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1 Central Wharf, Boston, MA 02110 Located in: Central Wharf Co.

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REVIEWS OF Simons IMAX Theater IN Vermont


Good show

Mily Ramirez


Derek Coleman

Simon Lowther

Great show turtle odyssey. The snacks were lacking

Elizabeth Dubois

Gege Nyamgerel


Sandy Pandy

Awesome 3d pandas

Gustavo Quintana

Dianne Wilson

Very interesting and enjoyable.

Nicolás Bobadilla

marina reback

I watched the 3D Galapagos movie which I liked very much, fun and interesting. The air conditioning was freezing so you'd better get a coat!

Sasha A

ed rolfe

Steve Clements

Right next door to the Boston aquarium, it's modern, clean, well kitted out and spacious. The aquarium was showing a movie (hence our visit). Great cinema.

Jessica Black

I've been here a few times. I didn't really care for it. It was very crowded, which I expected and the shows that were playing were boring to me. However, it is pretty cool looking from the outside and what not.

Yan Krivopal

Bruce Miles

Great movie about the Ocean. Wish it was an IMAX with screen all around.

Amr Ahmed

Philip Penland

Very nice IMAX theater with interesting shows

Rick Quick

One of the first IMAX theaters in the area. Concessions are moderately priced for a movie theater. Big theater. Amazing projection. Perfect for documentaries. Right next to the aquarium.

Super Muñeco Zuñiga

Nice big screen!

Katherin Rodriguez

Lindsay Higgins

Very cool experience! Fun movie about Australia.

September Rogers

Best sit comfortable

Lukas Paulo

Paul Wojtowicz

It was so in formated about the sea life in seas

Marisa LoBretto

Good GALaPOGAS island (sp?) Movie.

Nataly Kochetov

I saw a film about The Great White Share, it was amazing

John Roy

Outstanding film on pandas.

Michael Toth

It is a really big screen with interesting features

Anthony Wall

Broken air conditioning, nobody announced it and when I asked I was told it’s been broken for a while. Concession stand combos prices can’t be purchased because they are not in the computers, why have it advertised then.

Christopher Vogel

Mario_Zombie Videos

Films are short 40 minutes, concessions reasonably priced.

Дмитрий Анфеногентов

Linda Braman

Very clean

L Enciso

vishal patel

Nice place to relax and watch a small documentary.

mimi hatsune

Great new movies

Dare Devil

Ibrahim AlZabin


Joshua DeFeo

Araminta Sparacio

It was a great film. Very educational.

Denise LaFlamme

Great experience for the whole family! Very educational and fun!!

Pranoti Kadam

We saw the Oceans movie.

Elizabeth Du Grenier

Jack Liang

Pedro Sanchez

Nice, needs improvement in some theater rooms

William Richardson

The 3D was kind of lame

henry romero

Good movies

Maddy Shiel

Pandas in imax was amazing

Phil Cleaveland

IMax theater with a beautiful view

Ben Mott

Very nice 3D shows. Not like the other IMAX theaters that are so steep it's disorienting. It's more like a regular movie theater that's souped up.

Susan Masson

Vivek Kirloskar

Very nice experience

Daniel Herrick


Courtney N Wowk

Great place to see a film

zack mcdonald


The shark film was pretty and interesting but a bit boring too.

Jordi Minuche

(Translated by Google) the best you can to see (Original) lo mejor que puede a ver

colin turner

Nicholas Dyer

Super clean and quick seating

Michael Lippa

Was ok

Julia Zanetti

L R Watkins

The Presentation was Fantastic, great views of our newest marine monument area and inhabitants.

Makayla Bairos

The Simon IMAX theater at the New England aquarium is amazing! It is placed high on the wall, and the screen is huge, so nobody can sit in front of you and block your view like they can at a regular movie theater. The programs are wonderful, interesting, and informative - I watched the show with the sharks - and they give a good insight into marine life. There is great sound in the theater as well, and outside of the theater, there is a lobby that sells snacks and drinks - water, popcorn, candy, and soda. The only thing that distracted me in the beginning was a small child that sat behind me who was screaming at the beginning of the film. However, the mother was able to take him out of the theater and my experience from then on was great. I didn't actually deal with the staff in the theater, so I can't speak for how friendly they are. However, I'm sure that they are as friendly and as helpful as anyone else in the aquarium. I highly recommend going to see an IMAX show on your next trip to the New England aquarium.

Anderson Alves Teixeira

(Translated by Google) Fantastic (Original) Fantástico

Sam Taylor

Good movie but the reel was so dirty it almost ruined it

Brendan Sullivan

As part of my day visiting the Aquarium with my family, we decided to take in a show. Went and saw the Panda 3D show, was very interesting and well done. The theater was very clean and well laid out. Having never been there before I was happy with the overall experience

Vedangana Saini Anand

Hussain Peera

Just okay

Nischal Verma

Very immersive and informative. I saw the Galapagos 3D movie and I loved jt

Douglas Brink

Great experience..great films in an immersive, clean and professional environment

victor schmidt

S.M. Kozubek

Very informative and beautiful 3D movie about the Galapagos. I did not know its history

Tomáš Maleček

Nice and cozy. Usually not crowded. With great and educative films.

Júlio Pereira

My favorite

Holly Nasrat


Tony Marchese

We started our day at the aquarium watching a fascinating movie about the Galapagos Islands. As usual with these IMAX movies, it was a tad pricey for what you get, but it was enjoyable.


