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REVIEWS OF West Newton Cinema IN Vermont

Donna Byer

Good local cinema. Needs a little updating, but I can see how they like to maintain the character of the theatre.

Camille Evans

This place is a gem for locals. It's old-fashioned which personally I enjoy, and it has a nice art-deco interior. Yeah it takes cash, deal with it! It plays really great independent and foreign films. It's for people who appreciate film and don't necesarily need all the glitz of the other huge cinemas around.

Scott MacKenzie

Would be 5 but this is the first movie theater I've been to that I watched a mouse grab a piece of my popcorn and scurry off with it. Also they have trouble usong Fandango but its a pretty old theater so the fact they use Fandango is pretty awesome

marcy stuart

This movie house REALLY needs renovating. It is old, tired, uncomfortable, and dirty. Could be so much more pleasant. Nothing quaint or nicely old fashioned. Icky!

Deborah Robinson

Older building, but comfortable seats. Several movies run in different rooms, simultaneously, so you can choose. Modest prices.

Tammy Perlman

Love watching movies at West Newton Cinema. Loads of character, great movie selection and awesome staff.

Joseph Montagna

Grimy yet cool

Maria Battaglia

Cozy friendly . I lost my hat and the staff found it for me. Super nice.

Andris Vizulis

I've been going to this cinema for years and I have to say that it consistently shows the kinds of movies I like (foreign films, documentaries, small budget ones). However, the "old school vibe" that they are proud of extends a little too far into penny pinching these days. Instead of selling tickets at the old school ticket booth, they're sold at the popcorn stand; marquis, entrance and lobby, and the theaters themselves seem a little shabby.

Yoni Musher

Great little place, cheap and has movies you won't find anywhere else.

Connie A

West Newton has a great selection of movies -- however, the house lights came on during the key final scene at the end of a movie, completely ruining the movie. I reported the problem and was told, "there's nothing we can do -- it's digital -- they come that way" which is completely ridiculous. I persisted, and was finally told the problem would be "reported." I went back a few days later, to see a different movie (another $11 cash before 6pm movie) and AGAIN the house lights came on before the movie had ended and remained on all through the credits. I reported the problem again to seemingly more alert employees, and to the owner himself, but who knows if they have fixed the problem. To anyone who loves movies (their target audience) having the house lights pop on before the movie ends & remain on throughout the credit is completely unacceptable & ruins the whole movie.

Vitaliy Schafer

Fantastic old school movie theater

A Hoyt

This theatre is pretty dirty and rundown. The seats are ripped up and make a ton of noise. There was food on the floor...I probably won't be back.

Michael Bernstein

I love it here. Reminds of the olden days.

Judith Johnson

A revamped local cinema in a really nice neighborhood with lots of eateries nearby. A perfect spot for an evening out. Be prepared to walk up stairs. The seats seem fine to me. A nice mix of blockbusters and less mainstream films. I highly recommend it.

Loretta Dixon

N No elevAtor

Bhanu Jay

Theater is comfortable. Always award winning or international movies are shown. Ticket check person courteous. Evening time more parking available at the Santander parking lot. Big draw back -no elevator and at least 4 theaters are 2 levels upstairs. Old carpets.

Kimberly Cote

Cute old fashioned theater. Has many shows. Seats are old and uncomfortable.

Darya Denisova

Not a bad cinema. One big problem about it is parking - keep in mind if you aren't parked at the allowed spot they tow very quick. Another thing - the theater is pretty old and not so well maintained ( bathrooms are pretty nasty). What I like about this cinema though is they play rare stuff, movies you won't see at any AMC or elsewhere.

David Lerner

Best films, theater could use some freshening up

Aaron J

Has a nice theater feel, stuffy and shiny

Joshua Mann

Fun, old fashioned theatre. Cash only.

Keith Halpern

My email to theatre: I saw Gatsby yesterday. The theatre was the worst viewing experience I can recall. The screen size was ridiculously small. Worse, my knees were wedged into the sides of the seat in front of me. The most uncomfortable imaginable. For $11. From listings, I can't tell what theatre a particular movie is in. It is unlikely I will return, given the risk of being stuck in this "theatre" or something similar. Complete rip-off. And I noticed you don't give refunds after purchase. I assume because of people who go into this sort of box & want their money back. I was with my wife & son. If I had been alone, I would have walked out and asked for my money back.

