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REVIEWS OF ShowPlace ICON Boston IN Vermont

Edison Varela

Nice movie theater. Fair price. And they have especial on Tuesday 5 or 6 dollar any movies.

Rich Leung

Everytime I go here, always a friendly & helpful staff, also a polished & professional bunch, GM accessible & a people person, theater seats are comfy, sound systems are amazing, be sure to check out theater #6 Dolby Atmos which is awesome for action/sci-fi films!

tatevik vickybetsol

Great Location, comfortable seats, nice service

Matthew McLaren

Prices were reasonable. It was clean and not very busy on a Thursday. Seats were comfortable and projection/sound were excellent.

Joan Marketos

Upscale experience. Good (expensive) food options. Comfortable. Great sound. Good value for the features

Aaron Perry

Love the $5 Tuesday night specials!

Ugo Ojimba

Nice! Love the menu and great service

Kristin S.

Really nice, new theater. Comfy seats, decent selection at the concession stand, and no kids allowed at night! I am happy to pay the high ticket price for that. Editing because the theater management responded and cleared up my confusion! Apparently only ADDITIONAL servings of butter cost extra money, but not the first one. I think my brain couldn't conceptualize someone wanting more than the standard serving of butter on their popcorn! Anyway, I had it plain (because I thought real butter cost $$$), and it was still good popcorn. Thanks ICON!

Nancy M Lee

Comfy chairs where you can raise your legs, and a mostly 18+ theater. You pay a premium for the experience but not bad. Chairs aren't as great as they could be. Back does not recliner and they have similar design like some airplane seats where the headrest strangely pages your head forward rather than allowing you to really rest backwards.

cathy barry

Went over Labor Day.Beautiful with comfortable seating.Need not worry about people putting there feet on top of your chair.Everyone friendly and available to meet your needs.The bathrooms are very clean.Still amazed at the way you dry your hands lots of

John Mclallen

Nice clean theater

Sandra Lee

Futuristic experience from start to finish. Everything is automated. Staffed with a skeleton crew of techs for assistance with operating equipment. Beautiful location, delicious food. Heated reclining seats. If your looking for a totally impersonal experience, this is the place for you. I might prefer a little more human interaction.

Matthew Albert

Great movie theater. You can buy drinks at the connected bar and bring them in with you. Leather recliner seats with food trays. Ticket prices are fine, and there were no problems with video or sound. The place is clean and well cared for.

Rick Smith

Lovely cinema with fully reclining chairs

James Eddy

I was surprised by this movie theater. Being a lifelong Bostonian this specific area has changed so much. This theater has all of the high end amenities you could think of. There is a restaurant and bar, and you can order drinks from concessions. They have gourmet popcorn and the standard food you would expect from concessions. If you are into spending a little bit when attending the movies, you'll love this theater.

Diane L. Richardson, PMP

Great service. First class all the way. Easy ordering online. Validated parking in garage in the bldg for discounted rate for 4 hrs. Reclining seats that were heated. I even got an escort to my seat. Dolby surround sound was amazing. Why would you want to see a movie anywhere else!

Richard Burch

Amazing! I've never experienced this level of service at a theatre before. Comfortable and a great show

Michael Colford

The lounge was great for an early movie arriver like me, and the lounge chairs in the cinema were very comfortable. And the restrooms were spotless!

Mr Gee

This is very nice luxury adult theater .

Michael Kellar

Comfortable, good screens, modern, and cheaper if you use their app. Best theatre in Boston

william wall

Can't bring your own food. Small coke is 650. Good facility though

Alix Campbell

Fire alarm went off half an hour before the end of Avengers: Endgame. It turned out to be. A false alarm, but everyone exited the theatre. They would not restart the movie and, as a result, we were unable to watch the end of the film.

David Quinn

This is a good theater. Still seems like a hidden gem since it is not too crowded.

Rex McKeon

Best movie theater in Boston by far. Close to some cool spots in the seaport they have a bar and good snacks in terms of movie theater food and a bunch of different popcorn flavors that were actually pretty darn delicious.

Moh'd Baradwan

Very good offers for students, all recliners seatings; great location and staff.

Aaron Measer

Great theater in Boston, sound and picture are top notch. A bit pricey but you definitely feel the extra quality.

