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REVIEWS OF Rotterdam Square Cinema IN Vermont

josh brutscher

Most comfortable seats in the 518. Great staff. Reasonably priced concessions. One of the only theaters you're gonna find D-Box seats in. Don't let the fact that it's in a dying mall fool you.

Mizz Lisa

Always have a great time and even more now with there new chairs feel right at home

Kyl Andrews

The movie was very low priced, but the movie theater was stuffy. No air movement in the room.

Joseph Pray II

The recliner chairs are so comfortable. I can take my son and his friend with drinks and popcorn for the price of 2 tickets w/out refreshments at a larger theater.

Donny J

A nice theater. They keep a nice selection of up-to-date movies and it's always one of the more reasonably priced Cinemas in the Capital District. They do a great special if you get there before noon.


Lousy location, but reasonable prices compared to the competition. Recliners are offered in some of the theaters which is a nice bonus.

Cheryl Dalton

Went to the movies and the seats recline. Great place to go.

Inocent /:

Had a great fathers day wirh my dad here

J. Reid

Pretty decent movie theater, comfortable seats, for which is a plus, good screen size and sound system is great.

John Avery

Watch The Equalizer very good movie nice theater

Kathie Lynch

Very comfortable and clean

David Stankavich

At $6 each for 2 seniors (62 or older), this cinema was a bargain. Plus our theater had plus red seats that reclined with a foot rest at the push of a button. Very comfortable and spacious.

Cindy Kirkman

Nice place

Michael Fuselli

Some rooms have recliners. That's nice. But no hot beverages are served :(

Robert Ross

Good place to watch movies

Zack Butts

Line moved kinda slow. Aside from that and the guy in front of me reclining his seat on my legs (I'm taller) it was great. Clean and had friendly staff.

Donna Brassard

I like it a lot! Its small but cozy and the Popcorm was really good!

Hafiy C

Best theater for your buck

Wilfredo Domena

Amazing aquarium for the tots. Nice Arcade built toward the back. Absolutely love the theater there as well, very affordable tickets and food. Hope this place doesn't go anywhere.

Robert Hogan

Smaller movie theatre with charm. I went to the late show starting at 10:30pm. There was only 4 people in my movie showing, I kinda felt like I had the place to myself. This theatre is also equipped with special seating to enhance your experience. I will be going back here again.

Rr Mm

This place was amazing. There are many large theaters. Great, kind employees. The food there was pretty good but I've had better. It is more of a modern theater. Just like anywhere else, candy is kind of pricey. Drinks and popcorn is great. Not stale. Not too flavorful. Drinks and popcorn aren't that expensive. In the lobby, there are 4d chairs with a screen with a trailer of a movie. For me, I'd give it a thumbs up.:)

Deanna Brown

Was great

Lynnli B

The theater was clean at that time,and it is a decent theater. Fair prices for tickets. Staff is always friendly

Naomi Frank

Loved the reclining seats! Prices were cheaper than other places like Colonie Center and Crossgates. I will definitely go back because of both of these reasons—game changer!

Peter Scofield

Comfy seats, decent prices, good popcorn

Kathryn Sheridan

Really nice, friendly service and fair prices. Love bringing my kids here!

Emily Chaires

Very good Customer Service

Cody perry

I love the movie there

Tonya Smithers

Ample seating

Colin Stammer

Clean theater, good seats and cheap prices! Only complaint is that the ticket line and concession line are the same, so sometimes it can take a little bit to get into the theater.

Joan Larosa

Great theatre!

Pastor John Murray

This theater is in the ViaPort mall and has several screens available. The theater also has Dbox seating available, these seats move and vibrate with with the movie. Tuesdays are discount movies and small popcorn. A good theater experience. Recommended.

Donna McCann

Great for cheap movies $5 from movie you can't beat it great place to go

Albert Damato

Follow the leader.

Laura Belrose

We attended the 1:55 showing for Toy Story 4. The theater was empty besides another family of three. The prices were very reasonable, for both the movie and the snacks. The screens were big and the seats were surprisingly comfortable!

