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REVIEWS OF Showcase Cinemas Worcester North IN Vermont

Sherrylee Cruz

Nice place and no one bothers you

Bruce Wayne

Theater always clean and I love u can get extra cheese or jalapenos with the nachos!!

Alex Martin

Clean, no frills theater with reasonable prices given the industry

Colleen Keegan

Clean and easy to access facilities.


Great but very expensive

Chuck Picht

Line to buy tickets was long but moved quickly. Theatre was clean and very comfortable.

Andrea Pena

Clean Cinema with a nice addition of adult beverages.

Tyrone Martin

Expensive food even for a movie theater.. dirty seats and floor and it wasn't even busy.

patricia thomas

It was a nice theater. Not as busy as other area theaters.

carlos manuel nunez

Good movie theater

destiny burns

Went on a super quiet thursday evening. Only able to purchase recliner seats online @ fandango. Thought theater was sold out, discovered it was completely empty save 2 other patrons - wasted $ on tickets. Would advise goers to pay at the counter.

ibrahim semedzade

The lady who is working there (I think she is Russian) is rude.I always use my reward from my insurance (I buy ticket with my reward) to buy tickets,she doesn't want me to use it.Because she doesn't want to scan my ticket.Except her everything is good.I hope cinema management will do better service in future.Except that lady.She complains in Russian language.But she doesn't know that I know in Russian too.

peter waweru

Nice clean theater

lileigh wheaton

It's nice quality movies and a good experience

Luis Mendez

Back seats are so comfortable. Very peaceful on Tuesday.

Maureen Kilcoyne

Large Cinema - lots of show options. Ample parking, public transport (saw Worcester bus stopping), multiple concession stands to minimize wait times, comfortable seating, aids for handicapped to enjoy shows.

Joseph Velez

This movie theater is great place come out for a first date or even just a date. Great for birthday party and it's good if you just want to go hang out with a group of friends. Or if you just want some alone time go see a movie.

Prince Humperdink

Great, reasonably priced, seldom packed place to see current movies.

cedric richardson

The popcorn is constantly cold and not really that good. They have good other food choices though. They have discounted Tuesdays that I always bring my some to. The place is usually a ghost town during the week which I absolutely love about the place

Gail Astrella

I love the ambience.

Sarah Dogar

The staff is friendly and helpful. It’s a good place to go with friends.

Jovan Pressie

Great customer service.

Stephen Crowe

Good place to see a movie.

Devin Rochelle

Been coming here since I was a little kid seen hundreds of movies

Stephen Topa

Nice place, a bit out of the way but a nice cinema.

Nancy Barnett

The seats were very comfortable and the theatre was very clean. The movie was great too.

Lucy Higgins

Lot os improvements, quiet theater and the current staff are friendly.

Cathy Gallery

Great movie theater for the price. Comfortable seating, alcohol available, clean restrooms, nice place to take the family with plenty of parking!

pj j

Enjoyable place to watch good movies. Some of the helps personalities needs improvement. But stay clear of the occasional miserable worker and you can enjoy yourself.

Joyce Mulherin

Great movie theater never too busy, easy to park.

Kelly Petrie

This theater is not on a clean or neatly appearing part of the city. Ideally it is not appealing for me. The good thing about this theater is the array of movies I can see with my movie pass that I'm not able to see in Millbury.

Tanya Petit

It was great, staff was awesome. Was first time there and would go again. Maybe soon.

Margo Murphy

Poor Uninterested in commercials from TV before previews. (I see enough at home). Rather see more new movie previews. Cool theatre, my nose was chilled. Popcorn hard kernels 1st time in our batch..Aquaman great 7.1 surround sound effects and good screen show!!

D Sleeper

Big spacious theaters.

Daniel Carroll

No complaints. This theater is a little dated, but still nice.

Ganapathi Raman

Had nice movie experience. Sound set up is very good. Seats are arranged in a well manner. It has big parking lot. Will go again for new movies.