Maggie Leoffler

Very nice theater but the parking situation sucks

Kim Dawson

This afternoon I bought tickets online to take my daughter (who is four) to her first movie (Incredibles 2) at this theater, which was at 6:05pm (a time I know that many parents take their kids to the movies on the weekends). When I got there I was informed that kids under 7 aren't allowed in the theater. At no point during my purchase or on my receipt did it ever say that kids this age were not allowed. I asked the people working there to refund my tickets and validate my parking. They would not refund my tickets because I purchased them through Fandango and they said they validated my parking, but I still had to pay $10 even though I was in the garage for less than 10 min. Also, I looked through these reviews once we got home and saw that the "no kids under 7 policy" was for AFTER 7pm. How does that apply to at 6:05pm movie? Fandango would not refund my tickets because by the time I called (at 6:06 from the lobby of the theater) their customer service told me the movie had already started 1 minute prior. I can certainly understand a nighttime policy for no small kids. However, 6pm seems too early to enforce this. Also, my real issue here is that it never stated that kids under 7 aren't allowed inside. I never came across a statement like this while I was buying tickets nor was it stated on my receipt. I would imagine that anyone who is walking into a theater, thinking they are going to have a great time at the movies gets met with a person telling them they aren't allowed (especially in front of their child) would feel upset and slightly humiliated. This whole "experience" cost me $50. What a great Saturday night.

Eileen OBrien

Clean and comfortable. Best part for me, besides the movie, was the soda machine had caffeine free Diet Coke, and choices of flavorings.


Had a great experience here, from purchasing tickets, to enjoying a 3 hour Avrngers Endgame show. Seating arragements are so that everyone is allowed personal, comfortable space and seating! The atmosphere upon entering point of purchasing tickets you are met with a friendly greeting by either a ticket sales person or manager to meet your needs. Service here is exceptional! Did not order food, but from the looks of about the 50% who ordered appeared to pleased with their choices. Movie theaters and restrooms are super clean and immaculent! A great move theatre choice when deciding to go see a movie!

Bob McNemar

Not your grandfather's theater. Beer, wine, recliners, massive screens, amazing speaker system. Two great restaurants and arcade downstairs. Club next door. Nightlife everywhere. Waterfront walk a block away. What more could you ask for?

Alan Sapède

Very confortable but too loud

Jamar Moore

Comfortable seating, great screens and a good location! Went on Tuesday since they have $6 movies all day. Will definitely be there again. And it's worth getting a membership

Barbara C

Interesting hand wash dryer.

David Ross

Great deals on Tuesdays. $6 for most movie showings. Advise looking for seats 5-7 days in advance if you're going to a popular movie on a Tuesday and need several seats together.

Osiris Gonzalez

Sound was unbelievable but the image was not IMAX.

Derek McGearty

Really nice cinema in the seaport area. Food was expensive but was much better than the standard cinema fare so didn't feel like it was a bad deal. Nice seats, clean rest rooms. Also they Validate parking so don't forget to ask on the way out.

April Crutcher

Great theater, but tickets are around $20 each.

James Zygmont

Great theater with some decent food options. The popcorn has a different taste than your average, run-of-the-mill theater, but it's definitely not bad. Seats are VERY comfortable with adjustable recliner and HEATING features. First theater I've ever been in with heated seats, definitely left a nice impression on me. It's not very busy in the early afternoon, we actually got into a completely empty showing of Ready Player One and it was pretty surprising. Overall, a very nice and clean theater.


This theater is beautiful and the IMAX experience was really worth the money.

Dani Chahine

This theater is by far the best movie theatre in Boston very comfortable with really tasty popcorn and other snacks.

Julian Lake

Awesome place for a date night ..u will have a blast..

Liz M-S

Love their $5 movie Tuesdays

Noah Feldman

Pros: Clean, comfortable seating, and rarely crowded. Cons: The volume in movies is uncomfortably loud, but that is a problem everywhere.

Kylynn Fontaine

Comfortable reclining seats (heated too!), clean theaters. Many food and beverage options including wine and beer. And no kids at evening movies. Only downside is the price but it's worth it.

Paul Williams

The best thing about this place is Nick Allen the bartender!

