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1195 Eddie Dowling Hwy, North Smithfield, RI 02896

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REVIEWS OF Rustic Tri View Drive-In IN Vermont

Gary Hollenbeck

Of course I love the drive in theater. Good for getting out of the house and hang out with friends and family.

Kristie Remak

If you have an off road vehicle you will be fine!

Michael Gibbons

Great overall drive in! Parking lot does need a little updating it's falling apart. Except for this one lady worker with glasses who was swearing loudly and telling everyone to move in a very rude manner. Asking nicely isn't hard. We only parked one row down from the top at screen one and she came over yelling very loudly. Yet we were instructed by another worker to go to that row.

Denise Beauregard

Cost effective for a family movie night out, food is okay, but they really need to resurface the lots.

Savannah Prejsnar

it was a cool first drive in experience. pretty expensive tho

Cheryl Lucas

I've been going here for years but my last experience was something to write about. We had to get someone 3 times because a person had their highbeams on behind us. They took our number to call us to come back for free. They never did so the night was a waste and interrupting to say the least. I wasn't happy or satisfied because and still. No one cared.

Chandler Emison

Great seating

Shannon Medeiros


Ayleen Pouerie

I like this place to enjoying with my family!


So disappointing this time. We've been going for years, and they're always right on top of things to help make your experience the best! However, the person right near us had their car running the whole time which made it hard to hear because we were sitting inside and outside of the vehicle. We asked two or three times to have the guys that are walking around take care of it and they kept saying they would but we never saw anybody walk to the vehicle and of course it stayed on the whole time. Who leaves their car on for 4 hours to begin with?? In addition to that we were in a spot where the headlights coming in were hitting our view and people were constantly driving around during the movies with their headlights on. Of course this happens from time to time but usually people are talked to or asked to move but the workers just don't seem to care what people were doing that night and it just ruined the night.

Justin Otero

Still nice to go to a drive-in. The lot needs some help very bumpy.

Sarah Broadbent

Please for the love of our vehicles... redo this lot! It's such a fun experience with our families.

kimberly lessard

Our favorite drive in was closed.we came here. Lousy. Dirtcy and loud.concession stand was horri ble. Stale .as nd greasy food... unpleasant workers.will not return

Toby Bear

I loved the big screen, the food, and how easy the staff made coming and going. The movie was crisp and clear. The sound was had a lot of static, but still clear. I'm not sure whether that static is my own radio or due to the venue. Overall pleased!!

Gina Hoseiny

I love, love, love it. It's a fun experience! Two movies you get to see! You can bring your own snacks, chairs, it's cheaper than going to the movies with a bunch of kids. Restroom were clean.

Joshua Caraballo

Amazing place....its very family friendly and I would love coming here again. A little pricey but you get to watch 2 movies and they don't hassle you about the food you bring

Ghislain BP

Nice family drive in to watch a movie. You can stay in your car or bring chairs to sit outside to enjoy your movie. However, you need to get there early , at least 1.5 hours before the movie start or even earlier if it is a popular movie, to secure a good spot. If you are parked in the back rows, you have to deal with inconsiderate people who will not lower their S.U.V hatch door for others to see the screen although the drive in provides everyone with adequate ropes.

Madeline Herec Poirier

Loved this experience! It is $27/car and there are 3 screens, a bathroom and concession stand. You can listen to the sound via speakers or via your car radio. We will be back!

Nicole Munoz

Have been coming here since I was kid ... A great inexpensive place for families

Holly Stockwell

1st time going. loved it however, the parking lot is in desperate need of repair. the food shack could be updated a little as well

Ron Perry

I love the drive-in they just need to work on getting some new screens and fixing the parking lot and that place will be a gold mine who doesn't love packing the family up and watching a good movie a new screen and repave the parking lot we're good

Scotty B

I would give it 5 stars because of the historic value to R.I....but the pavement is really bad on a cars under carafe soo I definitely suggest going in a SUV, if possible, if not be careful.

