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REVIEWS OF AMC Worldgate 9 IN Virginia

Saber Tooth

Everyone is nice and is overall a great place

Lil' Megs

This theater is quite small, but high quality viewing. The sound was quiet though.

Michael Matthew

This is my absolute favorite theater! The seats are so comfy and roomy that I regularly take short naps during the movie. Admittedly, I don't get to see the whole movie, but I just want to relax anyway. And, don't forget to go on Tuesday, especially if you take naps, the tickets are way cheaper

Aileen Dollete

Comfy motorized reclining seats with swing out tables. Docked a star because they had a false fire alarm twice during the movie.

Tony Mendez

Great location, amazing reclining leather seats. Did i mention that they serve liquor?! Boom!!! Mind blown. Clean theatre lots of easy accessible parking. Staff are professional. Well worth the trip and time. Highly recommend this location.

Aaryan Asthana

Amazing automatic reclining leather seats and reserved seating makes the theatre a lot more organized and less chaotic. However, the screen in the theater was not that big and I'm not sure they offer imax.

Jason Cruz

It's possible that I came on a really bad day(Friday night to watch Captain Marvel 3d), but here was my experience: - Showtime said 09:00PM, movie didn't start playing until 09:35PM - Theater door was never closed, and I could hear the movie in the next cinema and the people walking through - Was about 85 degrees - Saw a mouse in the theater - Nobody to check on loud movie goers or people next to me on their phones - Comfortable seats - Good viewing angles - Pretty good parking

Richard Winfield Lewis

Great, comfortable reclining chairs. Clean, new, lots of leg room!

D Brown

One of the very best places to go in the area. Location is great, theater is amazing, staff is nice, and the popcorn is fresh! What more could you ask for?

Jessica G.

I used to like this theater better; however, the stench has become horrible. Almost every theater has an overwhelming mold and mildew smell. I don’t know what happened? Maybe a flood? They need to do something to get rid of the stench ASAP! It’s been this way for several months now.

Chris Jey

Nice theatre with reclining seats and clean ambience. Sound system was perfect for the movie we watched. Not loud. They have good eating / snacking options nearby. Parking is plenty and free. Overall good experience.

beck kurbanov

Pretty convenient underground parking

Javier Ferraez

Remodeled. Really nice theater with a bar and love seats in every theater. Good dinner options in the same strip mall.

Deniz & Wil Hackner

Enjoying $5 movies on Tuesdays

Enrique Sarmiento

I won't change this theater for any other theater, the best in Herndon

Chris Vergin

Decent small theater, seems clean , good location

Mary McGeary

The theater is very comfortable. I hated that the smallest drink and popcorn available are huge and expensive. For that reason I will not be back.

Joshua Marshall

Big comfy, reclining seats. Not over crowded, servers beer.

RJ Thomas

Hmm, the popcorn was obviously from the day before and the A/C wasn’t on... very uncomfortable!

Donna Joseph-Munroe

Great movie theater in the neighborhood!

Collin Wiley

Great seats and sound

Dhananjay Mondal

Great movie hall MCA

Bryan Worrell

A little dated but still nice.

Steven Snyder

New seating & great movie selection!!!

Neil Yriart

Comfy seats, but not with the stadium style arrangement. Popcorn was chewy and stale. Overall experience was only okay.

Bia Stubblefield

Great location, not so big parking lot but there’s always spot. Very clean bathrooms (not even a paper on the floor), very informative staff and polite, easy to find your theater and the quality of the screen is superb. The seats are the best part of this review, really good for couples who want to cuddle during the movie. Even though isn’t so big, It’s a nice place for a date because it’s easy to find available seats on the app. My favorite movie theater!

kamran aghdami

Very cool and clean environment, cozy reclining seats, friendly staff and a helping manager. A little off on the sound adjustment inside the movie theater but I would go nowhere else.

Adam Tulino

Just like all AMC Theaters it was great

Frank Bertrand

The movie was excellant, the snacks were fresh and the theatre was comfortable.

Nick V

Nice theater. Deceptively large. Conveniently placed in the middle of Worldgate. The seats are large and very comfortable. One of my theaters of choice.

