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REVIEWS OF Regal Hooksett IN Vermont

Kevin Willey

Great movie. Love the reclining seats. Not many people there though

Andy Mayer

I don't like how you choose your seat when you buy a ticket. There is almost always a conflict with two people thinking they booked the same seat

Gordon Braley

Great seats


Love the cheetos popcorn

Ann-Marie Lowe

One of my favorite shots to go to, inexpensive and regularly cleanand friendlyservice.

Carol Myers

Great for the theater Regal, the points I have gotten they are expiring 4 times a month with no notice. I am very upset. In 3 months they have expired from 128,000 till today 69000. That is crazy.. I Will find out why???????

Tristan Lambert

Food and drinks were way over priced but a very comfortable and over all great experience.

sean omeara

Best theater in the Manchester area. Pick your seats ahead of time, good veterans discount, seats recline and are comfy, place is clean and good popcorn. Highly recommend over the local competition.

Kyle Kirby

Cool place- prefer it to most of the others in the area.

Jedidiah Peterson

Roomy comfortable seats, but the front row is ridiculously close to the screen. Assigned seating means you may find yourself out of luck even if the show is not technically sold out, savvy customers will leave that row for first-timers. Friendly teenage staff will refund all but your $3 "convenience fee" if you don't want to watch from under the screen.

Michelle T

Great seating. Comfortable chairs! The manager was super friendly and accommodating after someone took our seats, she offered to have them move or give us tickets to a different showing!

James Young

Always go to the movies at this location. Friendly staff and clean theatres. There is so much room in between rows. So you are able to recline and enjoy your movie without being disturbed by the wonderful seat kickers.

Jon McCombs

Great place and the electric recliner chairs were awesome!

Dana Des Jardins

The chairs are so comfy! The snacks were a bit expensive

Frederick Vogt

Good ticket prices, great seats, helpful staff.

Jacob Potvin

No imax but the end theaters are pretty huge and they got nice projectors

Ken Grenier

Good movie, comfy seats, but sound came in loudly from auditorium next to us

John Stafford

Good clean quiet cinema. Comfortable recliners.

Scott Spence

Always a great place to catch a movie, saw the new Lion King, a must see movie for the family.

Stephen chilafoe sr.

Wow, what a great place to have date night and the staffing was excellent and treated us like Kings and Queens, the Food for what we had was little over priced but for the amount it was well worth it all and the Oscar's wasn't off as far as "GREEN BOOK" AND A STAR IS BORN OT HAD ME IN TEARS HALFWAY THROUGH THE MOVIE and loving for both movies too purchase, to share with my brother's and Sisters, Friends, colleagues, you all need to make it to the REGAL THREATER, HOOKSETT NH TO SEE IT.

patricia manseau

FANTASTIC! Bought my tickets on line. Got my favorite seats. Regal member so I also got a free popcorn with my credits. Saw Downtown Abby and it was pure delight.


Best cinema around. Expensive food like all theaters but the seats are super comfortable/recline and spacious.

Aaron Miller

Was able to hear the movie from the theater next door

Jan French

Nice theater. Electric reclining seats with cup holder. The only negative is you have to electronically pick you seats before you enter and it seemed like everyone was sitting in the same few rows as we'd not been there before.

Anthony Russo

Overall very good, nice clean, up to date, great selection or movies and concessions. The only down side is location and prices

Brent Steckowych

Clean, good parking, and you get to choose your seat. Stupid that the app wouldn't let me choose two seats on the end of a row because it would have left a single seat next to us.

Mark Provencal

Nice place with good seating

Bryan Berlind

One of the better NH cinemas. Large screens, 3D movies, comfy reclining chairs. Rather expensive concession, though.

Linda Larose

I reserved my seat with Fandango and went right in. It was easy. I was a little late to the film so I asked about previews. They told me there were 20 minutes of previews so I still had time to get popcorn. I even caught a couple of previews once I sat down. When I found my seat, everyone in my row was reclined, but there was still plenty of room for me to walk by to my seat. The seat was comfortable and there were several different positions to recline in. Sometimes when I go to a movie, the sound can be to loud, but that wasn't the case here. It was loud like a movie should be, but it didn't hurt my ears.

