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REVIEWS OF Showcase Cinema de Lux North Attleboro IN Vermont

Matt Faulkner

I never went inside just got the geocache

Judson Mcenany

Clean, excellent service. Totally up to date

Chelsea Acquisto

Went there for the lion king an they offered us 3 seats apart from each other. This is two parents and a six year old. So we drove there for pretty much nothing lol

Daniel Bedoya

You gotta love the seats but if you get to comfortable you fall a sleep Also prices for food are crazy $12 for a bottle of water and a small bag of candy

Alfredo Rivera

Love this place... me and my lady go from time to time... went to see Captain Marvel... super cool movie.

ken p

Besides getting my drink throw away. I liked the reclining seats.

Kathleen Hanley

Comfortable seats, matinee Tuesdays......go once a week

Chris J.

Love this place. The reclining seats are the best!


Really nice place to see a movie love the fact you can pick your own seats we always went to the IMax in Natick but not any more this place is so much better in so many aspects we need more theaters like it around

Steve Tetreault

The seating was excellent. We ordered online, and I was bummed that the center-center seats had already been taken. But it turns out, the back row is probably the best spot in the whole place - perfect line-of-sight with the screen in the theater we were in. Everything was clean, and the projection was crisp with nice audio. A little pricey, but it was a very comfortable experience.

Jenn Brache

Place is clean! Nice recliners. It's very much worth it

Toni Bates

We watched Lion King 3D an enjoyed it very much

Calvin Field

Nice seats, prices for snacks are ridiculously too high. 2 small drinks and 2 small popcorn were 18 bucks!!!

chaline donahue

Ever since they remodeled it is the only place we go to watch a movie. Seats are comfy and relaxing... not to mention the drinks are bangin! Enjoy!

Matt Pina

Expensive, couldn't believe it. But the chairs are nice and the movie sound quality is very good. I enjoy myself when I go and so do the kids.

Cynthia Heroux

The reclining seats are great!

Charles Rudrow

It's one of me and the Mrs favorite locales

Joe Skramstad

Love the new seating. Great times, great service as well.

Lil' Miss Sunshine

This theatre is always clean friendly environment it's really great

Carol Maine

Great atmosphere and awesome reclining chairs! Very comfortable

Paul Aubin

Love it. It's like sitting in a loveseat

Kelley Aurecchia

I like the big recliner seats, and I like that you get to pick your seats when you buy your tickets... popcorn soda & candy are priced ridiculous

Megan G

No hassle getting in and out once paid. Seats are comfortable and spacey. I definitely recommend to try it at least once.

Bonnie Drolet

Amazing automatic reclining seats! They were so comfortable. Also, I loved the self serve drink dispenser...very cool!

Edgar Cosio

Great place good movies for everyone and not spencer and near restaurants.

Cory Green

The pre-assigned seating is almost too comfortable. Great sound, great screens. Lots of parking and it's easy in, easy out. For the price that you pay (except for snacks; that s#!t is outrageously expensive), this is the ideal place to see a movie!

Justin Malo

Awesome experience. Very comfy. Will do again

Edwin Castillo

Recently renovated with leather reclining seats. They also serve beer here so that's always a plus. Mind you seats here are reserved so when you buy your tickets you get to choose your seats from what's available. Therefore make sure you get the tickets early on especially if you have a couple of people in your party. Another great thing is that they offer military discounts on tickets with an active ID so if you have a veterans ID I believe that's not valid. In comparison to other theatres I refuse to go anywhere else cause this place is that great.

Christine DiNozzi

Awesome place to see a movie. Great price AND they have comfy, fully reclining leather seats for everyone, not just the VIP section.

michelle parent-wetmore

Love, love the new seating!

Yari Veronica

The theater was very clean, the video very clear the sound was the perfect loud/clear. It was my Second time there and loved it. The bathrooms were clean as well as the lobby. The seats were comfy though I wish the numbers were a little bigger so there is no confusion and aggravation as the person in #6 huffed because they needed to move down one because they were supposed to be in #7 and decided it was such an inconvenience that they got their seat wrong and didnt want to move. But all was well in the end and Bohemian Rhapsody was amazing.

