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REVIEWS OF Showcase Cinema de Lux Lowell IN Vermont

The Red Knight

With the upgrades this place is pretty sweet and the arcade has cool games to play. They get 3 starts because the prices and food quality is horrible.

Sayeeram Iere

Clean and luxurious. The seats are very very comfortable

Brenda Melo

Very clean staff were super helpful

het shah

The cleanliness of the theater is really good and also the sound quality of the theater is damn good.

Mona Khan

The upgrades to this cinema are awesome! Big screens, comfy seats and clean. Great movie selection and plenty of parking. Also, as an added bonus they have Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!

francis kyaw

5 dollars admission on every tuesday for starpass member which is free to sign up online

Dipankar Bajpai

Love the reclining seats - even though one has to reserve. Excellent and courteous staff. Less love for the daylight robbery on the snack bar but that’s a classic captive audience business model for ya. In retrospect the high prices are a good thing - for the classic dinner movie, a gentle nudge to stick to water.

RobB Edtech

Still have not gotten theater guide installed to let patrons know which number screening room is showing which flick.

Richard Jones

Clean, comfortable theater. Helpful staff. Expensive food and drinks.

Alex Bilotta

Seats were clean, reclining seats were comfy

Lubega Shafique

Great experience

Prince Addae

They way the have theather numbers ordered is awkward. 13 is facing the opposite direction.

Eliud Vazquez

Super Tuesday is the best $6 coming down enjoy the movie for your valued.

Devin Drakes

Saw spider Man far from home here it was one of the best movie theatets I had ever been too

ProjectLove Boston

Love it can send us movie tickets


I really like this particular theatre. It looks nice and has configurable seating

Chris Vaxevanis

I've always felt that AMC was a better cinema than showcase and would wish there was an AMC closer to where I live. Than the showcase near me started to upgrade it's theater and added nice reclining seats. Today I was close to the showcase in Lowell so we went there. This cinema looks great, has several arcades to play if you go early before your movie, a full bar for alcoholic drinks and the staff were so patient with us when we had to test the soda to make sure they were diet. I would recommend this place and will definitely go back.

Michelle DeMont

Love the new layout... The seats were so comfy. Had not been to this theater in a long long time. But so comfy. Will come again.

Flor Beltran

It's just ok..

Gleeful Reaper

Never had a bad experience. Even when there was a mistake and I got the wrong ticket management was quick to correct it.

Dominique Morgan

Whoa! This place changed for the better!!! These reclining seats are awesome! Sweet arcade, still expensive though, but what are ya gunna do?

Madeline Anderson-Balmer

Comfy seats, full bar, and the bartender even gave us each a chocolate kiss. Great video games, food options, and they run concerts and tv events here too. Buy tickets in advance and enjoy full reclining seats!!

Alexander Marte

I Love their Dolby Atmos theatre. The sound is Awesome. I feel like I'm inside the action of it all.

J Windish

Amazing upgrades but their food menu is terrible and alcoholic drinks priced way to high

Eddy C

Good, clean, modern.

Shihying Yang

Recliner is what I like the most. The time I went to, the theater is hot as hell, other than that, it's good.

Jostin 23 Garcia

Is it so good and fun because there have a lot of thing for eat in the movie

Elise Zoli

Could not be a more fun place to see a film and stroll, particularly in winter. Kudos to the innovative, creative spirit and vendors who have made the theater and its shops so magical!

Brenda Camello

Lots to do for kids. Seats spacious

Amy Stalker-Burns

Seats were cool. Line at concession was ridiculous with one person working, popcorn was cold and stale.

Elon ProbedMe

Great facility, always clean. Stadium seating in most of their auditoriums makes for a pleasant viewing experience, especially since they installed plush recliner seats. Concession workers get a bit flustered during peak exhibition hours, and the food is what you would expect from a theater. My advice is sticking to the popcorn.

Karl Fisher

Great theater after the renovations. Stadium seating, good quality screens. The theaters are much bigger than they look when reserving seats, so you might feel further away than you thought, at least I did.