Tamis Schenk

Holiday matinee. Nice theater. Extremely comfortable reclining seats. Concession crew is a bit slow

Sally Holloway

Most expensive theater I’ve ever been to as far as concession prices are concerned. Prices at the concession stands are beyond ridiculous. Ordered 2 SMALL sodas and the price was almost $13. No way am I spending that much on sodas. Beer-yes. Soda-hell no!

Katheryn Lamothe

Fully reclining seats and you are able to choose where your going to sit

Amylynn Walker

Comfortable Eat before you go Drink and snacks pricey

Jennifer Siik

This place is a Hidden Gem. I love that they have reclining seats, it's like you're at home watching a movie with your feet up. And there was so much space for people to walk by in front of you, no need to get out of your seat. You can also pick your seat online so no need to get there an hour early to get the perfect seat. The quality of the sound and picture were obviously perfect. In my opinion this is the only way to see a movie now. Will no longer be going to Cinemagic.

Martha Rader

It was clean, very comfortable seating & friendly staff. Offer the usual eats for a theater.

Nick Clemens

Super comfy seats, assigned seating, coffee was overpriced but good. Popcorn was excellent, always enjoy movies here

Chuck Rissala

Great, comfortable, reclining seats! Clean and welcoming theater. Not the biggest screens but I'll take the comfort, after all, you're going to be sitting for 2 hours. Plus, when you purchase tickets online, you can select your seats. No more waiting at the theater two hours before the movie.

Tim Sturk

Burnt my hands in the sinks in the men's room other than that had a great grand but a wonderful time great experience as always

נעם וולף

The only cinema worth going to in the area! The reclining couch is amazing!

Michelle O

The theater and bathrooms were very clean. Wide lanes, so you can still get by if your neighbors are reclined in the comfy recliners. The prices on the menu were ridiculously high. So sad I forgot my food smuggling purse

Deb Merrick

Recliners for seating are comfortable, was a little sticker shocked at the price of the tickets but I don't go to the movies often. Bathrooms not so clean. They had paper towels but no place to throw them so people left a pile on the sink. They do have the hand blowers too, found soap in one of three dispensers

Dave Joyal

Love this small theater, comfy seats and good movie selection

Roger Desmarais

Nice place good food

Keegan Chasse

Comfy seats and great clarity!!

Victoria Oakley

Staffing find themselves occupied doing anything but helping the customer. They need to get kiosks to sell tickets at so those who want just tickets can go in without having to wait 30 minutes. 4 other staff members standing around..while only 2 registers open. 6 folks that could help the customers..but we had to wait because we obviously don't pay their paychecks..

Brianna Gallant

They have the best seats OMG. It was my first time going to this one and it will be the one I go to from now on.

Ace K

Decent prices and the best seats

Don Clark

We went here to see the movie Shaft. The theater was very clean as were the men's and ladies rooms. The theater seats are leather recliners. VERY comfortable. The people were helpful and cheerful.

Samantha Valdivia

I LOVE this theater. The assigned recliner seating is the BEST!! I can order tickets online and we can all sit together, we dont' have to worry about getting there super early and standing in line forever just to be able to sit together. The reclining seats are PERFECTION, there is enough room infront of the recliner for people to walk by and you don't have to put your recliner in. This is always our number one choice of theaters. I wish there was one closer to me, but it's worth the drive.

Joseph Whelehan

Super comfy. Reserved seating is the bomb.

kevin fields

Hate having to get tickets at the concession counter... separate lines

Jason Keyser

My favorite theater around here. Super comfy and roomy with the new leather recliners, and being able to choose your seats is great too.

Alan Severance

Best place ever

Len Poole

The theater e is clean - popcorn is stupid money but it is everywhere haha. Good place to watch a movie - reserved seating comfortable seats

Carol StClair

Excellent!!! Reclining seats so comfortable you can practically fall asleep in them. Theater was small enough to enjoy and not frigid like an ice box. Love this Regal in Hooksett, N.H.

