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Mill No 5, 250 Jackson St 4th floor, no 490, Lowell, MA 01852

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Where is The Luna Theater?

REVIEWS OF The Luna Theater IN Vermont

Timothy Dillon

This theatre is buried well within a hipster den. There are tons of different shops and bars and apothecaries. This theatre also serves alcohol if you are interested. They also have some classic arcade games.

Andres Matos

I love the program they have here. I am a big fan of Luna sessions Thursday where there are locals playing jazz.

Cody Schmidt

Best place to go to find indie and limited release films. Very comfortable environment and they serve beer!

Tony M

Mill No. 5 is such a cool place, with interesting shops and people. Luna Theater is the best part of it, craft beer, friendly staff, comfortable seating and nostalgic pre-movie announcements culminate in an awesome experience. I plan to visit many times into the future.

Donovan White

Great venue. Fantastic lineup of indie flix. Take the elevator in Mill No. 5 to cineheaven.

Diana Nguyen

The Luna Theatre is amazing! Showing indie films, live jazz on Thursdays, family friendly movies on the weekends, and surprise movies during the week, this place appeals to just about anyone. Check out their calendar for what movies they’ll play during the month as well as any fun events they are hosting! Did I mention they serve wine and craft beer, popcorn, and miscellaneous snacks?! Do yourself a favor and stop by to see what the hype is about.

Bernie Ongewe

The spot for Indy films in Lowell

Dan Gillis

This is an excellent place for fans of independent films. Great atmosphere.

Tim Collins

Old School!

James Guadalupe

Good scotch


So beautiful and cute inside

Steve 'Rat' Albert

Just because it's Lowell's only independent theater doesn't mean it isn't a good one. Very likeable and totally worth walking all the way down the hall. The only place in this neighborhood where you can buy Moxie. Monthly standup, weekly jazz. Free Weirdo Wednesday is worth checking out, I've caught a few good surprises on that.

john mance

A true hidden gem!

wendi michelle

Very poor customer service.. Went with my kids for 1st time ever and asked the person working at the time for some very basic info and she didnt seem capable of answering anything.. Disappointed in that aspect. But was impressed with the theater its self. Will go back again soonand hopefully have some better service!.

Dominique Morgan

Relatively inexpensive for tickets $5-$11 depending on movie and showing times. Comfy seating, bar style seating in rear. Old, throwback movies and new ones. Expensive popcorn

Julie's bites

The only art theater in the area. Seats are very roomy. The screen is fairly small, the sound is quite loud (I bring ear plugs)

Christine Jones

Love this place! Great seats and atmosphere!

Raymond Berger

It's quite a cozy place to watch a movie!

Janine Forest

Always love the Luna!!! Wonderful independent movie theater!

Erin McNeely

They show older movies and have great price

Joe Neylon

This place is a real gem hidden in the heart of Lowell. The theater is beautifully constructed and has comfy seats which are perfect to watch movies in. I love this place because it offers a variety of movies ranging from the 1950s to modern times. The Luna Theater plays one free random movie a week as part of their "Weirdo Wednesdays" deal and reveal what movie is going to be played shortly before the film starts. The price of a ticket is under $10 which is hard to find nowadays.

Eric St. Jean

Such a fun place! I go here every week I can!

Pam Andrews

Love the free kids movie on Sunday


The jewel box-sized Luna is an independent movie theater on most nights, showing classic and independent films. This venue seats about 80, and can stage theater productions, live music, and comedy on the nights movies aren't on the menu. I always visit the Luna Theater on Monday's when comedy is running. (Mondo Monday Comedy, 3rd Monday every month, hosted by Greg Boggis.) This show always makes me laugh HARD, as Greg books the region's best comedians for his audiences. Craft beer sold at the popcorn counter, as well as all the snacks you'd expect in a movie theater. Night Shift and Bent Water varieties usually available. Such a great spot, located in one of Lowell's old mills.

Logan Salvi

Super fun and comfortable seats. Decently priced snacks and cheap tickets. Very nostalgic

Derek McGearty

Fun place to see odd movies. Love the restrooms very cool

Dianna S

One of the best little hidden gems in Lowell, Massachusetts!!!!

Heidi Lynn Page

Coolest little theatre with a bar in a great indoor mall.

Clarke Laszlo

Super comfy great independent theater and kids movies

Andy Westwood

Great variety of films for adults, fun matinee films for families, and all in a facility that is a nice blend of modern comfort and retro design. They serve a good selection of draught/bottled beer and cider. The cafe down the hall will pack a lunch or dinner that you can bring in the theater. There's a full-retro soda fountain (bar-stools!) next door. We watched To Kill a Mockingbird with nitro stouts, Cheddar/Kimchi/Basil grilled cheese on multigrain and then bought local produce in the hallway with cappuccinos afterwards. A little bit of Europe in Lowell.

Kathryn Moore

Abundant creativity!