Ryan Hureau

The emoji movie was viewed here in pristine 4k

Seth Holmes

The theater itself was fine. But my experience was marred by some a-hole who wouldn't silence his phone.

Bradley Samuels

The only reason I give it 4 stars: between each row there is a wall. My 3 year old nephew had to sit on my lap to see over the wall and see the screen. Even I had to sit up conpletely straight to see over. Otherwise, this would be 5 stars all around

Elizabeth Tellier

Love the recliners. Prices are high for food but aren't cinemas all expensive.

Barry Black

I had a movie, popcorn and a soda. Comfy seats, clean, good sound fair price.

Linda Trouville

Great service!

Karen Thoman

Clean, great sound, comfortable seats, good popcorn!

Kristen Harden

Great theater rough crowd.

John vonGoeler

Very nice but not as nice as chunkys

Rosa De Los santos

I believe something bit me on the seat. Came home with bug bites on my leg.

Pauly Paulino

Clean and good movies but the movie star late every day

Bob Bennett

The layout makes for an easy path from tickets, to snacks and on to the theater. Prices at the concession are high (just like every theater, arena or zoo).

Matthew Drew

Catching a film early on a weekday can be very enjoyable. No crowds and the place is still clean. It has been updated since I went a long time ago. Large seats, leg room, and power recliners almost seem luxurious compared to the old chairs used. Domestic beer and snacks with insane markups (no stars removed, just expected).

Daniel Mianda

Comfortable electric seats allows you to really relax and enjoy the show. Temperature in the rooms is adequate even with a light jacket on. Sound is great regardless of seat. High end experience. They also support our military.

Sh'Nardria Peterson

Nice theater, I recommend getting a star pass card and account. Service is nice but the popcorn is NEVER FRESH. They also keep the slushy machine behind the counter so you can’t make it yourself.

dianne sheppard

Saw Bohemian Rhapsody. What a great movie

Cathy McDonough

Good theater, some chairs broken, but overall what you'd expect

Justin Norman

I Watched The Avengers endgame in 3D an amazing experience

josh dufresne

Decently priced and equipped theater


Ticket pirices online show "standard" show times. When you arrive some of those showtimes turn out to be "xplus" only shows. $52.50 for 3 tickets. Ouch, was not expecting that. I could have got the standard price show but would of had to wait an hour for the next showtime. Kind of felt duped. Everything is very overpriced.

Alina Ravkin

Haven't been here in years. It's brand new now. Clean, spacious, the seats even have a button for reclining and foot rest. Really enjoyed watching a movie here!

Jose Centeno

Awesome arcade

Luis Ortiz

Great arcade section! Theater was flip flopping with temperature though, one minute AC was making us freeze , the next the heat was up so strong, we had to take our jackets off! And repeat. Beautiful building though.


I didn't know it was so big. They have everything there. The customer service make the experience easy.

Keith Manheck

Always a good theater to go to the taken movies great snacks just overall nice

Matthew Spurr

They played the wrong movie in our theater. My girlfriend and I bought tickets to an anime special that only had two screenings. We bought tickets to the English Sub screening, and instead we were met with the English Dub screening, which was not supposed to be shown until a few days later. We walked out of the theater and found the customer service desk. The woman there was understanding and helpful, but when she radioed for a manager, things took a turn. The manager was defensive and irritated, despite us being polite. She insisted that I had it all wrong and they played the right movie that night and I just bought the wrong tickets. I showed her on my phone what i bought tickets too and caught her in her lie when she told us they already played the subbed version "a few weeks ago." The event was only two days and I showed her right on the event site. She suggested that they must have messed up their website. I remained calm and simply asked to be compensated for my ticket and snack items. She refunded our tickets and gave us free passed to our next movie with them. I probably won't ever use them because the only reason I traveled all the way to lowell was for this limited screening.

