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1001 Lynnhaven Mall Loop, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Located in: Lynnhaven Mall

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Steve onezerOne

Good theater, love the new Stubs member lines. Wish they would convert all the theaters to assigned seating. New Dolby theater is great. Stubs rewards program helps take a little sting out of the $8 bucket of popcorn.

Jeanne Barfield

Convenient location. The interior of the theater needs some "refreshing", more particularly the seats. They definitively need new upholstery. The last time I went one of the women bathroom was disgusting and most of the stalls were not useable.

Jamie D

Comfy and clean seats! My family loves it!

JamallWaletta Ponder

Went with my husband and our youngest child to see Avengers End Game. Two things in my experience that made this a five star experience for me; the movie and the fact that I was watching it with so many other geeks, especially my son and hubby. Otherwise, they'd get a three star, maybe a three and a half. Clean up the popcorn and drink spills and straighten up the restrooms. Pretty good experience though.

Arcilio Diaz

Enjoy the show. Clean comfortable and can't wait to come back. Awesome theater.


Staff was rude, I once watched an employee throw a bag of popcorn out of frustration of the customers waiting in line, the employees seen very uninterested in working there and are very rude. During one of the movies it seems there was a discoloration on the screen during the movie, there are other movie places around VB that you will have a better experience at, the only convenience this one suits is that its close to the mall.

Joyce Turner

Nice and clean..good quality sound..

silvia reyes

Become an amc stubs member! Best deals ever!!

Diana Bogert

Saw Downton Abbey movie in the new Dolby Digital theater it was awesome!

Dale Owens

Nice theater but sometimes the employees seem a little dense. Frank was helpful when the butter gauntlet was empty, appreciate his quickness to help a customer. Good kid.

Brandon Laney

Friday night on a major movie premiere weekend, only have 1 person working the ticket counter and 2 people the snack counter. Waited a long time for everything. Just overall it was dirty and understaffed.

Kait Smiddy

Wayyyyyyyyy better than Regal. Honestly I love that they have the Coke machines where you can choose ANY drink you want vs. just a coke or sprite. For the amount of traffic, it's pretty clean, just the usual sticky counters and floors around the soda fountains. Beautiful new Dolby theater. The regular theaters are nice too but the seats always feel damp and are starting to look a little worn and dirty.

Dennis Burt

Love the new Dolby theaters, great sound and video quality and the seats are AWESOME.

Justin M

Great bar, needs more food options. Just discovered that they have reservation seats. Awesome!

Matthew Havash

Dirty, uncomfortable seats, especially in the IMAX section. If you don't get there early enough to sit in the front of the rear section so you can put your feet up on the bars, it's like trying to watch a movie in coach on a cross country flight. The snack bar is average, staff is usually cordial. People who give this place five stars have never been to Regal Strawbridge, who have been the gold standard for as long as I can remember. Good things? It has a bar... It's centrally located next to Lynnhaven Mall. *I have heard they're updating to reserved reclining seats. If so, I'll have to return and reassess this theater.


We just moved to the area and have came to this theater several times in the past 2 months. Ive enjoyed the $5 refillable bucket and the $5 matinee tickets for my family. Only thing to complain about, if i were to compare to other theaters, is that they dont offer powder seasonings to flavor your popcorn; only butter... although you can buy gourmet popcorn! And the cashier line can also take a while.

Vernon Mason

AMC Lynnhaven always provides the best service and I've been here for over 6 yrs in attendance. Whenever you visit, get a drink from Dana at the bar and say I sent you. She is amazing and will take great care of you. I am a premier member for life. Thanks AMC Lynnhaven team! See you real soon.

Susanna Davis

I just saw The Joker and although the picture quality and sound were top notch, the theater itself needs a deep cleaning. My feet stuck to the floor and the cup holders needed some bleach and a q-tip. Part of my seat was missing a huge section of cushion. If the Greyhound bus station had a line of movie theaters, they'd be cleaner than AMC Lynnhaven.