Bonnie Drolet

Great place to take your family or friends for a drive in movie experience! Very reasonable admission for getting to watch 2 movies.

Jessica Wagner

Great for family night, friends night out or date night! Great food, prices & last of its kind in the area!

Neil Lefkowitz

Movie was good and help was pleasant but the sound sucked. Lots of static and radio stations kept trying to come through.

Kathleen Church

Great place to bring the family friendly people

Macy Guertin

Love this place but they really have to work on paving the parking lot

Bob Farrell

Good selection of movies. Average pricing. Rest rooms have been redone. Paving needs WORK

Peter Cardin

Love this place, been goin for years right off highway, they have food, drinks batheooms . 3 screens. Great view

jackie l

Took my daughters to see Hotel Transylvania 3 and Jurrasic World.We had a great time...we sat outside the car in our beach chairs for a little while and then sat in the car for the reat of the night. Many people show up early to get a good spot and they play ball and stuff with their kids. All in all a fun time and you get to see two movies for $27 per car load.

Crystal Annear

This place is screaming for an update but you can't beat the price. I've been coming here since I was a kid (about 25 years) and it hasn't changed at all). We last visited on a Sunday so it wasn't too busy. After the first movie they were already out of food at the snack bar and soap in the bathroom which was disappointing. I wish they would fix this place up a little bit. It would be nice if they had someone on staff telling people to turn their lights off too. For the entire movie a couple of cars had their lights on, it really kills the vibe. Overall though, it's always fun going to the drive in, you just can't have really high expectations of the place itself.

Erica Guerrero

Well, last night I was there with my kids and during the last movie, my car radio shut off several times. When the movie was over, I go to turn my car on and guess what?! My battery was dead! So then I remembered that on a paper that they gave me it said, "Dead battery, no worries, just ask our staff for help". And they sure did- They came to my rescue. They had one of those portable battery chargers and charged my battery. I'm so grateful to them because I didn't know what I was going to Do! And best of all, it was FREE! No charge! Thank you Rustic!

Marie Delmonico

Such a nice relaxing way to enjoy a movie. Audio can be tough unless your actually in your vehicle but we still enjoyed our time. Typical nonsense you would expect, people turn their lights on midway in the movie, smoking cigarettes, van hatches blocking portion of the screen. No fault of the venue, just the nature of the guests. It's a nice family activity. Get there early!

Stephanie Peacock

We went last night to see Toy Story 4 and Lion King. About an hour into Toy Story 4, during the climax scene of the movie there were cars pulling through the travel lane with headlights, brake lights, reverse lights, all shining in our faces as STAFF is escorting cars through the lot. We were not able to see the screen, staff was yelling about the current situation not being safe, yet they continued to usher cars right through the middle of the movie. The second movie was better, however several cars left their lights on, and one even allowed their child to honk their horn at least 5-6 times. It's clear staff does not actively go around and make people turn their lights off. This makes watching dark scenes in the movie incredibly difficult to see and overall made our movie experience pretty bad. I've never had an experience like this before at any drive in. It was chaotic, it was unorganized, and staff was not handling it.

Kristi Collazo

Great place . Great concession stand . But the areas to park are a tad cruddy .

Joseph Sousa

movies were great. parking area is horrible pot holes everywhere but you have expect that for a place this old. will be back next year. I love the old drive ins dying novelty.

Robert Carreiro

Nice old drive in movie park for the wife and kids

Julia Tucker

Awesome place. Lots of fun for the summer, great concessions, and fun atmosphere.

Vegan Vixxen

One of my favorite places! Great price! Great atmosphere! A lovely place to take the kids. Good food. Clean facilities.