Michael Trudel

Great place . It is very clean here . They have upgraded everything . They have a bar here and a good selection of food . They have alot of parking here . We ordered our tickets online and it was so convenient. We just pulled up the app and they scanned it . They have upgraded everything . It does not look like it used to .

Lois Hajjar

It's a beautiful theater with extremely comfortable seats. However, I went with a friend to a 1:35 pm show. Granted, there were only 3 other people in the theater at that time. However, I still think it should be a comfortable environment. It was so hot in the theater that I had sweat running down my face. Even my friend who likes the heat, was miserable. And you still charge $8.50 for a matinee? With no air conditioning? No senior person discount? I guess it's back to AMC.

Kerrie Moran

The heat was on blast. We were sweating watching the movie. Comfy seats at least.

Morgan Minsk

Pros: good selection of entrees, snacks, and drinks. Arcade games. Wide selection of movies shown. Fair prices. Cons: Very, very dirty. Without fail there is always popcorn, food, and trash in the seats. Often people seem to stuff their wrappers and trash into the sides of the chairs, so you can’t see it when they are sitting upright, but then you are sitting in trash when the seat is reclined.

Bob Armstrong

Be aware if you have Starpass rewards, they WON'T TAKE YOUR PHONE. Manager Doug Oparch tells me they must be printed. " their policy ". Online clearly states they will scan my phone... had to pay full price and couldn't use rewards... not happy

Audra Garland

Place is great cant wait to go back

Scott Morris

Always a great place to see a show. It's close to home and has great seats. The theaters have regular and 3D movies. We always buy our tickets online before going to make sure we have a seat and it's a seat we want. Gone are the days of just showing up and picking your own seat in the theater. You can buy through the theater or with one of the apps which is the easiest.

Siobhan Roccio

The cinema has been nicely redone. Lots of parking, comfy recliners and plenty of snacks. They also have a full bar now.

Tina Powers

Beautiful theater

Brenda Torres

Clean understaffed waited in line forever for popcorn and drink

Amanda Schiripo

Left my phone behind and had to go back after seeing a movie here. When we got back to the theater we went directly to guest services, where there were several staff members standing around eating cake in the open. 2 employees on the left asked if we needed help and we explained I had left my phone behind, then the two on the right of the counter one of them dressed like a manager asked if she could help us. Clearly she hadn't been listening to what I had just explained to the two employees standing right next to her! We were very polite the whole time, there was no reason for them to act so unprofessional. One of the kid employees stopped eating his cake for a moment and told us we could just go look so we did. Obviously they don't sweep the theater after movies because it was sitting right on the seat, this was an hour after the movie ended. I will not be returning to such rudeness!

Kurt Dossin

Great place to see a movie. Comfy recliners. Nice sound system.

John Katzmaier

Good movies.

Dennis Rebello

Price for food is more than tickets that is y people don't go to movies anymore


Played the wrong movie and canceled the entire thing. Booo

Malina Prom

Movie theater had no AC on in 90 degree weather. Seriously?

king legend 51

Good food mad GOOD seats

Fino Caraco

Go here often with the family. Like all theaters it has become a bit pricey. It is clean and comfortable though. Also has a decent game room that feature Down the Clown, Air Hockey and many others.

Benjamin Perry

Nice theater with extras like an arcade, bar, kids room. Comfortable adjustable seats.

steven b

It was good but not as great as a i-max theater.

Joseph Walsh

Nice theater, comfortable seats. Several restraints within walking distance and at start of rail trail. Arcade, concessions and full bar inside. View of screen can be obstructed by mini walls between stadium seats in upper rows if reclined. Close to rt 3, 495, and Lowell connector.

YunFei Shi

Have to give a big thumb up for the showcase cinema in Lowell. I lost my cell phone after the movie, and got it back the day after. Just called the lost and found and they were very helpful and located the phone for me. Thank you so much, the staff at the showcase cinema!

Amy Taverna

The "Arcade" workers were all very helpful! Love the seats in the theater... Always pricey though!