Katya Maiser

Good movie theatre experience. Easy to get in and out, rarely long lines, and expected prices for everything. I get discount admission tickets at AAA or Big Y.

Mahadevan V

The seating and sound is good. Good place to watch Indian cinema in the Metro West area...

Greg Breton

Great place to catch movies. Fair prices on tickets and snacks and they also offer alcohol. They have 3d and standard showings and the theater quality is good. They also offer premium reservation seating too...very very comfortable seats.

Edward Booth

The seating really needs updating. I purchased reserved seats of which there was only one row in the back. They were cushy but did not have the reclining foot rest feature. The rest of the seats are open seating of the old style. Service was nice and it was not crowded. It did seem pricey considering the lack of amenities. Other showcase theaters and AMC theaters have really raised the bar. I think this location needs to do some updates.

Gwen O

A nice theater. My one complaint is that the walls are thin enough to hear the sound of the movies playing one room over. Generally this is not a problem once the audio starts, but it can be obvious in silent moments.

Patrick Gallery

Loved seeing the Marvel movies in 3D with my family!

Travis Maile

My wife and I brought my niece and nephews to see the new Star Wars movie. We showed up in the middle of a giant snow storm not expecting them to be open. We were happy to see an employee working hard. Scott Bauman the Concession manager greeted us with a smile and was amazing. No concessions were open, but when we asked he said to give him 15 minutes and he could make some popcorn. In 5 minutes he had the concession open and was very happy to help. Amazing customer service from him! Great job Scott. You made our day!


Love this place, Been going there for years.

Shannon B

Great theater

Dwight A. Ernest

Concession lines are a little crowded, but they do have a bar with beer, wine, and cocktails. They also offer hot dogs, pretzels (salted and cinnamon/sugar), personal pizza, and the usual popcorn, candy, etc. Quite well appointed theaters, relatively close parking.

Pat Altemeier

Great venue. Comfortable seating

michelle jakubiak

We love it here.. not as crowded as the others,same excellent service

Aloma B

Went to see the Lion King. The theatre had a power surge from a storm. They were great by giving away free tickets to come back.

Srinivas Gondi

Nice place to watch movies. We go to this place for our indian movies. Very clean. Sometimes you come across some rude box office staff but other than that, the place is neat and clean. Concession stand is good.

James Shaw

Always relaxing place to catch a Tuesday flick

Joseph Asante

Great cinema. On Tuesdays you can get movie ticket for $5 with the starpass card.

Katherine Morse

Easy to reach by car or city bus 14 or 30

Annet Muchiri

4 stars because its never ever crowded, BUT the popcorn is very stale. but i still recommend this cinema. and its way better to go on tuesdays. and its also VERYYYYY cold, like brrrrrr. i recommend u bring a sweater with you just in case. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!

dieu trang Ha

Seats and screen and sound system are good. The place is not too well kept and feels deserted though

Jenny Nadow

Clean, reasonably priced.

Jack Shack

Nice atmosphere, could use a bit more staff at the food counter.

Patricia Bakerian

First time at theatre today. A glass of wine with my movie. Never had that before. Every thing clean. Helpful courteous staff. Large selection of movies with well lighted parking.

Jashawn Spencer

Great place to go and see endgame or any other movie

James OHara

Nice place, plenty of time parking and clean

Brenda Delossantos

The ticket person was extremely rude and not pleasant st all. I had provided my name so she can look up my star pass information and that bothered her

Roberts Cove Unitholders

First, I called ahead to make sure they had the closed caption glasses and that they would have one charged for the showing and time I planned on attending. It was not. The manager complained that he was the only one on and never had time to plug it in. (About 20 people were in the theater lobby. Not a crowd.) Next issue... They brag loudly and extensively about their adaptive equipment but when it comes down to it the technology is grossly inferior. Closed caption glasses display a microscopic print on only one eye. (In my case, my blind eye) Two other options offered are headphones which interfere with hearing aid use. The other option is the device that inserts into the cup holder. This device causes the viewer to be constantly looking back and forth from the screen down to the CC screen. Not to mention that these devices have to be held up because they never stay in the cup holder as intended. I give the manager credit for refunding our money for the movie which I couldn't hear because of their inferior equipment.

