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REVIEWS OF Regal MGM Springfield IN Vermont

Sharon Santinello

Love yhis theater

DJ ToneyT

Make you feel at home

Eric Mrugala

Very elegant cinematic experience. Screen quality is great and seats are very comfortable.


Uncomfortable seats and concession stand was very busy with only two registers open and the managers not helping there workers.

Michael Grabowski

Clean, seats are most comfortable ,AND they have a bar

Jennifer Castro

Joe Presz

Just ok...Cons: Bartender didn't know how to properly make a mojito, wayyyyyy too many previews before the movie actually started and popcorn was stale. Pro's: Comfortable seats, friendly staff and nice theater.

Joel Pumarejo Jr

The best and only theatre in Springfield that allows you to choose your seats ahead of time. The location is clean and elegant and includes luxury lounge seats for your comfort. Customer service is excellent with no real complains to report. Enjoy.

Steve Cote

Great way to spend the night

Brigette t

I am a huge movie buff, I usually go to cinamark a few times a month! I decided to try out the new regal theater in MGM and I was extremely disappointed, just do yourself a favor and go to cinamark in west Springfield you will have better service, more spacious theaters, and better prices. I went to regal and decided to get popcorn and a soda as I always do for a movie there was no one in line and 4 people working it took 15 minutes for the workers to acknowledge that I was there, they were all literally just standing around talking. then for some reason the system they use for a register took a while for them to use and they were very slow and just didn’t seem like they wanted to work or do anything because it took another 15 minutes just to get a popcorn and a soda so I missed the beginning of the movie I was more annoyed then anything I’ll just stick with cinamark for now on

Maria Mendez

Love it it's a nice place

Kenneth Lambert

Great sound, comfortable seating, helpful staff. Overall a fine experience.

Con Treez

Best Movie Theater in Springfield!

Emely Ortiz

Weston Lunnie

Place was very nice but everything aside from the ticket was exorbitantly expensive.

Scoobs Daniels

My favorite part of last night’s movie was when me and my friends were racially profiled, asked to get out of the line and forced to get a refund. What a great lady this woman was who was very untrained about the age requirements of a rated R movie. Regal cinemas should have a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior

Jeffrey Youens

Excellent facility - so comfortable!


Clean! Comfy recliner seats! Did I mention a bar?!

Johana Velasquez

Seats are so comfy you'll fall asleep

Chris Kinne

Always clean.

Brie K

It has the potential to be a great theater but the experience I had was miserable. They should NEVER sell the first row of the theater. The image was so distorted that I was nauseous before the credits ended. Seriously even my kids hated the view. On the busiest movie day of the year thru had only 3 registers open a one bartender. Took me 20 minutes to get popcorn. I tried to find a manager for over 30 minutes. No one ever showed up. I know this isn't Vegas but this entire casino needs a few classes in hospitality management because they clearly don't know what they are doing. The place is gorgeous, clean, and impressive but the custom service makes me feel like I'm the last thought on any of the staff's minds.

William Pitts

Nice theater

Drew Degree

Nice theater in the casino but everything is really expensive. They also don't let you use your MGM rewards card which was upsetting. I was hoping this would be my new favorite theater but I'll only go here as a last resort

Carl King

Very nice place to see a movie

Seth Ayers

This place makes me want to goto the movie theater again. Great bar in the lobby which you can actually bring drinks in the theater, clean and attractive decor, and really comfortable recliners in the theater itself. Projection quality and sound are top notch. Really impressive. We're going to the movies more often.

shakira ibanez

Great projection . Awesome reclining seats.. sooo comfortable

Suzanne Mondor

Why bother going to other theatres around Springfield, agawam, Enfield, suffield, Longmeadow when this cinema exists!!!! Clean and awesome reclining seats!

Linda Bartlett

The name Regal fits this place. Will be our go-to movie theater from now on.