Brandi Stoddard

Not bad on price, seats are comfortable.. I thought it was a bit cold however..

jeramie van rijsewijk

Tuesday is such a great deal for families and the staff is always very polite. Kind of small theaters.

Nicole Gantt

Nice, comfortable, and tons of space.. Enjoy Tuesdays with the $5 movie special and $1 popcorn deals

peanutt 94

Loved seeing Hook there in 1991

Jana Boettner

Love the seating. Roomy rocker/recliner chairs.


Great they replaced all the seats and have $5 Tuesday movie deal on non 3D films

April Dot

Movies before Noon are $5, between Noon and 5 it’s $6.50, after 5 it’s $9.50. The seats are very comfortable, some recline you feet, others just go back. Lots of leg room. 4K is offered. The only thing is the theater still looks like it did when it was Lowe’s Theater. Needs an update, looks a bit run down. Also, maybe fix some speakers as one was making funny noises during loud bass tones.

keliegh me

Great theater, fantastic seats.

Mel O

Great matinee pricing ($6.50) and love the Tuesday $1 popcorn special! Clean seats look modern and are comfy. I don't think any theatre is worth the $12+/ticket and expensive popcorn n drinks. I would return for another Tuesday matinee though for sure!

Sean Murray and tourettes

Rotterdam Square Cinema have unbeatable prices for their movies and snacks. I always enjoy the movies and snacks. The staff are always pleasant and helpful.

Joseph Stacey

Good theater without massive crowds. DBox seating by reservation. Staff are courteous and usually the theaters very clean. The seats are elevated just enough to make it easy to see over the people in front of you. Matinees are discount priced.


Good movie theater but the floors sometimes are dirty looking.

Thor Ritz

Good rate for seniors, with new movies and some theaters have lounge chairs so can put feet up.

Bethany Savage

Great deal on Tuesdays!

Aaron Spoonhour

The movie was great, and the chairs were comfy. It's a smaller theater, but it still accomplished its purpose.

Toniann Avery

Theate is great Tuesday night 5.00 but they could have used 1 more person on the counter


Very dirty and the bathroom were gross and the toilets were leaking water all over the floor.


Clean nice inexpensive

SB Willow

Nice easy access and proximity to home. Fun staff. Spotlessly clean rest rooms.

Martin Kipp

Sheetz very comfortable reclining a lot.

Alicia Gates

Probably one of the best movie theatres around. Typically very clean, the seats are in good condition and very comfortable, plus they have d-box and imax movies. I would even say it's better than crossgates and for a fraction of the price for movie tickets. The staff are very nice and I haven't had a bad experience here yet.

heavenly Weeks

Great prices awesome staff

Mathew Koch

Went and seen a couble movies good vibes there yes I do like it there and it's quite

Ben Julian

It smelled like urine, was a bit too cold, and the snack selection was terrible.

Nate Parker

The only thing that you need to know is that tickets for two here are cheaper than a single ticket at any other theater in the area. That is if you can find the place. Parking was a bit far from the theater and the seats were a bit old, but the theater was almost empty and it was less than $15 for two tickets for a new release. I don't do theater movies much but next time I want to see something in theaters, this is where I am going. Period.

Christopher Deleo

Not the best movie theater but it is close and the prices are decent.

karthik kiran Peradana

Bargain Tuesdays are the best!! 5$ a ticket and guess what, couple of the halls have electronically reclined seats. Awesome experience.

Anthony Roman

Great staff and manager. New movies and great seats.

Dody Michelin

It was too loud and too cold to enjoy the movie.

Matt Nichols

$5/each for regular movie tickets before 12 pm, clean theatres with comfortable seats. Candy is overpriced, of course, but can't beat first run movies at a good price.

John Vermilyea

Needs new management. Long lines due to the ticket line also selling concessions, very slowly

Scott S

Current movies at great prices! The lounge seating is a great change of pace from the regular theater experience. Affordable snacks and "D-Box" motion seats for some movies.