Sheila Gassmann

Everyone that works there are nice and helpful. The only problem I have is thst the popcorn is super small and not warm when I get it. But with as many AMC theater's in 3 states I've been to, unfortunately I'm thinking that's the norm for this chain.

Drew Johnson

It was great, the service was awesome, very nice and clean facility. Overall great experience.

Joyce Drakeford

A lot of kids but I thought it was genius they put the R movies on 1 side and the other ratings on the opposite side. Everyone was friendly and the theater was clean.

Rico B

Ok movie theater. Clean up after shows need improvement. Vibrating seats are comfortable though.


I love the new setup and drink machines! Still one of my favorite theaters!

John Paluska

Great seats, great sound quality. Only downside was they were having te hnical difficulties before the movie played. It was resolved when the movie began playing though.

Melinda Hancock

Great place to watch 3D movies. Always clean and the staff are great.

Scott Bland

This theater has gone down hill and needs major updating. AMC is "supposed" to be the better place to go see movies but to be honest, I feel like I need a shower every time I go see a movie there. Instead of getting a bar to serve drinks to adults that can't handle their liquor and ruin movies for everyone else, they should have upgraded their seats to reclining seats. I'll continue to drive the extra 10 minutes to go to Regal Strawbridge... their popcorn was decent. 3 out of 5.

Paul Jennings

An overall good movie theater. The bar in the lobby has a decent selection and surprisingly is not very overpriced. Two large draft beers and movie tickets came to about $35, which is about what I would expect. The sitting is reserved seating, which I like, but the seats themselves are a little old and could be upgraded.

Renee Williams

My son and I went to see Glass this morning. We are visiting from out of town. The theater appeared to be really clean. The staff from the front booth ticket clerk to our ticket taker to the concession clerk, were so friendly and professional. The restrooms were clean. Now the seats in the theater itself were stained and need a good cleaning, so do the cup holders connected to the armrest. They were filthy.

Todd Sites

Comfortable seating, great selection of food and beverages.

Pamela Kennedy

Love. Get to choose your own seats. The Dolby theater is amazing. Only place we go to.

Markus Galloway

Went to a showing with the Dolby sound seating. Seats are very comfortable. Sound are picture were amazing as well. Money well spent.


Way over priced on food as all movie theaters but this one took the cake. All in all staff working the actual theater rooms were rude. Staff in front were blah. Oh well movie was awesome atleast.

Jacob Anthony Barela

The Theater was immaculate and comfortable. They had a great variety of food and beverages. I enjoyed delicious chicken sliders and mini tacos which O washed down with a nice cold lager from the bar.

Brenda Olsen

Saw a great movie, ate some popcorn and had a coke.

stacy oglesbee

We were visiting from out of town and saw The Lion King in IMAX. theater was nice inside and not too dirty. They had the old style seats that have red upholstery, they don't recline. The arm rest have cup holders and they fold up. Just not what we are used to. We usually have the leather reclining seats with light up cup holder and buttons in our area.

Brandon Gosling

Frankie was very friendly as we chatted. He effortlessly helped me with recommendations on dinner after the movie. The restaurant he suggested was perfect and my girlfriend was impressed. Very smart guy. AMC has some good employees.

Lind Canino

Excellent service and great food and movies


Floor was very dirty inside and out. Would recommend going to a cleaner facility. Won’t be coming here again.

Chad Post

Clean and great selection of stores.


Went to go see Child's Play last night and I honestly can say I've never heard a crowd of people talk so much during a movie in my life. I could barely hear ANY of the movie with the people behind me having whole conversations for literally the entire time. I couldn't even move because it's assigned seating and there were a lot of people in the theater. I was furious that I paid 40 dollars to see a movie with my friends to not be able to enjoy/hear majority of it. Why doesn't the theater monitor this?? I know for a fact if just one person even checked that theater for talkers for even 3 minutes they would've kicked them out. If you wanna see a movie in this area don't go here. They don't monitor the theaters and let people talk/ruin the movie that you pay soooo much to see.

Alfred White

Just came from seeing "It" with my family and friends... The Dolby Atmos theater WAS AMAZING!! Aside from a great show, the sound literally I could feel!