James Snow

I go here all the time to see my movies now the first matinee movie cost you less than $10, I don't think people even think about going there because of the Casino or maybe they don't wanna bring their kids through the establishment but during the the weekdays the theater is empty. There is also a bar next to the concession stand you can bring your alcoholic beverages into the movies from that bar. All given to you in plastic cups.

Emmie Avocado

Awesome experience, great staff, comfortable seats. Love this theater!

Duane Lewis

Food, libations, recliners, and a movie....then I win $ back downstairs....#WINNING!

Stephanie Sanders

The theater is nice and the seating is wonderful . . . who doesn't like a recliner?! However, waiting in line 45 minutes, no kidding, for popcorn was not fun. Additionally, I get my popcorn without butter and at this theater that means without flavor as the popcorn was very bland and unsalted. I don't have this trouble at other theaters when I order no butter popcorn. Disappointing.

Ivette M Fernandez

Cozy love it

Joey J

Awesome spot

Joe Lupien

Limited movie showings and some of the lowest quality customer service. Good thing there is other cinemas in the area

Richard and Nancy Austermann

They say they are non-smoking, but they allow smoking on the patio. That drove us away. Otherwise, the patio would be a great place to watch a Red Sox game on their giant screen outdoor TV.

Tim Moriarty

it's nice and very clean and new!

Josue Cardona

Visit the cinnemas and the Tap Bar iy was a wonderful experience .... definetly coming back soon....

guarionex figueroa

Great pace.convenient and great people

Luis Rosa

These are very nice theatres. Great location to go watch a movie. With the bonus of additional entertainment around.

Edgar Acosta

Staff is inattentive and slow. Bartenders can't make drinks and struggle opening wine bottles. Waited over 20 minutes for a taco and fries.

Daniel DiSisto

The theatres were great. Ticket process was very easy to do with Regal Crown Club membership which does not cost a penny to join and you get point for food and merch.

fred slattery

The cinema is very nice but the staff seemed very untrained. The girls at the concession stand were clueless. Bartenders were great! the Problem I had is with the untrained concession stand employees. 15 min with only one person ahead of me to get candy is unacceptable. Then the girls never asked to use my regal crown card so normally u scan your card and recive points toward free stuff. I was told not to worry about it you can enter codes from the recipts at home. This is not true i have 5 recipts i cannot enter because you can only enter 1 online per each visit to the theatre. So I basically missed out on 10000 free points because the girls were not directly informed. The theatre had alot of light pollution from things other than the screen also witch catch your eye. It's green lights that hit your eye from exit signs and lights above stairs. maybe if they changed to red lights it would not react with your eye so much.

Debra Maurer

Love it, love the seats and the drinks!

Zain M

Thomas Fredette

Sandra Daniele

James Morrow

Very nice, still new but people working there are very well trained on how to talk to people and interact

Stephen Sutton

Comfy seats

Mayra R

Its okay very expensive nothing big


Electric leather reclining seats ample room cup holders snack bar and a full service bar cocktail an a movie

Jonathan Feliciano

This theater is very nice. Located at the heart of Springfield at the MGM Casino.

Jason Lambert

Luxury theater at noon luxury price. Excellent value. I was worried about above average food/drink prices, but happy to find them what you pay at other theaters. Matinee prices are great! The food was good and the seats well above expectations for comfort and convenience.

john corsetti

Best movie theater experience on earth. Couldn't be better.

Jessica Powers

The theater itself is beautiful. Comfortable seats and clean. My problem was with the manager, or at least the balding guy who passed himself as the manager. Now, I will take some responsibility as I didn't directly ask someone who worked in the theater first - but we did ask down in the casino and you would think that since the cinemas are IN the casino they would be a reilable source of information. We asked if we were allowed to bring milkshakes from Kringle candle into the theater, and we're told yes, anything from the casino you could bring in. Great. We had 15 minutes until the movie, so plenty of time to go get them. Upon arrival, we were told we couldn't bring them in - the girl at the ticket counter was nice enough - the balding manager however, looked me and my husband in the eye and repeatedly said not my problem. I mentioned that they might want to let the staff downstairs know this rule, to which again I was answered "not my problem". I was mearly making a suggestion and got a very rude response and brush off, which was very unnecessary. I don't think we will be coming back to this theater.

samantha woytowicz

Not that special for the rediculous price! Same food, seats ,and everything as cheaper theaters in the area! There is a bar for you drinkers. Concession stand closes to early. So if you go late do not buy a large drink for the refills cause by the time you go back they are closed!. I personally suggest another theater if you are just going to a theater. If you're at the casino than it is ok!

