite a drive to get …

jill eskew

The food is awesome and very reasonably priced, the recliners are super comfortable. Very clean place and well taken care of. Service is great!

Shonda Robinson

Very clean and food I'd delicious

Katie Brooks

This theatre is fantastic. Service is top notch. Wait staff is very quick and attentive especially during peak times. Never had a bad experience here.

Jeannie C

Went to see lion king, I never realized how low the volume is til the songs of the movie come on and the sound is empty, low and just blah. No stereo sound, no surround sound. Very disappointed in the quality, food was good, only reason I go is for the experience of being able to have dinner and watch a movie at the same time. But think it's time for an upgrade cinema cafe

Rachel Cross

Always very clean and great service. Love the online ticket purchasing with self check in.


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