Mirta Pimentel

Movie selection is good. Having Fathom Events is a big plus. BUT, it smells funky! It's like a mixture of moldy, dankness... yuck!

Cassandra Penson

The. Movie. Theatre. Was. In Tip Top. Shape

Renee Jackson

Huge theater with bar and food. Location is great right next to the mall. I went to a late show about 5 people in the theater i really enjoyed the movie. No assigned seats.


Not good for a Saturday night. Only two people doing snacks which made the wait time very long.

Nicky Vids

It's fun and alot of marvel fans there

Eric Violette

Only way to see movies is with AMC Dolby Cinema. Sound and picture is amazing! Chairs also rumble and recline! Here's a tip, sit in the middle of the theatre, in the middle seats! Best. Sound. Ever!

Shane Mac

Clean theater, friendly staff, and good vibe.

Kenneth Bose Jr.

Nothing like going to see a great anticipated movie in all the available formats like: 3-D or "IMAX"

Algernon Primm

Great theater with reserved seating, larger screen and very clean!

John Ross

Nice location. Theater rooms seem plenty nice enough. If you want to make your movie on time and get anything from concessions go half a day early. The concessions area is AS grossly disinterested in service as the 10,000 percent mark up on the popcorn. I actually gave a manager who finally appeared to help fix the “frozen” screen on the cash register 20 dollars for my 17 dollar total. I simply said I would gladly forfeit the extra 3 dollars to be done with the LINE. PATHETIC!!!!!

colleen ackerson

Saw an early preview showing of Overcomer, and it was amazing!! Movie theatre typical size, bathroom stalls small as expected, floor mostly clean in viewing area. Best part of trip was the movie itself. I'll see the movie several times but I'll go somewhere closer to where I live.

Kathy Severance

Who doesnt live free refills and a clean theater.

Sarah Phelan

Its long I apologize but there is no short way of saying this. My husband and I don't do the movies very often but had a gift card. We bought our tickets online about 2 days before the movie. For a 9:10 viewing, we got there at 8:40 was told the theater would be ready in about 5 minutes. Grabbed our popcorn after a 20 minute wait in line for it, there was only one person working at the counter. We walked to our theater the trash cans were still overflowing with popcorn all over the theater. I paid extra for reserved seating and got to just a regular theater, dirty none the less. My husband and I were sitting there waiting and 9:20 rolls around as I'm about to say something when more viewers are walking in and informed me they bought tickets for 9:30. Well. 9:40 comes around and about 6 of us went to go speak to someone along multiple occasions one man went about 4 times alone to speak to someone. Each person gets told "I'm sending someone up" finally at 10:00 the movie starts to play. Oh but wait. After the movie as I was leaving, I went to use the restroom and there was POOP all over a few toilets. I was absolutely repulsed. Someone had taken a handful and smeared it all over. I will NEVER be returning to this theater.

Brandon Mccollum

I can't get enough of the Dolby Cinema with the power reclining chairs. I wish every movie was available in the Dolby Cinema. Just like most other theaters the food is always out of this world expensive but sometimes you find some decent stuff. For me it's there parmesan garlic pretzel bites, they hit the spot while watching a movie, these don't seem to be offered at any other theaters other than AMC. I am use to the prices for Cinemark 18 in Norfolk, so ticket prices at AMC are a little high, but if the movie is available in Dolby Cinema it's worth every penny. I also have to admit that I don't like the line separations for the stubs list or whatever they are, but I get why they do it and I understand, but hey I admit sometimes I want my cake and I want to eat it too and not pay extra for it if you know what I mean!!

Ana M

My husband and I used to have a great time and enjoyable experience at this location. The popcorn is tasty and fresh, the soda machines work well, and the staff is friendly and helpful. However, the theater has gotten dirtier in the past couple of months. Every time we've gone within the past six months, the floor by the soda machines is constantly, noisily sticky, there is popcorn all over the floor, and the bathrooms are disgusting. Either out of toilet paper, or half the toilets are clogged or unflushed. The final straw is the seating in the regular theaters (not Dolby or IMAX): The seats are filthy! I sat down to enjoy a movie and when we got up, I found someone had left their gum or a piece of sticky candy on the seat and it got stuck to the back of my leggings. This theater used to be a five-star to me, but the conditions have gotten so bad that I can't give it five anymore. Clean the messes thoroughly please!