Robert Crosler

Sam Stevens

Awesome theater! Alcohol is available for adults. Comfortable reclining seats.

Jimmy Anderson

Very nice place Nice theater, well designed and organized. Good prices

Tyrone Lewis

The regal cinemas inside the MGM Springfield, this place is amazing.

Kizzie Vaughan-grandy

Very nice and comfy

_Vivix _

This Theater is super clean and well kept. Very nice screens and often not very crowded. This has become my new go to theater in the area I prefer it much more then the west Springfield one. Also to mention the concession has some good options and a full bar, if you arnt feeling like getting food or snacks there, the casino and surrounding area has plenty of great food around to get after enjoying a movie!

Fen Fang

Great atmosphere.

Jordan Vasquez

Maria Cristina Cruz

Super me encantas

Donna Shibley

New facility, premium movies, comfortable seats, ease of ordering tickets on line, and well lit free parking all make going to the movies at Regal MGM a 5 star experience.

Richard Arensman

Today was my first experience at this movie theater and I think the theater has a very good friendly staff, service, well maintained facilities and I will definitely be back to enjoy more movies at this theater.

Maxine Epps

Alex Giner

It's a great theater, the reclining seats are amazing and the screen/audio is great quality, just be aware some of the theaters are small and there's only maybe 2 good rows of seats if you don't want to be spending 2 hours looking up if you're going to see a movie in one of the smaller theater's

michael bess

Really nice

Henry Fiedorczyk

Good theater

Sadie Santiago

Love the place but the quality of the workers were just not good.

Isamary Sosa

Great movies and Good services

Joshua Johnson

Very good projection Crystal Clear

Carmen Ortiz

Needs a better foodcourt! Casino is great.

Lou Densmore

Timothy Manning

Really nice theater. Easy in and out from the casino. Very clean inside. Very friendly staff. Reasonable prices on popcorn and other snacks. The seats are outstanding. Sound quality is really great as well. We will be back.

Hope Robbins

Easy to get tickets online. Good variety of snacks. Chairs are comfy. Very clean.

Eric Glockenberg

Best theater I ever been in. Only wish they also had an IMAX. Seats and concesions were top notch.

Jacky Szybillo

Absolutely awful place. Waited over 30 minutes for 2 beers, 2 meals, and popcorn. Food is DISGUSTING. Bread was cold when it says it is supposed to be toasted. Butter on popcorn is nasty. Theater was covered in trash and try had food all over it. Went to get a second beer and left wallet with my family and they wouldnt serve me EVEN though he checked my ID the first time. Disastrous experiences from beginning to end

Chuan Reyes

Awesome place!!!

David Feliciano

Kristin Thornton

Great place to catch film, comfy recliners, more intimate setting. Reasonably priced bar can bring drinks in theater. Only had popcorn but saw there are other cooked menu items. Would recommend getting there early if planning on getting food, line seemed long and slow moving. Connected to casino, with other entertainment and food options, great dinner and movie location, or just a fun night out. I'm local and live nearby, only theater I'll go to now.

Tricia Matthew

Finlay Oguku


Rob Jordan

5 stars great seats, large selection at snack bar.

Mark Kelley

Beautiful theatre

Harrison Lewis

Great place!! The bar is awesome!! The snacks are expensive, but what movie theater doesn’t have expensive sodas? I love that you can go hang out at a bar prior to your movie. Hi can also take a drink into the theater. Checkin is easy at the kiosk. Seating in the theater is amazing with electric recliners!! I will certainly go back and highly recommend this theater.