Matthew Carlson

The seats are awesome. Hard not to fall asleep in them once you put the warmers on. One of our favorite places to catch a movie

Anthony Biscardi

I loved it. I was able to see Avengers on opening weekend while still waiting to buy tickets the night before. The seats are comfortable, the staff is bizarrely helpful (you can tell it is a new theater when staff are still that eager to help), and it I see clean. It was a really nice place to see a movie, especially one that sells out elsewhere.

Mark LaCivita

Very nice place. Seats in the movie theater are automatic reclining with optional heat!

Nadia Baloch

I went here for trendiest time to watch A Quirt Place and the theatre was almost empty. The seats were really nice and the staff was friendly. There are other restaurants nearby so it’s a good spot.

R W Hamilton

I hardly ever go to the cinema anymore. Once or twice a year. Too many distractions for me as I like to focus on the movie and not the people around me. As I was in Boston with time to spare, I went here and got really lucky as there weren't too many people. It was the best best cinema experience that I have ever had in my life. The BEST. Very comfortable, excellent sound quality, excellent screen, friendly staff, overall simply outstanding experience.

Travis Parker

Great experience, seats were very comfortable and movie was great quality.

maya gabriel

21+ option. Nice selection of beers and wines. All recliner seating.

Virgina Taggart

Free documentary courtesy of Hub Week

Erin Tababa

Nice theater! For the price, I was very happy with the quality of the video plus the seats recline

Jordan Plews

Great theater. Clean and comfy recliner seats

Nia C.M J.

Me and the guy went to go see once upon a time in Hollywood, and my love for Quentin T’s movies made me want to see this in nothing but luxury. I usually go to lux but my cousin sent me a link about this movie theater and I decided to try it. And when I say I’m impressed, I’m impressed! Seats amazing, plus the extra room for people to still get by when reclined, the popcorn was amazing, and the sound and the position of the screen was perfecto! Can’t wait to go back!

David Jellesma

Comfy recliners with heat. Only down side is the parking is fairly expensive if you're going to drive.

Kevin Barry

Great presentation, and the heated recliners are a nice touch. Parking is $10 if validated at the theatre lobby.


Comfortable seats and very spacious. Can get tickets for same day or next day movies way cheaper than AMC!

John Keating

Easy check in and helpful staff. My row didn't have the recliner feature and someone fixed it.


The theater is fancy! The seats recline and are heated!! Before the movie started, an usher welcomed us. Tickets are pricey but that's expected for the location and the limited seating. You can pick your seats as well. Concessions have the usual...AND fancy popcorn. Again, pricey but I like that there are different options. A downside is that there are no subway lines nearby... There's the silver line though. There are plenty of shops and restaurants around to kill time before the movie.

Paula Harper

Came to this theater to watch Creed 2 opening weekend while enjoying a girl's trip to Boston. The theater is in a beautiful area downtown surrounded by great restaurants and shops and great scenery. The theater itself is AMAZING. FIRST CLASS in every area. The sound, the seating, food... (though the popcorn was a bit salty) they seemed to have every area covered with excellence in this place. Even the restrooms were clean and outstanding!!! I don't live here, but if you are in the area and looking for a one stop shop experience of excellence in entertainment, shopping and dining, this is it!!!!

Alwyn Franco

Heated reclining seats and polite service. Plus no extra members get real benefits like discounted pricing and on this visit we got a free small popcorn each. We have been fans of the icon theatres since our time on New Jersey. We had one prior visit here when we first moved to Boston and were living right next to it in Seaport. That visit was a terrible experience. This one a year later was awesome.

Lina Nguyen

Nice mini table for drinks n stuff. Spacious and clean.

Ellen Dacey

Clean. Great seats and they are heated. Good food and free refills on Soda and popcorn

Saif Al-Enizi

Had a phenomenal experience, chairs were comfortable and the place was clean, convenient location.

Camille Davis

Beautiful, clean and modern cinema. Very comfortable seats that recline and have optional heating ! Loved it! Great experience and the movie itself was stunning quality.

Aalia Siddiqui

Nice clean theater. Seats not just recline, they are heated!

Hasan Aygun

Wonderful experience in a clean, comfortable environment with nice seats, good sound system and space between fellow film-goers. The choices of drinks and refreshments from bars in the Complex, like a glass of wine adds to the experience. Highly recommend for a night out.

Maryam Rana

Love the food and the seats!