Craig Hopper

Really good time. Great popcorn w/refill. We'll be back. Doing the camphost thing at First Landing State park. I'll tell all my campers what a nice theater you have, and I appreciate the on site security.

Jon Peek

Good. Little loud for my taste.

Khalif Lane

I have been coming here for years. I love the atmosphere and the people to work there. It really is the best theater i've ever been to on the east coast.


this has always been my goto movie spot.. friendly staff.. excellent picture and sound quality.. and an overall great experience.. my only 2 pet peeves about this place.. they routinely forget to close the theater doors so outside noise sometimes ruins the movie a little.. and not a fan of the segregation style concession lines where paying members get served faster than other customers.. I'm already spending quite a bit on the food itself and I shouldn't have to pay a premium to get served faster.. but bravo on finally getting all reserved seating takes the stress out of having to show up early for good seats.. overall still my fave movie spot and haven't found anything better.. thanks AMC

Brandon Poulter

Affordable early movie showings but the concessions are another story. Their candy prices would make Busch Gardens blush. It's one thing to make a profit off of something but to gouge families unnecessarily is shameful. There were over 10 pieces of old gum stuck to the floor in front of our seats which we had to choose when we bought our tickets. So we were stuck there, literally. Disgusting.

Joshua Clark

Saw John wick 3 and Aladdin seperate times here and good overall experience

Nick B.

Great movie theater with decent staff. They always have special events going on. Just recently I got to see “The Matrix” in their impressive Dolby theater. The malls food court is right across from the theater also if you need a quick bite before the show.

Sam Dawson

Avoid during warm days at all costs. I have been coming here for years,. I have seen every Marvel movie in Theatre 9, Seat J13 since the release of reserved seating. Prior to that I would stand in line for hours at times to secure good seats for blockbusters. In the past year I have noticed that either management has refused to turn the AC to a reasonable temperature or purposefully keeps the temperature higher to keep down on the power bill, making the larger theatres unbearable for longer films. I have complained on multiple occasions and the issue has not been addressed. Along with lacking the same comfort features other locations now boast this theatre doesn't do the one thing Movies have always done on summer days, provided shelter from the heat during a film. I will be taking my business elsewhere, where customer comfort is a priority. I suggest you do the same.

Brian Williams

I love the Dolby theater the best


Come here frequently. Needs more reclined seating . Currently, there are only 2 theaters with reclining seats.

Matthew Bridgwood

IMAX theater was a good experience. Clean and professional.

Visla Eraclaire

The new imax theater has some very comfortable seats though I think the seat rumbling sound might be a bit much.

James H. Dinkins II

There are very few places I like. Of all the theaters in the area this is the best one. Applause I love talking not so much. This has the applause. One thing wrong you had one snack bar staff that was a little stiff on attitude. I am a person that fully believes in if don't like your job change it. Don't be a waste to your team.

Debra Hilliard

Exceptional customer service skills was displayed this day.

Mike Evans

Ok theater. A little outdated but the screens are good. They do have a full bar out front so that helps add a star.

Ed C.

Great theater. Imax. 3d. Huge. Only thing missing is recliners. But you still can reserve seat locations, which is most important part.

Dewayne Mitchell

The seats where recliners that's awesome. Snackage was super sized. But by far the sound system for the auditorium 10 was extreme the seats vibrated could not have been happier with my experience tonight thank you guys awesome job. Staff was amazing as well polite and helpful

Ms. V sofly

They still have the old raggedy chairs the AMC in Hampton updated to recliners push back. With this being VA Beach location I thought it would have updated too. They really need to lower there prices I won't be back until they can compete with the best. Doesn't make any sense to pay the same price for the old smelly uncomfortable bed bugs chairs when you can watch a movie in the nice fancy ones for the same fee.