Baladithya Sanisetty

As good as any other AMC

Bes Star

Love the reclining chairs. I've always seen 3-4 staff members come in after the movie is over to clean the room. They have an AWESOME bartender... Antonio is great!!!

Martha Wallenhorst

Wonderful seats.

Veronica Montoya

Best seats around town which makes good for your buck

Jeff Parnes

Comfortable seats; reasonable senior and children ticket prices. Wanted to buy my granddaughter a small soda and small popcorn, quoted a price of $15+. Told my granddaughter she could only have the popcorn and have a glass of water when the sales person suggested a kids package for less than $8 which was what I bought. My wife and I just usually buy chocolate covered raisons or nonpareils, wonder what they would cost

Eleni Halstead

Great theatre, good movies

Mugunth Ragunathan

The seats and interior needs an upgrade . The audio system is ok not that great ,I have been to other AMC where the seats and audio we're far better . The popcorn is pricey and the concession counter is understaffed even during the opening weekend of a big movie . Parking spaces are available underground and it's easy to find and park .

karthik kaaaru

A number of screens here are just old and I could see the lining of the screen over the film. It's definitely distracting. It would be great if I could watch the film without having to get distracted by the super old screen.


Hide your snacks and drinks. They lost a customer over a 50c bottle of water that I was forced to throw away. Meanwhile the lady sitting next to me pulls a 2 liter and multiple bags of chips out her purse.


a lot of the kids here seem like it's their first job. they're a little clumsy and a little slow with transactions and they try really hard. some of them try really hard to upsell the stubs tiers, and they aren't pushy. took my wife and daughter to see aladdin 3d. what an absolute blast. i really liked the feel of this theater. the udvar hazy might have a 6 story screen and some definite polish, but this place had a team of employees with a whole lot of heart. will be back!

Jocelyn Foster

This theater was clean, concessions staff was on point, and it was nice that they had reclining seats. However, they only had one staff member at the ticketing line, and two of their machines to purchase tickets were down, creating a really long wait. I was disappointed that they did not have stadium seating like many other AMCs, and most of the chairs have rips, and honestly weren't comfortable for the whole movie. I also noticed that the screen the movie was projected on made the picture look grainy. I noticed that less as the movie went on. Overall, I would see another movie there if I didn't have another option.

Hojoon Lee

Love the seats, almost too comfortable in making one fall asleep. Small theaters, but I like the more I feeling.

Ryan Downing

This was a nice theater. Food was fresh, drinks were desent, and the seats were so comfortable. Will definitely be returning.

Ian S

Saw a mouse running between the seats in the next to last row of theater six during the movie. Otherwise theater is fine, bathrooms were clean

K Wilson

Captioning devices while functional, require two hands to hold. They do not fit into the cup holder and twirl around at the top.

No One Of Importance

Great if you are staying nearby at the hotel. Simple walk and great way to spend an evening.

Austen Hernandez

Amazing seats.... at least in theatre #5, the food is horrible from the popcorn to the nochos to the dogs. The drinks are even a little off, I took advantage of a large brew the draft beers are a little stale. The theatre is spacious an semi clean, the bathrooms have state of the art hand dryers from dyson, pretty cool. Garage parking is helpful but it’s quite tight all in all it’s not bad

Jamie Davidson

Could be cleaner and always hot when I’m there. Should be cooler.


Prices have gone up but theatre is easy to access.

Andrew Myers

Employees need to be taught properly how to run a concession stand

Jordan Stubblefield

This is my favorite theater in the area (northern VA). My wife and I love the seating- it’s much easier to cuddle in these seats than the ones in the other theaters, cell service is usable, and the theater is very clean. The bathrooms are clean and smell nice. It’s a smaller theater but we don’t usually have trouble reserving seats here and parking is easy. Bonus- there’s a cold stone creamery in the same building for an after movie treat :)

Michael Henry

It's in a very convenient location, however this theater has seen its better days. The seats are often dirty or tattered. The theaters often smell slightly mustie, and in the two years I have been here the service has slowly declined. I rarely go here as of late. For me it's worth it to drive the 15 minutes to the Loudoun station AMC.