Tamara Farrell

New comfortable seats are great. Never overpacked. I still haven't tried their new option of having liquor served to your seats.

Stephanie Negron

Really nice. Wish they have more seats available per showroom

Jessica Penney

Since the renovations, I'll go out of my way to watch a movie in this theater over closer options. There's nothing better than having a big recliner all to yourself, and having assigned seats means I can buy in advance and come halfway through the credits instead of getting in early to try to find seating near a friend. Prices haven't elevated much either; it's cheaper than the old, dirty theater closer to me for a much better experience.

Jenette Rosario

Nice and clean theater. I enjoyed the movie.

Jorge Hernandez

First time at that showcase. Was nice, went to see captain marvel with bf n his friend.

Aaron Whalen

A little dirty. Good place to see movies.

Danilo Ospina

This cinema has a lovely atmosphere, extremely comfortable chairs and a very friendly group of employees. The bathrooms could use a little more taking care of. But overall not a bad experience.

Chris Leoncello

Great Movie , but The First GODZILLA Was Better , My Opinion , but It Was Worth Watching

Josh Lima

Love that there upgraded to assigned seating and that the seats are big reclining leather seats and at incredible prices! I live in Warwick and will sometimes make the drive here to see movies instead! Waiting for the day that the Showcase on Bald Hill Road upgrades hopefully they will make the upgrade

Luisa Dacosta

Love their reclining seats!

Kyle Crombie

Favorite cinema comfy seats you have to reserve ahead of time. Which makes getting the seat and. It having to show up like 30 min early is nice

Brandon Blair

Expensive but have good seats and is well kept

John Martinez

Great seats extra clean.

Petri Rosca

Great for a smaller city like Attleboro. Leather reclining seats and adult drinks? Winner!! Owners: please, bring in more minority movies.

Mary Mihalec

Very comfortable seats. Neat and clean always..

Brittany Marrier

Love having assigned seating. Easy to get to, clean, never too crowded.

nellie k

the ticket booth counter staff was nice BUT the staffs at food and drink section were terrible,didn't care about customer at all,left customers waited without attention. They were so unprofessional and rude!!

Tyler Kokoszka

Such a comfortable theater, great snack and drink choices, and a small bar to top it off

Ashlee G

By far my favorite movie theater. The reclining seats make the 40 minute drive to get here so worth it. I only wish that they had more hot snacks like at other theaters.

michael mckay

Sorry. I just think movie theater prices should start coming down. I bought a small popcorn for 7.00 I’m done with all of these theaters prices. Don’t go there if a Mark Wahlberg movie is playing. Ouch. He just punched me. Just kidding he’s a great person and I’m glad to call him my friend. I think I’m going to sue him for punching me. Now he’s saying I’m just cheap lol. Everyone should start calling him Marky Marks. He just said don’t write that. You can pre-order my new book from Amazon. It’s coming out this week on Wednesday or Thursday called Life, Fate & Death

Marta Millard

Wonderful theater experience! Chairs recline, staff accommodating, theater tempered not freezing!

Ian Dore

Really nice cinema. Seats are comfortable and the screen is nice. Expensive though

Christian Moreno

Great place loce there comfortable recliner chairs


Best place to watch movies!! I live in RI and drive all the way here since the seats are comfortable and the theater rooms are a decent size.

Pedro Rainerdo Tejeda

The seats are great, the staff is polite and the concessions are priced what they are. However, the crowds at this theatre are a little flat. This by the way is completely out of the control of the movie theatre. I get that everyone is reclining in their seats and more relaxed, which is great for some introspective films but man does it suck for anything that's bombastic. I always regret watching blockbusters here because it really feels like being in someone's living room. It's not bad, but a great crowd can elevate the entire experience of the movie as much as a bad one can deter. I always feel the crowds here have a high floor but a very low ceiling.

Tc Pendarvis

Love This Theatre Use to Go Every Tues for The Matinee Black N White Movie 2007 Been going for since 2001 this was my Spot my No. Attleboro yrs...