Nilda Rivera

It was great

Nicole Rodriguez

Nice polite people

John Luke Mills

This is a nice extra service newer cinema. There might even be "real food" choices for fairly normal prices. The sound for Toy Story 4 was really good. The new recliners are nice. In theater 7 row g even the edge isle seats have good viewing angles. They took AAA discount tickets.

Monica Morones

First time and awesome food and great environment and enjoyed for the whole movie experience

Amos Pierresaint

Great movie theater

Chuck D

Nice theater. Comfortable seats that recline and have plenty of room. 1 star off for concessions being ridiculously high. 20 bucks for 1 med popcorn and 2 small cokes.

Shari Horan

Great theater, however the snack bar is WAY over priced!! I do enjoy my experience there otherwise.

Chris Kowalczyk

Nice and clean and the recliner seats were very nice.

ramireddy avuthu

Very good theater and seats are awesome. Plenty of parking

Sean Flukey

Nice theater, decent bar comfy reclining seats

Luisa Aquino

It was ok, well maintained, unjust wish it was less expensive


Beautiful, clean theater. Customer service is also really awesome. A great place to see a movie.

John Irza

Easy access off the highway, clean cinemas with comfy chairs and electric footrest and drinkholders. Giving 4 out of 5 stars because of high concession prices but the prices are just as high in other places.

Samantha Poirier

Love the seats that recline in this theater. Amazing quality sound and screens

Robert Silva

I went to this theater with my GF this past labor day because I had a couple free passes to use up. I was expecting the usual slacker/mouthbreather service that I've become accustomed to at most retail & service businesses. You know how a lot of young people working jobs like this seem to HATE being there? Happy to say my experience with the staff here far exceeded my expectations. I couldn't prebuy my tickets because I had a paper free pass. The gentleman at the ticket counter was fast and efficient and actually seemed glad we were there. Next, the man that takes the tickets was equally cheery. "Did everyone just get a raise?" I wondered. Finally, we went to the bar to order two beers. The bartender this day was outstanding. Genuine cheerful banter and wonderful sense of humor without being annoying or awkward or fake like most bar tenders. A couple hours later I went back for a another beer to share and the same bartender remembered me from earlier. More cheerful banter about me having to share my beer with my GF etc. The theater was super clean inside and out and the seats were better than my couch at home. It was a long move but I wanted to stay longer. Well done Showcase Lowell. Well done. I'm deducting one star because the medium popcorn was crazy expensive. I thought there was some mistake.

Ben Cuthrell

Theaters are nice, front if the house leaves a but to be desired. Arcade is cool.

Rosa Forsythe

I love going to Lowell Showcase, the staff are so friendly and nice. I love their perks, it's clean and organized

Rick Ferron

I love movies.. But sometimes the service from a couple of employees at this theatre sucks.. Very poor customer service

Elena Mancini

Recliners! So comfy. Clean and well kept.

William Champagne Jr

Theater was ok but the screen was very dark. Dark to the point that the movie was hard to see.

Marissa Hamel

I enjoy it the there

Tim S

Nice great reclining seats lots of space

Keanu Kelleher

I was buying popcorn and snacks from a guy named Shaun he was a pleasure to work with me. I was taking too long with my group of friends to decide what we want and when I felt a little bad for it when I came to a decision he told me to take my time and it didnt bother him at all. Overall he made me feel better, more relaxed and made the experience great for me when I was out trying to have a good time. I've always been to this theater I'll go out of my way to keep coming to showcase, the employees are always happy and it's always the funniest experience thanks!

Carolyn Garcia

This theater is nice and clean. The only thing that I found different from other theaters is you don't smell popcorn when you enter. I also asked one of the theaters employees about the popcorn and he stated that they pop their popcorn a day early. And I did notice that many people didn't purchase popcorn.

Alexander Knots

Never had a problem with this place. Great selection of games at the arcade. Good popcorn. Good seats.


They are definitely getting better!!