Miguel Quinones

I love the new seats. I haven’t been to this movie theater in years and I am glad they brought back new release (in theater) movies

Chris Houghton

Way better then the one in Concord

Crystal Wiltshire

Love it here. Super clean and excellent seats.

Patrick Casey

This is my first choice for the movies every time. I'm 6"2 and with the seats fully reclined people can still walk by in front of me and I don't have to move. They are also very comfortable!

Ernst Family

Great seats that recline, easy ticket pick up to skip the line. Sound is good and it's nicely climate controlled. Not like other theatres where I am freezing with my teeth chattering.

Seth Starrett

This is my favorite theater in the Manchester area. The reserve seating makes ordering tickets ahead of time for a group a breeze. The reclining seats make for a very comfortable experience, regardless of your seating area. The staff are friendly, but the concessions stand is somewhat limited. For those who were hoping to have an alcoholic beverage with their movie, that is not offered at this location.

Megan McClure

The seats and theaters are great. One thing that could be improved is the service. It is definitely not the worst I've ever received; however, it is slow and often without a smile. I don't need people to be overly nice, but I could do without the deadpan looks and grumpy demeanor.

Marilyn Whitten

Clean, and the recliners are awesome! So great to finally have room to stretch out and enjoy a movie comfortably.

Rick Shepard

Since they revamped this theater a few years back and added the reclining seats. Ability to pre buy and reserve your seats along with the pleasant staff we always encounter this has become our favorite go to theater. Reasonably priced. We drive about 25 to go here vs 10 min to our local theater because of the reserved great seating experience. Highly recommend it.

Natalia Urbano

Excellent movie theater. Love the comfy recliner chairs, you feel as though your at home. It's very clean and the staff are friendly. The only thing that bothers me is that the food/snacks are pricey. But other than that this is my fav movie place. Happy customer!!

Josh Gagnon

Great prices, lots of room to lay back and chill in my seat, and is generally always clean. Great place to watch any movie.

Jillian MacKay

The seats are amazing, which makes up for some of the speaker issues I've noticed in some of the theatres. I accidentally flung my Sour Patch Kids at the lady behind the concession stand, but she took it in stride and we laughed about it. Everyone is super nice, the bathrooms are usually pretty clean, and again... the seats! They recline!

Rodney Williams

Such a great place to watch a movie and relax... the reclining seats are awsome... the staff were very friendly as well...


Regal Cinemas has phone number and app has been changed with the recent changes with the company. The phone number contact is absolutely horrible and can not reach an associate at all. I only called the number to order tickets because the app has also been changed and will not allow you to buy seats if there is one open spot between you and others or a wall. The movie starts in less then an hour and less then half of the theater is full. There is three seats on one the side of the theater but only two of us going but I can’t purchase them because one will be empty. There are three rows with exact same seating. Which means because of one seat not being filled, i have to sit in the front. This is an extremely poor choice for the app to force me out of seats because of a single empty seat for a movie that absolutely will not even be close to filled by the showtime. The seats should be first come first serve like always.

Mike C

Clean, decently ticket price theatre with recliner seats. Soda and water way overpriced ... No offense $5 for a water or small soda.

Jared Tiede

Reclining seats here are awesome. They're like full on at home recliners. Lots of room in front and behind. The people sitting next to you really aren't that close either. Best place to watch a movie in the theater in the area.

William Davis

It's okay, but if you want a water bottle or any other drink you will have you would have to have at least 5 dollars for drinks. Bring your own instead.

Gary Becotte

Love this place it's never crowded and recliners

Cory Chrestensen

Regal Cinema 8 is perfect as it is reserved seating. Their snack bar is on the heavy side for prices but affordable. Would definitely recommend matinee showings if you want to avoid big crowds.

Joel Bergeron

Great theatre did a lot of work a few years ago to renovate and it really shows. Well run by staff and it reflects the managements committment to good service. Thank you! I only wish they showed a greater variety of movies, they tend to favor the kids/family movies more than whatever is mainstream.

