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It doesn't seem like they really pay too much attention to their job. I was supposed meet a special needs group with my Technical Uncle. They told us no one was there yet, but the group was there. The employees didn't go to ask questions or anything and the group received the tickets after I had said something.

Linda Kogut

I love senior Wednesday. Good seating but could use more ADA seating. Loved GREEN BOOK. Large variety of food vendors but very expensive as our most movie theaters. I always bring my own food even though it is against the rules. The people who work here are very nice. The restrooms are plentiful and ADA friendly.

Daniel Burke

I love

Dan Keizer

I mean the theater's nice and all but they charging 10 bucks for a bucket of popcorn up in this piece. Like maybe if I would have snuck in a pint of Hennessey and a Subway sandwich then watched another movie without paying for it I could give them a 5 but it didn't go down that way.

Joni Curtin

It's a great place to go very relaxed very clean very family-oriented

Isabel Báez Torres

I would definitely would give 5 stars to this one, specially with the new theaters.. so comfy and nice. I saw a mouse once walking around the trash... that took away one star.. I still go every week!

Ron B

Nice, clean theatre. Can use some seat upgrade

Justin Pires

We went to Showcase Cinema and paid for Lux level where you are served food and alcohol in comfortable recliners. The theater its self has a nice layout and is kept clean. Unfortunately I have noticed severe decline in the quality of service over the last year. The waitstaff seems to be poorly trained and/or understaffed. It takes a long time for them to take your order and a large portion of the movie is over before you get your meal. If you ask to pay early they ignore your request and bring the bill at the worst possible time the climax of the movie. Today we had 2 managers question why we were trying to get our own stuff from the concession stand. We mentioned past problems with service and they assured us that changes have been made and that was not necessary. One implied that most of the people who were working there last time are gone now. So things should be good. I was actually hopeful after meeting my waiter. Then it took 30minutes for me to get my drinks. As for the popcorn we ordered, well it never came. I had every intention of ordering more food but never had the opportunity because we never saw him again.

Deandra Robinson

I cant believe in 2019 this theater still has general seating and the seats do not recline.

Katherine Morales

Popcorn always cold and service very mediocre.

Tina Collins

Customer service always lacking. Never enough people working concessions. Theater could use a thorough cleaning.

Ellen Yee

Sat in theater for 20 minutes after movie was to start, with no news as to what was happening. Not even a free refill of popcorn.

Daniel Truog

This is a great movie theatre. Comfortable chairs make watching a joy, a decent selection of concessions exist as well to quench both your hunger and thirst, and the staff are friendly.

Gina Royal

Not a fan of this movie theater, dont like the atmosphere, I only go because my sister lives closer to here then any other showcase .

Glynis Ilyas

Great place with excellent seating options. I love the star rewards program; free movie tickets, popcorn and more!

Erin Barrett

Great movie theater. Comfortable seats. Food choices, starbucks, alcohol for adults. Plus late night movies after a certain time where no children are aloud in.

jason cross

Nice place, good service and no reserved seating


Avaliable carpark, clean facility, courtesy staff, comfortable seats, good view of the screen and of course, wait service & alcoholic drinks. Took off a star because the couple, sitting in front, ordered food and drinks and thus, the wait staff member blocked the screen at least 5x during the entire movie which was distracting, to say the least. Additionally, only the seat back reclines (not the foot area) but not a huge issue (just a tad surprising).

Monique Young

Love this place the prices are crazy which is typical for the movie theater.

Antoinette Martins

Very nice movie theater

piink ray

Very nice movie theater, great location with a lot of stores.

Niki C

So disappointed. Food was terrible! Pretzel bites were so hard they hurt to chew! Seats were super uncomfortable. Braintree and Randolph are sooooo much better

Marco Estevam

Top notch! Movies in luxury

Hyacinth Semper

Note in Lux seating only the back and head rest recline. Do not go expecting to put your feet up. Staff was friendly and apologetic for delayed service. Which was nice, but made interruptions of movie more frequent. Theater was clean, selection on menu was diverse. I would go back, but not for the lux experience.

Silent Steph

It was clean even for a late show, just not enough real security

Jon Peters

Nice theater, can compete with the big AMC locations as far as AV quality.

Evens Charles Boucicaut

The best place to entertain

Jean Morisseau

Wasn't bad ,short staff as always .need to put more staff on weekends. No need to be waiting for 15/20, minutes to grab some junk food

Jaquim Williams

No Big Lean Back Seats. Limted Food selection. Small Bathrooms.

