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REVIEWS OF West Boylston Cinema IN Vermont

Kate Freeman

cheap tickets, great popcorn, comfy seats

Matthew Rich

Great deal for 2nd run movies!

Mikey E

2nd run movies shown for a relatively low price. Nice people, concessions cheaper than top theatres.

Christine Sparks

The WB is a great deal for the money. This theater makes it economically possible to enjoy a matinee with the family. In the summer, it is worth it for the air conditioning alone!

Dave Bedard

Cheap movies, not the latest

Shawn Craft

Cheap movies and the food does not break the back and the young people are very nice and very friendly

Brian Dutremble

I like that this theater exists but the last time we went for a 4PM showing we arrived just before 4 and were informed that the movie had already started at 3:45. We explained that online it said that the movie started at 4PM and got the response, 'Nope, it started at 3:45,' with a tone that made it clear that we were wrong for thinking that the movie started when it said it started online. Great. There wasn't any air conditioning in that particular theater that day so it would've been not so great anyway but jeez. Get it together, WB Cinemas! We need you to keep existing.

Jama & Rae

Pretty good for a discount movie theatre. I wasn't happy when they went up on the prices and started charging for 2 year olds. But.... their pop corn is really good. Way better than any of the expensive movie theatres

Cindy D

This little independent theater shows current movies that have been out for a month or two at a reduced rate. They even have lower prices for tickets on Tuesdays. I usually go to this theater when a movie I wanted to see is no longer playing at a big box office theater or if I want to save some money. They freshly popped popcorn and sell their Refreshments at a reasonable price as well. I recommend going to this theater if you want to save some money but also want to see current movies. the only downside is that the theater is an older theater with basic non reclining seats. The last theater room I was in they had to put the screen up high to accommodate the emergency exit door. So movie watchers had to look up to see the movie. However smaller crowds and the price makes it worthwhile.

Joseph Roy

Place is falling apart... Tickets were nice and cheap.

Da Cha

Cinema closed Tuesday night Sept 9 PM movies.... but website told a different story...

Aleska Lara

Very affordable and good customer service.

Janice MacK

Older cinema but clean, friendly service and cheap afternoon movie

Debbie Helle

We had a great time seeing pom poms

WW Worc WW Worc

My daughter and i loved the movie Peter rabbit. Great prices, clean and friendly people.

Michael Balian


D. A.

Always a fun time to visit this Cinema, with good prices,

Bill Brown

Good price,uncomfortable seat,it went to far back.

Dan Mullen

They finally raised prices (slightly) but it's still the best deal in town.


Cheap movies and cheap food. Would recommend this place if they are showing something you want to see. It's an easy going 80s movie theatre experience that I much prefer over the large cinemas playing speakers and packing people in like sardines. This is a bit of a drive for me but is my favorite theatre

Ken Reynolds

Clean prices reasonable. Sitting movie screen and sound good. Just a nice place to watch a movie and not kill the bank.

Ires Delestre

awesome place to go when you go in a group very inexpensive.

Leah Kapurch

Small second run

Genevieve DeAngelis

My boyfriend and I love coming here. Discount theater so the prices are great and they have a wide variety of movies, including really popular ones light Marvel movies or StarWars. You can butter your own popcorn which is fun and you never have to worry about finding a seat as it's usually not too crowded. Lots if parking but limited show times so check the wevsy ahead of time if you can. We always enjoy ourselves, the crew there is very nice.

Jordan LaMark

The only good thing about this place is that it's cheap and often has movies long after they're out of other theaters. It's old, smelly and not particularly clean. You can't buy tickets online. The screens aren't great and in the theater I was just in the glowing green exit sign was right next to the screen and super distracting. The seats are the old kind, hard, low, flat floors. It's not close to the highway or anything really. It has a decent parking lot though.

Michelle M Miles

This theater is perfect! Affordable, clean and cozy. Just have to hope and wait that they'll get the movie.

Kathleen Martin

Bohemian Rhapsody awesome movie. Great staff!

Luz Witt

The staff is friendly and polite. Clean and quite place.

Gail Astrella

Worked there.


Price was extremely good and for me, the best part was being able to put your on butter on to your popcorn!!! Theaters never put enough. But here you do it yourself and can put as much as you want.

Barry Beaupre

It's clean. There are only a few theatres. 2nd run movies.

Holly Fisher

Small and affordable family atmosphere. Not the newest movies, but we don't mind. Happy to have this theatre in town!

Cory Corbin

Second run theater. Good selection and prices.

Jacob Symmes

Great prices but slim movie selection

Bruce Willard

Friendly staff, low prices, 2nd run movies

lorraine taylor

Older theatre but the price is fantastic! 5.50 for the marine. A value that can't be beat!