Michael Dussault

Great place to see a movie. Reclining seats are great. But found the snack bar to be pricey.

C Lu

This is the only cinema we go to. Same price as other cinema but recliner chairs, spacious and you can buy alcohol from the concession stand.

Debbie Stansfield

Show great movies here. Seats are wonderful and contribute to the movie going experience. I like how you can order a large popcorn and get sharing bags, then refill the popcorn to ensure all in the group gets their bag full.

John Daley

Idiots... waited in line for 20 minutes to find out a movie (Avengers Endgame) which is being shown every 15 minutes is sold out the next 24 hours!!!! They only have 1 person working the counter, never saw that before.... and No Sold Out Signage anywhere, not online, not at the theater, like its so difficult to tell people Sold Out????

Rock Jocelyn

We had wide and comfy seats, larger cup holders, and a power toggle button to control the reclining seat! Made the Marvel Dark Phoenix even better!! Will save up and come back again #RockFromRI

Michael Hannigan

Comfy but a little weird. I really can't decide if I enjoyed it or not.

Michael Kimbrough

I liked the theater I would go back

Neli Tremblay

Great place to watch the shows and I simply love the seats.


I love recliner seating here. Advance booking is preferred when coming in groups as the seats per theatre is low with recliner seating.

John Alves

Very comfortable place to watch a movie.

Jamie Baril

Clean, and fun for all the family, just go to an earlier movie

Michelle Brown

Just wasn't a fan of sitting to close to the screen after that my eyes hurt.. Mayb not put seats so close to the screen

Conawa Trujillo

I dint have a choice but to rate 1 star but if i could i would take that back..i was here last sunday to watch the last show of aladdin..when the screen had technical problems and could not watch movie at all..manager gave me and my daughter 2 raincheck tickets..but they would not honor the over 45 dollars i bought worth of candy soda and popcorn, i asked customer services if they can at least replace some of the food i bought when i went back to watch aladdin the following sunday and i was rudly told that i wasnt going to get any credit for the food..not good customer service specially since it wasnt my fault i coulnt even watch that move on the original night..i will be calling corporate because they shoulda refunded me all of my money includint the money i spent for food since it was their fault not mine...i do not recomend this place the girl at guest services is rude and lacks customer service skills..

Patrice C

You can't contact anyone through the phone number! The system has continuously taken me in circles

Gavin Estey

Went on Christmas Day to do a double feature. Arrived at 3:30pm to buy tickets for a 3:40pm show. Was waiting in line and the theatre had 2 cashiers working guest services. The gentleman who was working was extremely polite and helpful, but the woman who was working at this time, was extremely rude to all customers and did not seem to have a clue what she was doing. Waiting to be the next one up, the woman initially started to step away and say she needed to take her break, but then looked at the line again, and made it every customers fault that she couldn't step away for her break. When I got to the counter, I asked to get tickets for 2 separate movies, which she said were both sold out. The gentleman overheard her and quickly told her that neither show was sold out and to look at the available seats. When I finally went to pay for the tickets, I was yelled at by the employee for accidentally selecting the wrong payment method. When we finally got to the first movie everything went well, and then during the 2nd film, one of the seats was not reclining properly. Was able to hit the seat to unjam the buttons and get it to work, but brought it to the attention of another employee who said that it would be tough to change seats. Love this theatre and will certainly be back, but the employees working excluding the one very knowledgeable gentlemen were not helpful or courteous in the least bit.

Jessica Cronin

Reclining seats and overall comfort. Need to add more food options besides overpriced popcorn.

David Mooney

They have updated the seating. But the AV equipment in my opinion could be better. Heard crackling in the speakers a few times. But the good thing is they are never crowded.

Ashley Van Reysen

best movie theater ever and super comfortable

Andrew T

This theater is a fine example of what the cinematic experience should be. Great staff, snacks, seating, and patrons. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Valerie Lawrence

love the room and cofable longe chair s

Randy Nocks

Went and saw Annabelle! Comfortable recliners and beer for the fourth!