Gregory Lawson

Great movie theater and enjoyed the movies!

jean morisseau

Its perfect location, shop while you wait or shop after the movie

Ana Rosario

Great services, food is amazing and the price is great and reasonable

Nelson Merino

Always a pleasant and exciting place to visit for pleasure and shopping!

Edgar Ventura

Nice place but the food is too expensive.

Ernesto Santana

It is very big they have a bar in the theater plus people are nice is a clean place and very crowded.

Errieana Tejada

From when this place open it was amazing obviously because it's a grand opening but now I'm 28 brought my friend here for the first time and to him the seats were very comfortable but he did wish that the chairs recline back for the feet as well. The s customer service was awful awful I understand they are going through renovation buy that should not effect your customer service. Our server did not even great us or checked on us kept cutting us throughout the whole movie

Mary Graham


cranky bear123

Nice theater but it would be better if they had reclining leather seats.

Jason O'Brien

No reserve seating except for the crazy expensive tickets

Yaraldanis Yanes-Sanchez

Good menu & great seating

John Kois

Theatre screens, seats, & sound: good. Concessions: overpriced. Bag it.

Monica Marks

Very comfortable. One of the best theaters to watch movie

Sara Neil

Nice place. Regular movie chairs, quite comfortable.They have a bar and quite a lot of food options.

Dakota Marrow

Love going here just hate how expensive they have gotten

regilo souza

Old establishment, which needs some renovation. Screen was small for the room size and sound system is outdated. Staff is very attentive and there are several snack options.

Pratham Gujar

Very nice theater and the concessions were good

Lauren Armstrong

I sat in the Lux part of the theatre so I could eat dinner during the movie. Table was a little sticky, it was way too dark to see what I was eating, the seats don't recline, and people kept calling the waitress and she kept walking in front of us during the movie. I won't do it again.

Debbie C

Great! Lots of food choices, including a restaurant. Great decor, feels like your in a fancy hotel lobby. Quite a few regular movie showrooms besides the deLux areas that serve meals at your reclining seats. The one thing, is the seats in the regular areas. They are not comfortable hence my 4☆ rating. Parking is free and the area hosts a vast majority of shops and other restaurants.

Thomas Gallegos

The theater is fine. The superlux situation is kind of a pain. If you don't spring for lux you can buy a beer at the bar but not go into the movie with it. The neither here nor there experience at this theater highlights disparities in a way that feels gross. I say go full deluxe like Chestnut hill or be a regular theater.

Vyacheslav Kraplin

Love the Showcase, really hope it sticks around for a while.


Its a good theater. Not too bad when it comes to cleanliness. And the service was pretty good too.

Darlene Smith

Great food, drinks, and you dint have to travel into Boston, clean

Delaine Nini

Nice, roomy. Perfect for birthdays, date night, going alone. Decent food choices. Friendly customer service. Decent prices.

Maria Rivera-Brown

We love the VIP here and you can watch the movie, eat and drink. Three in one!

Jack Xavier

Awesome delux equiped movie theater

Nathan Marshall

Cool theater, nice seats, not as good as in Foxboro, but very nice

Spencer Duval

Even it always spring or summer time over there

Gary Russell

I liked the lobby. Open and spacious to avoid overcrowding. In and out of the concession line in minutes. No issues with this spot whatsoever!

Belinda McILvaine

I love this theater, seating and all... Great customer service in ticketing area. Anything weird happens, usually an understanding supervisor or manager is on hand. Concessions needs some work though. The turnaround there is too high, too many kids horsing around. Long lines, people need to get to their movie, please focus!

Matthew Keating

Love it very clean lots to do and has a great location wish it had more 3D theaters

Joshua Champney

Average movie theater i am used to going to one with more comfortable seating

Nicolas Fernandez

Its a nice movie theater in an even nicer area. The seats don't recline, they the old style ones but a little worse. The staff is nice and the facilities are clean. You really can't beat the area since you have a good selection of food right outside and kings is also there. Overall a good movie theater that would be made better if it only had better quality seating.

Victoria Le Blanc

If you haven’t seen a movie in lux level, you’re missing out! I love their food and drinks, the seats are comfy and the staff is friendly! I also love how generous they are to those who serve in the military. Wonderful company.

