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70 Railroad St, Great Barrington, MA 01230

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REVIEWS OF The Triplex Cinema IN Vermont

Fred Silverman

Shows interesting films and not just action thrillers.

Tricia Ellis

It's OK no place to park usually I had to change my movie times because it took me two hours to find a parking spot

Alexa Pfeiffer

Margaret Fitch

Nearby in Great Barrington,Ma. A nice little theatre.Good film selections.Welcomes moviepass.Three downstairs and one upstars.Hosting Biff (Berkshire International Film Fest)shows.Reasonably priced snack bar.Close to many different restaurants.Enjoy!


Saw the shape of water in the upstares theater, seats could be updated to be more comphortable and prices were very high for the popcorn, other than that is it a great theater expierance in the heart of the berkshires

Sara Shaughnessy

Frederick Phillips

Nice conrtable seats. Very nice and friendly staff.

Cathy Ingram

Robert Horner

Great little theater with 4 screens. They show 2d and 3d movies and the concessions are reasonably priced for a movie theater. They play some major movies but also smaller independent films too.

Julio Cattaneo

Seats are kinda hard to sit in them. The arm rest doesn't go up.

Joshua Lipinski

Sweet little theater in downtown. Not the place to go if you want the Hollywood marketing and hype. It's the place to go to see the many great movies that don't make it to the large movie chains like Regal, AMC, Showcase. Always clean. Parking can be tough. But it's a gem.

Bruce Kushnick

Jeff Bailey

A novel experience but that has worn off. I like less people and the ability to take an expensive nap.

Robin Williams

Love the Triplex. In addition to mainstream movies they often have independent films. Also like their very reasonably priced concession items. You can get a mini popcorn which is more than enough for one person, other snack items, as well as a variety of teas, good coffee, alcoholic beverages. It's a lot better than most theaters have to offer. The seating and screens are also decent. A well run movie theater!

Marc Sternick

Jesse Weatherford

Janet Kaplan

Love this theater. The selection of the movies is always a cut above the average.

Paul O'Brien

Gem, great theatre

Stephen Solosky

Great theater!

jeremy gibbs

Only one other place I'd go and that's the Beacon

Geoffrey Fierro

Jeanie Goran


The price is steep, the parking is bad, and the seats are uncomfortable

Donna Rouette

Usually have good movies

James C

Being an avid movie goer triplex Great Barrington has the saltiest popcorn of any theater that I have been to. I have been traveling 45 minutes to Barkhamsted to avoid the salt. Nice little theater but it's all about the popcorn and this is the worst. People can add salt but this must be 60's - 70's mentality that if it's salty they will drink more.


Nice little theatre, came over from NY to see a Bob Dylan move and would go again.

jade hogan

Great local place to go see movie

Babygirl 10124

Nice place

Richard Fierro

Standard theatre with roomy lobby and large movie screens

Adrian Flint

Yvonne DeBlois

This was such a cool theatre with such great prices! Finding the entrance was a little confusing but once we got inside we loved our experience!

Josh Saunders

Nice little theater, close to home.

Mitchell Lipcon

Great local movie house

jodido 2014

john deane

James Oates

Great art films in Great Barrington.

Jeff Starr

Sean Hobin

Joe Channel

Loved it.

Lissa V. Young

James Fletcher

Aaron Levinthal

Ethel Rose Pieri

Great staff !!! Very accommodating

Aaron Lentz

Friendly staff and they show some interesting films. Didn't get a beer but i will next time.

Don Anthony

Good prices, good films

David Goodman

Nice theater although freezing cold

Robert Harris

Ski Butternut

Dawn Grube

Nice place!

Heath Hughes


The movie was great but when I got up to go get popcorn and I came back there was a BED BUG ON MY CHAIR! So I would not recommend going to the Triplex Cinema.

Bruce Chipps

Cute, small theater always kept clean with pleasant staff. A good place to see a movie in a more intimate setting. Not a blockbuster megaplex with a 500 seat theater. Sound and picture quality always excellent.

Kelly Clady

Great theatre, but movie was a bit contrived. Should have seen Beguiled instead!

piratefetishmachine jones

Has both Hollywood blockbusters and indie films. Cool.

Lorie Defiores

jose perez


Danielo Calderone

Excellent service.

Liam Larsen

Not good for large groups of 16 year olds

Joe M

WAG Annual Gathering.

Will VanSant

Good service/movie selection!

Jeff Durkin

Murkys Trial mod

Dorothy Vince

Noah Sigel

Good food prices, great movie selection.

lenore seltzer

A Abel-Bey

Small theatre, four screens.

Melissa P

Nice theater

Kevin Horner

Great little theatre that shows fun films

Hartey 33

Nice, small old school theater. Comfy lounge chairs found at other theaters would be nice but there's nothing wrong with sitting in the chairs we've sat in at theaters all our lives. We liked it & will return

Michael Peskoe

As an individual with 2 artificial knees, I feel the need to painfully climb 2 flights of stairs to see a movie. Yes, it is good that the Triplex has opened a new screen, but getting there is not worth the pain to me. Given the move to stadium seating, none of which the Triplex has, it will become in the minds of patrons a second rate theatre.


Cozy 4 screen venue. They sell beer now which only adds to the enjoyment!