Jamie Duarte

No playground for kids and everything is outdated. Nice area up to date movies just needs to catch up. MODERNISE

Joany Spearman

Good movie but not much at the snack bar to chews from

Anthony D'amico

Great summer spot for a family night out. First-run movies double feature style. Place just oozes nostalgia from the moment you drive up to the gate shack. Only Only thing missing are the little speakers to hang on your Windows but the direct feed to your car stereo offers much more quality sound. Snack bar offers what u would expect like burgers, dogs, chicken strips, fries, popcorn, nachos, etc. Bathrooms were fairly clean and centrally located by the snack bar. Very affordable, pay by the carload for 2 movies (price was around $28 per car last I went I think). Only drawback is picture quality of the first movie is usually spotty during midsummer when it's not completely dark at the start time. I would not recommend seeing movies heavy on special effects here. Other than that I highly recommend taking the family to Rustic Tri-view for some summer fun!

Jenifer Rodrigues

My little kids really enjoyed the experience.

Tim Cartier

This place is great an still reasonably priced

Kerry Malicia

I love the family atmosphere. Strangers meeting and becoming friends even if just for the night! I have been a few times and never disappointed!


You can watch movies in your car here

Meyokie Ashley

The whole atmosphere was genuinely friendly, 'Rustic' and reminiscent of a classic drive-in! Myself, my Husband and the Grans will definitely be going again!

Christine Melendez

Great place to enjoy a family night at the movies...even with your family

Binky Bones

Great place. They say no screen switching, but I've always done it and never been caught. Argh argh argh argh arrrrr.... mr krabs here. They also have snacks, you have to time it right though, they will sell you dry af pizza if you show up at the wrong time my guuyyy BOW WOW WOW YIPPY YO YIPPY YAY

j s

Truly a gem! Came here to see the Meg last week. It's so comfortable to watch a movie in your car with the windows down and reclined seats. It was like going back in time. Unfortunately not alot of people were there. I hope this place stays open for a long time. They have concessions but you can bring in your own things. No pets or alcohol allowed.

Dawn Bender

The last local drive-in around - a summer family tradition for me since I was a kid. It's $28 per car load - totally a deal for a family to be able to see 2 movies for that little. They have 3 screens, a great snack bar and even an ice cream shack. Only wish is that they'd repave/re-stripe the lot. Very uneven bumpy ground. But still great fun.

Alford Green

Very first drive-in and it was an amazing experience. Clean bathrooms, great food, decent prices.

Zach Scott

Had a great time, and would definitely go back! Although this was my first drive-in experience, so I have nothing really to compare it to. But such a unique experience and a great place to go for a date! Was a little beat up and rough on the ground, but nothing anyone's car can't handle, and even gives it a little bit of character I'd say. I was also concerned about hearing other people's radios beside mine and having trouble hearing the audio clearly due to latencies, but I didn't have that problem at all (possibly because I was inside my car and had my radio volume up enough). And not to mention, unlike indoor movie theaters, you can bring in all the food you want. Only major problem was that the car behind us had one of their headlights on (and supposedly did not know how to turn them off of auto), but after walking back there and asking nicely, they covered them up. Would definitely recommend and look forward to going back or even trying another!

James Barbosa

The parking is a complete joke. Screen 3 is at an angle on a hill. So depending on where your car is your viewing experience is tilted as well as all the weight shifted to one side. They usher cars in a strange line up that doesn't maximize space correctly. The projector for the screen was not calibrated correctly and was cutting off the bottom of the film not to mention was too zoomed in cutting off the top of actors heads in certain frames. It was like watching an illegal bootleg cam rip. I left to let them know at the concession/office and they said they would let the manager know. During intermission we went back to get some popcorn and to follow up. She said it was an issue with the movie itself and that it's not calibrated to the projector. I told her that doesn't make sense and they can easily fix it. She came up with other excuses when I said we couldn't read the subtitles that occasionally popped up. She said the movie didn't have subtitles and that was a blatant lie because I was watching it. The popcorn was also cold. The bathrooms were a disaster but that's to be expected. Honestly the only good thing about the place is the price. But to have your viewing angle be wonky and the projector not calibrated properly it is not worth it. Go to the Mendon Drive-in if you want a good experience. At least there's plenty of room, you can park where you want, you're on a flat surface and it's actually enjoyable.