Amanda O'Malley

Cheap tickets but they need to put some work into the seats

Torin D

Older movies, but it has a small theater charm. The prices are cheap, and they accept MoviePass

John LeBlanc

Great place to see newer movies that have left the chain theaters. Prices are reasonable for both tickets and concessions. Usually not too crowded but you want to make sure you get there early enough to get the better seating in the back of the theaters.

Katya Maiser

Love this theatre! Great prices and shows. Could be kept a little cleaner but I'm not an unhappy customer.

Elijah Young

Great movies and prices

Lynne Clark

Help not friendly....seemed board. Owner does not engage his customers at all. I think its a GREAT place to see a movie because its affordable ! You can see a movie and have a lot of snacks without going into debt. I just don't feel welcomed when I go there. (Kind of creepy....)

Joe Des

Good Prices, Good Movies, Friendly Staff (when they want to be), good times all around. A local classic.

Crystal Hunter

For the young kids it's just prices are pretty reasonable

jessica valerio

Cool place to go when staying on a budget

David Brochu

Good bargain theater, don't like the commercials though, don't remember when that started

Larry Nelson Sr

Discount movies in a nice theater. Good place to go if you missed something when it first came out or for those movies you really need to see again. Great time in a clean theater without breaking the bank.

Krystal Holt

A nice inexpensive date night or family outing

Steve Benbow

I love this place! Bargain prices, clean modern theater and friendly helpful staff. Current movies about a month or so behind first release theaters. It's the only theater we go to.


Good place to go see a movie, prices are $5.50 before 6 p.m. And $7.00 after 6 p.m. Place is clean and they have food items for your enjoyment.


Excellent prices

Matt O'Leary

Great night out with the whole family without breaking the bank


Wow. A reasonably priced theater? OwO what's this? like 6 bucks a tickets and 5 bucks for popcorn.

Josué Díaz

Best value hands down.

Lance Power

Love this place a little old but the prices are worth it!!

Andrew Klar

Prices are great. Theatre is a little dated however the value is worth it.

Linda Pietrewicz

Great pricing. $5.00 for a current movie.


This is THE place to go if you are on a budget of if the movies you wanted to see are gone from other theaters. Seats are old school, but very comfortable. The conssesions are reasonably priced. I give this a 5 star for a discount theater.


In dire need of a makeover, or a good cleaning. Has the smell of a musty old place on its last leg. Maybe a little febreze is needed

Dr. Timothy Hoffman

Best price for movies anywhere

Craig Baker

Great place to see movies after their 1st run. Ticket and concession prices are great and the staff is friendly. Place is clean and well kept.

Jeff Turgeon

Great value over those big cinema centers

Kyra B

Such a great theater! Family owned and has really great prices!

Aliza Rose Vlogs

Movies here are extremely cheap, ticket prices go for 5.50 and snacks are also budget friendly!!

Ed Leland

Reasonable priced theatre . We viewed the movie Peter Rabbit it was a good story and we had fun

Kelly Connolly

Kids and I love this theater. It's clean, comfy and affordable!!

David Fries

Excellent place to see the movies that you thought you missed in the main theater.

Gina Palmer

Great place for discount movies. The staff is nice, the popcorn and soda priced the same as other theaters.

Kelsey Hogue

Check it out on Tuesdays for really cheap movies.

Sherry Devine

Best bang for your buck

Jason Spekmorza

Easily my favorite movie theater of all time. Inexpensive, good movie selection, best popcorn, comfortable, friendly staff. it’s everything you could need!

Gary Lam

Discount movie tickets in this day and age? Check! These are all first run movies...from a couple of months ago. So if you missed one, see it at a fraction of the cost!

Jim Duval

The great surprise with this theater is the spacing between the rows. In addition to all of the other comments about great prices, this is a really comfortable theater

Samuel Ross

$5 a ticket to see a movie very good place dont take my word for it check it out yourself..

Zack Zenon

Excellent place to check out non-mainstream releases, or big releases for a fraction of the ticket price of other nearby theaters. Been going here since I was a kid and it's barely changed since as far back as I can remember. Between this and Showcase North, it's nearest competitor, it's a no-brainer; better prices, friendlier staff, and the projectors and sound systems are often better maintained.

woodrow adams

Because creed 2 is the best

Wade Gotham

Very cheap prices and fairly new movies. The movies are not new but maybe a month or two after they come out. That way the tickets are half price of the other movie theaters showing new movies.

Larry Minton

Great prices. Needs a bit of updating, but not unexpected given the pricing.