Chelsea Stephens

Fully reclining HEATED chairs, delicious dip and fries. Great service

Polite Stewart

I love the ShowPlace ICON. Great seats, good food, and a nice decor. Their member rewards are also nice. Oh, and they have true reclining seats with built in heaters. I wholeheartedly recommend this place.

Kevin M Cuddeback

They validate parking at 75 Sleeper! (4hrs @ $10). A tech- and food-centric reinvention of the fancy reseved-seats "downtown" cinema. Try $5 Tuesdays.

Andrei Barbu

The place to go to in Boston. There's no other theater that is so comfortable, affordable, and pleasant. We don't go to any other place anymore.

Ben Jackson

Nice reclining seats, above Kings and Tuscan kitchen for food and game options. Theaters are new so picture and sound is great, and Tuesdays they have heavy discounted tickets. You can drink beer/booze in the theaters from their bar.

Owen Quilty

This place is the best in Boston


It's ok. Straightforward movie theater on the second floor. The seats are the best part... Heated...I think...I didn't feel the difference but the option is there as well as reclining. The sound is a notch better than your average experience in the upper class theater but not IMAX reading and Natick good even they advertise it to be leading technology. The overall building is small with not much life in the hallways and etc. If you like crazy popcorn flavors like bacon and cheese on top then this place might be heaven for you.

Melissa Wisniewski

Any movie theatre with the reclining seats is a winner to me! I can’t wait until winter so I get to utilize the seat heaters! Icon is our spot to go for movies! Haven’t eaten any of their food or snacks but they have some menu items that intrigue me like bacon popcorn!

Varun Mitra

This is probably the best theatre in Boston Downtown. Recliner seats with seat warmer, gourmet popcorn, beer and cocktails and clean bathrooms. Ticket prices too are inline with rest of the theatres. Have watched 2 movies here and theatre wasn't crowded. Also there are a few upscale restaurants in the building.

Somerville Hedgehog

You're going to be dropping about $10-15 for parking as street parking isn't likely to happen for you. Great seats and theatre. The concessions are quasi-automated. I still miss the old Sack Theatres.

Family super happy fun times

So nice. Never go to AMC South Bay.

Senthil Sundaram

Great seats, clean & modern. Serves wine and cocktails too!

Shane Conder

This is my second favorite theater in the Boston area. Unfortunately, the prices are high, too, on tickets and food. The location is great, though, with other entertainment and food right downstairs. Most showings are for adults only, and they don't generally get the kid movies. However, you can grab drinks and take them in. Each seat has a tray-table at it for snacks and drinks. The screens are good, the rooms are generally small and cozy. The audio is fine. All the seats both recline and have foot tests that raise up. Additionally, each seat has a heater. Yes, you can get really cozy. I have two complaints about the seats: the button lights are distracting and the seats are fairly narrow for sitting. The rows have good spacing, though you still may have to lower the foot rest if someone goes by. Easy access from the silver line or walking across the bridge from other T stops is a plus. Is it worth the extra money? Maybe. It's definitely a nice, clean, modern, new theater, though.

Zane Stiles

Comfy seats and fun theater! $5 movie Tuesdays are a boondoggle

Benjamin Cole

Clean and quiet, with friendly and attentive staff.

Samuel Parker

This was the best cinema experience I've ever had! And I've live in 3 different countries!!!

Frank J. Portela

Very nice way to see a movie. Point to be aware it is not cheap. You have to contend with parking prices and the food and drinks are proportional to the location... Boston Seaport.


Staff are mostly nice. One thing i thought was weird, that there was a separate station to pick up the food after you ordered it. The theaters are clean with a decent amount of seats. The seats included a table that folded out over your lap, with an easy accessable cupholder. Bathrooms are clean and the sinks have a built in hand dryer. This theater may be hard to find because it's on the top floor past a shopping store and a bar. 10 theaters in Total. Great place to bring children!

Gina Taverna

Enjoyed this theater and will hopefully return someday


Would not go back purchased a ticket after I left the theater had to use the restroom and they would not let me use it something about not not open to the public unacceptable place sucks

Christopher Constantakis

Good theater. The 4k screen and Atmos audio was really top tier.