Ann Young

This cinema has new, reclining chairs in its theater. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie. The seats are wide and super comfortable. There is plenty of walking space between seats too. They recline electronically at the push of a button. Admission to a movie is just $6.50 too!

Michael Preli

I think some of the best seats .. not torn up, you can recline or rock.. You get good deals on Tuesdays..only complaint is i always see there 4dx and still haven't seen it there..

TheReal Q

I hade a lot of fun .... Really nice employee there to

Dave Kolakoff

Very price friendly !

Debbie Murray

The seats in our theater were recliners. It was amazing!

Fernando Carrelo

Nice place for visit.

Aaron Paige

5 dollar matinee, dollar small popcorn on tuesdays. Comfortable seats. Overall a good time

RichFHebert Hebert

Awesome, always helpful, friendly staff. Clean theater and rest rooms too. Can't beat the before noon prices too :)

Paul Amodeo

If you care less about the 3D experience (overrated for most films) or IMAX experience (simulated by sitting in the first row), this theater could be for you. Price of tickets is 66% of the going rate and the seating consists of comfortable recliners to give a relaxing home theater/family room feel. Parking is ample.

William Cade

Could play better movies to draw bigger crowds. Prices ok. Mall in general needs help

Tom Cerul

Friendly staff, inexpensive, comfy seats even if they recline a bit too far. :)

Jeff Barnes

5 dollar movie

Andre Simmons

Love going to the movies. They need to discount the snacks a little more.


My kids and I always go to Rotterdam Square Cinema. It’s pretty quiet most of the times and the snacks are so much more reasonably priced when compared to other theaters.

Bryce Morin

Great environment. Comfortable chairs.

Victoria Franklin

This theater is most definitely one of the highlights at this mall, but I've definitely seen nicer. They have one of their theaters outside of the location actually on the side...which I thought was a bit weird. It's smaller than the others and it seems to me much easier to sneak into compared to all the others if the employees at the front selling tickets and food aren't paying attention. Prices for tickets though are fair enough as far as ticket pricing goes and the employees are always nice as well as knowledgeable. Oh and their bathrooms are fairly clean too which is definitely a plus! It's a decent theater though to catch latest releases.

Jessica Clark

Decent place to go for cheap movie tickets and concessions.

Campbell Osborne

This theater is very hit and miss. I mainly go to newer movies in D-BOX which are amazing and should be available as an option in all theaters. That being said the two stars are for the picture quality of the screen in theater 1. Other screens have looked immensely better in this place. For the last year I have been going I have found the brightness to be to high and it washes all of the details out of the picture, no matter how many times I tell someone nothing happens. Only once did someone take interest in my complaint and nothing happened afterwards then either. So they know the picture is bad but apparently most people don't care or even notice. So I get that they have no financial reason to care about the experience but when I pay $20 plus for a movie I want a quality experience. Not too much to ask for is it?

Lyn Rudary

Loved the Aguarium...great for young kids!

Hannah Gies

Comfortable seats and the movie watching experience was pleasurable. Ladies bathroom felt sketchy, but I survived.

Phoebe D

Theaters ok. Service is not

Lorraine Aumic

Lounge chairs and reasonable prices

Joseph Gilligan

Best seats in the Capitol region

Emily Komaromi

Its is a great place to go if you want an affordable movie where the seats are comfortable and the food is good

Shamel Davis

Was there with my 50 year old mother and wife was disrespected by another viewer who claimed to work there. One of his friends named Juliana who does work there came with security and kicked us out and called the cops with out asking a question. The manager on duty apologized but the damage was already done and the movie ruined. I hope it wasn’t because we were the only black viewers in there.

Bryhn Ugalde

Staff is great and the theater is inexspensive and the chairs are very comfortable. The only complaint I have is the one screen out in the mall has a projector that is so loud. I do not like to watch movies on that screen.

