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REVIEWS OF Regal Silver City Galleria IN Vermont


Great location. Very clean and has comfortable reclining seats. Great updated theaters.

Brian Mello

Got there 30 mins before the show waiting in line at consetion for almost 30 mins...hardly any staff for a Sunday

Dawn H.

Comfortable reserved seating with recliners. Concessions have good variety, but pricey.

Jennifer Kruskie

The theater was very clean including the bathrooms. The employees were quick and ready to assist at concession and ticket taker. The line moved quickly and staff was friendly and efficient.

Dennis Bermudez

Was awesome very comfortable.

Dan McDonald

Good theater within Mall. Clean waiting area and courteous employees

Michelle Allard

Considering this Mall isn't doing very well, the management for the cinema and the mall mgmt company hasn't given up. Much respect for that. I hope this mall makes it through these weird times.

Roochi Chopra

Good seats and good sound system. Even though I saw Mission Impossible at this theatre it did not give me a headache, so the volume and acoustics are both just right

Ashley Blais

Ever since the upgrades, I absolutely love this Cinema. I can't complain I go there all the time..


Really likethree updates to the theatre. Always nice to go to the theater I went to as a kid, nostalgic, but comfortable. Regal cinemas had always been a favorite for many reasons including free refills on their largest size popcorn and sodas.

Coach Craig Smith

Newly renovated and is way more pleasing to the eye. Typical movie theatre and it now serves alcoholic beverages. The prices are crazy for the amount you get. They serve food that is pretty good for a theatre. Staff is pretty good. And there is lots of parking.

patrick maclary

It is a nice theater, chairs that recline, service is nice, smaller theaters and you even get to pick your own seats and see how full it is. The sounds and visuals were very good, I'd suggest this to a friend as something to do if you're nearby. My only complains came from my personal experience. I had purchased tickets online and was charged $1.50 per ticket, which demolished the purpose of purchasing them online instead of at the theater. Also, if you bring bags in, just know that they will search it out of those recent horror stories. Other than that, it has greatly improved from what it was before.

Matt Wilson

As good as a movie theater can get. Saw one movie that had the volume cranked way too high, other than that great experiences. Bar and kitchen (burgers, pizza, etc).

Tiffany Hooks

Love the reclining seats and pretty clean for the most part. Only negative thing, I was stuck once in the front row on the end and I couldn’t even get through the previews without my neck hurting. So I returned my ticket and reserved tickets the next day for a better spot. Not sure why that row of seats exist, impossible to see the whole screen at once.

run yologwd

Great ambience , super confortable seats, all separate reclining, love it.

Peter Gomes

Been going for years. Very comfortable seating. Plenty of parking

Christopher Thomson

New renovations have upgraded this theater. However due to larger seats the overall number of seats has declined. The mall attached to the theater is dying with very few stores worth shopping. Yet for a cinema option near Taunton it isnt bad.

Katie Howard Roos

Very neat, friendly and attentive staff

Tracy Siok

Really nice staff, chairs were so comfortable. And the theatre was clean.was quiet too but we had the theatre to ourselves. Lol

Wally Mal

Awesome place for the whole family

Robert Levesque

Very bad experience. I couldn't use gift cards. They said they were not going through today or yesterday. I have many gift cards and could not use any of them and was told I had to use cash. I left not being able to see movie. I think this is a rip off. I have many gift cards that they would not honor.

Ann-Marie Lefaivre

Reclining seats are awesome! Love that they have a bar and you get points for watching movies

Colin Sweeney

This theater is great! It's location makes it very convenient to get to plus the theater has reclining leather seats that come with little tables to rest your concessions. I recommend enrolling to the Regal Crown Club so you can be offered discounts and win free tickets (even if you go once every 2 months, its worth it). The Silver City Mall is surely going to close down soon but hopefully that doesn't include this movie theater.

Angst Mir

Lines moved quickly. Theatre was clean. Comfortable seats although mine was not able to recline. Just moved as the was empty seats nearby

Samantha Brownell

I go all the time, seats are comfy and the staff is so kind

richard cabral

Great place to go watch a movie, the people who work there are polite and informative. The place is clean, and always greeted with a smile.