Ginger Kelly

What a wonderful, cute, cozy and trendy movie theater! I absolutely loved it and the have great popcorn. The stores and little cafe, nearby, were also very cool. I'd go to this place again, for sure.

Jim S

A great place to see a movie. Comfy seats, decent beer selection. I like the fact that they repurposed the space to make a cool looking theater

Alex Barga

The cinematic experience of a theatre with the comfort of watching a movie at home


Great Place. Beer and cool atmosphere. Def hippie and yuppie crowd kinda felt out of place.

Joshua Rosen

I thought the age of the art house was over decades ago but the Luna has brought it back. Unlike the old theaters which were filthy and decrepit the Luna is new and comfortable.

Ben Ruhl

Memorable and unique, in the best possible way.

Jeffrey DeAlmo

This is a great little place to see a film! They have beer, and are located at the end of a Main Street style mini mall on an upper floor of an old mill building (it has a cheesemonger!). A fun and artsy place.

Cassandra Hurley

Cute and intimate theatre showing non typical films.

Wile E. Wonka

Funny little theater on the 4th floor of Mill #5, in Lowell, Ma. Showing an eclectic choice of flicks. They also have shows catering to children. There is an interesting selection of shops and a nifty little cafe type eatery and a retro malt shop.

Scott Little

Excellent quirky little theater.

gina toce

Always an amazing experience!

Jerry Loew

Great intimate theater with alcohol and good movies

Mark Alcarez

Really comfy seating and good sound system. Popcorn is lame. Movie selections are varied. Way cool venue.

Siobhan Roccio

Great little theater that shows excellent movies.

Larry Brunaccini

Robert Walsh

Took my grandchildren here to see polar express. Nice small venue tucked away in the mills. So glad I found this place.

Sandra Watkins

Vibrant and and informative content. Great place for a date and magnificent popcorn and beer.

Ashish Saksule

Good old style place, unconventional and old movies

Prateet Rathnam

Took my 5 yr old for the Sunday 11 30 kids movie. great experience. free tickets, nice beer, great ambience overall. nice shoppings area to explore after the movie. loved this place

Susan Yurkus

Great little theater with unusual offerings in a renovated mill building surrounded by interesting shops. Fun night!

Julio Madrid

Really cool theater where cinephiles can gather to watch older films or newer, independent movies. Yet another unique space in a mill that is full of character.

Ryan Hammond

Independent movie theater that plays both new and classic cinema.

Sarah Mutch

Pretty cool place. They play old school movies. The prices are good too. Not to many people know about this place and sometimes you'll have the whole theater to yourself! I definitely recommend this hidden gem! You'll find this place in the Lowell 5 building on Jackson street.

Celeste Dunn

Great theatre with big comfy seats and a good beer selection.

Julia C

I loved this hidden gem. What a surprise to find this place in such an unexpected area of Lowell. It was clean, the staff was courteous, and the atmosphere was just perfect. Would highly recommend to anyone that is looking for something out of the box. Extremely happy to have this so close by!

Scott Kurland

Words can't describe the wonder that is the Luna

Louie D

The coolest theater in the area. The throwback films and small theater coziness is perfect for date night.

Barry Scott

Very nice vintage movie experience, and polite staff.

j r

Great place. buy tickets online if it is a popular movie.

brenton whitten

Pretty great just a couple little tweaks for few things that probably would bother anybody but me.

Wayne Geiser

Terrific small theater in a very interesting space. The chairs are very comfortable and the movies they play are far more eclectic than the "chain" theaters in the area. We've gotten to see many of the "fringe" award-nominated-and-winning movies here. Keep up the good work.

Andrew Flewellen-Gore

Great venue! Don't let the sketchy entrance deter you.

David Beard

I love this place. Terrific seats, great movies. Go!


I went to the Luna Theatre up in Lowell, MA a year ago last February for a showing of the film West Side Story. It's a cool little theatre, with comfortable seats, a wide screen and wonderful staffpeople. The place is clean, too.

Adam East

The place is great comedy show third Monday of the month I believe local comedians great times

Deb Schroeder

The Luna is a fun smaller theater set in an historic mill building. There is always an eclectic line up of movies you won't see at the big box theaters along with some old classics.

John Pugh

Fun movies fabulous venue

RM Cerv

The Luna is unique theater. It serves beer and wine

Shari Horan

A hidden gem in downtown Lowell, highly recommend this old fashioned yet modern theater. Recommend purchasing tickets in advance.

Debbie Shepherd

Trendy mill theater, live shows, movies, small venue with 48 club chairs, and bar stools in the back. Beer/wine, and snacks available. Affordable tickets & events, some free.

Penelope Davis

Come open one in Haverhill.

Thomas Morrell

Good Selection of movies , but the seats are deeply uncomfortable.

james bozarth

The seats are so comfortable and everyone is super nice I definitely recommend coming here

Aidan McDonald

A cute little theater in Mill No. 5 that tries to emulate an old-fashioned experience, the Luna Theater provides comfortable seating and a cozy atmosphere with the convenience of a nice cafe and a milkshake bar just down the hall. They feature newer movies as well as older cult movies on "weirdo Wednesdays".