Great place! Awesome seats

Rob Bandoni

Tough to say. Nice seats nice and ladeda look is sharp. But preordering a movie seat at 15 a pop is a bit much. Id tolerate a little less legroom if i dodnt need a second mortgage for a flick

charles sherblum

Seats are comfortable and staff are very friendly.

Robert LaRoche

I love the big screen so I attend a movie here once a year. Call me cheap but I refuse to pay their prices for candy and popcorn.

Eric Johnson

This Showcase Cinema is the Best. Has leather seats that recline; wide variety at the snack bar; if you are 21years or older and you are on a date or just want a drink, alcohol is served there; great rewards program; and the staff is very helpful. This Showcase Cinema has pre-online seat selection (phone application as well) and most of the time you are able to walk in and purchase and pick a fantastic seat. This Showcase also has self service kiosks to buy tickets as well. Plenty of room in the isles and in between seats. This Showcase Cinema is family friendly and for all ages. Highly recommended to make this your Showcase Cinema. Thank you

Samantha Pattek

Love the reclining seats and the option to pick your seats on their website.

Joanne Wood


Peter Kirylo Jr.

Love the seating and the food is good but overpriced. Definitely recommend getting something before or after your movie.

chris strohl

A place to see movies, nice seating.

Jay Curtis

Highly recommended for the atmosphere! Chairs were super comfy. Recommend ordering tickets ahead of time for better seat selection

Melissa Mitchell

Purchased our tickets on line and just have to scan QR code upon arrival. No standing in line. Love that alcoholic drinks are available at the concession stand. The reclining seats are roomy and comfortable. We probably go once a month and everyone is always polite and helpful.

R Santiago

Great place to watch a movie, with recliner sitting and assigned seats with plenty of leg room

Karthik Banda

Comfortable recliners seating with good amenities. Can't beat $5 Tuesday movie tickets . Showcase has 10% back if you are a starpass member

Andy Lambert

Really nice place. Air conditioning works. Stadium seating. Of course the popcorn, drinks, and candy costs just as much as a ticket. Which go for $18.00. But, it's worth it if you have the money Everything is new and clean. No sticky floors. Guys, you want to impress your girl? Take her here. Plenty of parking for after-movie kisses and cuddles in the car!

Isabel Laboy

I love the reclining seats, very comfortable. I also like that we're able to select our seats.

christyne mayben

Very roomie, spacious great theater!

David Miller

Clean, safe and fun environment. Staff is professional and friendly. Always a very good to great experience each time we go to the movies. Bargain Tuesday is the best!

Jason Wells

Sold out but the popcorn is delicious

Nicholas Elliot

Our go to movie theater! Luxury seating is standard here! Extremely convenient to book and chooses seats online. Make your own ICE’s, too!

Lisa Smith

Loved it there and very relaxing cause of the recliner seats ❤

Zeke Chase

I enjoyed the theater, great seats, excellent quality, food was fine. However, they need a policy to remove unruly people from the theater. There was a group of 7-8 middle school kids that were throwing food, talking loudly, recording the movie on their phones, watching YouTube videos, and throwing a toy ball they won in the lobbyand running around in the theater I was in. I complained and an usher just looked in, but they proceeded to be unruly through the entire film. They should have been asked to leave, their parents called and no refund.

Cautry G

Love it, you chose where you want to seat (reclinable seats), the cherry on the top is how clean this theatre is including the bathroom. Overall worth it and great way to spend time with family and friends.

adarsh sridhara

Nice movie experience. Clean and comfy. Recliner seating. A few screens have small seating. They should have just removed the front two rows for those.

Marcus Zerio

Great seats, good price. Love the reserved seating.

arianna martinez

Place is very nice, beverages and food are amazing! However the service is super bad. After purchasing the tickets my friends and I went to get popcorn. The girl at the register never greet us, never make eye contact or smile which I thought it was part of customer service. However she did for the white guy in front of us. We also got drinks. After a hour into the movie I went to get a second drink. I was asked to show ID which I did. I show Zach Colon (who was the server at the time) my passport. My passport is from the Dominican replican unfortunately the only form of ID I have at the moment. Zach starting going through every page in my passport. when I asked the Him why he is was going through my passport when The page he needed was in the front? he say he was looking for a USA stamp, When I asked him why, he failed to explain. I felt really discriminated against. I work at a bank which is a federal building and we don’t even look for stamp in people passport to know if they real or not. That’s why uv lights are for. Service really lacks. Management needs to step in and train their personnel better.