Jillianna Farietta

Extremely friendly and accommodating staff. While the venue is a bit dated, it's honestly preferable to a lot of newer theaters if you like that retro aesthetic. Cash only! So just remember that going in.

Arnold Kraft

Movies are good. Seating is poor.

David Jackson

It is very comfy. Gives me the nostalgic feeling of a.special event. The people who attend are more available to discuss the films. Classic art,house.

Christopher Toole

Great old time theatre (divided into screening rooms)

Evan Fedeli

Not the best movie theatre. Weird shaped theatres, unconformable seats.

David Bennett

No fancy displays or marketing materials everywhere. No blaring sound system that rattles your teeth during simple dialog. Enjoy film art without all the main feature hype or commercialized previews. The cinema shows its age but will hopefully upgrade to full digital format with better seating soon.

Ellen Offner

This theatre has great movies. However, the facility is in desperate need of refurbishment and should provide a higher standard of cleanliness. I believe the egress is not reassuring about accessible, quick exits in event of fire or another adverse event. The owners should polish this jewel and make it more akin to the Coolidge, which underwent a major repositioning and improvement quite a few years ago. The fans will cheer! And profits will soar!

Glenn Parker

Crumbling art house theater. Good for the occasional rarity, then you remember why you haven't been there lately.

Mark Sabalauskas

Good curation of the popular films--ample parking.

Joseph Raffone

Great local movie theater. If you are looking for a modern movie theater with Dolby Digital blah blah, whatever, this isn't it. This place is kind of dumpy but it plays good movies. Some of the one star reviews clearly expected the soulless corporate theater - I prefer the dirty, haunted Indy joint any day.

PAP 52803

Perfect theatre venue -- the country needs more like this! Clean, comfortable, local, nice mix of indie, foreign, and commercial. Competitive prices and a much more welcoming ambience than multiplex. Thank you!!

Tanya Mysko

A charming, old movie theater. The seating is uncomfortable (think old seats from the 80s with springs that feel like they're about to pop into your rear), screens are tiny, and there is no reserved seating. Snacks are cash only. I didn't even want to check out the restroom. If you are looking for a modern cinema experience, look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a classic movie theater with great indie films, it's definitely worth checking out. I hope they modernize the theater in terms of adding credit card systems, beer, and reserved seating, but keep the charm of the theater itself.

Ben Sprecher

Wonderful neighborhood art house theater. Facilities are quite dated, but film selection is top notch. Cash only.

Aaron Brunner

Very nice and quiet theater to watch a movie.

Justin Kwiatkowski

Good local theatre. Shows many fine independent & foreign films.

Giselle Magrassi

The film looked bad, the image was cut and we couldn't enjoy the film at all. When we asked the local employees for help, they didn't solve the problem. Very bad service!

Bill Callahan

Charming older theater with indie films!

Mike Wazowski

When we went to see Dunkirk we walked in and there was no line for snacks and the ticketer was very nice and customer service was excellent!!!

Alice Humphrey

Movie club was excellent

E.M.M. Ashley

Always has the best films around. Along with Coolidge Corner and Brattle, it maintains the great tradition of quirky, thoughtful film in metro Boston.

Alexia Pico

Old but great theater. Best popcorn ever!!!

Josie Kamens

Great movies greater popcorn I reccomend it idk why anyone wouldnt. But..u don't need to go exactly on time theyre sometimes a bit late.

Anabela DaCosta

I have gone here several times. I think it is a shame to pay full price tickets when this theater needs major renovation. The seats are very uncomfortable and old and this place does not smell good. It is very hard to find a parking space around and I find that stressful. I am from out of town, and cannot understand why this theater does not get updated with better seats/accommodations.

Kathryn Peirce

Star Is Born! Great flick!