Pam Merrihew

Comfortable seats just don't sit too close. Pleasant staff. We like it there.

Sidni Erwin

Great place to watch movies.

walter lewis

Lots of changes from before. Real good.

Christopher Casano

Comfortable seats and very clean. The prices were about would you expect for going to the movies today but it is what it is.

Vincent Luna

The box office attendant was very friendly. I believe his name was Aaron? He was able to accommodate seats for my family and I. He asked if I had a loyalty card. I declined his offer but may consider getting one in the future. Service was quick at the concessions stand. I believe his name was Matt... or Mike? Not sure, probably never will be. He was helped by a young girl, blonde and with the greatest smile! When we had our tickets checked, we were directed too the correct theater. Waiting a few minutes to go in, another guest spilt their popcorn. Before I could fully acknowledge it, the same girl who checked our tickets had it cleaned up. Pretty impressive. I also noticed the cleanliness of the auditorium, the seats, trays for our snacks, absolutely everything was spotless. Comfortable seats that fully recline. The lights cued perfectly and the image was sharp and bright as I could only expect it to be after experiencing the excellence of our experience in the lobby. At the end of our feature, I had the privilege of speaking with the manager. She was wonderful, professional, and definitely in charge. Astonishing. I let her know how important it was that I was able to spend Time there. She's been doing an unbelievable job. Always has been, certainly is still, and most certainly will be no matter what the industry has prepared. I'm not sure why my expectaions for a cinema are so extreme, but this Taunton location certainly fills the cup. Will recommend to all of my friends and colleagues. Will most deffinetly revisit.

John Norris

Good theater. Friendly staff, good food.

Missy Pacheco

Love the seats. The theaters are always clean and comfortable. Just cannot get past the prices at the concession stand. Way over priced.

Rachel Gill

Love the recliner seats and the people r all so friendly. The girl at the conssesion stand buttered my popcorn perfectly!

Stacy Lundquist

love the reclining seats

Elizabeth Noel

Reserved seating that reclines and has a fold a table! Very comfy and would be 5 star but we watched Christopher Robin the other day and couldn't hear some of the talking because of the super loud action movie next door.

Papa Smurf

Ive been to a lot of semi-locql theaters and this one has the best seating. Its assigned so you know exqctly where youre going to sit and the seats are recliners that are extremely comfortable. Always try to go here for my movie going.


Comfy seats, easy parking, close to other amenities. Staff could be be friendlier

Pedro Santos

I've lived in Taunton for over 20 years. I believe this is the best this Theater has ever been. Great recliner seats and good food. It's expensive.

Stephanie Pierce

Great theater! New! Doesn't belong in the mall since the mall isn't great shape but the theater is really nice, one of the nicer ones I've been in. Kids love it!

Tc Pendarvis

Great Movie Place Amazingly Clean. Always Quite And Super Designed. The Place Is High Tech Nice Wood Floor Amazing Seats that Recline.

Charlie Macy

I have not been here in literally 15+ years, this trip surpassed my expectations.

Wally Osorio

Awesome place and entertaining

Binky Bones

I like going to the movies, but the snacks and soda are literally double the price of what they should be. A small soda should be like 3 or 4 at the most, not 7. Why tf is a small popcorn 5.99 when a hole box of popcorn with multiple servings at a store is the same price. You bloody b@sturrdsss

jerry true

Very nice clean restroom..and the Electric recliner chairs are great

Steve L

Love the concessions with a full bar onsite. But the seating is the best around! Staff is responsive when sound level needed to be adjusted too. Don't miss the cheap eats in the nearby food court.


Great seats. Comfortable. Expensive

Derek McDermott

Cool place. Employees were nice.

Matthew Adams

Excellent seating. The seats power recline and there are movable trays.

Vicki Harris

The mall itself is pretty much deserted but what a great theater! Reclining seats, beer and wine. Can't get much better!