Nicole Gilford

Theater was huge and they were playing a movie that we couldn't see anywhere else in the area. That being said the prices were more expensive than the area I live. The seats were small, broken and the smell was terrible. I felt dirty for sitting there and could smell the seats on my clothes after we left.

Carol Bloom

So close to my house. Just wish they offered a better Senior Citizen discount.

jillian cobat

This movie theater is quaint (not over crowded), the lines move swiftly and the staff is friendly. We prefer this theater compared to any in the local area because it is not inundated with people.

David Knopf

Large parking lot. Clean, comfortable auditoriums with large screens. Snack bar is wildly over priced.

Denise Wolak

Ticket sales woman was rude

The A Team

Stopped in to purchase a gift card. I was in and out. I've seen movies here before as well, great sound quality and plenty of seating.

Courtney Mariee

The movie theater was very clean and the seats were actually very comfortable. I will definitely be going back there.

Kevin Downer

Convenient and spacious multi-screen cinema ticks all the boxes for what one might expect. A good place to check out first run movies in major release. Good sound and comfortable seating. The popcorn is generally cool and a bit stale... we just skip it these days and they lack off peak pricing discounts.

Erich Mierzejewski

Clean, plenty of theaters and showtimes, and never too crowded. Expensive snacks just like everywhere else.

david gabor

Clean, quiet, and comfortable

Neal Lackey

Def could use a remodel in some theaters but still 1 of my all time fave places to go

Jeff H

Love this theater ever since it opened in the mid 90's! It's much better to see movies here than at Blackstone Valley, where there is almost always people talking through the movies without consideration for folks trying to listen to and enjoy the movie.

Carrie Milinazzo

Lines were insane because the self-checkouts for tickets were broken. But they didn’t put signs up, so we wasted time trying to use them anyway. Also, the popcorn was cold.

Cloudz Thompson

Had a terrific time saw JigSaw the movie and last movie of the Saw series. It made me jump, was probably as good as a horror movie will ever get. If your in the mood for a good movie you likely will be able to find one here!

Anthony DePerrio

the only theatre I still frequent.

CN Chan

Love the fact that it sells alcohol beverage besides popcorn sodas and snacks

Ted McCarty

Well this is a fairly standard cinema, it does have a few perks. The first and most prominent is that it shows a large amount of Niche movies, such as Christian films that other Cinemas skip due to low General appeal. It also has a excellent location, though there is little immediately next to it


Very nice theater but very pricey concession stand.

Corina Mayo

Love the size, decor, food and location of this cinema. The customer service received is always excellent. Their popcorn taste so much better here than their rivals. They even have free samples of ice cream during special nights. Seat are big and comfortable and theater is immaculate.

Miss C

So convenient

Donald G Lagasse

Dark Phoenix Movie was great! Location comfortable, got a $4 ticket from T-Mobile and Atom Tickets to see it. Maybe it's been so long since I've been here. What ruined my experience was that a small popcorn, hot dog and small drink was $17.00. That's crazy!!!!! A small drink by itself was over $5. I did not get any. That lowered the experience. I know prices in the industry have gone up and continues to climb, but for teens, seniors, those on limited budget a night at the movies at a first run movie house just costs to much relative to other forms of static entertainment for 2 hours or less. I'm not often negative in my reviews, but this revelation of current snack prices is an eye opener. Call me Rip Van Winkle if you have to, but my observation stands.