Tim Reynolds

Spacious, clean and an awesome snack bar. Very creative popcorn selection

Gary Chan

We got to the theater and there was a fire alarm. We were told they don't know when their system will be back. They offered to refund our money but we decided to stay a little and see. Luckily the movie started but the lighting system was not functioning correctly. Lights werent dimming. So half way through the movie, one of the worker came in and told everyone to get a free ticket on the way out and apologized. I think they handled the situation extremely well. The place is on the small side. Chairs were comfortable and in good condition. I didn't buy any food besides the drink and popcorn but they have many options there.

tara shima

Great way to escape the heat!

Medgyne Lubin

Nice theater with food and full bar. Theater was cold but the seats have warmer buttons and recline. Overall good experience.

ShiSha King

What is not to love about eating quesadillas and a hard cider while taking in a new film, sitting in the most comfortable reclining chair?

William Schofield

The seats are amazing!!!

Sarah Wheedee

I LOVE this theater. One of the best in Boston. parking is expensive but it's in Seaport so everything is expensive. Awesome reclining,heated seats. The food is way above average and kind of worth the extra cost - it's tasty!

Peter Shellito

Buy your tickets on the icon website or app to avoid a service fee.


I went to this movie theatre during my most recent visit to Boston and the place was awesome. The movie theatre was very clean, spacious and an enjoyable experience. The seats recline and are heated - a real treat! The food court has many options including beer and wine. One of the staff members came to greet me and "checked in" on me before and during the movie. The restroom facilities were spotless. I went during the week, early in the day. It seemed like a ghost town, but I'm sure it's busy on the weekends. It's also located in downtown Boston, easily accessible by public transportation.

Voltaire Aquino

Awesome seats, can bring any food you want. 6 dollar Tix on Tuesday

Ivana Martin

Great theater, reclining seats and seat warmers. Bathrooms are super cool too.

theja reddy

Absolutely beautiful place. Got king's bowling in the same building. Go for it

Andrew Choy

This is currently my favorite theater for new movies. Icon X theaters are excellent and I usually only come on Tuesdays to take advantage of $5 movies and free popcorn to members of the loyalty program. Service is friendly and the movie experience is second to none.

Hamza Malik

Amazing theatre, the best I have in so far here in Boston. They have all these gourmet popcorns, a cool bar, and attached restaurants. The chairs were all too comfortable, with heating and a reclining function. Audio, video were really awesome.... can't find a complaint.

katie spaulding

Beautiful theatre. Very clean and chairs r extremely comfertable


Not bad for small dining area atmosphere & not that crowded when I first went. Like the coke machine

Nastashia Thibedeau

Very nice theater! Loved the seats and although it was over $20 a ticket I felt the comfort was worth it. The only thing I didn't like was how the concessions was ran and how little they offered. I know theaters make most of their money off of the concessions so I was really shocked when they only had 4 candy options. I would definitely still go back though

CJ LeDrow IV

Best movie theater I've EVER been to!

John Hubbard

Beer, reclining seats, and no kids.... Movie theater experience at it's best.

David George Johnson

First time to this theatre and I will be back many times more! The entire place was nice and totally clean. Even the bathroom was sparkling clean. You get to choose your seat for a movie which is great too! The seats were lie back and comfortable. You are able to order alcohol and bring it into the theatre which is awesome! I’ll be back soon!

Rose Reeve

I enjoyed going to the movies with my children we live directly across the street a week or so later my 13 year olds and a couple friends wanted to go see a children's movie they wouldn't allow them in without an adult. Maybe because they serve alcohol but I found that to be a little odd........

Torey Weiss

Awesome theater with great prices. Theater is smaller, but has comfortable reclining seats. Also has great prices

Hugo St-Michel

Premium seats, good popcorn clean and modern cinema. 5 stars

James Sykes

If you like dinner and a movie all in one thus is the place

Sid Cruz

Love this place and the popcorn has bacon in it

Ernie Estrada

Wow, this is definitely a must see. The lobby from point of entry to your fully reclining leather seats with a moveable tray table and seat warmer to its fully automated concession stand had me not even worried about what I was going to watch.

Dani Fu

This is an amazing theater. It is immaculately clean, with nice leather recliner seats that are very well maintained. The price of the tickets were so incredibly affordable I could hardly believe it. The concessions looks great too. If I lived in Boston, this would definitely be my go-to theater.