Wossenu Areda Weldekiros

I have been once here and I figured find it a good place to watch a movie and have a something to eat and drink a coffee...

Raymond Rodgers

While most AMC theaters are pretty nice, my trip to this one was certainly the worst moviegoing experience of the year. My theater's air conditioning either wasn't working or not turned on, making an 80+ degree evening in the theater hot and uncomfortable. Many guests in the theater had their phones out, texting during the film. And worst of all, from the back row in the theater, behind the wheelchair accessible seats, I could see a mouse running around on the floor. I recommend going elsewhere.

Stacy Higgins

The seating is great. I love the reclining chairs. The food prices, however, were RIDICULOUS. 2 large sodas, a large popcorn (which, by the way, is a good amount for around 4 to 5 people), a pretzel and some Junior Mints cost almost $50. To top it off, the popcorn was already tasting stale. So, go for the seats but skip the good. It's not worth it.

Mark Lee

Good theater. Great five dollar Tuesday promotion. The only bummer is that during our movie a fire alarm went off and we had to forgo the show. Great seats with assigned seating as well.

Fred theflo Oliver

This location is very good if you can never find a parking spot and which is very annoying sometimes you almost missed your show. And they need to do a better job of cleaning up in between movies too much stuff on the floor stickiness popcorn in the seats they need to do a way better job and spacing movies out to give them time to clean.

Pa M

Great theater, but sadly bad popcorn. I've been going to the theater for quite a long time and while I had MoviePass I would go multiple times a week. The staff are always friendly and helpful. Also the theater is always clean and orderly. As others have mentioned they have the very comfortable reclining chairs and reserved seating. As well as $5 movie ticket Tuesdays for AMC stub members. I have noticed a change and the quality of their popcorn over the past year. The popcorn tends to be popped poorly causing it to be full of kernels and half popped popcorn. It's getting to the point or purchasing popcorn is not worth it anymore.

Ivan Makeev

My favorite so far)


My family and I really enjoy Worldgate9. The tickets are expensive, so we only see 1-2movies a year. Total cost to see a film is over one hundred dollars for my family. I love that you can reserve seats. The theater is comfortable and clean. I would and do recommend this theater for families, couples and groups of friends. Easy to find, easy to get seats, not budget friendly.

Kevin Noble

Clean, comfortable theatres with a very friendly staff and crazy good curly fries. They also have the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines which is a huge plus! Has a parking garage underneath the complex and a Starbucks, Coldstone, and Panera Bread all within the same building as the AMC. The AMC Stubs membership is awesome. For $22/month I get up to 3 movies per week for any showing, even 3D, IMAX, and Dolby deluxe showings. Very happy to be going at least 6 times per month to this very nice establishment. Highest recommendation.

Janet Kieu

Love this AMC for their recliner chairs and staff friendliness. I tend to get a subtitle device as I follow through throughout the movies. The staff was always nice and helpful. Their bathrooms are standard and usually kept clean. The theater located in a decent shopping center with plenty of parking. Parking can be another topic in itself due to population density of the area, but you will find parking (hopefully not too far away from the entrance) I like the seating area in front of the theater. I tend to buy food and eat before movie time, so this works out perfectly for me. Available seats and hours of movies play a critical role. This place does make your choice worthwhile. Overall, good experience for me.


The recliner seats are great. There is ample free parking and a bunch of cool places to eat out. The movie starts 20-25 minutes after the scheduled time due to advertisements. Nothing unusual about that, but in the meantime the theater patrons keep moving and shuffling around for either snacks,washroom or just for the heck of it. So, this one time I saw this person had injured the legs of this other reclining person on the way out. Guess his feet were protruding. In the row before me. The injured person was in a world of pain. He stood up. Tried to walk. Winced due to pain. Got back down. And it took him a whole 15 minutes to settle down. Please be on the look out. And try to book the rows in front of the screen. Any five rows from D would be fine. I personally feel that the screen looks smaller from the rows at end. For example, K row.