Joy Baum

It was clean. The popcorn must have been popped earlier in the day. It was cold and kind of stale. The prices are outrageous. I don't understand why.

Laura McGrath

Movie volume want too loud like in some theaters. Very comfortable reclining chairs!

Kristina Silva

Place could use a little TLC and a good scrubbing. Saw a great movie though.


My worst experience was at the only movie theater that I used to go to. This was due to the guy with the longest unchanged (single) relationship status on Facebook, Michael. (tall, glasses). Rude and insulting. I'm not one to write bad reviews or even have a verbal dispute. But when I'm insulted in front of my friends and girlfriend repeatedly without reason, there needs to be something said. These events were by far the worst customer service experience likely of my life. This wasn't even a one time thing. I visited a handful of times and was met with the same disgustingly rude attitude and insulting demeaning approach to customer service. This is a great way to lose customers at an alarming rate. Work at McDonald's because that all you can handle (maybe). Get it together.

Zachary Fuller

I like this place. The seating is really comfortable and I've grown to like reserving specific seating. It's not so great for seeing movies last minute but if you either reserve early or you're not seeing the latest big movie it's nice to know if I'm a few minutes late I'm not getting horrible seating. Only 4 stars because the screens aren't exactly huge/no imax. But I still like the theatre overall.

Shiro Amura

Love the reclining seats. Be sure to grab a seat online, it's reserved seating so you aren't guaranteed to get a good seat if you just show up.

David Wilton

Great place to see movies the seating is amazing


I do not often go but they're a great theater. They have your typical refreshment stand and everything you'd expect of your average theater. The highlight is that their cinemas have recliners for seats instead of your typical seating making the movie experience far more comfortable. Grab a drink, recline, and enjoy.

David DuCharme

Reclining seats are extremely comfortable, since the new makeover. Easy on and off the highway. Well worth the value.

Tanya Ashe

The only good thing is the seats..the prices of tickets is high and the prices of food is high.i would not give this place a 4 or 5 stars.

Mike Bianchini

Comfortable seats but the reserved seating idea is B.S.

suzanne davidson

Worth going for the seats alone. Extra wide leather recliners (push button auto.. woohoo) in every theater.


Great place, nice and cool, very comfy seats that recline. Only complaint that could apply to any theater is the crazy prices on food and drink. Other than that is an overall great place to view a movie.

McKenzie Rich

Assigned seating is not cool. If you're buying tickets at the last second before a show starts and each person pays for their own, it's almost impossible to get two seats next to each other. Otherwise it's a basic regal movie theater. It's fine.

Todd Spear

super comfortable recliners. spacious theater.

christian page

Definitely one of my favorite theaters.

Dolly Pizzimenti

I was very comfortable in the motorized lounge chair and there was lots of room for people to walk by even with your seat fully reclined.

Scott Carlson

Totally worth the extra 30 minutes just for the reclining chairs and not having to worry about seating.

Justin Green

I really enjoy this theater since the renovation. I love the large reclining seats, the ability to choose your seating placement ahead of time, and all the space that is offered to you in the theater. Reclining back and watching the movie is very comfortable in the configuration that they have here. Also, the movies are bright and clear as opposed to older theaters. Presently, this is my favorite spot to go to watch a movie here in New Hampshire.

Eric Daigle

Fully reclinable electric leather La-z-boy seats let you sink in and absorb the movie. Also pre-order and seat select. All movies play 20-30 minutes worth of previews which begin at the movie start time, so don't worry about missing the beginning of any film.

Faisal Arif

It was a great experience

Sandi Parish

The place is expensive but so comfortable! My grandson and I love going there.

Jon Ford

Love the seats and love to be able to reserve my seats online. Reclining seats like home

Phill Cyr

Comfortable chairs good sound quality.

Edward Colbert

Advanced reserved seating in comfortable recliners. This is as good as it gets if you're going out to the movies IMO.

Ann Ring

Employees were very friendly and helpful. Service above and beyond. Love the seats and lots of room. Only complaint-really wish movie theaters would enforce no phone rule. Kept seeing a distracting light. Woman constantly on her phone. No sound, but the light was annoying.