David Brawley

It is a nice theater. They will get you at the snack bar but what theater doesn't.

Krystle Watson

Went to go see Creed II and it was AWESOME!! The movie was packed. I got popcorn and a drink. The line was kind of long but it went pretty fast. Overall great service.

Mary Kitts

I love choosing my seats ahead of movie time!!

Anne Hoke

What is going on with this place??? I love this theater but Everytime I have gone in the past couple of months it seems to be slipping a bit more then last time. Also I have had alot of rudeness as well. You guys need to fix it, I don't want to find another theater to enjoy.

Sandy Beall

Saw the new Hobbs and Shaw. Great!

Maria Burgos

Love the comfort. Seats are amazing and they keep it clean. They also sell alcohol

Evan H L

This is probably one of the nicer theaters in the area, if not the nicest. I just wish the concessions weren't so expensive, but hey I think most cinemas are like that. There are plenty of shops and restaurants around too, so you can eat and kill some time before or after the movie.

jeanette perez

Love the Theater ❤️ clean & very friendly place to watch a movie

brian schoppaul

Even though it's pricey it's still good

Ed Thomas

Very nice presentation here. The staff at the ticket checkout pointed me in the wrong direction to view my movie, leaving me to figure it out on my own, but that wouldn't ruin the day. Very nice size theaters, with plenty of options on How you want to see your movie. I'll be back at some point. #Hollaaa!!


Good movie theater. Modern and up to date. Even has a bar. Theater 16 is a tad bit smaller than the others though.

Blu Magi

Haven't been to one in a while i like the better food options better than Regal cinemas. 4 stars for the cinnamon pretzel bites no kind of taste other than the cinnamon sugar throw a little salt in the mix at least. Spicy chicken tacos was actually good especially with the ranch sauce.

Raye Harville

Clean, friendly staff, and enough lines to make purchasing tickets and concessions a breeze. I love the assigned seating - it's never a race into a dark theater to see which seats are left.

Cathy Beer

I thought it would be nice to take my granddaughter to the movie, so after pulling up the website I see it's reserved seating. I find a movie and proceed to checkout, but when my total looks a little high I check it. I guess they don't make enough off the regular ticket price so they found a way to tack on $ 3.75 more. Can you believe this.

Google User

I love this particular AMC theater and have been going here for years. However, the customer service, cleanliness, and quality has decreased drastically. The cashier gave us a fit about applying discounts, and acted as though she hated her job. The floors are always dirty, no one comes by to sweep every now and then as they used to. And the bathrooms are absolutely disgusting. The theater experience itself is spot on though!

Richard T Hamilton

Lion King in IMAX 3D was good

Mary Connell

I stopped in today to see a movie with my husband and daughter. I like coming here even though it's a bit out of my way. The theater is spacious and clean. I wish the prices were lower, but we go to matinees and avoid the concession stand.

Cary J Woodbury

Friendly service, very reasonable prices, clean restroom, typical fast foods offered at this type of venue ( I like the drink fountain is self served), quality screen in theater.


Saw Godzilla King of Monsters at their IMAX... just WOW! Clean place, awesome staff, quick service times and great movie viewing experience.

Eugene Guidry

I when to see Hobbs and Shaw on August 1st at Lynnhaven AMC 18 Dolby theater. They had issues that delayed the show for 35 minutes and didn't really get the normal Dolby theater effects.

Hunter Manson

Average movie theater. Starting to get a little dated.

Michelle Sterling

Great customer service, theater should be clean a little more often.

Netfa Fodiaba I

ALWAYS clean, don't have to swim through previous movie viewers trash. Staff are pleasingly helpful. Selection of films allows GREAT choices. Parking can present a problem but you can't win them all.

Alex Rubio

My experience was good. I ordered a regular popcorn and large fountain drink. The seating was adequate however I was expecting reclining seats like regal cinemas have. These seats did not recline. Over time they became uncomfortable.

Freedom 777

Their computer was not working , long line standing outside, We ordered on line we were able to watch the movie. Should be a way to let people in to watch the movie ! They could use a calculator if need be, Also popcorn stand not working because of the computer not working ?