Luthien Azaelia

I love the small theaters, the large screens, the most comfortable chairs and great service. Wonderful theater

John Shearard

The movie theater was great, the employees were so understanding and warned us.but on 4-14-19 the A/C was out and it was hot and humid. It was some what bearable but at some point it did get uncomfortable.

Andy Hughhs

Was not happy with my trip there last night. Went to see Spider-Man at 10:00 and when I had got there they had already closed the bar despite having a couple movies still waiting to begin. A small drink and popcorn costs $15 and they actually gave me my popcorn in a cardboard box instead of a bag. The recliners they have are small and not as comfortable compared to the ones at Dulles and most in theater 6 were dirty. After paying almost 20 bucks for a 3D tickets I was not happy. Next time I'll go to a theater where I can buy a beer and not have to sit in a dirty seat.

Beatriz Collazo

This is a nice cinema for quick family movies, comfortable seating, and nice staff. Unfortunately theater 4 has a terrible screen that looks as though it has been scraped by something right across the center, with a texture almost like seeing through a threadbare curtain to what is on the other side. It's really distracting, given the quality of other theaters, and the available options, to the point that I would consider going elsewhere for movies that I am really looking forward to seeing clearly.

Eugene Sokolovski

Small but nice movie theater, recently renovated with leather recliner chairs. I always go there for the movies.

Darren Anthony

First time there. What I like about AMC Theaters is the reserved seating. What I didn't like was the layout of Theater 4. The last row did not have a real center seat. People arriving late for or going out during the movie posed a distraction. If the last row was elevated 18" inches more, the problem would have been resolved. Also, the theater was dirty. My seat had used napkins and popcorn in the seat. The lack of signage added work for finding the elevator in the parking garage. This review earned a second star because of the proximity of eateries. But a lack of a map made it difficult to quickly find TGI Friday's.

Steven Kim

Good place to catch a movie.

Saba Fasil

Like the sit’s & screen comfortably.

Joshua Lundy

Old mall theater that's been remodeled. Not a good viewing experience compared to newer establishments.

Dominick DeBellis

Nice theater. Good seats.

Nevlon Duguid

This place can use a decor upgrade .. but the movie theater is awesome

Carson Porter

I saw Creed II here and it is a good theater by my standards. It takes advanced seating, has comfy reclining chairs, and wasn't insanely packed. I'm not a big popcorn or concessions fan in general so I can't rate that. I will definitely go back again.

Nicholas Alexander

Meh, theater was not clean, and seats were uncomfortable. staff was friendly, and concessions were reasonably priced.

Sarah Rose

Worldgate used to be one of my favorite movie theaters in the area. Not only do I live pretty close, but it was one of the first theaters to upgrade to the reclining seats. However, they must have had a water leak and didn't clean it properly and/or replace carpeting because some of their theaters have an extremely heavy musty smell. It is unbearable in some theaters and I have had to return tickets because of the smell or I have sat through it and ended up with a terrible headache afterwards. I still see movies here but I call to check on which theater it is being played in to avoid the smell.

Trish S

Seats are getting tattered. The place needs some care.

Quadear Maxwell

Great customer service

Rj Little

Loved it!! Beer and a movie, great option

Jacen Sherman

Beware of screen 4, either the projector or screen had a glowing area and shiny spots that were hard to ignore. The seats were nice though so that was a plus


I always come here for their super comfortable adjustable seats. Parking is plentiful underneath the shopping center (and nigh on impossible to find up top). Downside: wear layers! Sometimes the theaters are freezing... sometimes they're boiling.


The theatre location is good the service was fine and the facilities were well kept. HOWEVER... It was MISERABLY hot inside the theatre!! I could not enjoy the movie because I was so uncomfortably hot! And leather recliners were only salt in my sweaty wound. I certainly hope they wipe down all the seats with antibacterial cleaner because everyone was sweaty as they peeled themselves out of the chairs. I don't know if this is normal or the actual is broken but I will NOT be going back.

Alex Kim

Best theater seats. Soft reclining seats with foot rest.

Jen Baird

My hubby and I had a very easy experience using our discounted tickets at work to check in and the reclining seats were very comfortable!