Eric Gould-Marian

Super old and dirty, and takes only cash. But tends to have good films. Main advantage is that it's closer than various megaplexes.

christine anthony

Great theater. Cash only!

Dan O'Brien

Very cool cinema, it is cash only so be aware of that prior to going. Luckily there are a couple ATMs around the area.

Christine Dorchak

I love visiting this authentic cinema. In fact, I am on my way there right now!

Jeanne F.

I have always loved the movies here and the popcorn is great as well as the location of the venue. But the theatre is so dingy and needs to be refurbished!!!!!!

Michael Audet

I’ve been to the West Newton Cinema twice this month (once for Call Me by Your Name and once for Lady Bird) and I have been infatuated both times. The exterior gives off a vintage vibe and once you step inside you are met with the same feeling. They are a cash-only establishment, so bring cash! Otherwise, they have an ATM in the lobby. The theater I saw CMBYN in was outdated and some of the seats were broken (when my friend sat down in one he fell to the floor). It was comical to both of us and made the experience a little more special! The theater in which I saw Lady Bird felt like the more modern/large-scale movie theaters at a shopping mall. The architecture remains historic, though. My friends and I hope to make this a routine trip!

Brian Russell

Indie and foreign movies in the burbs, easy parking, REAL butter on popcorn. Sounds like heaven doesn't it?

C Parm

Cozy theatre with both domestic and foreign film. Wish it was a bit cheaper but it's decent.

Karen Dauer

My husband and I saw A Star is Born here on Thursday, 12/27/18. The theater was festively busy. The theater is beautiful. We had a great movie experience watching the film and highly recommend this theater. The nostalgic feel of the theater is great. Two negatives things to note: 1: the cup holders at each seat in the theater are without a bottom so a water bottle falls through not usable expect for a wide cup. 2. We got the BIG bucket of popcorn (free refills = equalling basically a feed bag which we treat ourselves to now and again) and when I went out to get the refill the younger man at the popcorn counter acted shocked that I was asking for a refill. "Go to the end of the line!" Really? Is this reaction a regular response at West Newton? I have been at the Dedham Community Movie Theater where the clerk treats the popcorn refill with a more pleasant reaction.

Adam Schwartz

The West Newton Cinema is great. They have sessions film selection and the old fashion cinema is lovely. The seats squeak a bit, but this place is classic. All in all, a great package with tasty popcorn and refreshments including Starbucks coffee and hot tea. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to catch a great flick and enjoy the nostalgia of a classic theater

Alan Weisner

We came to see RBG after hearing how wonderful the movie is. Unfortunately, in spite of the film being outstanding, the theater left much to be desired. The seats in Auditorium four are uncomfortable, too low to the floor, to close to the seat in front, and offer little or no back support. I had to get up and stand on the side aisle because of the back pain i experienced. Worse than that, there was something noxious coming out of the ventilation system causing a severe asthma attack for my wife. We ended up leaving before the end of the film. It was frightening. And lastly, when I called to lodge these dissatisfaction the person answering the phone apologized but did not ask for any of my information so that I could get a response from the manager or owner. Though the movie was excellent (what we saw of it), $12 is too much to charge for a senior and this experience.


While I've read some reviews of the West Newton Cinema being less than favorable, I don't think those reviewers realize how lucky they are to have a little gem like this in their area. On the one hand, yes, I'll concede the theaters are small, owing to them obviously chopping a single-screen cinema into a small multiplex. But you can blame the economies of scale for that. Some may grouse about being cash only, but you can order tickets online, or visit one of the many banks nearby to use an ATM. They may not be slick like the more modern AMC and Regal Cinemas, but their vibe is a lot friendlier and more authentic. You won't be subjugated to 30 minutes of pre-show ads and trailers here. The theaters themselves are clean and well-kept, and they strike a decent balance between mainstream entertainments - mostly kid-oriented Disney and Pixar films - and the indie/art-house films, which are more my cup of tea. having an art-house cinema within a short walk of my home? That's priceless.

Alexander Tolivaisa

They don't take Credit Cards, and their theaters are too small.