Deb Enwright

Way over priced. However we were directed to the wrong theater waited far too long on our part for the movie to begin. The manager was excellent and made up for our time. Because of this excellent customer service I gave 5 stars


This theater has almost every bell and whistle. I liked that it was kept very clean (no sticky floors or popcorn dusted carpets). I went here on a date and was able to grab a drink beforehand which was nice too.

Anthony Garcia

I go twice a month when i can! I really like this theater! Food is pricey but its ok! Theaters usually clean! Concessions workers are good, wish they had a little more help! But i love this theater!

Jason Lees

Great screen, amazing seats. The theater was horribly hot, though. For no reason.

Dan B

Glad they upgraded

Ashraf Mohid

Okay service, but availability great.

Sean Moran

Nice selection of beer, wine and cocktails to enjoy with a movie. Super comfortable electric reclining seats. Be sure to get your tickets well in advance for popular movies on popular nights. May need to bring a blanket with you since it is on the colder side

Michael Burt

Great theatre and seating. Eat before you go because snack bar is not cheap. You will need to take advantage of the bar on premises once you see you credit card bill.

Melissa Rosado

The updates are great! A more comfortable experience.

Marc Cresta

Great place. Well thought out . Price isn't crazy per ticket. It's near some pretty good restaurants as well..Far better than that AMC Cinema at the Loop in Methuen..The Showcase is way less of a zoo frankly. Much more enjoyable experience.

Margaret Regan

They've made a lot of improvements in the past months. Added a fully stocked bar and lots of arcade machines. And the new theatre and chairs are wonderful. Just wish that you could cuddle with your date like the other reclining seats

Margy Roeck

It was too hot ..always is if you sit in upper rows. Otherwise it is fine

Joao Bruno Trindade

The movie theater is clean comfortable and nice!

stephen ngila

The best movie theater

chris sutter

Saw endgame. Some middle aged woman told a bunch of high schoolers to "shut the **** up" during what was supposed to be a touching moment. Also right at the end it got reallllyyy hot in the theater. The seats are nice tho and reserved seating is always a plus.

Gail Held

Comfortable seats, a/c, good snacks.

Harmonie Snow

Catbug gets in for free.... usually because he's small enough to fit in my purse.

Cameron Hay

Went here with about 15 people as a part of a staff outing. I've been to probably a hundred different theaters in my life (what can I say, I love the cinema) and this one definitely falls towards the bottom of the list. When we went (saw …

Joshua Wimble

Pretty standard big chain movie theater with the pros and cons of that. Nothing to differentiate it from an AMC or similar. Popcorn is usually ok, but occasionally you'll be picking burnt bits out of it. It's got a full bar if you're in to that for your movies.

Tracy Mukami

i have been going here for years. i love that theaters aren’t too big so they don’t feel too big or overwhelming. the reclining seats are also a plus!

Brad Livingston

A decent large scale cinema. They have made a lot of updates recently, including reclining seats in the auditoriums and a large, well stocked bar in the lobby. It is well maintained and clean. Although you can't reserve tickets via Fandango, you can through the theatre itself, and either print at home or pick them up at a kiosk when you arrive.

Brenda Resto

Lots of great family fun.

Dawna A

Awesome place! Clean theatre. Management and staff very nice and informative.

pallavi ravishankar

Recently renovated. Good seats

Jose Bencosme

The showcase theater is my favorite movie around but they really disappointed me yesterday when I paid almost $7 for a large ice cream just to get two scoops of ice cream. Here’s a picture and tell me if this is fair..

Larry Settles

Comfy seats but way too overpriced just to get in is 13 bucks. Food will run you between 25 bucka easily just for candy, popcorn and drink

paul eno

Very nice . staff friendly n polite. Clean n well dressed.

Freedom One

Nothing like sitting through a 2 hour movie that you paid 30 dollars for in 90 degrees. Asked them to turn up the ac and they never did so must have been broken like always This place was was run like trash before I heard it was all done over we tried it again and this is the results. You can fix up a place but keep the same management and maintenance and expect a different result wrong.

Jim K

Excellent theater. Good service, comfortable seating. Great experience overall.