From Away

William Sechrist

This is the nicest theater I have ever been to!

brenda jones

Glenda Torres

My daughter loves goin to movies is great service is close by can walk and is beautiful friendly place to take kids .

Jay Murray

Nice new movie theater at the MGM Casino. Has nice reclining seats and great picture,and sound system. Totally state of the art. Yes, the tickets,food,and drink can get pricey,but sign up for rewards to get coupons and specials.

Amanda Cross

It was a good experiance. Bigger portions and cheaper prices then surrounding theaters..

Nathan Colson

Had a good time, i can buy a whole case of water for what one cost me here though

Shelly Hardy

Amazing...lazy-boy type seating is to die for.

Stephen 'Dj Blaze' McGibbon

Jason Chartier

Seats are super comfortable, and the price reflects the experience. Tickets are cheap, but concessions are exorbitant.

Apricot Scrub

Super nice seats and a great sound system. The theater is on the second floor of the Casino so finding my way to the theater itself was a huge hassle.

Pat Pschirer

May be the nicest theater I have ever been in. 42 seats per screen makes for a quieter viewing experience. Chairs were very comfortable. Concession stand was a bit slow, but menu has many great cooked items.

Wesley Miller

This theater was pretty good. It was easy to get in and out, and the seats were really nice in the theater. The only problems were that the escalator was out of service, so people with certain difficulties would have trouble getting up the stairs to the theater, and the entrance to the place smelled very strongly of tobacco smoke, which was very unpleasant.

Emmett Holland

There are many reasons not to go here. First of all, if you're going to go here, you might want to avoid the confusing parking garage. You'll find yourself following signs that keep bringing you in circles. What do the numbers mean at each landing? I saw one of them change to another number when driving in. When you get your parking figured out and find your way in, you have to enter Regal from the Casino, which smells really bad and was extremely busy on Friday night. The smell might have been cigarettes but I don't think it was just that. I couldn't really figure it out, but it was pretty unpleasant. It took us about half an hour to get tickets, popcorn and soda, when there were only two customers ahead of us, and all they ordered was tickets, popcorn and soda as well. It's wierd having to get your tickets and concessions at the same place. Funny thing is that there were at least 3 employees behind the counter, but they seemed very disorganized and only used one register. At one point the manager came out for something, then they looked at the line that was accumulating behind us, turned and went back into the back room instead of trying to help and move things along. The concessions were extremely outrageously priced, but at least on the popcorn and soda large sizes they give you a refill, right? WRONG. I decided to ask when the concessions were open until because I wanted to make sure I could get my refills that I had just purchased with the popcorn and soda, since every theater stupidly closes the concessions well before their movies are done playing. I was informed that the concession stand closes in 10 minutes, when the movie I was trying to see was scheduled for a 9:40 start... Cinemark in West Springfield doesn't close theirs until at least 11, if not 11:30, especially on a Friday night. So, I asked to get refunded half of my cost, since I had bought them with the intention of getting refills, but I was given a very confusing explanation as to why I could not and then asked if I understood. I just said "Yeah, I get it, no refunds." since I didn't really care what their reasoning was and only needed an answer to my question, then I just walked away. The girl taking tickets at the entrance seemed surprised that they were closing the stand so early, since they heard me complaining to my girlfriend about it. Because the concessions took way too long, we had wound up missing who knows how much of the movie we went to see, so now I have to see it again to catch the beginning. The only plus side of the theater is that the seats are comfortable and the video and audio quality are really good, but there isn't enough room for people to get past you if you have the recliners open, so we had issues with having to unrecline the recliners to let others who also took forever at concessions get by us. Pretty bad experience all around. Oh! Almost forgot. We were in theater number 7, which is all the way at the end of the long hall they have with theaters. Stupid design. No bathrooms except at the front of the long hall, no trashcans on the way out. My dad was with us and he just left his empty large cup, which he wanted to get a refill on but was unable to, or a table by the bar since he couldn't find a trashcan to throw it out in.