This theater is sooo fun to go to. When I’m MA i get a group of friends have dinner sit near the beach water and then we go watch a perfectly clear imax movie at this amazing theater the service is fast pace so no long lines and the buildings architect is amazing.

Matthew Witten

Very nice theater to watch an imax film with the family.

Chris F

This is not the planetarium style IMAX where you get lost in the action, this is just a larger movie screen. If you're ok with that, then it's good. The movies they showed were great, the food wasn't too expensive, and the theater was completely separate from the aquarium so the lines went quickly.

Jeremy Weeks

Old technology that was better viewing on your own TV at home

Andrew Chehayl

Jose Vazquez

Good noce and clean

Alex B

The movie about the galapagos Islands was great but its Quality was not that good.

Cobra Curtis

Endermania Games And Art


Kremdal TheOrc

Great show. Clean.

Jeff Nossal

dragonfly chabot

good documentaries

Rhianna Hutchins

Sarah Porter

Clean atmosphere and great informational movies, we loved it!

Barney Wemple

Always a great time, amazing eye opening movies.

Thys Marais

Becca Jaroszewski

A nice and warm theater. Definitely worth watching the movies during a cold windy day in Boston. The bathrooms were in slightly poor shape, but kind of expected with the rush of people after each showing.


Lived the movie and IMAX, but the older gentleman selling tickets and cleaning was a miserable crankshaft

Jeff Thompson

Saw a documentary about Galapagos wildlife. Great show was great. Probably could have done without the 3D

Mikaela Florucci

Colleen Soule

Keith Saroka

Great nature IMAX movie

Vance Ely

Great place and convenient to go to before or after the aquarium

Paula Wilson

Pramod Magadi

Doreen Mundy

The place was filthy. Popcorn all over the floor in the lobby. Trash and food on the floor in the theater. My shoes stuck to the carpet it was so gross. The staff ignored the mess and was not very helpful. Such a disappointment.

Leila Chentouf

brenda bernier

It was awesome!

Dovien Delarosa

Nice Shark Show It Was A Learning Lesson About Great Whites Very Helpful

joseph gibel

Nice place and a great location. Typical IMAX films

Myron Wang

We went there for a shark IMAX movie, my kids love here. Great place for family and kids to spend an afternoon.

Frantz Sully

Krupal Desai

Nice and clean IMAX in town.

Gary Gu

Very cool place, especially when it's really hot outside!

Mala Krishnamoorthy


Excellent image quality!... Still using film!... Keep it film or I'm removing stars!...

John Custy

Reuse 3d glasses without cleaning. Glasses are scratched, dirty.

Malte Bruns

Gross, gut gelegen, kostenlose toiletten

Biju Mohan

Great movie experience and courteous staff

Dmytro Florov

It's an IMAX and they host fun screenings of action movies. Otherwise it's old and poorly managed.

Martha Pilarte


Only been there for a meeting. Looked all right.

Wei Hung

Perminant close? SUCKS

Derin Cattelane

Saw Oceans 3D. Very immersive experience.

Nick Clutch

Megan Wescott

Amal Khan

Chris C

Like the theater but they need to get more mainstream flicks in here. There's only so many times you can watch sharks swimming in the ocean.

Ben Velez

(Translated by Google) Very well maintained and comfortable. (Original) Muy bien cuidado y cómodo.

Ben F

Good theater

Rami Bussi

(Translated by Google) Interesting and invested (Original) מענין ומושקע

Robert-Belinda Garcia


This place is great! I went a few months ago, the staff was great and they actually used movie film instead of digital! The prints were clean without any scratches too. I really wish I lived close enough to go more often! I'm the guy who normally gives one star reviews too, just did it to the Mcdonalds at South Station. Please always continue using film, even if it means not having as many films. Because if you ever do go digital I will never give you 5 stars again!

Jacki Jamilkowski

Alexa Paige

Jim Morrison

New England Aquarium annual member so probably a little biased. Came to hear one of their talks offered in their free Spring Lecture Series. Great lecture. Great time. More people should be members.

David Marcotte

Notre film était supposé être a 14h mais ils nous ont fait entrer dans la salle a 14h10. L’air climatisé est trop élevé nous avons eu froid tout le film


Imax screen is nice and big

Natalie Mawbs

Marie Gilbert

(Translated by Google) Very well. (Original) Très bien.

Claudeanna Henry

Kevin Koch

Clean. Not too loud.

Alyssa Midwood

great 3d effect, but only worked if your head was straight forward. if you tilted your head, the 3d would mess up

Ryan Nordgren

Always fun to see an IMAX movie. Especially in this air conditioned theater. Great place to sit back and be mesmerized by nature on the big screen, all while enjoying the comfort of air conditioning and soft chairs. A little pricy, but what isn’t in Boston?

The Crushingtons

Okay seating, great sound and screen! Great visit after seeing the aquarium!

Em Hooper

Comfortable seats, well air conditioned. Great stop for a hot day.

Sean Ashcraft

Screen was full of lines and the Galapagos video felt a bit dated. That could be fixed if the quality was a bit better. Still a fun place and the price wasnt too outrageous.

Mark Duffey


Michael Thigpen

Cathy Guevarra

Lisa Coski

Jörn Adler

Cool stay

Michael Knights

Nice I can't wait to go back there

David Rodriguez

Great movie theater

Hubert Nyssens

Video quality poor, blurred images

Ryan DeLuck

Stephen Chase

Best IMAX in New England!!

Aiden Ardy

Harry Monahan III

Mike Rothermund

It's an old theater and my glasses were broken. My right eye worked perfectly, but I had annoying double vision in my left.


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