Alex Smuckler

My wife and I go to this theater together often. The staff are very helpful and friendly. The price of admission is very reasonable as is the cost of popcorn and other snacks

sue grubs

The staff was courteous and it was clean, the bathrooms were alittle yucky but over all a good experience

Michael Klass

A bit run down, but the d-box seats are awesome.

Karen Karlsen


Jessica Burnett

Caught a matene on Monday at a decent price for the movie tickets. If your looking for a good and affordable movie theater to go to I definitely advise trying out this one. The popcorn was fresh and delicious and they have quite a selection of other snacks/ candy available. My only reason why its not 5 stars is because I was not too impressed by the older gentleman treated me but when I got my refill on the popcorn I got treated properly by the younger gentleman working at the counter. In other words, he saved this rating from being a 2-3 star.

David Gonzalez Jr

Great atmosphere

John Knoebel

Clean theater good snacks


We enjoy going to Rotterdam Square Cinema, less people and the prices are reasonable - Only recommendation I have is that on Saturdays they need to have more people working during the busy hours. I have the rewards card and they add up fast!

J. Ortiz

Nice theater. Love the fact that there are D Box seats!

Shelley Iovino

Had to wait to long for tickets only2 people working .had to get tickets at snack counter. Where they are getting food & drinks too.


My wife and I went to an early movie today for $10.00 which was a nice surprise. The next surprise was when we went into theater #4 where we found it had been updated with actual comfortable recliners that people could still walk around them if needed! The movie was good and we were comfortable, so we couldn't ask for anything more!

Nadine Fitzpatrick

Great movie and staff very friendly.

Cori Jubrey

Always a better price quieter. The food is always really good and the movie we saw had recliners. Best theater

Tracy Stewart

It's very nice and clean with comfy chairs

Eileen Taylor

Love the new seats! They are very comforfable. Employees there are very nice.

Timothy Fitzsimmons

They really need better security if they had better security I would say 5 stars but since they don't 4 stars the limit

Jonny Badillo

I've Been here a few times always comfortable and enjoyable i have never had a problem ...Good seats Good pitcure..

Kiwi Kirstin

They upgraded some theaters with red reclining chairs with cup holders. Great price for going to the movies!


Very clean theater and wonderful staff who move people along very quickly so you don't miss the previews! !

Christopher Raven

Convenient and inexpensive

Andrew Rossi

Awesome movie! And boy do they do an upgrade on the seating. You may fall asleep, the seats are so comfy

Vlad Tayman

Outdated theater

Tom Thompson

Dbox is soooo much fun.

Deaf Sarcasm

Simple and easy to navigate. Employees are nice.

Justin Perrotti

Movie selection is a bit limited but ticket prices are fairly priced and seats are comfortable.

Steve Jensen

Chairs that recline. Reasonable prices.

Penny Zimmer

Affordable. Easy to get to. Friendly people.

Curine Lewin

It was ok

Terri Frisone

We go to this theater every other weekend, the only complaint we have is how they sell the tickets and concession. Line gets long at times. We enjoy the movies there and it is much less expensive to go there instead of Crossgates.

Lorraine Bowers

Roomy seating.

Kevin Goldsmith

Always hit matinee movies

Kyle Crounse

Really enjoy going to this theater. My friend and I go a couple times a month, depending on what's out, and every time we have a good experience. Ever since Zurich Cinemas took over and started remolding the "movie going" experience has increased. Nice new and really comfortable seats that aren't crammed together. I think most of the screens have been updated, but I know one still has the old seats in it. That's the only thing I'd say needs to be fixed, I think because the seats are so old they produce an odd smell. The other screens don't have this issue. Staff is always nice and courteous. Concession prices and fair for a theater and over cheaper than Regal or Bowtie. Plus I believe it's every Tuesday they have a $1 popcorn deal. Overall great theater!

zachary zurich

I was reading the reviews and noticed the review from "Renee Crockett" who claimed to work here in 2007. I'd like to note that this was BEFORE the current owner took over. Zurich Cinemas does NOT use popcorn from a previous day and always makes popcorn fresh for each day. Additionally, Zurich Cinemas is one of the only circuits that uses real butter. Please don't let this review from someone who claims to have worked here in 2007 dissuade you from visiting our theater and trying our popcorn.