Lucy Martinez

It was very fun, and I think many more people should have a great time there. Some little kids might kick your chair, but you gotta face it, when you were a kid you might've done the same thing. Just ignore it, and keep enjoying the movie

Jean Myerson

First time there. Nice lobby area however the seats were not comfortable I started getting a backache halfway through movie. It cost more than Fall River where I have been going for last year and Fall River has recliners in all their movie showings.


The theater was very clean and orderly. Seating was very comfortable and I'm glad I went there to see a movie. I ordered a hot dog for a snack and was going to order water but didn't wanna pay close to $5 for water so I canceled the water. I saw the movie yesterday and found it enjoyable.

Annmarie O'Toole

Most comfortable seats anywhere. So much legroom for big people.

Mark Dunham

Decent quality and clean, but we could hear parts of the movie next door and the slice of pizza made us feel gross for the rest of the day. I did like that they tried to offer more than just popcorn and candy, but was about what you'd expect from a movie theater.

Brian Farrell

Good setting but terrible staff, except for one really tall guy who is helpful

Jesse Pacheco

We come to this place all the time. One time we had a problem with overly talkative people throughout a movie we were in and the manager on duty did everything in his power to make things right. - Highly recommend this theater

John Woods

Good time, although pretty pricey.

John Doul

Great location and plenty of food options near by clean and no weird smells.

RJ Morrison

An awesome venue for watching movies. Very friendly staff, comfortable seats, and an overall enjoyable movie watching experience. If there's a line there's always space for the line; you never have to go wait outside. Easy to access from the parking garage right across the bridge. Lots of different options in terms of eating in the interior; both sit down stuff and regular snack foot. Very fun, my favorite place to watch a movie

J.E. Margaret

Gorgeous facility, clean, well maintained and my favorite part--SELFSERVE POPCORN BUTTER MACHINES!!!

Victor Brunko

One of the best places in the area. Well balanced.

Deborah Elizabeth Namala

Clean bathrooms and beautiful foyer... I have only given it 4 stars coz the chairs in the General seating of Theatre 9 were squeeky..

Breezy G

The cinema is great, but the friendliness needs work. But would recommend others to go

Callan Banner

Clean and good service. Expect a good time.

Rasheedah Abdur-Rahman

I love Showcase Cinema theatres! I just wished this location would offer select seating

First Last

Expensive mall feel high tech small movie theaters. Many employees everywhere. Concession prices,$$$$ Regular seats. Very crowded. Wasn't impressed with the sound system either. perhaps it's just me being old. I don't think it was worth the money easy 100. Movie night for 2.

Brian C.

It's a great venue. A lot of open space. They're currently renovating on the second floor. However, I expect that once it's all complete it will look nice. There's also food service to your seat in some theaters. Which is great. Chairs were super comfy. It would be a great first date spot. Highly recommend it.

L'rain Marshall

Beautiful inside and very romantic. The only downfalls were the chairs didn't recline all the way back and would also would be nice to be able to put your feet up. Also, food was average at best

Kayla Moon

This movie theater is super nice. This where you take a date when you trying to impress them lol.

annette jacobs

Not enough staff at concessions

Marco Castiglione

Nice place, really clean

Kenneth Clark

Nice & clean & bright movie theater. Modern feeling theater but their movie seats are still the older style, not the more comfortable 'recliner' style being adopted by most newer (or remodeled) movie complexes.

Mariela Luzuriaga

I love the area where this theater is. Good places to eat after enjoying a good movie.

Jana Purpleroses

I am very impressed with service and the only work on recliner

Alan Grigsby

All that glitters aint gold. Beautifully decorated lobby, terrible food service (slow, confusing, no assistance for newcomers, short staffed). Theater/viewing experience was average or what you'd expect.

natalie b

I love the Lux Level; impecable, fast service, delicious food and comfy seats. Manager very attentive too.

Doogie RN

Very nice theater to go to if you have cash after shopping to relax and catch a movie before heading home...

Sharon Howell

Great place to enjoy with your family

Cassandra Hudson

This is a nice movie theater. I love the location because you can eat and shop also

Corrie Hermans-Webster

For some place that looks like it should be really nice, it isn’t. This was one of the dirtiest bathrooms I have ever seen in my life. There was pee everywhere. No paper towels. They do nothing to stop the talking or cell phone use during movies. For the price it should be nice. It’s a shame because if it were kept up it would be nice.

