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REVIEWS OF The Brattle Theatre IN Vermont

Victor Bolanos

It's a very classic theater, the screen is a bit small and the seats are not set on different heights witch makes it hard to watch if someone tall is seating in front of you. But the sound is first rate and.... They sell beer en the confectionery store!!! Nothing can beat that up!!!

Alexx Kay

Classic art-house cinema.

Maddie Conway

I love the Brattle! Excellent programming, opportunities to see classics or movies you love on the big screen. Lots of new stuff moving through always. I wish there were better and cheaper parking nearby now that I don't live in the city anymore and would drive in. At night the Charles Hotel garage is a good deal with one of their website coupons (flat rate parking from 5pm-midnight, good for dinner and a movie).

Ken Moraff

Historic theater that gets great movies.

Polina Khabibulina

Minus one star for being like an icebox in the dead of winter. Other than that this is one of my favorite things about Cambridge. A great independent theater showing great movies with a good beer selection, fresh popcorn with real butter and unusual chocolate bars. Leaping lizards Batman! More and more my spare time is scheduled around what is playing at The Brattle and I feel no shame. The staff are great too. My Brattle t-shirt has Errol Flynn on it and you can't beat that.

Nat Osit

Small, intimate setting with great films playing!

Katie Silva

Really great spot for talks. The talk was sold out but they had a standby line and when people didn't show up with tickets, they let us right in, so we didn't miss anything.

Nick Bacigalupo

Trash night rules.

Brett Wallender

I love the movie selections and the double features.

Michael Sweet

A cinema lovers dream with excellently curated movies. Pick carefully when choosing seats, a tall person can easily block your view downstairs. Sound system could use updating to surround.

Katie Ohara

Great time at Film Noir foundation festival hosted by the Czar of Noir, Eddie Muller. It's a nice little theater that was rehabbed a few years back. I wish they showed more classic and Noir films on a regular basis. It is handicapped accessible, which is great for an old theater.

Tim Rourke

Good theatre and good movies. Not the best pic or sound

Steve Mathieu


Kris Pieper

Not your average movie theater. Friendly staff, fantastic variety of films, and nice retro feel.

Gianluca S

Great atmosphere and classics. Try the popcorn with butter!

Matthew Keithley

Great independent theatre. Always showing something interesting.

Vicki Yuen

One of my favorite independent movie theaters! Sure, the seats are uncomfortable but the movie selection is so good. They curate a diverse mix of classic, cult, and new movies, with fun themed programming.

Samantha Hayford

It's a great space - reminds me of the little Nickelodeon theatre I went to during college in SC. It's not fancy, but has some really great listings and I couldn't have been happier with my double feature on a Monday night. Glad to support a nonprofit!

Noa Alon

I love the movies and events in this theater! The only issue is with the angle of the floor, so many times I can't see well when someone taller than me seats in front of me... My tip is to arrive early and seat in the front row, if you a short person like me:)

Pamela Jacobs

Small setting, clean bathrooms. Enjoyed Bugs Bunny film festival with friends at a great price. $10 tix

Liam RBG

Great place to view classic and unusual movies on a theater screen.

Chris Tuttle

Excellent independent theatre that plays hard to find and quirky movies.

Nathan Prichard

Classic theater. Worth the visit!

Stavros Macrakis

Independent movie theatre playing lots of classics and offbeat movies.

Gershon Ballon

Small theater that has some really nice special interest programs.

Ronald McCollam

The Brattle is one of the best spots in Cambridge. They show everything from restored silent movies to indie documentaries to cheesy popcorn flicks from the 80s. And they serve beer! What more could you possibly want?

Anouny Mouse

Came here for the first time to watch a documentary. It's a cool little theatre nestled in downtown Cambridge. Relatively comfortable bucket seating. Needed to go up and down stairs to enter/exit the main screening room in the theatre. Did not see any elevators.

Jane Chakravarthy

Love this place!

Graham Haskin

Neat old fashioned theater showing art house (and occasionally contemporary) films

J Garrett

. One of a dwindling number of art houses in the area

Mark Colan

A Boston classic

Mark Sabalauskas

Great little historic non-profit art house theater. Varied and interesting programing. Tasty treats and beer.