Jennifer Dolehite

Facilities are nice with good sound and no noise from the theater next door. Theater is clean and they have a great variety of snack choices. I didn't expect the food choices to be as expensive as they were. Not even water is under $4 and ranges up to near $20 for a drink and snack. Be prepared. I didn't like that the concessions offer 3 sizes, but only 2 have prices posted. I felt confused as to which was what until I could ask the server, which too longer to serve me. I could have made the decision while waiting in line.

Andra Sailey

The Dolby theater is great! So comfy. The pretzel bites were yummy and the drinks aren't so stupidly huge at AMC.

John Taliaferro

Just took the family to see free pre-screening of the movie abominable loved it!

Deeona Nussbaum

Saw the lion king in 3 D, very very good AMC does need to clean their bathrooms they were filthy no toilet paper in the stalls.

Maureen L

Got some tickets for a gift at Christmas. Took my husband today to see Rocketman. Was told there was a hold on our gift tickets. Was VERY, VERY upset. My husband us now handicapped and we live in Norfolk close to the airport. We went all that way just to be told, sorry. Write this email address scan your tickets and see what happens !!!! Really, what kind of business are you running here ?? I should of asked for a manager but was so upset wasn't thinking clearly. So DO NOT BUY GIFT TICKETS FRIM THIS PLACE. The same thing might happen to you. I fid ask how much a ticket cost gor the time we were there and 13.99 a ticket. Really ??? We are seniors and on a fixed income. I guess we will continue to go to Military Circle Mall. We are treated with respect there and my husband will get to see his movie. We can watch 3 movies there for Lynnhaven 's price. Plus, I know he will be comfortable in their seats. Don't know what Lynnhaven us like since we were rejected. I am still so upset.

Jthero R

The reserved seating seemed really cool at first, but I've found it actually sucks for a packed theater because people don't follow it. There were two times out of literally three that we went here and our seats were taken. One was a big, super intimidating dude. The other was a giant gaggle of a dozen children in an already full theater which would cause a headache, so we ended up finding seats online that hadn't been bought and sat there, which is sorta' stressful. Wasn't asked to move, but it was so annoying because I would see other people whisper to people in their seats to move, which set off a long chain reaction of people then going to their intended seats and asking them to move, too. Musical chairs would be going on during the beginning of the movie, which is supposed to set the tone of the film. Very distracting. The rest of the theater was fine, but the poorly-managed reserved seating situation stood out the most to me. I don't want to find an usher. I'd rather just pick a seat and chill. I'll stick to my normal theater.

Marcia Daugherty

Nice setup, pleasant and reasonably clean, staff seems polite and helpful. Not too crowded on a Saturday night, so they must be staggering the movie times well. Good job, AMC!

Kelly Osborne

Saturday night should have a better staff, waited over 20 minutes for concessions.


AMC is a really great movie theater. It has delicious buttered popcorn and sweet candy. Not to mention it has comfortable seats, and fantastic movies! It is a very fun place that the whole family will enjoy. SUB TO MY YOUTUBE HYROI FN PLEASE TL:DR AMC is a great movie theater, and subscribe to my youtube channel Hyroi FN.

Michael Branch

That Dolby amc surround sound theater with reclining seats is awesome. I have only one request... Make more movies available in it.

Joseph Faustino

Probably the best movie theater in Virginia Beach because they have both a Dolby Theater and an IMAX screen. However, the popcorn is 90% of the time salty and the employees do not enforce A-list/stub reward members line when getting tickets or concessions. The employees need to communicate more with the customers when distinguishing who they are servicing next in line. 4/30/19 AMC lynnhaven management must have been reading my review because after going back for the past 3-4 times, the popcorn is actually not salty anymore. It's actually good now!! AMC can save money on salt and customers can enjoy the popcorn. If someone wants more salt, all they should have to do is have to ask for additional salt in their own container. I'm actually impressed. It's a win-win situation for both the consumer and AMC. I'll add a star back for remedying this issue. However, the A-list/stub members are still not being provided the customer service they deserve. We do pay for this service and still the employees are not doing their job. I'll add another star back when management fixes this issue.