Jamie Baril

Classic fun, nothing like a drive in

Cristina Pulkinen

We just started to venture out to drive in movie places. This one seems a bit on the older side and not really kept up very well. The screens are decent and I like the option of 3 separate feature options, along with a snack shack with ice cream. The prices are a bit much from others we have gone to, the parking areas are not kept up and hilly with lots of potholes and such. So far this is the worst that we have been to, but it still works for us.

Jose Ilarraza

Great place to enjoy with the family

Michaele Turk

Great movie selection and nostalgic setting. Loved it. Just like when I was a kid.

Kpop_ ashkook

One question. When are you guys gonna release “Map Of The Soul BTS” there????? I know that I’m asking this, it’s because I just recently moved here and I need to make friends


Like stepping back to the 70s and 80s. Though make sure you bring a portable radio and headphones, or stay in your car as the echo from everyone playing the audio will ruin the experience.

James Caton

This place use to let SUV Park where you wanted, as long as you keep your hatch down, now they don't, I won't be back again

Nicholas S

Parking lot could definitely use a repaving but aside from that we had a great time

Sue Travers

Takes me back to childhood, but again way too overpriced. I know times have changed But We use to pile into the car in our PJs and blankets. Mom and dad would bring popcorn and pizza and we'd all have fun for 5 dollars a car load. I'm talking year's ago. But oh my God it's 28 or 30 dollars now Please give me a break. Bring food and put as many people as you can in one car.

Joseph Kukulka

Classic family fun.

Jason Morgan

Time to fix your parking lot. Won't be returning! Bottomed out and bent my axle!!!

Ariana Souza

This place is great place in all. But theyre are some downsides. One is the bathroom's their really disgusting. And the ground had lots of broken glass, yes its not the owners fault. But they should pick up the garbage. Some good things are that, the prices are not bad, great movies with great quality. And sometimes you get free things. Who cant resist free!!!

Sarah Maguire

It's fun but I wish they had more food choices. Anyways, price is right and you have 3 screens to choose from!

Kevin Ronchetti

Nice place but the parking lot needs to be replaced severly...

Missy Mills

We love it here!

Jessica Ahlquist

We always have a good time at the Drive-In. Week nights are easy to get in, easy to get out. Had no line and got good parking. Enjoy a double feature comfortable in your own space.

Aaron Strothers

A really good time

Michael L

I usually do everything I can to not leave a 1 star review but I can't help myself on this one. My night started with me being told I had to park in a certain row because I drive an s.u.v., which would have been fine except after I parked I watched a bunch of other s.u.vs park anywhere they wanted. I'll save you time and be direct with the rest... -Parking is a joke -Parking lot is in horrible condition -Lots of smoking for a family venue -Very small bathrooms, terrible concessions -No staff around, during the movie kids were playing with flashlights and running around -They need to tell everyone "headlights completely off during the show" -3 huge lights at screen 1 will shine in your face the entire movie if you sit left of screen I'm sure there are other things I could on about and just can't remember. Prices for food are insane so bring your own. Keep in mind if you're taking a carload of kids to pack bug spray if they're going to sit outside. Just not worth it, even at $27 for 2 movies.

coolkat 96

Really fun roads have to be repave thou

Alicia Marie

Generally a great time. The parking lot is awful to walk through, but everything else is great.

Jay Curtis

Great family night watching Toy Story 4 and Aladdin!

Jennifer Fagan

Movies. Good times. What else

Paul Pereira

Awesome place to catch a double feature and cheap too

jay allard

Wasn't the best experience ive had there !