E Daniels

Always a pleasant experience, great seats and always clean.

Suheilie Bruno Sanchez


Lee Murphy

Who the h*** made the decisions on the parking around this place. 45 minutes late to a movie because this place doesn't have any sort of lay out that works when you have more than a slow trickle of cars! I'd pay for valet parking next time!!!!!

Eliseo Elias

Not bad didn't accomplish my expectations. To be at at the MGM... west Springfield its better.....

Valentino Larese

Movie theater is beautiful and the recliners are the best! The bar and concession stand were packed. They only had one bartender on duty. The concession stand was backed up as well. Glad we got there early or we would have gone hungry and thirsty!

Jonathon Aponte

Angelica St.Louis

elaine phelps

Edwin Camacho

Comfort, Convenience,

Chris Safarik

Great theater with a bar in the lobby. Low matinee prices.

Jamie Swimm

Love this theater. Clean, comfortable and the staff are very friendly. Highly recommend.

Julio Fernandez


Horrible. Will never return again. My fiance and I were sold the wrong day for a movie and instead of being accomadating and apologetic we were basically issue a refund and then promptly sent on our way. The manager that initially talked to us was nothing but rude and made little to no eye contact. He needs to retire quite frankly. We were issued a refund but nothing else in return for a mistake that was completely their fault. For the money there are other options in the area and way less of a headache; also friendly staff. We'll never return and won't recommend it to anyone we know.


It's ok I guess

Sasha Martinez

Very poor Human I was stuck in traffic due to a Saturday event by a high school I live by there were buses and traffic upon leaving my home. Women on the phone questioned my reason as to why I would be a little late pretty much calling me a liar. After this the same young women told me she wouldn’t be able to reschedule training with me because she was going on a “leave” and didn't know when she would return... instead of having someone else train me or being honest and telling me she was no longer interested as having me as an employee and furthering the hiring process she made up an excuse. Being lied to is wrong. I would’ve been fine with the flat out truth. Won’t catch me or my money at regal ever again.

Jeffrey Greer

A very nice theater! Free parking, reclining seats what's not to like.

Francis Kahura

Olivia Romito

Jose Alicea


Damon Mcfarlin

Kimberly Reardon

Great cinema with pretty decent options other than popcorn. The pretzels are amazing and the little cinnabon bites are great as well... my only complaint is that the concession girl just gave the cinnabon bites to me (that I had to wait like 15 minutes for) in the original sealed bowl they heat it up in which was burning my hands (I just thought it was badly thought out plating until the ticketing lady was thrown off that they would give it to me that way). Otherwise very enjoyable and comfortable experience. Will be back again soon!

Ramon Morales

(Translated by Google) Where is the best cinema (Original) Donde esta el mejor cinema

Clyde Harper

James Lareau

Loved it thank you mgm

Raul Toro

Gaddiel Cruz

Theater is beautiful and you can have a beer while watching but I didn't get a chance to get one because there was only one bartender and even after waiting around 15 minutes dude was not done with all others before me. I might have to show up about 30 minutes early or go thirsty again however I will be there tonight to watch the new Avengers movie.

Daisy Trinidad

Love it

Donna Bell

Beautiful time

Christa Nunez

Yari M

Dee Tee

cliff barron

Awesome new theater

Valerie Aponte

Derrick Thompson

Thoroughly exceeded expectations not only where the prices on average $2 less than most other theaters in town the cleanliness novel presentation service and stadiums were 10 out of 10 definitely will return

Angel Rivera Alvez

Perfect place to watch movies eat and Gamble.

Mark Schmidt

Very nice movie theater

Jon P

cydonie brown

Love the reclining chairs

Michael Peret

Bright, crystal clear projection with wide screens that immerse you into the movie. Comfortable recliner seats. Very friendly staff! Concessions are expensive but they're no better or worse than every other movie theater in the area.