R Burns

Great movie theater love the special seats

myiaa forbes

I love that if you work in a group home they accommodate the staff

Julia Taylor

Great movie experience. Love it.

amanda farrell

Love the reclining seats some thing the the theaters don't have in Vermont.

Sheri Vasquez

Went to see the new Halloween the seats we got were perfect and very comfy wish I could of took the seat home,lol. The concession stand was big and had a lot to choose from only complaint was waiting almost 10 min for a pretzel other than that had a great night and will come again.

kathy fava

Comfy seats pleasant staff

Constance j Sharp

Great place to take families and friends. Exciting movies and lots of room with comfortable seats and air conditioning. Good food and services.

Janet Prescott

Love this place.. we go every other weekend on date night and it's always clean, the bathrooms are always spotless..

Carl Heater

The only reason to go to the mall. Always have seats.

Alexandra C

Love this movie theater.

Mark Abele

Great seating, nice size theater, good food.


Fast service. Plenty of parking! Convenient location. The theatres are clean and comfy. Be careful the seats are so comfy you might fall asleep! They got a remodel a few years back and it looks awesome. If anyone remembers the theatre from years ago, this is a massive improvement. They always have plenty of showings for popular new releases and plenty of times.

Scott McKenna

A great place. Too bad the mall is dying around it.

Dominick Ferreira

Great movie theater, got tickets for Shaft (phenomenal movie BTW, would recommend). The theater was kept at a nice temperature, and the reclining seats are always a plus! $5 for a water seems a little gougey at first, but in fairness that is how the theater makes their cut. Overall I'd recommend this place as a theater

angela smithson

Super comfy and clean

Mark Araujo

Been there many times still goes there

Leandra Raposo

The recliners are so comfy. The popcorn is delicious and you get free refills when you order a large. The only bad thing is there is no icy or slushy machine.

Ryan Molyneux

Movie didn't start until 50 mins after schedule. Then stopped and started for 25 mins because they couldn't get the audio to work, spoiling the opening multiple times. Then during the climax they switched the sound off and ended the movie early to accommodate another showing. Still have not seen the final act of the movie I paid to see. Would not recommend Regal to anyone. This kind of contempt for the consumer is disgusting.

Andrew Korzeniewski

One of the only reasons I visit this mall. Comfortable reclining seats, cool theater temperature, and good quality screens. Except for screen one, which is also the biggest screen. It seems as if the top left corner of the screen is damaged or something is hanging in front of it. Not that big of a deal, but once you notice it you can’t unsee it. More formats would be appreciated, however. Employees at the counter are always respectful. But there’s only so much they can do when you there are other moviegoers who are being disrespectful. For example, during my viewing of Spider-Man FFH there were a few kids blowing huge vape clouds in front of the screen. They were asked to leave but didn’t go anywhere. Your experience is heavily dependent on who else is with you in the theater. I’ll start going more often once Regal Unlimited comes out (whenever that’ll be.)

m crowther

Reclining seats ,snacks,dinner, and beer. :-)

Miles Gibson

I'm a fan of underrated people and places. New movies comes out I am always able to find a ticket here. Hopefully it changes with more positive reviews. But it very convenient and people are very fun plus there is a bar! Bartender has a heavy hand

Celinda Kaye

Had not been to Regal Cinema in a while. I was very impressed with the change. More comfortable then my own livingroom....

brian cabral

The renovated cinema is great and it offers a decent selection of food and beverages in a clean, well kept theater. This does not achieve a 5 star because of the prices are a bit higher than other cinemas in the area with the same amenities. One nice feature in particular here is they have swinging tray tables with the reclining power seats.

Cameron Officer

This place is awesome!!! The staff are always caring and heart warming. I love the popcorn. It has just enough salt and butter for my taste buds. Love the reclining seats are so comfortable. Thank you the the best experience.

Jonathan P.

Theater itself was very nice and clean, but the service was terrible. I ordered tickets online to a special event and not only was it over an hour late, the audio cut out at the start of the climax and we never got to finish it because it was playing previews for the next movie, which nobody even bothered to go see. Then the movie started playing loudly as we waited in line for our money back. Long story short, this theater can't be trusted with any special events.