Bill Freitas

Vintage old hometown theatre!! You must support places like this or else they will disappear!! Costs less than the big chain Mega movie theaters! I loved the entire experience!! 5 stars!!

Rosa Khorshidi, LMFT

Cozy and not fancy. Parking is an issue.

Emma Sutter

Old, dirty and just not a great atmosphere. They play great films, but I have found it to be not worth it due to the discomfort. Needs to be gutted and redone.

Bill Joseph

I know some people are nostalgic about this vintage theater. But nostalgia wears thin when the sound is horrible, the screen is pathetically small, the seating is miserably uncomfortable, the popcorn is stale, and parking can be difficult. Time to shut the door.

Carol M

West Newton is the only theater in Metro West Boston that consistently shows independent films, but (and it's a big but), the place is getting dirtier and dingier every year. The floors are sticky, the seats uncomfortable, and the upholstery is old and stained. I remember back in the day when this theater was fine. Maybe it just doesn't pay to run a theater like this anymore, but I wish the owners would at least keep it clean.

Ann G.

An old fashioned town center theater. Cash only. Shows a combination of popular and art films.

Gregory Denson

Good little theater, which shows a lot of excellent independent films. Make sure you bring cash, because they don't take credit cards.

Gayle DeBay

Good movies. Great popcorn.

Tamara Rabinovich

Great cinema! Excellent choice of movies, comfy seats, warm temperature and really friendly staff.

Melissa Quinn

Great theatre but bring cash

Eric Karten

One of the few remaining of a Dying Breed. They still use real butter on their popcorn! WNC has all the same popular movies that the chain theaters show. But if you want something slightly off the beaten path you'll find movies here that the big chains often won't touch.

Irina Arty

Theater needs a renovation. It is very well situated and visited by people. So, please replace those carpets. They are too old and smell. The owner needs to invest a little, giving a fact, the tickets are purchased by cash, the owner has a tax free business. Theater needs to me remodeled.

Douglas Hall

This is my favorite movie theater, and we have some wonderful ones in the Boston area. It has a very cozy, old-time, homey feel and none of the glitz of a big multiplex (although it does have many screens and always offers a great selection.) They play both current box-office leaders and more arty and international films. Very friendly staff, family feel, and great popcorn with real butter. This place is a gem!


I wish they had a better policy against talking in there. I've NEVER been to a movie where there wasn't a group of old people chatting away as if they'd gone to tea. Also, it's expensive, cash only and has small screens. Wish I could be more positive, because I appreciate that they keep it running.


A lovely alternative to the mammoth movie chains that are in the area. This place plays great films, the staff is friendly and helpful and the owner is one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. A real cinephiles dream.

Jack Roberts

Retro, beautiful, small theaters, clean, friendly staff, comfortable but squeaky seats

Ed Anglin

Small classic style theater with neat informality reminiscent of the Era it was built. Fun to catch films that are enhanced by larger than home theater screens.

Dylan Mashini

Cool theatre, but could use some renovations. It would be good for movie hopping.


I wasn't impressed. It's okay if your theater is old if your ticket prices are low. This place charges a lot, cash only and comes off old and dirty. They do show some good indie selections but I'd rather trek to Kendall Square or Coolidge cheaper prices and better theaters.

Jonathan Caplan

Wonderful old cinema! Right in town, so you can get a meal, too. (Try Sweet Tomatoes for a unique thin crust pizza down the street). Cash only.

Esther Messing

The owners haven’t put a penny in this place in 30 years. Half the seats are broken and your feet stick to the floors because it hasn’t had a good cleaning ever. They don’t take credit cards and the guy at the box office is rude and offensive. I hate to go there unless they are the only ones showing a film that I’m desperate to see. If you have a choice, go elsewhere.

Linda Wright

Great indie movies, quaint,comfortable, real butter on the popcorn!