Johnny C

For the price it's a great place. Don't expect the fancy reclining lounge chairs or top of the line projection, but for a bargain rate it's worth the visit. Also, Popcorn and Candy won't break the bank. Candy for $1.50? I'll take two.

sandra mack

Best prices for theater and refreshments! The popcorn is the better than any theater around. The staff is extremely friendly. I like the feel of the place and I don't care how long the movie has been out for, it's worth the wait.

stephen vantre

Butter your own popcorn. prices are half of the big theaters. Movies have been out for awhile.

Chad Julian

Fun inexpensive Second Run movie theater with cheap concessions and usually at least one great pinball machine. It's a nice alternative to the expensive movie theaters in the area and they still carry some of the best big blockbuster movies around.

Dee Dang

Always a great deal for an affordable movie night out with the family. Movies are second run but who cares! 4.50 per ticket and boosters seats for the little ones.

Joe Morris

They don't get the newest films, but it's a decent place for a much better price.

Kara Tetreault

Older but reasonable

Chris Sullivan

Good to support local cinema

Kelly Martin

For the price, it can’t be beat. Always clean and concession prices are very reasonable. It’s the place to go when you really want to see a movie that you’re interested in, but not interested enough to pay exorbitant admission prices at first run

Ken Dufresne

It is a great place for a cheap movie. Don't expect to get much to eat there though.


$5 bucks for movies on tuesdays, 6 dollars and change for a large popcorn. Standerd move seats. All in all, chead, clean, and comfy

cherie getchell

Great place to catch a cheap movie

Kesava Kalluri

Nice quiet place, great staff

James and Adrianne Niall

The cinema was clean andncomfortable and the right matinee price! Great date with my boy!

Ron and Karen Spring

Love this little theater. Good prices great popcorn. Nice people!

Steven Hernandez

Great theater, great prices and clean!

Marc Roman

Always a great deal if you aren't looking to see a movie the first week or two that it is released.

Robin Houde

Took my Dad watched a good funny movie

Esther W

Always love going to WB Cinema. Can't beat the price despite the wait for current movies. The price is worth the wait for sure. Will go back soon

Joseph Mastromatteo

Great time with my kids

Bill Bowman

We saw a great film in a good cinema. The price of admission was perfect.

U Eu

Decent prices, decent service.

Barbara Bryant

Awesome place

mary marcinkus

Good value, great movie.

Jim Confrey

Always easy access and big screen movie and discount price...

Dan Beshai

Want to see a movie before DVD? Cheap tickets, decent seats.

Dot Shea

Great theater with reasonable prices!

John Farnsworth

Great place to catch movies fresh out of the big theaters for a quarter of the price.

Emily v

saw Gotti here; a Wonderful film

Damien Fox

The whole theater was disgusting and to top it off, someone started following me when I went to the bathroom halfway through the movie.

Patrick Corcoran

Great cinema, especially for the price!

Carol Cotnoir

The staff was polite but in a wierd way. It was as if they had no expression. Like faking it. The theater was very cold as was the weather outide. Only had a sweater on so i was uncomfortably cold. Heat would have been nice on thhat cold autum evening. But movie was very good.

J Petrila

Great place to catch a movie.

Bruce Durham

Great cheap tickets.

Adam Norman

This is a a great place to see a cheap movie. I paid around $14 for two tickets. The movies are typically 2nd run so you won't find brand new releases but you can't beat the price. The concession stand also has reasonable prices.

Zachary Crutcher

Cheap ticket prices, older movies - not the most comfortable cinema. But still a good time!

Dave Paglieroni

Excellent price for a weekend night movie. Popcorn butter is pour your own!! Place is comfortable enough. Save your money and go here instead of the big buck theatres.

Jose Yapor

Great experience especially if you wanted to be on the cheap

Robert Wernerehl

Want a great deal on a movie? This is the place. Amazingly low prices for these "second run" movies, and Tuesday night is the $4 special for all tickets. The popcorn is good and reasonably priced but still cost more than the movie tickets. There often is a decent choice of films. The new exit signs inside each theater are too bright, unfortunately, but that may be a new fire code. Parking is great! Always plenty of room. (I have no affiliation with this or any other business I review).

Samantha Toomey

Super cheap last run movie theatre.

Chris Arena

Quiet clean and cheap. Just make sure ur seat is dry

Becca Lynn

Great 2nd tier theater - definitely get the most bang for your buck here. Even the food/drinks are reasonably priced.

Mandy PoohPaws

Love this place. Great price for families today. Popcorn is good. And concession prices are cheaper than any other place. It's a great value.

Carmen Marchany

Cool place... great prices

Laura Poulin-Harkins

We love going to West Boylston Cinema. We see a movie once a month at least. Always a good time that doesn't break the bank!