Although there's only three screens I always have trouble deciding what movie I want to see. They have such a great rotation of films! Traditional and fresh movie snack options, they serve beer and wine now too! Just be aware that parking can be an issue on a busy weekend.

Alex Chung

Augusta Mott

This quaint theater has 4 theaters and a polite staff. The popcorn is good. There are other snack options that I didn't look too far into but might be worth a little look. Parking can be a bit tedious as the parking lot is shared by other businesses. I recommend arriving a little earlier for best seats and parking. Now the seating and view of the screen is okay, of someone were to say sit in front of you and they are above a certain hight, their head is now a part of your view. This might be solved with different seating and placement of the screen. However for what this sweet little theater is, I will definitely go back.

Paula Barber

Our go to movie theatre!

Catie Nagy


Evan Romanko

Leo DA

Colin A R Adams

I saw the movie On-the-basis-of-sex, which was about supreme judge Ruth Ginsburg's fight for gender equality in USA law. The film tells a fascinating true story and the Triplex Cinema was a comfortable place to see it.

Kathleen Grimm

Great theater and such a nice staff,, have enjoyed many movies there ,, Thank You All!! clean, comfortable, affordable,, accommodating!! Lucky town!!!

Kevin Dier

Home town feel. Reasonable prices. Clean theaters! Everything you want.

Gissela Vera

Perfecto lugar para una escapada de fin de semana sólo o acompañado.

Dominik Eckenstein

Ed Shura

Very low key and not too busy when you go at the right time. A great place to relax and enjoy a good movie!!

Barbara White

Katrina Curtiss

Lanna Berkun

Love the film festival!


Adam Irick

Best place to see "art" movies . Comfortable seating.

Ben Collins

Very reasonable prices compared to most other modern theatres. Small town vibe. They also have a deal on Tuesdays to watch movies all day for $6.

tobi lanciano

Verna Houff

Shows great documentaries and out if ordinary movies

Shanna Hamm

Fleming FlemingR

Can't live without it...but there used to be more foreign-language movies, more art-house films. Disappointing! Also, the headsets do not work as well as other theaters.

bree amber

Guillermo Cruz

(Translated by Google) Good price (Original) Buen precio

M. Neva Arnot

My favorite movie theater-- with a nice selection of films. Comfortable seats!

Tim Melino

henya drescher

caroline becker

Mark Ganem

Our favorite movie house, along with Chatham's Crandall. Clean, friendly and a great selection of current independent films.

Andres Sarmiento

could be a great little movie theater but they never show movies for families/Kids. and that kinda sucks!!!!

alan svendsen

Susan Salters

Mike Biller

live2 dabble

Pamela Mayer

Great theater

Marti Cejas

Comfortable, clean, always good movies showing

Noemi Medina

Bill Nicolosi

Clean nice theater. The sound was good, not too loud.

Irene Lis

Downton Abbey was a great movie!

Sanda és Kuku

Luis Llaguno


Daman Misra

Margaret Powell

Nice theater Clean Friendly staff

N.Steele Andrews

Fairly good sound, small screens, clean and friendly.

S Koren

Wonderful little cinema. Comfortable seats, reasonable prices and friendly staff.

Mary Burntitus

Allyssa A.

Paul Jal

Clean, reasonable prices.

Brooke Storti

Love this theater, movie selections are great. I am a year round resident However, I do feel that there should be at least one offering of a children's movie at all times. We have local children, and tourist children who may be interested all year round. I do not want to drive my 5 year old to Pittsfield just for a movie.

Hannan Mir

The cinéma is good. They play most new blockbuster movies as well as some smaller budget ones. The concessions are decent. Nothing to complain about. The size does limit the number of movies they can play so you may find that they don't play all the big movies out. The closest bigger cinema would be in Pittsfield.

Ruth Pierce

Tamara Harvey

Great little theater,best popcorn,very friendly staff,nice selecting of Indie Movies

Andrew Davis


Jesse Bien

comfortable seats, not your usual cinema

Michelle Scott

Small but efficient, clean, and with a good selection. Very empty in the winter, but it just makes screenings feel more private.

Cathy Fisch

Great movie theater. Usually has both big box office movies and independent films showing. It's right in town, so it's easy for a dinner and a movie night out.

Bewm Beatz

Small but clean theater. Everything was fine no complaints

Arthur Dellea

Tickets are somewhat expensive for a smaller theater with less seating and smaller screens, but for us it's the closest place to watch the latest movies.

Christopher Blair

Well staffed, respectful audience, Wittertainment Code of Conduct friendly. HTJI.



This is my hometown movie theater: Love it.

Aaron Naveh

Home to many first rate art movies!

Deante Judge

Great prices

Lee Sharp

A very nice little theater!

Peter Tiso

Small local theater, good prices, beer & coffee available!

James Redmond

Seats are not great.

Juancy Rodríguez

Comfy seating and your standard fare at this small art house cinema. Great selection of films.

Mark Hagopian

A good selection of Beer available

Adam Wuoti

Really cool theater but needs more screens for more movies

Finn Gerow

Ondrej Kiraly


Anthony Burns

Paul Allison

Bryan Petrucci

Nice place to see a movie. Also serve beer!

Michael Breitman

Laurie Harrison

Love this place that's so close I can walk to. It's cozy warm in winter & comfortably cool in summer.


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