Demetrius Brown

A nice place to enjoy movies. The sound quality has issues in some of the theaters and the 3D movies are a tad lacking on focus on the very rare occassion, but the drinks are rather large and they have reclining seats. Ticket pick up is rather quick with the online access and they allow alcohol to be purchased. Lots of shops for food nearby so if you are willing to wait you can grab a bite to eat that won't feel like it cost a ton. Its a very flexible location.

M Anaya

Great place to watch movies! even better if you actually pay for a ticket because they let u stay till the end!

Preston Moskowitz

Very nice comfy recliners, nice people, but you definitely pay for it.

Blair Gormley

It had current movies and new interior

Paul Kroog

I haven't been to AMC Worldhate in a long time. The theaters we're upgraded with recliners and it's nice to pull into the garage on a rainy day. But the garage smelled bad needs ventilation

Jackie C

There is decent food surrounding the theatre and a nice ice cream shop right next to the theatre. Parking can be annoying but there is plenty of it. The movie theatre itself is fabulous. Reclining Chairs are the way to go. I have had a good time seeing even the worst movies at AMC Worldgate. If you want to get really comfortable this is the place to go.

Brett Latour

This place is great. Has the latest reclining seats and is relatively clean every time. The staff could be more energetic but I think thats almost entirely this latest generation. I am an A list member so I am here often.

Dennis Moore

Clean,great seats,staff was very helpful!

Matt B

This theater stinks, and I don't mean that from a quality perspective. If anything, its a very comfortable and well appointed theater. In this case, I mean the smell. I think the building has some unresolved water remediation issues since it kinda has that damp-musty smell of a New Jersey basement in April. It breaks my heart too because its so close. I don't even have to get in my car to get there. If it didn't smell as it does, this would be my go-to joint. Instead I usually go to the Bowtie in Reston, and the parking there is.... well, I'll say sub-optimal. and leave it at that.

Michael Caine

Super comfy seating and atmosphere

Vidit Thakkar

Good reclining seats..

Zakariya Ferouz

The theater is really nice, but damn the snacks are overpriced.

Enrico De Conti

Very nice theater, reclinable chair very comfy. Small room, but good screen and nice place.

Dave Tam

Convenient, comfortable red recliners, clean, and very reasonably priced matinee deals!

Anca A.

Great armchairs, very comfortable.

Duncan Walter

Amazed by the picture quality of this theatre. It’s a smaller overall space but it’s well kept by the staff. If you visit the theater two or more times a month you should join the AMC A List, great value!

Monica Elaina

I like the location and set up here. They sell different foods and drinks which is nice. The last time I came there was teenagers working there and acting dumb. First, the girl that came up the register was like "what can I do for ya" and in a very rude way. Then, when she showed me the seating options on the screen I was pointing at the screen showing my friend the options. I guess they don't like when you point at the screen..and I wasn't even touching it by the way. The screen is not touch screen and there is a sign saying that. So she goes "screen is not touch screen" with an attitude.. I told her I know that and just showing my friend. Second, this boy who works there was hanging out and starts saying "it's not touch screen.." and then he repeats this about 2-3 times as if I was stupid. Clearly there is a sign there and I have been told once by the cashier. So he didn't have the get invloved. My friend put him in his place and he said he was just kidding. I told them it's rude to play around like that. We asked for a refund and left. They are very rude, unprofessional, and lazy. They treat people thinking we're idiots. Apparently making fun of other is fun


Went last night for the first time, Sunday 6:45pm show. Seats are comfortable but squeaky (seats 7-8 in theater 7) and also not as spacious as the Regal Dulles Town Center theater. I couldn’t recline until the folks in front of me reclined, because their upright chairs cut off the bottom of the screen if I’m reclined—there needs to be more of a sloped seating structure. What really put me off we’re the crazy prices—$21 for a Bavarian pretzel + large coke??? I passed and spent $15 on a medium popcorn + large soda and had to dump the popcorn after only eating maybe 1/10. It was bone dry and had zero salt or anything. I’m not much for the artificial butter flavoring at most theaters, or the other flavoring packets they sell, but most theaters at least add a little salt, which is enough for me. This tasted old and totally unseasoned. Can’t see us running back. We just tried it because the show time was good and it’s close to our house.