Colby Weston

Cute local movie spot

A Google User

This is the worlds worst theater. It's a decrepit, stinky, fire trap. The bathrooms are disgusting. They only take cash. The place hasn't been cleaned in decades. The equipment is old and broken. The seats are at an odd angle with respect to the screen. The carpet and floor is sticky and gross! Half the seats are broken. The management is incredibly cheap. They haven't invested a dime in making the place habitable. It really should be condemned by the board of health and the fire department. I guess the city's inspectors are lazy and negligent or they're being paid off.

srinath dv

A unique movie experience - takes you back in time and somehow every movie ends up being great!!

Andrew C

Underrated. On occasion there will be a technical issue but hey, I teach film and I forgive them so...

Barbara Lerner

Good movies but it is a dump and not handicap friendly. Parking is hard

Mike Hanau

I love this sticky, artsy place!

Dacia Thompson

Old school theater. Great place for birthdays for older kids!

Ginda Fisher

A pleasant old fashioned Cinema with interesting offerings. The sight lines are good and there's enough leg room, so perhaps they've updated the seating.

Carolyn Mapes

Old style art house theatre. They finally got digital film cameras in the past few years, but the seats leave something to be desired. Nonetheless, great reminiscence time.

Krista Allen

When there are no decent movies in the big theatres, we come here for the more obscure films. Old-fashioned with character. Local artwork displayed on walls upstairs. Popular destination for the town's elderly population. Don't come if you can't manage the stairs. Finding the bathroom mid-movie can be tricky. Popcorn is fresh, snacks are limited. Parking can be a pain.

Lira Schwab

While it is an older theater, I love the snacks and the bathrooms were very clean.

Sabrina Pescosolido

I have been going to West Newton Cinema since I was a kid. Although I don't frequent it as much now, I still go from time to time. As much as I like to support local business I can not stand by the blantent rip off you experience when coming here. For $5.75 I got the pleasure of a cold, stale, small popcorn and for an additonal $5 and some change my husband got a small diet coke the same size of a kiddie cup at a restaurant. I am not sure they clean the machine but all you could taste was syrup. The bathrooms are a mess, things are broken and not repaired. That goes for the actual cinemas as well. Seats are torn and repaired with duct tape that is peeling off and dirty. I wish the owner would invest back into the property for the price I am paying for things he clearly can afford to.

michael leshinsky

Great local old Theater

Joel Elfman

The theater needs updated painting and general updating. My seat was uncomfortable...springs were popping into my posterior. The photo exhibit was was spectacular.p

Amber Challis

They only take cash which is odd at a movie theater

Joe Austin

**Cash only** Good selection of indie and art films, but theater needs to be updated a lot. Carpets had a weird smell to them, seats were old and grimy, etc etc. The whole place is a little run-down yet still expensive. They need to either lower costs of tickets or fix it up. At least start with updating your website and allowing online purchase of tickets!

Dale Graessle

This is a small, old world theater say from the 70s. Not a lot of flair, mostly off - market and foreign movies. Very small lobby with a cash - only ticket window. The two theater rooms are large and adequately comfortable. Decent sound systems, but nothing special.

Jules Nohra

Nice indie theater. Seats are comfortable and prices are lower than chain cinemas.

Zim Parchi

Not the most well maintained or the fanciest of theaters, but it is a really cozy place to go watch a movie. There is also a good chance they are playing something that you can't find anywhere else.

Jlm Jlm

Old school movie theater loved it

Robert S

Many of West Newton Theater 's movies are inaccessible to the mobility impaired. The theater desperately needs a wheelchair lift. Mobility impaired moviegoers are discriminated against. They can only get into the two first floor theaters. The ADA is 25 years old. When will the management get their act together and be responsive to a community that has a relatively high number of residents with mobility issues. Or are they ignorant to a significant percentage of their customers' requests. West Newton Cinema should be boycotted until they open the theater up to 100% of the population. Their response that they looked into putting an elevator in and said it was not possible is unacceptable. A elevator is not needed - a wheelchair lift is needed. Certainly they can find the space to install a lift. I have filed a complaint with the ADA.

Manny Merina

I love that this is small and quaint cinema. The staff are also friendly. But the smell oh my lord. From the hallway of 2nd floor and gets worst inside the theater. I thought if i stay long enough ill get used to it. But nope. I left the movie 15 minutes after it started, couldn't take it anymore. Hopefully the owner would at least pay attention to its cleanliness.