Alison Hui

Cute little indie theatre, with cool selection and film festivals, poor air conditioning and air circulation though

David Gingold

Why five stars for this little old theater with its old-school sound system? Because you could start right here if you want to plug yourself into what Harvard Square has always been about. Have you taken your date to see Casablanca? Have you taken your child to see the Marx Brothers? Go.

Amelia Pond

A classic.

Katy Gero

Have been to this location to see author events hosted by the Harvard Bookstore numerous time. It's cozy and almost always full.

Justin Petersen

Great art house cinema showing tons of great movies!

Sunshine Jenna

Great theater for movies that aren't main steam. Comfortable seats, clean theater, nice snack bar; great place - highly recommend!

Siouxside ­

Absolutely adore this place. One of the gems of the city.

Alexander Michaud

This is THE independent movie theater in Cambridge. They screen great indie, art house, and classic movies all throughout the year. The memberships are a great value for cinephiles, and the concession stand sells beer, wine, and snacks at great prices. This and Coolidge Corner are the best places to catch a flick in Boston.

Samuel Kaplan

Always something interesting to see!

Kirk Hardy

Intimate theatre that plays a very well curated set of some new releases but mostly film series type stuff. Lots of great double features, lots of stuff you always wanted to see in a theatre but couldn't. They also do some great showings coupled with Q&As with people involved or knowledgeable. Go see something! Even if it's just whatever they have playing that day.

Sonia Salbei

It is a lovely place, I had a great time here. Choice of movies is outstanding!

Logan Hughes

Cute small arthouse theater, trendy crowd, eclectic movies, "church coffee hour" chairs

Danillo Leite 82

Recently came here for the Boston Underground Film Festival. The theatre is small, but beautiful. The acoustics are great and the rear-projection allows for an unique viewing that really makes the experience that doesn't have a bad seat in the house. It makes me so happy that a place like this still exists. Recently came here for the Boston Underground Film Festival. The theatre is small, but beautiful. The acoustics are great and the rear-projection allows for an unique viewing that really makes the experience that doesn't have a bad seat in the house. It makes me so happy that a place like this still exists.

Joshua Berk

Over 100 years old (built in 1890), the not-for-profit Brattle Theatre is independently owned/run, has a single rear-projected screen, and is known for foreign, art-house, independent and dusted-off classic films. Go on the weekend for a double-feature matinee. Serves beer & wine. Excellent for a date!

Anthony Estremera

Great theatre with a lot of fun stuff to watch. Check out the Trash Nights! Good beer too

Clay NFerno

Love this theatre! Amazing calendar, tasteful art house films, and special donation-only (and optional) screenings of Doctor Who! Members get special benefits.

Max Pacheco

This is my place. The snacks are fresh and well-priced, the staff cares and best of all the programming is the best you'll find anywhere with tons of special events. Truly a gem among movie theaters.

Annette Holland

I love the old movies they show. Just watched The Princess Bride.

Tim O'Connor

The gem of Harvard. For a great date night, sit in the back where the couples chairs/lounges are and snuggle up while watching a classic film on (hopefully) original film!

Aditya Surendhra

Jaws on the 4th is a must.

Linda Vaitkus

Best venue for a film festival!

Alex Cornejo

Every once in a while they show a great sci-fi classic.


Really nice little theater, that always has fun events going on and movies playing.

Mark Alcarez

Great place to see a classic movie

Alan Duda

Nice, off the beaten path movie spot with wine and beer

Samantha deManbey

A wonderful small movie theater with a great selection of classic and contemporary film screenings throughout the year. Sometimes filmmakers will attend screenings and answer questions from the audience.

Michael Draper

What an awesome theatre! A book signing was at this place and it was wonderful! The staff was very helpful for all the questions we had. Bathrooms were clean and well located. The air conditioning was also blasting, so that is a nice perk during the summer months. The overall decor of the building was smaller but more intimate. I would definitely come here again if given the chance.

J.E. Caesar

Intimate, hipster movie den. Algiers bar and coffee shop upstairs has great croissants.

Lesley Katzen

THE art cinema of Boston and environs. Always an interesting and eclectic schedule of indie and foreign favorites and classics. One of the five places that David Lynch decided to screen Inland Empire (out of every theater in the U.S.). This place has serious film snob cred. The seats aren't the comfiest, but where else are you going to see three street days of Greenaway shorts?