Carol Matzner

Ticket and concession prices can't be beat. Employees are always pleasant and helpful. CLEAN! Especially the bathrooms. Love this place and am a frequent visitor. I really enjoyed the recent holiday decorations.

John Genatossio

Great prices. Very affordable. It a nice night out. The staff great!! Going to a first run theater is like going to a Red Sox game, By the time the movie ended you just dropped 50.00.

Brynn Pinkes

Amazing theater with nice people, low prices, and great movies! I always comes here a month after the movie has been originally released to see it for cheaper but the same quality.

Kathleena Lawton Greening

They have a good selection of older released movies and the price is unbeatable! If you can wait a month after a movie release to see it, visit here! It's such a great place if you have a large family, or if money is tight. Theatre is very clean, and they even have an arcade to waste time if you're early.

Curtis Wright

great theater low prices

Kim Napoleone

This is our favorite family-friendly theater. We love the chance to see a quality movie for less money. All our friends come here too. It feels like visiting family when we visit.

Oscar De La Rosa

Very small kind of old school theater

Jess Wolfe

Great prices

Jay Kalina

Current movies in a nice theatre for $4.50. It don't get any better than this. Friendly, fun, and cheaper popcorn and snacks. Two thumbs way up :)

Robert Merrill

And usually a big fan of the West Boylston Cinema but today I had a very horrible experience I went to see a movie during a matinee two drunk guys were in the theater with me they spoke throughout the whole movie not in a whisper in loud outdoor voices when I asked them to quiet down they told me to pound sand when I asked an employee to speak to the manager the manager was out when the manager came back he never did anything about them I will no longer be going to the movies at West Boylston because of this

Morgan Varis

West Boylston Cinema is one of my favorite places to catch a movie. I have gone for both an afternoon and an evening showing and both were equally good experiences. The cinema is kept clean and well maintained, and both the admission and concession prices are reasonable and far cheaper than at a larger theater. The theater is easy to find in the same plaza as the West Boylston Walmart, and there always seems to be decent parking. I would highly recommend catching your next movie here.

wig snatched

This cinema is just as good as any other at half the price. Love going here!

Sean O'Connor

Great movie theatre that is very affordable for families

Michael OBrien

Great ticket and concession prices! I love it!

Neva Lopez

Cheap movies.


You can't go wrong for the price 4.50 before 6 pm. They also offer gift cards and if you put 45 dollars on it they add two free movie passes to the card not a bad deal.

Kenneth Vance

We have been going to West Boylston Cinema when they showed their first movie. Great price and wonderful popcorn. Grest family place to go.

Patrick Mahoney

Reasonable place to see a movie

Linda Poplawski

Friendly service. Economical movies. Clean theatre

Russ Luthman

Great price and location

Jennifer Boucher Jimenez

My daughter loves to bring her friends here and get the snack pack

Phil Jones

Great for second run movies and some movies that never make it to the main screens

Sherry Butler

Tuesday movies are fun.

Wendy Steinhilber

Where else can you go these days to a movie for under 20 bucks including the movie, popcorn and a drink? The seats are actually in better shape then the ones at Showcase Cinema North - a newer venue. The selection of movies is always top notch as they make it here before leaving for DVD land. It's perfect though because if you didn't get to the cinema when it first opened, you get a second shot at the movie here in West Boylston. Staff are friendly and helpful and the bathrooms are very clean. A very good experience all around.

Irish VR

This is a great place to see a movie at a really good price it shows films as they are finishing their run in theaters and the prices are just great but you are still seeing them on the big screen

Tammy Peters

Great place to take the kids on a rainy dsy. Very reasonably priced.

Sean Doucette

Great deal. The place is clean, the popcorn is fresh, the screen and sound quality is good. It's a great place to see movies without breaking the bank.

Angela Desrosiers

Thank goodness places like this exist... it's for the people.

Bill Granger

Best place in central Massachusetts for second-run movies. Very inexpensive.

Joe Aubin

Cheap prices and generally not overcrowded. Food is reasonably priced (compared to other movie theater prices but still overpriced as a rule). Don't expect state of the art seats, screen, etc. because after all, you are seeing a recent movie for a fraction of the price. Ample parking and it is close to I190 so quite easy to get to. Again, don't expect the iMAX because this is a somewhat older theater with no frills but a place you can see a decent movie for about $4/ticket.

Edson Classic Love Songs of Rock n Roll

Good entertainment ... Good movies but few hours available

leo beland

Place could use a thorough carpet and upholstery cleaning but quiet and comfortable. Price is Right.

Josh Brown

Never disappoints. You can't beat the prices. It's a small movie theatre feel before the mega theatres were made. Still can't beat the price.


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