Peter Cardin

Great place, nice seating, sound and picture are also very nice, overpriced snacks but every movie theater concessions are nowadays.

Jeff Pierce

Great theatre with recliners. I give it 4 stars because I think the movie could be louder.

Sorry We Did This To You

Really nice good service I would give it more stars but it wouldn’t let me :)

Rob Ng

Nicely remodeled with comfortable stadoum seating . Great handicapped seating options.

Ellen Hurteau

I have never seen this type of store so empty, expensively cheap merchandise. Messy and totally a waste of time.

Brian Jr Spero

Never been to a better screen...Recliners, top of the line projectors, the only theater I've went with decent hot food...The only downside is no Atmos...YET.

John Norkawski

This place went from a one star to a 5 star. They did it over and the seats are awesome. Auto recline seat with auto foot rest. The isles have more space then before they remodeled. My favorite theater now for sure

jazzy wilbur

Pretty expensive but definitely a high class movie theatre

Jack mcgee

We went to buy tickets for IT 2 and the guy at the stand carded us, I am clearly 18 (turning 19 soon) and have tattoos so kind of obvious, I had left my license at home and he wouldn’t let us see the movie saying whoever I was going with had to be 21 to take anyone in without their ID which is ridiculous so our movie plans were cancelled. I have never been carded there as I am clearly 18 and this guy felt it necessary to do so. Overall ruined our night and gave us an attitude that was not friendly whatsoever.

Travis Cohen

Comfortable reclining seats with a drink tray.

Louis Pittsley

The 3D movie theaters clean with these amazingly comfortable reclining leather chairs and the food and beverages a very modestly price for the super size which have unlimited refills. They even serve some alcoholic beverages as an alternative to soda or the other refrigerator items. It was an exceptionally nice experience

katie sherman

Comfortable seats that lean most of the way back, not a bad seat in any theatre. Popcorn is always good and they even have a bar

Jennifer Arruda

Good theater

Femi Stoltz

Regal has the most pathetic customer service ever. Once I use this free movie pass that's impossible to redeem because box office hours are listed incorrectly and you can't pay with your rewards at the kiosk, I won't be going back. I've wasted too much gas and time to keep bothering with the silliness. Try to get a person to answer and help you with something. Their system is programmed to not be of any type of assistance. Blue ray from here on out.

Bethany Genereux

I LOVE that the chairs all have trays attached. Perfect place to put your nachos and drink. The floors are never sticky when we go, very clean. Priced reasonably. Good beer and snack choices. Very clean bathrooms.

sl31gh3r 86

Good food, great staff

Annmarie Patrick

Awsome experience

Cleivis Alfama

Great theater

Jamie L

What a great experience. Watching movies in a chaise recliner! Great food choices and cocktails as well! Definitely go back. Get the Regal club card earn points for money spent!

Noelle St. Louis

I hadn’t seen a movie here in a few years and boy was I pleasantly surprised. Easily the most comfortable theater in the area. Best place to catch a film.

McKinnon Adventures

Great theater and love the reclining seats

Edward Cashman

Power reclining seats with swing tray tables were awesome - 1st time for us. Enjoyed the movie so much more - will tell everyone and of course will definitely do again - wish theatres near our home had these.


Great movie experience

Ruby Walker

I love the new reclining seats, so comfortable. It's like being home!

chris buckley

The ticket counter hours of operation need to be posted. It is Saturday morning and the website states that your open at 11am but we have been here since 11:15am and it is now 12pm and the ticket counter is not open. If the gate remains closed and ticket counter not staffed then please jus update the website to help people plan accordingly. We enjoy this theater and it's close, we are just trying to help.

Jonathan Whitkin

Very comfy, reclining stadium seating with food tray for your meal/snacks/beverage. Small theater size, also.

Jeremy Dessert

Great location and the staff truly cares about their customers! I will definitely return. Catherine was excellent and made my day :)

Time Traveler's

Not the best. Good prices for snacks but small theatres

Chris C

Drinks are very weak. Customer service is great. Popcorn was awful, alcoholic beverages very weak.