John Krochune

It's a fine place to take in a flick.

Michael Klamer

Clean and comfortable movie theater!

Nicole Barrett

Nice seats, good food selection and taste...messy counter 11$ matinee

Jarrid Kerns

The place was very clean and nice looking. I ordered the tickets online, so I just used the kiosk tablet to get the tickets which was very easy and quick. The theater I was in was great. The chairs are awesome and comfortable. There shouldn't be an issue for some people who are a bit large, since I myself am. The sound system was good, maybe a bit loud, but I think most people expect that now. I guess the one thing I wish was the popcorn was truly just popped and nothing added. Let customers add seasoning if we want. Popcorn is actually pretty good for you without all the additives. Maybe they should try providing a healthy option with various seasonings along with the usual butter and salt if desired. Prices weren't bad in my opinion. What you would expect I guess.

John Daughenbaugh

Nice new seats and awesome bar

Matthew Stieglitz

Friendly staff. reclining seats. adult beverages.very clean.

Chris Holder

$33 for 2 popcorn's and 2 drinks what a rip off, they said 1 refill each, I go back up for the refill for the kids and the worker looked at me and said no refills yet it was the same kid that said their were refillable! Then he told me I could buy another one but at the cost for it and I quote he said "at that cost, I wouldn't"

Chris Gregoire

This theater is actually quite nice. Individual reclining chairs, high quality picture and sound and beer on tap. What more could you ask for?

Brandon Ford

Great family movie experience, with comfortable seats, average quality audio, expected snack and drink selection, bar options, and an arcade. Since it has been renovated, this movie theater offers what is expected from a modern cinema, and delivers it well. I have three complaints, the cleanliness of the theater rooms, bathrooms, and snack bar can be sub par. Although the seats recline and are comfortable, the arm rests can not go up to form a love seat like at AMC, which is disappointing for many people on a date. Also, the service at the snack bar can be very slow and unorganized. Overall, it is a good movie experience for the family. If you are looking for the perfect theater for a date, go to most AMC's, if you are looking for the best film experience, visit an IMAX for superior audio and visual quality.

Annemarie Okeefe

Very comfortable reserved seating

Adam Wuoti

Great movie theater

Samantha Rose

It has been a long time since I have been to the movies but the way the seating is now is wonderful, I felt like I was in my own little area and the comfort level was fantastic. I prefer this yo chunky which is where I use to go but the updated seating sections are wonderful!

Tom Greene

Beautiful place all Showcase Cinemas are painted by a h painting

Tony Martocchio

My best theater

Jeff Laurenza

Great place to see a movie! They have cozy, comfortable, electric recliner seats with plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the movie. They have a full bar, and also serve a full menu of Starbucks coffees and cappuccinos as well as the usual movie snacks and drinks. If you get there early, you can kill time playing some of the many arcade games in the lobby while you wait for friends or for your movie to start. It's also close to several close by restaurants for an easy dinner and a movie.

Richie Kav

Couldn't cuddle with my girlfriend with the dumb cup holder arm rest in the way.

Kevin Jones

They had reclines what else is there to say. Actually the food was pretty reasonably priced for the movies.

Joaquin Gonzalez

Great theater right near my house. Offers military discount which is awesome! Seats are clean and nice.

Nick Valenti

-Discount Tuesday -fancy entrance/lobby -bar -smelt like mold in the corridors -Restrooms seem like they could be remodeled -Screen in theater 12 has something wrong in the center -Good location with tons of parking

Trev Davis

Showcase cinema in lowell was terrific

David Fiore

Great movie theater, been going here for years. The upgrades this facility did on its interior is very neat and clean and the addition of the bar and arcade is a great touch.

Kyle Fleury

Other than the loud obnoxious 400lb 40 year old nerd virgin next to me and the arm rest not going up so I can scoot closer to my hunny so the cookiimonster next to me won't eat me cause he ran outta popcorn,(take a breath) it was ehhhhhh.


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