Omar Wahid

Very roomy, comfy seating and kind staff

Cynthia Bent

Fabulous theatre. I will be back for sure

Kathie B

We had a fun time. Quaint theatre. Friendly staff. Definitely will return sooner than later...

Joseph Smeraldi

Small intimate space with free standing chairs and tables for a very comfortable and cozy experience

Amanda DeMarco

It's one screen so the space is limited but its always worth it. Super cute with a lovely atmosphere and a commitment to nostalgia. It's always warm in the theatre so plan ahead =)

Ken Giusti

Retro and charming.

Norman Kirk Birrell

Free movies on Wednesday.

Ed M

Cool old movies, cold beer and cozy seats. What more could you want?

Sarah Tyler

one of a kind! jazz, cartoons, popcorn, beer, comfy seats.. couldn't ask for anything more

Sean Osborne

Very cool theater. Always a good indie film playing and local beers in tap. The seats are all plush arm chairs with your own side table.

Animal Human

A time machine back to a Golden Age of the Cinema experience.

Brian Bailey

Coolest theater you'll ever see a movie in. Craft beer on tap! Classic videogames. Cool independent films and new movies too. A must see place in Lowell.

John Richard

Everything about this theater was just perfect. I can't wait to go back. In this world of huge multiplexes showing the latest Michael Bay tripe, it's really refreshing to find a boutique theater that pairs runs of classic films with great atmosphere and accommodations.

Erin Keaney

Great spot with a unique atmosphere, interesting movies, and cider on tap. You end up pretty comfortable no matter where you wind up in the theater.


Cute little theater that shows great past hits.

Joshua Semedo

Awesome small theater in Mill no. 5, decently priced tickets and concessions. Excellent atmosphere, they play retro pre-teaser and pre-film theater clips about staying quite and presenting the feature film. There are plenty of awesome shops and a couple placed to grab food on the same floor. They also serve alcohol!

Ian Carlsen

The Luna Theater is one of the best independent cinemas in Northern Massachusetts. The staff is friendly, the programming is varied and compelling and the theater itself reaches unparalleled heights of coziness. (Plus there's beer!) I wish there was a theater like this where I live. I would be there every week. Thank you for a great experience, Luna!

Glen Cote

Amazing!! Love the atmosphere

Jared J

Love watching the old movies on sundays. The staff is friendly and it much easier on the wallet.

Meghan Coughlin

A total gem

Sam Geer

Unique shops inside and always a great indie film to see.

Lorelei Meuse

Love this place, weirdo Wednesdays are the best. They serve beer and play great not typical movies. Great place for a date night or any night really.

Kathryn Beale

Cool and eclectic place to hang out and catch awesome movies.

June Mackenzie

Love thos theatre! Great eclectic selection of movies.

Andy Kaknes

A cozy and comfortable boutique movie theater with craft beer, and Jazz music on Thursdays! A very nice place to see an old classic, or new independent film.

Martin Valentine

Love it!

Richard Turcott

Love this tiny and warm theater! Great location and comfortable seating with wine and beer.

Ken Sherrill

Weirdo Wednesdays represent.

Joe Gattor

Way cool.

Emily Kearns

It's Sat night and we just had to leave the theater midway through Apollo 11 as the movie projector broke...right before they were going to land! What the heck?! No free drinks?! But they gave us free tix for future viewing. Bleep that! We're off to buy it at Barnes and Nobles!

Noah Gilbert

Gem of Lowell! Great seats, the atmosphere alone is worth coming seeing a film here. The little table section between all of the chairs really let's you have a snack, large popcorn, and even a beer without being cramped.

Jack Moynihan

The Luna is a lovely little movie theater. They specialize in independent films, but also show fan favorites. Last night, we saw OKKO'S INN, a Japanese animated film - and the previous Friday we saw AMAZING GRACE, a film recording of an Aretha Franklin gospel concert.

Marilynn H

One of my favorite hidden gems of lowell.

Chris Berns

Caught a jazz performance there and it was great. I loved the theater and they had better selection of beer than I was expecting.

Shaun Greenlaw

This is a great place to go back in time for a couple of hours. They really did a great job with this place! I would highly recommend it!

Heidi Furey

I adore this place. And now they have craft beer? Done.


Awesome place, loved Weird Wed

Jean Pelotte

Go to the Luna theatre for anything going on there. Comedy, Weirdo Wednesdays, improv, etc. The Luna is beautiful and allows any food or drink purchased from the Mill through their doors. They also serve beer at the concessions

Marie Tremblay

Always excellent. Comfy seating. Wine/local craft drafts

Mary Moura

awesome place

rachel chandler

Absolutely the most comfortable with all the amenities and a much better film selection.

Glenn Crawford



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