Maria Lomax

The popcorn is stale and expensive. The pretzels are microwaved. Nothing seems to be working. The theatre are large and the seats are comfortable. Just bring your own food .

Annie Lafountaine

What a Big difference since the last time i went there to watch a movie. Just had surgery a year ago and the chairs that are there now is just like your watching the movie at home and very comfortable. And you now sevre beer and wine. Maybe my fiance actually go with me and watch a movie there if he can drink beers. LOL

Angel Lucchetti

They have seats that recline which are so comfy I almost fell asleep!!! Beautiful visuals on the inside of the building and great food with great screenings too! You'll enjoy being here!!


Comfortable seats, just watch out for people who try to take your assigned seats then act like they don't know about it lol. Theater is always clean too

Erin Killeen

What's not to love? Leather reclining seating that can be reserved ahead of time, free refills on soft drinks...those two things alone won me over. Theater was spotless. Staff was friendly.

Michael Baldwin

This place is leaps and bounds better than it was when I was growing up. All seats are leather recliners and they now serve alcohol. Seats are assigned so you don't have to worry about showing up early to get your preferred seat if you buy online.

Alexandria Wright

love the lounge chairs, nice clean bathrooms which says alot bc this theater is high traffic! this theater seats are good for sitting 2 small ones on one chair. saved me some money watching a kids movie

Cheryl Casper

Very comfortable seats and comfortable environment

Jacki D

Pretty clean... although I went during the day - so it wasn't busy. Ordered tickets ahead of time and just had to scan my phone at the counter (was able to bypass people in line).

sherri t

Has recline seats a lot of drinks an food to choose from can order tickets online it makes it much easier

Brandon Fournier

Only theater I'll go to. The most comfortable seats and great audio video

Vael Victus

The chairs here are super comfy, it truly redefines the theater experience. Food service was very fast. However, I went to see a movie at an older theater, reserved for less popular movies. The computer had told us that there were only seats in the very front row. That turned out to not be true, for whatever reason. We looked back and saw multiple seats available about 30 minutes into the movie. It's a darn shame because craning my neck up to see the movie give me neck pain for the rest of the weekend.

Ellyn Edelman

First time here. Large reclining chairs are awesome. Theatre was clean. Sound system is very good. Will return

Brittany Alterio

Love the seats. The husband and I only go to the movies on Tuesdays though, any other day and it's a bit outrageous $$

Tana Peckham

Love their recliners! I have several issues with my back and their chairs provide maximum comfort so my back doesn't seize up which means my kids don't have to miss the theater experience for their favorite movies.

Sandra Mellen

Great theater. Comfortable recliners. Very nice.

Jake Prefontaine

Great theater with extremely comfortable seating. Prices are relatively high. Overall a great way to spend a night.

Sara Wetterhahn

I love this theater it is a bit pricey but it is a great place to see a movie❤️❤️

Yanibel Martinez

The seats are so comfortable and the service is great.

Walter Farber

Comfortable reclining seats. Every theatre is reserved seating (which I love). Concessions are on point as well.

CBD Store Of RI

Great place, if your looking for a little slice of home on a night out this is the place to be. I love it here


Why are movie tickets getting so expensive, more and more every year? I went to see john wick in theatres here, but the ticket was 15 dollars. I know it was just a nightime ticket... but the prices of todays tickets are outragous. Instead of charging us more for tixkets and food, include more and different things to buy and use with our money.

Jose Luis Perez

Love the recliner seats and the fact you have to reserve. More spacious the only think is the price for the food they sell. You can easily spend 60 to 90 dollars on a few drinks and popcorn.

wyatt d

Great place! Love the reclining seats! Saw joker here and my friend left in a streacher!