Old fashioned drive in with an old fashioned concession stand. Always a great buy for a carload and 2 movies

Robert Dias

Really nice nostalgic Drive-In but the parking lot is a mess you need an SUV to get through it but we managed concession stand food typical but tasty Aladdin and then game on-screen number one what's great here is 3 screens

John Durost

Need to repave but its everything you expect at the drive in

April Shaw

There are three screens, which play two movies each. The quality is pretty great, and the wait isn't long at all. I showed up pretty early (about 6:30 P.M.) and there were plenty of spots to go around. There were also people showing up right as the movie was starting, so there didn't seem to be a shortage of available spots. The snack bar had quite a few options, and my spouse and I brought a few of our own. The price of each car is a flat rate of 27 dollars.

Alexia Hutchins

Love that you can bring a car full of people and watch 2 movies for under $30. The only reason this rating ia 3 stars is due to the lot and the restrooms. Need to be extremely cautious when walking around because the lot has a lot of pot holes, and uneven ground. And the restrooms could be a little cleaner. Last time I went, there was no soap to wash our hands, and only a few stalls had toilet paper.

Sofia I

Been going to this drive-in for many, many years and love it every time! Great for families. We bring our own food & drinks so I don't know about the concession stand. You can bring folding chairs/blankets if you want to sit outside the car but bring bug spray if you do.

Tracey Melo

Went for the first tine in a few years, smelled like trash from the dumpsters all night! It was gross! Also, there should be a no smoking policy. I was there with my kids, breathing in secondhand cigarette smoke all night. Also gross! Along with the people next to us having sex, the people in front of us smoking pot (even with a no drugs policy)! All while watching Toy Story 4 & The Lion King, which are children's movies! Won't be going back any time soon! This was awful!

Melissa Provencial

We have never been and it was great nexr time will take truck so kids can sit in back

Iris Melendez

Love to see movies outside with the stars

Nelson Lebron

Good movie's

Kelsey Green

We had a great time. It's one of a few left, they're holding on! It shows some age but it's a great spot!!

Ormond Northup

I had a good time with my wife, kids and grandkids

Diane Gryncewicz

The entire parking lot was full of holes and bumps. Paved area should’ve been re-done many years ago. No wonder everybody comes there in a big pick up truck. Very difficult to drive on never mind walk in the dark on. Amazing nobody is hurt themselves seriously walking there in the dark. They have three screens going from one big lot so you can hear all the noise from the other movies. Watching Toy story we could hear Lions roaring from lion King across the lot and All sorts of explosions from Spiderman. They parked us in our sedan right behind a big pick up truck. We couldn’t even see the screen from our car. Will never ever ever go there again!!

Erica Vieira

So this place is gr8 im happy it exsists with a few tweeks it would be aaaamazing. Smoking is gross who wants there kids inhaling other ppls smoke. Not me...there should be a designated spot for it. And the parking could use some repaving been coming here since my son was about 3 and hes 14 n its still the same. I used to love coming early and walking to a little spot that was an ice cream shop but thats gone. Rustic has icecream but its soft serve and just mediocre. When the prescreening comes on it says to help suport the snack bar to help keep this place operating i get it but thinking that needs some working on too. I know i know im asking for to much again just suggestions. Like i said been coming for yrs so they are doing suttin right.

Wilfredo Pacheco

Great place to enjoy quality time with your family

Matthew Breault

Horrible experience wasn't for me. First I ordered a pretzel and it took for ever for it to cook. I never even recived it because the horrible outdated conveyor blet style toster was ignored and my pretzel ended up falling off onto the counter after that I was annoyed it too 20 minutes for it to pass threw just for it to be ignored and let fall so your welcome for the 3.50 tip the company got for nothing. Then while I'm watching the movie one of the employees had the nerve to ask me during the movie if I could jump the car next to me. For 200 bucks this place should have a battery operated jumping cable. Or maybe people should not let there battery die. Either way wasn't my problem. The clarity of the screen and the sound was perfect. But those two other issues ruined it for me.

Rosie Furtado

First time going and had a great time went to the last night if the season and watched joker and Gemini man. Concession stand was ok with food and bathroom was also ok but need serious updates maybe in the near future

Maria Pease

Love going here. It's a regular summer staple. Would give it five stars if the parking lot were better. It's not the easiest to traverse at night. But you can't go wrong with the price for seeing two movies in one night. Decent food, too.