Pamela Sorrell

Rocket man was very good. Very emotional movie! The gift, he's been sober for 28 years!

Kyle Hunt

Good theatre, nothing special but solid.

Damaris Nevarez

First time here and I really enjoyed myself. You can order really good food (steak tips, burgers etc) while watching a movie. Although I wanted steak tips, but they didn't have any that day (noon time) it was a good experience and our waiter was very friendly.

damon rose

Great atmosphere. Very comfortable setting. We enjoyed the bar inside. The service very friendly. And the drinks incredible delicious. The cinema is state of the art

Hernandez Hernandez

Never had a problem everyone nice. Always my 1st choice of movie theater

June Siman

So easy; u can buy tickets at self serve stations and avoid standing in line. Very comfortable seats and lots of chouces for munchies!

Will R.

Pretty good, need to speed up line for food

Kim Melton

You really can't find a more comfortable theater. It's pretty pricey though, but I am spoiled now and no other theater makes me happy. The spacious leather seats recline back pretty far and, if you choose, they will give you a blanket. The seats can also be heated or cooled. If you sit in the "lux" seats, you get free popcorn as well. The food service can be a little slow, but the food is from Davios, so it is really good- expensive but good. Spoiler alert: once you see a movie at this theater, you won't want to go to any other theater. Now, I'm a slave to paying double the price of a typical theater ticket- but in my opinion, it is worth it. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because they have very limited movie choices.

Curtis Cormier

Good movie theater. A little on the pricey side.

Ronel Caranog

Nice place to watch movie. Parking spot can be a challenge especially for first showing days.

Joe Wang

since it opened the door. we always went here for the movies

Chris Johnson

Comfortable theater that has enough screens to always have all the movies I wanna see at the most convenient times.

James McQuivey

This theater is situated nicely in an open shopping area with good parking and decent access from the freeway. Convenient places to eat and shop nearby and all the basic services you expect of a modern multiplex, concessions, large comfortable seats, and clean theaters.

Sonya Gillis

Went for a free screening of five feet apart but they reached capacity, why give out free tickets if you don't have enough seating give the amount of tickets the same as the amount of seats. They never stated 1st come 1st serve. So, i went to see Madea's family funeral, which was hilarious!

Joan French

It is a great place with heated in all the theater rooms.

Stephanie Wingfield

Clean & friendly, decent snacks.

Nour Tabidi

This theater is in a great location! There is free parking, its also close by to a variety of restaurants and centered in a shopping area. I have watched various films in the past and have always enjoyed visiting this theater. My one thing about this theater is that they really should consider updating the seating! Many near by AMC theaters offer wider/ more comfortable reclining chairs for the same price you would pay at this theater!

Michael Weiner

Parking was blah but otherwise great experiance

Leonard Gerber

Great acoustics and easy access.

TheRenee Awesomeness

They didn't know the group we were with was already there and all the tickets and stuff were paid for. So I had bought drinks already.

Mayank Gangrade

Small theater.. average sound and comfort..

James-Caesar Lopes

Avengers endgame was awesome and the workers were very friendly and helpful

Neal Daringer

Nice theater although they seem to have issues with presentation when the movies start. Have had several instances where either the house lights don't go down after the movie starts, the movie completely stops playing in the middle or other various issues. That said, they have always comped us tickets for a future showing.

Evan Scangas

Clean theater. Parking garage (free) has a covered walkway to the theater which is very convenient. The Randolph Showcase is still better overall but I enjoyed my movie experience here.


I loved toy story 4. It had some sad parts of it and some good parts. People should check it out

Kathryn Sheehan

Usually have a great time, but this time audience was simply obnoxious. There was no employee for me to speak to. I've already been in contact with customer service, and they responded within a few hours.

Johnny Soohoo

Parking is really the main problem. Whatever time your movie starts, get there at least an hour before, even if you have choice seating. Most of the time is spend looking for a parking space. The concession stand can be a little long too and a bit pricey.

Yoni Beck

Great movie theater, and great customer service, I went with my kids to a movie there and we were very satisfied

Ann-Marie Mangaroo

Location and set decor great. Only thing staff need to be trained


Pretty good theater. And the location is great. Lots to do in Legacy Place.

Thomasina Jiles

I love this movie theater is top notch this is the best movie theater it's expensive to buy food. But movie seats are the best comfortable seats ever definitely worth it.