Ronniegb's Reviews

Went for the first time today and it's really great. The lobby and such is much like the showcase here in Rhode Island however when you walk into the theatre you're blown away. Super spacious, reclining leather seats, and giant screens that really make other look unimpressive. Definitely worth the 20 min drive. I'll be going more often.

Nichole Wright

New recliners are wicked comfy. The button to control them is on the side of right hand armrest nearest you. Next time i might bring a blanket

Lindy Lee Lewis

Always plenty of seats nice and friendly for children too

Friedrick Wolfgang

I love being able to lay back and relax

Seb Gillen

Great reclining seats! Lots of screens, clean and nice staff

Lily Dragon

Love the reclining chairs! They have alcohol and Starbucks at the food court--a girls best friend

Gabriel Collazo

Bought my tickets online, walked up with the bar code (print or phone) grabbed a few snacks and a drink and bam watched Aquaman. Easy as that. Word to the wise if the movie just came out that day and you wish to "walk in" there is a good possibility the seats are sold out.

Dennise D

The seats are comfortable and perfect for relaxing, watching the movie and/or falling asleep!

Nancy Campbell

Now that I am semi retired. I get to enjoy going to the movies. This theater has reclining seating. My Bestie Sue and I love to go here. Just for info Tuesdays and Wednesdays are DISCOUNT. Days. Wednesday's is Sr. Day you can even call ahead and purchase your tickets ahead of time. Boy it's amazing how fast things are changing for the better. So if you can get there you can enjoy the big screen like being home away from home. Truly a pleasant experience TY.

PK Laheat

My friends, My family and I loved it. The seats had an amazing lay-back feature that allows you to lean back in your seat and have your legs up. Absolutely loved it.

Thurston Hartford

5 stars for comfort. 5 stars for the beer. 2 stars for outrageous pricing on Candy. Soda and popcorn. I recommend going to dollar store and load up before going there and being robbed.

Matt D

No military discount!!! Next time I will go to a theater that has respect for military retirees. Un--American!!!

Jarrod Wells

Are you ready to TRULY enjoy the movies again? Showcase recently remodeled the Attleboro location and added all new reserved seating with comfy reclining chairs to watch the movie!! You will pay a little more now because all seats are recliners but it is so worth it. It is so comfortable you honestly don't even notice the people around you. On top of that, they added a beer and wine counter next to the popcorn line. So you can enjoy a beverage of the adult variety while kicking back.

Jennifer Sisouvong

Great customer service. I never do reviews, but I feel as if this theater has never disappoints me. I recently got the Atom app, and somehow managed purchase movie tickets before it’s release date. I didn’t find out until last minute and was worried that I wasted my money. Brian, the manager, was completely understanding and gave us tickets to another show around the same time. Thanks again, Brian!


This movie theater I enjoy coming to, just to see the movies I see in theaters. The ability to chose where you seat, having reclinable seats, and just everything here is just great to have; as well with having a decent pricing that most people can afford with it being such a complex theater. I would honestly recommend to check this theater out if you are near it. There are a couple other theaters in the chain around, but this is the only one I have been to.

Xavier Rojas

Love the reclining seats and been able to select the seats when purchasing tickets.

Sohat Bhuyan

It is a nice place, reclining seats, good food, and nice food. Plus payment is fast and simple. Food items and drinks are a little bit too expensive but that's all movie theaters

Kellie Nash

Really convent location and place is clean. I love the seats and the easy access to pick up already ordered tickets. They could revamp the parking though. Maybe repaint the lines or fill in pit holes

Brett Youngu

Nice theater except when I went to buy my tickets I asked for my Military discount and Sean (younger guy with red hair) said you people always want a discount! I said what do you mean by you people? He said vetrans/military always looking for something and give him a hard time. I couldn't believe it

Laxman Chandwani

Comfortable theater, good recliner seats. Moreover if you go on weekday it is not crowded. Snacks are excellent

Emilio Perez

Nice to see the theater I spent my teen years in keep up with the times. Clean, mostly renovated and the recliners. One you go recliner you won't go back. My only gripe is that I wish the seats reclined a bit more and that the bathrooms were updated.


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