Jz Lo

Popcorn is freakin expensive... lol

Matthew V

Staff is rude. Theater seats are dirty. Food is okay.

Henry Whelchel

Five stars are given for theater number 10 where I just saw Bohemian Rhapsody. The sound system is superb, and includes seat shakers for the low bass. Projection is digital state-of-the-art. Seats are large, and as close to a good electrically adjustable ergonomic recliner as I've experienced in any theater.

Duncan Walter

Saw Captain Marvel in the Dolby theater. Very clean and the film experience was top notch. Just wish the entire theatre had reserved seating.


Love this theater. Usually clean and a nice imax theater. Lots of food nearby to grab after/before a movie. Great experience overall.

dre wil

The Dolby Cinema is so nice! It has reclining seats that vibrate, a lot of leg room, & you can reserve your seat. I never knew it was in there, but that will be my go to spot from now on

Shawn Hinkle

Love the reserve seating with recliners.

Andy Roy

Clean and great customer service

Kimberly Green

Great theatre I was expecting the nice recliner leather seats, but that’s not what we got:( but the theatre was clean and the workers were very polite!! Five stars because of the nice layout and outstanding customer service!

Young Italy

Wouldnt let me see a movie or my friends without an ID! Dont come to this theater they are unprofessional and require ID

Miles Stanley Ward

I always go there to watch upcoming PG and PG-13 movies coming out including anime and classic movies. I only watch R movies if it's suits me.

John Marr

A good theater, bathrooms could use more attention and they need to enforce the no phone policy more, but over all a good film viewing experience.

Shane Gilson

Nice place good theatre but OML the prices!! A large pop corn is the same as a ticket! And even a military discount doesn't make a dent. Also the medium popcorn is way too small. And the large is way too large. And expensive. Others than that I like it.

Kaila Jarvis

Great size screen with soft chairs and small theater rooms. Just Wish the arm rest went back more to allow more comfortable cuddling. Like laying my head on their shoulder or something.

Kevin Olidan

Clean movie theatre and glad they play Filipino movies and other diverse films. Great experience and has close proximity to the mall.

Kristen Y

One single employee was friendly out of every single one we interacted with. The people working the concession stand didn't even care that they were there. We didn't realize until after we were seated that we didn't get everything we ordered, and we weren't crawling back over 10 people to get back out. Then afterwards when we asked for a manager to get a refund she ignored us for a bit, then ran off with our credit card to who knows where, only to come back several minutes later to say she couldn't find the charge in the system. She just all around had zero customer service skills. Also, the seats were not what was advertised on their website. We will not be returning, ever.


Staff is very nice and kind. Many options for popcorn flavouring. Overall, the theatre looks nice and clean. Seats are comfortable!!

Zoe herr0n

Nice employees, quick getting tickets and good food and drinks but as you probably already know higher price movie theater candy

xxdylanboixx 29

Really high quality stuff and very loud nice movies

Daniel Tenorio

This Theater was very Cozy, Lots of room to move around to get to your seat and very clean.

Letice Noble

Speedy check in very clean and the plus is it's connected to the mall.

Ron Jackson

Very nice theatre if you do NOT get anything from concessions. Waited so long could have watched half the movie in line. Others same issues.

Jill Wandoloski

I love the new Dolby Cinema. The blackout painting, reclining seats, and high def screen are great. They also have transducers in the seats to rumble you with loud noises. It’s perfect for action movies. I love that the seats are in pairs and that the middle arm rest can be moved out of the way. It let my husband and I snuggle a little while watching a movie.

Craig J Stafford

this place is awful; the concessions are outrageous, the ushers are worthless and the patrons are rude rude rude... it's why I stay home and stream,,, good luck in the future, as you won't be getting any of my money

Kageki Willis

Clean theaters and lobby Pretty good quality for digital Overall, pretty good experience Food is a bit pricey

Paullette Reed

Awesome Movie Club, it leaves the lsme "Movie Pass," program in the dust! With their program you get 3 free movies a week, plus VIP preference at concessions and you can choose your own movies. Movie pass can't come close to comparing to the excellent level of customer service offered by AMC Lynnhaven.