Rose-Ann Del Rosario

Clean and great movie theater

Rags TO Riches My journey to waight loss

Great for movies, shopping, and eating out at one of their many restaurants

Omar OC

Love this cinema, Lux level is great and bartender dennis is awesome always look for him when i go

Lacey Mallett

Seats are super comfy, even at the regular level (not lux), lines move quickly and self-service popcorn is nice. Giving this 4 stars because the past few times I've been there theatres have been so cold I can't take my coat off.

Shawn Dryer

Great for a comfortable movie with friends or family

Beverly Aponte

Great experience.

Nancy d'Hemecourt

Clean, organized, roomy theater. Tickets reasonably priced. Parking could be difficult.

Julia Daly

Saw "Yesterday " good movie


I enjoy the atmosphere of Legacy place theater but the volume of the movies are the worst. You can literally hear people chewing popcorn. They need to upgrade their sound system.

Neila Rene

The seats are comfortable. Also they have a 21 plus section as well.

Eileen Grummell

Chairs are not comfortable. Way over priced

Loughton French

It was good. Decent selection of snacks I was able to to get tea and it was good.

Jojo Xavier Mubiru

Worst seats back n feet were hurting at e end of the movie...the restaurants or cafeterias dont have most of the stuff advertised...oh were out of popcorn...oh..we dont have bacon....oh it will take 15 mins for u to get ur sausages....what a waste of my time

Woof Woofer

Very expensive but discounts for senior citizens and military. Make sure you get your parking validated while you are up there.

Lisa Garcia

We went to see toy story 4 at 10:30pm the movie started. We had a few minutes left before 10:30 and went to order food when we were told the items we wanted were not being served at that time. It was all young people so I understand the urgency to want to go home, but for paying customers I expected to be able to order food and not be denied simply because workers want to go home. The last call for food , or for the kitchen to be cleaned should wait until the last movie is officially being played. I am not happy about this experience.

Richard Nasr

My favorite movie theatre but the counter help is so so need more training and supervision

TopHatMax 82

Was very nice theater ! Tickets got for free. Refreshments weren't cheap though but still good place.

Ssaka D.Neriah M. Katende

Good for passive leasure with your loved one

Ryan Harrington

As you walk in things just look disorganzied and unclean. Asked for a #2 combo (large popcorn and 2 waters) at concessions and told they could give us tap water since they ran out of bottled... cleaning guy ran into us with his broom while we were trying to order. No common sense or situational awareness. As we go to get our tickets checked, this dirty looking employee with her shirt untucked (unlike the others at the counter that looked professional), she snorted and wiped her nose on her hand as she criticized our movie choice and scoffed at us as she handed the tickets back to us. Won't be coming here again.

Damian Barker

Very good place to take kids for matinee

shiba prasad rijal

A nice, cozy, tidy and cool place to watch movies.

gladys rohio

I went to watch Ad Astra last month and in the middle of the movie I saw mice running around. I was seated close to exit/entrance and the little lighting left on is what made me see the mice. Very unsatisfactory

Dan Tyn

Go to movies Free parking Not far from Brookline

Becky Achinivu

Good movie theatre. Staff are professional. Had a light snack and a drink at the studio restaurant before my movie. The rest room hygiene could be improved upon. There are a lot of stores and restaurants for shopping and sightseeing. Adequate parking.

Eric Vasallo

Love watching movies here but the lobby needs a serious updating of furniture - nasty

Kunal Busa

Fun family movie night

Mark Sheehan

Ad Astra was great. Hobbs & Shaw in Lux Level was awesome. Once upon a Time in Hollywood in Lux was great.


Nice comfortable seating and surround sound system.

Mary Kate McK

So disgusting. Stunk like an old cab but mostly of puke. Seats are gross and more brown than red. The pizza was also terrible. We left before the movie started. We couldn’t sit through the smell.

Gary Parmenter

Service was great!! Usually not the case but our server this day was perfect

John Rahman

Concessions are good, seats are good. Just sit where you're suppose to

jose antonio duran

Cockroach in the floor and mices running inside while i was watching the movie

Gayle Simmons

Love to go to this theater but because my son uses the military discount we can not order tickets ahead of time. Last night it meant we had to go to another theater as all seats together were sold out. Theatre is well run and love the luxe level with the food. Would go there more often if not problem with ordering ahead with military discount. Thank you for that discount, however. It means we can afford to go. Our government does not pay soldiers very well.


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