Jimmy SeWell

Friendly staff, typical prices that the staff cant really help but reclining leather seats. Would go again. Saw Alita: Battle Angel, 10/10

Melody Englund

I was just at this cinema. The concession stand was 25 people deep. When one person spoke to the manager she took him in front of everybody else. When I step out of line her response was to just give me a refund for the movie instead of dealing with the issue. Poor manager she is and awful customer assistance. I took a refund because as a customer it the principal.

Jim Dunham

Nice updated reclining chairs. They could use new carpeting in the hallways. It looks kinda beat. Otherwise great.

Gail Bergeron

The most comfortable seats ❤️

Nicole Gager

Omg the recliner chairs are AMAZING! I feel so spoiled now, I cannot sit through a movie anywhere else now

jessica blais

Reserved Recliner seats.. Yes please!! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Katie Hobson-Pellerin

Reclining seats! The theaters are smaller because of this and the seats are assigned so last minute movie nights can be hit or miss if you're not going alone. Plan ahead! The comfort is worth it!

Kelly Thompson

We could easily go to Concord in 5 minutes but we travel to Hooksett for the reclining seats! Very clean and friendly staff as well!

Jonathan Smith

It's a movie theater, but one with reclining seats that you reserve. All theatres should be like this.

captinblone rocks

Very comfortable and very easy to get tickets

Harry Cate

Nice place clean when i went food pricey

Hannah Drouin

I always choose this theater. Updated with comfortable recliners that lay back, they have cheap snacks and drinks and the sizes are huge! Way more affordable than Cinemagic. Have the latest movies too. Great customer service and there is always plenty of parking.

Anthony D

Had to sit in the front row. Terrible view hard to see everything in the screen at times. They shouldn't offer seats like this but I guess everyone has to make a buck.

Chris Littlefield

Probably the most comfortable seating of any of the major theatres in NH. There is reserved seating, which means you don't have to get to the show early to get a good spot. Sitting in the front row means that you'll have to constantly look up to the screen, but the chairs recline so it's not that bad. Still, I'd recommend rows C or D for the best viewing experience.

Sam Brown

love the reclineable chairs

Matthew Pierce

I love the small but updated theater good popcorn awesome seats

Scott Proulx

So comfy with the new recliners, staff are always amazing.

Marc B.

Love the power reclining seats, and the ability to pick our seats ahead of time. Costs a bit more than the traditional theater but offset by the convenience. Only one bathroom located in the lobby.

Kristen Lanctot

Love the reclining chairs and always so clean. The only thing needed to change is the snack bar. I was 20 late into a movie because they had 1 kid working the counter while 2 managers just stood there and hang out

Kolea Tyler

Lion King with 3 kids. Seats entertained 2 year old. Love space for walking,not to disturb others with food or bathroom break

Anthony M Russo

Still a good theater but I expect allot more from a top tier company. They have some ground to cover so they match the hooksett location and tons to match fox run by Portsmouth.

Chris Joyce

Good theater with recliner seating, but a bit dated and seems to be managed by teenagers. Service was very slow last time we were there.

Stacy A

Definitely do not have enough staff working. I missed the first 15 mins of my movie because there was only one person working the counter.

Stephanie Nelson

Reclining seats! I buy my tickets in advance since its assigned seating. They I dont have to show up an hour before the movie to get a good seat.

Stephanie de Nesnera

My husband and I went to see It 2. We only go to this location because of the recliner seats and they are super clean. I like that we can buy the tickets and claim which seats we want ahead of time because with my anxiety I'm not rushing to get a good seat. We were able to be calm and buy some concessions while we waited for the movie. 2 things that got a thumbs down for us though were: the popcorn only had butter on the top then the rest had nothing. Should put some butter after every scoop. Just my opinion. 2nd, I am a large woman and have to hold my hand over the controller so my belly doesnt hit it. Maybe relocating them in the next design remodel. Again, just a suggestion

Cameron Audet

The best way to see a movie. Very relaxing chairs. You don’t feel squished in. Pre booking seats is easy online , skip the lines

Anne Leroux

Good time and comfy seats!