Edward Heins

Great place I do think the midrange on the armos system could be reduced. At high volumes such as in theater these mids can be quite offensive to a musicly trained ear so if you bring grama bring some cotton for her ears other than that great place to see a movie out

Brittany Keller

I love that every Tuesday, movies are $5!

Pete Vought

The staff really make this place stand out. They are always friendly and the theaters are always clean. It's a great price and we see most of our movies there.

S&H Decals

Nice seats okay prices

Oneshot 291

Amazing place to go for anything. Food, movies, clothes, and more

Lucille Wells

Went to the movies, enjoyed with my grandson.

Margaret Wiener

Love this theater....less expensive than mall movies, never crowded, most of the individual theaters have upgraded comfortable seats. They have a frequent viewer program also. For affordable family fun at the movies, it can't be beat!

dave cruickshank

Great mall

TMS Human

Love movies 5 stars

Jay Serrano

I really quaint movie theater good sale on popcorn on given days and good seats, viewing, and clean.

Loretta Hess

We were in theater 7. Worst experience ever. Very small and light comes through the door window so you can not sit in the first few rows. Theater is off the water fountain and the mall had live music which could clearly be heard in the theater. Complained but was told they could not do anything. Will not go again if the movie is in theater 7.

Michael Rivette

This theater is definitely not "state of the art" but its perfect. The tickets are cheap, the popcorn is tasty (I honestly prefer it over Crossgates), the seats are comfy, and its never packed. For the money, this is the theatre I go to, especially if money is a bit tight.

William Kolodny

Movie was supposed to start at 1 pm. Doors didn't open till 1:05pm . Both staff members were very unsanitary when pouring popcorn. Their ungloved hands constantly came into contact with the popcorn and their fingers would go inside the cup.

Kathy Whittemore

I definitely prefer to come to the theater instead of the bigger theaters... It's way more reasonable and cozier!

Bonnie Frascatore Hebert

Always friendly staff, popcorn is always fresh& you can't beat free snacks when you join their VIP club for free too

Cindy De Caprio

Calling your phone number to get the times and the prices for your theater there still showing information for March and it is September perhaps maybe you should update your information on the phone line so that people can actually get the correct information for your theater

Robin Miller

Run down, depressing. Nice new recliner chairs...but that’s all they have going for them.


Good prices, decent theaters. Also not usually crowded.

Bernice Smith

Seats was the best. But they can use an up grade on the screen..I dont think its HD or something not clear enought.

Linette Boone

Love the new red recliners❤

Bonnie Scholz

Great movies and comfy seats!

Sande Jean

great new recliner seats in two of the theaters. Also has Dbox seats

Karen Milewski

Love the new reclining chairs.

Billie Kenyon

Awesome show used the 3D DBox, had the best movie experience of my life would recommend trying it to anyone

R Davis

Good price, great service

Taryn G

Much cheaper than the other theaters. Seats are way more comfortable. Not sure if they still do but they did have an amazing deal on Tuesdays. I believe it was $5 tickets and $1 popcorn!

Janette Thompson

I saw a 3D D box movie the movie screen was very dark. I would have liked the picture to be more vibrant. Its was grainy like.


Great place for kids.

Pilar Seacord

The theater is fine and it has awesome D - Box seats.

Casey Hulin

Love the recliners and nice clean theater!

Jeffery Campos

Way better prices than theaters around the area. Comfy seats, yummy pop corn.

Joshua Allen

This theater is by no means the best theater that one can go to, but it is nice. The theater rooms are stadium seating and they are kept fairly clean. The aisles are perfectly lit so that you don’t fall down the stairs trying to get to the bathroom. This is probably the only place in the mall that I would even recommend going to.


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