Michael Jacobs

A historic theater with lots of local festivals and cinema events it nevertheless suffers because it is very old, very small, and not at all comfortable.

Sid Cohen

Low sodium popcorn!

Frankie F

Fabulous theater. Not a bad seat because it's so cute.

Jessica Johnson

A really fun place to go if you like old fashioned theatres or if you've got kids and want them to experience the closest thing to retro theatre visits. They've got beer and you can season your own popcorn. The best view is from the balcony. The people that run the place seem to play whatever they feel like (in a fun surprise sort of way) so checking the site for the month's showings or getting a paper calendar is helpful. They have memberships which equate to a year of tickets, redeemable for any movie within that year. Its not wheelchair accessible, you have to climb steps to get into the theatre.

Temi Ogunbodede

Independent, nice, cozy theater. I love it!!!

Gwen Inman

Friendly staff and very unique viewing expirence.

santiago funes

It’s nice and all showing movies that most other theaters don’t show but the theater is not very comfortable (Don’t sit in the middle because you are not going to be able to leave your seat until the end of the movie because of the very skinny isles)

Vidya Ravilochan

The Brattle is a non-profit theater that provides a wonderful experience, from a draft beer selection to well-chosen movies. I would absolutely go back!

Michael Proscia

Always playing something interesting, from cultural films to classics.

Jorge Ramírez

Excellent selection of movies. I love the place.

Gregory DeOssie

The Brattle is a great place to go playing indie films as well as last viewings of recent in theater films and, cult classics alike. Some films mostly cult classics you can expect audience participation similar to a sort of mystery science theater 3000. That's not to say that it's always like this though. I personally love this place. I've been seeing films here since I was a kid. They serve beer and wine as well as real butter on their popcorn. They do a lot of rare 35mm as well. Just a great place to have a great time

Matthew Schow

Your A/C works very well.

Tata Ortiz

Such a great experience!! I went to the theatre for watch Sailor Moon movie. Great venue. It's really classic. Normally I like go to movies in a modern place but this one have that magic of the retro style. I was so surprised by the price of the candies and popcorn: so good; fair price. I really recommend it and the movies that they show are classic or have an special taste.

Evan Sulprizio

It was alright. 50s vibe, small. Movie time was listed as 830, they played arbitrary slides (you know, like the ones telling you to keep your phone off) until 845 and then ads for another 10 or 15 minutes. So the movie didn't actually start until a half hour after the posted time. Please play your ads and start the movie within 10 to 15 minutes like every other theater on the planet. Thank you.

Dane Benton

Recently came here for the Boston Underground Film Festival. The theatre is small, but beautiful. The acoustics are great and the rear-projection allows for an unique viewing that really makes the experience that doesn't have a bad seat in the house. It makes me so happy that a place like this still exists.

Patrina Huff

Nice theater with interesting offerings. Just a little off Harvard Square in it's own shopping and office area.

Peter McCullagh

Love this theater. Like being part of a small film club. Serves beer too!

Susan Oneil

Fabulous show..great time!

Jimmie Rodgers

The Brattle is a local treasure. I used to be a member back when I lived closer. I highly recommend doing it.

Andrew Effrat

A great little old movie theater. Often having film festivals or re-runs of older classics.

Ryne Hager

Good prices, good quickly rotating selection of films with the occasional interesting bonus (such as rarer 35mm showings, or a short introduction by an expert). Great neighborhood theatre.

Adam Bottis

Great old theater

John Bean

Excellent for simple old school fun!

Kevin Osborn

The Brattle Theater is a fantastic monument to a bygone age. The active volunteer and non-profit group that runs it is always coming up with new interesting programming and the concessions are both reasonably priced and excellent. Always fresh popcorn, and now beer wine and hard cider selections.

Stephen Godanis

Haha, so much fun! Saw a 90s themed Saturday morning cartoon series with cereal! Amazing!

Ethan Kim

Quaint place, friendly staff

Kathryn Day

The brattle is great for art films, indie movies, and the occasional rescreening of a classic. I love that they serve beer and wine there!