Linda Crewsboyer

Comfy chairs, good movie experience

Jill Frye

Great seats, reclining. Fine selection of foods. So many previews which some like, some not so much. At 10 PM I would prefer less.

Noelia Vargas

Big parking lot where you always find space to park your vehicle, good services from staff, they are so friendly with customers, the lines moves fast, variety of snack to buy to eat while you watch the movie of your preference, to many options to choose, great and comfy seats, small entertainment area to play while you wait if you want, clean bathroom area, movies for all family, you can buy tickets online also that’s one of my favorite parts.

Jennifer LeClerc

You can’t beat the comfy chairs that go all the way back and have footrests. And when I have gone they have been less chaotic than some of the other theaters around. I enjoy going to this theater.

wendell Ellsworth

Outstanding as always. Most comfortable seats around

Ssss Mmmm

Walked in with my family,there was no one at the ticket counter waited in line at concession to be told we had to go over to the other register. went over had to wait again to find out only floor seats open. I saw there was 1 seat in handicap so I asked about it figuring I would take that and my family could sit on the flr. Well when I asked the young male for the handicap seat he said , I cant sell that, I asked why he said he had to save it for someone handicap.. This kid had no idea who I was, and what if any my handicap is. I was blown away. I would never take something if not needed. He so discriminated not knowing me nor what problems I may have. Mind you the show started and there was no one else in line so who was he holding the seat for. Not to mention again not knowing what if anything my problem is

jamie Mclaughlin

Love the seats.. I also love that you can order tickets and reserve your seats before you get there.

Oluwatoyin Awoyinka

Nice clean cinema. Enjoyed my time tome with the children here.

Franklin N

Great theater, loved the reclining seats

Corey Boisvert

Love assigned seats...

Howard Bailynson

First time here. Seats were super comfortable! The electric reclining was awesome. The theater we were in was very small and ended up closer to the front than we prefer. We know better for next time. I'm sure we will be back.

Greg Loupis

This is easily the best movie theater in the area. It's always been clean. I haven't had any issues with loud talkers or anything like that here. It's a nice comfortable place to go see a movie.

Shashank Abhyankar

The theater is cool. The music systems, screen and quality of projections are all very cool. They need to offer more options for food. I could not get chips.

Bob Gancarz

The reclining seats are great. I'm disappointed they charge you $1.50 service fee to reserve seats in advance on their website when they're getting your money in advance and guaranteed you won't change your plans.

adam boisvert

Been several times and every experience has been wonderful. Great vibrant staff, fast lines, clean theatres and reclining chairs. As a theatre goer this is quickly becoming my new go to place.

Craig Patterson

Seats are really comfortable snacks are expensive bring some

Margret Harrington

Actual recliners!! Very comfortable!

Jerrod England

Regal has done an great job renovating. The seats are super comfortable and everything is easy to get through. Staff are all very friendly.

Leslie Rice

Love this place. I just wish they had their own popcorn butter machine, like the other movie place does. I love that you can reserve your seats ahead of time.

Dee Stewart

1st time there .very comfortable..very clean! I will definitely be back

Reine des Violettes

Comfy seats, big screens, great sound system. What's not to like?

James Anderson

Best movie theater in the area. Affordable, and has super comfortable chairs that recline.

Emily Thomasson

Love this cinema, just bring a jacket when it's cold because the a/c is still on

debbie ledoux

I really like this theater

David Leonard

Very comfy reclining seats.

Brian Beauman

Good theater. Recent addition of reclining seats is a nice touch

Nancy Morgan

A movie experience to remember! Notified that movie would be delayed and given a free pass. Movie stopped unexpectedly and finally restarted. Before long movie stopped again... notified that whole building out of power. Finally started again and finished movie 4 hours after scheduled start time! Things happen :). Would not deter me from going again.

Mandy Dow

Love this place! Like the reserved comfy recling seats and the good popcorn

Chris Jennings

Great reclining seats...clean movie theater

Jody Bellew

Went with my friend who's in a wheelchair, mighty comfortable recliners, no handicapped door openings though


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