Jeremy Patton

If you're looking for a creepy, possibly haunted, cinema to be murdered at, this is the place for you! The small screen and awkward viewing angle of the film almost guarantees you will be thrown down the row of seats violently by your assailant while you are doubtless leaning forward trying to get a better view. Certainly, the strange seat arrangements provides ample opportunity for breaking your neck with a satisfying crack. And if a serial killer doesn't get you, the ages old seating will. At any moment one of the ancient springs poking into your rear will escape from the chair with such veracity as to pin you to the ceiling. This is provided the chair works and you can fit in it. The only draw back is that the sound system is too puny to hide your blood curdling screams as the end approaches. The lack of bass, or any significant speakers means your yelps of terror may echo through the halls alerting your friends to escape while they still can. On the other hand, there'll probably be no one else there, so, no witnesses, at least. Oh, and cash only. So when the police come investigating, there won't be a paper trail for them to follow. That's a plus.

Charles Trageser

Good movies. Theaters could use sprucing up.

Kol Chu Birke

Super quaint theater that often is relatively empty. Convenient, well run, a delightful throwback.

Fred Arnstein

We've been going to the West Newton Cinema for years and years. We're blessed that it's within easy driving distance for us. But even if we were further away, we'd go there because of the great selection of movies. Because they have multiple screens there's always something there worth watching. This is an "art" theatre. They don't have a lot of action pics. But they do have a wide variety of good films, including children's ones. The atmosphere is comfy and old fashioned. The popcorn is good. Can't miss.

Arthur Andrade

We enjoyed our movie with great sounds and picture

fred Wanger

Just a great local treasure.

Leandro Alvarez

Charming art deco theater. My local favorite.

Seth Schorr

Great Cinema. A beautiful multi-plex.

Tyler Davis

A nice older movie theater.

Niccolo Gandini

Whatever you do - DO NOT COME HERE. Rude staff, projectors don’t work. Was screamed at by the staff for asking them to fix the screen and have the lights off. NEVER AGAIN

douglas roberts

Great local movie house , but cash only :-(

Janet Porcaro

West Newton Cinema is a wonderful local move theater. Great place to take in a movie and enjoy one of the terrific dining spots around town. The painting was done by local artist, Gene Mackles.

Emi Lundberg

BEST POPCORN EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes our family goes there just for the popcorn. We don't even see the movie, just buy the popcorn. We wanted to buy 2 larges once, and the lady at the counter said "No, you only have to pay for one. It gets free refills.

Ben Siu

Great local movie theater

Virginia Ewell

Local. Great quality movies. Priced right. Friendly helpful staff. My first choice when going out.

Nancy Lane

I go to this over priced very shabby theater because it is the only place nearby to see independent film. If there were other choices I would go to them.


Not fancy..but great variety of movies and senior discount..

Barbara Saltzstein

I am grateful that The West Newton Cinema still shows quality films. It is more that The Cinema is so dirty, chairs falling apart, so in need of repair to ensure it's success moving into the future. They also charge a lot for films in this type of venue. No senior rate at all.

Gennady Kassian

Unique place with amazing non-commercial atmosphere

Les Gore

Great taste in films shown here. The maintenance and upkeep of the overall interior, including the theater seating, is quite lacking.

Jack Arsenault

Refurbished cinema showing older, sometimes artsy, movies.

Chris C.

Not sure why a bunch of people came fully equipped with flashlights after the start of the movie and decided to loudly try to figure out where they should sit

Marco Baldassarre

Great old building, but please work on the cleanliness and replacing the carpets at a minimum. You should start a restoration campaign.

Tracey Terrazzano

Old theater feel....friendly staff. Smaller theater which makes for a more quaint experience.

Bob Gifford

Primarily artsy non-commercial movies so lack of a HD sound system is less of an issue. Small screens even in the larger theaters. Move to the front seating, usually open, and you won't feel like you're watching a movie in your living room.