Katie Larkin

What's not to love! Let me break this down for you. 1. Amazing Independent Films that you wouldn't hear about otherwise 2. Old classics that you won't be able to see elsewhere (to name a few I've seen over the years, The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, The Godfather 1-3, The Labyrinth, Clueless, and so many more) 3. DOUBLE FEATURES! Hello, Quentin Tarantino week! 4. Popcorn with REAL BUTTER 5. BEER 6. ICE CREAM 7. And to top it all off, Alden & Harlow right next store for a night-cap

Michel Hilani

Beautiful and intimate theater, enough to really enjoy any event from movie screening to book signing event.

George Chazulle

Wonderful peice of Cambridge culture. The Staff was pleasant. Can't beat the price of entry.

Todd Christy

Small but charming indie theater.

Elsa Clavé

Nice and charming place, look like what cinemas used to be, loved the atmosphere.

Stephan Roussounis

Old school cinema, good program of movies

James Doyle

The Brattle Theatre is a local, historic, favorite for Boston locals, running mostly classic and independent films. Parking is challenging in Harvard Square, but the theater is located close to the MBTA "red line" Harvard Square subway station.

Kaitee Fernandez

It's a fun place. My only complaint is the seats are level so tall people in the front will block half the screen for people in the back.

Leo Lin

I came here for the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival. The theatre room is quaint and dark. The sound system is awesome. There are also love seats at the back for god knows what ;)

Sarah W

Great programming that you can't find anywhere else in a fun, funky, small environment

Sarah F

Great place for old and/or unusual movies. Food counter serves beer!

Sai Sukumaran

Little old theater in a prime location. The ambiance of the theater is awesome and they screen independent and classic movies.

Jared Robinson

Great small theater with interesting film selections

Andrea Porras

Great curation of movies. I love this little theater.

Jonah Sacks

Enduring art film house

Lance Evans

Nice, small venue. Went for an author event there. Well done.

Eric J Hepler

I love this place!

Bob Keeley

An indie theater tucked away in harvard square. Nice little discovery for those who search it out.

Eyal Zilberman

This is another cooperative theater that has dues like Coolidge corner only the screen isn't as nice. In fact it's horrible. Nonetheless, it's a fun place to go in a great part on Cambridge. Also, they serve beer.

Ian Wilson

Single screen, double features, theme weeks, director discussions, author readings, free community screenings, staffed and supported by passionate cinephiles and volunteers. No escalators, cardboard displays, or 20 minutes of previews for the newest Hollywood sequel. I don't know exactly what it is, but I refuse to believe there's anywhere else in America - definitely in Boston - that so embodies the magic of the movies (even the Coolidge, Kendall, or Harvard Film Archive that are all so excellent in their own right). When you sit down in that dark, you feel at home and part of a community in a way that somehow just doesn't happen at a 26 screen Loew's. It might not the nicest theater in town, but If I could give the Brattle 10 stars, I would. Special events regularly sell out, so be sure to arrive early or get tickets in advance.

Steve Melis

Cinema that shows new indie films, midnight revivals, and some fun double/features for reduced prices.

Douglas Itkin

excellent place to see varied films every day.

Dianna Adair

Nice local theatre, it's in the lower level.

matt downing

Cozy, showing an eclectic variety of films... You can even get beer! I mean the good stuff. The crowds are fun, and the staff is friendly. The Bugs Bunny Film Festival is a gas, man...

Harvey Willson

Great old school non profit art cimema. Look for the owl!

Nayelli Castro

Always an enjoyable experience... good movies, friendly people, excellent beer! What else can one ask for?

doug mayo-wells

Great theater in the heart of Harvard Square with a mix of independent first-run and repertory screenings. Rotating beer and wine selection.

Patricia OHara

Wicked cool joint.

Richard Davis

View obscure films in a theater. You deserve it.

Nicole Hanafin

The popcorn had real butter as a topping! Also loved how many great old flicks the theater has been showing lately. Gremlins 2 was a pleasure to see with a packed crowd.

Callie Snow

Just re-discovered this theater a few months ago. I thought it'd be campy and silly, but the movies are good, the screen is still bigger than that of any of my friends (despite what some detractors might claim), and the popcorn is fantastic. Get the pass for the best savings.