Jasmeen Salas

They are doing a great job updating the place

Johnny Prudente

Moved the bar to the general concession area, but didn't clearly define the divide between the two lines. Once is found the line, the bar tender seemed to somehow poor drinks slower than the taps or mix machines would allow. Concessions was under-staffed as well, and in a line of 6 people I waited 15 minutes making me late for my film. Paid extra for reserved seating, but without enforcement I was unable to sit in the seat for which I'd paid and had specifically chosen. Sat in one of the other open reserved seats, and attempted to use the service button (twice), but never saw the person set to respond to this button. Movie was good, but the experience was sub-par.


Great services.

ifrit demon

Needs to up date it looks the same at 30 years ago needs to clean up and do something

Premier Sealcoating & Line Striping Inc.

Place is old .needs a remodel. Unfortunately we went to watch a movie and the speaker closest to us was popping and made it hard to enjoy. Bathroom was nasty too. Parking lot needs some love grass growing from cracks. Place is old just needs a remodel

Marc Roman

This is one of my favorite theaters to go to because it's never packed. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because the last few movies have been just a little too loud. Almost at a concert level.

James Flynn Jr.

Great location. Staff above average.

Brett Malofsky

Snacks were a little stale. Searing was nice. Movie selection 2as great.

Jennifer Johnston

I expect food at a theater to be a bit expensive, but this was soooo overpriced it was ridiculous! Service was slow and they only had one food register open. Seats are not very comfortable and not much legroom. Wouldn't go back again. Went last night because it was the only place close showing a documentary for 9-11. Two stars because of that, and I could see and hear the movie.

Paul Strong

Clean, good service. The seats need to be updated but other than that, great theatre

Moe Ouellette

Nice theater, they keep it clean!

Maryellen P

movie specials,alloe us to go,more often.

x Levins

This place is much less crowded than any other theater around the area. They even have an arcade for the kids. They have kiosks you can pay ahead and skip the lines. Best value for your money.

Jim Fosberry

Grest movie. Concession lines were out the door long. No snacks for us.....

Stephen Welch

Big parking lot and well lighted. Security guard patrolling the lot. Clean rest rooms. Comfortable seats. Great sound system..

Patrick Cowen

Purchased their reserved seating. Only had back row option with no sweet spot availability for best sound. Recliners did not have foot rest. Seats only leaned back. Not worth the extra cost.

Jessica Gonowon

The theater was mostly empty on a Sunday matinee showing, but overall good

Vicki Picotte

WONDERFUL experience!!!

Edward Frenze

⭐⭐⭐ Hard to get in & out of parking lot ⭐⭐⭐ Parking Lot not well maintained ⭐⭐⭐ ADA Access in parking lot ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ADA Access elsewhere in facility ⭐⭐⭐ Cleanliness of grounds/parking lot ⭐⭐⭐ Cleanliness of Lobby ⭐⭐⭐ Ticket counter staff (didn't speak English very well)

Keith Curran

Very spacious. Plenty of leg room in the theaters. They also offer tools for the audio and visually impaired. Hadn't been there in years and place still looked like new and is very well maintained. Films were clear and audio was good.

Yoonkook_ Maria

It's nice Its my go to theater

Emily Taft

Not a fancy theater by any means, but that doesn't mean it's bad. I actually prefer this one over other bigger theaters. Everyone is so nice and personable.

Diane Mongeon

Awesome Movie Overcomer

Elizabeth Moriarty

Good movie choices not bad prices!

Tina Indieka

Great times

Annie Boynton

Always a great movie selection, hidden off brook street. Average pricing for a movie theater and they offer military discounted tickets. Like the addition of beer and wine for sipping during a movie.

Timothy Nelson

If u read this this place sucks lights on 30 minutes before movie is over

Papo Rivera

It's a ok movie theater..its out dated, and dont have like the recliner chairs like the other theaters have.the food is expensive too ..

Girish Sheelvant

Theater is clean, seating is comfortable. But the screens are small. Also, the theater I was in, the screen had 2 big patches of repaint/etc that were clearly visible in any bright frame like was super annoying. I will definitely avoid this theater.