William Bernier

Their parking lot is absolutely atrocious and the layout is awful. Good luck getting out late night as traffic is a mess...

Joe Skerry

Would give five stars for the nostalgia but the lot attendant backed an old lady into my car. Not cool man

Mike' Nice

Rustic is the Best out door thearter in Rhode island. I use to go there when I was a kid and now I bring my kid's they Love it.

jonathan gotti

Great family drive in movie theathre. Two thumbs up.

Cheryl Andrade

The movies were good but the area where you park in is terrible almost twisted my ankle going to the snack bar on the broken tar

Brittany Alterio

The options for double features were amazingly well thought out. I saw Aladdin and avengers endgame together completely worth the $27 per car. Only suggestion is they should update the beginning show credits and warn people to turn their headlights completely off before the show starts.

Beth White

Really great place to go watch the movies. Concession stand is expensive.

Mea Martinez

We left because the radio station wasnt working

Madeline Brannon

I love this place so much, so classic

Casey Avellino

Gets an automatic 5 stars just for existing. Everything you would expect from a drive in. I just wish Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Girl where there with me.

Derek Derosiers

The lot could use a repaving job. Snack bar a little pricey so bring a cooler & some snacks. The restrooms are cleaner than I expected them to be. The staff is very nice & helpful. Can't wait to go watch another movie. 2 movies for $27 isn't all that bad I my book.

Domenic Daguanno

I'm not sure what they do with their income from this place but it clearly doesnt go back into the business. Old screens and bad projectors. Everything is dark you can barely see anything. terrible parking lot and worst of all, constant buzz in your speakers. I mean, its 2019. Upgrade to an HD radio or something? I havnt been here since I was a kid so I'm not sure how they do for business but it's looking run down. Other than that, its worth it for the nostalgia factor and wanting to give your kid the experience you once had.

dartchampdan mycomputer

One of the best dive in experience great food keep the drive in alive

Dan P

Great place to watch a movie. The amenities are really nice and clean and the concession stand has a lot of great options... Try the cheese fries!!

Mary Cass

Went on a hot Thursday night. Plenty of room. Not sure how to park because the lines were barely visible and the paving is very irregular. Recommend a flashlight if you need to go to the concession stand. Great family night at a reasonable price. Brought plenty of snacks, food and drinks. Ps. Don't forget the bug spray!

Jessica Rodas

Great place to go with the family.

Michael Medeiros

Good pricing ...

Jonathan Allen

Great place but a little under staffed

Viviana Gonzalez

LOVE the drive-in (it's the only one in my area) but would love for them to pave the parking lot.

Ben Fortunati

Need to redo parking lot. Lots of spaces were flooded from rain. Gravel coming up or non existent in other areas.

Rich Booth

Love this place. Where else can you see 2 first run movies for less than the price of one at the chain movie place... all from the comfort of your own car and with as many as will fit in it. As tempting as it is to bring a bag full of snacks, I always try to buy something at the snack bar to keep them going.

Amelia Ciaramitaro

Absolutely horrible We were told by employees that we couldn’t have our truck open all the way, so we were forced to pull it down so far that we could not see the movie. they also let people in during the entire movie, so we were unable to watch due to the headlights burning our eyeballs. During the movie, two rows worth of cars came in. One car that came in late, backed up straight into a persons chairs, which were up against their car, and another ran over a corner of my blanket, which me and my brother were sitting on at the time. When a employee was questioned, about why they were allowing more people in they were extremely rude.

Kristy D

They need more of these..Great experience! Could be repaved or revamped a bit for a more comfortable experience..

Kevin Gardner

Except for the septic smell, it's a great place to see a movie.

Cathy Barriere

Fun not many people

Jessica Wilcox

It's a great place to watch movies, especially for the price. I just wish some people would turn off their headlights.