Randall Kemp

Solid movie theatre with a bar. They just got assigned seating which is a plus. Prices are yhe best especially on Tuesdays.

Robert de Doelder

Great seats in the Dolby theatre.

James Mason

Let me start by saying the movie was great, but the theater itself is lacking big time. The place is dirty and out dated. Needs to be refurbished. Seats were stained don't recline, carpets were slick in sports and stained heavily with a slight mildew smell, didn't want to eat the because if the place looked like this I could only imagine how the food was. Bathroom was a little dirty, but it was only 3pm and they still had the rest of the day ahead of then. We will stick to the one in Hampton with recling seats and leg rests, newer carpeting, and clean throughout. AMC makes enough money that I believe they can bring this one back to standards add they charge the same ad other higher end theaters. I don't like giving 3 stars, but have to be honest.


Clean and the lines go quickly

Holly T

Went to see Halloween with my daughter. It was her first scary movie experience! We had a great time. We ordered our tickets through Atom and was able to avoid standing in the long line to purchase by printing our tickets at the kiosk. The lobby area was a little messy but it was also a Saturday evening around 730pm.

Ottisha Williams

The wait for food/beverages was long, they had one person on the register and the line was around the corner. Then the waiting are for food was nasty(trash, popcorn cups etc on the floor). Let me not forget the bathrooms was nasty with no soap to wash your hands.

David Lopez

Good place to catch flixs

Shelly Hamilton

Great IMAX and they have caramel corn!

Donna Sutherland

Always a fun time, but dawg the popcorn is pricey!

K. Susan Huffer

Very rarely go to the movies any more. Took my grandson to see The Lion King and we went at a time when the tickets were cheaper, almost half price! The prices for soda, candy, popcorn, and all the rest of the refreshments are extremely expensive! The prices are ridiculous! Don't know why the tickets and refreshments have to be so high in price!

chris anders

Very nice clean place. Great experience

Jennifer Cregar

Saw a movie in the Dolby Theatre. The chairs were definitely an improvement but not as comfortable as some other theatres reclining chairs (i.e. the seats are up too high, the arms are too low, it does not bring your legs all the way up, etc. They are cushy though). The sound experience was awesome. It was very interactive!

Aaron Abreu

Nice theater. Assigned seats. It’s clean!

Kevin Goode

One of my favorite theaters to go to...

Charlotte Shenkenberger

Seats were comfortable. Popcorn was tasty, if a tad salty. The soda machines had a good variety of sodas. All in all, a good time!

Tracy Critser

This use to be a favorite theater for us. But our last visit we were welcomed with stained, dirty, sticky seats in a smelly theater. If I hadn't already bought the tickets and had kids in tow I probably would have left. They need a sprucing up.

S. Koiley

It's a nice big clean movie theater. Very quiet movie goers, no one was screaming the screen lol. The only negative is that you have to pick your own seats which holds up the line.

Tomas Pasquet

This movie theater gives you all the options. And what I mean is you don't have to stand in line to get tickets. They have the self buy kiosks where you can look up movie times and check availability. The easy pay is easy to use and fast. They're customer service is great and they keep the place clean including their public restrooms which is a major plus! They're popcorn is always fresh and you can decide how much butter you want. Of course it would be great if snacks didn't cost as much as a plate at Red Lobster but at least their candy boxes are extra large. I would definitely recommend this movie theater to any and everyone! It's close to 485 which connects to i-85 and i-77 .

KNew MAccount

It is a great theater that is keeping up with the trends and technology to give the best experience

Alan Famiglietti

Watch Spider-Man far from home and IMAX what a awesome experience the facility was great

Steve Kitchen

Great theater that has been there for a long time but there are theaters nearby with nicer seats at about the same price. I don't like kicking the guy in front of me's seat everytime I cross my feet anymore than he does. Widen the aisles please and get reclining seats please


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