Jessenia Figueroa

Clean environment n great service

Danny Garcia

Nice and easy to get there

T'Leah McQuade

My movie was in the middle of the afternoon, not a busy time. There were all of 3 people in line at concession and 2 employees moving at the pace of snails. I am not sure how they train them but not being busy doesnt mean slack off when there are still people to wait on. 2 employees moving slower than if just one person was moving like they would if it were busy. The seats were horrible. I dont think they have updated them in 20 years, and there was a small hole in the screen that was distracting. All in all I will stick to blackstone from now on unless the movie is only at Showcase north.

Charles LeBlanc

Easy parking, great seats, good movie!

Melvin Harden

After 10 years of no movie theater i have to say it was pretty awesome and i notice some changes too as well........

Jeri Babinsky

Great parking, comfortable seating and good set up for the speaker. Easy to hear him and for the audience to interact with him with questions, etc.

Lauren Gardner

Friendly staff, good seating, large theatre .

juan rivera

Love the place' staff is awsome and there is not a big crowd unless there is a premire.

Tami Greene

Staff is nice but the theater itself needs to be updated very old inside

Rebecca Curry

Always a pleasant experience,just wished popcorn would b fresher.

Alberto Garcia

Go early and enjoy the show ,no crowd.

Ian Ariel

Bro that was so cool

Liam Davies

Emily took such great care of us. Made us feel like family

Alexander Montanez

Still a decent theater to go to.

Travis Blanchard

With a military discount the matinee is not bad. I got popcorn in the bucket as it was popping. Great experience for my family.

Livvie E

My favourite place to watch movies! I love the atmosphere and snacks! It's a perfect theater and I hate going anywhere else. Emily is the best!

Merari unigirl

Good movies But prices for food to expensive

Nathan Brin

This theater is awful. I bought tickets and no one took them. The seating isn't stadium style and the seats aren't comfortable.

Mike Zaralamos

Convenient and spacious multi-screen cinema ticks all the boxes for what one might expect. A good place to check out first run movies in major release. Good sound and comfortable seating. The popcorn is generally cool and a bit stale... we just skip it these days and they lack off peak pricing discounts.

Liz Langhill

A little pricey for a good theatre, but still would recommend

Kenneth Vance

My favorite movie place. I go once a week.

Mike Murphy

Older theater that has been renovated. Very nice and clean. Usually not very busy!

Carl Hammerle

Nice clean and like new! Snacks pricey

Sherry Butler

Wicked clean theatres and bathrooms.. I just wish there were pretzels baking.. could it be Tuesdays and Fridays nights I buy out pretzels.. dreams are good

Debra Bouyer

Totally enjoyed going to see Made a Family Funeral with mom and my Daughter

Wendy Steinhilber

Time to update the seats - hard metal bar across the back of my seat made my movie experience untenable. Moved, more of the same. Also the woman questioned my age when asking for a ticket, although I was flattered she did not seem to believe me. Asked if she would like my ID said no and not nicely. Geeze give it a break.

Sid N

It is amazing cinema i love it

reedgy beau

See ok it can be a really nice place but they are so under staffed sometimes. But you can get a theater by yourself some times so that's nice

Emmanuel Adjei

Nice and neat there

Shawn Farris

It's a nice movie theater. A good place for family & friends. Easy to find. Lots of parking.

debi mangi

Nice place. We even got the plush seats at the back

Robert Hornbaker

Easy to park. Easy to buy tickets. Concession is quick.. Love this place

Donald Murphy

This is a good theatre. They have the guts to show movies that other theatres wont!!!

Floyydd Mumford

Older movie theater. Some have extra large comfy chairs and legroom. Easy to get to and clean. Reasonable priced. Matinée was $9.50.

Phobrek Taz

At least some if not all of the theaters have "bowl" seating, vs. stadium seating. So, I hope you're not sitting behind a tall person like me when you're there.

Grown Simba

Saw the movie I wanted, wish they had Dolby atmos though. Bought the ticket via the atom app. Seamless process.


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