Good want this lastnight to see toy story 4

Andrea Hockney

No better deal for my big family than a night out at the rustic. $27 for a carload and you get 2 big movies. The restrooms have gotten much better in recent years too. We love getting soft serve cones at intermission to keep the littles awake for the second show.

Bob-Patty Lavallee

Old school with new movies. 7 people in my van for $27 and two movies. What a bargin.

Jessica Henderson

The double feature is very reasonably priced esp if you have a whole carload of kids, and they all loved it. Glad they were showing some family friendly shows. Do be aware though of what is showing on other screens (horror shows in our case) because they are visible to each other. My 4yr old has said he's had bad dreams from what he saw on the other screen (I didn't realize he even looked at the other screens). The black top that makes up the parking lot is quite bumpy, but navigable. The selection at concessions seemed good. Overall, anyone who enjoys a drive in theater will surely like this one. We will definitely be going back with our family.

Brooke Hessmann

It would be nice if their employees monitored the screens and ensured that people were turning off their headlights/following basic procedures so everyone can enjoy the screen time. Also, their number is through magic jack and seems as if they don’t answer. I love the drive ins, this is the worst one by far though.

Leia DaSilva

Im so happy there's still a drive-in to visit let me say that first off. With young children or grandchildren going to the showcase cinema and spending a good probably $100 to only make it to through the first maybe 15 minutes to half hour of the movie before the kids and myself are just ready to get out of there cuz children don't usually behave or sit still and quietly for an hour or longer plus they are extremely loud too. So the drive in is the perfect solution for that issue in my opinion and for me anyway. The only thing that ruined our night was the extremely strong and overpowering smell of marijuana coming from a nearby vehicle. So that was extremely disappointing to me and was the reason i left prematurely before the first showing was even halfway over. Other than that it would have been magical for my son and grandchildren.

kimberly johnson

The movie itself was great. However the concessions were horrible. I ordered three dough boys and all three were burnt in the middle. The only edible piece was around the edge of the dough boy. It also had no taste! It was a busy night but in the past the dough boys were still good. Not this year. It was disappointingly horrible.

Robert Deane

Rustic is good but needs to be paved its full of potholed

Icey Rice

had the cutest date night! it was my first time at a drive-in theater. awesome snacks and overall a nice place. parking lot area should probably be repaved but it's forgivable. i will be coming back!

Lauri Shaw

Was great to see a Drive in movie still around! Only bid downside about this place is that the whole parking lot in on a big slope bad enough..but they don't maintain the pavement at all and it's full of potholes etc . making it very hard to walk around on especially if you are ederly or handicapped... other than that was great.. everyone enjoyed movies and the snack bar ☺️

Jebediah Morningside

We saw a horror movie double-feature. The screen were dark even in the daytime scenes. The screen were pretty much black during any night time scenes. I asked if they could turn the brightness up but they said the projector does not have that option.


Great place too visit prices kinda high but worth it

Michael Wadsworth

An excellent outdoor movie watching experience. If you go, ordering the fried dough isn’t just a good idea- it’s a necessity.

Carol Hernandez

You really really really need to fix the parking lot very very dangerous for everybody someone's going to fall and get hurt

Amanda Bruno

I love, love, love this place. I would love to go back in the day just for the experience. I bet it was awesome. I just went there tonight with my daughter for my Birthday and saw Aladdin. When the intermission came on the radio. It had a back in the day feel. I could see couples sitting in there chevys and stuff making out. Kids playing. The smell of food. I bet the memories that people have with this place stay forever.

Mark Leong

Very few drive in theaters remain in the northeast. The only other one I went to was in NY. This one wasn't too bad. The roads were a bit rough, prob need to be repaved. The food was the typical theater pricing. But for the experience and the price, it's hard to beat for a car filled with a family. It was $24 flat price for the whole car and you're able to watch 2 movies.


Rustic Tri View Drive-In en Vermont
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