Autumn Hines

Always a pleasure to go to the movies when it’s so close to home but there are a few concerns, the seats are a little snug(ones in West Springfield are perfect)! Additionally the popcorn was stale and a bit cold as well as the icee being very difficult to drink because all of the liquid just dropped to the bottom and the slush stayed at the top, kind of gave up after the first 15 minutes because I kept having to stir it! No fun. Customer service was good, everyone we encountered greeted us with a smile!

Mary McCormick

AMAZING theater!! Don't think I could have had a better viewing of Captain Marvel today!! Took my Dad, was able to get a cocktail at the bar themed for the film, my popcorn, and took in the beautiful lobby and facility on our walk to the auditorium for our showing. Luxury Loungers were on point, couldn't get over how fantastic the place looks and feels. Didn't explore too much of the complex afterward, but we'll definitely be going back!! Can't see how I'd view a movie any other way now. Parking was also super easy, in and out of the garage. LOVED it! So excited to see another movie there, and can't wait to explore more of what there is to do inside the MGM!

Robert Lenert

Excellent theater experience! Great audio, seats are comfy electric recliners, indoor parking. This theater has all the theaters in the area!

Heather Micheli

Alex Michaud

Really good theater. Everything is just what you would expect from Regal and the recliners are a good touch too! Only two issues I have are the fact that it's not a giant theater like most Regals so it can be harder to find a show time that you like. Second is that the bar is sometimes slow but the fact that there is a bar is already a plus.

Nick Bennett

Very nice movie theater nested into a very nice location. It's a bit of a drive for me, but it's worth it for the uptick in quality compared to my more local movie theaters.

Honey Lemon

I loved this place because I went to watch Avengers: Endgame with my daughter here and it's absolutely amazing. The only thing is that when your bringing a kid there are a lot of fumes, which could be simply strong perfumes or smoke from outside, and I found my daughter breathing a lot faster then usual and she was coughing too, you just have to get through that which is only at the casino which leads to the theatre, but the theatre is great. Getting a ticket was extremely easy too. Inside of the the theatre itself is great, the seats are recliners and it's just high quality. I had to make sure I didn't fall asleep! The other thing is that the bathroom lines can be long after a movie but there are other bathrooms so it's ok. Also, the prices are cheap for such a high quality theatre, and it's surprising and it's great for everyone. The casino is just a nitpick for kids, but it's good. Overall it's a great theatre and if you're somewhere near Springfield or you're in Springfield I would highly recommend it.

Monica Cabrera

Nice place BUT although i ALWAYS buy the starbucks there all the times ive ever went AND BRING IT INSIDE THE MOVIE THEATER for some damn reason TODAY when i went the guy at the entrance told me to throw it away . And when I questioned him why , if ive went there so many times and ive always been allowed to bring my drink in why should i throw it away and apparently you can’t bring outside food ? but i bought it there? what? Thats like saying you buy popcorn to see the movie and they stop you to tell you that its outside food and cant bring it in ?? WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!! Its the dumbest shhhhit ever ....

Brent Cariker

We have been to the movie theater a few times now and have enjoyed it. Not too crowded, a nice little bar to get a drink and comfortable reclining chairs to watch the movie.

Adam Wuoti

Super cool movie theater with great seats all around where you do not need to worry about anyone sitting infront of you

Kenneth Bonilla

very good and amazing theather

Tasha Jackson

My chair still had salt an pepper packets in it

J Labote

Super comfortable seats. A little more expensive than reg theater. Very limited seating. It's ok if you're already at MGM.


Staff was quick to address an issue had with a few adults (not their children surprisingly) who were being overly loud and talkative during movie, doing a walkthrough and staying a few minutes. Movie was more tolerable after that even though they resumed the talking a bit afterward though no where near as loud. One of the consciences of seeing a movie opening day in the summer at a theatre that serves alcohol i suppose. 5 stars for the staff and management but 3 stars because of the overall experience.

Moriah Daniels

Great seats and its clean

SueAnn Theroux

Very quaint boutique casino

Kamenrider K-50

Very comfortable can buy ticket online and just scan your phone to go in.


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