Wes Hirschhorn

Nice projection and sound. Reclining chairs are also really nice!


Kind of pricey, I paid $12 for a matinee ticket. It's in a good location and was clean. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Bharath Krishna

Theaters are smaller but seating is comfortable with recliners

La Familia

Nice theater. Could be five stars if it were kept cleaner and had better popcorn. ALSO: Be prepared for 20 minute coming attractions. Consistently. It is ridiculous.

Weiming Huynh

Great place to watch a movie after work. It's less stressful than driving in dmv traffic. Just get the A-List and you don't have to worry about the price. Just chill. If it was bigger and has IMAX it would get 5star

Naelis Ervin

My favorite theatre. I'm a loyal customer. Leather reclining seats are super comfortable and I love that you can reserve seating... Just in case you're running a little late. There's never a need to hunt for seating which makes life easier for everyone. Nice range of small and large theatres. Polite employees. Nice range of movie options.

Anibal Santos

It’s a good theater with fair prices. The seats recline and the size of the auditoriums are big. If you go in the mornings the prices are lower. The ticket machines in the entrance are a nice addition as sometimes lines can form at the main ticket booth. The person handling the tickets right before te entrance to the auditorium could have been more helpful. He was looking around not paying so much attention to the customer. Besides that it was a perfect experience.

monique hurley

Small theatre, but they give you a free ticket if something messes up. No pat downs.


The theatre was fine, clean good picture and sound with nice reclining seats. My issue is the concession area. None of the boards where lit up to see what they had nor the prices, the soda machines where out of many drink flavors, or like what I had, diet in the regular spot.

susmi kapa

This is the closest theater to our home, so we end up watching a lot of movies here and love the comfort of the seats and all the other amenities in this place. So imagine our surprise when we went to watch The Lion King movie and the food trays attached to the seats were very sticky and the cupholders had dried up stuff in them. I went and reported it (more like requested since it was the first time anything like this happened and I thought may be the cleaning crew forgot the cup holders) TWICE to a staff member and he said some one will come by to clean it, we waited and waited no body came! We paid over $60 in ticket prices for our family to watch this movie and the least we expect is a clean place to sit!!!! The theater staff was very irresponsible in not responding to my request and completely ignored their long standing customers!! I am not going back to this theater again. Would you? Look at the disgusting pics I took after waiting for them to come and clean it!!!!

Jose Cruz

Clean and not too expensive on food and drinks like other theaters, also seats very comfortable plus food stores and other locations very close by like cold stone... very convenient

Ross Rapoport

Cheap tickets on Tuesdays, comfy recliners. Great for my kid.

Marky Mark

Went to see Venom the second time. They had very nice reclining seats and a handy table top attached to the seat. The popcorn and sodas were fresh and refreshing. I didn't but you can get a mixed drink at their bar. I really like the several ways to get tickets. Kiosks and people help were readily available. Clean public areas and men's restroom.

Stacey Bronner

This was a small movie theater. It only could hold 79 people. Nice.

Kai Wirges

Best AMC theater I’ve been at personal (haven’t been at a lot to be honest). Popcorn, nachos and so on are pretty good. Bathrooms are fine, nothing to worry about (are usually very clean in my experience). I don’t know what else you would need from a movie theater. If you live nearby definitely worth it.

Dan Moldover

Several times over the past month we have gone and the air conditioning has been broken. This is one of the first theaters in the area with reclining seats and it is starting to show its age. Most recently I had an incident where a reward was on my account, and the cashier offer to pass on using it since my friend was paying. Their system use the reward anyway to which management responded "didn't you read the terms and conditions? Despite what the cashier offered, we still can't make any adjustments". If you have other options for theaters, you should use them. I'll be going back to using Regal once the minimum on my subscription ends.

Jeff Wishart

Tiny theater with tiny low-res screen for $15.

Maureen Fox

Reasonable prices for a movie and super comfortable recliners. But with limited seats, the theaters often sell out for popular shows!

Ted Wayne

Easily accessible parking and short lines

Vaughn Terpak

Best theater around.