James Roberts

Super Comfy Chairs! Also, I was there on a weekday afternoon, so had lots of privacy : )

kentavia merritt

A great theater! Its comfortable and never crowded. The seats recline and are heated, which is a great feature since most movie theaters are always cold to me. My husband and I always opt for ShowPlace ICON when we want to enjoy a new movie. Also, there is a little lounge behind the ticket check point that is like a hidden gem. Its pretty big and they make really good drinks.

kenny hume

Good i liked it !!

Ghost Crown

I really love this theatre - its nice, cozy, and never too crowded. Download their rewards app for a good deal. HOWEVER just be sure to know that anyone under 18 is not allowed to a rated R movie even with an accompanied adult. This is a different policy from other theatres and I could not enter a pre ordered movie with my 17 year old sister because of it and had to take my money elsewhere :(

Kateryna Cuddeback

Great theatre;added perk is $10 validated parking in the basement, and $5 movie Tuesdays


Probably the best movie theater I've ever been to. Tickets are reasonably priced. Chairs in the theater recline and have a heating option. Wish I lived in Boston I'd go all the time!

elizabeth centauro

5$ movie ticket on Tuesday w/ free small popcorn. Crazy comfy seats with heater in them. Beautiful facility. Giving 4 stars because ordering food/beer was a bit confusing.

Nate G

Great place! Usually go during the day, never crowded. Comfortable recliners with a being seat button. They have an amazing audio system. Honestly my favorite theater in boston with many good food options around.

Jeremy Blaker

By far our favorite theater in Boston. Great beer selection, friendly employees, comfortable recliners, great sound and patrons who respect the experience.

Sahaj Patel

We paid for our tickets 2 hours prior to our 9 pm show, and we waited there for 2 hours. However rught before the show, the manager came up to us and told us to leave since one member of our party was 15. We were not told of any curfew prior to booking the tickets. The crew needs more training

Audrey Vitter

Movie deals one day of the week. Check app for popcorn specials

Jason Hwang

Very clean, great chairs and delicious popcorn.

Chris Phillips

Awesome movie theater. Saw Endgame there. The theater is on top of a Kings bowling a restaurant and the parking garage which was awesome because it was pouring when we went. But nice small theater... Reclining HEATED seats. Folding in/out tray for food. Really nice. Decent size screen. Definitely would recommend going there. Nice dinner n movie date night type of area.

Joshua Culbreath

The ICON theater is the best theater I have ever been to. Great customer service and amazing seats heated and reclining. What more could one ask for.

Xiomara Estrada

All new part of Boston Very comfortable recliners in theater and the restaurant Tuscan very good.

Jamesha Sen

Great food, great seats that recline and heat up. Each seat has it's own personal little table that you can swing in front of you if you want the table closer to you. Ticket pricing varies depending on day, time, and when you purchase it. Tickets can get very pricey... $24

Karl Swanson

Very nicely situated movie theatre in Seaport!

Machelle Rushin

This place is awesome. Seats fully recline and are heated. Food is good. Make sure you get the truffle fries with the dipping options (bacon ketchup?! Yes please!). They serve beer and wine. If you order in the restaurant, you can take it with you into the theater. Service is awesome as well. Great views of the seaport from their restaurant.

Caroline Foster

Reclining seats and when watching Avengers Endgame I could literally feel my seat rumbling

Nicole V

Even though we were in the second row (last minute Endgame tickets) the view was fine and it didn't feel as close as the front rows usually do. The theatre was very clean and the chairs were amazingly comfortable and reclined. It almost felt like watching from the comfort of your own home (if you had an enormous screen)!

Pranava Shashank Pindi

I was here a couple of times and the movie experience was great. Great service and really good staff. The multiplex also has many restaurants in case you wanna hang out after watching the movies.

Johnnie Bentley

Always clean and nice to have Great customer service back at a business.

Mildred Portillo

Liked the area & theatre. But didn't care for the event I attended here.

Timm Brüning

Great movie theater!

Theresa Mason

Theatres not to big and every sit gives you a good view of the screen. They offer delicious food items, alcohol & gourmet flavored popcorn!

Vlissara Upara

Good cinema ever. There are variety of food you can pick even a glass of beer

Nick Melaragno

Great theater nestled in the city with comfortable clean theaters and good deals

Susanna Yee

Super nice theater with some street parking nearby. Tickets are reserved seats only and all the seats recline all the way. You can heat your seats too with three levels of heat. Pretty nice for a standard movie ticket price!


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