Sue Peters

I've enjoyed going to this theater for many years, but have been disappointed for some time now. The theater isn't clean, hasn't been renovated in years, and charges higher prices than are reasonable for the experience. The movie screens are small, and the cash only policy is another inconvenience. I like to support independent theaters, and now frequent others that offer a better experience.

Shoshana Finkel

Despite the retro vibes of this theater, the video and sound quality was excellent. There was only one person selling both concessions and tickets, so service was slow, but it was still a positive experience. Be warned that it is cash only!

Andy Adelson

Great movies. Good restaurants nearby. The cinema would benefit from renovations.

Justin Newmark

A wonderful old theater, broken down into.several small theaters, presenting first-rate movies that often don't play at the large mega-plexes. This theater is all about MOVIES and not about appearance. A gem!

Juliane K.

It's a great cinema but you can't really park there and they only accept cash

Jane Holden

West Newton Cinema has a best films. Everybody I know vows that they will never come back to this filthy, unfriendly theater (cash only). Stories abound about the bad treatment of patrons but we keep coming back because the films are good and the theater is centrally located. Friends once paid and entered the movie only to find out that there were only two seats left in the very front row and not even together. When they went back to the ticket counter, they were refused a refund! Someone needs to buy this theater and upgrade the dirty, dingy interior.


No elevator. On the shabby side. Good movies. Convenient location.

Narela Magrassi

A disaster. They cut off part of the image throughout the film and we couldn't even see the heads of the characters in most of the scenes. We left the room twice to ask them to fix it and the attention was very bad and they didn't solve the problems either. They also left the lights on and reflected on the screen.

Lisa Moran

The movie started PROMPTLY at the listed time...meaning no previews. We missed a few minutes but now we know. Old school type theatre. And cash only. Bigger inside than we had expected.

Johanna Meyer

Enjoyed the classic feel and variety of tea available

Julia Bucci

Great movies - great popcorn!

Tammy Mcbride

comfortable and always the best movies

Sourav Santra

Screen size is like my tv. Don't take cards. Cash only. No online booking.

Rebecca Jean Smith

This theater is a classic old school theater. No bells and whistles- just a great convenient spot to watch a movie.

Kevin Wang

The movie theatre is pretty typical, if not a little small. The seating area was a little narrow and popcorn was spilled all over the floor. Otherwise the atmosphere was casual and the popcorn quite good too.

Pavlik Mintz

A great local theater with an of beat selection.

Mohammad Baradaran Shoraka

Very old cinema

Vivian Rivera

My Type of theater,old time structure. You need cash,they don't accept credit neither debit.

Thomas Kampfrath

Cash only. That's unnecessarily cumbersome and unexpected. Won't come back and will go elsewhere. It also didn't look very clean to me.

Marcus Fryer

Super impressed by the friendly staff. Cash only. The seats are pretty narrow and not very comfortable.

Rob Kaplan

great local theatre with charm

AL-Hadi Afnan

The Great move hazard bosor dore in Bangladesh cinema.

paul p

I spoke with the management of the theatre and they looked into installing one but CAN NOT put an elevator in. As a result of this they move the movies around and in order for each movie to play on the 2 ground floor theatres. We especially enjoy having a delicious dinner at one of the fantastic restaurants in the area before seeing a movie. Where else can you walk around in order to accomplish that? Further I don't trust reviews that hide behindfake indentities.

Steven Ebstein

Dirty, broken seats, cash only, the only reason I patronize is if no other theater nearby has a good movie.

Joshua Herzig-Marx

Cute cinema for art hoise movies and some first run films.

Rebecca Freer

Great selection of movies. Bathrooms need updating. Home to the West Newton Cinema Club which is amazing!

Philip Adams

Good theaters, seats aren't great and snack selection isn't good. Would recommend.

David Eisenberg

Nice seats. Should take credit cards. Bathroom was dirty & smelly

Alan Day

Great selection of American and foreign films. Super fresh popped popcorn.


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Regal MGM Springfield
Movie Theater - Vermont

Movie theater

Simons IMAX Theater
Simons IMAX Theater
Movie Theater - Vermont

IMAX theater