Renee Girouard

Shows great films, staff was excellent, a really neat spot!

Matthew Jacks

Great art house cinema.

Russell Bisesi

Quirky theater best for quirky movies and events. Public transport recommend. Nearby parking limited.

Ian Placido

Quaint theatre with a friendly staff

Ruth Levitsky

Let's start with the popcorn with real butter and the wine! Now to the vintage movies, ranging from Hitchcock to Chaplin. This is a real movie theatre and you'll see movies that you just dont find other places.

Matt Scofield

Always showing an ecclectic mix of movies and performances, the Brattle theatre is a must see place in Harvard Square. I was given a year membership by my girlfriend and saw movies that I would have never experienced anywhere else. The Japanese "horror" classic House and the Chinese epic Red Cliff to name a few. They often do special engagements somtimes double or even triple features such as the Jim Henson marathon my girlfriend and I often enjoy.

Sam Robinson

Great theater!

Jacob Mulligan

This is a wonderful local theater where you can watch old black and white classics, modern documentaries, bug bunny marathons, and everything in between.

Pete Salomone

The only real limitations if he Brattle are those of the 300-plus year old building. The screen isn't very large for a room it's size, and the layout isn't the best, but this is a wonderful theatre otherwise. The staff are friendly and full of personality, the schedule is eclectic and loaded with unique experiences, and the crowds are usually conducive to the experience they're looking for. Highly recommended.

judith motzkin

The Brattle is a mainstay of non mainstream Cambridge film life. I was here recently to see the Chinese documentary Behemoth with a remote talk back with the filmmaker.

Mike Krodel

The best for art house cinema

Jessica Silverman

Local theater. Great popcorn, comfortable seating, and an original local feel.

Zyg Furmaniuk

My love knows no bounds for the Brattle Theatre. As an undergraduate I am almost certain that I spent more time in seats at the Brattle filling out my cinematic education than I did in lecture halls in my major. And I do not regret a minute. In an age of dull soulless mega-plexes pushing noise and homogeneity the Brattle stands alone with a mixed repertory schedule offering an ever-evolving spectrum of all genres for all tastes. Long may the Brattle screen! If you ever get the chance to see Casablanca there on the big screen DO IT!!

Yvonne Raia

If you love old theaters and great films you need to visit this landmark theatre.

Ashley Dos Santos

Just went to the Brattle for (shockingly) the first time for their Robin Williams tribute - I made it for the Hook showing. I really like the clientele that the Brattle draws, everyone seemed invested in what was going on screen. Brattle treats every movie showing like it is a play -selling booze and snacks and taking tickets at the entrance of the theater. I knocked down one star because my ice cream that I ate was a little too frozen! Shame!

Patrick Daniel

Really nice theatre. I went to see Steven Spielberg here. The seating order is a bit steep, but it gives a good old feeling of a theatre when you're inside.

AL-Hadi Afnan

Wonderful this place!


Total movie snobs work here, but this really is one of, if not the most, essential independent theater in the Boston area.

Dennis Bruno

The only place to see the classics

Em M

Awesome theater! They place films you can't see just anywhere else. It is always a treat to visit the brattle.

Jeremy Pendelton

Great independent one screen theater. Constantly screens interesting stuff!

Yaron Teich

Fun, old school theatre. We saw “Jaws” at it was great! Feels like a real Cambridge institution. Staff was friendly; place was small, but very clean.

Mary Garhart

I love coming to this place every month for Trash Night. One-room theater with a great selection of movies every month. Good variety of snack and drink options.

Jack Rizutko

Somehow I'd never been to the Brattle until recently despite living in Boston for 2 decades. What a charming little venue! It's entirely the opposite of the modern sterile theater experience: a small cozy room with a well positioned screen/stage, and beer/wine for sale. It's a great place to have a social artistic experience.

Tristan Cunha

Fun little independent theater

Darth M

Trash night is amazing

Dan Tassone

One of my favorite theaters in Boston. Always showing a great mix of cult, classic, and contemporary independent movies.

Ken K.

It's the only rear projection theater in the U.S. They show old films & have events threw out the yr. So come be a member or just enjoy a great movie.

David D. Gardner II

A nice local theater, providing a great venue for independent art.


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