Nick Baker

Clean and comfortable. Easy to get to!

joshua wilson

Great seats, theaters are always in great shape.

Brian G

Great staff and great seats


Great Theater. All assigned, luxury seating that reclines nearly all the way back. Decent food, and serves alcohol. Snaks, popcorn, and drinks are priced as you would expect, so plan accordingly.


Good nice pop corn

Joy Klink

The seats are comfortable and small theater sizes are a pro and con. Nice not to find crowds but also easy to not get great seats if not purchased ahead of time.

Lori Berube

Nice theater, seems smaller, nice seats, expensive, decent location, seating arrangement situation can be an issue

Jamie McGuire

Always quiet on a Monday night

prudy William

Clean comfortable great customer service

Cori Hathaway

Good service, but sometimes the theaters can be messy

Todd & Cindy Troy

The food and drinks are so expensive like most cinemas. Inside the theater is on the small side. There is only one aisle. The seats are very comfortable, they recline and each seat has a table with cup holder.

warrenharper 28

So mad because I use my free large upgrade drink and they gave me a medium size drink and I did not think of it until I ask for more soda and they said it only for large and I said oh ok and got mad walking out the door and I spent my money on a medium size that I never asked for ever. The popcorn is to much money too spend on. I am not coming here again. worse movie theater ever. I do not have the money to afford for drink and snacks all the time and you guys should have a disability discount for me. Like I should have my own card from my doctor or something because I am never coming back to this month or again. Waste all my money. That I can pay my bills on

Robin Schneckloth

Great fun

Elissa Holt

Very good customer service, fresh buttery popcorn, comfortable seats awesome sound system highly recommend this theater

Olivia Rivard

It's a very dead mall

mike gillis

One of the few things left worth going to in that mall. Redone theater nice comfy chairs

Hector Guerreiro

Comfy recliners and they sell booze...

Eric Norville

The best theater I've ever been to in the worst mall I've ever seen. Seats are great, each one has at table, and there is a bar. Thank you Regal.

William Stanley

Amazing after rehab. The screens are quite as big but the seats are amazing. Almost fully recline.

Carson Butch

Clean, which is always a big plus. Comfortable plush reclining seats made the experience even better. Not freezing cold either like most theaters.


Um hello, reclining seats. Enough said.

Yalisiannah Brown

Worst place ever nothing like any other cinema


Everything is new. The bar is a bit pricey but, great addition.


While still relatively new, it's aging quickly and could benefit from a deep cleaning

Cj Cabral

Very quiet and clean

Grandma Sue

Always clean and comfortable

Fred Kelley

Comfortable seating with reserved seats. Friendly service.

Keith Johnson

The upgrades to the seating are wonderful. The screen size and audio quality or just okay. snacks are ridiculously priced. Booze is a stupid thing to have in the theater.

Dreamers Realm

I'm very happy with the renovations they've made in recent years. The seats are much more comfortable and the reclining features are great. They make you feel like you're in your own private showing. (When other guests are cooperative of course) The staff is a little impersonal and the prices are quite steep, but we enjoy ourselves every time we go.

Ada Palacios

Very nice place love to take my son there

Nicholas C

Great Theater... Best seating around. Reclining lounge chairs...

Ray Thomas

Great venue for a movie. Seats are super comfortable. Each theatre is set up for maximum legroom. And with alcohol served, you can enjoy an adult beverage in your seat.

Steve Kilpatrick

A really nice, recently-renovated theater! I went here on a Thursday evening to see a new release, and was very impressed with the theater, amenities (including serving alcoholic drinks), and cleanliness. They have very nice, powered leather recliners in the theaters ("Luxe Level"), as well as in the waiting areas. The bathrooms were clean, too. 4/5 stars because the mall it's located in (Silver City Galleria) is declining. Several big-box stores have closed recently, and that makes it harder to lure customers in to see a show.

Leslie Saben

Great big screen, and leather reclining chairs, felt like I was in my own home.


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