Chris Boggs

Woldgate's never done me wrong. The matinees are affordable, the parking is plentiful, the theaters are clean, and the chairs are comfy. There's a fair number of good quality cinemas around, says something about Worldgate 9 that I end up there so often.

Treasa Clark

Nice theater with comfy, lazy boy style chairs that recline... best way to watch a movie!

Martin Ruiz

Decently priced, comfortable reclining seats, was a bit low on the volume during the movie but, not a big deal.

Hanning Xu

Theatre could use some renovation. Some auditoriums smell like mildew.

Adarsh suresh

small screen, great seats though

Amey Patil

Good mix of restaurants and entertainment options.

William Siegler

It's a movie theater. They have the reclining chairs which is awesome, But the chairs are a little old and the seen to have problems with their HVAC system consistently.

Sharad Baranwal

Recliners, comfortable seating, pop corn, polite and helpful staff, what else do you need while watching a movie. Oh, adult drinks and real food, you got it in this theater. Or you can go to any of the great restaurants next door.

Justin Gilliard

My favorite movie theater! Reclining chairs and you pick your seats when you purchase your ticket.

Jon F

This is my favorite movie theater. The individual theater rooms feel like they're geared more toward the comfort of the customer rather than toward cramming as many people in the room as possible. The best part of this place are the reclining seats which are comfortable and roomy. The reserved seating is also nice. This theater is generally cleaner than most others that I visited.

John Newhart

Recliner seats and easy, free parking make this a convenient and comfortable location.

Sandeep Vatturi

Awesome experience, they do have multiple lines at the box office and at concession stands making the lines go faster. The seats are recliners with a mini table stand for your snacks and drinks. The place inside a strip mall so for parking better go to the basement first as it saves a lot of time and they have stairs that lead right up to the theatres which is a convenient. Sound and picture quality was awesome. Only aspect which was not good was some mild bad smell. Overall it was good.


Love the staff and the movies there


I love going to this location. When I went they didn't have hotdogs... Was a bit disappointed and so where a few others who went to see Rambo. But, I love the seats

Miya Lee

They have friendly staff and clean theaters, but the Stub member line is ignored at concession. I had to walk up to an empty counter without being called, because the team members didn't acknowledge me as being in line. Refreshments, sound, and video quality were great! I wish the theater would upgrade to the recliner seats.

Kousik Ravula

It was a pleasant experience, they have multiple lines at the box office and at concession stands making the lines go faster. The seats are recliners with a mini table stand for your snacks and drinks. The place inside a strip mall so for parking better go to the basement first as it saves a lot of time and they have stairs that lead right up to the theatres which is a convenient.

Gururaj khalsa

Just a good place. Respectful and helpful staff. Good deals and the rewards program offers some pretty useful benefits. It is in a convenient location and is never overcrowded

Tameka Barbour

Awesome staff and very friendly. Great seats. Enjoyed family time.

g-ill b

Great place to see a movie. Renovated completely. ( shoes used to stick to floor). Plenty of garage parking..

Carly Bell

Love this movie theater. they have a small little bar in the lobby if you want to have a drink before a movie. The concession lines seem to take a long time to get through, but I rarely do that so not a big deal unless you are trying to run back to your seat quickly (which I was trying to do). the seats are these awesome red recliner chairs with plenty of space, tables, and ability to put up the arm rest in between 2 seats. I like that you reserve your seat up front so you know exactly where you are going.

Emily B

Our favorite local theatre. Not as crowded as a typical AMC, but has all the same great amenities and lots of parking.

Bhasker Dave

In reality probably a bit less than three stars but still an Ok theater. Notable pros and cons... seats recline more fully than other similar theaters but screens are on the small side and some of the theaters are in need of some maintenance (e.g. torn seats, broken recliners, general clean-up, etc...). Other amenities on par with its contemporaries (reserved seating, stadium seating, adult beverages, some extended food offerings).

Boris Ruhadze

My favorite movie theatre in the Herndon, Dulles, Sterling, Reston area. There's at least 4 other movie theaters to chose from, but this small AMC theatre is perfect. Has reclining seats, a small bar and it's NEVER busy with huge underground parking!


AMC Worldgate 9 en Virginia
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